Title:  Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) Pronounces The Winner of The Iraq War To Be -- IRAN!

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Subtitle: Incredibly, Cutting Edge posted an article five years ago in which we declared that Iran would be seen eventually as the winner of the Iraq conflict, because that was the Illuminati Plan!

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The Iraq War has proven to be one of history's watershed conflicts. After the attacks of 9/11, President Bush began building a case to the American voters and to the people of the world as to why he simply had to invade this tiny country. Conservative Patriots lined up behind the President simply because he was perceived to be Conservative and because of a patriotic fervor.

Bush sent emissaries to the Fundamental Christian pastors, arguing that he deserved their support because they were patriots and because Bush was following the Dominionist Doctrine which stated that Jesus could not return to earth until the Christian Church conquered the world for Him. Bush and his emissaries argued that they were acting according to Dominionism and, therefore, deserved the support of the pastors. Unfortunately, too many pastors fell into line with this thinking and preached to their congregations that Bush's war was a "Just War".

Christian pastors whose churches were 501(C)3 were also under another a different type of pressure. In mid-2000, the IRS informed Certified Public Accountants that they were going to start cracking down on churches who were set up as 501(C)3, Tax Exempt. The Cutting Edge accountant immediately told me that, unless I wanted to be censored by the government, I needed to close Cutting Edge as 501(C)3 and set it up again as a privately owned entity. We took this action, so that Cutting Edge was privately owned so that no government agency could censor our material.

But, for all 501(C)3 churches, government agents began showing up during service and began to warn pastors that, unless they told their members what the government wanted them to be told, the government would pull their 501(C)3 Tax Exempt status. Since most pastors believe that their contributions would drop dramatically if people knew that their donations and gifts were not tax deductible, this government threat persuaded many pastors. I am convinced that untold thousands of pastors toed the government line on the Bush war in Iraq, simply because of this invisible threat. Pulpit support for this despicable war is going to someday be viewed as one of the great tragedies of modern history!

In his State of the Union address, January 23, 2007, President Bush announced that his "new way forward" in Iraq was to temporarily increase troop levels by 20,000 men. This new policy was dubbed "the Surge" and was almost immediately carried out. Within a few weeks after the President announced his new "surge" program, Iran ordered the Iraqi Shi'ite Mahdi Army under the Shi'ite cleric al-Sadr, to stand down and cease conflict with Coalition forces. Of course, once the Coalition did not have to contend with the main army of insurgents, "progress" was touted and the success of the surge was announced -- repeatedly.

Levels of violence fell very quickly and Western Mass Media began to trumpet the lie that Coalition Forces were winning the Iraq War. Then, the Media also dropped its reporting of the Iraq War news so much that Americans began to conclude that the war was over and we had won it. This wrong-headed conclusion became so pronounced that we posted an article entitled, "The Iraq War Is Not Over Yet: U.S. Still Headed For Planned Defeat", NEWS2368.

As American forces are the last to leave Iraq, Shi'ite Iran is now licking her lips in anticipation of the civil war between Shi'ite and Sunni factions, a war she intends to win. This war has been smoldering for about one year and is awaiting only the departure of all American forces on December 31, 2011 to explode in horrific fury.

From the beginning, discerning people could already see who was going to win this war. In 2005, Cutting Edge posted an article declaring that Iran would win the war eventually. This article was entitled, "IRAN WINNER OF IRAQI WAR? HOW COULD An 'AXIS OF EVIL' NATION POSSIBLY ENGINEER DEFEAT OF MIGHTY USA?", NEWS2060. This article generated a lot of interest and some hate mail from misguided patriots/conservatives.

But, now the prestigious Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) has weighed in on this subject. Of course, the CFR is one of the "Frontmen of the Illuminati" organizations whom Doc Marquis details in his DVD, above. The CFR is the most powerful Illuminati organization in America, and is tasked by the Global Elite to ensure that the American Government is properly carrying out the Illuminati Plan, starting with the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" blueprint.

In other words, the CFR was the force behind the invasion of Iraq in the first place! Skull & Bones Bush answered to the CFR.

How does the CFR see this war and who is the victor, in their eyes? Let us review this most important revelation now.

NEWS BRIEF: "The US war in Iraq is over. Who won?", by Cyprus Debusmann, Cyprus Mail, September 8, 2010

"THE END of America's combat mission, after seven and a half costly years, has raised questions that will provide fodder for argument for a long time to come: Was it worth it? And who, if anyone, won?"

"... For a sizeable group of Middle East experts, the second question is easier to answer than the first. 'So, who won the war in Iraq? Iran', says the headline over an analysis by scholar Mohammed Bazzi for the Council on Foreign relations, a New York-based think-tank. His argument: 'The US ousted Tehran's sworn enemy, Saddam Hussein, from power. Then Washington helped install a Shi'ite government for the first time in Iraq's modern history'."

This point is precisely the one we made during the ascension to the office of Prime Minister, the Shi'ite, al-Maliki, on April 22, 2006. For the first time in the history of modern Iraq, a Shi'ite government was swept into power, with American influence. While Saddam's major bloc of supporters was the Baath Party, American officials were determined that neither they nor the Sunni parties would fail to get enough votes to win the election. And they did not.

However, in supreme irony, America backed the Shi'ite forces, who were very supportive of the policies of Shi'ite Iran, sitting right across the border! We believed that Maliki would slowly, but gradually, orient his policies in coordination with Iran. From the beginning of the war, Iran began implementing a strong plan to defeat the Americans. We posted this article in April, 2003, and we are amazed now how thoroughly this Iranian plan has defeated the American plan.

