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News Alert - Thursday, 6/9/2022

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Critically Important News Articles - Analysis

1. The Third World Show Trial for January 6 begins today and its objective is two-fold:

* Imprison President Donald Trump

* Convince the American people that it is the GOP who is the deadly danger to our Democracy / Republic

NEWS BRIEF: "January 6 hearings aim to put Trump 'at the center' of the mayhem and attack on democracy", Business Insider, June 9, 2022

Attempted Coup #3 is starting today!

Led by professional liar, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, the Democrats today begin hearings on the "mountain out of a molehill" activities of January 6, 2021. Let us take a short trip back down memory lane, to the News Alert of 1/14/2021:

Mary and I watched live TV coverage of the January 6 meeting at the White House to listen to the President present a solid case for voter fraud. and then to invite his supporters to walk peacefully down to the Capitol and peacefully protest Biden's voter fraud case and demand that his evidence be studied and considered.

We saw a lot of people wandering around, and talking and looking like a crowd at a local rodeo show.

We saw no violence, no gun fire and no assaulting any barriers until we heard a gunshot coming from the other side. Someone shouted "gun shots" and saw that a handful of people were milling around a woman shot in the neck.

This description was the situation as Mary and I watched it live on One America TV. (Cutting Edge News Alert, Jan 7, 2021)

Imagine my surprise, then, when I arose early the next morning to start working on Daily News Updates. I was startled to see "news" articles reporting the nearly disastrous violent and deadly attack on the Capitol by Trump Supporters.

NEWS BRIEF: "4 die in Capitol pro-Trump riots: 1 shot by police", Times of Israel, January 7, 2021

"The woman who died Wednesday of a bullet wound during the violent storming of the US Capitol was shot by police, authorities said ... The only fatality tied to Wednesday’s unrest was the woman, reportedly a dedicated Donald Trump backer and air force veteran who was among a throng of supporters of the US president that invaded the legislature."

"He also said two pipe bombs had been discovered near the Capitol, one at Democratic Party offices and the other at Republican Party offices."

IF any real pipe bombs had been discovered at these party offices, they could have been set there by an violent extremist who was out to smear Trump supporters.

That is, if they were really set there in the first place.

" 'I know that I speak for all of us when I say that we saw an unprecedented attack on our American democracy incited by the United States president, and he must be held accountable', (D.C. Mayor) Bowser said."

"She was shot amid chaotic and violent scenes inside the Capitol building, where some security personnel drew their guns to protect lawmakers as protesters advanced ... "

Other articles were written overnight in which this peaceful assembly was re-written and falsely reported as a repeat of the night Nazi thugs broke into the Reichstag Parliament building and burned much of it to the ground! How can this be?

No Trump supporter burned anything down: not the Capitol, not any cars, nor any trash cans on the street. Nothing in this entire incident was true as reported. The entire incident was re-written to smear President Trump and his 75 million followers and his support of Constitutional rights and privileges.

Then, after a few days had passed by, some journalists even asserted that anyone who even challenges the Biden vote total is guilty of "Domestic Terrorism"!

Oh, yes, and the 'MAGA" supporters who did violently assault the Capitol were revealed to be ANTIFA!

Just yesterday, a Leftist senator twisted the truth even more shockingly.

NEWS BRIEF: "Markey: We Were Within Minutes of a Capitol ‘Massacre,’ Senate Must Have Full Trial for Trump", Breitbart News, 13 Jan 2021

"He continued, ' Clearly, last Wednesday we were within minutes, not ten minutes, five minutes, a couple of minutes of having this mob and many, as the evidence is unspooling, indicates that this could have been a plot, there could have been a well-organized effort. They came with weapons. They came with the types of devices that could have resulted in a mass hostage-taking of House and Senate members. It could have resulted in a massacre, and we were just a couple of minutes from that situation unfolding, potentially. So we don’t have a choice. We have to have a trial'."

I cannot begin to bold and underline all the absolute lies contained within this statement, because they are ALL lies!! Millions of people will listen to this nonsense and believe it to be true.

