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Thursday, 3/26/2020

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"Apostate 'Christian Churches' Are Continuing The Ancient Baal Worship Practice of Celebrating His Day with Easter-Themed Egg Hunts!" (NEWS2562)

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Volume 3

"Did God REALLY Part The Red Sea?"

Part 1 of 2 - 'Red Sea Miracle' comes in two parts

But, this title is #3 in the "Patterns of Evidence" Series

After leaving Egypt, the Bible describes the Israelites crossing a deep sea that was miraculously split with walls of water on their right and left. When the Egyptians and their chariot force pursued, the water came crashing back down to destroy the entire army. Are miracles of this kind even possible?

Skeptics contend that no evidence has ever been found for huge numbers of people crossing the wilderness or a mighty sea. Does the lack of evidence at the traditional sites mean the events didnt happen, or might we have been looking in wrong places all along?

Hear ideas from all sides of the debate as you journey back to the lands of the Bible in search of answers to one of the Bible's biggest mysteries; where is the lost sea of the Exodus, and what really happened there? You will discover that the evidence matches the Biblical account!

Your faith will be solidified and you will pray, thanking God for giving us Faith which can be proven!

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Two Hours Long, Only $19.99

Watch Trailer

Proofs That The 'Exodus' From Egypt Was Very Real!

New 'Thinking Man" Films DVD

'Patterns of Evidence' Series', Volume 1 - The Biblical Exodus

Watch Trailer -- Only $16.95

A Christian filmmaker launched this detailed scientific, linguistic and archaeological study which would prove beyond doubt that the Biblical account of Moses' Exodus out of Egypt is thoroughly accurate, not a collection of legends as modern, progressive christian scholars pretend.

Put on your thinking cap and be completely entertained as you will discover that God has created a belief based upon fact and science, so you can confidently look forward to His eternal kingdom!

Mahoney decided to tackle this issue with a deliberate scientific approach. After identifying key details about 'The Exodus' in the biblical text, he embarked on a 12-year journey across the globe, traveling to the very locations the biblical events are said to have happened, to see firsthand whether there is evidence for the Exodus, or not.

After interviewing some of the world's leading archaeologists, he comes to a profound question: What if the experts have been looking for evidence in the wrong time period? The answer is one of the most revealing and in-depth investigations into the Exodus ever captured on film. Your faith will be solidified and you will pray, thanking God for giving us Faith which can be proven!

Two (2) Hours Long --Only $16.95 - Winner of Five Excellence Awards!!

Passover this year is April 8. at Sundown, and continues through April 14!

New 'Thinking Man' Films DVD

'Patterns of Evidence' Series', Volume 2, 'The Moses Controversy'

Director's Cut, Bonus Features

Did Moses REALLY Write The Torah - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy?

Watch Trailer -- Only $19.95

Did Moses really write the first five books of the Bible -- the Torah -- as God declared? Mainstream christian scholars say 'NO'; however, this answer is monumentally critical, for Jesus repeatedly quoted Moses and spoke of him as the inspired writer of the Torah. Jesus is guilty of lying if scholars can prove Moses could not have written those books.

This DVD, 'The Moses Controversy', not only proves that Moses did write the Torah, but that God caused the Hebrew people to brilliantly create a new language comprised of an alphabet, not the limited language of the Egyptian-type hieroglyph.

Further, God created this new alphabet language several hundred years before Moses, so Moses would have an established Hebrew language which was well accepted by the people in which to write Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy!

What a wonderful discovery! Your faith will be solidified and you will pray, thanking God for giving us Faith which can be proven!

Two (2) Hours Long


Critical Headlines

1. One of the most important reasons why Capitalism succeeds while Socialism fails lies in the office of procurement.

Thankfully, NYC Mayor De Blasio provided a most important example, as his office struggled to meet the Coronavirus successfully.

2. Additionally, when Nikki Haley resigned from the board of directors for Boeing Company, she did so on the principle that private companies should not take financial aid from the Federal Government.

3. An official of the Federal Reserve Board predicted that the economy would initially struggle once the restrictions were lifted and then soar into unparalleled territory.

Trump is right to re-start the economy quickly, and here is why.

4. Democrats Senator Schumer and Rep. Pelosi immediately stalled final passage of this bill so they could work provisions within that have nothing to do with Coronavirus, but are simply pork monies for their favorite constituencies.

5. California State Police are using drones to track individual people!

This capability would certainly be of great help to the coming Absolute Dictatorship - the 'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" on America's One Dollar Bill.