Let us quote some portions of our original article, NEWS1910, entitled, "HAS IRAN 'IGNITED MANY FIRES' TO SET OFF MIDDLE EAST REGIONAL WAR?"

" 'The American Great Satan will never accept an Islamic system. It is coming to Iraq to complete its encirclement of our Islamic Republic before it moves against us. To help the Americans conquer Iraq easily would be suicidal for our revolution.' [Khamenei"s chief foreign policy adviser, former Iranian foreign minister Ali-Akbar Velayati]. Velayati claims that the US has two aims in the Middle East: preventing the destruction of the 'Zionist entity' and control of Arab oil."

"UNLIKE THE accommodationists who foresee an easy American victory, the confrontationists believe that US involvement in Iraq could become 'the beginning of its end.' He explains:

" 'Iraq is a swamp', Khamenei said in his address to the guards. 'The Great Satan will get caught in that swamp; and that will speed up its inevitable collapse'. In a recent article Velayati spelled out a strategy aimed at 'confronting the Great Satan in a number of fronts.' "

1. Iraq

2. Afghanistan

3. Azerbaijan

4. Israel

"Khamenei declared the intention that Iraq become a 'swamp' to the Americans, a swamp that would see our demise. If you want an enemy to get caught in a swamp, you entice him to enter into its very heart, do you not? At the same time, you would want to keep your forces out of the swamp so they could fight freely, and on their own terms."

This strategy has worked beautifully! Iran never did have to commit her own forces to the "swamp" called Iraq! She fought American forces through Shi'ite forces like the Mahdi Army, plus there is a basis for believing that Iranian supplies were even being delivered to Sunni groups. Iran armed everyone within Iraq willing to fight American forces. Listen to this most revealing portion of our Headline News article, NEWS1910, as it reveals that Iran immediately dubbed the cleric, al-Sadr of the Mahdi Army as their official representative within Iraq.

"Notice the timing of the official notice that Al-Sadr was the official representative of Iran within the Shiite community in Iraq.

"On April 7, (2003) the day American troops effectively toppled Hussein's government by seizing its main seats of power in Baghdad, al-Haeri sent a handwritten letter to the city of Najaf, appointing Moktada al-Sadr as his deputy in Iraq. Haeri wrote: 'We hereby inform you that Mr. Moktada al-Sadr is our deputy and representative in all fatwa affairs'. It added: 'His position is my position'." [Ibid.]

"On the very day we toppled Saddam's government, Iran's 'lighting many fires' strategy was put into operation. We are just now seeing its mature effects."

Iran was in control of the operation to defeat Coalition Forces in Iraq from the very beginning!

Now, let us return to the CFR article for much more pertinent information:

" 'As US troops became mired in fighting an insurgency and containing a civil war, Iran extended its influence over all of Iraq's Shi'ite factions'. As a consequence, US influence has been waning, Iran's has been rising, and there are predictions that Iran will fill the vacuum created by the drawdown of US troops to 50,000 who will 'advise and assist' the Iraqis."

I am amazed that our predictions of from 2003-2010 are being borne out by this CFR article -- not surprised, but amazed that the Illuminati would so blatantly admit in public that Cutting Edge had understoon the war correctly all along. We are not taking pride over this, because Iraq is one of history's most grievous tragedies, especially as the death toll rises from the Depleted Uranium poisoning.

How were we able to see clearly through the fog generated by the Mass Media, starting in mid-2002? As always, we were guided by several factors:

1) The Illuminati Plan -- we knew that the plan to attack Iraq was created during the Bilderberg Meeting in 1954, according to former Satanists, Bill Schnoebelen. In March, 2003, we learned of the "Pentagon's New Map" which declared that every country in the "Non-Integrating Gap" region was subject to attack or to the threat of attack from Western forces. The object of these threats or invasions was to "boot kick" these countries into the New World Order.

We also knew of the Illuminati plan to reduce the population of the world by 66%, and their intention to start their annihilation with the 1.4 billion Muslims. With American forces wielding Depleted Uranium munitions, we believed the primary purpose of "Operation Enduring Freedom" was to kill as many people in the Middle East as possible -- gradually, of course, and under strict censorship of the Media.

2) Bible Prophecy -- we knew the End of the Age final prophetic utterance against Ancient Babylon -- Iraq -- in Isaiah 13. As of this date, this prophecy has nearly been carried out in full ("The Illuminati Is Fulfilling Bible Prophecy", Doc Marquis).

In all instances, we evaluate the Illuminati Plan against Bible prophecy. While most of their plans will fulfill prophecy once they are carried out, some portions of their plan would be forbidden by prophecy or not mentioned at all in Scripture. We ignore these parts of the Illuminati Plan.

Thus, by lining up the Plan of the Global Elite with Prophecy, we reached the proper conclusion of the outcome of the Iraqi War.

Our hearts are broken over America's defeat in Iraq, for tens of thousands of American soldiers either died or were severely wounded. Many thousands have come home lacking arms, legs, and feet, while many more thousands are suffering the most intense mental and emotional problems any soldier has ever suffered from any previous war. We recognize the tragedy of it all.

But, the outcome has turned out to be exactly what we predicted in 2003.

God has used the Coalition Force headed by Skull & Bones President George Bush as His final sword of judgment against Ancient Babylon. Now, God will soon turn on America to judge us. That is His proven pattern of judgment.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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