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Friday, 4/24/2020

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Critical Headlines

1. Southern Baptist seminary has opened the door barring Antichrist just a little bit more.

The Seminary president fires all Conservative professors!

2. Judicial Watch issues a court challenge to the "Stay-At-Home" orders during the Coronavirus pandemic!

How many of our freedoms and rights will never be reinstated?

3. President Trump ordered the U.S. Navy to shoot to sink any Iranian fast patrol attack ship who charges toward an American ship.

Immediately, the braggadocios commander of Iranian forces announced that THEY would sink AMERICAN ships!

4. CA Gov. Newsom Moves Goal Posts for Ending Lockdown: 60,000 to 80,000 Daily Tests Needed.

Just as they did during the fake Russia Collusion hearings, the Democrats constantly redefined the parameters of their investigation.

Leftist Democrats really do want another Great Depression!

5. Wisconsin demonstrates why "mail-in ballots" is a really bad idea.

Such a system is so easily defrauded, politicians would be as automatically re-elected as was Joe Stalin, Dictator in Russia!


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Critical News Analysis -- End of the Age

1. Southern Baptist seminary has opened the door barring Antichrist just a little bit more.

The Seminary president fires all Conservative professors!

NEWS BRIEF: "President Al Mohler FIRES Conservatives at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary ", Enemies Within The Church, April 22, 2020

"Yesterday, in an unprecedented move, Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist’s flagship seminary in Louisville, KY, fired four of the remaining conservative professors at the institution. Russell Fuller, Theodore Cabal, Ken Magnuson, and Jim Orrick (who taught at Boyce College) were all terminated by provost Matthew Hall."

It seems as though the Seminary has something they want to stay hidden.

"The seminary offered salary and benefits through July on the condition that non-disclosure agreements, requiring the withholding of potentially damaging information concerning the seminary and firing process, would be signed within forty-five days."

"Southeastern professors ... have pulled their seminary in a leftward direction for some time."

This sad development is one of many others over the past two decades which have weakened the strong doctrinal position the church has held since the time of the Apostle Paul.

In fact, Paul had something powerful to say about the timing of the Antichrist and who would be greatly responsible for his appearance on the world scene.



Before we get further into this discussion, let us review prophetic truth regarding the Church of Jesus Christ and the appearance of Antichrist. The Apostle Paul, speaking under the influence of the Holy Spirit, told us that the Christian Church held the key to the appearance of Antichrist. As long as the Christian Church remained true to the fundamental doctrines of the faith, Antichrist could not arise; however, the Holy Spirit foretold that one of the firm signs that the world was approaching the End of the Age was that the Christian Church would go into deep and prolonged apostasy, an apostasy that would literally open the door for Antichrist to enter the world scene!

Let us review this prophecy:

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God." [2 Thessalonians 2:3-4]

Every time a Liberal theologian departs from the faith, he is opening the door to Antichrist just a little bit more. This is a prophetic fact. Israel came back into her land in 1948, the same year the World Council and National Council of Churches was created. Ever since, the Christian Church has consistently moved further and further away from the fundamental truth of God's Word. This latest proclamation is simply the latest in a long line of Biblical reinterpretations that today will allow the hollow "christian" church to move into the worldwide Ecumenical Religion of Antichrist.

Clearly, the foretold End of the Age apostasy of the Christian Church is in full swing. The Apostasy is a general falling away of the current church from long-held fundamental doctrinal positions; its height, depth, and breadth not only take your breath away, but should tell us that the time of the appearance of Antichrist seems very close. According to Paul in 2 Thessalonians, this apostasy is the only event in the world that can open the door to Antichrist. Clearly, the Christian Church is opening that door wider and wider, until finally, in God's complete timing, Antichrist will come striding through. While the Roman Catholic Church is using the Virgin Mary to unite all the pagan religions of the world together, Rome's perceived "Christianity" is drawing Liberal Christianity into its web. When Antichrist arises, he will find all religions of the world united into one, with the Pope as the head -- the False Prophet [Read NEWS1052 for full details]

However, while we liken the appearance of Antichrist to the opening of a spiritual doorway, Jesus likens his appearance to the birth of a baby. What are "birth pains" the world will have to endure for Antichrist to finally come through that birth canal and out into the world? Jesus told us:

1. Wars and rumors of wars

2. Nation will rise against nation

3. Kingdom against kingdom

4. Famines

5. Earthquakes in place after place

This current example of apostasy is not occurring in a vacuum, but is occurring at a unique time in world history when events are occurring or seem about to occur, that fulfill these five types of birth pangs. Even as the planned World War III seems ready to explode, with the Middle East, a Korean nuclear war confrontation, and a Chinese attack on Taiwan, we see famines and earthquakes literally worldwide.

