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Subtitle: 1) Palestinians claim credit.  2) Israeli Prime Minister blames Palestinian leader Arafat and threatens military action.  3) Noted Jewish author, Barry Chamish, demonstrates why he believes the assassination was an inside government action. 4)  Cutting Edge believes all the above is true!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Israel's tourism killed", by Greg Myre, Associated Press, October 17, 2001, http://news.excite.com:80/news/ap/international/israel-palestinians

"JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel's tourism minister, a retired general who   advocated the expulsion of Palestinians from the West Bank and   Gaza, was assassinated Wednesday in a hotel hallway - a killing   claimed by a radical Palestinian group. Rehavam Zeevi, 75, was the first Cabinet minister to be slain by   Palestinians. His killing provoked outrage in Israel and raised the   specter of a new outburst of violence at a time when Israel and the   Palestinians are trying to patch up a shaky U.S.-supported truce deal."

"Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon pledged 'a war to the finish against the terrorists, their helpers and those who sent them'. Israel swiftly reimposed travel restrictions in the West Bank that had been eased this week as part of the Sept. 26 cease-fire deal. The Israeli security Cabinet was meeting later Wednesday, and Sharon spokesman Arnon Perlman indicated a military strike was an option."

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand on June 28, 1914, proved to be THE spark that ignited World War I; will this assassination of the Tourism Minister of Israel prove to be the spark that will ignite that powder keg called the Middle East and begin the planned World War III?  Only time will tell, but from the immediate perspective, it seems very possible.


Minister Zeevi had just finished breakfast and was walking back to his room on the eighth floor of the Hyatt Hotel in Jerusalem when the gunman jumped out as Zeevi was at the end of the eighth floor hallway, next to the fire escape.  The gunman shot the minister twice in the head, fled out the fire escape, and into a waiting car.  The car sped toward safety in the Palestinian town of Ramallah, a ten minute drive.

Jewish author, Barry Chamish, provides more detail in his email alert this day.  Chamish notes:  "Rehavam 'Ghandi' Zeevi was murdered just six hours ago in the Hyatt Hotel in Jerusalem. At 6:45 AM, he sat with his wife in the hotel's dining room having breakfast. He told his wife that there was someone there staring at him suspiciously, in fact, he wouldn't take his eyes off him ... The PFLP (Front For The Liberation Of Palestine) quickly took responsibility for the murder."

The PFLP is the terrorist organization whose leader - Abu Ali Mustafa - was killed as Israeli missiles blew through his window as he sat doing paperwork.  Israel had asked Arafat to arrest this PFLP leader, as he was notoriously responsible for many terrorist attacks on civilians.  When Arafat refused, the Israeli Defense Force took him out with American-made missiles.  Now that the PFLP has immediately taken credit for the assassination, we can close the book on this subject, right?  As you will see toward the end of this article, the truth may be a little more complicated than this obvious cover story.


NEWS BRIEF:  "Palestinian Gunmen Assassinate Israeli Minister", by Michele Gershberg, Yahoo News, http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20011017/ts/mideast_dc_19.html October 17, 2001.

"The radical Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) claimed responsibility for shooting Zeevi, a 75-year-old former general who advocated the 'transfer' of Arabs from land claimed by Jews. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said, however, Palestinian President Yasser Arafat was solely to blame. An Arafat aide denied this and Arafat's Palestinian Authority condemned the first Arab assassination of a member of Israel's government."

Prime Minister Sharon retorted:

" 'The responsibility is Arafat's alone, as someone who has carried out and is carrying out acts of terrorism and never took steps against it,'' Sharon told a special memorial session of parliament after Zeevi was shot at a Jerusalem hotel. 'We will carry out a war to the bitter end against the terrorists, those who help them and those who dispatch them,'' Sharon said, accusing Arafat's Palestinian Authority of harboring 'murderers'.''

Sharon told an emergency security meeting ``everything had changed'' as a result of Zeevi's death. A political source said the easing in recent days of Israel's blockades of Palestinian areas would be rescinded. Zeevi, popularly known in Israel by his nickname 'Gandhi', was shot twice outside his room in a Jerusalem hotel where many ministers and legislators spend the working week."

It is true that the Israelis asked Arafat repeatedly to arrest Abu Ali Mustafa on several occasions, as they have also asked Arafat to arrest several dozen other known terrorists.  Once Arafat refused to arrest these terrorist leaders, the Israelis began to assassinate them.  And, Americans would demand the same of our government; on many occasions since the attack on the World Trade Center, I have seen calls from American officials to assassinate Osama bin Laden.  So, do not think the Israeli policy of killing known terrorist leaders in order to remove them from society so they cannot kill again, is a unique policy.  The very HUGE difference between the Palestinian Abu Ali Mustafa and Israeli Minister Zeevi is that Zeevi was not a terrorist leader, nor had he undertaken any covert measures designed specifically to kill or maim innocent men, women, and children.

