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    July 30, 2014     

"What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

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Second DVD In Series "Biblical Worldview - End Times"

"The Prophetic Beast Arises: Ten Toes of Daniel Are Forming"

New DVD by David Bay, Director, Cutting Edge

One of the most exciting End Times' prophecies is that, at the End of the Age,all nations of the world are going to be reorganized into Ten (10) supernations, each one with a leader (Daniel 7:7-8).

Antichrist can arise only after this global reorganization has been completed. The Club of Rome created a global reorganization in 1972, and it printed the plan in a book entitled, 'Mankind At The Turning Point'.

After many years of moving forward on this plan very slowly, the pace has suddenly jumped forward! Antichrist may be closer to appearing than we had previously believed.

Yet, even though the majority of news every single day is moving the world rapidly toward this prophesied 10-Nation set-up, none of the Mass Media and very few of the Christian media are even aware that this exciting prophetic advance is being made.

We examine each of the 10 Supernations being created, and demonstrate how the news of the day is propelling the fulfillment of this great prophecy. You will be amazed and thrilled to learn how events that you had written off as being of no lasting value are really working hard to re-create the world into the 10 Toes (Supernations) of the prophet Daniel!

One hour long -


I. God's final end times judgment against Ancient Babylon (Iraq) continues without respite.

Unprecedented drop in water flows of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers could not come at a worse time for a population afflicted by Depleted Uranium poisoning.

NEWS BRIEF: "ISIS is using water as a weapon in Iraq", PRI News, July 9, 2014

"Natural resources — or the lack of resources — can be a potent force in war or can create social unrest that leads to political unrest. In Pentagon-speak, it's called a 'threat multiplier', and water is being used right now as a multiplier in Iraq ... militant groups in Iraq are taking advantage of the country's drought, squeezing Baghdad by controlling the water flow to the capital. 'ISIS is starting to use dams as a weapon of war', he says. 'So they've made [it] high on their list to take over those dams and control the water downstream'."

Iraq has struggled with drought since 2001, but the crisis is just getting more extreme as every month passes, as this next news segment reveals.

"With the drought continuing, the amount of water will only shrink, increasing its importance and making it all the more valuable to control ... if you have persistent drying and more frequent droughts, more weather instability and higher temperatures, then that's aggravating the situation ..."

Every country in the Middle East region is struggling with drought conditions to some degree, but persistent drought in Iraq is uniquely devastating. You see, Coalition Forces invaded Iraq on March 20, 2003, using massive quantities of Depleted Uranium weapons. D.U. munitions continued to be used through the withdrawal in December, 2011.

One weapons expert estimates that Coalition Forces expended more than 4,000 tons of these Depleted Uranium weapons. Today, everyone in Iraq is breathing uranium contaminated dust every day. Drought and heat significantly multiply the fatal effects rapidly in its victims!

Listen as we quote a battlefield surgeon trained in modern desert warfare describe the horrible interaction between uranium poisoning and dehydration.

""Yes, our troops are definitely dying of depleted uranium, but would probably die eventually if the desert weren't dehydrating them. You see, whenever the dehydration factors in, the blood is more concentrated - so whatever toxins a person is exposed to, the problem accelerates and compounds when the toxins are allowed to concentrate." (Read full details in NEWS2118, entitled, "OVER ONE MILLION AMERICAN SOLDIERS HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO DEADLY DEPLETED URANIUM IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN!")

God foretold, in the Isaiah 13 End Times final judgment upon Ancient Babylon (Iraq), that the armies from the far corners of the earth would "seize and destroy the whole land".

He also stated that He would make mankind more scarce than fine gold.

Death of the civilian population in Iraq from uranium poisoning is reaching crisis levels. And, this drought simply could not have come at a worse time. People suffering from uranium poisoning are suffering even more because they are dehydrated, thus allowing the toxins from D.U. weapons to reach even higher levels.

