Subtitle:  Jupiter Failed To Ignite On December 6, 1999, as the Illuminati Planned.  Our Skepticism Proved To Be Well-Founded.  A Quick Look At God's Plan Versus Satan's.

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The following article is part of a series of articles relating to an Illuminati plan to ignite Jupiter as a "sign in the heavens" that will herald the coming of the New Age Christ [Antichrist]. You should read all related articles to get the full picture and understand why we reported it.

In the first article NEWS1260, posted mid-March, 1999, Cutting Edge made
public the Illuminati plan to set Jupiter on fire and reveal Antichrist precisely 13
weeks later. We did our scientific homework, showing that this feat was impossible
according to the scientific community. We specifically concluded that, if Jupiter was going to be ignited, God would have to allow Satan to ignite it by supernatural power.

We also did our homework to verify the importance of the dates and positions of the planets, as the Illuminati planned to use these positions at these dates. . Although we were skeptical, we know that Bible prophecy foretells of signs in the Sun, Moon and stars and that the Antichrist will have awesome supernatural powers.

We know that we cannot count on the word or plans of the illuminati; however, we do know that we can
count on the word of God. If there were any chance that this feat could be accomplished, we wanted to make sure that our readers would know that it was not a sign of the second coming and be deceived into thinking the Antichrist
was God. It would have been foolish and irresponsible for us to keep silent on the matter.

After publication of the first article we began to get many new opinions from scientists that Jupiter could actually be ignited, as well as many confirming that we were right and Jupiter could not be ignited. We also began to get new possible dates for the event from former occultists. Then President Clinton made a statement about something that would light up the sky on new years eve which we wrote about in NEWS1331.

Prior to the December 6th, 1999, date we published another article on December 3, NEWS1338 , reminding our readers that we were skeptical of the Jupiter plan. Then, shortly after the December date passed, we published an article about the failure of the illuminati to pull it offNEWS1340, "Illuminati Fails To Illumine".

Since that time we have heard new proposed dates.

However, having said all this, we believe the plan to ignite Jupiter into a second Sun in our sky will occur, but according to God's timing, not Satan's. God is in control of the timing of the entire Tribulation Period. On several occasions, the Illuminati wanted to bring in their coveted New World Order, but could not, because of God's restraints. But, when the timing comes to ignite Jupiter, and you see a new Sun in our sky, you will have been forewarned that this new Sun is of Satan, not God. You will also know to expect the soon appearance of Antichrist. What is that old adage? "To be forewarned is to be forearmed."

It is interesting that as all of this timing of Jupiter was going on, a plan was made public that the great pyramid was going to be capped on New Years Eve. When the plan became public, the Egyptian government appeared to cave in to public
pressure and cancelled the plan. Was it a cave in to public pressure or was it postponed because Jupiter did not ignite on December 6, 1999? The Cutting Edge Webmaster heard an MSNBC report on New Years eve that the Pyramid was going to be capped, but we have found not evidence that it was. When the pyramid is capped, the symbolism the Illuminati is flashing to the world that Lucifer has come to earth to reign and to rule. It means that Antichrist is soon to appear.

We want to make sure that when the Illuminati does cap the pyramid, our readers know exactly what is going on and what to expect. It is foolish indeed to be uninformed and unprepared.

At this time we have seen that the Illuminati has not been able to ignite Jupiter on either the Dec 6th or Dec. 31 dates and we are hearing new dates. We cannot be sure whether they tried and failed or whether the whole plan has been rescheduled. We remain skeptical. But we feel that it is better to be informed and prepared than surprised and unprepared.

Through the centuries, the occultists have always had their grand plans, but God is the One Who determines whether their plans will be carried out.  Nostradamus has been widely ballyhooed as the epitome of occult predictions, but most of his "prophecies" have failed to occur.  Benjamin Creme has predicted on several occasions that Matireya [Antichrist] would appear -- 1982, 1987, 1992 -- and of course, he did not appear.  Creme is now saying that his appearance will be a gradual emergence.

Adolf Hitler had an extremely detailed plan for his 1,000-year reign, but God only allowed him to accomplish a very small percentage of those plans before He cut him off in defeat and death.  We see the same type of thing occurring with Antichrist; in his detailed occult plans stretching out the same 1,000 years, we must always remember that God will only allow Antichrist and Satan to fulfill His prophecies, and will allow them on the world scene only 7 years after he "confirms the covenant" with Jewish leaders.