Thus, the assassination of Abu Ali Mustafa is simply an act taken during war, while the assassination of Israeli Minister Zeevi is simply murder.  Since Arafat did not arrest Mustafa or other terrorist leaders, his statements of innocence ring very hollow indeed.


NEWS BRIEF:  "Radical Palestinians Vow To Attack More Israelis", by Issam Hamza, Yahoo News, http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20011017/wl/mideast_israel_pflp_dc_1.html October 17, 2001.

"DAMASCUS (Reuters) - A radical Palestinian group which said it assassinated Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Zeevi vowed on Wednesday to attack more senior Israeli officials to avenge the slaying of its leader by Israel. Maher al-Taher, politburo member of the Damascus-based Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), condemned Zeevi as an 'anti-peace and racial Israeli leader'.  The killing was the first Arab assassination of an Israeli cabinet minister since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948."

Other news reports state that happy Palestinian citizens took to the streets in dancing and joy following the announcement of the Zeevi slaying, much as they had celebrated and passed out candy when they discovered that almost 6,000 Americans had died in the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombing of September 11.

The Palestinian State, under the leadership of Arafat, has adopted an educational curricula that begins to teach hatred for Jews to children as far down as the First Grade.  Young Palestinians are further taught the glories of martyrdom in fighting and killing Jews.  Newspapers owned, operated and censored by Arafat's people regularly run articles and editorials pouring out hatred for the Jew, and glorifying the "martyrs" for Islam when a terrorist attack has been undertaken.  Radio broadcasts are especially venomous.

Therefore, we should not be surprised to learn that almost 75% of the Palestinian people favor war with Israel and want all the land, not just a state next to Israel where they could live prosperously in coexistence.  No, as Arafat so amply demonstrated when he flatly turned down the Camp David proposals offered him by Israeli Prime Minister Barak in July, 2000, the Palestinians want all the land, and all the Jews either dead or thrown out.

Even if Arafat tomorrow were to genuinely have a change of heart and want peaceful coexistence with Israel it is very doubtful that he would be able to accomplish such a peace deal.  The Palestinians have been taught hate for too long, and they would rather overthrow Arafat than allow such a peace agreement with the hated Jew.  Further, the Palestinians so fervently support Osama bin Laden that they would attempt to overthrow Arafat in a minute if he were to turn his back on the hatred he has so effectively taught young Palestinians, and suddenly propose peaceful coexistence.  Osama bin Laden made the Palestinian cause his own cause last week during his taped TV message, as he said that America would not know peace until Palestine knew peace.  This statement means that only when the Palestinians have the peace they want can America know peace.  What peace do the Palestinian people want?  They want the "peace of the grave" for all Jews.

In fact, one of the possible results of President Bush's global war on terrorism may be the destabilization of all moderate Arab governments in the region, and their overthrow.  If they are overthrown, they will be replaced by leaders who are Osama bin Laden followers.  Thus, the entire region may just end up allied against the West, led by radical Muslims fanatically devoted to Osama bin Laden.  In Muslim prophecy, their Messiah -- Imam Mahdi -- is to come from the country of Afghanistan.  The prophecy states that, when Muslims see the black flags flying from the marching armies in Afghanistan, they are to make every effort to join such an army, for it will be led by Imam Mahdi.  Thus, the United States has mobilized a global war on terrorism by making war on the one country in the world for which every Muslim is willing to die!


In his email alert of today [10/17/2001], Chamish notes that this situation contained enough "irregularities" as to demand that some straight answers be given to some hard questions.  Specifically, Chamish is asking:

1). "Where were the Shabak bodyguards assigned to every Israeli minister?"  The Shabak is like our Secret Service, trained to protect government officials.  Since Minister Zeevi was a minister until 1:30pm today, he should have had body guards protecting him.

2).  "When Zeevi spotted a suspicious character at breakfast, why didn't the Shabak check his identity before he could inform the assassin that his quarry was on the way?"  If Minister Zeevi could notice a man glaring at him, you know that the Shabak bodyguards would have seen him, also.  Why didn't they detain him for questioning?  But, more importantly:

3).  "Why did Shabak bodyguards allow Minister Zeevi and his wife to walk alone from the dining room of the Hyatt Hotel up to the eighth floor where his permanent room was located?"  Alert and professional bodyguards would have normally walked before and behind the official they were protecting, but especially so if they had noticed a strange man persistently glaring at Zeevi.  But, no bodyguards were on that floor.