When God foretells that He is going to utterly destroy an entire nation in judgment, He certainly causes events to flow in coordinated fashion to carry out His fatal decree.

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II. Chicago is one of America's strictest gun control cities, and yet her gun violence is simply out of control.

"More Guns, Less Crime" is the only realistic answer!

NEWS BRIEF: "Chicago Gun Violence: Teen Killed, 26 People Injured This Weekend", BET News, 7/28/2014

"A 13-year-old boy was shot and killed and 26 others were injured in Chicago gun violence this past weekend ... The youngest of the 26 people injured in the shootings this past weekend was a 3-year-old boy ... He was with his mother and another man when an armed man began shooting in their direction."

As usual, Chicago authorities continued to blame the guns, not the criminals shooting them!

"The Chicago Police Department Supt. McCarthy recently spoke out against the violence again as the homicides continue to rise. 'Without something done about these guns, don’t expect what I’ll call success', McCarthy said, according to CBS Chicago. 'We can make progress, we can keep lowering the murder rate but we are going to have tragedies with kids getting shot'.”

Chicago has the nation's strictest gun control laws.

NEWS BRIEF: "Strict Gun Laws in Chicago Can’t Stem Fatal Shots", The New York Times, January 29, 2013

"CHICAGO — Not a single gun shop can be found in this city because they are outlawed. Handguns were banned in Chicago for decades, too, until 2010, when the United States Supreme Court ruled that was going too far ... Illinois remains the only state in the nation with no provision to let private citizens carry guns in public ... And yet Chicago, a city with no civilian gun ranges and bans on both assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, finds itself laboring to stem a flood of gun violence that contributed to more than 500 homicides last year ..."

As this DVD, above, "Molon Labe: How The Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom", illustrates, the only method that works in lowering murder and violence rates is to allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons. Thieves and murderers do not want to be killed themselves, so they will naturally avoid situations where they might suffer surprising return fire from an angry average citizen who is armed.

The coming planned Absolute Dictatorship of the New World Order cannot be established as long as over 100 million American citizens own over 300 million firearms. Therefore, it is exceedingly important to resist all government efforts to restrict our Constitutional rights to own and to use firearms.

NOTE: Special sale on the DVD, "Molon Labe" (pictured above). This fine video is regularly $19.99, but will be on sale for only $9.99 while supplies last.

III. The son of one of the founders of the Hamas Palestinian terror group bragged yesterday that Muslims consider physical dying as a "form of worship".

Considering that Israel continues to prepare for the coming annihilation of the entire Palestinian race in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18, Muslims are about to 'worship' in record numbers.

God decreed this annihilation 2,600 years ago and it will happen just as He foretold.

NEWS BRIEF: "Son of Hamas Founder: They Consider Dying as a Form of Worship", Israel National News, 7/30/2014

"Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of one of Hamas's founders Sheikh Hassan Yousef, has said that the current conflict illustrates how the Islamist group's disregard for human life is central to its ideology."

"Hamas does not care about the lives of Palestinians, does not care about the lives of Israelis or Americans - they don't care about their own lives," he said in an interview with CNN. "They consider dying for the sake of their ideology as a way of worship."

All Arabs seem to think that their key to victory over Israel lies in their disregard for their own human life. They continue believing that, one day, enough Arabs are going to die that Israel will be defeated and utterly destroyed.

For this reason, Hamas feels no remorse when they located their military Headquarters and their weapons stockpiles inside "civilian" schools and in densely populated civilian areas. They know that Israeli forces are going to have to kill civilians if they hope to destroy military targets.

Evidently, the Palestinian people themselves also have no compunction against being used as "human shields" against the Israeli Defense Force. In the early days of the campaign, Israeli forces warned a civilian neighborhood to flee because the IDF was going to shell military targets within; as civilians began to evacuate, Hamas ordered them to return to their homes!

