Title:  Israel Simply Had To Destroy War-Making Capability of Hamas and Palestinian Authority Within Israel, Plus the Hizbullah in Lebanon


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Subtitle: Israel could not begin withdrawing from the West Bank until she had destroyed the ability of the terrorists to wage war. This political fact is the simple reason Israel "made a mountain out of a molehill", i.e., the kidnapping of her soldiers, in order to justify the destruction of the terrorist military capacity. West Bank withdrawal is the goal of this Israeli military operation.

You cannot understand what is occurring in Israel right now unless you understand this reality.


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As usual, the real forces driving events in the Middle East are exactly opposite from the manufactured news you see and read in the Mass Media today. Every hour of every day is currently filled with images and news stories coming out of the Israeli attack on the Palestinian terrorist groups -- Hamas and the Palestinian Authority within Israel, and the terrorist group, Hizbullah, in Lebanon -- and all of them point the listener in the wrong direction.

Conventional Wisdom is holding that this attack could spark a wider conflict within the Middle East, possibly leading to World War III. Even former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, sounded the WW3 alarm over the weekend, saying that this new conflict heralded the first stage of a global conflict.

Cutting Edge respectfully disagrees.

We do not believe this current conflict will begin World War III, and we do not see any explanation given in Media news reports which resembles the truth in any degree.

Remember that events in Israel are being driven by two major forces, both of which correspond exactly to Biblical prophecy! These two forces are:

1) The ancient plan to seize control of the Temple Mount so the forces of the Illuminati may rebuild Solomon's Temple and establish Masonic type of worship. This plan dates back to 1099 and the Knights Templar, a key group which we cover in "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings: Volume One, The New Atlantis".

Our Headline News Archived article on this obsessive Masonic desire to recapture the Temple Mount is: NEWS1643, entitled, "FERVENT MASONIC DESIRE TO REBUILD SOLOMON'S TEMPLE IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND THE EVENTS OF THE MID-EAST TODAY"

Please take a moment to read this article, for only then can you understand this particular force driving events in Israel today. Remember, worldwide Freemasonry cannot allow Israel to go down to defeat and/or be destroyed, for they would then lose the opportunity to control the Temple Mount!

2) The Plan to annihilate the Palestinians in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18. This is the key reason Israel has invaded Lebanon and reoccupied portions of the Gaza Strip, at least briefly. If you have not yet read our teaching on the reality that today's Palestinians are the prophesied "House of Esau", the name God gives in the Obadiah prophecy to the people coming under His Latter Day judgment, please take the time to read all our articles on this subject.

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With this understanding firmly in mind, we can now proceed to today's volatile news, reaching the correct understanding, i.e., that Israel cannot begin her planned West Bank Unilateral Withdrawal until, and unless, she first thoroughly destroys the war-making capability of the various Palestinian terrorist groups, chief of which are Hamas within Israel, and Hizbullah in Lebanon.

Properly Understanding This Vicious Attack

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel Answers Attack With Lethal Blows", My Way News, July 17, 2006

"BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) - Hezbollah and Israel traded fierce barrages for a sixth day Monday, as the latest eruption of warfare in the Middle East showed no sign of easing. Rockets struck deep inside Israel, killing eight people in Haifa, and Israeli planes bombed Lebanon from north to south. The toll on both sides rose to more than 200. In addition to the Israeli victims at a rail repair facility in the Haifa attack on Sunday, an Israeli rocket blew up a Lebanese army position, killing eight soldiers, and a sea-launched missile killed at least nine people in the southern Lebanese port of Tyre."

"Israel warned of massive retaliation after the Haifa attack, and accused Iran and Syria of providing the weaponry used in it. Israeli military officials said four of the missiles were the Iranian-made Fajr-3, with a 22-mile range and 200-pound payload, and far more advanced than the Katyusha rockets the guerrillas rained on northern Israel in previous attacks."

Even though intelligence reports have warned for a very long time that Iran was providing Hezbollah with advanced weaponry, Israel seemed caught off guard when such weaponry was actually used. We believe it highly likely that Israel had concluded that, before they began to withdraw from the West Bank, they not only had to stop the Kassam and Katyusha rockets from raining down upon Jewish settlements and cities, but she also had to wipe out this growing Hezbollah arsenal of sophisticated weaponry.