4).  "When they left their room before breakfast, why wasn't a guard posted outside their door?" Again, this procedure would be considered normal, so why wasn't it followed?

5).  "Why could the fire escape door opposite a minister's room be opened from the stairs side?" No competent professional bodyguard would ever allow a fire escape door to be opened from the stair side if it were located next to the room of the man they were protecting.  Why was this normal security procedure not followed?

6).  "Why could the escape car wait outside the minister's hotel without arousing suspicion?"  Normal surveillance procedure would have demanded that any car lounging around the hotel housing government ministers be immediately challenged and/or removed.  Yet, this getaway car was allowed to stay parked outside while it awaited the gunmen.  Then, the shooter raced down the stairs, flung open the door, and was able to get into the getaway car cleanly.  Finally, the getaway car was allowed to drive city streets until it reached the Palestinian town of Ramallah, a full ten minutes away.

Why weren't Israeli police waiting outside to detain or kill the assassin?  Where were the police patrols that could have shut off the streets so that the getaway car could not have driven unimpeded to Ramallah?

7).  "And who knew the minister's routine well enough to provide exact intelligence to the hit squad?" Chamish believes the answer to this question is two-fold:  Employees of the hotel would know Zeevi's schedule, as would the bodyguards themselves.

These questions are excellent, but will not be met with similarly excellent and straightforward answers.  We believe it likely that inside Israeli help to the Palestinians is likely; in this regard, we agree with Barry Chamish.


We believe the truth lies a little bit higher than either the Palestinians or the Israelis.  The truth is that the Masters of the Illuminati controls both Israel and Yassir Arafat.  Since the Illuminati believes that controlled conflict brings about their coveted change, they regularly attempt to control both sides of the "controlled conflict".

In NEWS1429, we demonstrated the truth that the Communist KGB set up Arafat and controlled him as the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization.  We quote an article written by WorldNetDaily that showed that Arafat was Egyptian, not truly Palestinian.  His name was not even Arafat, but Rahman al-Qudwa.  The reason the Russians could so completely control Rahman [Arafat] was that he was a "voracious homosexual" living in a culture that decreed the death penalty for such activity! 

Thus, the Russians controlled Yassir Arafat from the very first day they set him up as head of the Palestine Liberation Organization [P.L.O.], and they control him today.  Since Arafat is Egyptian, we arrive at another conclusion:  he must hate the Palestinians as much as most Egyptians hate them.  You see, no major Arab group in the Middle East like the Palestinians, who are considered to be violent and unpredictable.  The Palestinians are a hated people, even among other Arabs.  Thus, you have to ask what the purpose could possibly be of having Egyptian Arafat as the Palestinian leader?

The answer is found in Bible prophecy, and is being worked out in your Daily News.  In NEWS1422, we give great detail concerning the Bible prophecy about the House of Esau, the modern-day Palestinians, being destroyed by latter-day Israel with a weapon of fire.  This destruction of the Palestinians is prophesied to be so great that "it will be as though they had not been".  This destruction of the Palestinians will be 100%, and draws closer every day.  Arafat must be the Judas Goat that leads the Palestinians up the ramp to the slaughter house.  If you do not believe me, just watch the Daily News unfold.


Israeli control by the Illuminati can be seen from her national flag and the choice of her colors -- white background with blue.  The Israeli flag has the most evil occult symbol of all right in the middle -- a hexagram, from which we get the term, "going to place a hex on you"!  The international banker, Rothschild, was a Jew, and he cooperated with Adam Weishaupt from 1773-1776 to set up the Masters of the Illuminati.  The Illuminati was designed from the beginning to combine the money resources of the Rothschild group of 13 bankers with the big and bold Satan worship of the former Jesuit priest, Adam Weishaupt.

From 1776 to 1896, the Rothschild family worked hand-in-hand with Illuminized Freemasonry, who had taken up the mantle of the Masters of the Illuminati.  Their goal was simply to organize the world into a global government, economy, and religion, so that they could then stage their spiritual superman, The New Age Christ [Biblical Antichrist].

In 1896, the Rothschild family bankrolled the First Zionist Conference convened to begin the systematic effort to gather Jews back into their ancient land and restore the nation, Israel.  In 1917, after the British Parliament had passed the Balfour Declaration, which threw the immense weight of the British Government behind Zionist aspirations, the signed document was taken directly to Lord Rothschild at his house in London.  In 1948, when Israel became a nation, her top leadership was Illuminist, and it remains so today.  Both major parties remain solidly in Illuminist hands, which is the reason that, at this most momentous time in Israel's history, her government is a "Unity" government, with both major parities sharing control.