Resurrection Day (Easter)

Did you know that Jesus never observed Easter?

Bookstore Resources

"America's Occult Holidays" DVD

by Former Satanist Doc Marquis

Regularly $39.99, now Only $19.99

Former Satanist, Doc Marquis, delivers a knockout punch against the practice of all our major holidays, providing details only a former Witch would know. Doc begins by demonstrating how the Illuminati effected the change in our calendar and how that change has affected a dramatic change in our everyday lives. The Illuminati copied heathen holidays from Satanism and then just gave them Christian names.

Too many Christians are enthusiastically celebrating Luciferian holidays, thinking they are Christian. Once you understand how very pagan America and the rest of the Western world has become, you can see how God's judgment cannot be far behind.

Doc Marquis only uses the King James Bible -

"Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ"

DVD by David Bay

Only $14.99

Your understanding of the Gospel account will change forever! Once you understand the truth that Jewish leaders who conspired to put Jesus on the cross were practicing Satanists of a Secret Society.

This incredible DVD reveals that the Pharisees and Sadducees who hated Jesus with an unnatural hatred and provoked the Lord into uncharacteristic animosity toward them, were secretly Satanists practicing what later became known as the Cabala (Kabbala, Qabbala).

Now you will know why the Pharisees killed Jesus even though they knew with 100% certainty that He was the Promised Messiah. But, Jesus was not the Messiah KING for which they were awaiting; rather, He was Messiah Suffering Servant, of which they most definitely did not want.

The Cabala which these Jewish religious leaders were practicing believed that God of Abraham as an equal, but opposite, God to Satan. Therefore, once they killed the Suffering Servant Messiah, they could then stage the appearance of their own man, the Messiah King.

Just as the Cabalists believed in Jesus day that the Jewish Messiah was brought to Earth by powerfully occult priests who were serving God of Abraham, so they believe today that the Messiah King will be brought to Earth by their own power. Jesus stated these two sources of Messianic power and their two vastly goals, when He stated, I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. (John 5:43)

After rejecting Jesus Messianic Office, modern day Cabalists will accept their own Messiah King  Antichrist  in his own name!

The ruling body known as the Sanhedrin was controlled by these Pharisees and Sadducees. Now you will know why these Jewish leaders looked at Jesus' miracles and concluded that He was drawing His power from Beelzebub, one of Satan's chief demons. When the Pharisees told the people that Jesus did not possess inherent power, but was merely accessing the power of Beelzebub,they caused Jesus to proclaim a brand new type of sin, the 'Unpardonable Sin'!

This type of Satanism which the Pharisees practiced is the major power behind the drive to the 'New World Order', which is the 'Kingdom of Antichrist', and is the Corner Stone of every major type of Satanism in the past 2,500 years! Even Adolf Hitler loved and revered the Cabala, even as he was plotting to slaughter all Jews.

Soul-winning Segment at the very end --

Critical News Analysis -- End of the Age

1. One of the most important reasons why Capitalism succeeds while Socialism fails lies in the office of procurement.

If we can hope to counter this recent rise in voter affection for the infamous type of economy as Socialism, we must have a clear concept why Socialism fails and Capitalism succeeds. Too many American Conservatives simply have only a foggy notion as to what the differences always are.

Perhaps one of the most important differences between Capitalism and Socialism lies in the procurement process, especially in the reordering of product. Take a look at the shelves of a privately-owned retailer and look at the items on the shelf which are either out of stock or very nearly so.

Who is responsible to reorder to get product back on those shelves?

Capitalism relies upon these privately-owned retailers to reorder product. To accomplish this task, each retailer creates and operates a procurement department, known in most instances as the buying department.

If a buyer does not order in a timely basis -- on time -- that buyer may be fired. Conversely, if the buyer orders too much, creating an overstock, he/she may be fired. Buyers in most categories are in constant touch with their Accounting Department to ensure that the company has sufficient monies to pay for their reorder.

There is always a sense of urgency in the buyer's mind, as he tries to stay instock without creating an overstock situation.

Socialism relies upon a government bureaucrat -- either local, state, or Federal -- to reorder. The problem is that one bureaucrat is inundated with so many requests for product that he/she cannot possibly study each one fast enough to keep the retailer from running out of stock while the government buyer fails to keep up with the overwhelming demand from retailers for approval to order.