Our society cannot long survive after the Mass Media begins to substitute monstrous lies for truth. While our Mass Media has been carrying out lying journalism since the dark days of President Franklin Roosevelt (1933-1945), it really reached a crescendo of daily lying once President Barack Obama (2009-2016) came to power.

Now, we are at the point the Russian people found themselves in during the 70 years of Communist rule. They read and heard the party propaganda and then assumed that the truth laid in the opposite direction of the public rhetoric! They were generally right!!

We have to adopt the same attitude right here and right now.

Now, let us return to this day (2022) to pick up the story line; the curtain is going to raise on this propaganda fiasco.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump allies launch countermessaging efforts ahead of Jan. 6 hearings", The Washington Examiner, June 8, 2022

"As the Jan. 6 committee gears up for its first public hearing Thursday, former President Donald Trump’s most vocal allies in the House are launching their countermessaging efforts in a push to paint the panel as illegitimate."

This effort to counter the Democrat's bold lying about 'January 6' is badly needed, especially since the calendar is marching resolutely toward the November 8 Mid-term Elections.

NEWS BRIEF: "Democrat Star Jan 6 Witness Admits: ‘Someone in Authority Left the Door Open’ at Capitol, ‘Mob Walked In’’, Breitbart News, 9 June 2022

"Nick Quested, the Democrat’s star witness for the January 6 Committee’s first primetime public hearing, claimed that 'someone in authority left the door open' at the U.S. Capitol."

We will probably find out that this 'person of authority' worked for the Capitol Police!

2. The Democrats are said to be 'bracing' for the Death of Roe vs Wade.

NEWS BRIEF: "White House bracing for the 'death' of Roe V. Wade ", KRQE News, 6-8-2022

"The White House is quietly preparing for a Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, a consequential decision expected to come this month that will create immediate pressure to respond and take action. "

" ' I believe that we are at least setting the stage to fight a bigger fight that’s going to happen,” said Marsha Jones, executive director of The Afiya Center ... The White House, at least they are giving the perception that they are willing to fight this fight with us'.”

I never find it normal for adults to want to keep their legal ability to murder innocent babies within their mother's womb! Truly, God was correct when He prophesied:

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves ... Without natural affection ..." (2 Timothy 3:1-2, KJV)


* Are they going to attack and burn to the ground the Supreme Court building?

NEWS BRIEF: :Armed Man Seeking to Kill Justice Kavanaugh Arrested Near His Home", Townhall, June 8, 2022

"An armed California man was arrested near Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home between 1:00 and 2:00 am Wednesday and allegedly told law enforcement he wanted to kill the Supreme Court justice ... a man was arrested near Justice Kavanaugh's residence. The man was armed and made threats against Justice Kavanaugh."

"Just two years ago, Senator Schumer (D-NY) threatened Brett Kavanaugh from the steps of the Court, and now, a lunatic shows up to his house with a gun hoping to kill him."

Schumer should have been arrested two years ago, for making public statements which can incite to riot. The complete lack of accountability and basic Justice is constantly eroding our national foundation and is being noted by God as He prepares His fiery judgment against this formerly great nation.

* Are they going to carry out an assassination of the four Conservatives who are voting against Roe?

NEWS BRIEF: "Democrats Block Bill Providing Additional Security for Supreme Court Justices", Breitbart News, 9 June 2022

"House Democrats on Wednesday stalled a bill that would have provided additional security for Supreme Court Justices on the same day a man was arrested for attempting to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh."

I wonder if the man arrested in front of Kavanaugh's home was meant to be caught? He was reportedly armed very heavily and was wearing body armor, so the message to all Conservative Justices is that they and their families are at risk of assassination if they vote to overturn Roe vs Wade.

Message Delivered

Then, the President added gasoline to this fire!

