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President Trump May Yet Lose This Election!

What will the next four years bring without him?


President Trump MUST Be Re-Elected If He Is To Save The Union and Fulfill Prophecy!

What happens if Trump is defeated and Leftist Joe Biden wins the Presidency? 'Trump 2024' dares to ask -- and then answer -- this most horrible possibility. Multiple experts gloomily look into the next four years under a Biden/Harris leadership and realize that this greatest nation on Earth and the most powerful economic giant in world history COULD, INDEED, be brought crashing down in less than four years! If the contents of this DVD do not fill your heart with dread, then nothing will. Christians must pray fervently AND get out to vote.

'Two Babylons' demonstrates that President Trump is the only leader in the world who can bring America to the prophesied point of Rev 18:7, where Americans are bragging about their wealth and exclaiming that 'the good times will never end' just before God destroys her in one hour in Judgment. -- Only $12.99

New World-Class DVD From Chris Pinto


New DVD Title from Chris Pinto

The 'True Christian History of America' is a powerful documentary, showing the Bible-based Christian origins of the early American view of freedom, tracing the principles of liberty back to England and the great Reformation.

For many years, Americans have been taught in our schools and universities that the founding of our Republic was the result of the Enlightenment from France, or from the deists of that time. But is that truly the case? Did the Enlightenment first declare no taxation without representation? Or trial by jury? Were they the champions of freedom of speech, or of the press? And why did Samuel Adams declare that the “reign of political Protestantism” would commence, just before signing the Declaration of Independence?

Filmed on location in the United States, as well as in England, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, this insightful documentary contains unique interviews with experts from around the world, who relate how the champions of the Gospel pursued the cause of freedom across the centuries, and how it is their beliefs which are enshrined in the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

At a time when America and the principles of freedom stand in peril, it has never been more important for the Christian world to reclaim its historic heritage. This documentary is perfect for churches, Bible study groups, homeschool parents, or anyone who desires to learn a detailed history on the influence of Christianity in the United States. Watch Video clips online

Presented by Christian J. Pinto Running Time: 150+ minutes --

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Critical News Headlines

1. If Joe Biden ascends to the Oval Office, his illegal receipt of tens of millions from China over the past 20 years may mean that China can secretly control our mighty military!

During times of crisis, a President Biden can order American forces to retreat, thus leaving the path free for any Chinese act of aggression!

China just might control the White House by proxy - Joe Biden

2. As election turmoil roils America, President Trump forcefully announced that he is going to go to the Supreme Court.

We will soon see the importance of getting Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court.

3. The Trump campaign announced that he had won the election.

Joe Biden is said to be planning to announce that he has won just as soon as Mass Media calls him the winner.

4. In good news, Republicans have increased their numbers in the House and have retained their control of the Senate.

Originally Printed In 1958 -- Coming True in 2020!

"The Naked Communist: Exposing Communism & Restoring Freedom"

Book Update of 1958 - Paperback by W. Cleon Skousen

NEWS BRIEF: "Compare Original '45 Goals Of Communism' To Modern Woke Crusade: From "Naked Communist", Canada Free Press,

"Have you ever wondered what the precursors to the current goals of protesters and radicals demanding defunding police departments across America? Also, their crazed goals to pull down all historic statutes – even Mt Rushmore? And as US Reps AOC and Ilhan Omar demand destruction of capitalism, haven’t you wondered where such unhinged and universally disastrous ideas came from?

"Well, there’s an actual source for such catastrophic, ruinous policies…World Communism. And on Thursday, January 10, 1963, a list of 45 Communist Goals were offered for the record that were argued to help take over USA. These were read into the Congressional Record, taken from a book called 'The Naked Communist',” by Cleon Skousen (On Sale, to the above left)

Find out More

The Same Individuals Who Plotted The 2016 Coup Are Now Behind Communist Insurrection

"Agenda" = Communism

'Agenda' is a most powerful expose' of the Communist, Socialist, Progressive Plan to overthrow our beloved country, its Constitution, and our Guaranteed Freedoms!

