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Critically Important News Articles


1. A Cutting Edge supporter asked me in an email: How did you come to believing the myth of the Rapture of the Church?

"I enjoy reading your newsletter but I'm wondering how you bought into the false rapture theory."

The Biblical standard for knowing truth was my guide.

"One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established." (Deuteronomy 19:15, KJV)

These are the five witnesses affirming to me that the Rapture is certain.

A) Jesus is the gold standard in any Biblical disagreement. And, Jesus Himself promised His faithful church (Philadelphia) that He would keep them from the "hour" of the Tribulation. Listen:

"Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth." (Revelation 3:10, KJV)

A major theme of the Book of Revelation is God's judgment upon an Earth which has rejected him to the highest degree possible, i.e., by worshipping Antichrist rather than Jesus Christ.

Jesus tells His faithful church just prior to the beginning of the 7-Year Tribulation that He will keep them from the hour of the great trial. Keeping His Church from the hour means removing them from this physical dimension -- the Rapture!

B) The Apostle Paul adds much detail and flavor to Jesus' promise.

* 1 Corinthians 15:52-58

* 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

C) The occult inventors of the Illuminati Card Game included a card depicting the Rapture

Occultists are also looking forward to the Rapture, having been alerted by their Guiding Spirits that such an event would occur! Beginning in 1987, 'Guiding Spirits' of key New World Order leaders began to inform these human leaders to start preparing their adherents for a spectacular global event, that would occur just after The New Age Christ [Antichrist] will make his appearance. What was this spectacular event to be? As these 'Guiding Spirits' explained, when The Christ appears, there will be many people throughout the world that could never accept his views or his teachings. These people would prove to be a great obstacle in the way the New Age Christ wanted to move the peoples of the world.

Therefore, the 'Masters of the Logos' had decided, these 'Guiding Spirits' said, to suddenly snap these people into another dimension, soon after The Christ arose. These recalcitrant people would be retrained in spirit, so that, when they reenter the 'Reincarnation Cycle', they will be fully persuaded as to the merits of the New World Order. Of course, when these people get back to earth in reincarnated bodies, the New World Order will have been in full swing for several hundred years, and everyone will know then how wonderful the system of The Christ is!

D) On August 18, 1991, I was sneaked into a major seminar of the Boston House of Theosophy and heard with my own ears a very logical explanation as to why so many people were going to be suddenly snatched out of this dimension [Read NEWS1052].

The fact that the Rapture card is depicted in this deck of playing cards for this game, and arranged last in order by White Magic practitioner, David Icke, speaks volumes about the fact that, in 1995, Steve Jackson knew the entire plan of the Illuminati. They know that, after Antichrist arises, tens of millions of people worldwide are going to be taken in the Rapture; the Illuminati has already spun the lie that will explain this event to their followers -- Alien Abduction!

E) Average New Age adherents are suddenly saying that Aliens will soon snatch "deserving" people from this dimension.

Therefore, we know by the testimony of five sources that the Rapture of the Church is a real event that will occur just exactly as the Bible foretells. This kind of testimony will convince any impartial jury that the matter they are considering is valid and true.

The time to "look upward" to see our "Redeemer" coming in the sky is NOW!


2. An Islamic convert in Norway killed five (5) people with a bow-and-arrow!

NEWS BRIEF: "Five Dead After Man Armed With Bow and Arrow Goes On Rampage in Norway", Breitbart News, 14 October 2021

"Norwegian police have confirmed that at least five people have died after a man armed with a bow and arrows went on a rampage in Kongsberg, with investigators refusing to rule out a possible terror motive."

"The attacks took place on Wednesday evening and saw the man carry out his attack, which has left five dead and two others injured, including a police officer ... Reports indicate that it took police up to half an hour to arrive at the scene and take the attacker into custody."

Surely, this heinous act prove that public murder is the fault of the person behind the shooting, and not the weapon in his hands?

What this bow and arrow attack demonstrates is the danger of allowing millions of Muslim immigrants to flood their nations and mingling with their own citizens. This terrorist attack at the hands of a Muslim radical should be a "canary in the coal mine" warning to every nation allowing large numbers of Muslims within their borders.

Including the 95,000 Afghan Muslims which Biden plans to allow.

