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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Monday, May 31, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"? -- Memorial Day Observed


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

'Depleted Uranium: Pentagon Poison'-- "Deadly radioactivity is drifting in the sands and fertile fields of Iraq, in rain falling in Europe"

Depleted Uranium Update: Hidden Dangers of Desert Storm War - DVD

Not Occupiers? U.S. Now Has Two Armies in Iraq -- Regular Army Plus Mercenary Army

Car bomb shakes Baghdad: Exploded in a busy Baghdad street, causing several casualties

Two U.S. soldiers die in clashes with Shiite gunmen in Najaf

2 Killed in Attack on SUV Convoy in Iraq: SUVs are often used by U.S. officials, civilian contractors and other foreigners

US tanks fight Iraq militia: "More than a dozen Iraqi militamen also killed"

April-May GI Iraq Death Toll Tops 200

Calling Maj. Ritter: Like it or not, Maj. Scott Ritter had it right all along (Colonel David Hackworth)

Diplomatic Wrangling

Iraqi Council Council defies US over top job choice

Selection of new Iraqi president delayed for 24 hours amid persistent wrangling

UN Iraq draft gives wide powers to US: "There was no authority for Iraq to ask foreign troops to leave"

Much in dispute before Iraq shift on June 30

Iraqi Government Must Have Authority: US Officials

Leading Iraqi Politician who just survived assassination: "The American military violence must stop"

Losing Iraq: The High Price of Defeat

Ads fail to sell democracy to Iraqis

Dalai Lama says shocked by prisoner abuse in Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison

AP: Intelligence Agents Encouraged Abuse

Former President George H.W. Bush: "War in Iraq is a big problem"

NY Times Ombudsman Criticizes Paper Over Iraq: Allowed itself to it be used in a "cunning campaign" by those who wanted the world to believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction

Scott Ritter: Former U.N. weapons inspector talks tough to Mohawk students - "Bush lied -- what are you going to do about it" - WMD never existed!

Iraq War Woes Deepen Internal Pentagon Tensions

Bush Keeps Saddam's Pistol As a Trophy

2004 Campaign News

Bush's fate tied to Iraq, Dole says

Kerry is surrounding himself with war veterans

Support for Bush is receding in Ohio

Presidential trips serve dual roles: Bush often combines his official visits with raising cash for GOP

GOP may lose clout in Congress: Prospects improve for Democrats as Bush falls in polls

Missing: A Laptop of DEA Informants - Contains sensitive data on as many as 100 Drug Enforcement Administration investigations

SUPER-BUG! Vicious skin infection resistant to all but the most powerful antibiotics has jumped out of New York City hospitals and onto the streets

Motorola to launch the first dual-band phone: Called "World Phone"

British Fans Welcome Harry Potter Movie

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

N. K. Says U.S. Using Uranium-Based Nuke Issue as Pretext for War

Kerry Wants Direct U.S. Talks With North Korea: Washington Post

South Korea, US Will Start Pullout Talks Next Week

U.S. troop pullout sends a wrong signal to dangerously armed North Korea

Two Koreas to Meet Next Month to Discuss Joint March at Olympics

Seoul to Hold Rice Talks with Five Countries This Week

Venus Transit: A call for Global Oneness - "Planet is entering into the window some believe is the entrance to the Golden Age"; The Venus Transits of June 8 2004 and June 6 2012 -- "A time of global purification"

"The Passion of the Christ" News

"The Passion of the Christ" - Total gross sales top $600 million

Informative New Video: "Passion, Purpose, and the Religious Paradigm Shift" -- DVD -- Video

"The Poison In The Passion" - Great Booklet

Catholicism: White Sepulcher Christianity + The Passion From Former Catholic Perspective

Cutting Edge Articles: "The Passion of the Christ"

Discrediting Christianity

Macaulay Culkin Leaves Behind Child-Star Past: Stars as a cynical paraplegic student at a Christian high school in the movie "Saved" -- Totally Blasphemous! "Malone plays Mary, a dedicated born-again Christian who sleeps with her boyfriend after he confesses he's gay, in an attempt to "cure" him. It doesn't work, and Mary ends up pregnant"

BBC airs interview with Vanunu: Says he decided to reveal nuclear secrets because of war in Lebanon, plus his conversion to Christianity influenced him to betray Israel

Perilous Time: True Christianity in the Crosshairs - Book

Abortions Soars In Quest For Perfect Babies: NOTE: Killing for eugenics?


Memorial Day News

Planes that breach D-Day air space over Normandy 'will be shot down'

Dutch honor U.S. soldiers killed in World War II

Thousands gather to dedicate WWII memorial in Washington, D.C.

Bush to visit Tomb of the Unknowns

President Bush's Memorial Day Proclamation

Fading soldiers, heroes' tales

"Fallen Heroes Fund" -- A Way To Honor America's Heroes

Lawyers Alarmed - Patriot Act

Lawyers Blast PATRIOT Act: American's new enemy since 9/11 is their own government -- "The Third Reich arose on a groundswell of popular support"

Police State 1 - Preparation - Video

Police State 2 - The Takeover - Video

Police State 3 - Total Enslavement - Video -- Specifically explains provisions of Patriot Act II

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

The Financial Times: Venezuela seeks arms edge over Colombia

Is A U.S. Invasion of Venezuela Possible? Venezuela is a "Non-Integrating" State

Support the lesser evil [in Saudi Arabia]: Civil war threatens to topple Saudi Monarchy, replacing it with radical Islamic fundamentalists

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Troubled Afghan South

Army: Ex-NFL Player Pat Tillman Likely Killed by Friendly Fire in Afghanistan

Saudi Hotel Searched after Hostage Massacre Killed 22

Saudi Britons receive new terror warning

Manhunt for Saudi hostage-takers

Pakistan on the march again: President Musharraf restores Pakistan to international acceptability

Al-Qaida Suspects Stand Trial for Istanbul Bombings

Top Pro-Taliban Cleric Gunned Down in Karachi, Pakistan

'Desperate' Refugee Crisis in Sudan

American Troops Prepare to Leave Haiti -- But, most will stay through June

Haiti villages risk more mud slides

Iran Quake Kills 25, Six Die in Helicopter Crash

Even Army Is Unsafe as Brazil Gangs Seek Firepower

U.N. Takes Congo Officials Under Protection After Getting False Reports of Airport Siege

India in terror tangle

India's New Government: The reds under Manmohan's bed

Recognizing Organised Occult Abuse & Sophisticated Mind Control -- CDROM - Contains both formats: PDF and HTML


BBC airs interview with Vanunu: Says he decided to reveal nuclear secrets because of war in Lebanon, plus his conversion to Christianity influenced him to betray Israel

Arafat: We thwarted 34 attacks in the past 6 weeks - Wants now to meet with Sharon to hammer out "peace"

Sharon Falls Flat on His Disengagement Plan

PM delays disengagement announcement to Knesset

Shimon Peres: New elections if no Bibi - Sharon compromise on unilateral disengagement

Analysis: Bibi (Netanyahu) not ready for challenge

Sharon will go to any length for retreat

Fearing Islamist takeover, U.S. urges Israel, PA talks on Gaza

Chief of Staff, Lt. General Yaalon: Leave IDF out of disengagement debate

Hamas 'rocket scientist' liquidated: Hamas's military wing, 'Izzadin Kassam', suffered a lethal blow

IDF chief slams Arab MKs for harsh statements against troops

Israeli Supreme Court Rules on the Question of Who's a Jew: But sidestepped the key issue of whether the decision applies to conversions by non-Orthodox rabbis

Managing Taiwan key to avoiding war: "There is a real possibility of a war between the US and China over Taiwan"

Pentagon Warns: China expands military build-up aimed at winning conflict against Taiwan

Tornadoes Hit Midwest: 3 Deaths Reported

Few Maritime Ports Seen Complying with New Anti-Terror Laws

Catholic Gay Activists Denied Communion in Chicago

Environmental Disaster Conditioning

We are all dimmed: Earth's golden age of sunshine has faded

"Day After Tomorrow" Storms Box Office: May hit $100 million for weekend

Based Upon Book, "The Coming Global Superstorm": Book Review

Occult Theological Basis For Hating This Industrial Civilization

Weather Control and Weather Warfare

"Day After Tomorrow": Environmentalists downplay movie’s plot, praise its publicity value

US isolated as Russia moves to back Kyoto Accords

al-Qaeda takes credit for downing American Airlines #587 over Queens


Sunday, May 30, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Gunmen Attack Saudi Oil Compounds Where Foreigners Work and Live:One American Killed, Up To 60 Then Held Hostage

Dow Jones Saudi Oil Minister To Meet Oil Execs Sunday: Reassure them about their investments following Saturday's terrorist rampage

Hostages Freed in Saudi Arabia After Daylong Standoff Following Shooting Spree

British Oil Executive among 16 Dead in Terror Attack -- Pictures

Big Oil collides with traditional life in Saudi desert

Senior Sunni Muslim pro-Taliban cleric killed in attack in Karachi: Death sparked riots all across city

UN forces quell renewed fighting in Congo

Taliban Raid on Afghan Government Office Leaves Four Soldiers, One Attacker Dead

Iran Mourns Earthquake Deaths as Aftershocks Spread Fear

Heavy Rains Threaten Waterlogged Haiti

Quake Rattles Flood-Hit Hispaniola: On southern border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Sudan's human tragedy: With aid running low, refugees face starvation

Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians - Video

Malaysia arrests alleged black market nuclear agent

West missed N-shipment for Libya from Turkey: Expert

Sizable Quantities of Libyan Nuclear Devices Missing


Unilateral Disengagement

PM hints he may fire ministers to get his plan approved

Sharon´s Withdrawal Plan: No Vote Today

Settlers mount cabinet protest

Palestinian Leader Dahlan: Disengagement will freeze terror in Gaza

Egypt invites Palestinians to ceasefire talks

War News

What E.U. Wants: To supply Arab world with nuclear weapons! To counteract Israel

Senior Hamas Commander Killed By Israeli Missile In Gaza Before Israeli Cabinet Showdown Over Gaza Pullout

Bulldozers crush Gaza children's dreams and build its martyrs

IDF Officer Killed in Shechem Yesterday to be Buried Today

Israeli convoy attacked in Gaza: In border zone between Egypt and the Gaza Strip

Palestinians Under Arafat: The New Barbarians - Video

British Government 'Not Responsible for Bulging Waistlines' : Tony Blair

2004 Campaign News

Does the GOP have a lock on God? 'Religious vote' could suprise us

Kerry Says Security Comes First: Less Emphasis on Democracy Abroad

Kerry can't win it, but Bush could still lose

Who votes? (And who cares?)

South Dakota special election has national focus: Race may be test run for Daschle

EU Agrees to U.S. Flight Demand: Will let American border officials access personal information of every European heading to America on commercial airlines

South Korea Jolted by Strongest Earthquake Yet

North Korea rejects claims it provided uranium to Libya

Navy to Deploy Seven (7) Carrier Groups to Test Rapid Readiness

US Carrier group to leave S.D. on deployment



President Bush Signed Executive Order On December 17, 2003, Giving Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Special Powers According To National Emergency Declared After 9/11

Dec. 17th Exec Order Invoked Presidental Powers to Rumsfeld!

