Subtitle: The existence of this part of the plan proves timing of Antichrist is very close!  As we pointed out in NEWS1270, the Illuminati decided to place American troops in six different areas of the world after the New World Order had been established, with one of those areas being the Balkans and Yugoslavia. This "war" is simply the ruse to get these troops into this region.  Now, Clinton and other NATO leaders are gradually edging toward this goal, with one eye of American polls every step of the way.

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NEWS BRIEF:  Clinton Joins Allies on Ground Troops: NATO to Weigh Conditions of Kosovo Mission, By William Drozdiak and Thomas W. Lippman, Washington Post Staff Writers, Friday, April 23, 1999; Page A01.

"As NATO heads of government gathered for a 50th-anniversary summit meeting dominated by the crisis in Kosovo, President Clinton yesterday joined the leaders of France and Britain in supporting dispatch of an international military force into Kosovo without the explicit assent of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic."
The key words to properly understanding what is really occurring in this manufactured "crisis" can be found in the words, "dispatch of an international military force into Kosovo".  As we discussed in NEWS1270, the Illuminati planned, in 1952, that American troops were to be stationed in six places throughout the world; one of those places was the Balkans,  which included Yugoslavia, now split into different regions, one of whom is present-day Serbia.  Therefore, as far back as President Eisenhower, our national leaders knew that, one day soon, American troops were to be sent into Serbia and the surrounding countries.  The only question that remained was, under what conditions would they be sent into this region?  After all, these people are very proud and nationalistic, and would not lightly allow foreign troops to enter their country and rule over them.  A ruse must be created under which the Americans, Europeans, and Russians would allow the introduction of American troops into the Balkan region of Europe.
This war is that ruse.  Let us once again review the revelation by New Age author, Peter Lemesurier, writing in his monumentally important book, The Armageddon Script .  Read these words carefully, because they contain the most important understanding of the true situation facing us in the entire world generally and this war particularly.  Think of President Clinton, Slobodon Milosovic, Boris Yeltsin, every Republican Conservative speaking out in favor of ground troops, and every military "expert" calling for ground troops.  They are all the "actors" spoken of in this concluding paragraph of Lemesurier's book.
"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage directions.  The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready.  Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up.  The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled.  Most of the main actors , one suspects, have already taken up their roles.  Soon, it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise.  The time for action will have come." [p. 252]
This last sentence refers to the ultimate act of this play, this drama, which is the staged appearance of Antichrist.  But, in 1981, when Lemesurier penned these words, he could see that the play was reaching its final few segments.   Today, we find ourselves at the very end of this play, because this 1952 plan to stage American troops in the Balkans was to be implemented after the United Nations had assumed total control over all the nations of the world.  Of course, this cannot happen until Antichrist has arisen!
Therefore, this ruse is positioning American troops in precisely the area of the world they are supposed to be after Antichrist arises!  Thus, we can only conclude that the timing of the appearance of Antichrist is very, very close. Let us now return to our feature story for other insights.
"As the allied leaders gathered here to ponder their next moves, Russia's special envoy and former prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin, held extensive talks in Belgrade with Milosevic and later told reporters that the Yugoslav leader is ready to accept an 'international presence' in the embattled Serbian province under United Nations auspices. But it was unclear whether this meant Belgrade would budge from its refusal to accept foreign troops or whether it only referred to unarmed observers."
From this paragraph, we can see that President Milosevic has agreed, in principle , to allow NATO troops into his country, but is supposedly holding out for them to be unarmed.  Of course, unarmed "peacekeepers" are not effective, so this condition guarantees that the war will continue.  We can see that the role assigned to the Russians is one of mediator and facilitator of the agreement.  Russia has also been assigned the role of defender of the Serbians, to the point where they have threatened World War III if NATO troops actually invaded.
"With NATO airstrikes heading into a second month and Milosevic showing no signs of backing down, allied leaders were expected to consider fresh ways to augment an intensified bombing campaign now being carried out by more than 1,000 aircraft, but which has, nonetheless, failed to deter Yugoslav forces from pressing ahead with the mass expulsion of ethnic Albanians."
Neither Clinton nor any European leader is truly concerned about the plight of the Albanian people.  All they are concerned about is that you and I believe they are concerned.  Remember Hitler's propaganda maxim, "Truth is not what is; truth is what people perceive it to be."  In this situation, the Illuminati wants you to perceive that the entire NATO leadership, including President Clinton, is so concerned about the slaughter of Albanians and their uprooting from Kosovo that we are willing to go to war to set the wrong right.  Nothing could be further from the truth, as the mere existence of this 1952 plan so eloquently proves.

"But in many respects, the bombing campaign has fallen short of its key objectives. NATO airstrikes have failed to prod Milosevic into calling off his crackdown in Kosovo and accepting a peace settlement that would restore autonomy to ethnic Albanians. While Yugoslav forces have consolidated their grip over the province, the mass expulsions of refugees have come perilously close to destabilizing the neighboring states of Albania and Macedonia."

Thus, we have the specter being dangled in front of us of this war spreading to Albania and Macedonia, thus strengthening Clinton's premise that the entire region could fall like "dominoes".  I find it totally laughable that Clinton and other Vietnam War protesters could vehemently reject the domino theory in Southeast Asia, and then turn around 25 years later to actually warn of it occurring here!  In truth, the Domino Theory was spurious from the beginning, because nothing that is occurring now, or that has occurred since World War II, has been accidental.  Every major event, and most minor ones, have occurred because they were planned to occur.