Thus, the retailer under Capitalism is instock over 90% of the time, the retailer under Socialism is running empty and his sales are collapsing for lack of product.

When you realize that, every day in a major country, tens of millions of such decisions are being made from coast-to-coast, can you see why Capitalism succeeds greatly while Socialism fails spectacularly?

This difference can be "life or death"!

Thankfully, NYC Mayor De Blasio provided a most important example, as his office struggled to meet the Coronavirus successfully.

NEWS BRIEF: "Mayor De Blasio Won't Tell You About the One Decision That Negatively Impacted NYC During the Coronavirus Outbreak", Townhall, March 25, 2020

"New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) has continually said the Trump administration could be doing more to fight the Wuhan coronavirus. In fact, just this weekend, he made an appearance on "Meet the Press" and hammered home that point, something Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) completely disagreed with."

Blame Trump is the name of the game, especially for Socialist/Communist De Blasio of New York City.

"While the Big Apple continues to be the United States' epicenter for the Wuhan coronavirus, de Blasio fails to take any responsibility for what's taking place in his city. New York City’s Office of Emergency Management attempted to order 200,000 N95 masks on February 7th but discovered weeks later that the vendor was out of stock. It took almost a month for the city to secure masks and hand sanitizer as part of its emergency supply, the New York Post reported. They received the supplies on March 6th and March 10th." (Emphasis Added)

Why did it take "weeks" to discover that the vendor with whom the order was placed was out of stock? When I was a retail buyer, I would have known that fact instantly as I was attempting to reorder! That is the essence of Capitalism.

"... the city's supplier said officials had 10 different opportunities to order these critical supplies but the reason they didn't get them was because of government bureaucracy. Eight of the 10 times the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) missed the payment deadline."

Well-run privately owned retailers are very careful to pay for the product on time and on schedule, knowing that being late in paying would very quickly result in that vendor being unwilling to ship.

""We’d send them a list of products we can deliver within 24, 48 hours,” head of one of the medical supply companies told The Post. “The private sector is knocking on our door all day, every day. We have every hospital facility from Buffalo to across the country chasing us for the same product — N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, hand sanitizer — and the city just moves so slow, I mean it’s a joke."

That, my friends, is one of the major reasons why Capitalism has always succeeded while Socialism founders and sinks. Staying instock while controlling overstocks is a huge reason Socialism always fails.

2. Additionally, when Nikki Haley resigned from the board of directors for Boeing Company, she did so on the principle that private companies should not take financial aid from the Federal Government.

NEWS BRIEF: "Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley resigns from Boeing board, opposing government aid", MSN Business News, March 21, 2020

"Nikki Haley, a former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., is stepping down from her position on the Board of Directors. The cause behind this Boeing news is a bailout for the airline from the U.S. government. Haley is not in agreement with the company accepting aid ... as the coronavirus from China continues to make its way through the U.S."

What did Haley object to, exactly?

"While I know cash is tight, that is equally true for numerous other industries and for millions of small businesses. I cannot support a move to lean on the federal government for a stimulus or bailout that prioritizes our company over others and relies on taxpayers to guarantee our financial position. I have long held strong convictions that this is not the role of government.”

Nikki Haley just espoused a critical position of Capitalists. They want minimal government control and that means financial aid, even at a time like this. Boeing simply should close down to preserve her financial resources, waiting for the time when the economy is back to normal.

Since the days of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, American citizens have been conditioned to believe that the first line of defense against hard times should be the Federal Government. This belief is essential in establishing the planned dictatorship known as the New World Order.

Even a "conservative" President Trump acted first and forcefully to step up to the microphone to announce massive measures which his Federal Government was planning to take to solve this crisis. Therefore, Americans support this Socialist concept of government bailout in numbers unprecedented in our brief history.

3. An official of the Federal Reserve Board predicted that the economy would initially struggle once the restrictions were lifted and then soar into unparalleled territory.

NEWS BRIEF: "St. Louis Fed chair says Trump economy will blast skyward again following sharp, brief downturn ", The National Sentinel, March 25, 2020

"The St. Louis Fed president, James Bullard, said he believes that we’re set up for a meteoric rise once all the COVID-19 dust settles, Americans get back to work, and the economy begins to percolate once more."

As of this writing, it seems that Pelosi will get the House of Representatives to pass the government stimulus bill by Friday and the checks can then begin to flow to American taxpayers by April 6.