If these events exploded tonight, what would be your spiritual condition before Jesus Christ? Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? (Repent of your sins today, click here to read the Plan of Salvation)

2. Judicial Watch issues a court challenge to the "Stay-At-Home" orders during the Coronavirus pandemic!

NEWS BRIEF: "Judicial Watch calls for probe into statewide stay-at-home orders", Canada Free Press, April 23, 2020

"Government watchdog group Judicial Watch argues ongoing shutdowns of the U.S. economy are illegal and they hurt America more than the coronavirus itself ... Tom Fitton asks, 'Where is the science behind this virus? It is pretty clear that there is little science."

"What we have here is a radical experiment on the American people/"

How many of our freedoms and rights will never be reinstated?

3. President Trump ordered the U.S. Navy to shoot to sink any Iranian fast patrol attack ship who charges toward an American ship.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump Orders US Navy to Shoot, Destroy Iranian Gunboats That Harass American Vessels", The Jewish Press, April 22, 2020

"President Donald Trump has ordered the US Navy not to hesitate this time around, but rather to shoot to destroy if the Iranian Navy decides again to play chicken with the Americans in the Persian Gulf. He made the announcement Wednesday in a tweet, saying he has 'instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea'.”

"Trump’s announcement was a followup to a series of incidents that have taken place between IRGC Navy vessels and American forces in the Persian Gulf over the past week, and also perhaps a veiled warning over the launching of a military satellite by the Islamic Republic earlier in the day as well."

"On Monday (April 20), the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Navy patrol boats sailed dangerously close to two American patrol crafts and a logistics support vessel in the northern Persian Gulf near Kuwait in the early overnight hours. It was the second time the Iranian Navy had harassed US Navy vessels in Gulf waters — on April 15, 11 Iranian naval patrol and fast boats of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) approached and sailed around the USS Lewis B. Puller and five other vessels. The USS Paul Hamilton, Firebolt, Sirocco, USCGC Wrangell and Maui were also sailing at the time."

Immediately, the braggadocios commander of Iranian forces announced that THEY would sink AMERICAN ships!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iranian commander promises to sink US Navy ships if provoked'," World Israel News, April 24, 2020

"The leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) warned on Thursday that he has ordered his forces to target the U.S. Navy if threatened after President Donald Trump’s tweet the previous day threatening to sink Iranian vessels.

“I have ordered our naval forces to destroy any American terrorist force in the Persian Gulf that threatens the security of Iran’s military or non-military ships,” IRGC General Hossein Salami told state television, adding, “Security of the Persian Gulf is part of Iran’s strategic priorities.”

“I am telling the Americans that we are absolutely determined and serious in defending our national security, our water borders, our shipping safety, and our security forces, and we will respond decisively to any sabotage,” he said."

Finally, America has a bold President who is not afraid of confrontation!

Wars have been prevented by such strong counter-measures.


4. CA Gov. Newsom Moves Goal Posts for Ending Lockdown: 60,000 to 80,000 Daily Tests Needed.

NEWS BRIEF: "CA Gov. Newsom Moves Goal Posts for Ending Lockdown: 60,000 to 80,000 Daily Tests Needed", Breitbart News, 23 April 2020

"California has fared well in comparison with some states in the battle against the coronavirus — at 1,440 deaths as of Thursday being a fraction of the 19,453 deaths in New York — but Gov. Gavin Newsom continues to keep Californians under a lockdown order that he said won’t let up until between 60,000 and 80,000 daily tests can be administered."

"That’s nearly triple the 25,000 tests the governor recently set as the testing standard he has said was needed to lift the restrictions in the state."

Just as they did during the fake Russia Collusion hearings, the Democrats constantly redefined the parameters of their investigation.

Leftist Democrats really do want another Great Depression!