People have often speculated what Vietnam War protestor, Bill Clinton, learned from his Russian Kremlin handlers during the three weeks in December, 1969, when he was in Moscow.  I believe that, just maybe, he learned that the Vietnam War was planned, and was part of the global plan to produce Antichrist.  Clinton also could very well have learned that the Illuminati had picked him to be the President of the United States at the critically important time when Antichrist would appear.  What a shock it must have been to college student Clinton to learn that the Communists were not really enemies to the United States, but were just loyal soldiers in the global plan to produce the New World Order of Antichrist. 

Yes, indeed, I believe it highly possible young Bill Clinton learned these things during his three week stay in the Kremlin, studying at the feet of the KGB. And, yes, most definitely, the American people should have taken the news of this three week trip to Moscow much more seriously than they did.  The very fact that the American electorate blew this story off during the 1992 Presidential Election is proof positive to the Illuminati that the American people were ready to be enslaved.

"When Milosevic and his forces refused to buckle after the first few days of bombing, NATO commanders declared that their strategy would shift from coercion to attrition. They sought to degrade and destroy the Yugoslav armed forces, saying that eventually would force a pullback from Kosovo. Now, there is talk within the alliance about pursuing a sustained bombing campaign to soften up Yugoslav forces and prepare the way for allied ground troops to enter Kosovo in a "non-hostile environment."

"When asked in Solana's presence if he could envision sending an international security force into Kosovo without Milosevic's approval, Clinton replied: "Well, that's a hypothetical question, but of course there are scenarios under which that could occur."

I believe it highly likely that the scenario might involve NATO amassing large numbers of well armed troops on the border of Serbia, ready to go in full steam ahead.  Suddenly, at virtually the last second, Milosevic would capitulate, allowing armed NATO troops to enter without full-scale war.  This scenario makes the most sense.

Of course, if this Plan calls for as many people to be killed as possible, including civilians, we could see NATO entering and engaging Serbian forces.  After a bitter battle at the borders, Serbian forces could begin a systematic withdrawal in the face of the powerful NATO advance.  As they retreated, Serbian forces could slaughter entire populations.  Remember that one of the major goals of the New World Order is to "increase the death rate" in the time immediately preceding the appearance of Antichrist.

I wonder if this war between NATO and Serbian forces will coincide with the planned series of crises designed to so panic the American people that they would allow the Constitution to be suspended, Congress to be dissolved, and totalitarian rule to be established?  Of course, the final goal of these planned crises will be the successful appearance of Antichrist.  If you have not read NEWS1056 and NEWS1057, we encourage you to stop and do so right now, as these two articles detail all the crises that are planned to allow Antichrist to arise and be accepted easily.  But, just briefly, several planned crises are going to erupt one after the other, overlapping one another.  Let us review what the major crises will be:

1.  War in the Middle East between Israel and her Arab neighbors.  This is the war dubbed as the Third World War.

2.  War on the Korean Peninsula, with North Korea attacking the South with nuclear weapons.

3.  Arab oil embargo to support their Arab brethren fighting the Israeli Defense Forces.

4.  Arab terrorist attacks on American cities to support Arab forces fighting Israel.  The movie, "The Siege", starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis conditions us well of the plausibility of Arab terrorism in our cities.  The only differences between this movie and real life events is that Arabs may use, or threaten to use, nuclear devices, and there will be no civilian authority to step in to stop the military from their abuses of power.

5.  Stock Market will plunge, taking the global economy with it.  People who have love money and investments more than God are going to take it on the chin, as they will see entire portfolios going up in smoke. We may very well see scenes just like in 1929, when businessmen were throwing themselves off the high-rise buildings of New York City.  If we do see this scene, it will occur in every major Industrialized city throughout the world.

6.  Riots in city after city across America will be instigated, so that the Government will have the excuse to seize all power.

7.  Y2K might raise its ugly head, especially if these planned crises occur toward the end of the year, in December, say.  Of course, as we revealed in NEWS1260, the Illuminati timetable for producing Antichrist calls for a 13-week period of crisis to begin on December 6, 1999, leading up to his appearance on March 6, 2000.  This may be the most terrifying 13 weeks in American history, and world history, for that matter.

These are the main crises, and December 6 draws ever closer.  Will this Serbian crisis be resolved before then, or will it roll right into this 13-week period?  We do not know, but we do know that this entire Serbian affair is part of the global stage play, with Clinton playing one of the lead roles.  In the process, he is conditioning the American people to accept the loss of American sovereignty, to accept the spectacle of American policy being enunciated by foreign-sounding military and civilian leaders, and to accept the role of the United Nations ruling over us.  We are being conditioned mightily, and yet we do not care, because the economy is good, and our investment portfolios are getting fatter.

No one can see the global storm gathering, except us despised Christians who know their Bible.  Truly, God was right when He said, in Daniel 12:10b, "but the wicked shall never understand".  As I watched the Titanic break apart and begin to sink into the icy waters of the Atlantic, I thought, "My goodness, the entire world will be like this drama being played out on this doomed ship.  People will be seeking to save their lives after the world has hit the immovable, mostly-submerged appearance of Antichrist.  Once he arises, the earth will look increasingly like the dramatic scene of the last minutes of Titanic as the events of Revelation, Daniel, and the Major and Minor Prophets unfold, in succession.

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