Environmental Disaster Conditioning

"Day After Tomorrow" Storms Box Office: May hit $100 million for weekend

Based Upon Book, "The Coming Global Superstorm": Book Review

Occult Theological Basis For Hating This Industrial Civilization

Weather Control and Weather Warfare

"Day After Tomorrow": Environmentalists downplay movie’s plot, praise its publicity value

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

U.S. Soldiers Clash With Gunmen in Najaf: The Day After Commitment to Truce Questioned

Four U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Violence

US Army Admits: Iraqis jailed for months with no evidence against them

US abuses alleged at other facilities -- Iraq prison abuse 'widespread'

EU, Latin America slam US prison abuse in Iraq

San Francisco gallery owner becomes target after showcasing painting of Iraqi prisoner abuse

Blair says he has no intention to resign: Has come under political fire for Iraq invasion, abuses and for being too close to President Bus

U.S. needs allies in Iraq, Rumsfeld tells Army grads

Iraq Council Talks Stumble over Choice of President of Interim Governing Council

US Bremer hijacked UN's Brahimi’s nomination process

Powell says U.S. will cede power

France's Chirac keen to support 'genuine' Iraq handover

Iraqi Police Demand Staffers of Ahmad Chalabi's Movement Evacuate Its Building West of Baghdad

Some Russia staff defy Iraq withdrawal: Were working for private company trying to rebuild Iraq when company began withdrawing

Egypt's Mubarak calls for end to Iraq occupation

Bush Gives Backing to Outgoing Iraq Commander: Lt. General Sanchez

Kerry Vows to Rebuild 'Shredded' U.S. Alliances

Prophecy Being Fulfilled!

How US War Against Iraq Is Fulfilling End Times Prophecy of Isaiah 13

Meggido: March To Armageddon -- DVD -- Video

From Iraq To Ezekiel: Iraq Leads to Russian Invasion of Israel! - Video

Honoring Our WWII Veterans

WWII Vets Gather for Memorial Dedication

Bush hails WWII veterans of "greatest mission"

Politics take back seat as Kerry honors WWII vets

Global Terror News

Terror alert for three cites retracted

'War on Terror' has just begun: Rumsfeld's speech at US Military Academy

Human Rights and international laws have come under the most sustained attack in 50 years from the "War on Terror": Amnesty International declares

Sam Dash, Watergate Chief Counsel, Dies Saturday at 79

Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox Dies On Saturday: Was 92

Gay - Lesbian News

Parents Beware: 'Shrek 2' Features Transgenderism And Crossdressing Themes

A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream: Cross-Dressers, Transvestites, And Transsexuals Become Militants In Homosexual Revolution! (Requires Adobe Acrobat)

Homosexual Agenda Exposed! Book


Saturday, May 29, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

Two Blasts Hit Center of Baghdad

U.S. Soldiers Exchange Gunfire With Fighters Loyal to Shiite Cleric

Fresh clashes in Iraqi holy city of Kufa

Asaults in Najaf threaten peace deal

2 U.S. soldiers wounded near cleric's stronghold

Iraqi official's convoy ambushed: Member of Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council has escaped unharmed

Navy to Deploy Seven (7) Carrier Groups to Test Rapid Readiness

US Carrier group to leave S.D. on deployment

Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005: $28 million has been added to the 2004 Selective Service System (SSS) budget to prepare for a military draft that could start as early as June 15, 2005


How Chalabi and the White House held the front page: The New York Times has burned its reputation on a pyre of lies about Iraq

Iraq council nominates interim prime minister: Iyad Allawi is a political heavyweight

US distances itself from new Iraqi Prime Minister

Who is Iyad Allawi, ask sceptical Baghdadis?

Allawi's past may be obstacle to leading Iraqis

Iraq nomination appears to surprise Bush administration

Kerry Calls for More Troops to Bolster U.S. Military

Investigators probing military intelligence's role in abuses

Worst Rape Photos Of Iraqi Woman By US Military And Israeli Operatives Not Yet Released

Rape at Abu Ghraib: 'We have daughters, husbands. For god's sake don't tell anyone.'

The Vietnam War Phoenix Program, Revisited: ABCs of American Interrogation Methods

Anti-War News

Michael Moore Anti-War Film Nears Release as Disney Sells: Movie has a chance to influence the November presidential election with his unflattering portrait of Bush

First principle of war: Have a clear objective, not a lie

Drunken Australian police raid US students: Taunting and humiliating them about the United States involvement in Iraq

Paul McCartney speaks out against war

Kerry Accuses Bush of Having 'Rushed Off to War'

War On Terror

Court weighs terrorism allegations against free speech in trial of Islamic computer whiz: Confrontation between the First Amendment and the war on terror

EU, U.S. Sign Passenger Data Agreement: For sharing passenger data on transoceanic flights

Still on Catastrophe's Edge: US still very vulnerable to terrorist attack

C/E NOTE: Continued vulnerability to terrorist attack is one of the repeated headlines since 9/11

Families of 9/11 victims to hear tapes of phone calls from hijacked planes

Archives: Plan To Attack World Trade Center and Pentagon Known In Detail As Far Back As 1995

Radical cleric fighting extradition to USA on terror charges

Terror Threat Boosts U.S. Airport Security

Russia, US strike nuclear pact

"Day After Tomorrow": Environmentalists downplay movie’s plot, praise its publicity value

Author may kill off young wizard: Actor who plays Harry Potter in films senses the end is near

Study: Alaska Earthquake Affected Yellowstone National Park Geysers

New outbreak of bird flu in Texas poultry

Former NFL Player, Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan by "friendly fire"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits Iran: At least 23 people killed

Iran rescuers aid quake victims

Five foreigners gunned down in Saudi Arabia

Gunmen Kill U.N. Military Observer in Eastern Congo: Another Missing

Heroin makes a comeback, with a vengeance: It's more available, more potent, tailored to U.S. middle class -- We conquer and occupy Afghanistan and yet cannot shut down their opium production?

Two U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Battle With Militants Near Pakistani Border

Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable missile

Beirut suburb blocked for burials

Malaysian police arrest businessman in connection with nuclear weapons network

Chilean court strips Pinochet of immunity from prosecution

US to host multinational peacekeeping training in Sri Lanka


Sharon Goes For Broke: Plans to present unilateral withdrawal and removal of settlements to cabinet on Sunday

PM Sharon, Seeking Approval, Downgrades Plan Still Further

Sharon seeks approval for full retreat

PM: Extortion, threats mustn't block disengagement plan

Sharon Falls Flat on His Disengagement Plan

Grassroots Efforts Against a Withdrawal

Turkey Making Threatening Noises: Threatening to recall its Ambassador

BBC to air Vanunu interview on Sunday - Vanunu revealed more state secrets

Vanunu 'wanted to avert nuclear holocaust'

War News

IDF officer killed in Balata refugee camp: Israeli stabbed in Jerusalem

PA officials attacked in Rafah by angry Palestinian residents

Bus Passengers Miraculously Saved From Car Bomb Attack

More on How the Palestinian Authority Raises its Children to Hate

USA seems resigned to gas costs

Station owners hurt, not helped, by record gas prices

If oil supplies were disrupted, then what?

Pope Worries About 'Soulless' U.S. Life

World War II Memorial

Bittersweet Tribute Set for WWII Veterans: New World War II Memorial dedicated today

Strand WWII vets make pilgrimage to site built in their honor

At last, veterans share their stories: War Memorial's dedication is a chance to listen and marvel

'Lone Bugler' Pays Tribute to Military

Oral history project to complement war memorial

Army shows off green alternatives: Options include energy-efficient vehicles

U.S. Hate Crime Bill Could Criminalize Biblical Truth: Pro-Family Spokesman -- Adds 'sexual orientation' to hate crimes law, and it greatly expands federal jurisdiction

C/E Article: Now That Canada Has Passed "Hate Crimes" Bill, Our Own Freedoms Are Threatened

Prayer for Permanent Peace, Memorial Day, 2004 -- A Presidential Proclamation

Cult member gets death sentence for Tokyo gas attack


Friday, May 28, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Global Terror

Some Names of Al Qaeda Terrorists Plotting Hot Summer for America: Some possible targets also identified

D.C. memorial for 'greatest generation' opens: Monument on Mall honors vets of WWII

Memorial Day security blanket

Major US cities unaware of new terror plot

Ashcroft Assailed on Terror Warning: Did not coordinate his warning with Homeland Security or the White House

Amnesty blasts US policy: Has 'openly eroded human rights' to win the war on terrorism

Government Computer Surveillance Rings Alarm Bells: Congress only thought they were shutting down this surveillance program

GAO: Fed Data Mining Extensive

American Airlines jet diverted to Nashville, Tennessee, after bomb threat

Boston City and hospitals to watch for early signs of bioterrorism

US indicts Muslim cleric in London for hostage-taking

Praying Pentecostal preachers ground flight taking off from Buffalo, NY

Greece to shoot 'terror planes': Will shoot down any plane attempting a Sept 11 style of attack on the Olympics

New Cutting Edge Articles

"Right-To-Die" Law In Oregon Upheld By 9th Circuit Court of Appeals: Culture of Death Advances

Impeachment Bill Is Filed In House of Representatives Against Rumsfeld - Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is told Bush should be impeached

Bible Prophecy Update: Where is Current Iraq Disaster Likely Leading the World?

2004 Campaign News

Poll: McCain/Kerry Ticket A Winner

Poll: Iraq Taking Toll On Bush

Swing states scare for Bush: Kerry surging ahead in key swing state

Democrat sees parallels to '94 elections

Bush, Kerry position on Iraq 'similar': There's little to choose between president and aspiring president as both tiptoe around the main issue

Kerry Offers Security Policy Respectful of Allies

Bonesman Kerry Taking On Bonesman Bush

A long, hot summer at the gas pump: Did that first $50 fill-up take your breath away?

Bush Says He Has Cure for Illegible Prescriptions

Tapes: Nixon too drunk to discuss ’73 Arab-Israeli war: President couldn’t take a call from British PM at time of high superpower tensions

Roman Catholicism In The News

Boston's ex-cardinal Law gets new job in Rome: To be archpriest of Rome Basilica of St Mary Major, one of the most important churches in the Italian capital

Outrage In Boston As Vatican appoints former Boston archbishop head of a Rome basilica

Boston's Catholic Church offers guidance on closings: No one was singled out, archbishop says

Hindus worship at Fátima altar: Fatima -- one of Catholicism’s most sacred sites-- may be going ecumenical

Catholic and Protestant pilgrims make way to Marian shrine in Fujian, China -- Led by Protestant pastors


Sharon seeks approval for full retreat: May sack Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu if the influential former premier voted against "disengagement."

