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News Alert - Thursday, 6/2/2022

Update on Danny's Surgery

Just before Danny was to report to the hospital for his foot surgery, the surgeon's office called to cancel the surgery. The only insurance we could get for Danny two years ago was an ObamaCare policy. Even though they told the surgeon's office on several occasions that they would cover this surgery, they called at a late hour to inform us that they would not cover it.

Thank you for your prayers for Danny, and pray that the Lord will open another avenue for us to get Danny on is feet again.

God Bless Yo All,

David Bay

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It is a marvelous work. 'The Genesis of All Prophecy' exposes antisemitism as Satan's agenda in a way most of us have never heard. The book is prophetic, insightful, convicting, and heart rending. I rejoiced, mourned, and contemplated what I was hearing through this exceptional book. In the end, I thanked God for this opportunity to hear the word of the Lord. You will too. This is a book that had to be written, none other like it has ever been written!"

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Critically Important News Articles - Analysis


1. A Russian government TV station proclaimed to the world that World War III had started and that Ukraine was only the opening salvo!

NEWS BRIEF: "World War III Has Started, Says Russian TV: Ukraine Called a 'Rehearsal'," Newsweek, 6/1/2022

"Russia's state TV host and guests have said that World War III has started and noted Ukraine could be just the beginning of a potentially larger conflict with the West."

"Russian propagandists and government officials look beyond Ukraine and threaten the collective West on Kremlin-controlled state television: 'WWIII had started.' 'Expect us',' she wrote on Twitter ... "For us, the war in Ukraine is a rehearsal.,\ he said'."

When Presidents Xi and Putin met earlier this year, they talked about sharing the power structure in the world from a "Un i-polar" world to a "Multi-polar" world. For the past 100 years, America has dominated the world, but now, Russia and China were going to dominate.

To begin this shift, Russia and China planned to launch a war which would then spread to all corners of the globe.

Ukraine was the first to be attacked and Taiwan is planned to be the next, followed by North Korea attacking South Korea. The emphasis in this war is said to be a "panic" over a nuclear war.

Listen to the wording of the plan for World War III, penned in 1981:

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." (New Age author, Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script', p. 223, 1981)

Thus, the outlines of this Korea scenario are all to plain to see:

1) North and South Korea and the United States, begin a short period of a 'war of words'. War rhetoric will suddenly ratchet up, planting the idea firmly in people's minds that North Korea really can present a mortal threat to the U.S.

2) Both sides begin to move massive numbers of men and material up to the front

3) Led by the U.S. President, the Western world swings in solidly behind South Korea, and the U.S. begins to move additional military units to South Korea.

4) After proper posturing, North Korea attacks. After penetrating some short distance, and causing massive damage and casualties, North Korean troops begin to be destroyed as American troops, equipped with the same lopsided margin of capability as we had against Saddam Hussein, rapidly kill North Koreans by the tens of thousands. [NOTE: North Korea possibly may open up with Weapons of Mass Destruction; the script is not clear on this point]

5) In desperation, North Korea then launches a limited number of nuclear weapons or threatens to do so. At this point, North Korea might just attack one or more Japanese cities with nuclear weapons.

6) America rapidly comes to the aid of South Korea, rushing in nuclear capability

7) China, likewise, backs North Korea

8) Now, the confrontation is between China and America, both threatening each other with nuclear annihilation. The world panics --------------------------

At the same time, in the Middle East, Israel is annihilating her Arab protagonists, and America is fully engulfed in war with Iraq and other Arab states, setting the stage for the planned appearance of Antichrist. The world panics -------------

At the same time, Arab terrorists strike American and European cities with wide-spread terrorism, and threatening to use nuclear devices. The world panics ----------------

At the same time, riots erupt in American cities. America panics ----------------------

Maybe the Stock Market goes into a free fall, reacting badly to the out-of-control events. The world panics ----------------------

Possibly, we learn that unidentified craft from outer space are approaching the Earth. Possibly, UFO's and Aliens are seen all over the world. The world panics ------------------- [Read NEWS1052 to see role that Aliens and UFO's play in the script to produce Antichrist]

9) China suddenly invades Taiwan, now that U.S. forces are stretched to the breaking point between the conflict in the Middle East and the Korean Peninsula. Since America does not have adequate Naval carrier groups to adequately defend Taiwan now that we are fully committed between the Middle East and Korea, China is fully willing to "seize the moment" to attack Taiwan.