If President Trump restarts the economy by lifting the restrictions by Easter, April 12, the American economy could instantly reignite. Putting significant dollars in the hands of an anxious American people is the recipe for an instantaneously restart!

Trump is right to re-start the economy quickly, and here is why.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump: Closing the economy could kill more people than coronavirus", Israel National News, March 25, 2020

"US President Donald Trump warned that a closed American economy could cause more deaths than the coronavirus. 'People get tremendous anxiety and depression and you have suicide over things like this, when you have a terrible economy, you have death, definitely … in far greater numbers than we’re talking about with regard to the virus', Trump said."

The President is entirely correct, and he expects to make the announcement just prior to Easter.

Therefore, expect Liberals of all stripes and nationalities all over the world to denounce ending restrictions this quickly, because their desire is to overthrow economies so the global government can be imposed.

4. Democrats Senator Schumer and Rep. Pelosi immediately stalled final passage of this bill so they could work provisions within that have nothing to do with Coronavirus, but are simply pork monies for their favorite constituencies.

NEWS BRIEF: "Defiant Pelosi on CNN: ‘I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care!’," BPR News, March 25, 2020

"Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) angrily shouted down CNN’s Dana Bash when asked about President Trump’s plans to reopen the U.S. economy next month if the coronavirus crisis is contained. The President said he hopes to reopen the economy by Easter (April 12) — barring a continuing health crisis."

"Bash asked: “Where do you stand, and more importantly, what is your message to the President about the time frame?”

Pelosi fired back: "Our economy will thrive when our people are well and able to go back to work in groups, and our children can go back to school. But central to all of that is stopping the spread of the disease, of the coronavirus."

"Bash followed up by asking: “Even beyond Twitter, the president of the United States is saying that he could open it up.” That’s when a furious Pelosi cut Dana Bash off, yelling: “I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care!”

Thank you, Nancy, for making your opinion known to all of us. This is the reason the Speaker suddenly delayed and threatened to derail, the massive stimulus plan of Donald Trump.

For the record, Nancy Pelosi and her husband own a net worth of $140,000,000 ($140 Million)!

With personal wealth of this magnitude, Nancy Pelosi is in a position to tell us exactly how much she cares about individual Americans who are just trying to provide a home, food on the table and pay their taxes.

Her attitude is: “I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care!”

Remember this fact when you walk into the voting booth this November!

5. California State Police are using drones to track individual people!

NEWS BRIEF: "California Police Using Drones to Target People", Fellow American Daily

"Southern California is looking more like a police state instead of a free state. The Democrats have created a socialist environment that makes it legal for them to act like communists herding a bunch of political criminals rather than a democratic government. Their decision to allow law enforcement to use drones to spy on people and monitor their movements is borderline illegal and an invasion of privacy."

"The police force that is leading the drive is the Chula Vista, Police Force. They have already bought $11,000 worth of drones that are ready to take to the skies. The number of drones that the police in Chula Vista purchased doubled its size. All the drones have night vision cameras and speakers so the police can speak to people if there is a need to do so. This idea seems to have all the right intentions, but it is an invasion of privacy."

"There is nothing to stop them from eavesdropping in on a home just to see what people are saying and doing."

This capability would certainly be of great help to the coming Absolute Dictatorship - the 'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" on America's One Dollar Bill.



"Wrong Kingdom View = Unbiblical Theology"

Volume 3 of the Series, "Are We Building The Kingdom of God"?

Two Hours Long, Only $19.99

Deadly errors arise when people believe in a false, unbiblical view of the Kingdom and its establishment. Disc 3 will reveal why this view engenders, not only these problems, but also the false teachings within Christendom that have arisen specifically because of a skewed viewpoint of the biblical teaching of the coming Kingdom of God.

What are the key false teachings we need to address?

* Replacement Theology
* Covenant Theology
* New Calvinism
* Christian Palestinianism
* Dominion Theology (Note that President Bush used this false theology to encourage pastors to support his wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq)

This DVD will also address some related subjects:

* The truly Biblical teaching of the Doctrine of Election
* The true Christian perspective of the modern state of Israel
* The false kingdom within the Charismatic Movement
* The New Apostolic Reformation

Have You Seen Volumes 1 and 2 In This Series?

Select the image below for more information or to watch the trailer.


Blasphemous Masonic Plots and Doctrines

"Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated" Book

by Dr. Cathy Burns

Featuring 728 Symbols, 543 pages, including 130 pages of FOOTNOTES

Only $21.95!