Toward this end, Israeli warplanes struck in waves against Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, a risky situation, because these terrorists have located many of their facilities close to civilian housing:

"Early Monday, witnesses reported that waves of Israeli airstrikes hit the Lebanese city of Tripoli and Hezbollah strongholds in eastern town of Baalbek. Missiles apparently aiming at a relay station for Hezbollah's al-Manar television missed their target and hit a house south of Beirut. Police said four villagers were killed and 10 wounded ... Israeli missiles hit the Lebanese capital shortly after sunrise Monday, as three loud explosions rocked the southern suburbs while another strike sparked a large fire in Beirut's port ... Israel, technically at war with Lebanon since 1948, said it had targeted radar stations in the north because Hezbollah had used them to hit an Israeli ship on Friday. It all but accused the Lebanese military of lending its support to Hezbollah ... Even before the latest Israeli retaliation, Israeli airstrikes had devastated southern Beirut, a teeming Shiite district that is home to Hezbollah's main headquarters ... After nightfall, Israeli missiles destroyed fuel depots at Beirut's airport." (Ibid.)

Israeli forces were also hitting terrorist targets in the south, in the Gaza Strip:

"Along with the Lebanon attacks, Israel attacked along the second front where Israel is fighting, in Gaza. Fighter jets bombed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry in Gaza City, and clouds of smoke rose from the building, which has been hit before. At least nine people in nearby houses were injured, rescue workers said. Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, said that despite the barrage, the guerrillas were 'in their full strength and power' and that their 'missile stockpiles are still full'." (Ibid.)

Hamas forces struck back, inflicting some damage and taking some lives.

"Smoke rose over Haifa and air raid sirens wailed as the dead and wounded were evacuated from a train station warehouse full of workers that took a direct hit in the strike, just one hour into the new work week. Orthodox rescue crews worked their way through the debris gathering pieces of flesh amid pools of blood. Elsewhere in the port city of 270,000, residents huddled in bomb shelters or stocked up on milk, bread and other staples ..." (Ibid.)

Clearly, both sides are fighting hard, and both are taking and receiving casualties. Prime Minister Olmert lashed out hard at these terrorist groups, and in so doing, revealed the planned scope of this military operation. Please listen to his words carefully, for the Israeli Defense Force has the capability of carrying out these threats, and if the IDF can do what Olmert is saying, then our contention is fully realized.

NEWS BRIEF: "PM Olmert: Enough! Israel Will Eliminate Hizbullah and Hamas", Israel National News, July 18, 2006

"Prime Minister Ehud Olmert addressed the Knesset and the world Monday evening, saying 'Enough!' and promising to fight until the threats of Hamas and Hizbullah are removed from the region ... The prime minister went on to say that Israel has been threatened on its borders and though the Jewish State did not request these battles, it will not back down from fighting them. 'We stand at a national moment of truth. Will we agree to live under this evil threat or will we fight…There is no more just struggle than that we are now engaged in', Olmert said ... In a reiteration of his refusal to negotiate with Hizbullah or Hamas prior to the release of the kidnapped soldiers, Olmert said, 'It is of regional and international interest to control and dismantle the terror organizations and remove this threat from the Middle East. We intend to do so'.”

Olmert then struck out at Lebanon for allowing Hezbullah attacks from its "sovereign territory", even though informed people have known for over a decade now that Hezbullah, not Lebanon, really controls that wide swath of land known as the border region. Nevertheless, such accusations provide skimpy cover for Israel's assaults.

"He also said that even if Lebanon had no involvement in last Wednesday’s attack on an IDF patrol along the northern border, which killed eight soldiers and resulted in the kidnapping of two others, 'it holds full responsibility for the attack launched from its sovereign territory, and the same goes for the PA with regard to the Kerem Shalom attack'." (Ibid.)

The Prime Minister then turned his attention to the south, where IDF forces are engaging Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

"Against the Palestinians we will fight until terrorism ceases, Gilad Shalit is brought home and the Kassam rockets stop', Olmert said. 'We will attack every terrorist staging area, destroy every terrorist base and liquidate members of the terror groups. Israel will not agree to live in the shadow of the threat of missiles and rockets on its citizens'." (Ibid.)

Exactly! Cutting Edge believes that Prime Minister Olmert cannot begin to withdraw from the West Bank areas until and unless he thoroughly destroys the war-making capability of all Palestinian terror groups, including Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and Hezbullah (Lebanon). For the past months, these terrorist groups have increasingly targeted Jewish targets with rockets and artillery fire. The point finally was reached when the Israeli public began to turn against any West Bank withdrawals as long as the rockets continued to rain down upon their heads.

Critics of the Gaza Strip withdrawal argued that Israel's vulnerability would only increase after withdrawing from the Gaza. The Sharon government had argued that the opposite was true, i.e., that Israel would be more secure. In other words, the Unilateral Withdrawal naysayers were being proven correct in their analysis, and increasing numbers of Jewish citizens were swinging to their side. If Prime Minister Olmert could not neutralize the Palestinian threat, he could not withdraw from the West Bank.