Cabinet to vote entire revised Gaza disengagement plan: All or nothing gamble for Sharon

National Religious Party threatens to bolt over plan

Analysis: Coalition waiting game over evacuation of settlements is almost over

Two soldiers hurt in bombing attempt at Rafah terminal: Two terrorists were killed

Turkish Envoy: Relations with Israel remain strong

Turkey plans to recall ambassador in protest of IDF actions

Mossad Web site swamped in 1st days of operation

Christian exodus from Israel troubles Vatican

Palestinians: Continuing to use ambulances to transport terrorists

Man pleads guilty to bomb plot at Israel's Canberra mission

Michael Jackson Seeks Reduced Bail in Molestation Case

Arlington camera acts as a rolling tax collector

Two-party system 'won't take root' in Japan

Many turn to prayer for healing: Prayer is considered a "mind-body therapy," a category that also includes biofeedback, meditation, guided imagery, hypnosis and even deep breathing exercises

Possible Baby Planet Spotted by Spitzer Telescope

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea hacking into the South: Elite military unit specialising in hacking into computer networks run by South Korean government agencies and research institutes

South Korea, U.S. to Begin Negotiations for Possible Troop Withdrawal

U.S. to abandon light-water nuclear reactors North Korea project

North Korea Still Genuine Threat: John Kerry

Russian Foreign Minister to Visit Two Koreas

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Torture, Sexual Degradation Scandal

Some US prisons as bad as Abu Ghraib: Texas' entire penal system was pervaded by a 'culture of sadistic and malicious violence'

Islamic Group: US Prison conditions inhumane

Iraqis snap up CDs of Abu Ghraib images

Prison Interrogations in Iraq Seen as Yielding Little Data on Rebels

U.S. Allies Also Accused in Prison Abuse

Catch-22 revisited: The world has focused on US soldiers' abuse of Iraqi prisoners. But the leaked inquiry reveals incompetence worthy of Joseph Heller's novel

Interrogators hid identities: Many military intelligence officials, covert U.S. agents and civilian contractors obscured their identities

Abuse reports damage Australian Government

Battle-ravaged Bush outlines Iraq plans: Mispronounced "Abu Graib" prison three times

'Full Iraqi sovereignty', says France's Chirac

Moore interviewed Berg for His Anti-War Film, "Fahrenheit": The murdered American hostage had given an interview for the documentary, but it is not included in the final version

War News

Iraq government member survives ambush of convoy: Her 18-year-old son is missing

The quagmire of Vietnam is being replicated in Iraq

US under fire for use of firepower against civilians

Ceasefire achieved with al-Sadr in Iraqi flashpoint Najaf

Clashes interrupt occupation, al-Sadr truce

Explosions Rock Center of Iraqi City of Kufa

U.S. soldiers escorting prisoners from Abu Ghraib come under attack

Two Japanese journalists killed in Iraq: Killed in a rocket-propelled grenade attack on their vehicle south of Baghdad

Britain boosts troop numbers, firepower in Iraq: Only commits to 370 more troops

US arms suppliers going great guns: Straining the military's supplies

Army May Tap Training Units for Iraq Duty: Move reveals how strained Army is for troops

Depleted Uranium News

Depleted Morality: The first signs of uranium sickness surface in troops returning from Iraq

The US uses depleted uranium weapons in Iraq: "Radiation level in Baghdad becomes life threatening"

NEW Depleted Uranium DVD! Investigative team just back from Iraq, having taken samples of air and soil

UN Is The Solution

Riyadh, Rome want new resolution to give UN "full powers" in Iraq: Saudi FM

Putin, Bush to Discuss UN Iraq Resolution by Phone

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

New Iran Parliament Opens with Anti-U.S. Chants: "Death to America" and "Death to the occupiers of Iraq", Islamic conservatives took up their majority in Iran's parliament

Afghan rights body says many “unspoken” complaints against US soldiers

US troops in Afghanistan 'endanger aid staff'

Caribbean death toll from floods nears 2000

Int'l. Aid Arrives in Flood-Ravaged Haiti

Toll rises to at least 6 in violent Beirut protest

Powell claims peace role in South Asia: Says that, but for Washington intervention India and Pakistan would have gone to war in 2002

Pakistani Musharraf Says Junior Army, Air Force Personnel Involved in Plot to Kill Him

India to maintain defense ties with Israel

Tight security for foreign embassies in Pakistan

WHO to give 29,000 Ghanaians free anti-aids drugs

EU demanding anti-WMD declaration from Syria

Saudi Arabia Won't Join G8 Meeting Where Arab Reform on Table

Thousands greet Dalai Lama in Liverpool

Moral Collapse

Three children found decapitated in Maryland: Two 9-year-old girls and 10-year-old boy

Internet sex scandal rocks US Congress

Playboy offers £100k for Big Brother couple to have sex: Britain's new TV reality series to feature sex on the fifth show

U.N. missions painted as booze-soaked orgies

San Francisco Cops caught moonlighting in porn film: Male and female officers star in hard-core porn film

Oil prices retreat from peaks: US, Opec leaders consider measures to boost supplies

Stocks higher on strong Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data

End of Industrial Civilization Conditioning

The Day After Tomorrow: "Latest End of Western Civilization pop-culture artifact plays fast and loose with science and environmental theory to engineer a paranoid fantasy about global warming causing a new Ice Age"

Based On The Book: "The Coming Global Superstorm"

A Feel-Good Disaster Movie

Theological Basis For Hating Our Industrial Civilization

Arctic Getting Warmer Faster : Some scientists blame Global Warming

Earth Shines Its Bright Light: Could signal climate change, could allow earth to get warmer as more light is let in

Looming Atlantic Hurricane Season Seen as Busy

Navy Floats High-Tech Arsenal


Thursday, May 27, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

Government Computer Surveillance Rings Alarm Bells: Congress only thought they were shutting down this surveillance program

Prison Interrogations in Iraq Seen as Yielding Little Data on Rebels

Think Tank: Iraq diverted U.S. from major strategic threats

800 U.S. Troop Deaths

Pakistani Musharraf Says Junior Army, Air Force Personnel Involved in Plot to Kill Him


Impeachment Bill Is Filed In House of Representatives Against Rumsfeld - Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is told Bush should be impeached


FATHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAS: From the Bookstore

NEW ITEM: Biblical Prayers and Promises For Men


PM Sharon to present revised unilateral withdrawal plan to ministers

Deputy Prime Minister Olmert: Majority of ministers lined up to support PM's Gaza plan

PM Sharon Intent on Carrying Out Unilateral Withdrawal

Netanyahu, Shalom to block full withdrawal

Sharon´s New Plan Calls for Egyptian Forces in Gaza

Egypt ready to play major role in Gaza after pullout

Israel might lift Arafat's travel ban in exchange for him stopping Gaza terrorist attacks

Turkey Threatens to Recall Ambassador From Israel: PM accused Israel of state-sponsored terrorism

Ohio Christians Dedicate Ten Commandments Monument in Israel

P.A. Ambulances Used to Smuggle Arafat´s Men: Driver Arrested

IDF destroys 3 homes in southern Gaza town of Dir el-Balah

Philadelphi Corridor Smuggler: It's harder now to get Egyptian arms and goods through

Global Terrorism = Global Government

Extreme Rumors of Wars

Be on the lookout, Ashcroft warns U.S.: Al-Qaida believed ready to pounce in next few months

Major US cities unaware of new terror plot

Al-Qaida Leader: 4 million Americans will have to be killed "as a prerequisite to any Islamic victory"

Officials step up hunt for seven terror suspects

Iraq war swells al-Qaida ranks worldwide

U.K. police arrest firebrand cleric Abu Hamza -- On an extradition warrant by the United States

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran's Khatami Warns UN on Future Atomic Cooperation

Karachi car bombs kill one and wound at least 30: Two car bombs exploded outside the Pakistan-American Cultural Center

Liberia: Nation Torn Asunder

UN agencies mount response to help thousands in Nigeria displaced by violence

UN hopes Sudan pact will help end Darfur crisis

Member of UN mission in DR of Congo accused of sexual abuse sent home for trial

On Africa Day, Annan praises developments, calls for solutions to problems

Asian, North African countries close to ending polio with help of UN

HIV/AIDS, Obesity to top agenda for UN health agency's governing body

2004 Campaign News

Kerry to Accept Democratic Nomination at Convention

BLUE BLOOD: Kerry is related to King Harald of Norway - His royal relation ensures that he will win the election this fall

Bush support of Israel's right to defend itself against terrorism wins over Jewish vote: White House policies move pillars of Democratic electorate to GOP camp

GOP may lose clout in Congress: Prospects improve for Democrats as Bush falls in polls

Wall Street gives millions to Bush

Kerry works to woo voters in the South: Million-dollar ads target Bush country

Caribbean Death Toll from Floods Nears 2,000

Oklahoma Victims Weep When Nichols Convicted of Murder

"Death Culture" News

Oregon Right-To-Die Law Wins Second Battle

New Genocide of Handicapped and Afflicted People Underway

Euthanasia Campaigner Eyes US: Australian Doctor Philip Nitschke

Terri Schiavo's Parents Finally Able to Visit Their Daughter

After Age 40, Wives Seek 2 of 3 Divorces


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq


The Fall of the Vulcans: Iraq may spell the end of an evangelical belief in American military power

How the Middle East is really being remade: Bush policy has "finally concretized the clash of civilizations"

'Heading for a far worse situation' - "Americans are a largely clueless lot in Iraq" (Asia Times)

Vatican Slams "Deceptive" United States In Iraq

Gore Slams Bush Policies: "Most dishonest President since Richard Nixon" - Text of speech

Gore: Rumsfeld, Rice, Tenet Should Resign - "Situation in Iraq is spinning out of control" and calls for official condemnation of statements by Rush Limbaugh

Prison Abuse Scandal News

Rush Limbaugh: Calls Cultural Degredation Techniques 'Brilliant' and Just Guys/Gals 'Blowing Off Steam and Having Good Time' By Engaging In American Pornography

Top brass 'approved' using dogs on Iraqis -- NOTE: Muslims considers dogs to be "unclean" animals

Timing of General's Departure Questioned: "Prison abuse scandal is a damaging blow" says retired Army general Barry McCaffrey

'US to Pay Big Price For Culturally Abhorrent Iraq Prison Abuse' - Warns Retired Marine General Zinni

Tom Clancy wrestles with Iraq war: New book co-written with war critic Gen. Anthony Zinni

Interior Department suspends contracts for Iraq interrogators

Australian Election: PM Howard's ears ringing defeat as Iraq is quickly becoming liability

June 30 Sovereignty Handover Looms

June 30 Handover Date Looms: Iraq's religious tide cannot be turned back

The Chalabi Fiasco: He's a pawn in a much larger strategic game as Bush Administration turns against its long-term friend and ally

Democracy or 'cut and run'? New U.S. man in Iraq is not known for bucking the bad guys - Explanation of the humiliation of US ally Chalabi: He knew too much

Coalition Troops 'Must Quit Iraq In Months, Not Years': Iraq's Defence Minister

UN Security Council discusses draft resolution on Iraq: Aimed at helping the Iraqis set up a transitional government to receive sovereignty on 30 June

'This is fiendishly difficult': Doubts surround the extent of the interim government's sovereignty

Iraq: To veto or not to veto - How much sovereignty to give new Iraqi government after June 30?