NEWS BRIEF: "The Democrats Totally Want A Depression", Townhall, April 23, 2002

"If the Malevolent Donkey Party was actively seeking to plunge the country into an economic tailspin, while still maintaining some level of deniability to the credulous suckers out there, exactly what would it be doing differently? It would be pretty much doing exactly what it is doing right now – shilling for the bat-gobbling ChiComs, delaying needed assistance to keep America working, and generally trying to keep us all locked in the dark in perpetuity."

"The indisputable fact is that they’re totally cool with that if that is what gets them back into power."

5. Wisconsin demonstrates why "mail-in ballots" is a really bad idea.

NEWS BRIEF: "Wisconsin Shows Why Mailing Everyone a Ballot is a Bad Idea ", American Greatness, April 22, 2020

"As the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, many leftists are proposing a voting “solution” to ensure they can beat President Trump this fall. Their solution is to mail a ballot to every name on the voter rolls. Wisconsin’s spring election and presidential primary should serve as a warning for states and the federal government to avoid universal mail elections."

"Mailing a ballot to every name on the voter rolls is straight out of the left-wing playbook to rig the election in their favor. On cue, the Democratic National Committee and many leftists pushed voting changes to help only their candidates. A closer look at how the process played out in Wisconsin is helpful to understand the Left’s political calculation."

"While there are no easy solutions to the challenges of voting during a pandemic, an all-mail program would jeopardize the integrity of any election and suppress the conservative vote. The rush to a completely new system would create more problems than it is addressing. The nation should learn from Wisconsin and reject the idea of mailing every registered voter an absentee ballot."

Such a system is so easily defrauded, politicians would be as automatically re-elected as was Joe Stalin, Dictator in Russia!

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* Covenant Theology
* New Calvinism
* Christian Palestinianism
* Dominion Theology (Note that President Bush used this false theology to encourage pastors to support his wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq)

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The Yin and Yang symbol is also used to represent bisexuality and homosexuality within today's New Age Movement. It is also used to depict Divination. [Dr. C. Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", p. 19-22] Do not be deceived: Freemasonry depicts Yin and Yang a little differently than a traditional New Age, or occultist, or Satanist. They use the hexagram and the black and white tile floors; but, their belief in Yin and Yang is identical to the Satanist Mysteries. But, why should we be surprised, for Albert Pike told us that Freemasonry is "identical to the Mysteries." Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated)

"In both European and Oriental traditions, the Unicorn is identified with a Messiah who comes when the world is in danger and who heralds the coming of a new and better age." [The Living Unicorn, Carver, Minnesota, The Living Unicorn, Inc., 1980, p. 3, as quoted by Burns, p. 145]

"Thus we see that the unicorn is, in reality, the symbol of a future conqueror who will bring peace to the earth. Who is this but the Antichrist ... for whom the world waits, unaware of his true nature? [Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", p. 144]

"In Celtic mythology and European folklore, a fabulous beast [comes] in the form of a horse, with a single spiraling horn growing from the center of its brow. In alchemy, [it is] a symbol of the complete mastery of phallic sexuality by ritual intercourse and its conversion into the forces of pure visualization." [Maurice Bessie, A Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural,-- occult author -- p. 128, quoted by Burns, p. 145]

Wonderful! Do you want your child to subliminally be conditioned to the horn of the unicorn as a phallic symbol of intercourse? Of course not, but then you are probably not a pagan, who worships sex.

"... the Rothschilds have a unicorn on their coat-of-arms." [Burns, p. 145] Now, we know the Unicorn is a major Illuminist symbol, and a symbol of their future Superman, the New Age Christ [Antichrist].

"Behold A Pale Horse"

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Cooper writes against the coming New World Order, and the Plan, which the "Power Elite" of this country and this world are implementing, that will bring about the Global Government, Economy, and Religion.

Cooper provides much first hand information based upon his career in U.S. Naval Intelligence, on the energetic leadership our Government is providing to implement this global system of Government, Economy, and Religion.

Former Satanists -- as well as New Age adherents -- consider this book to be THE most important insider revelation concerning the plan to produce the New World Order in all its violence, death and destruction

This is the most quoted book on the Illuminati in Cutting Edge

Pertinent Quotes

"When we come into our kingdom (New World Order) our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring the world, at the end under our beneficent rule." (p. 303).

"... secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to create an artificial threat ... to bring the world together in a global government called the New World Order." [Bill Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse, p. 27]

"There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties ..... It is not worthwhile to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties ....." [The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion]


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