Lucifer = Torch = Armageddon

New Quotes Posted Jan 24, 2020

The Yin and Yang symbol is also used to represent bisexuality and homosexuality within today's New Age Movement. It is also used to depict Divination. [Dr. C. Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", p. 19-22] Do not be deceived: Freemasonry depicts Yin and Yang a little differently than a traditional New Age, or occultist, or Satanist. They use the hexagram and the black and white tile floors; but, their belief in Yin and Yang is identical to the Satanist Mysteries. But, why should we be surprised, for Albert Pike told us that Freemasonry is "identical to the Mysteries." Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated)

"In both European and Oriental traditions, the Unicorn is identified with a Messiah who comes when the world is in danger and who heralds the coming of a new and better age." [The Living Unicorn, Carver, Minnesota, The Living Unicorn, Inc., 1980, p. 3, as quoted by Burns, p. 145]

"Thus we see that the unicorn is, in reality, the symbol of a future conqueror who will bring peace to the earth. Who is this but the Antichrist ... for whom the world waits, unaware of his true nature? [Dr. Cathy Burns, "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated", p. 144]

"In Celtic mythology and European folklore, a fabulous beast [comes] in the form of a horse, with a single spiraling horn growing from the center of its brow. In alchemy, [it is] a symbol of the complete mastery of phallic sexuality by ritual intercourse and its conversion into the forces of pure visualization." [Maurice Bessie, A Pictorial History of Magic and the Supernatural,-- occult author -- p. 128, quoted by Burns, p. 145]

Wonderful! Do you want your child to subliminally be conditioned to the horn of the unicorn as a phallic symbol of intercourse? Of course not, but then you are probably not a pagan, who worships sex.

"... the Rothschilds have a unicorn on their coat-of-arms." [Burns, p. 145] Now, we know the Unicorn is a major Illuminist symbol, and a symbol of their future Superman, the New Age Christ [Antichrist].

Finally Revealed: Communism Rules The Current Democrat Party

Obama Documentary Filmmaker Quotes Communist Manifesto at Oscars: ‘Workers of the World Unite!'


"America's Agenda 2"--DVD Pack, 175 minutes

Reg. $33.95, Only $24.95

By Curtis Bowers

Reveals Progressive, Socialist, Communist Effort To Overthrow America

'Agenda' is a most powerful expose' of the Communist, Socialist, Progressive Plan to overthrow our beloved country, its Constitution, and our Guaranteed Freedoms! This Plan is a well documented AGENDA.

This is a 2-Title Set: 1) "AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN" -- A fascinating look at the people and groups that have successfully targeted America's morality and freedom in their effort to grind America down. I know that I feel that the Daily News is systematically 'grinding me down'! Do you feel the same way? 90 Minutes.

2. 'AGENDA 2: MASTERS OF DECEIT" -- Filmmaker Curtis Bowers hit the road in 2010 with his film AGENDA, people began to wake up. AGENDA became one of the best selling independent documentaries of all time, and grassroots America finally had a tool to connect the dots.

Join Curtis Bowers as he heads out again to expose the Masters of Deceit and their purposeful, premeditated, treasonous attacks on our freedom. 85 minutes.

"Behold A Pale Horse"

Book by New Age Author, Bill Cooper

Only $25.95, for 501 Pages

Cooper writes against the coming New World Order, and the Plan, which the "Power Elite" of this country and this world are implementing, that will bring about the Global Government, Economy, and Religion.

Cooper provides much first hand information based upon his career in U.S. Naval Intelligence, on the energetic leadership our Government is providing to implement this global system of Government, Economy, and Religion.

Former Satanists -- as well as New Age adherents -- consider this book to be THE most important insider revelation concerning the plan to produce the New World Order in all its violence, death and destruction

This is the most quoted book on the Illuminati in Cutting Edge

Pertinent Quotes

"When we come into our kingdom (New World Order) our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring the world, at the end under our beneficent rule." (p. 303).

"... secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to create an artificial threat ... to bring the world together in a global government called the New World Order." [Bill Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse, p. 27]

"There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties ..... It is not worthwhile to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties ....." [The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion]


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Georgia Guidestones Reveal The Dark Inner Plans 300 Years After New World Order is created!

"Georgia Guidestones Mystery Revealed: Dark Clouds Over Elberton"

Now you can understand Jesus' prophecy, "except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved"

The mysterious 'R.C. Christian' who funded the massive Georgia Guidestones is revealed by Chris Pinto. Masterful research project finally pays off.

