Subtitle:  In a scene straight out of the worst Communist raids on private homes , INS agents raided the home of Elian's relatives in which he was staying.  An armed agent pointed his automatic guns directly at Elian and the man who rescued Elian from the sinking boat originally, with his finger close by the trigger.

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NEWS BRIEF: "Elian Seized From Relative's Home", The Associated Press, Saturday, April 22, 2000.

MIAMI -- "Armed federal agents stormed into the Miami home of Elian Gonzalez's relatives in a pre-dawn maneuver today and left with the 6-year-old boy, firing tear gas into the crowd as they left. At least a couple dozen agents arrived at the home shortly after 5 a.m. to knock and kick on the door, according to witnesses. A short time later, a woman and man brought Elian out of the Little Havana home and put him in a white van."

 Our Forefathers were sick and tired of pre-dawn raids in Europe and England, in which armed guards, acting on behalf of a tyrannical king usually doing the bidding of the Catholic Inquisition, would first knock at the door, then kick it in, and storm inside to seize the political or religious dissident inside.  Later, Nazi Storm Troopers perfected such tactics as Hitler consolidated his power in pre-war Germany.  And, the Communists perfected such pre-dawn tactics as they terrorized and murdered their populations into submission, both before and after World War II.

People in America never thought such a scene would be remotely possible here.  After all, citizens were protected by our Constitution, which separated the powers of government so that no one man, and no one part of government, could turn dictatorial.  Several factors make this action by the Clinton Administration so very, very dangerous.  First, the Executive Branch can only act in internal matters when they are under direct orders from the Judicial Branch.  In this case, no Judge issued an order saying that Elian had to leave his relative's home to go be with his father; no Judge gave the police forces of the State of Florida or of the Federal Government any authority to take Elian by force.  Thus, this action was as illegal as was Waco.  Secondly, the Posse Comitatus law has always prohibited the Federal or State governments from using military weaponry or military units against American citizens.  American citizens have never had to fear facing the sophisticated weaponry of our own military.  Thirdly, American private property is protected against search and entry by police or military units unless they were armed with a court order signed by a duly constituted Judge.

The threat to our individual freedoms from this type of action demonstrated by the Clinton Administration in Waco and now in Miami cannot be overstated!  Our freedoms are under unprecedented attack!

Liberals who have consistently argued for more and more government, with more and more power, have always held up to ridicule the very idea that their precious Federal Government could possibly ever, ever abuse power in such pre-dawn raids.

And, they were right, until that "Stealth-Marxist" president was elected, William Clinton.  Do you remember our article almost a year ago, in which we reported that a correspondent for World News Daily had revealed that Clinton was secretly a Communist?  IN NEWS1315, "Bill Clinton Much More Than A 'Stealth' Communist President: He Is An Illuminist", we reported that Bill Clinton had been hand-picked as early as 1969 to be the first Marxist President in American history.  This correspondent, J.R. Nyquist, had been clearly shocked when he was told in 1978 by one of his professors -- a Communist herself -- that Clinton had been selected to be the first Communist elected to the Presidency.  Of course, he would remain well hidden in the closet so as to not tip his hand, but he would be a Communist in his heart of hearts.

The results for the past 7 years have disastrously demonstrated this pro-Communist bias by Clinton.  Under his watch, both Russia and China have gained access to our most sensitive leading-edge weapons technology, to the point where our national security is demolished.  Today, Communist China is threatening to annihilate Taiwan with neutron bombs if necessary in order to take her back under her control.  China would never have possessed such technology had it not been for the "cooperation" of President Clinton.  China would never have dared to threaten us with attack under any previous President, either.  Russia has modernized her armed forces under Clinton's time in the Oval Office, with military secrets obtained from our now-porous Defense laboratories. 

Under Clinton's time in the White House, Russia is reported to have secretly staged approximately 100 suitcase-sized nuclear bombs along the East Coast in preparation for her annihilating attack against us [Read NEWS1216, we warned that a Russian intelligence defector had warned our leaders that Russia had already moved small nuclear warheads into place so that elite Russian Spetznatz troops could blow up key installations and kill key American officials, so that their attack of annihilation would not be effectively opposed by American military countermeasures.  Then, in NEWS1261 and NEWS1261b, we drew together some of the elements we felt were falling into place that would allow America to be annihilated, with the advance support of our elected officials.  We demonstrated how Illuminists possess a peculiar global mindset that would allow them to plan for the destruction of this country.  We encourage you to read these articles if you have not already done so.]

