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    August 27, 2014     

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Events in Israel, Syria, and Iraq seem confusing and inexplicable to many people. But, when you understand the true prophetic goals being pursued, then the confusion changes to a clear comprehension!

I. As Israel agreed to an open-ended ceasefire with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, a majority of Jews felt betrayed and defeated.

But, Israel accomplished her major, hidden, strategic objectives!

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel and Palestinians Reach Open-Ended Cease-Fire Deal", Time Magazine, August 26, 2014

"Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced Tuesday that Israel and various Palestinian militant factions including Hamas and Islamic Jihad had reached a cease-fire deal to end seven weeks of devastating war, and to postpone negotiations over several remaining issues for one month."

The majority of Israeli citizens felt betrayed and defeated.

NEWS BRIEF: "Gaza Ceasefire Leaves Israelis Feeling Defeated", Israel Today, August 27, 2014

"Images of Hamas and its supporters dancing in victory upon the ruins of Gaza on Tuesday (pictured) as an open-ended ceasefire came into effect seemed ridiculous to outside observers. But expressions of defeat coming from much of Israel suggested that perhaps the terrorists had won the summer's Gaza war ... The battered residents of southern Israel were clear: “Israel surrendered to terror” by failing to destroy Hamas and accepting a truce that left the terrorists fully armed. The next Gaza war is only a matter of time, they insisted."

PM Netanyahu insisted that Israel had won a decisive victory. However, Jewish citizens living next to the Gaza Strip are not impressed and most will move further inland.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israeli Gaza Belt Leaders See Ceasefire as Surrender", Israel National News, 8/27/2014

"The heads of local government in the Gaza Belt region are sorely disappointed with the prime minister for accepting a ceasefire with Hamas ... The head of the Eshkol Council, Haim Yelin, said that he will not ask the residents of his region to return to their homes."

Indeed, a great many Jewish citizens who lived and worked on the border with Gaza will now be moving inland. When these Jewish citizens vacate this area next to the border, Israel will have expanded its "buffer zone" between her citizens and Palestinians.

And, this brings us to exposing Israel's true intentions. Biblical prophecy states that Israel will annihilate the Palestinians (House of Esau) completely at the End of the Age (Read full details in NEWS2095).

However, as we reported in our original article, NEWS1422, posted September, 2000, Israel must separate the population, Jew from Palestinian, lest her forces kill significant numbers of Jews.

A military can separate populations by two methods:

1) Erect a security barrier

2) Create a physical buffer zone

Since Palestinians live in two areas within Biblical Israel -- West Bank and Gaza Strip -- we should expect to discover that she is using these two methods to separate Jew from Palestinian.

This first image is of the security fence surrounding the Palestinians in the West Bank.

As you can see, this physical security fence has completely shut the Palestinians in.

Further, it has prevented them from growing outward, so the population density within the fence has really intensified.

The placement of this fence has given rise to charges that Israel has forced an "Apartheid System" upon the Palestinians, much like the system South Africa imposed upon the blacks.

However, Israel only created this fence to prevent Palestinian suicide bombers from easily entering Jewish areas and murdering innocent men, women and children.

Toward that end, this security fence has achieved its goal very well. Palestinian terrorists intent upon murdering Jews now must resort to terror rockets, because the fence, along with security checkpoints, has stopped suicide bombers almost completely.

Much of the security fence is made of concrete that would withstand a fire blast.

Therefore, we can see that Israel has successfully separated Palestinian from Jew in the West Bank through this Security Fence. But, what about the Gaza Strip? When Prime Minister Sharon ordered all Jews to be forcibly removed, he ensured that no Jews were living in harm's way.

However, Jewish citizens were living on the Israeli side, but right up next to the Gaza Strip border. Since Israel has shown no desire to build a mammoth security fence around Gaza, she must use a "buffer zone" to separate the populations.

This current war in the Gaza Strip against Hamas has accomplished this goal.

As you can see from this map, Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered a 5 km buffer zone all the way around Gaza. We believe this buffer zone was the real goal of this entire campaign.

Creation of this buffer zone shrinks the Gaza Strip by over 40%! Surely, a 5 km buffer zone would be wide enough to prevent the over spray from fuel-air bombs from killing Jews as it annihilates the Palestinians.

But, if Jewish citizens living next to the Gaza move further inland, then the buffer zone widens even further.

Therefore, Israel accomplished her major goal of using the war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip as the excuse to create the buffer zone she will need as she carries out God's decree of judgment in Obadiah 15-18! The real agenda was never to defeat Hamas, nor disarm her, but to prepare the Gaza Strip Palestinians for annihilation.

