Subtitle:  In NEWS1270, we revealed the plan to place American troops in the Balkans, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Bulgaria.  We demonstrated that this war was the ruse to achieve this goal.  Apparently, this 'peace agreement' fulfills that goal; American troops are going to Serbia, and we are already in the other countries in that region.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "NATO Lays Down Way Out Of Kosovo For Serbs", Excite News, By Dina Kyriakidou, June 6, 1999, http://news.excite.com/news/r/990606/01/news-yugoslavia-leadall

"BLACE, Macedonia (Reuters) - NATO starts a second session of instructing Yugoslavia's military Sunday how to get all its forces out of Kosovo fast, maintaining pressure with the threat of continued bombing. Lieutenant-General Sir Mike Jackson is expected to meet again the top Yugoslav officers with whom he spent 5-1/2 hours Saturday. The time was used in detailing roads and routes they should use to get every last member of Serbia's security forces, and their weapons, out of the province."

"This is to clear the way for a NATO-dominated peacekeeping force of up to 50,000 troops to go in ahead of, and to guarantee the safe return of, nearly one million ethnic Albanians who fled ethnic cleansing by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic.

This last paragraph fulfills the Illuminati Plan to place American ground troops in the entire region of the Balkans, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Bulgaria.  Not only has this war put American and European troops in Serbia as the plan calls for, but it has given the excuse to put ground and air troops in the entire region around Serbia.  After all, to carry out this campaign against the "monster" Milosevic, American and European troops have had to be deployed to the countries around Serbia.

This entire sorry episode reveals that the Illuminati Plan is being carefully followed, and that Clinton is simply acting out his part in the Plan.  This Plan calls for American troops to be stationed in this region of Eastern and Southern Europe, not for NATO troops.  Therefore, even though the "Peace Agreement" between NATO forces and Milosevic calls for NATO troops, including American and Russian, we can count on the fact that the situation will gradually develop so that the contingent will become strictly American. 

Already, we can see the possible outlines of such a development. Germany has repeatedly expressed its "strong opposition" to this air war in Serbia, and has threatened to not allow any German troops to participate in a ground invasion.  Therefore, we could easily see how Germany would not allow German troops to be part of this 50,000 man force of heavily armed 'peacekeepers'.  If Germany takes such action, France and other European governments could follow suit quickly.  At this point, President Clinton would be forced to call up enough American troops so that the entire force would be comprised of Americans.

This 1952 Plan also calls for various foreign troops to patrol various regions of America, as we reported in NEWS1270.  Therefore, this country has to be fairly empty of American troops before these foreign troops arrive to take up position.  View map. In fact, former National Security Advisor to President Nixon, Henry Kissinger, told a reporter during the Los Angeles riots, that the time would come when Americans would welcome foreign troops to aid in putting down massive riots in cities like Los Angeles.  Of course, this statement begs the question as to why American troops could not be called upon to restore order.  The only logical answer, I believe, is that this country has no organized American units in it any more.  Between letting men out of the armed forces and deploying Americans overseas, this country will no longer have any sizable forces left in it anymore!  Thus, when huge riots break out in American cities, as the Plan calls for, the President will have to go to the United Nations, hat in hand, to beg for foreign troops to restore order.  The U.N. will be only too happy to oblige.  At that point, you can rest assured that the Illuminati Plan is nearing the end of its conclusion, and that our freedoms are coming rapidly to an end.

As of this writing, we are not sure if the "Peace Accord" between NATO and President Milosevic of Serbia will be fully implemented.  President Clinton warned last week that history has shown Milosevic to be a proven liar, and he cannot be completely trusted to keep his word.  [Isn't it amazing to hear Clinton complain about someone being a proven liar that cannot be trusted?]

Therefore, NATO forces would keep bombing until reconnaissance had shown that Serbia troops were withdrawing as they had agreed to do.  It is more than likely that the script calls for Milosevic to only pretend to be withdrawing, that he is, in fact, consolidating his position even as he talks "peace".  If that happens, the ground war would be moved to the front burner.  As I contemplate the exact scenario as to which planned crises might be erupting at the same time, in order to produce the global chaos and fear that will produce Antichrist, I can only think the script would likely call for American forces to be bogged down in a ground and air war in Serbia [what is left of American forces, that is].  Such an all-out military offensive in Serbia would further deplete our reserves of ammunition, cruise missiles, precision-guided munitions, and a thousand other essentials of waging war.  Given this kind of planned obsessive commitment to an all-out war in Serbia, I can see the other parts of the planned crises erupting. 


