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Subtitle: New York Daily News has broken the D.U. story on their Sunday front page, and it confirms what Cutting Edge has been saying for almost one year about Depleted Uranium! Four of nine American soldiers recently returned from Iraq suffering "unknown illnesses" turned to New York Daily News for help. Independent lab testing revealed four of nine soldiers were contaminated with Depleted Uranium poisoning! The Army is scrambling to protect its entire backside!

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In May, 2003, Cutting Edge broke our major story on the devastating effects of Depleted Uranium, both on civilian populations and on our soldiers wielding D.U. weaponry. This article is NEWS1843 entitled, "American Soldiers Are Dying of 'Mysterious Illnesses'. Is It Depleted Uranium?" If you have not yet read this article, please take a few moments to do so now, for the information we posted 11 months ago is as fresh today as your Daily News. We also posted a major position paper by a retired Admiral in the Indian Navy on Depleted Uranium in our Newsletter040204. Please read these articles in preparation for the rest of this article.

Since the New York Daily News broke their Depleted Uranium story on their front page on Sunday, April 4 and again , Monday, April 5, the sad tale of Depleted Uranium may finally break out into the open -- MAYBE!

Let us begin this article with the story from the Sunday edition of the New York Daily News.

NEWS BRIEF: "Poisoned? Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of America's high-tech weapons: Special Investigation, by Juan Gonzalez, Daily News Staff Writer, Sunday, April 4, 2004, http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/180333p-156685c.html

"Four soldiers from a New York Army National Guard company serving in Iraq are contaminated with radiation likely caused by dust from depleted uranium shells fired by U.S. troops, a Daily News investigation has found. They are among several members of the same company, the 442nd Military Police, who say they have been battling persistent physical ailments that began last summer in the Iraqi town of Samawah. 'I got sick instantly in June', said Staff Sgt. Ray Ramos, a Brooklyn housing cop. 'My health kept going downhill with daily headaches, constant numbness in my hands and rashes on my stomach.'A nuclear medicine expert who examined and tested nine soldiers from the company says that four 'almost certainly' inhaled radioactive dust from exploded American shells manufactured with depleted uranium."

This description of the symptoms of D.U. are consistent with what our sources were telling us in May, 2003. We were being advised by a medical doctor who is in the Reserves of a foreign army, and who is trained in modern desert warfare, plus a retired U.S. Army Major. Both of them stated that some soldiers would come down immediately with the symptoms of D.U. while others would take 6 months to 5 years to test positive for this uranium poisoning. Staff Sgt. Ray Ramos was one of the most unlucky of men, coming down with the poisoning almost immediately.

Let us review what our medical doctor in the foreign army told us about the four elements each soldier was confronting daily while in Iraq.

We printed this warning in NEWS1843, with a follow-up report in our Newsletter081603 and in Newsletter040204. Listen to this medical doctor describe the four potentially deadly elements facing each soldier in Iraq.

1. Searing heat between 120-150° - This tremendous heat will not relent until mid-October
2. Local biting insects that deliver a toxic pathogen with which the native Iraqis have to contend daily
3. A cocktail of vaccines that were administered prior to landing in Iraq. As in Gulf War I, these vaccines are highly toxic
4. Exposure to Depleted Uranium in the air, in the water in some areas, and in the dust everywhere. As Amy Worthington states in her article in The Idaho Observer, "The US and British troops are the walking dead."
5. Unknown and unpredictable mutations of physical maladies caused by the above combination of toxic elements

In the daily campaign in Iraq, soldiers are breathing in the toxic Depleted Uranium, and many of them are being constantly bitten by the local insects. These two elements join the toxic vaccine already in the body. Because of the unrelenting, searing heat, nearly every soldier is dehydrated to some degree, thus allowing this deadly combination of toxins to build up to dangerously concentrated levels. Further, this doctor related how American scientists keeping watch over the radioactive poisoning of the Pacific islands at which France and the United States conducted nuclear tests several decades ago, are constantly finding mutated organisms that have never been identified before! Uranium poisoning in our soldiers is very likely mutating with these other elements to create strange and deadly organisms for which the soldiers have not been prepared to face.

