Title:  President Bush Waves "White Flag of Surrender" In North Korean Nuclear Negotiations!

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Subtitle: Terms of "breakthrough" agreement are so onerous even Neo-Con John Bolton blasted the accord! Path is now clear for North Korea to fulfill her role in World War III scenario. What is that role?

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

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When North Korea suddenly agreed to disband her nuclear program, the world sighed a breath of relief and President Bush claimed victory. However, closer analysis reveals that North Korea may have just won a major victory over the United States through this agreement.

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea Agrees to Nuclear Disarmament", Sun Sentinel, February 15, 2007

"TOKYO -- North Korea's top envoy to six-nation talks on his country's nuclear program said Pyongyang is ready to implement the nuclear disarmament agreement reached earlier this week ... 'The talks went well', Kyodo News agency quoted North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan as saying at Pyongyang's airport on his return from the Beijing session.

"TOKYO -- North Korea's top envoy to six-nation talks on his country's nuclear program said Pyongyang is ready to implement the nuclear disarmament agreement reached earlier this week ... 'The talks went well', Kyodo News agency quoted North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan as saying at Pyongyang's airport on his return from the Beijing session.

" 'We are ready to implement the results of the meeting', he said at the airport to both Russia's ambassador to Pyongyang and a senior Chinese Embassy official, according to Kyodo."

However, it did not take long for North Korea to back-track on this agreement.

NEWS BRIEF: "North Korea Agrees to End Nuke Program", Fox News, February 13, 2007

"BEIJING — It didn't take North Korea long to put its own spin on an agreement reached Tuesday that calls for the Pyongyang regime to close down and cap its main nuclear reactor and eventually dismantle its atomic weapons program. Just hours after announcing the agreement — which clearly states North Korea must "shut down and seal for the purpose of eventual abandonment the Yongbyon nuclear facility, including the reprocessing facility" — Pyongyang issued a statement claiming it had agreed only to a "temporary suspension" of its nuclear program."

The key word here is "eventually", a term which is reminiscent of the "agreement" reached in 1994 between President Bill Clinton and his special ambassador, Former President Jimmy Carter. Carter rushed off in 1994 to "negotiate" with the North Koreans over their nuclear program; afterwards, Carter gushed about how wonderful the talks progressed and how the world was now a safer place.

However, once the euphoria died down, people were able to read the fine print, and few discerning observers felt any cause to celebrate! We cover this sad sack agreement hammered out between Clinton, Carter, and the North Koreans in NEWS1720, entitled, "North Korea Admits Possessing Nuclear Weapons! Jimmy Carter's Rotten Deal Produces The Predictable Bad Fruit! World War III May Be In View Now!"

We encourage you to read this report completely, for it demonstrates how the Illuminati "solves" a problem which they have created in the first place. How, for example, could Presidents Clinton and Carter expect to "solve" the problem of North Korea getting nuclear weapons by giving that country nuclear reactors! Even though the White House insisted that these reactors could not produce nuclear materials, we quote independent sources as saying that North Korea could produce up to 100 nuclear bombs per year from these Clinton-supplied reactors!

Is this the kind of "agreement" which President Bush has just negotiated with the North Koreans? You can judge for yourself.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush waves a white flag", Asia Times, February 16, 2007

"Good wishes are reverberating throughout the Korean Peninsula and among Koreans abroad in praise of the legendary leadership quality of Kim Jong-il as its proud people celebrate the 65th birthday of the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Friday ... Two things combine to make this 65th birthday anniversary and the Lunar New Year most auspicious. The first is that Kim has led the DPRK to score a fifth straight bloodless victory over the world's sole superpower by 'outsmarting the US in the game of nuclear bluff' ... He has emerged the first national hero in the 5,000 years of Korean history to fulfill the long-elusive ambition of the Korean people to acquire military capabilities to take the war from the Land of Morning Calm to the heart of the metropolitan USA."

This statement is startling, for it implies that North Korea owns nuclear weapons right now that can be delivered to far-flung targets. Indeed, Cutting Edge has noted for over a decade now that North Korea has possessed nuclear weapons shortly after Jimmy Carter flew to that country in 1994. All this talk about North Korea being close to developing nuclear bombs on her own is simply provable propaganda.

Now, we learn that Dictator Kim is the "first national hero" to be able to attack America's urban populations! Wait a minute, I thought that President Bush had finally forced the North Korean dictator to capitulate and call off his drive for a nuclear capability! Isn't that the impression given to the world when this agreement was trumpeted?

Let us now return to this Asia Times article to see the real story, behind the public propaganda!

"The most significant fact about the six-party talks that ended this Tuesday is US President George W Bush waving a white flag, offering to allow the DPRK to retain its nuclear arsenal as it is. It means the shared recognition of the five parties and the DPRK as a nuclear-weapons state and the US notice that it would lift its financial crackdown on the Korean state."

Don't you find this incredibly interesting? We learn the following points:

1) This agreement represents a total defeat by President Bush! After six years of threatening this "Axis of Evil" nation in most terrible terms, the President of the United States quietly accepts diplomatic defeat at the hands of this tiny dictator of this tiny nation!