NEWS BRIEF: "Nolte: Hours After Kavanaugh Threat, Biden Predicts ‘Mini Revolution’ If Roe Overturned", Breitbart News, 9 June 2022

"After 100+ days of hiding from the media, His Fraudulency Joe Biden appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s basement-rated late show and predicted a 'mini-revolution' if the atrocity called Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court... now Five-Dollar-a-Gallon Joe is on television speaking approvingly of 'revolutions' should Roe v. Wade be overturned. This is the same Biden who encouraged unruly protests in front of Justices’ homes, despite a law that outlaws that exact thing."

So, are we to expect police not standing in the way to prevent riots that ioncluide bombs, or huge fires or terrorizing average citizens? Are we to endure another Summer like 2020?

Lawlessness thus pours from the top leader of this country.

LAWLESSNESS = New World Order = Kingdom of Antichrist

3. Biden's Department of Homeland Security seems to be telling us in advance that militant riots and attacks will occur during the run-up to the Midterm Elections

NEWS BRIEF: "DHS Warns of Political Extremism in Heated Midterm Year", American Greatness, Jun 8, 2022

"On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a warning about a 'heightened threat environment' ahead of the coming midterm elections in November ... declaring that 'as recent acts of violence in communities across the country have so tragically demonstrated, the nation remains in a heightened threat environment, and we expect that environment will become more dynamic in the coming months'.”

Was this alert a warning of what might transpire or a statement of what is planned?

Another Government Provocation. Just like 9/11/2001!

NEWS BRIEF: "12 lessons that S.C. can learn from Katrina", The State Newspaper, September 4, 2005

"In 2001, the Federal Emergency Management Agency ranked the most likely and deadly disasters that could befall the United States. The top three were a terrorist attack on New York, an earthquake in San Francisco and a hurricane in New Orleans. The list was announced at a conference on Sept. 10. The next day was 9/11 (Emphasis Added)."

This news is so incredible that we need to stop right here, so we can accurately understand what we have just been told. On September 10, 2001, FEMA accurately "predicted" three" most likely and deadly disasters that could befall the United States". These deadly disasters foretold were:

1) Terrorist attack on New York

2) An earthquake in San Francisco

3) A hurricane in New Orleans

On the very next day after this FEMA 'prediction', the attacks of 9/11 occurred -- the Twin Towers and The Pentagon were attacked, precisely as the Illuminati Card Game predicted in 1995! A massive 'Intelligence Failure' has been officially named as the reason this horrific attack occurred. Cutting Edge, on the other hand, had been warning since 1998 that terrorism against cities was going to represent the final chapter of this plan to overthrow our current civilization.

So, is this current DHS alert warning us that they are planning just this kind of unrest prior to the Mid-term Elections?

4. The time has arrived for defenders of the Second Amendment to go on offense!

The BIG Solution is a good place to start

NEWS BRIEF: "A BIG solution to gun violence", The Washington Examiner, June 9, 2022

"Our hearts are broken over the recent string of mass shootings. While debates stream across America, many have doubts that Congress will deliver any meaningful change. It feels like our nation is on a treadmill, with the same arguments playing over and over after every tragedy. It is time to get off the wheel and look at proven solutions that equip communities and schools with the tools they need to prevent the next trauma. "

"One such tool is the Behavioral Intervention Guidelines Act, or simply the BIG Act. If enacted, this bill would:

* "... empower schools and local communities with the resources necessary to ensure the safety and health of each student. "

* "... develop best practices for schools to establish behavioral health intervention teams"

"Congress must enact this empowering legislation. It has already passed the House of Representatives with strong bipartisan support and is waiting for Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to bring it to the Senate floor. "

But, the most important factor is to harden our schools to allow armed guards and armed teachers so that the response to any active shooter is inside the school and can be immediately activated.

If guns were in the hands of school officials, we would have no repeat of Uvalde, where dozens of police officers stood outside watching and hearing the mass executions of 21 innocent people, 19 of them elementary age students!

But, the Democrats did react to solve gun violence -- or did they?

NEWS BRIEF: "Democrat-Led House Passes Gun Controls that Wouldn’t Have Prevented Uvalde", Breitbart News, 8 June 2022

"On Wednesday, the Democrat-led House of Representatives passed a gun control package that contains six gun controls that would not have prevented the May 24, 2022, Uvalde shooting."