This is a 2-Title Set:

1) 'AGENDA': GRINDING AMERICA DOWN -- A fascinating look at the people and groups that have successfully targeted America's morality and freedom in their effort to grind America down.

2) 'AGENDA 2: MASTERS OF DECEIT' -- to expose the Masters of Deceit and their purposeful, premeditated, treasonous attacks on our freedom.

You will readily see the outworking of the riots recently nationwide over the needless George Floyd death as the planned outworking of this "Agenda" script.

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Analysis Headline News

1. If Joe Biden ascends to the Oval Office, his illegal receipt of tens of millions from China over the past 20 years may mean that China can secretly control our mighty military!

NEWS BRIEF: "The Left Has Been Working With Communist China For Decades", Creative Destruction Media, 11/3/2020

Quoting from the above article on election day - "As Americans go to the polls today to vote, it is important to understand the American Left has been working with the Chinese Communist Party for decades to get to where we are today — teetering on the brink of a communist revolution in the United States, led by the puppet masters of Joe Biden."

"It is no secret our media, Silicon Valley overlords, and probably 80% of our Federal government, and a large percentage now of local government, have been bought and paid for by the Chicoms."

News reports about Joe and Hunter Biden enriching themselves at the Chinese and Ukrainian feeding trough should sober us up far beyond what has been seen so far. The Chinese are masters of manipulation and deceit, so believe me when I tell you that the Communists gave the Bidens tens of millions of dollars over the past 20 years, they did so only after concocting a most elaborate blackmail scheme!

The Chinese Communist government has its hooks so deeply into Joe and Hunter Biden that neither of them can do anything without permission from Beijing. Already, video tapes have surfaced showing Hunter having oral sex with a Chinese woman while he is smoking what looks like cocaine.


One can only shudder to think of what else the Chinese Communists are holding over Joe's head. If Joe becomes President, the Chinese can control the following (just a partial list):

* Every bullet of every gun

* Every missile from every launching platform: Ship, Airplane, Ground Launched

* Every ship in the Navy

* Every airplane in the Air Force

* Every helicopter

* Every tank, fighting vehicle and Humvee

* Every torpedo and ICBM from every submarine

* Every nuclear warhead from every launching platform

* Every exotic weapon in our arsenal

* Every cutting-edge weapon still under development

* Every secret at Area 51 in Nevada!

In short, China could contact Joe Biden in the Oval Office and inform him that North Korean forces are going to attack South Korea and Chinese forces are going to begin an invasion of Taiwan within hours. The Chinese would then DEMAND that Biden order American forces to stand down and not intervene.

The North Koreans could then begin their planned annihilation of America, as revealed in "The Armageddon Script: Prophecy In Action", author Peter Lemesurier, pages 222-223). Listen to this quote:

". A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may threaten man's very survival." (Emphasis Added)

The Palestinians could also attack Israel, because they have received permission and promises of assistance from China.

In short, World War III will begin and as president, Joe Biden would refuse to honor any of our treaties and other commitments.

China just might control the White House by proxy - Joe Biden

If the American sheeple had demanded that Joe Biden renounce his Democrat nomination because they had thought the matter through and had decided that the risk of annihilation is simply too great, then we would not be in the position today, where Sleepy Joe Biden has a real chance to become President of the United States.

The Chinese Dragon and the Russian Bear have got to be chomping at the bit at the probability that their man might become President.

Nightmares, anyone?


2. As election turmoil roils America, President Trump forcefully announced that he is going to go to the Supreme Court.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump sues in 3 states, laying ground for contesting outcome", World Israel News, Nov 5, 2020

"As Democrat Joe Biden inched closer to the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House, President Donald Trump’s campaign put into action the legal strategy the president had signaled for weeks: attacking the integrity of the voting process in states where the result could mean his defeat."

"Trump, addressing supporters at the White House early Wednesday, talked about taking the undecided race to the Supreme Court. Though it was unclear what he meant, his comments evoked a reprise of the court’s intervention in the 2000 presidential election that ended with a decision effectively handing the presidency to George W. Bush."

We will soon see the importance of getting Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court.