Now, this planned war is truly a "World War". The world is going through the final birth pangs to produce Antichrist. [Matthew 24:8 is being fully fulfilled]

Suddenly, amidst all this panic, we learn of a "Man of Peace" who has arisen East of Jerusalem, claiming to be the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, and other world avatars, all in one person. And, to back up his claim, he is dazzling the peoples of the world with displays of supernatural power.

This scenario may be almost ready to spring on an already well-conditioned public. If it is, the beginning of the Tribulation Period may be close at hand.


2. The Global Elite have created crisis scenarios but have hesitated to implement them until all can be unleashed at once: Just as we predicted in "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"!

The question of the hour is, 'when will this global war begin' and 'what are the signs it is about to commence'? Many major events are planned to occur just as World War III begins. Mankind will be systematically hit with unparalleled disasters of every kind as this planned global war unfolds. But, none of these events will occur until the lynchpin called 'World War III' is pulled.

When the Global Elite pulls this lynchpin event called World War III, events are going to be unleashed in such severity and in such great numbers the peoples of the world will not stand in awe, they will panic and run for the hills. Jesus said that 'men's hearts shall fail them for fear', and the Elite is creating just such climactic events which shall not occur until the lynchpin known as 'World War III' is pulled.

IN this DVD, we liken each of these planned calamities which are formed but are waiting until the flag drops, like in a professional horse race. Let us examine these "Race Horse Calamities".

We have quoted a number of New Age authors to demonstrate that the New World Order boldly calls for the destruction of our present World Order. They envision the destruction of our Industrial Economy, giving 66% of American land back to the Native Indians, and forcing Americans to live at a level like our forefathers did in 1620!

Therefore, each of these Biden calamities are deliberately created so as to bring this country into absolute ruin!

With this concept in mind, let us now examine some of the calamities into which Joe Biden and his Leftist friends have now cast us. When these evil events come to fruition, America as we know it will be gone, and the Masonic Christ will be ruling the Earth.

Race Horse #1 - America is now a Values-Free Zone. Not only are we thoroughly supportive of the Gay-Lesbian-Queer agenda, but now the President does not want to give your school their Federal Lunch Subsidy if the school refuses to support his gay programs.

Almighty, Never-Changing God gets just as angry when a society turns into homosexuality and the resultant destruction of tiny innocent children, as He demonstrated against Sodom and Gomorrah!

As the writer to the Hebrews lamented: "... our God is a consuming fire." (Hebrews 12:29, KJV)

Race Horse #2 -- "Politics of Hate and Division" --- "As if to hasten their own eternal demise, the hegemonic elite have found it politically useful to pit brother against brother, race against race, innumerable "gender" against gender, class against class, restaurant patron against restaurant patron, American against American. In such a moment of political desperation, they'll undoubtedly think of additional ways to divide and conquer.

Now approximately 18 months into his term of office, President Biden is attempting to deflect criticism for his deliberately failed policies to others.

Race Horse #3 -- "NBC News ran an online article ... "Inside a Biden White House adrift.". Record inflation, high gas prices, a rise in Covid case numbers."

"Incompetence is unthinkable. It's just bad luck."

As we said soon after the November, 2020, election, the Leftists are planning to so destroy America in two years that they will never have to worry about a free election again.

Once America is devastated from within by Biden's policies, the planned World War III will provide the excuse to dissolve our system of government, suspend the Constitution and impose an Absolute Dictatorship.

Race Horse #4 -- "... a perfect storm of crises, from Ukraine to inflation to the supply chain to baby formula. What's next? Locusts?"

Biden is tolerating criticism from the Media about as well as Josef Stalin did. That "baked assumption" of Biden's smooth competence has collapsed under the weight of reality. The assumption was always false, but the media sold it aggressively. Now Biden pressures them to engage in ridiculous happy talk about his accomplishments."