Current politics is just that simple.

Further, if Israel could not withdraw from both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, she could not fulfill Obadiah 15-18, as we report in NEWS2095 above. Therefore, the mission handed to the IDF truly is to thoroughly destroy "every terrorist staging area, destroy every terrorist base and liquidate members of the terror groups".

This next article tells us that the IDF is preparing to destroy just that completely in Lebanon.

NEWS BRIEF: "IDF 'leveling' area along Lebanon border: Senior officer briefs MKs on 'harsh crush' of Hizbullah", YNET News, 7.17.06

"Senior officer briefs MKs on 'harsh crush' of Hizbullah; along Lebanon border, army 'leveling' area in order to thwart attempts to rebuild organization's posts. A senior military officer said at the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Israel has began "leveling the ground" about one kilometer from the border with Lebanon for 'military needs' and in order to prevent a return of Hizbullah posts to the area."

"The officer spoke about one moment in which 100 aircrafts flew over Lebanon, and in which Hizbullah forces were 'harshly crushed' ... Israel has information about places where the rockets are being hidden, and the Air Force is engaged in intercepting them. An officer from the intelligence department said that it appears Nasrallah has not dyed his beard for days, and the reason is simple – 'he has not left the pit where he is hiding'."

Just as American propaganda chortled when the man purported to be Saddam Hussein was captured while hiding in a small pit dug into the ground, so is Israeli propaganda picturing the leader of Hamas. He is also said to be hiding in a pit!

"MK Effie Eitam (National Union-National Religious Party) backed the policies of the army and government during the meeting, saying that 'There's no need for rows of armored vehicles to roll into more villages containing Hizbullah. Nasrallah is simply begging for an IDF ground operation. But the strategic and tactical operation being carried out by the IDF is the correct one. Nasrallah was very surprised by the Israeli home front's stamina. We have passed the fear barrier of the unknown'."

As is so common during times of war, politicians who are normally opposed to nearly everything the government does are backing the war effort. "Stamina" and patience seemed the rule of the day amongst the Israeli citizenry, as some stocked up supplies of food and water, while others took refuge in previously prepared bomb shelters.

"The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Former Chairman, MK Yuval Steinitz (Likud), said that in light of the IDF chief of staff's briefing, he believed that the operation could take a number of weeks.
' The citizens of Israel need to take a deep breath so that the IDF can succeed to change the reality in the north', he said. He added: 'Like we abandoned the rocket industry in the north, we are abandoning it in Gaza – and if it is not dealt with, then within a year to two years they will be able to hit all of the south. There is an opportunity to take advantage of the situation for root treatment'."

"Root treatment" is exactly what we believe the IDF is attempting to accomplish right now. The question is, can they perform such a "root treatment" without a ground invasion of both the Gaza Strip and Lebanon? The answer to that question is likely occupying the minds of IDF generals at this moment. If Israel does launch a ground assault into Lebanon, she will need the protection of the United States and other Western powers. At this moment, that protection seems intact and firm.

NEWS BRIEF: "Congress Considers Resolutions Supporting Israel", Fox News, July 18, 2006

"WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are preparing to vote this week on resolutions backing Israel and condemning Hezbollah ... The Republican-run House is eyeing a vote on Wednesday on a resolution supporting Israel's right to defend itself, condemning Hezbollah's rocket and missile attacks on northern Israel and backing early White House moves to cope with the crisis ... Meanwhile, on the Senate side of Capitol Hill, a similar resolution is being drafted to offer support for Israel against its longtime enemies ... Resolutions only express the sense of the chambers and have no enforcement mechanism, but neither statement shies away from stating support for Israel's right to defend itself and blaming Iran and Syria for contributing to the conflict."

President Bush felt so strongly about Israel's right to defend herself that he used an expletive in explaining his frustration during the G-8 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush frustration sparks expletive", CNN News, Monday, July 17, 2006

"U.S. President George W. Bush expressed his frustration over the situation in the Middle East by using an expletive in comments to British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the G8 summit in St. Petersburg Monday. Not realizing his remarks were being picked up by a microphone at the summit of world leaders, Bush bluntly expressed his frustration with the actions of Hezbollah. 'See, the irony is what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this (expletive)', Bush told Blair in a discussion before the Group of Eight leaders began their lunch (See the raw footage of this event here)."

With American support firmly in hand, G-8 Summit leaders also expressed support for Israel and anger towards Hamas and Hezbollah.