3. The Trump campaign announced that he had won the election.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump Absolutely Correct to Claim Victory",

Joe Biden is said to be planning to announce that he has won just as soon as Mass Media calls him the winner.

NEWS BRIEF: "If Media Declare Biden Winner, He Intends to ‘Address Nation’ as ‘New Leader’," Canada Free Press, Nov 4, 2020

"President Trump was correct when he said in the early morning hours Wednesday that 'Frankly, we did win this election'.”

"The 45th president of the United States added that he wanted to “ensure the integrity” of the vote, and that the law be “used in a proper manner.” Making these statements is his winning strategy, and his way of saying, “I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. I’m the president, the first among equals, no matter what anybody else says.” The country is in national crisis, there is an open insurrection against him, and he must win for the American Republic to survive."

If President Trump does not win this election, the American people will not survive and will begin again on the road to the global Kingdom of Antichrist (a.k.a. New World Order).

4. In good news, Republicans have increased their numbers in the House and have retained their control of the Senate.

NEWS BRIEF: "Politico: Dems Are Waking Up to an 'Abject Disaster'," Townhall, Nov 4, 2020

"Democrats predicted they’d see a blue wave on down ballot races but as of Wednesday morning, those hopes have been dashed. Appearing on MSNBC, Politico’s Jake Sherman told viewers in no uncertain terms that the 2020 election was an “abject disaster” for Democrats waking up in Washington. "

When a political rag like Politico says that the election was a disaster for Democrats, that is news worth remembering!

"To imagine the amount of soul searching and explaining the party will have to do after Tuesday is absolutely dizzying. The infighting will be bloody -- as it should be. We fielded text after text from Hill Democrats Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning with existential questions about their leadership and the direction of their party."

The Democrats loudly expressed their belief that they would win the Senate and increase their numbers in the House of Representatives. Neither happened.

"Donors gave $90 million to lose to Senate Majority Leader MITCH MCCONNELL, $108 million to lose to Sen. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-S.C.) and $24 million to lose to Sen. JOHN CORNYN (R-Texas) ... Sen. SUSAN COLLINS is narrowly ahead in Maine -- despite Democrat SARA GIDEON raising $69 million."

"DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS TOLD US that Dems would win a dozen seats in the House, and knock off a whole host of Republican incumbents, and that was completely wrong. Instead, Republicans ... beat a bunch of Democratic incumbents. The GOP added women to their ranks. They beat Minnesota Rep. COLLIN PETERSON after a few decades of trying. Republicans beat two Democratic incumbents in the Miami area -- DEBBIE MUCARSEL-POWELL and DONNA SHALALA. NANCY MACE beat Rep. JOE CUNNINGHAM in South Carolina. Democratic Rep. MAX ROSE appears to be done in Staten Island. Democratic Reps. XOCHITL TORRES SMALL of New Mexico and KENDRA HORN of Oklahoma both have lost."

Republican women were exultant!

"“We defied the odds. It’s the night of the Republican women," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday morning. "The Democrats never solved one problem in their majority. They promised they would govern differently, and they didn’t.”

Now, if Joe Biden can just be turned back!

Remember this: God is still in control!

"Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his ... he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding." (Daniel 2:20-21, KJV)

"Today's News" DVD

"Unsustainable: UN's Agenda21 For World Domination"

Globalists in the Power Elite — working through the United Nations — are waging war against property rights, gun rights and capitalism in order to usher in a Marxist World Order. This war is known as Agenda 21.
Considered a 'conspiracy theory' by the Mainstream Media and other apologists of globalization, the flagship term for Agenda 21 –- 'sustainable development' — crops up in thousands of federal, state and local government laws, regulations, policies and documents. So is Agenda 21 really just a 'theory'?

The UN says 'sustainable development' is simply the 'Environmental Movement' reconfiguring the planet into a safe, green world. Others maintain it’s the forced inventory and control of all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, building projects and human beings on the planet.

In other words, Agenda 21 is a blueprint for what many fear could morph into a totalitarian World Government. If true, this should concern all Americans . . . and citizens of the world.

There is no other movie attuned to Current News, like UNSUSTAINABLE!

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