I am here to tell any Arab who wishes to listen: no one will defeat Israel, no matter which weapon is used or how many enemy civilians are willing to die. You see, Israel and Christianity worship the One True God, the Creator of the Universe, whereas the god of the Muslim is a false god, named 'Allah'.

Since the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is Omnipotent, He will utterly destroy all nations which come against tiny Israel. Literally, God is planning to use tiny Israel as the anvil on which He will beat all nations opposed to Israel into the submission unto death.

Please take a few moments to read an article we posted on this subject. Please take a few moments to read it -- NEWS2107, entitled, "ARAB BEWARE!! AS YOU SCHEME TO DESTROY ISRAEL, YOU HAVE EMBARKED UPON "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE"!

While we take no pleasure in the death of anyone, including the wicked, we do take notice when God's End Times judgments are about to unfold, in this case according to Obadiah 15-18 (Read full details in NEWS2095, a compilation of all articles written on the complete destruction of the 'House of Esau', today's Palestinians.

Listen to God's judgment: "The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame , but the house of Esau shall be stubble; they shall kindle and burn them and consume them, and there shall be no survivor of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken it." [Obadiah 17-18]

Israel is making plans to carry out God's horrific judgment upon the Palestinians.

IV. An Italian journalist reporting on the ground from Gaza has verified that Hamas rockets were responsible for the shelling of a UN school and a hospital!

Hamas had quickly blamed the IDF and a lot of people believed the lie.

NEWS BRIEF: "Italian Reporter Reveals Hamas Cover-Up Over Misfired Rockets", Israel National News, 7/30/2014

"An Italian journalist who until Tuesday was embedded in Gaza has backed the IDF's account of a rocket strike on a school playground in central Gaza's Shati refugee camp on Monday."

"At least 10 people were killed in the attack - most of them children - and some sources claimed the death toll was as high as 30. Palestinian sources were quick to blame Israel, claiming that an Israeli fighter jet fired missiles directly at the playground and nearby hospital. Israel denied the accusations, saying that Hamas rockets aimed at Israel from the area misfired, and struck both the school and the hospital."

So, as many as 30 civilians were killed because of Hamas' ineptitude!

"God's Final Jubilee"

New Book by Dan Goodwin, Intro by Dr. Noah Hutchings, SW Radio

This book is being proclaimed by some as, 'The most up to date study of prophetical events of our day!' Others have called it 'a stunning and even chilling revelation of how close we are to the end of the world!'

The purpose of this book is to sound the horn to the people of God. Jesus is coming, and He is coming soon! Global events are happening so fast it is hard to keep up. Everything is in place for the rise of Antichrist.

It is time for the saints to awaken; it is time for the church of God to arise from its slumber. The clock is getting ready to strike midnight. Everything on earth is about to change. Woe unto those who are not ready to meet the Lord.

This book reveals: * The 70th and final Jubilee is on the horizon. * The Bible's built-in Prophetic calendar. * The customs of a Jewish wedding and the Bride of Christ. * The purpose of the Tribulation from the book of Daniel. * Ten solid proofs of a Pre-Tribulation rapture. * The reason the Tribulation is measured in days not years. * The Kinsman Redeemer and the title deed to planet earth. * Why we may be the last generation. * A seven thousand year history of the world. * The identity of the two witnesses. * When the New Testament really began. * What in the world is going on. * The coming blood red moons.

"God's Final Jubilee" demonstrates the shocking reality that so many pertinent prophecies are now being fulfilled according to a set timetable that Israel is now entering her "Final Jubilee"!

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The 'Countdown' To Eternity series takes a look at 10 major prophetic signs God has given to lovingly wake us up so we'd repent and be saved before it's too late.

1) The Jewish People and Israel; 2) Modern Technology; 3) Explosion of Worldwide Unrest/ Upheaval; 4) Unprecedented Falsehood; 5) Rise of Wickedness and Perversion; 6) Rise of Religious Apostasy, One World Religion; 7) Big Brother; 8) Going Global - Economy, Religion, Government; 9) Mark of the Beast.

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