When we discovered this Illuminati Plan to ignite Jupiter, we were very skeptical.  We encourage you to re-read our original article, NEWS1260, Illuminati Timetable To Produce Antichrist.  We took more time with this article than we have with any other, because we sought out professional Scientific opinion as to whether Jupiter could, indeed, ignite into a Sun.

The scientific community was unanimous in their opinion that such an ignition could not be scientifically possible. Therefore, we concluded that, if Jupiter was to ignite, Satan would have to work his supernatural magick.  Of course, for this to happen, God would have to allow him to work his supernatural magick. But, since so many of the End of the Age prophecies are, indeed, occurring, we thought that, quite possibly, God might allow Satan to ignite Jupiter.

Of course, Jupiter may yet ignite, since that is one of their deepest desires.  At the end of the movie, Space Odessy 2010, the world suddenly has another Sun, an event which supposedly propels mankind into the Golden Age.  Further, Maitreya has said, on several occasions, that the world would have two Suns during the time of his reign.

While we are thinking of possible scenarios, let us think of the several that readily come to mind.

1.  Jupiter may yet ignite, just not on December 6.  Several weeks ago, I posted an article entitled, "Has The Illuminati Changed The Date They Plan To Ignite Jupiter?", NEWS1331.  President Clinton had made a statement that some very spectacular fireworks were going to light up the entire sky on New Years Eve, prompting us to think maybe the date had been changed.  After all, the Illuminati evidently plans to cap the Cheops Pyramid on that night.  Such symbolism would mean that Lucifer, the Eye of Horus, as pictured on the back of our dollar bill, has finally come to earth.

2.  NASA {National Aeronautical and Space Administration] might have tried to ignite Jupiter on 12/6/99, but was unsuccessful.  As we pointed out in our original article, we were repeatedly told by scientists whom we contacted that Jupiter could not be scientifically ignited. Later, we were emailed some articles by other scientists saying that Jupiter could be ignited by fission but only if every single detail went right.  We have been treated lately to some madcap antics on the part of NASA, to the point we wonder what has happened to the organization that could solve any technical or scientific problem with which they were faced.  NASA has lost two (2) unmanned explorers to Mars, totally $300 million.  Yet, incredibly, NASA blamed their loss on the supposition that they did not put enough money into the craft!  Have they been listening to people over at National Teacher's Union, claiming their failures in teaching our children is the result of a lack of  money?

Further, we received an email from one of our subscribers, a scientist living in Australia.  He had heard that, when the Galileo spaceprobe sent in a probing device shortly after arriving in orbit around Jupiter, NASA discovered that their original plan with Galileo would not work.  Therefore, the spacecraft Cassini was hurriedly assembled and launched, created with changes that would result in the proper ignition of Jupiter.  However, Cassini is not due at Jupiter until December, 2000.  While we cannot confirm this report, it seems plausible.

3.  The plan to ignite Jupiter might have been planted disinformation to start with.  We sat on this information from 1992 to March, 1999, because we could not confirm our original source.  We were able to confirm this story with several Christian leaders in 1999 who have various ministries in the occult. They, too, had heard of this plan to ignite Jupiter, but had never seen a specific date.

4.  The plan to ignite Jupiter on this specific date might have been disinformation.  My years in Army Intelligence has taught me well that disinformation is an everyday reality.  The only way possible for a person to avoid it is to confirm details with two or more additional sources, unrelated to the first.

In planning an attack, the enemy most definitely does not want you to know their plan.

But, if you learn their plan, they try to keep the place of attack and the timing secret.

But, if you learn both their plan and their place of attack, they most assuredly want to mislead you as to the timing of it.  If they can keep the exact timing of the attack secret, they probably will go ahead with the planned attack.

Even though Jupiter did not ignite on December 6, 1999, the Plan to stage the appearance of Antichrist remains on track.  Jesus told us we would know the approximate time of the End of the Age [Matthew 24:32-33].  So many Bible prophecies have already been fulfilled, we know we are near, even at the doors, of the appearance of Antichrist.  Further, the 10 Super Nations were finished in 1996 [NEWS1002]; according to Daniel 7:8, the next prophetic step in sequence will be the appearance of Antichrist.

We are close.  Just how close remains to be seen.  Now is the time to obey Jesus' words to be "as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves". [Matthew 10:16].  Now is the time to keep your eyes focussed on Scripture, for all of God's prophecies shall be fulfilled.  "Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them." [Isaiah 34:16]

Truly, the world does stand at the brink of the appearance of Antichrist.

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