Iraq's Governing Council Slams Plan to Destroy Prison: Wants to continue torture practices

China Challenges Bush over Iraq: Wants firm date US troops will leave

Ex-Lt. Gen. Garner: Iraq Transition Too Hasty

US prisoner abuse 'widespread'

Iraqi Nuclear Scientist 'rejects Iraq PM job'

War News

US asks private sector to ease bullet shortage in Iraq: Indication as to how intense the combat is

Three U.S. Marines Killed in Action West of Baghdad

Witnesses: U.S. Convoy Attacked in Iraq

NEW DVD - Depleted Uranium Update: Hidden Dangers of Desert Storm War

Cleric offers Najaf withdrawal from holy city of Najaf

Top aide seized in war-torn Najaf: Brother-in-Law to cleric al-Sadr

Sadr fighters start withdrawal from Iraq holy city

But -- Iraqi Cleric's Militia Say Najaf Withdrawal on Hold - 5:25am ET

Drug causing GIs permanent brain damage

Army May Tap Training Units for Iraq Duty - Reflects strain Army is in because of Iraq War, other "peacekeeping" duties throughout the world

A Different Street Fight in Iraq: Battles in the sewers

Iraqi Shi'ites Bitter at Top Cleric's Silence: Why is he silent over US desecration of holy mosques and shrines?

UK Plans Modest Troop Reinforcement in Iraq

Iraq restarts women-in-combat debate: 20 females in service killed in war so far

US commander of the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has received honorary British Knighthood: Former US General Tommy Franks

Other countries' National ID schemes

RFID used to track vehicles for credit enforcement: Called "C-Chip"

Anger as US shifts South Korea forces


Wednesday, May 26, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Terrorism: Rumors of War

U.S. Warns Of Al Qaeda Threat This Summer: Agents in Country Said To Be Planning Attack

Al Qaeda Has 18,000 Militants for Raids - London Think Tank

New intelligence suggests terror operatives in U.S. for major attack: FBI sends warning to 18,000 agents nationwide

"Meldown" Movie: "The Threat Is Real" - Breaks June 6 - Click on word, "meltdown"

Terrorists Planning Summer Attack: "Intelligence does not include a time, place or method of attack"

Homeland Security's Missing Link

FBI apologizes to American lawyer falsely accused in Madrid bombing: Was able to defend himself in open court!

Related Story: Oregon foundation -- Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation -- not labeled terrorist organization

Japan Raids al-Qaida Suspect's Contacts In Tokyo

U.S., Russia Work with UN on Global Nuke Threat
: To round up all nuclear material scattered across the globe to keep it out of the hands of rogue states and militant groups seeking atomic weapons

Security scare shuts Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base: Bomb suspected after an Israeli was unable to give credentials for entry

U.S.-Led Terror War 'Bereft of Principle' -Amnesty International

Terrorists Eye Counterfeit Goods, Interpol Says

Nichols Case Goes to the Jury After Defense Argues Bombing Conspirator Was Set Up

Venus Transit of June 8: The Incredibly Rare Event is Visible in your Backyard or Live on the Web


2004 Campaign News

Transparent effort to find a scapegoat for troubled Iraq: Bush has just falsely overthrown the only real Iraq patriot capable of leading the Interim Government

Bush Promises the Appearance of Chaos Ahead

The DNC train wreck in Boston: Democrat National Convention to cost Boston businesses up to $150 million in lost revenue

Kerry Taps Into Anxiety Over Rising Gas Prices

Crude Falls Sharply on Profit-Taking

Israel - Palestinian War

Palestinian Dahlan: Rift might develop between PA and Hamas, Islamic Jihad

Bloody vengeance or assault on terrorists: Can the truth emerge from Rafah's ruins?

Inside Gaza's terror tunnels: Digger reveals how smugglers
transport arms using civilians

Israeli General Mofaz mulls compensation for Rafah homeless

Amnesty accuses both Israel, Palestinian groups of "crimes" in intifada

Israel might lift Arafat's travel ban

Most Palestinians, Israelis favor two-state solution

World spares Palestinian terrorists full Israeli wrath

Palestinian Authority opens Gaza arms stores to terrorists

Deputy Prime Minister Olmert: Majority of ministers lined up to support PM's Gaza plan

Sharon´s New Plan Calls for Egyptian Forces in Gaza

PM Sharon Intent on Carrying Out Unilateral Withdrawal

Secret Coalition Talks Anger Labor

Madonna Cuts Israel out of Tour Schedule: "Because of the attack on the leader of Hamas"

Madonna shocker: British tabloid says she'll simulate lesbian sex, electrocution during her Re-Invention Tour

Light-hearted 'Saved' spoofs evangelicals and their quirks: Parodies and stereotypes evangelical Christians

Wildfires force N.M. governor to declare state of emergency

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. planes, Afghan government troops, kill 20 Taliban in attacks

Scotland Yard to probe shrine blast in Bangladesh: Blast injured British High Commissioner to Bangladesh Anwar Chowdhury

Political turmoil in Nauru as opposition takes control of parliament

Thai officials oppose talks with Islamic terrorist leader

African, Latin American Leaders at World Bank Meeting Say Poverty Biggest Threat to World Peace

U.N. Security Council Expresses Concern Over Ethnic Violence in Western Sudan

Catholic Church Calls for War Crimes Tribunal In Liberia, Says It Would Set Deterrence

Southwest Dominican Republic a disaster area after flooding: Scores dead, missing

More than 130 dead in Haiti floods: New toll

Ireland pledges 100,000 euros aid for Caribbean flood victims

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Korean Generals Hold First-Ever Meeting

North and South Korea open talks aimed at reducing naval clashes

South Korean president accepts PM's resignation

North Korea ships uranium to Libya?

North Korea 'closer than suspected to nuclear arms' -- FACT: North Korea has long had over 100 nuclear warheads and the ballistic missiles to deliver them!

Seoul struggling to maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula

Green Cars Strive to End Oil Era

Disaster Movie Used to Highlight Environment

California Capitalists, Google Owner Back Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

NEW! UPDATED! Depleted Uranium of Desert Storm Wars - DVD - Interview with US Army D.U. Expert Doug Rokke From Basra Hospital

Torture and Sexual Degradation Scandal

Abuse of Captives More Widespread Than Previously Acknowledged: Army Survey -- Abuse began April 15, 2003, just days after Saddam's statute had been toppled

American Public Believes Prison Guards Were Following Orders: People rejecting idea that guards were just acting on their own!

General in jail abuse scandal replaced: Lt. General Sanchez relieved of Iraq command - to be replaced by much senior commander, probably a four-star general

U.S. General Linked to Use of Dogs at Prison - Washington Post - NOTE: Muslims consider dogs to be religously "unclean"

Four Army soldiers will be reprimanded for mistreating Iraqi prisoners last year

Nader Slams `Messianic Militarist' Bush: In Speech to Council on Foreign Relations -- Says Bush Should Be Impeached

Bill Introduced In Congress To Impeach Rumsfeld: For lying about the reason we were invading Iraq and for leadership in torture and sexual degradation scandal

Wartime Wireless Worries Pentagon: rapid proliferation of digital cameras, phonecams and wireless gadgets among soldiers and military contractors make Pentagon worry more pictures of abuse will become public

Remembering -- Paul Wolfowitz: Named 2003 "Man of the Year" by The Jerusalem Post

June 30 Handover News

Transparent effort to find a scapegoat for troubled Iraq: Bush has just falsely overthrown the only real Iraq patriot capable of leading the Interim Government

US firm on control of Iraq troops: American troops will remain under US control after June 30

US Military Reshuffle Timed for New Iraqi Interim Government

Iraqis to have 'veto' over troops: Iraqi interim government will have "limited control" over Coalition Forces military operations -- British Prime Minister Blair

Iraq 'sovereignty' issue causes split between U.S., Great Britain, Australia: Just how much "control" will Iraqi interim government have over Coalition Forces?

U.N. to name new Iraq premier of the interim government: NOTE: UN picks the premier, not US!

UN Security Council members mull over Iraqi plan

U.S. draft resolution at U.N. brings little sign of new foreign troop contributions to Iraq

White House Ignores Critics, Voices Iraq Optimism

War News

Most Holy Muslim Shrine Hit Twice In Month: Could ignite Islamic passion against us

Anger And Protests In Iraq As Shiite Shrine Bombed: Mosque hit by six American rockets

13 killed in Najaf mosque attack: One of the most sacred shrines of Shi'ites suffered minor damage

U.S. Forces Attack Shi'ite Fighters in Iraq Cemetery

Overnight Clashes Between US Forces, Militants Kill Nine, Wound 36

One of Serving Twin Brothers Killed in Iraq

Taiwan will not send troops to Iraq

The wars through Arab eyes: They see two occupations -- Israel occupying Palestinians and U.S. occupying Iraq

Seven Russian Workers Reported Ambushed Near Power Plant, Two Dead

Key Al-Sadr Aide Captured in Najaf

Army Reboots GIs' Tired Fatigues: Redesigning new military unit from skin out

Roman Catholic Sex Scandal News

Troubled Boston Archdiocese to close 65 parishes: Priest shortage, shrinking collections and the clergy sex abuse scandal combined to force decision

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' Video: Explains how Roman Catholic priests have sexually abused their parishoners for past 800 years!

In cuts, archdiocese is seen as sharing burden

The waiting ends with a letter: Emotions high at local parishes

Stay Out Of Our Churches Chicago Cardinal Tells Gays -- Catholic Seminaries are filled with "sex perverts" - "I Was A Priest"

As Many As 90% of Catholic Seminaries Are Comprised of Gay Men: "Priests, Sex and Celibacy" [Pages 23-37]

Hindus worship at Catholic Fátima altar -- Dalai Lama says the same spirit behind Hinduism is behind Roman Catholicism!

Gay - Lesbian News

Student Orientation: More teenage high school girls are testing same-sex relationships!

Same-Sex Marriage Is Satan's Blasphemous Counterfeit To Jesus' Marriage Supper of the Lamb - Video

Top Presbyterian Sees A Gay Future

Homosexual Agenda Exposed!

Greens' Gay Manifesto For Europe

Logo network aimed toward gays, lesbians: MTV-based cable network

HIV, AIDS on rise among HK gays

Moral Collapse

Harvard's sexy H Bomb Magazine begins delivery today: New publication draws line between art, pornography

Condoms take back seat to abstinence with US money: NOTE: Condoms do not prevent spread of AIDS anyway, as virus so small it passes right through the condom!

AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic

Tuscon Police Officer Uses Stun Gun On Special Needs 9-Year-Old, Then Handcuffed Her

Ireland wants to drain US brains: Nation will use major media campaign to lure scientists

Kerry a Fan of Venture Capital



Tuesday, May 25, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

President Bush's Major Policy Speech

Bush Says U.S. Will Persevere in Iraq: In speech before US Army War College, Bush says he will send more troops if necessary

Bush Invites Wary Iraqi Leaders To Join Interim Government

British Analysis: Bush stages political fightback

Text of Bush's Speech

Bush's vision of Iraq vs reality -- The wheels come off

Bush's Iraq Vision: Nothing new except a new prison

Bush can't win this election now. Kerry can only lose it -- A softly-softly long game will put a Democrat in the White House

Reactions to Bush Speech Vary Widely

Polls suggest public anxiety about Iraq high

Bush’s Foreign Policy ‘Falling Apart’: Growing hatred against America in the Arab world

Bush-Cheny Iraq War Worst Disaster In American Foreign Policy History?