Even the colors of the Israeli flag speak of the Satanism of the Illuminati.  In the Satanic legend, Atlantis, the colors of the highest level of the priesthood was a white background with symbols and a tinge of blue! [Cisco Wheeler, former Illuminist Witch, now Born Again].

Thus, it is without stretch of either truth or imagination to say that Israel is controlled by the Illuminist American CIA, while Arafat is controlled by the equally Illuminist Russian KGB [Read NEWS1007 for full details as to how the Illuminati created Communism and think they still control the current, but still Illuminist, Russian government].

Since this is true, you would expect close cooperation behind the scenes between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority.  In NEWS1461, we report evidence that Israel and the Palestinian Authority were cooperating to kill their enemies.  Arafat was being given hard intelligence by the Israelis so his men could kill Jewish citizens who were opposed to the Oslo Peace Accord, while Arafat gave the IDF hard intelligence as to the location of men who threatened his political control.  Please read this article thoroughly, as it reveals much about the truth of this day's assassination of the Israeli Tourism Minister, Zeevi.

It is possible, even probable, that today's assassination of Zeevi was the result of a cooperation between Arafat's forces and the Israeli.  While an Arab gunman pulled the trigger and an Arab was driving the getaway car into the Palestinian town of Ramallah, it also seems likely that the "breakdowns in security" that allowed the gunman access to Zeevi and then guaranteed an escape route, were planned and executed by the Israeli government.

What would be the purpose of such an arrangement?  What could the Illuminati hope to gain?  We offer two possible alternatives, although there may be more.

1).  The Illuminati has been planning to fulfill Masonry's demonic vision of 1870 that three world wars would be required to produce Antichrist.  In NEWS1015, NEWS1056, and NEWS1057, we detail this vision and the critical importance it has to today's news.  If you have not read these articles, we urge you to do so now, before you finish this article.

Perhaps now the time has come for the planned Third World War to occur, out of which will stride Antichrist.  Since this war was to begin in the Middle East between Israel and her Arab neighbors, the time may be now for this deliberately created powder keg to blow sky-high.  Certainly, American forces are in position to act as a protective barrier for Israel as she first annihilates the Palestinians and then destroys the combined forces of Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.  Russia cannot intervene easily on behalf of the Arabs because of our forces in Afghanistan, in the waters in the region, and in the air.  NATO member, Turkey, controls the other invasion route from the north; remember, if Russia attacks Turkey, she attacks all of NATO.

Thus, Israel would be protected against a possible Russian incursion as she carries out her planned war against the combined forces of the Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians, and Egyptians.

2).  In the early 1990's the Illuminati planned their final phase of the internationalization of Jerusalem in a project they codenamed "The New Jerusalem Covenant Project".  This project envisioned four steps to the appearance of The New Age Christ.  Steps One and Two have been fulfilled, while Steps Three and Four remain [Read NEWS1052 and NEWS1529 for full details].

If this assassination of Israeli Minister Zeevi brings Step Three into reality, the building of the combination Temple/Church/Mosque foreseen in this project could commence.  Then, Step Four -- the Pope coming to Jerusalem to announce that all world's religions were now one, with him as their leader -- could follow quickly.  This assassination might be designed to bring Israel and the Palestinians to the absolute brink of war so that Steps Three and Four might be foisted upon a reluctant Jewish citizenry.

However, remember that Illuminized Freemasonry does not want to just build a combination worship center for the three major monotheistic religions -- Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; they want to rebuild the mighty Temple of Solomon that occupies such a huge portion of their religious lore.  That means they must clear the Temple Mount of the Muslim Dome of the Rock, which is most definitely their plan [Peter Lemesurier, The Armageddon Script, page 235].  Interestingly, The Armageddon Script foresees that the Dome of the Rock will be knocked down by a "giant earthquake" [Page 234], an event that can be caused by both American and Russian military technology.  Interestingly, news reports are getting more numerous that the huge excavation project by the Palestinian Authority underneath the Dome of the Rock these past 5 or 6 years has weakened the foundation of the Dome of the Rock so significantly that it might fall down one of these days on its own!  Certainly, a structure so weakened might be felled by simply a moderate earthquake at the "right moment" in history.

We shall just have to wait to see what transpires from this assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister Zeevi.  However, preliminary evidence does seem to suggest a high level of Illuminist participation.  Did they want an assassination that would propel the world into their planned World War III?  Government provocateurs have been known to carry out such deeds in the past.  We shall just have to watch our Daily News the more carefully now.

Truly, these events do tell us we are living at the very End of the Age.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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