NEWS BRIEF: "G-8 moves towards support of Israel", The Jerusalem Post, July 17, 2006

"World leaders agreed Sunday on a joint message on the crisis in the Middle East that reflected a significant swing of support toward Israel's argument that it has been acting in self-defense. In their statement, the Group of Eight leaders called for the Israeli soldiers abducted in Gaza and Lebanon to be released unharmed; the shelling of Israeli territory to end; Israeli military operations to cease and Israeli forces to withdraw early from areas they have invaded in Gaza; and for arrested Palestinian ministers and legislators to be released."

This type of support is very important because the key leaders of the entire world -- the G-8 leaders -- expressed bedrock support for Israel by supporting her reasoning for going to war. Rather than calling Israel an aggressor, these leaders acknowledged her right to defend herself by launching these attacks. The fact that they also called on Israel to end her military operation and to release the leaders of Hamas which she seized early in this conflict does not detract from the reality that G-8 leaders recognized Israel's fundamental right to launch these attacks in the first place.

The fact also stands out that China and Russia signed on to this agreement, even though they regularly side with the Arabs in any conflict. With no major power coming to the aid of the Palestinian terror groups, Israel stands securely in her understanding that she was being given "diplomatic cover" for the weeks necessary to thoroughly destroy the military capability of all these terrorist groups.

The European Union even softened its criticism of Israel, thus giving the Jewish state diplomatic "wiggle room".

NEWS BRIEF: "Lebanon: the world looks on", The Guardian (London), July 18, 2006

"Western leaders remained paralysed yesterday as Lebanon suffered one of its bloodiest days since Israel began its bombardment a week ago. For the second time in 48 hours western governments declined to intervene as Israeli forces, on the sixth day of aerial attacks, killed 47 people and wounded at least 53. Hizbullah, the Iranian-backed militia, also stepped up its attacks, launching 50 rockets against Israel, the highest number in a single day. The death toll since Israel began its attack has risen to 210 in Lebanon and 29 in Israel."

As long as Western leaders remain "paralysed", Israel can continue her military operations.

"Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, dismissed hopes of a quick resolution to the conflict last night, vowing his military would continue operating at full intensity. He said Israel would not stop until two of its captured soldiers were freed, the Lebanese army deployed to protect Israel's northern border and Hizbullah forced to disarm. After the failure of the G8 meeting in St Petersburg at the weekend to step in, EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels yesterday also settled for a bland joint statement that exposed divisions between European governments." (Ibid)

Even Iran urged the Palestinians to stop attacking Israel -- tongue in cheek, no doubt!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran Warns Hizbullah: Curb attacks on Israel", YNET News, 7.18.06

"Arabic language newspaper reports Iran was warned by European country that Israel is ready to attack targets in Syria in campaign to liquidate Hizbullah; Tehran sends foreign minister to Damascus to demand Hizbullah curtail attacks against Israel."

If Israel is being supported by the most powerful leaders in the world -- G-8 -- and if the Palestinian groups under attack are being vilified so greatly that even Iran is moved to urge Syria to reign Hizbullah in, then the war will likely be contained within the constraints about which Cutting Edge has been talking ever since this conflict began. As we stated on Friday in our current 7/15/2006 Newsletter, "This war is not likely to explode into the all-out Regional Middle East war which shall start the World War III designed to produce Antichrist ... As anyone who has been following the progression of this current round of fighting can see, Israel is truly at war. Yet, to ascertain the direction this war is likely to go, one has to examine closely with whom Israel is at war. She is at war with all the various Palestinian groups: Palestinian Authority, Hamas terror group, and Hizbullah in Lebanon. Just as important, it is necessary to see with whom Israel is not at war: Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran. In other words, Israel is not at war with established nations, but with the entire front of Palestinian terror groups."

At this moment, Israel does not want to go to war with Syria. What she wants is to so destroy the war potential of the Palestinian terror groups so Prime Minister Olmert can receive the political backing he needs to begin West Bank withdrawal. If the IDF puts Hizbullah and Hamas "in the dirt", so to speak, then Olmert can begin further withdrawals. Furthermore, once the IDF puts these terror groups down "harshly", the Palestinians are warned -- while the Israeli public is assured -- that if these terrorist groups attempt to attack again after the West Bank withdrawals, the IDF will kill them again.

Please watch these events carefully, for this conflict was deliberately started by Israel so that the IDF could be unleashed upon all Palestinian terror groups. Then, West Bank Withdrawal can begin.

The end result of the West Bank withdrawal will the the prophesied annihilation of the Palestinians ( NEWS2095), the Regional War which will pit Syria, Jordan, and Egypt against Israel, and the beginning of the Third World War, from which Antichrist will come striding. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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