The way in which these five elements combine to make the solider sick, or to kill him, will vary widely with each soldier. The age of the soldier plays a part, as does the individual genetic code, as does the health of the immune system. Thus, soldiers will be getting sick at various points along the time spectrum. Further, the exact cause of death will vary so widely that it will be difficult to prove any single cause. Some soldiers will die of pneumonia, some of internal organ meltdown, some of apparent heart attack, and some will die of maladies perhaps not yet seen in medical science. This is exactly what happened, which is why the Pentagon has been evacuating up to 18,000 men for a wide variety of ailments [http://www.washtimes.com/upi-breaking/20040330-051545-6818r.htm, Washington Times, 4/1/04]

Remember that a person has only to ingest one contaminated speck of dust 0.2 microns through his nostrils and/or mouth to become permanently -- and fatally -- contaminated. Just one! Keep this medical fact in mind as we proceed through these two articles.

When this private lab confirmed that these soldiers had D.U. poisoning, that news certainly made history, given the Pentagon's steadfast refusal to even admit that such poisoning could be a problem to their own men. Remember our quote of the retired Indian Naval Admiral in Newsletter040204 that "Gulf War Syndrome" was most assuredly Depleted Uranium poisoning. With this fact mind, let us return to our feature article in the New York Daily News.

"Laboratory tests conducted at the request of The News revealed traces of two manmade forms of uranium in urine samples from four of the soldiers. If so, the men - Sgt. Hector Vega, Sgt. Ray Ramos, Sgt. Agustin Matos and Cpl. Anthony Yonnone - are the first confirmed cases of inhaled depleted uranium exposure from the current Iraq conflict. The 442nd, made up for the most part of New York cops, firefighters and correction officers, is based in Orangeburg, Rockland County. Dispatched to Iraq last Easter, the unit's members have been providing guard duty for convoys, running jails and training Iraqi police. The entire company is due to return home later this month.'

" 'These are amazing results, especially since these soldiers were military police not exposed to the heat of battle', said Dr. Asaf Duracovic, who examined the G.I.s and performed the testing that was funded by The News. 'Other American soldiers who were in combat must have more depleted uranium exposure', said Duracovic, a colonel in the Army Reserves who served in the 1991 Persian Gulf War." [Ibid.; Emphasis added]

From the beginning of our warnings of Depleted Uranium, we have warned that the fine dust into which a D.U. munition explodes upon impact is carried by the wind many, many miles from the battlefield. However, the Indian Admiral we quoted in Newsletter040204 provided a startling statistic regarding how far the winds are carrying this D.U. dust. The Admiral stated that this poisoned dust is traveling as far from Baghdad as 1,000 miles! This reality means that every member of Coalition Forces are in danger as is the entire population of Iraq. In fact, let us take a moment to realize how far the winds are now spreading this incredible pollution.

From Baghdad - 1,000 miles

Eastward -- All of Syria and Israel, reaching all the way to Alexandria, Egypt

Westward -- Extends just over the border with Afghanistan

Northward -- Extends all the way to Stavropol, Russia

Southward -- Extends nearly to the border with Yemen

All of Turkey and Iran are also being covered with this dust.

From Kabul, Afghanistan - 1,000 miles

Eastward -- To Tehran, Iran - Thus, portions of Iran are being covered by D.U. dust from the battlefields of both Iraq and Afghanistan

Westward -- Into Tibet and China

Northward - Covers into Kazakhstan about 500 miles

Southward -- Reaches to New Delhi, India, just as the Indian Admiral stated

How serious is our D.U. pollution of Iraq and Afghanistan? This Indian Admiral stated that the radiation pollution of Iraq is equal to 250,000 Nagasaki-sized bombs and 83,000 Nagasaki-sized bombs in Afghanistan! We have spread exceedingly serious radiation pollution through what amounts to "nuclear war" against these two nations. Once again, quoting the Admiral, using Depleted Uranium munitions is clearly nuclear warfare, since they come from the core of the atom and spread the same kind of nuclear poisoning!

Now, let us return to our feature New York Daily News article for more information on these poor soldiers.