From this standpoint, the war against the Gaza was a smashing success. If Israel retains this broad buffer zone, we can know with certainty that God's judgment is close at hand.



II. In similar manner, Western forces are seemingly fighting in contradictory ways in Iraq and Syria because many people do not realize what the real goal of the Elite is.

I received an email in which the person lamented, "Now we're in the bizarre position of fighting Assad's war for him if we start bombing ISIS in Syria. CONFUSED! How stupid are we?"

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama Wants New ISIS War Plan ASAP", The Daily Beast, August 27, 2014

"Leading U.S. officials now believe that America has to expand its air war against ISIS into Syria, but nobody knows yet how we can do it… or what will happen next ... nearly everything about the potential military campaign is still in flux ... One administration official working on Syria policy said the purpose of the meetings Tuesday was “to convince one man, Barack Obama,” to follow through on the rhetoric and widen the aims of the war to include destroying ISIS in both Iraq and Syria."

One huge problem in launching air strikes against ISIS within Syria is that the sovereign government of Syria is demanding that Washington refrain from any such attacks.

"This week, Syria’s foreign minister warned the United States not to enter Syrian air space ... Michael Morell, the former deputy director of the CIA, told 60 Minutes last year, he was concerned that if the Assad regime collapsed, then it would create a further haven for al Qaeda."

Thus, if President Obama orders airstrikes against ISIS within Syria, he runs the risk of fighting both ISIS and the Syrian armed forces. Or, Obama could cause the collapse of Syrian President Assad and that would open a vacuum for ISIS to really rush to fill.

The true objective of all the fighting in the Middle East -- from Afghanistan in 2001 to Syria and Iraq today -- is to reorder the map of the entire Middle East; this goal requires that stability gives way to extreme instability. What is the map toward which the Global Elite are now striving? It is the Pentagon New Middle East Map, "leaked" initially in 2007.

The Pentagon's New Middle East Map -- 2007

(NOTE: You can see this map in much greater detail by reading it from NEWS2213)

As you can see, Syria loses territory so that Iraq can be split into three segments and Kurdistan can be formed into a single state by taking land away from Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

Obviously, for this plan to work, ISIS must be kept from winning the war outright. Her forces must be shoved back into a boundary similar to this map. Then, once ISIS is controlled, someone will propose an international conference to bring the war in the Middle East to a close.

An agreement will be reached during this conference to redraw the map as you see it here. Then, once the ink is dry on that conference agreement, the Elite will demand that Regional Government (Supernation) #7 of the Club of Rome Plan be created as the master government over all the individual nations.

No one government and no single dictator, will have the strength to oppose Supernation #7.

That has been the plan all along.

III. Islamic militants have now seized a critical military border outpost on the Syrian / Israeli border!

Is Hezbollah planning to start a northern war with Israel now that the war with Hamas has concluded?

NEWS BRIEF: "Syrian Islamists seize Golan Heights border crossing", CNN News, August 27, 2014

"Islamist militants battling the Syrian government seized control of the Quneitra border crossing between Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Wednesday ... Among the fighters were members of al-Nusra Front, a Syrian rebel group with ties to al Qaeda, according to the Israel Defense Forces."

From the beginning of the Syrian / al-Qaeda war, analysts were afraid that, eventually, the war would spread southward, enveloping the powerful Israeli Defense Force. Even Syrian President Assad warned almost two years ago that, if he realizes his presidency is falling, he will order a heavy rocket barrage against Israel.

When Israel responded with a threat to decimate Damascus, Christians knowledgeable of the Isaiah 17:1 judgment of Damascus sat up straight and alert. What is that prophecy?

"The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." (Isaiah 17:1)

Since Damascus is known as the "longest continually occupied city in the world, this prophecy is most definitely in the future. Further, since Syria is locked into perpetual conflict with Israel, this prophecy is most believable.

What is the significance of this key Golan Heights border crossing falling into militant's hands?

"... while the Islamist forces are no match for Israeli troops in the heavily militarized zone, the takeover represents a new dynamic in a war long feared not only for its deadly effects inside Syria but for threatening to widen into a destabilizing regional conflict ... 'Essentially, now you have the Nusra Front facing off just a couple of hundred meters from the Israeli arm ... adding that United Nations peacekeepers are stationed between the two." (CNN's Ben Wedeman)

The powder keg known as the Middle East frightens just about every body. But, God is in control and He has Israel's Guardian Angel, Michael, watching over every detail. Israel will be damaged but will survive. If she does not survive, then Jesus Christ cannot come back to Israel to reign for a thousand years!

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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