Bush/Blair Invasion of Iraq Based Upon Lies, Distortions - Part 1 of 2

Bush/Blair Invasion of Iraq: "Smoking Gun" Evidence That Bush/Rumsfeld Deliberately Manufactured "Intelligence" To Justify War - Part 2 of 2

Bush's U.S. Public Approval Rating at New Low - Poll

Bush - Evangelicals: In Line for the Rapture


Israel - Palestinian War

Sharon's Bid for New Gaza Plan Gets Fresh Boost: He will avoid indictment for corruption, bribery

Deputy Prime Minister Olmert: PM has cabinet majority for revised plan

Israeli Army Modifying Security Fence As It Goes Along

Egypt Offers Help With Gaza Strip Security Plan

Rafah mourns dead as siege ends

Israel 'pauses' Rafah operation

US Congressman Lantos faults Egypt for Rafah Operation

Bulldozers threaten Gaza 'school of hope'

Palestinians flout the laws of war by placing children in midst of battle

Israel's State of Emergency extended for 6 months

Environmental News

'Day After Tomorrow': A lot of hot air -- "Film is propaganda designed to shift the policy of this nation on climate change" -- "remember that propaganda can have consequences

Movie Based Upon book, "The Coming Global Superstorm" -- Archived C/Edge article

Scientists, Religious Leaders Urge Congress to Take Action on Global Warming

Hey, brainiacs: 'The Day After Tomorrow' is just a movie

Land of Gullah joins endangered list: National Trust designates Sea Islands lifestyle as culture worth preserving - From North Carolina to Florida, part of annual “11 Most Endangered Places” list

Disaster white paper urges concrete earthquake, tsunami measures: Japan

Researchers monitor swarms of undersea quakes

National Parks fast falling into disrepair

Oil Price News

Oil price soars despite Saudi vow

Why are oil prices so high?

Iran's Zanganeh Backs Unspecified OPEC Output Hike

Russian Scientist Dies in Lab Accident: Accidentally stuck herself with deadly virus, Ebola

Emerging Viruses - AIDS and Ebola - Video by Dr. Len Horowitz

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

Two Koreas to Hold Rare Military Contact to Try to Ease Tension

U.S. Renews Calls for Dismantling of N. Korean Nukes

'New terms needed in N.K. nuke talks' : Complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of North Korea's nuclear programs

Japan's PM Koizumi's North Korea trip: Was it politically motivated?

Pyongyang viewed Koizumi as an unwelcome visitor

China - Taiwan Rumors of War

China ready to sacrifice 2008 Olympic Games to block Chen: First official response rejects Taiwan's apparent backpedalling on independence

Taiwan 'regrets' fresh war threat from China

Warning: Island's jets will be 'smashed'

Cause of cross-strait instability still there, warns Beijing

Harry Potter swamped by female fans

Will the world find salvation in IT? Why do pundits so often ignore the possibility that IT might improve life?

Feminizing the Nation's Boys

Christians look to form 'new nation' within U.S.: Same-sex marriage called last straw prompting plan for 1 state to secede - South Carolina selected as target state

Gay Marriage making divorce easier for gay couples in US

Same Sex Marriage Debate Moves to KC Appeals Court

Second wave of claims seen in Boston archdiocese sex abuse cases

The End of Religious Liberty in Canada

Nader Advises Kerry on VP Candidates

Fires Prompt New Mexico Emergency Declaration

Blast Closes Gasoline Pipeline in Washington State




Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

War News

Holiest Shi'ite Shrine in Iraq Damaged in Attack: Imam Ali shrine in Najaf

U.S. Troops Storm Another Mosque in Attack on Iraq Militia: Pools of blood lay inside the green-domed Sahla mosque -- A tank had smashed down the door of the mosque

US soldier killed in Iraq rocket attack

Two British civilians die as convoy ambushed

9 more Iraqis killed in overnight fighting in Iraq

Iraq Car Bomb, Clashes as Bush Vows to Stay Course

Bomb explodes near Australian mission in Baghdad

US-led war colonial and about oil, says Saudi ambassador

Wedding attack survivors, relatives seethe with anger

US under fire for use of firepower - Too many civilians being killed

U.S. Plans to Name A New Commander: Higher ranking than Lt. General

Torture - Sexual Degradation News

Bill Introduced In Congress To Impeach Rumsfeld: For lying about the reason we were invading Iraq and for leadership in torture and sexual degradation scandal

General Who Led Abu Ghraib MP Unit Suspended From Command: Insists she is just a scapegoat

Public Believes Prison Guards Were Following Orders: People rejecting idea that guards were just acting on their own!

Mysterious deaths worsen torture scandal: Abu Ghraib prison scandal seems to be growing out of control

US wants another UN exemption from war crimes law

Soldier's Lawyers Want Confession Thrown Out

Sivits Sentenced to Year in Jail for Iraqi Abuse

Ted Kennedy's anti-American slander

A SECOND former Guantanamo Bay prisoner has claimed that Australian Mamdouh Habib has been beaten by his US jailers

Stephen Cambone: Rumsfeld's henchman

Torture tales should stop indefinite detentions

Brutality starts at home: Army Times - "responsibility ... extends all the way up the chain of command to the highest reaches of the military hierarchy and its civilian leadership"

Did counsel's memo open way to abuse? Adviser argued for exempting Taliban and al-Qaida from Geneva Conventions in interrogations

UN Resolution News

United States presents new U.N. resolution on Iraq

UN gets Iraq handover plan -- Text of Resolution

Iraq resolution would give wide powers to US forces

No troop exit date in new UN draft

Key points in new U.N. resolution

Religious leaders call for UN to take lead role in Iraq: World Council and National Council of Churches

National Council of Churches USA will host an interfaith worship service on 5/27 in Washington, D.C., to mourn soldiers lost in Iraq

France Urges Changes to Iraq Draft Resolution

Troops immunity talks 'advancing': Demands that coalition troops remain immune from prosecution by Iraqis after the handover of power

If June 30 Handover Goes Badly, It Could Mean Mission Failure in Iraq

Iran calls for full transfer of power in Iraq, denies meddling

Headed over Niagara Falls: Zinni criticizes Bush severely

Global Terror

U.S. isn’t prepared for another attack: Hearings by Sept. 11 panel show how difficult it is to get agencies to coordinate efforts

"Not Prepared" -- One of the Repeating News Headlines Run Periodically Since 9/11

New laws to combat terrorism are working their way through Congress

MRTDs and a Global Infrastructure of Surveillance: Machine Readable Travel Documents required by Homeland Security and Patriot Act

"911 - The Road to Tyranny": DVD -- Video

Al Qaeda Has 18,000 Militants for Raids - London Think Tank

Less than 6% of all of world's ports pass UN anti-terror standards

SGI Pushes 'Big Data' with 10 Gigabit Ethernet

HHS Awards $498 Million to States to Improve Hospitals' Response to Bioterror Attacks, Other Disasters

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran boycotts Atlanta's Titan Games over combat in holy cities

Leftwing dictator or saviour of the poor: Chávez faces new challenge to his rule -- Oil-rich Venezuela is split over an attempt this week to secure a referendum to oust the controversial president

Corporate Investment, Government Double-Dealing And The Developing Andean War: War in Colombia seems to be spreading inexorably into Ecuador and Venezuela -- "Mercenary Contractors" operating in Columbia too!

Colombian rebels' deadly anniversary

Central Columbia: Rebels and troops fight pitched battle

Taliban Assaults Kill 3 in Afghanistan

Egypt turns down US invite to G-8 summit: Indicating its mistrust of a US plan to widen democracy in the Middle East

Hunt for militants sparks fierce clashes in Saudi town

Rebels torch Darfur village in Western Sudan, kill several residents

Brazil President Pledges to Recognize China as Market Economy

Taiwan is probing the possibility of signing a free-trade agreement (FTA) with Paraguay

India's new premier and old wounds

Indian Cartoon Animators Ride Outsourcing Wave

Donors to pump US$300 million into Haiti

BURUNDI: Annan to formally launch UN mission in June

Moral Values Collapse

Elementary Kids Wearing Rubber "sex bracelets": Parents are unaware that each piece of the cheap jewelry represents a different sex act

America's priorities on sex, violence on TV misplaced

New Zealand PM condemns decriminalising 12-year-old sex

Under-16s sex 'not a subject for police', should not be criminalized, New Zealand police say

Number of sexually transmitted diseases up 30%, more young people infected

Health officials alarmed by rise in chlamydia


Monday, May 24, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

The War that Dare Not Speak Its Name:
The battle is against militant Islam, not “Terror”

U.S. Troops Storm Mosque in Attack on Iraq Militia: Pools of blood lay inside the green-domed Sahla mosque -- A tank had smashed down the door of the mosque

Mahdi Fighter: 'I killed two and felt very proud. Now I just want to kill more' -- Angered by destruction of mosques, torture and sexual degradation and arrogance of American forces - "Americans haven't respected any of our traditions or Islamic values"

Analysis: Desecration and Destruction of Mosques is #1 Thing That Enrages Muslims

Bush’s Foreign Policy ‘Falling Apart’: Growing hatred against America in the Arab world

Iran tells US to pull out of Iraq

Coalition 'Must Control Its Own Troops in Iraq'

Another Blast Near Coalition HQ in Baghdad killed at least two Britons: Occurred Monday, 5/24 near an entrance to Baghdad's "Green Zone", Coalition HQ

Four Foreigners Said Killed In This Latest Bomb Blast Near Coalition HQ: Doomed vehicle was a bulletproof Toyota Land Cruiser that was on its way to the convention center in the Green Zone

Norwegian soldier killed in Kabul

Marines scramble to bolster Iraq security

Iraq Wedding Film Challenges U.S. on Air Strike: Strengthens perceptions among many Iraqis that Americans are capable of brutality and incompetence

War on Iraq: An International Crime: View From India

Bush to Spell Out Iraq Plan: Major Fighting Flares Up

Iraqi Governing Council Member Chalabi calls U.S. mission 'a failure'

Chalabi - Pentagon protege - humiliated as US and Iraqi police raid his Baghdad villa - Even entered his bedroom

Morgue Records Show 5,500 Iraqis Killed -- But -- "Iraq Body Count" shows double that figure

UN to examine Iraq handover plan

Troops immunity talks 'advancing': Demands that coalition troops remain immune from prosecution by Iraqis after the handover of power

Abu Ghraib inmates detail humiliations: Humiliation in manner unique to Muslim religions during holy month of Ramadan

Rumsfeld bans camera phones: Some of the damning photos showing prison abuse and humiliations were taken by camera phones

Ex-Centcom Chief Zinni Blasts Pentagon for War Woes: Retired Marine General

Berg Beheading: No way, say medical experts working with Asia Times Magazine Online "... video depicting the decapitation appears to have been staged"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

New Indian Cabinet in Trouble from the Start

Afghan elections to be delayed

Two International Peacekeeper Casualties in Kabul Rocket Attack

U.S. Military Denies Reported Border Incursions Into Pakistan

Doubts cast over Arab leaders' resolution to reform

7 Million Refugees Are Denied Their Rights: Worldwide

British Scientist in Kenya now in trouble for AIDS study

'Now or never' for Darfur, Sudan - Sudan: Muslim's Hidden Holocaust Against Christians - Video

Faith Under Fire: Pictorial Record of Current Christian Persecution Throughout The World

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korea Provided Libyan Uranium -- NY Times

Japanese Leader Enjoys Boost in Support Polls Following Summit in North Korea

South Korean Prime Minister Submits Resignation

Editorial: Korean withdrawal / Pulling U.S. troops is the right thing to do - But ramifications may be serious

S. Korea Seeks Alternative Wording to U.S. Demand in N.K. Nuke Standoff

Pew Research Center Survey Finds Moderates, Liberals Dominate News Outlets

Lawsuits Claim Link Between WTC Ground Zero Toxins, Illnesses: Over 1,700 now sick including 300 firefighters, rescue workers

UNreformable? United Nations drops the ball

Breaking News

United States, Britain Present New U.N. Resolution On Iraq: Authorizes International Military Force After June 30 -- US troops will remain under American command


War: Israel - Palestinians

Israel Urged To Conduct Pre-Emptive Strikes On WMD: The Final Report of Project Daniel - April 2004

Hizballah’s Election Gains Upset Regional Strategic Balance: Israel Faces Prospect of Entire Country Controlled By Terrorist Hizballah

Palestinians Plot “North Korean Tunnels” to Erase Israel-Egyptian Peace Frontier: Planned tunnels which could allow 10,000 troops per hour to pass through

Tunnel Smuggling: How about some facts?