"But the test results for the New York guardsmen - four of nine positives for DU - suggest the potential for more extensive radiation exposure among coalition troops and Iraqi civilians." [Ibid.]

Since May, 2003, Cutting Edge has been warning that the Iraqi civilian population is threatened with such severe radiation poisoning that they are likely to begin dying in very large numbers 3-20 years from now. In fact, the medical doctor in the foreign army told us that, in a generation from now, the land of Iraq is likely to be so poisoned as to become unlivable for human beings. Joyce Riley, spokesman for the Gulf War Veterans Association, agreed with this assessment, noting that D.U. radiation will continue for 4.5 billion years, an statistic echoed by Admiral Vishnu Bhagwatt.

But, why should we be surprised? New Age authors have stated that, in the preparatory period leading up to the New World Order -- the Kingdom of "The Christ" -- the Illuminati had decided to dramatically increase the death rate, even to the point of nuclear warfare! Listen:

"Of course, a very short but very deadly global war using nuclear weapons upon select population concentrations was contemplated and to tell you the truth, was not ruled out ..." ["Behold A Pale Horse", by William Cooper, p. 167, 177]

When I read this quote, I thought only of exploding nuclear bombs, producing great mushroom clouds. However, since Admiral Vishnu Bhagwatt confirmed that going to war with Depleted Uranium munitions is nuclear war, is our attack against Afghanistan and Iraq the nuclear war of which Cooper was referring? It certainly seems plausible. Fighting with D.U. is conducting a silent, invisible nuclear war!

Remember, too, this is the fourth war in which we have used D.U. munitions: Iraq, 1991 under President Bush, Sr.; Kosovo, 1999, under President Bill Clinton; Afghanistan, 2001 and Iraq, 2003. Also note that the targeted population in each of these "nuclear wars" was Muslim! Despite the kind words President Bush has consistently uttered toward those of the Islamic faith, the reality is that the Illuminati long ago targeted all members of Monotheistic faiths to die because they could never accept the polytheistic religious views of Antichrist; Islam is the first group on this hit list.

The Pentagon reacted in a very deceitful "spin master" type of mode once New York Daily News broke its story:

"Because of its density, 'It is the superior heavy metal for armor to protect tanks and to penetrate armor', Pentagon spokesman Michael Kilpatrick said. The Army and Air Force fired at least 127 tons of depleted uranium shells in Iraq last year, Kilpatrick said. No figures have yet been released for how much the Marines fired." [Ibid.]

Our figure from informed sources indicate that over 3,000 tons of D.U. munitions were fired, not just 127! Even the Admiral reported 4,000,000 pounds, which is equal to 2,000 tons. During my nearly 4 years in U.S. Army Intelligence during the Vietnam War era -- from my vantage point of serving in the "Pentagon of the East" in Okinawa with a security clearance "Top Secret, Crypto" -- I learned to never trust official Washington. Lies were so continuous, on so many issues, that I found it easier to catch Washington telling the truth. I never, ever listened to a Presidential news conference after I returned, because I knew the truth would never be spoken from that forum; yet, too many Americans hang on every word coming from the mouth of the president and his aides, believing they are hearing truth!

Now, let us examine another lie from the Pentagon regarding D.U.

"Kilpatrick said about 1,000 G.I.s back from the war have been tested by the Pentagon for depleted uranium and only three have come up positive - all as a result of shrapnel from DU shells. But the test results for the New York guardsmen - four of nine positives for DU - suggest the potential for more extensive radiation exposure among coalition troops and Iraqi civilians." [Ibid.]

The Army has refused to officially admit that tiny D.U. dust is the real danger from exploded munitions. They keep pretending that the only danger to troops and civilians comes from D.U. shrapnel that has entered the body during battle. This is sheer nonsense. A continuation of this Daily News article reveals just how much nonsense Kilpatrick's statement truly is:

"The Army says that only soldiers wounded by depleted uranium shrapnel or who are inside tanks during an explosion face measurable radiation exposure. But as far back as 1979, Leonard Dietz, a physicist at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory upstate, discovered that DU-contaminated dust could travel for long distances. Dietz, who pioneered the technology to isolate uranium isotopes, accidentally discovered that air filters with which he was experimenting had collected radioactive dust from a National Lead Industries Plant that was producing DU 26 miles away. His discovery led to a shutdown of the plant. 'The contamination was so heavy that they had to remove the topsoil from 52 properties around the plant', Dietz said." [Ibid.]