Race Horse #5 -- The economy, once the envy of the world, is stalling and no one in authority recognizes that fact.

"Eight Fed Districts say that expectations for future growth have diminished and contacts in three districts..."

"Townhall reported on a similar Biden speech given on March 31 filled with promises of reduced fuel costs, followed by the opposite of what the president said his plan would do. Each time President addresses gas prices, it turns out to be just more false hope..."

Biden is like the evil mechanic who claims to fix your car,when he is secretly sabotaging the car so it will break down calamitously three months hence! These are the major disasters the Elite has created and is waiting only for the beginning of World War III to unleash them all, almost at once. No one need fear that any of these disasters will jump across the starting line ahead of time; each awaits the 'pulling of the lynchpin', World War III.



3. Leftist Democrats are in the process of enacting some really terrible, dictatorial, new gun laws.

NEWS BRIEF: "Democrats Are Trying to Jam a Terrible Gun Control Law Through Congress ", Newsweek, 6/2/2022

"Democrats are pushing legislation that will dramatically change gun ownership in the United States. Rep. Jerry Nadler's (D-NY) "Protecting Our Kids Act," which the House Judiciary Committee will hear today, will make it much more difficult for people to defend themselves from crime."

No one has yet convinced me that, should I be rushed by an armed criminal, I would be more secure and safe if I were disarmed. Therefore, Leftists who want to deprive me of self-defense are really sealing my doom by disallowing me to defend myself.

However, this whole gun control issue is not really about personal ownership of guns, but about taking guns from 100 million Americans so that the Absolute Dictatorship can be established.

With the New World Order dictatorship looming on the horizon, the time to disarm us all is closing quickly

Judge Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit Court wrote in 2004:

" The prospect of tyranny may not grab the headlines the way vivid stories of gun crime routinely do. But few saw the Third Reich coming until it was too late. The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed ... However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once … Fortunately, the Framers were wise enough to entrench the right of the people to keep and bear arms within our constitutional structure. The purpose and importance of that right was still fresh in their minds, and they spelled it out clearly so it would not be forgotten. Despite the panel's mighty struggle to erase these words, they remain, and the people themselves can read what they say plainly enough:

'A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed'." [Ibid.]

Did you notice a key phrase in Judge Kozinski's write-up? "My excellent colleagues have forgotten these bitter lessons of history"

It is time we re-learn the "bitter lessons of history".

Remember this TRUTH: Our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment into the Constitution to prevent a tyrannical government from ever taking power.

4. RINO Republicans seem ready to cave on new gun control and are trying to pass a "Trust-busting" bill which will really strike another blow to Capitalism.

NEWS BRIEF: "House GOP Trust-Busting Bill Is an Economic Disaster: another move against capitalism", The Patriot Post, May 31, 2022

"Sponsored by Sen. Amy Klobuchar and supported by the Democrats’ leading business-basher, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Senate Democrats want to punish Big Business by pressing for a vote on a bill to break up big technology firms and other companies in the United States. Financial success is today seen by many Democrats as prima facie evidence of a monopoly ripping off the little guy."

Communists invented, and have perfected, the concept that a person's wealth is all the proof you need to know that he got his wealth by stealing it from the poor working class. (Unless you are a fellow Communist, which means you can steal all you can stuff in your pockets).

""... in the House of Representatives, an almost equally dangerous bill is being sponsored by a Republican, Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado. Some of this “punish Big Tech” agenda is being driven by legitimate conservative anger over social media censorship. Those of us on the Right are all fighting for more equal treatment and free speech protections on the major social media platforms. Thank goodness we now have crusaders such as Elon Musk talking about cleaning up Twitter’s bias against conservatives."

"But mimicking a Klobuchar-Warren agenda, as Buck and too many other “free-market” Republicans are proposing, will only give more power to regulate our tech companies in ways that are unlikely to give a better shake to conservative voices and companies. More likely, bills such as Warren’s and Buck’s would empower Biden regulators to police the internet and prohibit legitimate business practices. That will only give more power to the woke Left."