Rafah Encircled by Israeli Forces, Palestinian Combatants Flee

PA police arming Gaza terror groups: Transferring weapons to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip - Hamas also planning "Mega-Terror" attack

IDF battles media bias, int'l hypocrisy in Gaza

Official IDF Source Confirms: Have Photos of Palestinians Killing 2 Palestinian Children -- Propaganda ploy

Gaza withdrawal plan may start with 3 settlements

Palestinian's Dahlan denies holding talks with Israel for 'the day after'

Sharon to meet Egyptian security chief

PM Sharon meets ministers on his revised disengagment plan

Peres: Unity coalition impossible

2004 Campaign News

Bush’s Foreign Policy ‘Falling Apart’: Growing hatred against America in the Arab world

Employment rebounds in states that could decide next president

Bush suffers cuts, bruises while mountain biking - Kerry pokes fun

Kerry Gets "Google-Bombed"

Nader urges Kerry to stop running ads telling voters that a vote for Nader helps Bush win re-election

Amid Democrat convention scrambling, rift shows: Boston, campaign split on mission

Hub police hoping for lessons in G-8 summit: In preparation for the upcoming Democratic National Convention

Extreme Environmental Message On Display

Activists plan to make 'Day After Tomorrow' the "Eye of the Storm"

'Only nuclear power can now halt global warming': Leading environmentalist urges radical rethink on climate change - Civilization might be overwhelmed by Global Warming

Heinz Kerry has an ecology agenda

'The ice is melting much faster than we thought'

Archives: Ultimate Goal of "Sustainability" of Civilization May Be The Coming Global Superstorm

Midwest Hit by Tornadoes, One Dead

Scientists Watch for 'Slow Quake' - Trying to determine when next quake will hit Pacific Northwest

Global Terrorism

Terror Threat: Madonna skips Israel due to terror threats against her and her kids

Terror Suspect Says Abu Bakar Bashir Was in Charge of Jemaah Islamiyah in Southeast Asia


OPEC Tight-Lipped as Saudi Arabia Goes Alone

Consumer E-Privacy Measures Head to California Senate

Scots jump on board UK biometric ID card trial

Clubbers in Spain choose chip implants to jump queues -- Instead of carrying a membership card

Microchips to save Peru's alpacas from being smuggled out of country

Gay - Lesbian News

California Supreme Court Weighing Issue of Mayoral Powers in Gay Marriages Case

Gay Club Planned On Every College Campuses

"Be Careful, Little Eyes" -- Children's books are not all soft and cuddly -- Children can learn about Homosexuality, bestiality, horror and suicide

Homosexual Behavior A Public Health Issue?



Sunday, May 23, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Major New Video: "Passion, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift" -- Demonstrates how the planned shift in Christian religious thinking is occurring right now toward false Christianity so Antichrist can arise. Four elements working simultaneously are producing this values shift: "The Passion" movie; Purpose Driven Church Movement; "Da Vinci" Code; "Left Behind" series

Also available in DVD

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Venezuela's 'Bay of Pigs': 131 alleged Colombian paramilitaries in the outskirts of Caracas, attempting to effect a "Regime Change"

Explosion Near Peacekeepers' Bases, U.N. Compound in Afghan Capital, Official Says

27 Indian troops killed in Kashmir landmine blast

Economist sworn in as India's new premier

Russia's Putin Congratulates New Indian Prime Minister

Pakistan hails lifting of Commonwealth ban

Leaders pledge to launch reforms at Arab summit

Gaddafi flays Arab League Leader, Moussa, over truce plan

German gunned down on Riyadh highway

Saudi forces seize weapons, explosives from terrorists

Suspected Rebels Explode Bomb in Colombia Disco, Killing Five

Diplomats: Evidence Points to North Korea as Supplier of Uranium to Libya

Israel - Palestinian War

Map of Area

Official Compares Israeli Action to Nazi's: Israeli Cabinet Minister Compares Rafah Home Demolitions to Actions Nazis Took Against His Family

Child killed in Rafah as incursion continues amid UN censure

Revised Pull-out Gaza plan Soon

U.N.: 128 Palestinians killed last 30 days

IDF: There is no humanitarian disaster in Rafah

Hamas overtaking Arafat's Fatah in West Bank: Extremist positions gaining ground in West Bank

Supreme Court President Barak lauds IDF in Gaza

Egypt's fault: Smuggled arms through Rafah came from Egypt

Sharon and Peres mulling new centrist party

17-year-old Israelis charged with assisting Hezbollah

Israeli Foreign Ministry slams Ireland for effort to de-legitimize Israel

2004 Campaign News

Bush Suffers Cuts, Bruises While Biking: Fell off bike on the 16th mile of a 17-mile ride

Kerry idea finds support to delay nomination convention: Boston wary as Menino aides question timing

NYC vows no major closings for RNC

Close race in S.D. ensnares US Senate leaders

Republican Senator Lugar questions US policies on Iraq, terrorism:
Criticizes neglect of allies, use of force in speech

NATO is preparing for major war

Los Alamos Lab Loses More Highly Classified Data

Trusts Suddenly Terminate: Investors Could Lose Millions

Part of Roof at Paris Airport Terminal Collapses, Killing at Least Five


Breaking News

U.S. Troops Storm Mosque in Attack on Iraq Militia: Pools of blood lay inside the green-domed Sahla mosque -- A tank had smashed down the door of the mosque

Analysis: Desecration and Destruction of Mosques is #1 Thing That Enrages Muslims

Berg Beheading: No way, say medical experts working with Asia Times Magazine Online

"... video depicting the decapitation appears to have been staged."

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Torture, Sexual Degradation News

Why America's top liberal lawyer wants to legalise torture: NOTE: Disgusting Alan Dershowitz argues the Nazi principle -- Make crime legal!

Continuing the Cover-Up? Military Takes Action Against Key Witness in Abu Ghraib Abuse Scandal

US general Sanchez linked to Abu Ghraib abuse: Leaked memo reveals control of prison passed to military intelligence to 'manipulate detainees' - "Smoking Gun" evidence that prison abuse responsibility goes clear to the top

US commander may have been present during abuse: Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez was present during some "interrogations and/or allegations of the prisoner abuse"

Report links U.S. general to Iraq prison abuse: Lawyer says General Sanchez WAS present during abusive interrogation at Abu Ghraib prison

Religious Warrior of Abu Ghraib: Evangelical Christian US general was at the heart of a secret operation to "Gitmoize" (Guantánamo is known as Gitmo) the Abu Ghraib prison, i.e., make Abu Ghraib as abusive as Guantanamo Bay always has been!

'We're forced to renounce Islam, eat pork': Confirms Cutting Edge analysis

Nightmare never ending at Abu Ghraib - Scrutiny of Prisoner Handling May Spread to Guantanamo Compound

War News

Iraqis lose right to sue troops over war crimes: Military wins immunity pledge in deal on UN vote -- Related Story

US tactics 'heavy handed' says memo from Great Britain's Straw

14 U.S. Military Bases Under Construction In Iraq: To keep Iraq as an indefinite "American colony"?

US forces, al-Sadr militia battle in Kufa

Al Sadr militia to quit holy cities if US does so

Iran formally warns US over Iraq -- Related Story

Bush Tries To Get A Grip On Iraq With Major Speech Monday

Bush Said To Be Desperate As He Prepares Speech

Don't give Iraqis self-rule all at once

If June 30 Handover Goes Badly, It Could Mean Mission Failure in Iraq

Karbala calm as militia loyal to the radical Shia cleric, Moqtada Sadr withdraws

Former foreign minister cashes in on Iraq crisis: Head of "Private Security" Company

Iraq minister hurt as blast kills 5

Iran admits close contacts with Chalabi, rejects spying charges

Analysis: Just how far the mighty Chalabi has fallen: US has given him control stretching from the oil industry, to the banking system, to purges of former members of Saddam Hussain's Baath Party

Gadhafi, Arab leaders, urging U.N. peacekeepers in Iraq to replace Coalition Forces

Germany's Schröder has doubts on a NATO role in Iraq

Violence Leaves Iraqis in Despair: US unable to stem rising tide of violence

Another enemy looms -- Iraq debt $120 billion owed; 9 times nation's economic output

Married Lesbians File Malpractice Suit



Saturday, May 22, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

- 15:18 Hours - 5/22/2004

Berg Beheading: No way, say medical experts working with Asia Times Online

"... video depicting the decapitation appears to have been staged."


Major New Video: "Passion, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift" -- Demonstrates how the planned shift in Christian religious thinking is occurring right now toward false Christianity so Antichrist can arise. Four elements working simultaneously are producing this values shift: "The Passion" movie; Purpose Driven Church Movement; "Da Vinci" Code; "Left Behind" series

Also available in DVD

Alaskans Sue to Stop CAPPS II : Federal government's proposed new airline passenger-profiling plan

Israel - Palestinian War

Breaking News: West Bank Suicide Bombing Injures Four

Israel pulls back forces from Rafah: Palestinians return to demolished homes after a 4-day offensive in the refugee camp

Israeli military operations kill eight more in Gaza

Arab league: Israel war crimes to the Hague: Israel's actions in Gaza and Rafah are a "war crime", "ethnic cleansing"

UN: Demolition of Gaza homes is violation of international law

Turkish Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Gul: We Are Extremely Concerned About Developments In Palestine

Arab leaders to condemn attacks on Israelis for first time: Unprecedented!

Women, children, elderly called to battle: Palestinian Authority put them in harm's way as Israelis fought terrorists

Why Peace Is Impossible With Palestinians

Al-Aksa Brigade threatens to kidnap IDF soldiers: Arafat's group

Arafat at heart of human rights abuse report

Arab League protested Vienna's plans to name a city square after the father of Zionism

Arab League Head Moussa: Arab League ready for peace with Israel

PA to include terrorist factions in Arab League summit delegation

Wiesenthal Center to Jews: Don't attend Olympics

Separation of Populations Continues

Dismantling Of Outposts Is Illegal: Likud Party Minister

Fears that Another Jewish Neighborhood Will be Destroyed

Meeting The Challenge Of Another Disengagement Plan

Peres holds secret meeting with Likud official to discuss joining Sharon's government

Is Bush Reneging? Appears to be reneging on even the oral assurances he provided Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Panic Withdrawal From Lebanon Led To Oslo War

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. Probes 8 More Iraq, Afghan Prisoner Homicides

The targets are Venezuela and Cuba: New Intrigues of US imperialism - View from Mexico City

Iran Gives U.N. Second 'Full' Nuclear Dossier

How trustworthy is Iran?