The Army knew the truth, in 1979!

Physicist Leonard Dietz then gets to the heart of the matter for each individual soldier and civilian who has ingested just one particle of D.U. dust:

"Uranium oxide dust, which lodges in the lungs once inhaled and is not very soluble, can emit radiation to the body for years. "Anybody, civilian or soldier, who breathes these particles has a permanent dose ..." [Ibid.]

"Permanent dose" means deadly, fatal dose. The Indian Admiral agreed. Listen:

"Cancer is initiated with one alpha particle, its daughter isotopes effect generations as the isotopes bio-concentrate in plants and animals and travel up the food chain. It is a nuclear weapon ... They enter the body through the lungs, the digestive system, or breaks in the skin. One gram of DU releases more than 12,000 particles per second. The radiation slowly kills the cells that make life possible." ["Silent WMD's -- Effects of Depleted Uranium", by Admiral Vishnu Bhagwatt, February 29, 2004, traprockpeace.org , http://traprockpeace.org/bhagwat_du_29feb04.pdf, as quoted in Newsletter040204] [Emphasis added]

"Cancer is initiated with one alpha particle" [Admiral Bhagwatt].

"Anybody, civilian or soldier, who breathes these particles has a permanent dose ..." [Physicist Dietz]

The truth comes out, from respected authorities, and it is deadly truth.

In fact, as the Army races to "contain" this disaster by "testing" large numbers of soldiers, the question of the hour is whether they will honestly report the results. If Army veterans are tested in an Army facility, the announced results will be highly suspect; if veterans are tested in an outside, private facility, the announced tests will carry credibility. Our advice is that a veteran who is tested in an Army facility spend the money ($1,000) to be tested in a private facility. This featured Daily News article says that only 100 facilities worldwide are capable of testing for D.U. contamination.

After all, the stakes for the White House and the Pentagon are enormous! Current officials have much to lose if the pure, unadulterated truth comes out! Since the Army knew very well all along that the "Gulf War Syndrome" was Depleted Uranium poisoning -- a fact attested to by the Admiral -- then they knew by the mid-1990's the scope of the disaster posed by D.U. Yet, President Clinton directed NATO forces equipped with D.U. against Kosovo in 1999, while President Bush ordered our forces to war against Afghanistan and Iraq. Since the stakes are so very high, we should expect great difficulty in wresting the truth from their lips.

If this story continues to break and will not go away, expect President Bush to appoint a meaningless "investigative panel" whose backgrounds will be Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Skull & Bones, Trilateral Commission, or from Academia totally dependent upon government funding. As we have stated before, the Illuminati loves "investigations" because they control the "investigators", thus predetermining the declared finding. Only the undiscerning citizen believes the official finding of such a commission!

If this aftermath turns into a political football, the Democrats have as much blood on their hands as the Republicans. President Clinton, as we noted above, ordered American-led NATO troops into war against Kosovo, using Depleted Uranium munitions. In NEWS1843, we quoted a Seattle Intelligencer article [http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/national/95178_du12.shtml] written well before our invasion of Iraq (November 12, 2002), which noted the D.U. poisoning of Kosovo! Therefore, when Senator Hillary Clinton reacts with outrage, she is being hypocritical to a degree which we have come to expect from our politicians! Nevertheless, turning this disaster into political football might provide the rationale for President Bush to not win reelection.


NEWS BRIEF: "Aussie troops report uranium sickness", June 23, 2003, ninemsn.com

"Australian servicemen and women who served in the recent Iraq war were reporting symptoms of uranium sickness, a United States nuclear weapons expert said ... Speaking in Melbourne on Monday, Dr Rokke said Iraqi women and children and American and Iraqi military personnel had reported respiratory illnesses and rashes after the recent conflict, and he had also been told of Australian servicemen and women with similar symptoms. "That's the reports I received from the US Army medical department ... "

Did you hear Dr. Rokke clearly? He verified the report Cutting Edge received from our foreign military medical source. American troops are showing the symptoms of Depleted Uranium poisoning! Dr. Rokke also said the Iraqi people were suffering from D.U. also. Then, Dr. Rokke delivered his bombshell.

