Subtitle:  The Illuminati originated the Plan we reported in NEWS1260, including the timetable to produce Antichrist.  If this event does not occur, it is because God did not allow it.  Cutting Edge does not ever set dates.

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The following article is part of a series of articles relating to an Illuminati plan to ignite Jupiter as a "sign in the heavens" that will herald the coming of the New Age Christ [Antichrist]. You should read all related articles to get the full picture and understand why we reported it.

In the first article NEWS1260, posted mid-March, 1999, Cutting Edge made
public the Illuminati plan to set Jupiter on fire and reveal Antichrist precisely 13
weeks later. We did our scientific homework, showing that this feat was impossible
according to the scientific community. We specifically concluded that, if Jupiter was going to be ignited, God would have to allow Satan to ignite it by supernatural power.

We also did our homework to verify the importance of the dates and positions of the planets, as the Illuminati planned to use these positions at these dates. . Although we were skeptical, we know that Bible prophecy foretells of signs in the Sun, Moon and stars and that the Antichrist will have awesome supernatural powers.

We know that we cannot count on the word or plans of the illuminati; however, we do know that we can
count on the word of God. If there were any chance that this feat could be accomplished, we wanted to make sure that our readers would know that it was not a sign of the second coming and be deceived into thinking the Antichrist
was God. It would have been foolish and irresponsible for us to keep silent on the matter.

After publication of the first article we began to get many new opinions from scientists that Jupiter could actually be ignited, as well as many confirming that we were right and Jupiter could not be ignited. We also began to get new possible dates for the event from former occultists. Then President Clinton made a statement about something that would light up the sky on new years eve which we wrote about in NEWS1331.

Prior to the December 6th, 1999, date we published another article on December 3, NEWS1338 , reminding our readers that we were skeptical of the Jupiter plan. Then, shortly after the December date passed, we published an article about the failure of the illuminati to pull it offNEWS1340, "Illuminati Fails To Illumine".

Since that time we have heard new proposed dates.

However, having said all this, we believe the plan to ignite Jupiter into a second Sun in our sky will occur, but according to God's timing, not Satan's. God is in control of the timing of the entire Tribulation Period. On several occasions, the Illuminati wanted to bring in their coveted New World Order, but could not, because of God's restraints. But, when the timing comes to ignite Jupiter, and you see a new Sun in our sky, you will have been forewarned that this new Sun is of Satan, not God. You will also know to expect the soon appearance of Antichrist. What is that old adage? "To be forewarned is to be forearmed."

It is interesting that as all of this timing of Jupiter was going on, a plan was made public that the great pyramid was going to be capped on New Years Eve. When the plan became public, the Egyptian government appeared to cave in to public
pressure and cancelled the plan. Was it a cave in to public pressure or was it postponed because Jupiter did not ignite on December 6, 1999? The Cutting Edge Webmaster heard an MSNBC report on New Years eve that the Pyramid was going to be capped, but we have found not evidence that it was. When the pyramid is capped, the symbolism the Illuminati is flashing to the world that Lucifer has come to earth to reign and to rule. It means that Antichrist is soon to appear.

We want to make sure that when the Illuminati does cap the pyramid, our readers know exactly what is going on and what to expect. It is foolish indeed to be uninformed and unprepared.

At this time we have seen that the Illuminati has not been able to ignite Jupiter on either the Dec 6th or Dec. 31 dates and we are hearing new dates. We cannot be sure whether they tried and failed or whether the whole plan has been rescheduled. We remain skeptical. But we feel that it is better to be informed and prepared than surprised and unprepared.

In March, 1999, we discovered that the Illuminati carefully calculated the precise timetable according to which they would produce their Superman, Antichrist.  They met shortly after World War II had been completed and decided upon the exact timetable by which they should stage the appearance of Antichrist.  They used occult belief in the Astrology, Numerology, and Witchcraft.  After much occult study, they arrived at December 6, 1999 as the beginning point and March 6, 2000 as the point at which Antichrist would arise.

These dates were set by the Illuminati, and not Cutting Edge Ministries.

The key event scheduled to occur on December 6, 1999, was the ignition of Jupiter into a new Sun, which would burn more brightly in our heavens than the Moon, but less than our Sun.  Supposedly, this ignition was to occur by deliberately crashing the Galileo spaceprobe into Jupiter on December 6, causing the 48 pounds of plutonium on board to explode as a huge thermonuclear device.

We encourage you to read NEWS1260, for we discovered as we did the research, that Jupiter could not light up no matter how large an explosion occurred in her atmosphere.  There simply is not enough oxygen to sustain the burning of it's atmosphere and it is not dense enough.  Therefore, we were highly skeptical that Jupiter can be ignited on December 6 or any other date.

However, Satan is supernatural and is certainly capable of being able to either provide the necessary oxygen on Jupiter or possibly of temporarily reversing the laws of Physics -- should God allow him to do so.  Since we are at the End of the Age, and close to the point where the Restrainer will "be taken out of the way", we thought it possible that God would allow Satan to do the impossible, igniting Jupiter.

At the End of the Age, God also promised that He would provide "signs in the Heavens" so that everyone who knew prophecy would know the End was upon them. [Luke 21:11; Acts 2:19; Joel 2:30-31]  In Joel 2:31, God even specifies that these signs and wonders would occur "before the great and terrible Day of the Lord comes". 

Certainly, if Jupiter ignited, as an occult sign that their Christ [Antichrist] is about to arrive, this event would qualify as a "wonder" before the advent of the Antichrist.  Of course, when the Antichrist "confirms the covenant" in fulfillment of Daniel 9:27, that would be the beginning of the time period known as the "Day of the Lord", a period of unparalleled judgment upon the Earth.

We wanted you to know of this Illuminist Plan, so that, if it occurs, you will know why it occurred and so you can immediately and intelligently witness to everyone within your Sphere of Influence.

However, we do remain skeptical. 

We have had some people emailing us, accusing us of setting dates.  We did not do this, and such people have obviously not read entire sections of our article.  Cutting Edge Ministries does not set dates, either for the appearance of Jesus Christ or for Antichrist. 

The Illuminati has set the dates; now we shall see if God will allow them to perform.

It shall be interesting, during the month of December.

If Jupiter does ignite into a small Sun, you shall know that the Illuminati plans that Antichrist follows in precisely 13 weeks.

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