The point we wish to make is that President Clinton, Vice-President Al Gore, and Attorney General Janet Reno are not American patriots; neither are they not just Communists; they are Illuminists.  As Illuminists, they view Communist leaders as compatriots in the 300-year-old struggle to achieve the global government of their New Age Christ, whom the Bible calls Antichrist.  As Illuminists, they have every intention of overthrowing the present government of the United States, replacing it with a military dictatorship.  This is the Illuminist plan for this country, and for the entire world.

Now, let us return to the story of Elian Gonzalez, the 6-year-old little boy whose mother gave her life trying to escape from Cuba to America, where she believed they could live in freedom.  This entire effort on the part of the Clinton Administration to forcibly return a refuge from Communist oppression is without parallel in  20th Century America.  No other president would have even thought about trying to return a refugee to the Hell-hole that is Communism.  But, this President IS a Communist and he seems eager to prove it to us every chance he gets.

Incredibly, I have read polls that indicate about two-thirds of American voters favor sending Elian back to be with his Father.  How can this be, I ask myself?  How can Americans be in such favor of sending anyone back to the Communist prison?  Then, I took a trip downtown to the local hardware store; I began talking to the owner and his clerk about Clinton's efforts to send little Elian back to Castro.  The clerk said he had heard that, for the people actually living in Cuba, they are happy even though they do not have the standard of living as we do in America.  At first, I was stunned into silence, as I just could not believe any person could believe this lie!  But, then when I counterattacked by asking him if he would like to only buy two sets of clothes a year, and to never drink milk after you get past 6-years-of-age, and to be severely restricted on your intake of meats and vegetables, this guy began to backtrack in a hurry.  And, I left the store in somewhat of a rage.

But, on the way home, I remembered a few things.  First, I remembered that our Illuminist-controlled Public School System has not taught either History or Current Affairs in at least two decades.  Kids are learning a superficial history, and a re-written history at that.  They are no longer taught the historical truth of the bloody past of Communism, how Communist leaders in Russia and China have systematically slaughtered over 200 million people, imprisoned key leaders of dissident groups, and clamped down the most repressive Secret Police State in history on the entire population.  Second, I remembered the news story during the mid-1980's where high school seniors were asked a series of questions on a nationwide poll.  One of the questions was whether America and the Soviet Union were very different, somewhat different, or about the same.  A solid majority of these high school seniors responded that America was about the same as the Soviet Union!  These high school seniors are parents and voters today, and they have this terribly false idea that Communism is about the same as our political system here.  It is no wonder they favor sending Elian back to Castro's Communist Cuba.

Let us examine an recent article to see the conditions in Cuba for dissidents.  We will quote from the following editorial appearing in The Wall Street Journal.

"Today's Cuba A Nicer Place?  Ask Maritza Lugo", by Ms. O'Grady, The Wall Street Journal, Friday, April 21, 2000, p. A15, Editorials.

"Two weeks ago former Cuban political prisoner Armando Valladares spoke at Duke University about his imprisonment, at the age of 22, by the Castro regime ... 'He told of the urine and excrement from other prisoners [that the] guards dumped on his face while he slept.  Holding up his hands, he showed the scars from rat bites.  He described the fungus that grew on his body up to his eyes, and how he would try to shove the food from the plate directly into his mouth, so he would not have to touch it with his infected hands. And he told of the time a guard jumped on his broken leg'.  Said Mr. Valladares, 'I am not the exception; there are thousands of prisoners that have stories more dramatic than mine'. "

When you read this description of the tortuous prison life that political prisoners in Cuba are forced to endure, you are forced automatically to wonder what kind of awful offense this man perpetrated on Castro and his regime.  This editorial tells us, and I was unprepared to learn of the offense that cause this poor man to serve 22 years in this kind of a prison.

"Mr. Valladares served 22 years in a Cuban prison because he refused to place a card on his desk stating that he backed the communist government."

That was it?!  This was the offense that had landed him in prison for 22 long years, enduring this kind of treatment?  How could this happen, you might ask.  This is typically Communist mindset.  If you do not completely follow their party line, they will make an example of you so as to terrify the other people in the population.  Or, they will take you out to shoot you, which probably would have been more humane for Mr. Valladares.  But, how about his trial?  The Communist "Constitution" requires a "fair" trial.  Listen:

"The judge who sent him to prison ... sat through the trial reading a comic book with his feet up on his desk and then sentenced Valladares to 30 years."  This, my friends, is the pattern of "fair trials" in Communism, and is the reason the prosecutor has never, ever lost a case in any Communist country since 1917.  From the moment you are arrested, your doom is certain.