Sudan: Ebola-Like Virus Confirmed in Western Equatoria

Oil Price Relief?

Saudi Oil Output Hike Proposal Welcome -U.S. Treasury Secretry Snow

U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow to Back G7 Call for OPEC Output Hike

Oil Prices Drop As Much As $1 Per Barrel: Saudis have agreed to pump an additional 500,000 barrels of crude per day, beginning in June

Gay - Lesbian News

Madonna shocker: British tabloid says she'll simulate lesbian sex, electrocution during her Re-Invention Tour

Massachusetts Seeks to Halt Some Gay Marriages

Homosexuals promise to continue to pressure for same sex marriage in Illinois

Don't Mislabel Drag Queens, Kings as Mentally Diseased: Student at U/California at Santa Barbara

Are children of gay parents worse off?

IL Media Watch: Is the media pushing gay rights as civil rights?

Sex symposium takes women by storm

The video game nudity trend

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi War Is Fulfilling Prophetic End Times Judgment On Iraq -- Isaiah 13 is being exactly fulfilled through this war

War News

Breaking News: Loud Blasts Echo Across Central Baghdad not far from the "Green Zone" headquarters of the U.S.-led administration, from either rockets or mortars

Five killed in Baghdad car blast: Deputy Interior Minister injured

U.S. Soldier Killed in Car Bomb Attack in Iraq

Al-Jazeera cameraman, eight others, killed in holy Iraq city

US under fire over Chalabi raid: US-appointed Iraqi Governing Council has criticised Thursday's raid on the home and party HQ of one of its leading members

Last Spanish troops leave Iraq

Britain Officially Probes Iraqi Civilian Killing

U.S. Soldier Found Guilty of Deserting Iraq Unit: He saw prisoners being abused in Iraq and he said fighters in battle can lose perspective of the value of human life

Bush to Outline 'Clear Strategy' for Iraq Monday

Torture, Sexual Degradation

US general Sanchez linked to Abu Ghraib abuse: Leaked memo reveals control of prison passed to military intelligence to 'manipulate detainees' - "Smoking Gun" evidence that prison abuse responsibility goes clear to the top

Religious Warrior of Abu Ghraib: Evangelical Christian US general was at the heart of a secret operation to "Gitmoize" (Guantánamo is known as Gitmo) the Abu Ghraib prison, i.e., make Abu Ghraib as abusive as Guantanamo Bay always has been!

New Iraq Abuse Pictures 'Like Porn'

But Rush Limbaugh Excuses Prison Abuses Because They Were Just Like American Porn: Just good old boys just relaxing and blowing off steam!

Iraq Prison Torture Was for Fun, Not Results

The Naked Pyramid: 'I Was Laughing at Some of the Stuff'

Abuse Photo Gallery

Skipped autopsies in Iraq revealed: Of prisoners who died of "mysterious causes"

Many Iraq Prison Abuses Occurred in November

Brutal interrogation in Iraq

UN Delays Vote Exempting U.S. from War Crimes Court

U.S. Preparing for Influx of Compensation Claims by Abused Iraqis

Teachers who showed Texas students video of beheading will get their jobs back

2004 Campaign News

Kerry may delay official nomination: Move would be advantage in spending race

Democratic Convention bust may reach $50m: Commuters, tourists, customers staying away from Boston area during convention

Kerry's campaign theme: Bash Bush all the time

Will Bush fight Kerry like Tyson or the Terminator?

A label Kerry should be proud of

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco won't back off Bush condemnation

Catholic Church must not dictate politics

Global Terrorism

Tight terrorist security for first Spanish royal wedding in century

U.S. man had no links to Spain bombing

Senator Hatch flays animal-rights 'terrorists'

Moody's Upgrades California, Citing Recovery - Endorsement of steps Gov. Schwarzenegger has taken to bring California back from brink of fiscal crisis

100,000 Catholic pilgrims expected in Austria to pray for reconciliation in the newly enlarged Europe Union

Thousands may be vCJD (Mad Cow Disease) carriers: UK scientists fear

Politically incorrect Cosby shocks crowd: Mocked blacks' values, educational priorities, language and criminal activity


Friday, May 21, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Major New Video: "Passion, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift" -- Demonstrates how the planned shift in Christian religious thinking is occurring right now toward false Christianity so Antichrist can arise. Four elements working simultaneously are producing this values shift: "The Passion" movie; Purpose Driven Church Movement; "Da Vinci" Code; "Left Behind" series

Also available in DVD


FBI Warns: Suicide Bombers Loose In American Cities

U.S. Orders Amtrak and All Commuter Rails to Increase Security

Israeli - Palestinian War News

Rafah - Gaza Incursion

UN Human Rights Expert Voices Horror At Gaza Action

Bulldozers crush hope in Rafah camp: Palestinians scramble to safety as Israeli attack flattens homes

Israel ends deadly incursion into Palestinian refugee camp

IDF: Operation Rainbow is far from over - Withdrawing in some areas while expanding operations in other areas

UN: Israel must stop demolishing Rafah homes

Great Map of Rafah In the Gaza Strip: On Egyptian border with Israel

Gaza town in shock at bloodshed: Rafah resident in shock and outrage at destruction

Press focuses on Rafah killings

Rafah is a Nightmare -- Editorial

Gaza's only zoo destroyed in Rafah raid

AG asks IDF for alternative plan to Rafah demolitions

Israel rejects world's censure

Other News

Jordanian soldier fires at Israelis on border

Justice minister: Arafat may be next to be tried for murder

Doomed to Death

Jewish Left-Wing 'Peace Now' Under Investigation for Espionage Activities

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Kashmiris need to unite: Iranian official - Prophetic importance of Kashmir

US Chopper Raid Kills 3 Afghans, Angry Locals Say

U.S. presses Russia on arms initiative, Iran

Bush Sends People of Cuban Heritage Greeting: Cuban Independence Day

Islamabad (Turkey) condemns Israeli incursion

House Defies Bush on Military Base Closings

OPEC Quota Increase May Have Little Impact on Crude-Oil Prices

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

North Korean Dictator Kim has a yen for Japanese cash

South Korean Ruling Party Unfazed by US Troop Redeployment

North Korea 'Comfort Woman' Testifies at Seoul Conference: Japanese soldiers were brutal in World War II

N. Korea Urges U.S. to Accept Nuclear 'Freeze-for-Compensation'

For Speeders, Hybrids Suck Gas

U.S. May Get a Privacy Czar: To protect the privacy and civil liberties of Americans

Are You a Potential Terrorist? Has names of 120,000 people who showed a statistical likelihood of being terrorists — sparking some investigations and arrests - includes information on people with no criminal record

2004 Campaign News

Poll: Little Movement in Bush-Kerry Matchup

Will Iraq Derail President Bush's Re-election?

McCain-Feingold fails to stop political money through "Campaign Finance Reform" Bill

"Campaign Finance Reform" Is A Clever Attack On Our First Amendment Free Speech rights

An 8-year-old boy overdosed at school, reportedly on 25 Ritalin pills: School Secretary gave him the pills

Women accuse Catholic priests of abuse

Black Sabbath to Reunite for Ozzfest: Will include a reunited Judas Priest, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Superjoint Ritual (featuring Phil Anselmo) and Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society

President Bush Loves Ozzy Osbourne: "Bush's Headbanger's Ball"

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi War Is Fulfilling Prophetic End Times Judgment On Iraq -- Isaiah 13 is being exactly fulfilled through this war

Fresh Torture, Sexual Degradation News

New Details of Prison Abuse Emerge: Abu Ghraib Detainees' Statements Describe Sexual Humiliation And Savage Beatings -- Page 3 - Tortured in the name of Jesus?

The Graphic New Images: Videos Amplify Picture of Violence -- Shows a variety of abusive techniques previously unseen, soldiers appearing to delight in the abuses, and they starkly reveal several detainees cowering in fear -- prisoner in flexible handcuffs is made to use a banana to simulate anal sex

But, Rush Limbaugh says these were just soldiers relaxing and "blowing off steam" -- Terms degradation "brilliant" because each one was aimed at specific Muslim sensibility

U.S. Seeks Exemption for U.S. Peackeepers: Wants to extend the exemption of U.S. peacekeepers from international prosecution

Fresh images fuel Arab anger over Abu Ghraib

Religious Warrior of Abu Ghraib: Evangelical Christian US general was at the heart of a secret operation to "Gitmoize" (Guantánamo is known as Gitmo) the Abu Ghraib prison, i.e., make Abu Ghraib as abusive as Guantanamo Bay always has been!

US general admits abuse of prisoners widespread

Lawyer Fired From Lynndie England Defense Team

Military Denies Abusing Detained Iraqi Journalists Who Worked For Reuters News Service

Officials: Gitmo Interrogators Asked to Toughen Methods In 2002

War News

Wedding Strike Disaster

Lies About Crimes: When American helicopters or Israeli tanks cause death to innocent civilians on a similar scale, there is always an explanation

Iraqis bury victims of US strike on wedding party

Witnesses: U.S. Airstrike Began After Wedding - Most victims were from Bou Fahad tribe

No apology for Iraq attack on wedding party: Marine general -- Arab viewpoint

Celebrations turn to panic as US helicopter bombs wedding

Raid On Trusted Iraqi Politician

Raid on Chalabi home sparks anger: Had criticized Coalition Forces

Chalabi savages US after raid by troops: Once the US's favoured candidate to become president of Iraq

Chalabi: America's 'Best Friend' An Iranian Spy?

Chalabi quits after US forces raid his compound

Other War News

Shia outrage over shrine 'attacks'

Najaf's hallowed cemetery: As US tanks prowl in the cemetary, remember it is the place believed to be the Muslim entry to Paradise!

U.S. Troops Continue To Fight Rebels in Holy Shi'ite City

Rebel Cleric al-Sadr: Urges his fighters to keep battling US troops in holy cities even if he is killed

Muslims Are More Ouraged Over Desecration and Destruction of Their Holy Places Than Anything Else

US Arrests Rebel Cleric's Supporters in North Iraq: Arrested 11 followers of Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr

Insurgent Gunmen Kill Four Iraqi Security Forces

Father tells of his shock at son's death in Iraq: Son had lied to Dad, telling him he was working in Kuwait

Marine Dies in Iraq Vehicle Accident: While conducting "security and stability operations" in western Iraq

Iraqis see U.S. army's ignorance of local culture at heart of occupation woes

'Doonesbury' to Honor Iraq War Dead

Families Fight for Military Banking Benefits: Country's "citizen soldiers" families are hurting

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi lashed out at President Bush: Iraq policies show incompetence, only conclusion to draw is that "the emperor has no clothes"

US military report draws Vietnam-Iraq parallel

Bush Says Iraqis Ready to Take Power

New UN Resolution Taking Shape on June 30 Iraq Transition

Pakistan to contribute troops in Iraq only under UN mandate

U.S. Releases Man Questioned for Madrid Suicide Bombings

Fight over e-voting leaves election plans as casualties

Are You Ready For Soul Catcher 2025? Implantable Chip Behind The Eye

Compromise Reached on S.C. Tattoo Ban: State close to removing its ban on tattoos

RFID chips pressed into laundered clothes

'Create a baby' reality TV show goes live

ABC’s wife swap: "Not what you think (yet)"

Naked rollercoaster record feat: British students pile naked into rollercoaster ride


Thursday, May 20, 2004 -- "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Torture, Sexual Degradation News

More Abuse Photos Surface: Soldiers Shown Giving Thumbs Up Sign
By Body of Dead Iraqi Prisoner

Religious Warrior of Abu Ghraib: Evangelical Christian US general was at the heart of a secret operation to "Gitmoize" (Guantánamo is known as Gitmo) the Abu Ghraib prison, i.e., make Abu Ghraib as abusive as Guantanamo Bay always has been!