Democrats had the audacity to call this bill "Protecting Our Kids Act."

What are the provisions of this bill?

* "background checks for 'ghost' guns"

* "gun storage requirements for homes with minors present"

* "additional penalties for gun trafficking and straw purchases"

* " a bump stock ban"

* " A ' high capacity' magazine ban"

* " a requirement that existing bump stocks be registered under the auspices of the National Firearms Act."

Since none of these provisions would have prevented the Uvalde massacre, why are Leftists so adamant to keep on passing them? I believe that, at the right moment, the President -- the Masonic Christ -- will simply announce that, since all previous attempts to put an end to these public shootings had failed, the government was simply going to seize them all.

5. With primary election results now in, the American people are rebelling against loose enforcement of laws and of mistreatment of police

NEWS BRIEF: "Far-Left San Francisco District Attorney Recalled in Landslide", American Greatness, June 8, 2022

"With seven states holding their primaries on Tuesday, perhaps the biggest upset came out of San Francisco, California, where incumbent District Attorney Chesa Boudin (D-Calif.) was successfully recalled in a landslide. As reported by Axios, Boudin’s recall could mark a significant turning point in the rise of progressive prosecutors getting elected to district attorney positions all across the country, often with the backing of far-left billionaire George Soros."

" His tenure was marked by a spike in crime throughout San Francisco, particularly brazen robberies of various convenience stores in broad daylight, as well as assaults, an increase in public drug use, and a rise in homelessness."

The only question is: can the Democrats steal this election?

6. Former Prime Minister Netanyahu may be ready to assume power again in Israel

NEWS BRIEF: "Netanyahu and the right are about to regain power: They’ll hold it for a long time", The Times of Israel, 8 June 2022

"The final blow to the coalition could come from many directions, but come it will. And Israel will get a gov’t of the ideological hue most of the electorate voted for a year ago."

"The eight-party coalition that took office in Israel a year ago was always misrepresentative of the electorate’s ideological affiliations. More than 70 of the 120 politicians Israelis voted into the Knesset in March 2021 came from seven firmly right-wing parties, either secular or religious — Likud, Shas, Yamina, United Torah Judaism, Yisrael Beytenu, Religious Zionism and New Hope.."

But -- "Israel has been governed these past 12 months by a coalition that spans the political spectrum from right to left, with an Islamist party for good measure, only because the leaders of three of those seven right-wing parties (Yamina, Yisrael Beytenu and New Hope) opted to put aside core principles for what they argued was a greater Israeli interest: ousting Benjamin Netanyahu." (Emphasis Added)

We have noted that Israel's Moderate to Left Wing parties are very similar to the Leftist Democrats in America. Whereas Israel's Leftists were united in getting rid of Netanyahu and were more than willing to lie him out of office, American Liberals were equally united in their unreasonable hatred of Trump and were more than willing to lie him out of office!

Are the American Conservatives scared that Trump might also come back to the White House?

Of course, preventing Trump from coming back is the #1 reason for this sham 'January 6' panels.

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Aliens = Ambassadors For Antichrist

NEWS BRIEF: "Pentagon creates new organization to investigate mysterious objects in the sky", Military Times, November 23, 2021

"Faced with growing concerns about mysterious objects in the sky, especially over military installations and training ranges, the Pentagon has created a new organization to search for answers about where they came from and what threats they may pose ... investigations into unidentified aerial phenomenon will now be conducted by the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, nested in the office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security."

"... It comes in the wake of a June report by the ODNI into objects in the sky that found no explanation for 143 of 144 incidents reviewed."

Luciferian Plan: 'UFO's and Aliens are part of the New World Order. They are benevolent beings which will aid mankind in attaining the goal of becoming one humanity. They will appear at the proper time to enable mankind to make that Quantum Leap of Collective Consciousness -- when the The Christ appears'." (New England Director of the House of Theosophy, Seminar, August 18, 1991)

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