""When American soldiers are sick and the Iraqis are sick there's nothing that says an Australian soldier is going to be isolated when he goes through those areas and he is not going to become ill ... "What I have learned from my work is that uranium munitions must be banned," Dr Rokke said." [Ibid.]

American soldiers are sick! Australians are coming home sick. The Iraqi people are sick. How about the British? The British are well aware of the risk.

NEWS BRIEF: "Gulf troops face tests for cancer", by Paul Brown, environment correspondent, The Guardian, U.K., Friday April 25, 2003

"Soldiers returning from the Gulf will be offered tests to check levels of depleted uranium in their bodies to assess whether they are in danger of suffering kidney damage and lung cancer as a result of exposure, the Ministry of Defence said last night. The ministry was responding to a warning earlier in the day from the Royal Society, Britain's premier scientific body, that soldiers and civilians might be exposed to dangerous levels ... "It is essential that we measure exposures in a sample of soldiers across the battlefield, not just those who may have had substantial exposures, but also foot soldiers and field hospital staff across Iraq."

We have heard of no results of any such tests, but at least the Royal Society is raising the awareness, even though they are fighting the British Defense Establishment in their effort. If men exposed to D.U. are brought home early after exposure and live a normal life in a cooler climate, symptoms may be years in coming, but come they will. Such men may also poison their wives, and babies conceived under these conditions may be born with defects, ranging from mild to severe. What did Worthington say in his quote, above?

Legal Ambulance Chasers Chasing The Lawsuit Buck
We discovered that the legal community is gearing up for a lawsuit on behalf of Americans poisoned with D.U. Listen:


"Depleted Uranium -- If you or a family member has been injured, contact a personal injury attorney today. Just fill out InjuryBoard.com's on-line questionnaire and have a personal injury lawyer review your potential personal injury claim - free of charge. -- For many years, western militaries, including the United States', have used shells that are tipped with depleted uranium. Depleted uranium is one of the heaviest metals, and it is this characteristic that allows shells tipped with the substance to penetrate heavily armored tanks and bunkers.

"During the Persian Gulf War over 900,000 shells containing depleted uranium were fired. Additionally, in the Balkan crisis over 40,000 shells containing the substance were used. Upon impact the shells explode creating dust that is contaminated with depleted uranium.

"Recently, concerns have been raised that exposure and inhalation of this dust may increase the risk of several cancers, including lung cancer and leukemia. See your doctor if you have experienced serious health problems because of depleted uranium exposure. In addition, it may be important to contact an attorney who can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit." [http://www.injuryboard.com/view.cfm/ID=94]

When the legal vultures start to circle, you know you are facing a hard reality. Of course, we may be certain of one thing: the U.S. military and government will continue to stonewall and deny, deny, deny -- just as they did with Gulf War I veterans and their families.


Now, let us examine the personal symptoms suffered by these men in the Daily News articles. Let us begin with the current feature article, posted Sunday, April 4.

"A large number of American soldiers [in Iraq] may have had significant exposure to uranium oxide dust," said Dr. Thomas Fasey, a pathologist at Mount Sinai Medical Center and an expert on depleted uranium. 'And the health impact is worrisome for the future." [Ibid.]

"As for the soldiers of the 442nd, they're sick, frustrated and confused. They say when they arrived in Iraq no one warned them about depleted uranium and no one gave them dust masks ..." [Ibid.]

Now, let us go to the Monday, April 5, Daily News story for the personal symptoms of these soldiers.