This editorial continues:

"That the pattern of brutality and repression against political opposition, as described by Mr. Valladares, continues ... is a fact recognized by the United Nations Human rights Commission, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.  And it is at the heart of the Cuban exile community's refusal to give up Elian Gonzalez.  Under a state committed to crushing liberty at all costs, there is almost no chance that his father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, speaks his conscience ... It follows that Castro's very survival will turn on remaking the child into a good little Red who denounces the U.S.  As Cuba's Code of the Child states, 'every aspect of society must work on the development of his communist personality'. "

President Clinton obviously wants little Elian to have his personality molded into the Communist image.  And, if Clinton desires this for little Elian, he must desire it for all the rest of the little children in America!  Indeed, he does, as Hillary's lamentable book, "It Takes A Village" so clearly demonstrates.  Truly, Clinton is showing his Communist colors.

But, as we point out in NEWS1315, the news is much, much worse than Clinton being a mere Communist; the more terrible reality is that he is an Illuminist, dedicated to bringing that vision to this country, a vision more horrible than even what was described above.  We need to examine the probable reasons President Clinton, and his Attorney General, who has the fresh blood of Waco still on her hands, would attack in such a brutal police-state manner during Easter observances and during the midst of a Presidential campaign in which the only hope of Vice President Gore resided in the planned Third-party candidacy of Pat Buchanen.

Remember a few pertinent facts:

1.  For most the past 200 years, the Guiding Spirits of the Illuminati have told their key human leaders of every generation that the year, 2000, was to be the year in which their Christ [Antichrist] would appear.  Not once did they say New Year's Day, 2000; we have a few months left in the year, 2000, do we not?

2.  President Clinton has steadily been moving America toward the point where planned crises [plural] would give him the excuse to suspend our Constitution, declare Martial Law, suspend our liberties, and govern dictatorially.  Clinton has used the Executive Order system more than any other President in order to set the stage for such action.

3.  In his first administration, President Clinton declared America to be on a footing of National Emergency because of drug trafficking.  This declaration is still in force. At a time of his choosing, Clinton could suddenly become our dictator, possibly behind the public leadership of Janet Reno.

4.  Just weeks ago, President Clinton issued another Executive Order in which he relieved the Defense Secretary of the responsibility for controlling and directing our Internal Emergency Response Assistance Program.  It makes perfect sense for the Defense Secretary to control the military and paramilitary forces necessary to respond to internal attack.  Whom did President Clinton name as his new director of our Emergency Response Program?  He named the Attorney General, Janet Reno!  He named Waco Butcher, Janet Reno!  At the end of NEWS1361, I asked the rhetorical question:  "Is the entire country about to undergo a Waco experience"?

5.  Janet Reno, acting on behalf of President Clinton, took this most aggressive military action outside of the regular family court system charged with deciding what is "best for the child".  After weeks of stating that they would abide by the decision of the courts, the Clinton Administration attacked with guns drawn on a 6-year-old boy and his defenseless relatives.  Thus, once again Clinton proves his word is no good, that he cannot be trusted.  Once again, we can see that Clinton is ready to act dictatorially without the "due process of law".  In fact, didn't we hear Clinton and Reno talk endlessly about how America is ruled by law?  Now we know by whose law; truly, Mao Tse Tung of Communist China was correct when he stated that "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun".  I imagine little Elian is a believer tonight.

Look carefully at this picture, above.  This is the picture of the coming New World Order.  Take little Elian and the adult holding him out of this picture.  Put in any patriot who owns a gun; put in a Christian; put in any number of people whom the New World Order considers their enemy.  As one New Age author stated, "People will be arrested just for taking the wrong magazine subscription at some time in their life". [Bill Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse"]  Put in your picture and that of your little children!

When Janet Reno begins her move, this scene above will be repeated countless times in countless homes, and the bloodshed will probably be enormous. The specter of Waco and now of Miami rises high above our nation today.  Some time soon, they will be coming after us.

I view with alarm the date by which Reno will officially assume the duty of the internal Emergency Response Assistance Program.  What is this date?  October 1.  Is this action simply a dress-rehearsal for the activity planned on our about this date? Only time can tell, but we must remain vigilant.

But, for now, President Clinton and every member of our Congressional delegation in both the House and the Senate, needs to hear our views loudly and clearly.  If we take this outrageous action without loud complaint, the Illuminati will know we are so lethargic that they can take any action they want to take against us.  If we stay silent now, we ensure -- and we hasten -- our own demise.

On our Home Page, under Cool Links, we have the address, telephone number, fax number, and email address for every Congressman and Senator, as well as the White House.  You know what to do.

These outrageous events demonstrate how clearly close we are to the End of the Age.

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