When America is finally in chains of bondage to the Dictatorship of Antichrist, RINO Republicans are going to be as much to blame as any Liberal Democrat to ever serve in office.

In fact, because RINO's misrepresented themselves to Republican voters, they will be guilty of treason to the greatest country ever in the history of the world.

"Free-market Republicans would be wise to scamper away from these bills. It won’t solve the censorship problem, but it will give a sword to Biden regulators whose disdain for profitable businesses is only matched by their contempt for conservatives."

5. The Biden Administration is fully supportive of extreme LGBT-Q+ values.

NEWS BRIEF: "Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money", The Federalist, May 25, 2022

"K-12 schools must allow boys into girls’ private areas to obtain federal funds for lunches, breakfasts, and snacks, the Biden administration announced this month ... It seems to be playing politics with feeding poor kids, which is really unfortunate,” John Elcesser, executive director of the Indiana Non-Public Education Association, said via phone amid weeks of attempting to sort out these new demands with government officials on behalf of private schools in his state. “Because if a school feels like they cannot participate because it’s in conflict with their mission or values, if a religious exemption is not granted, you’re taking away a program that’s feeding low-income kids.”

Just as inflation strikes its greatest blow at low income, so does this policy. This ruling illuminates the hypocrisy of the Democrats when they couch their policies on the basis of concern for the poor working stiffs!

God's anger will be further stoked by this neo-Sodom values system.

NEWS BRIEF: "Biden’s Energy Department Calls for Gay Pride ‘This Month, Next Month, Always’," Breitbart News, 1 June 2022

"President Joe Biden’s Department of Energy (DOE) marked the first day of 'pride month' by calling for pride 'this month', 'next month' and 'always' as gas prices continue to skyrocket ... "

Even though our economy is faltering and will ultimately fail because of Biden's policies, these government officials still put time, and effort into promoting LGBT-Q+ values.

They find the time and money to destroy the mind and soul of our innocent children and that invites the "consuming fire" of Almighty God. Listen to Jesus' prediction as to how the United States will be destroyed by this "consuming fire" judgment.

"And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come."

"For in one hour so great riches is come to nought." (Revelation 18:9, 17, KJV)

6. A black college professor who fantasized about the joys of killing whites is promoted!

NEWS BRIEF: "Emerson College Promotes Professor Who Publicly Fantasized About Massacring White People", The Federalist, May 31, 2022

"Emerson College has a tradition of warmly welcoming racially divisive administrators. Only a few months after promoting a professor who said blacks and whites can’t be friends and divorced her husband because of his race, Emerson College has now nominated Shaya Gregory Poku as the school’s new vice president for equity and social justice. "

What did this black professor say, exactly?

"If a civil war breaks out, I say, if violent white mobs begin roaming the country as they have done in the past, I will not worry about precision shooting. I intend to sit on my porch with my legally acquired handgun and as much ammunition as I have and perhaps a bottle of Scotch and take them as they come."

What was Emerson College's response? Did they fire her, did they take down all her college Internet privileges? Did Twitter and Facebook delete her accounts?

No, \Emerson College promoted her!


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What Must I Do To Be Saved


Aliens = Ambassadors For Antichrist

NEWS BRIEF: "Pentagon creates new organization to investigate mysterious objects in the sky", Military Times, November 23, 2021

"Faced with growing concerns about mysterious objects in the sky, especially over military installations and training ranges, the Pentagon has created a new organization to search for answers about where they came from and what threats they may pose ... investigations into unidentified aerial phenomenon will now be conducted by the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, nested in the office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security."

"... It comes in the wake of a June report by the ODNI into objects in the sky that found no explanation for 143 of 144 incidents reviewed."

Luciferian Plan: 'UFO's and Aliens are part of the New World Order. They are benevolent beings which will aid mankind in attaining the goal of becoming one humanity. They will appear at the proper time to enable mankind to make that Quantum Leap of Collective Consciousness -- when the The Christ appears'." (New England Director of the House of Theosophy, Seminar, August 18, 1991)

Sons of God & The Nephilim Volumes 1 and 2 DVD

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