2) President Bush refused to meet directly with Dictator Kim, but insisted that all negotiations take place through six nations: Russia and China were two of those nations "helping" President Bush convince Dictator Kim to strike a deal which would be in the best interests of the United States! Now, it appears that Conservative Republican Bush faired no better than Liberal Democrat Clinton -- you know, the President who gave North Korea nuclear reactors in 1994 in an effort to convince North Korea not to pursue nuclear arms!

3) President Bush has authorized an agreement which allows North Korea to keep the nuclear arms she now possesses. No wonder North Korea is now ready to dismantle her nuclear research facility! She needs it no longer!

4) President Bush quietly recognized North Korea as a nuclear weapons state! And, he still agreed to lift America's financial crackdown on this "rogue state"!

Not only has President Bush backed down ignominiously from tiny "rogue state" North Korea, but he has made the Dictator look like a hero to his own people and to many South Koreans, a fact which a Bush official acknowledged.

"According to the New York Times on December 25, 2002, one Bush administration official commented, 'This will cause some secret shivers of pride amongst some in the South'."

Listen to these expressions of pride amongst Koreans:

* "Kim Jong-il has built a nuclear-missile force capable of blazing the remotest target on the US mainland. "

* " 'Kim Jong-il can stand up to the Americans, but we South Koreans are in no position to do so'."

* " ''This is the first time in Korea's history of 5,000 years since Koguryo that Korea has been able to equally deal with the world's superpower'."

* " 'Why shouldn't Kim be seen as extraordinary? He's poked his finger in the eye of the US hegemony. He's tested missiles and nukes. At home he's more popular than ever'."

* "In a secret Communist Party meeting, Chinese leader Hu Jintao praised Kim Jong-il for sticking to his guns, and Chinese bloggers erupted in applause of him for defying the US in the wake of the North Korean detonation of a nuclear device..."

When you listen to what foreign analysts are saying about this "white flag surrender" deal with North Korea, it is enough to make your blood boil!

"This would take Washington back almost to the situation that existed before US officials sparked the current confrontation by accusing North Korea of secretly enriching uranium. Pyongyang, meanwhile, has moved forward by conducting an atomic-bomb test and declaring itself a full-fledged member of the nuclear club." (The Guardian (London)

"The US and South Korea will play this up as a big success. But they are going back to where they were before. The US has talked tough without achieving anything. They have reached a new status quo in which North Korea is a nuclear-weapons state" (South Korea's former foreign minister Han Seung-Joo)

Even Neo-Con, John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the United Nations, was outraged at Bush's diplomatic collapse!

NEWS BRIEF: "Political battles just beginning", By Jim Lobe, Asia Times, February 15, 2007

"The deal, which was announced after several days of talks in Beijing, was immediately denounced as a defeat by one of the administration's former leading hawks, former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, who is considered close to Vice President Dick Cheney. 'It sends exactly the wrong signal to would-be proliferators around the world', Bolton charged in a CNN interview. 'It contradicts fundamental premises of the president's policy he's been following for the past six years and, second, it makes the administration look very weak at a time in Iraq ... when it needs to look strong'."

"... Analysts from both the right - such as Bolton - and the left pointed out that the core of the agreement is very similar to the 1994 Agreed Framework worked out between the administration of president Bill Clinton and Pyongyang. That deal called for the provision of HFO and other energy assistance, including two light-water nuclear reactors provided by Japan and South Korea, in exchange for a permanent freeze on North Korea's plutonium program at Yongbyon ... In 2002, however, the Bush administration, based in part on investigations of the network of Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, accused North Korea of violating that accord ..."

Cutting Edge posted an article at the moment in 2002, when the Bush Administration accused the Clinton Administration of inept international diplomacy -- but now, the President has created the very same type of accord!

Bolton is right: Bush capitulated and then turned around to paint the accord in the most glowing terms possible, even suggesting that this accord might serve as the basis for a similar accord with Iran!

This horrible outcome is proof positive that the "truth is most often found in the exact opposite direction of the public rhetoric (NEWS1558). Once you understand this truth, you will have broken out of the "Propaganda Box" which our Mass Media put us into and you can discern accurately the issues of the day.

In this North Korean mess, President Bush proclaimed over and over 'ad nauseam' how the United States would not tolerate North Korean obtaining the nuclear bomb. The six-party talks drug on and on, giving the North Koreans all the time they needed to fully deploy their nuclear warheads. Atomic warheads are certainly now on strategic and theater missiles, and might even be deployed on battlefield delivery systems like artillery!

They are even deployed on submarines, as we reported in our recent Headline News article, NEWS2188, "Current News Story Reveals How Exact Wording of the Illuminati Plan For A Nuclear Confrontation In Korea Will Likely Unfold!"

Once impeachment hearings get underway, this deliberately inept manner in which President Bush has "negotiated" with the North Koreans can certainly be brought to the forward. Remember, CFR authors have already criticized President Bush on this issue! When North Korean atomic-armed missiles are threatening mankind all over the globe, President Bush will get the blame!

But, because of all this, the Plan of the Great White Brotherhood continues to march forward! Listen to that Plan as it speaks of the role North Korea is to play in this planned World War III:

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223]

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