Subtitle: As predicted, FMD re-occurred within just days after Prime Minister Blair won re-election by landslide proportions.  However, this Stage Two is occurring in areas not near U.N. Biodiversity areas, as Stage One occurred [See NEWS1496], suggesting complete destruction of England's meat-slaughtering industry is the goal.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Becket was challenged today to explain why foot and mouth disease continues to spread through countryside", UK Electronic Telegraph, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ June 11, 2001.

"Beckett was challenged yesterday to explain why the foot and mouth epidemic continues to spread through the countryside despite the government's pre-election that the end of the crisis was in sight."

It did not take a rocket scientist to predict that the senseless slaughter of animals to "combat" the benign Foot-and-Mouth Disease would either cease just prior to the June 7 election or at the least slow down while the mass media stopped reporting it.  Then, immediately after Prime Minister Tony Blair had won re-election, the senseless slaughter would begin anew, this time in areas other than in Stage One.   

We were absolutely correct in predicting that the Blair Government would so manipulate the contrived crisis as to give the impression to the gullible British urban voter that the FMD situation was completely under control; in fact, the slaughter of animals continued during the election in areas in which the farmers and ranchers were not complaining, plus the mass media virtually ceased its reporting of the slaughter.  Thus, most British voters -- and certainly foreign citizens -- believed the FMD "crisis" was over.

However, in the days prior to the election, we saw and heard numerous signs that the Blair Government was preparing a new onslaught against the farmers and ranchers of Great Britain once the election was over.  Listen to Zac Goldsmith, correspondent for the newspaper, The Mall On Sunday .  His editorial occurred on June 3.  Zac is a "gentleman farmer" who has seen neighbors around him financially devastated by the Government's zealous, fanatic over-reaction to FMD.  Zac speaks of the time period immediately before the election, and fears that these events portend much more devastation immediately after Blair wins re-election.

"What Is The Labour Plan To Wipe Out The Farmers?", The Mall On Sunday, June 3, 2001, pages 58-59, by Zac Goldsmith. [NOTE:  MAFF is the acronym for the Blair Government agency responsible for the wild-eyed "management" of the Foot-and-Mouth Disease; early post-election results seem to indicate that Blair has replaced MAFF with DEFRA, Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.  If this is true, then Blair has pulled a propaganda ploy in creating a distance between the disastrous policies of MAFF and the future equally disastrous DEFRA policies.]

"To the north, the worried residents of Hatherleigh are asking why MAFF is stockpiling machinery and trucks there.  A few miles from there, the government has invested a reported 7.5 million pounds in a quarry where vast funeral pyres have been constructed with no declared purpose.  Over the border in Cornwell, the people of Launceston are watching with alarm as the Government stockpiles railway sleepers ... A chartered surveyor, whose unfortunate job it has been to value livestock destined for slaughter, tells me he has been told by MAFF to be available between June 8 and August 4.  The police in some parts of Devon have been told to put off plans to take leave at around that time, and vets have been put on red alert."

Remember, at the time this editorial was written [June 3, 2001], Blair was trumpeting to the urban voters that he had fought FMD to a successful conclusion, and they could consider the matter fully under control. If this were truly the case, then why do we see these signs of obvious build-up for Stage Two, far more powerful than Stage One ever thought of being.  Let us continue with these build-up signs.

"Judy Carless, who briefly dominated the TV news when she confronted Tony Blair over the foot-and-mouth crisis when he visited Exeter in April, says she 'reams' of similar tales, such as Devon hotels being 'block-booked' by MAFF workers.  A few days ago, my farm had a strange visit from two soldiers working for MAFF who were just 'stretching their legs' ...  In isolation, none of these incidents seems important.  But put together, their sheer numbers suggests the Government has unpleasant plans for Devon.  If the slaughter worsens again, then Labour will see that as even more of an opportunity to reshape rural Britain."  [Ibid.]

"Opportunity to reshape rural Britain"

 This last sentence implies that at least some British citizens understand the true aims of the Blair Government toward the meat-producing industry and the honest, hard-working people who run the farms and ranches that make this industry work.  I wonder if Zac Goldsmith has read Jeremy Rifkin's book, Beyond Beef:  The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture. If you have not read it, please read our report on it in NEWS1507.  In this book, Rifkin declares that the Beef Industry is not "sustainable", and must be annihilated.  In another book entitled, Entropy , Rifkin declares that, when the time comes to move against those industries who are not "sustainable", the governments carrying out the act must move quickly and without remorse.  Those ranchers who have already lost their land and are financially ruined can now understand Rifkin's orders that the government action must be quick and without remorse.  Goldsmith speaks to this issue next.

"Labour's policy on foot-and-mouth was flawed from the start ... the disease was bound to spread and mass culling [killing], the Government's solution to this, meant a multi-billion-pound bill and the end for thousands of farms.  All this to 'protect' our animals from a relatively mild disease ..." [Ibid.]

Zac Goldsmith fears the post-election Blair Government.  He fears the Blair Government may be close to crossing that invisible line protecting a country's  citizens from their own government.  Listen:

"Early in the last century, Stalin waged war against the small farmers of Russia.  The result was that millions of them 'disappeared'.  The weapons [Stalin] used were militaristic.  In Britain, until recently, they were political.  Now, it seems, the line has been crossed ... It is unlikely we will end up in a totalitarian state, but we are moving frighteningly close to it." [Ibid.]

"The line has been crossed"

Maybe Zac Goldsmith did read the fiery goals of Jeremy Rifkin!  Perhaps he has read the other many works of New World Order authors that paint the frightening end result of the Brave New World into which we are being gradually shepherded.  The fact that the British Government writes its White Policy Papers filled with the words, "Sustainable", "Unsustainable", and "Sustainability" is proof positive that it is, indeed, fully and firmly in sync with the "radical" views of Jeremy Rifkin.  Therefore, I am not exaggerating in the least when I state that both the American and British governments are, indeed, silently and secretly working to fulfill on the ground the draconian dictatorship goals of Jeremy Rifkin.