NEWS BRIEF: "Army to test N.Y. Guard unit: Hillary demands that all veterans of Iraq get checked", New York Daily News, Monday, April 5, 2004, http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/180723p-156921c.html

"Sgt. Agustin Matos, a member of the 442nd Military Police of the New York National Guard and a city correction officer in civilian life, has all-too-vivid memories of his stay in Samawah, Iraq. 'The place was filthy; most of the windows were broken; dirt, grease and bird droppings were everywhere', he said. 'I wouldn't house a city prisoner in that place'. He recalled a mandated morning run of about 3 miles on a sandy track near a train depot. 'Every time I ran I felt my throat burning and my chest tightening', he said. Now, Matos, 37, believes his symptoms may be the result of radioactive dust he inhaled from spent American shells made from depleted uranium."

Since a "permanent", fatal dose can be delivered by one tiny speck of D.U. Dust 0.2 - .05 microns wide, can you imagine the thousands of gallons of air a soldier will ingest during a daily 3-mile run? If a convoy runs by, kicking up dust, he could receive his fatal dose. If the wind kicks up, he could receive his fatal dose. But, if just his boots kick up dust, he could receive his fatal dose!

"The soldiers and other members of the 442nd say they are suffering from physical ailments that began last summer while they were stationed in Samawah ... Matos was sent home last year for surgery for a shoulder injury suffered in a jeep accident. Since his return, he has had constant headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, joint pain and excessive urination. After he recently discovered blood in his urine, doctors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center gave him a CAT scan and discovered a small lesion on his liver ... 'Before I left for Iraq, they tested my eyes and I was fine', Matos said. 'Now my eyesight's gotten bad, on top of everything else'." [Ibid.]

All these symptoms are typical of a person suffering D.U. radiation. An excessive fatigue reaction to any type of illness is also a symptom. Now, let us go back to this second Daily News article for more information.

"Another member of the company who tested positive for DU is 2nd platoon Sgt. Hector Vega, 48, a retired postal worker from the Bronx who has been in the National Guard for 27 years. Since being evacuated to Fort Dix for treatment for foot surgery, Vega said he has endured insomnia and constant headaches. And like many of the sick soldiers, Vega said, 'I have uncontrollable urine, every half hour'." [Ibid.]

Uncontrollable, frequent urination is another major symptom of D.U. poisoning.

Remember our earlier quote, where the soldiers said they were told nothing of the dangers of Depleted Uranium poisoning? Listen to this next quote and weep.

"One day, during a trip a few hours south of Samawah, he and another soldier stopped on the side of the road to photograph and check out two shot-up Iraqi tanks. 'We didn't think anything of walking right up to those tanks and touching them' , he said. 'I didn't know anything about depleted uranium'. As for the railroad depot where they slept, Vega recalls it as 'disgusting. Oil, dirt and bird droppings everywhere, insects crawling all around us'."

We reported last year that the Army has discontinued showing soldiers a training video on Depleted Uranium which would have alerted the men to the dangers of approaching a vehicle which had been destroyed by a D.U. round. This video was discontinued in the mid-1990's, so our soldiers marched right into this war, knowing nothing of the dangers! You can listen to this discontinued video against D.U. at: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article3581.htm

But, even so, the major danger lies in the dust which flies everywhere, the D.U. contaminated specks of dust. This last quote then becomes very pertinent.

"And then there were the frequent dust storms. 'They would blow all that dust inside the depot all over us when we were sleeping or eating. It was so thick, you could see it'." [Ibid.]

Contemplate the horror of what Sgt. Hector Vega has just told us. The dust storms kicked up so much dust, it was "inside the depot all over us when we were sleeping or eating. It was so thick, you could see it'."

How much of that dust was contaminated with D.U., we may never find out. However, it should be crystal clear by now that American forces have carried out two more silent, invisible nuclear wars against Iraq and Afghanistan. Depleted Uranium is as deadly as respected experts have always warned they would be. What did the Bible foretell at the End of the Age?

Unparalleled Deception in Politics and Religion: "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets ... if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." [Matt 24:24] Since "Christ" is a political office of Messiah, we know Jesus is warning here of unparalleled political deception!

Wicked Men Getting Worse and Worse: "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." [2 Tim 3:13]

Truly, these terrible events demonstrate firmly that the world is in the Last Days, rushing to Antichrist.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

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