3. Leftists/Communists continue their war against America.

NEWS BRIEF: "The War On Columbus Is A War On America", The Jewish Press, October 12, 2021

"Columbus may have outfoxed the Spanish court and his rivals, but he is falling victim to the court of political correctness. The explorer who discovered America has become controversial because the very idea of America has become controversial."

"The shift from celebrating Columbus’ arrival in America to commemorating it as an American tragedy by focusing on the tribes who had settled there earlier, rather than the American settlers, is a profound form of historical revisionism that hacks away at the origins of this country."

Calling for erasing Christopher Columbus from Western history will erase more sense of history, a key element in the Marxist takeover.

4. As Europe struggles with inadequate gas and oil inventories during this coming winter, Russia's Putin identifies the REAL culprit.

NEWS BRIEF: "Putin says Russia is not using gas as a weapon, claims U.S. added to energy crisis", CNBC News, Oct 13, 2021

"Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that his country is not using energy as a weapon against Europe and that Russia stands ready to help the region as its energy crisis continues ... Putin said that Europe should “not deal in blame-shifting” over the energy crisis in the region and that European countries had not done enough to replenish gas reserves in the summer."

Putin laid the fault right at the doorstep of the European Union.

"You see the problem does not consist in us, it consists in the European side, because, first, we know that the wind farms did not work during summer because of the weather, everyone knows that. Moreover, the Europeans did not pump enough gas into their underground gas facilities ... and the supplies to Europe have decreased from other regions of the world.”

5. Now that Governor Newsom has been retained as governor, California is truly "circling the drain".

NEWS BRIEF: "Cal. Gov. Newsom vetoes bill to pay addicts to get sober

NEWS BRIEF: "Gov. Newsom signs SB 9, curbing single-family zoning in California",

NEWS BRIEF: "California to require Covid vaccine for children returning to school",

Even Tesla's Elon Musk is moving his mansion and his company out of California.

NEWS BRIEF: "Elon Musk’s Tesla Abandons California, Sets Up HQ in Texas

6. China has adopted a propaganda tactic from the Leftist Democrat playbook:

NEWS BRIEF: "Flights were ‘defending Taiwan,’ China says", Taipei Times, October 14, 2021

"China’s recent increase in military exercises and warplane missions near Taiwan was necessary to defend sovereignty and territory, a Chinese official said yesterday, prompting Taipei to say that it had sabotaged peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait."

"The purpose of the maneuvers was to 'fundamentally safeguard the overall interests of the Chinese nation and the vital interests of people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait', China’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang (???) said, without specifying a threat'. "

You see, China has always claimed that Taiwan is part of China Mainland. Therefore, a foreign force cooperating with Taiwan is considered to be violating Chinese sovereignty!

When large numbers of Communist aircraft invade Taiwanese airspace, they are only "defending" Taiwan!

7) A most troublesome plank in the $3.5 Trillion bill now before Congress is granting authority for the IRS to examine any transaction above $600.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sen. Lummis slams Yellen over $600 IRS reporting requirement", Fox Business News, Sept 28, 2021

"Sen. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., on Tuesday let loose on Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen over the Biden administration's proposal to force banks to report to the Internal Revenue Service on every transaction Americans make that is $600 or more."

"The senator suggested Americans would 'find alternatives to traditional banks just to thwart IRS access to their personal information, not because they're trying to hide anything but because they're not willing to share everything'."

The stark fact is the IRS is doing this already!

A requirement such as this one will give the Federal Government tight control over every tax payer's money, even allowing the Feds to seize your bank deposits to help them cover their deficits brought on by overspending!

Tight control over all taxpayers is the goal, not the stated need for more tax revenues!

Doubt it not!

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Video 1 - "New Atlantis" - demonstrates that the Secret Society plan to create a New Atlantis nation on the North American Continent began in the 1580's between Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Bacon. We also show that America's Founding Fathers carefully carried out the Baconian Plan in establishing the government of America. This DVD ends by showing that this plan ends with Antichrist coming to the world scene, a plan which is shown in the street layout of Washington, D.C. Nearly 3 hours long

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Video 4 - "Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers" may be the most important video in this series. Today, a great deal of effort and money have been poured into convincing Americans that their Founding Fathers were Christian men intent upon founding a Christian nation. We debunk this idea and refute David Barton in the process. 3 hours long

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