Today, British farmers and ranchers are being financially annihilated; soon, American farmers and ranchers will suffer the same fate.


Now, let us examine the FMD "crisis" in the immediate time period after the Blair landslide victory.  Remember, the time frame for Stage Two was reported above as being between June 8 to August 4.  We are quoting from the original news article from the original UK Electronic Telegraph article, above, printed just 3 days after Blair decisively won re-election.

"Beckett was challenged yesterday to explain why the foot and mouth epidemic continues to spread through the countryside despite the government's pre-election that the end of the crisis was in sight. Further outbreaks were confirmed in North Yorkshire while the new Secretary for the Environment,
Food and Rural Affairs was being briefed on the epidemic by officials of the former Ministry of Agriculture. Farmers demanded that rural areas should be put back into quarantine and the National Farmers' Union in the North-East said: 'The position here is dreadful. We feel we are back to square one. 'Things are as bad as they were in March and April and farmers are now asking seriously whether the epidemic will ever end'."

The National Farmer's Union is so terribly socialist they have been repeatedly been called government stooges by many other leaders of the farming and ranching community; nevertheless, it is highly effective from a propaganda standpoint for 'farmers' to ask the Blair Government to intervene aggressively to "end the epidemic". 

Let us review both the current and the cumulative statistics as reported in this June 11 article.

 NEW CASES -- UK cases confirmed yesterday [June 10]           

UK Cases Confirmed Yesterday                                  6                                                               
Existing UK Cases                                                 1726                                                                       
Total to June 11                                                     1732                                          
Animals Slaughtered to June 10                      3,270,000
Animals Awaiting Slaughter                                 50,000                                       
Carcasses Awaiting Disposal                               11,000

Can you see from these statistics that the Blair Government has over-reacted to an astonishing degree?  Given that Foot-and-Mouth Disease is not fatal to humans, and that about two-thirds of all afflicted animals recover, there is absolutely no logical reason on earth to slaughter animals that are 95% healthy' unless, of course, the Blair Government were secretly enacting the Rifkin concept of abolishing the High Entropy Beef and general meat-slaughtering business!

"New cases were reported in the following areas:

"The number of new outbreaks rose by five yesterday, three in North Yorkshire and two in Cumbria, taking the total to 1,731.So far about 3.3 million animals have either been destroyed or are awaiting destruction and the virus is gradually spreading through large sheep flocks in North Yorkshire. A triangular area between Darlington, Yarm and Northallerton is becoming the latest hot-spot while outbreaks continue around Settle. The disease has also hit the Ingleby Cross area. New outbreaks in Devon and Somerset over the weekend revived fears that another wave of the virus is poised to sweep through the West Country."  [Ibid.]

Cumbria is a region located in the Caerlavaerock UN Biosphere Zone [Read NEWS1496 for full details].  Within this region is Keswick and Appleby , in which new post-election cases were reported.

Darlington, Yarm, Northallerton, Devon, Somerset, and Ingleby Cross are towns located on the Eastern side of middle Great Britain, in the North York region.  This area is not near a UN Biosphere Zone; therefore, Blair may have just signaled that he is about to enter a new sphere of activity.  Whereas the emphasis in Stage One seemed to be on the UN Biosphere Zone Map [Read NEWS1496], the emphasis in Stage Two seems to be shifting to areas of Great Britain not covered by a UN Biosphere Zone.  This change just may be the beginning of the wholesale slaughter of the meat-producing industry.  Note in the above paragraph that the UK Electronic Telegraph is reporting that FMD is "gradually spreading through large sheep flocks in North Yorkshire".   We find it highly interesting that the Teesdale International Airport is located within this region, which may result in severe restrictions being placed on air traffic through this airport.  If this occurs, we will see the economic impact spread through other sectors of the economy; however, Stage One of the FMD contrived crisis proved that the Agricultural Meat-producing Industry can be destroyed without destroying the economy as a whole.  You can bet your bottom dollar that this lesson has not been lost on American Illuminist leaders.

Settle, Skipton, and Colne are towns located near the UN Biosphere Zone, Moor House-Upper Teesdale .


Thus, we just might be viewing the resumption of the Foot-and-Mouth "crisis" now that Blair has won re-election by landslide numbers by which he can claim a mandate to continue the wanton slaughter of perfectly healthy animals as he sets about to fulfill the secret hidden agenda of the Extreme Environmentalists like Jeremy Rifkin.  Great Britain has about 12 million cattle and sheep so the funeral pyres of Stage One will be nothing compared to what is about to hit the rural countryside.  Will we now see farmers and ranchers taking up arms to defend their perfectly healthy herds?  If they do, will the Blair Government kill them in the guise of stamping out this benign animal disease? 

If this occurs, American farmers and ranchers would do well to take notice, because the events unfolding in Great Britain now will be the road map American Illuminist leaders will use to pursue the Meat-slaughtering Industry here.

Once again, remember that these events in Great Britain are not happening in a vacuum.  War in the Middle East is apparently getting closer; this war will begin the World War III occultists have believed since 1870 would be the final war to produce their beloved Antichrist [Read NEWS1056].  Within America, Presidential Executive Orders have been instituted by Clinton and left to stand by Bush that would dissolve our Constitutional Government, allowing FEMA to rule dictatorially.

The stage seems to be set for the final push toward the New World Order system.  The FMD contrived crisis just may serve to be one of the major elements of the plan to take away our freedom of movement, our freedom of association, and our constitutional rights.  Truly, the End of the Age may be upon us.   

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