Written on the great granite stones are ten commands or guides that were intended to provide wisdom for mankind. But the first of them calls for a reduction of the world population to a mere 500 million. In order to achieve this, billions of people would have to die. Many have wondered: is the monument designed to inspire wisdom? Or to launch a global genocide?

Chris Pinto reveals that these Illuminati Commandments are really the deepest, darkest, and most sinister of the plans of the New World Order, not revealed in any other source.

Role of both Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies in the building of the Georgia Guidestones is revealed

2 Hours Long $24.94 -


"Belly of the Beast: Antichrist's Resurrection and Return Planned in Washington DC!" DVD

This video builds upon the foundation of our 'Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings' series and adds to and builds up and updates what we presented!

From 1776, a Shadow Government existed which really controlled the levers of power; under President Obama, this shadow government was transformed into the 'DEEP STATE'!

Washington DC was planned to be a 'High Place' of Luciferian worship, exactly like the 'High Places" in Old Testament times, against which God railed. Washington DC is correctly called the 'most evil place on Earth' with spiritually controlled buildings and seething with occult energy, just as we reported in 'Riddles In Stone'!

The Luciferians of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and other occult leaders have always viewed world and national events as being controlled by 'National Overlords', demonic beings as revealed in Daniel 10!

US Capitol was built with a secret crypt empty of a body, so that, at the right moment in world history, the body of the assassinated Masonic Christ can be placed within; the most powerful Scottish Rite Masonic leaders will then convene to conduct the Aleister Crowley 'Raising of Osiris' ritual which will raise 'Osiris' (Antichrist) from the dead, thus fulfilling Revelation 13:3, so that the power and authority foretold in Revelation 13:4 can be fully established.

"UNHOLY COVENANTS: Challenges For The 'Christian' Mason"

New DVD - by Bill Schnoebelen

Regularly $24.95, Now Only $19.95 - You Save $5.00

Tragically, tens of thousands of Christian men are members of the Masonic Lodge. A surprising number are pastors, deacons and elders! Sadly, these men have their spiritual eyes blinded to Masonry's bloody roots, perverse hierarchy and despicable, secret rites. Exposing ALL THIS MASONIC EVIL in a passionate argument often creates volatile anger and deep resentment -- which feeds demonic entities and thwarts their liberation by Jesus the Messiah!

HOWEVER, with sincere prayer and the seasoned, Scriptural instruction provided in this DVD teaching, you can speak CONFIDENTLY to those deceived by Masonry's DARK COVENANTS and start ministering Jesus's Liberation and Deliverance with authority!

LEARN to compare Scripture against arcane, Masonic obligations and rites, and share Dr. Williams testimony of liberation from his nine years of intense involvement with the Lodge. Witness to others the ANTI-CHRIST dangers of Freemasonry -- all without the shock factor!

Teaches you how to renounce Lodge membership, spirituality, headship, and how to compose a demit letter to various Masonic bodies to sever demonic chains from the dark forces behind Masonry!

2 Hours Long --

Related DVD Titles



"The Cyrus Effect" DVD

'President Trump A Type of King Cyrus!'

by Michael S. Smith, Only $19.99

The Cyrus Effect is a High Definition film describing many events that took place in 1917 and 1948, including the 1967 Six-Day War in Israel. There are also many parallels between King Cyrus and our President, Donald J. Trump, that will surprise you.

More information --

"Good Guys With Guns" DVD

"How to Deter A Tyrannical Dictatorship"

Regularly $24.99, Now Only $22.99

Why are we seeing so many mass public shootings? Our 'Experts' seem to have no answers other than 'disarm the public'! Gun Control has historically made it much easier for a government to become more violent in the manner in which it treats its citizens; in fact, the first action a new dictatorship takes is to seize all guns from the people. Lenin and Hitler both seized individual weapons under the same false premise that they were making their citizens "more safe"; the reality was that they made their citizens more susceptible to a severe dictatorship.
New Age author, Bill Cooper, has some very pertinent things to say on this issue: In every instance that I have investigated since 1988, the shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were ALL ON THE DRUG PROZAC or some other mind-altering drug! This drug, when taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence. Couple that with a post-hypnotic suggestion or control through an electronic brain implant, or microwave or E.L.F. intrusion, and you get mass murder, ending in every case with the suicide of the perpetrator." "Beyond A Pale Horse".

Read More -


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