Senate wants Gitmo 'torture' videos, too: Story from Guantanamo Bay prison said to be identical to Iraqi prisons - Torture plus sexual humiliations

‘Definitely a Cover-Up’: Former Abu Ghraib Intel Staffer Says Army Concealed Involvement in Abuse Scandal

Rumsfeld accused on abuse: US defence secretary 'authorised tough intelligence programme' - encouraged physical coercion and sexual humiliation to obtain intelligence

GI gets jail, but Iraqis skeptical: Muslims believe sentence much too light

US Military Intelligence Analyst: 16-Year-Old Son Was Abused In Order To Break Father


BIG LIE: 'This system is broken': Top U.S. general takes responsibility for actions at Abu Ghraib, but says complaints of abuse didn't reach him

THE TRUTH: Top US generals in Iraq knew prison abuses last fall


Analysis: Former Marine Recently Returned From Iraq Confirms From First-Hand Witness What Cutting Edge Has Been Saying About This War: Deliberate killing of civilians, Depleted Uranium, use of Cluster Bombs

Jazeera's Iraq Coverage Hits U.S. Raw Nerve: Qatar-based TV station has had US officials interviewed

British cartoonist to sketch U.S. trials in Iraq

General: Abusive Guards Could Face More Charges: Criminal charges

Reuters Staff Abused by U.S. Troops in Iraq

War News

US air strike kills 45 at wedding party, claim Iraqis -- Related Story

Disputed, and deadly: Iraqis say U.S. killed civilians who had fired shots in celebration at a wedding; U.S. says house was a hideout

Iraq's rebel cleric gains surge in popularity: Nine out of ten Iraqis see US troops as occupiers and not liberators or peacekeepers

US Gen. Abizaid Warns: Iraq Could Get More Violent After June 30

Officials Now Say: Sarin-Filled Shell 'Old and Unmarked'

Ex-Soldier Killed in Iraq 'A Brilliant Guy': Civilian Security Worker (Paid Mercenary)

US Troops Search Home of Iraqi Political Leader: Ahmad Chalabi has been openly critical of Coalition Forces

Cheney Vows U.S. Will Fight on in Iraq

Political Repercussions

Najaf's hallowed cemetery: As US tanks prowl in the cemetary, remember it is the place believed to be the Muslim entry to Paradise!

Muslims Are More Ouraged Over Desecration and Destruction of Their Holy Places Than Anything Else

We are now the problem in Iraq: Author: I supported the war, but only our withdrawal can end insurgency

Bush Rushing to Show Iraq Handover Strategy

U.S. Wants Quick Handover of Its Prisons in Iraq: Wants to hand over prisons to Iraq after June 30

Dowd: Welcome to "Bushworld", where things aren't what they appear to be

Maureen Dowd, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times Columnist: To Publish Her First Book, BUSHWORLD, This Summer

Italy's Prime Minister Berlusconi in US for Iraq talks

Honduran troops complete withdrawal from Iraq

US imperial dreams sink in Iraqi quagmire


BIG LIE: CIA deliberately misleading on WMD: Powell says CIA was mislead

THE TRUTH: Bush/Rumsfeld created bogus "Intelligence Agency" to provide the false intelligence that would justify war against Iraq

GOP Gets $2.4 Trillion Budget Through House, Senate Woes Loom

New software to help detect "likely" terrorists

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

U.S. Military Vows to Keep Afghan Jails Secret

USA has started preparations for war with Syria: Economic sanctions often first step in launching invsion

The dilemmas of Iran's policy toward Iraq

Pakistan: After the hammer, now the screws - US forces take more active role within Pakistan after Pakistani Army did not do the job of routing terrorist forces

Economist chosen to lead India: Manmohan Singh, seen as godfather to nation's booming economy, is Gandhi's choice for Prime Minister

Venezuelan Vice president critical of new US ambassador nominee: For urging other countries to be more involved in helping resolve Venezuela's political crisis

Bush's anti-Castro beat

Colombian Troops Seize Cyanide Bullets

Brazil Has Six-Month Reform Window

Brazil: President Lula's Great China Trip

Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo, has sacked three ministers from former rebel group

Cambodians remember Killing Fields

British Poll suggests ID card backlash

'False IDs would last for life': People could get ID cards using false identities but would be saddled with them for life

China reveals massive smart ID card plan

Mary Leads Us to Hope: Cardinal Martino

Catholicism: White Sepulcher ''Christianity'' - Dynamic video

Confession of Sins To A Priest Leads to an Experience of Joy: Pope

The Priest, the Woman, In The Confessional

Environmental Disaster Conditioning

Climate change will have catastrophic effect on key rivers

Gore Stumps for "Tomorrow": The movie is The Day After Tomorrow, a $125 million summer disaster flick

Archives: Coming Global Superstorm -- Is this book the basis for "Day After Tomorrow"?

North America faces up to four "major" hurricanes in 2004

Ice-breaking ships are polluting the Antarctic

Terra Bird Tracks Global Pollution

National poll indicates strong support for abstinence-only sex education

China Moves to Crush Millions-Strong Christian House Church

Britain opens world's first stem cell bank

Creator of the controversial “Jesus Dress-Up” refrigerator magnets being sold at Philadelphia-area stores spoke exclusively to NBC 10 on Tuesday night

Conditioning For Antichrist

'Da Vinci Code' Author: I Left Out Material -- "He considered including material alleging that Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion"

Analysis: Believing In Lie of 'Da Vinci Code" Is Essential If People Are To Accept Claims of Antichrist -- Part 1 of 2 -- Lie also known as "Merovingian Bloodline"

Analysis: ABC News Exposes 6.6 Billion People To Merovingian Bloodline, Without Which Antichrist Cannot Prove His Lineage Back To King David - Part 2 of 2

Israel - Palestinian War

"Operation Rainbow" In Rafah

Ten die as Israeli tanks fire on peaceful protest -- Were militants using civilian crowd as "human shields"?

World reacts wildly to Gaza fatalities, ignores international law

Israel Kills Five More Despite Gaza Outcry

Israel intensifies Gaza offensive

IDF expands Rafah "Operation Rainbow"

Great Map of Rafah In the Gaza Strip: On Egyptian border with Israel

Time is running out for "Operation Rainbow" in Rafah

In pictures: Gaza violence

Rafah Invasion: Pointless destruction

Bush urges 'restraint' from Israel, Palestinians

In Pictures: IDF Soldiers Searching for Gaza's Arms Smuggling Tunnels

Palestinian Authority presses for international presence in Rafah

Palestinians try to abduct US journalist in Rafah

U.S. Allows U.N. Council to Rebuke Israel on Gaza

Other News

Eastern Temple wall in danger of immediate collapse: Collapse could cause "domino effect", causing other sections to also fall

Fatah Terrorist Barghouti convicted in deaths of five people

Palestinian boy, 13, killed by IDF troops near Hebron

Israeli Attorney General Mazuz to decide whether to indict Sharon by mid-June

Jerusalem population close to 700,000

Sharon delays presentation of disengagement plan to cabinet

"Battle" At Settlement of Mitzpeh Yitzhar

PM Sharon Still Insists On Destroying Settlement of Gush Katif

Yasser Arafat says he'll protect the Olympics from terrorism: Olympic Sized Chutzpah

2004 Campaign News

Kerry, Rival Nader Discuss White House Bids: Held "a friendly discussion" while Nader said he was "helping John Kerry"

Kerry "Open" to Anti-Abortion Judges

Kerry, Bush Offer Voters Little Choice -- Exactly!!! -- Bonesman Kerry vs Bonesman Bush

From the White House, a nightmare scenario: Terrorism during presidential election

How India funds Bush's campaign

John Kerry: A thorn in India's side

Analysis: Gas prices now political issue - US futures fall from record high

Bush: Tapping Emergency Oil Would Endanger U.S.

OPEC May Approve Saudi Plan to Boost Oil Quotas as Prices Soar

9/11 Attacks In The News

Families of Victims Heckle Giuliani at 9/11 Hearing: Outraged that he was asked such gentle questions with no hard questioning allowed

Sept. 11 Families Make Presence Known

Cutting Edge Archives: Remembering The "Smoking Gun" Evidence That 9/11 Attacks Were Planned At Least As Far Back As 1995

XXXchurch Wants No More XXX

Non-Integrating States News -- Korean Peninsula

South Korean President Says Unfazed by U.S. Troop Plan

South Korea Prepares for Talks on Big U.S. Troop Cuts: Current cut of 3,600 troops beginning of a total cut of 12,000

South Korean leader braces for U.S. troops cut

North Korean Talks Stalled

Abductees, Nukes on Japan-North Korea Summit Agenda

EAST ASIA: Why Japan is building a ballistic missile defence

Taiwan - China

Taiwan leader is sworn in for second term: Will focus on improving ties with China but warns Taiwan must improve military defenses

No imminent military crisis in Taiwan Strait: US military chief in Asia

Taiwan investors' 'China fever' cools

Taiwan, a victim of UN 'health apartheid'?

Orbital Taurus To Launch Taiwan's ROCSAT-2 Remote Sensing Satellite

Global Terrorism

Taliban in Texas: Big Oil hankers for old pals

US: Where have all the terrorists gone?

Under cross-examination, terrorism expert acknowledges difficulty in labeling terrorists

Senate Approves $5.6B BioShield Measure - To protect against possible germ or chemical attacks on American soil

FBI Agent: 2004 Will Be Remembered as 'Summer of Terror'

Threat Posed By Animal Extremists and Eco-Terrorists In USA: Full statement by John E. Lewis, FBI Counter-Terrorism Division

Editorial: We mustn't be ruled by our fears

Terrorism drill being held today in Chestertown: US Marines staging another Urban Terrorist drill

Archived Article: US Marine Corps Urban Warfighting Logo Shows Green Dragon Arising From The Sea and Devouring The World Trade Center Towers!

New bomb found near Olympic games venue

"Earthquakes In Divers Places"

Swarms of Earthquakes: Western America On May 20

Powerful quake rocks Taiwan: 6.5 quake shook buildings in Taipei

5.2 Quake jolts southern Japan

Scars of Algeria's killer quake still fresh, one year after

Heidelberg students take part in mock United Nations conference: April 16-20 in San Francisco

Gay - Lesbian News

Social evolution: Will views of gay marriage follow those of racial segregation?

Epidemic Of Hate Crimes Against South African Lesbians

Canada To Recognize Gay Marriage In Immigration Applications

Mass. Senate Votes To Repeal Out-Of-State Gay Marriage Ban

California Gay Marriage Bill Dropped

KKK Plans Gay Day Protest



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