Let us quickly review these planned crises designed to produce such fright in our world that the peoples of every country will gladly welcome Antichrist.  These are the planned crises:

1.  War in the Middle East between Israel and her Arab neighbors -- In NEWS1015, NEWS1056, and NEWS1057, we detailed the long-standing demonic vision as to how the New World Order was to be established, with the primary goal of the successful appearance of Antichrist realized.  If you have not read these articles, we urge you to stop right now and read them.  You will be shocked to realize that both World Wars I and II were planned wars to produce Antichrist.  A Third World War is also planned with Israel and her Arab neighbors being the catalyst.  Literally, Antichrist is planned to walk through the dust and smoke of this Third World War being fought in the Middle East.

Unless you have been living on another planet, you will realize that this war is poised to begin. The Arabs, led by Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq, are planning to use the Oslo Peace Process to so weaken Israel by dividing her land, that they can successfully launch an all-out attack.  Recent reports indicate that the Arabs are emboldened by the American withdrawal of much of our naval presence, and by the recent election of left-leaning Barak as Prime Minister.  The Arabs are not part of the New World Order Plan -- as is Israel -- and so do not realize the trap that has been laid for them.  They do not realize that they are being encouraged to attack so they can be annihilated by the extremely modern weapons we have provided Israel, i.e., HAARP weapons. [Read NEWS1250 for full details]

2.  Immediately after the beginning of hostilities between Israel and her Arab enemies, the Arabs will announce another global oil embargo.  They may very well be joined by Mexico and other South American countries.  Of course, this action will immediately trigger the next crisis:

3.  The stock markets of the world will immediately crash, and crash hard.  Suddenly, tens of millions of Americans who thought their futures were financially secure, will become bankrupt overnight.  Panic will spread immediately, and will thoroughly penetrate American, Japanese, and European societies.  This type of panic will produce the next planned crisis:

4.  Riots in American cities will "spontaneously" erupt.  These riots will be carried out by gangs who are extremely well trained and well equipped.  Since most American units have been sent to Kosovo, and are bogged down in an all-out war there, President Clinton may well profess to have no choice but to ask the United Nations for help in restoring order.  At this moment, we might very well see the planned scenario whereby foreign troops will land in American cities, and they will be welcomed with opened arms by very panicked American citizens!

5.  Arab terrorists are planned to strike at American cities, perhaps using non-conventional weapons of mass destruction.  Americans will be further panicked and thoroughly frightened.

6.  North Korea is planned to strike at South Korea, using nuclear, chemical, and/or biological weapons.  We heard reports in the last week of May, 1999, that North Korea had moved most of her 1-million-man army up to the Demilitarized Zone [DMZ].  American forces now number less than 20,000 men, and while we have munitions and supplies stored so American units could be flown from the United States, it is doubtful that we could prevent the North Korean army from winning this war, especially if they use nuclear weapons.  We could only annihilate them with our own nuclear stockpiles, an action that would further panic everyone.

7.  China is planned to attack Taiwan.  Col. David Hackworth says that China could take over Taiwan easily with American naval units so depleted in weapons and munitions. In NEWS1282, we revealed that the same 1952 plan that sent American troops into Yugoslavia , the Balkans, Romania, and Bulgaria, also gave Taiwan back to Communist China.  When the time in this global script comes for China to make her move, President Clinton will conveniently be unable to stop them.  Perhaps the "reason" Clinton gives for not taking action will be our huge involvement in Serbia.

These are the planned simultaneous crises planned that will so panic the peoples of the world they will welcome Antichrist with open arms when he arises.  It seems to me that a very important part of this scenario might be America and NATO being bogged down in an all-out war in Serbia. We shall have to just wait to see how this story plays out.  We might very well have not seen the last of conflict between NATO and Serbia.  The scenario will play out exactly as the Illuminati has scripted it.

Let us end this article by reminding ourselves that we are witnessing a global play, carefully scripted to produce Antichrist.  We wish to quote from New World Order author, Peter Lemesurier, writing in his monumental book as to how Antichrist shall appear, a book entitled, The Armageddon Script , published in 1981.  Listen to his last paragraph.

"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions.  The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready.  Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up.  The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled.  Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles.  Soon, it will be time for them to come on stage, ready to the curtain to rise.  The time for action will have come."

It is all a play, with Satan performing the multiple roles of writer, editor, and director.  Thank God I have read my Bible, and know which side ultimately wins!  But, before Jesus Christ returns to earth to win the ultimate victory, God is going to withdraw His Restrainer to allow Antichrist and all his forces nearly absolute victory.  These current events are simply further indicators as to how soon Antichrist is going to arise.

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