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Subtitle:  Incredibly, the same 1952 Illuminati Map of the World for future police state patrolling that showed American troops patrolling the Balkans and Yugoslavia, and that gave Taiwan back to the Chinese, and that gave the Chinese control from Los Angeles southward, also gave the Chinese control of the Panama Canal.  They are there, and according to the Illuminati timetable !

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NEWS BRIEF:  "PANAMA IS MORE IMPORTANT TO U.S. THAN BOSNIA", Pat Buchanan was interviewed, Chris Matthews, June 3 , CNBC's Hardball,

"PAT BUCHANAN: "[Y]ou've got Chinese Communists down there in Panama in the canal zone."

CHRIS MATTHEWS: "What are they doing?"

PAT BUCHANAN: "[T]hey got the Hutchinson Whampoa at both ends of the canal. These companies are controlled by Communist Chinese. They're gonna be building the railroad down there. And look, it seemed to me that might be in America's vital interest more than, say, Bosnia."

This is shocking news, indeed, especially to those of us who were upset when President Carter began the process to give up American control of the Panama Canal.  At that time, we felt American interests dictated that we continue to guarantee control over this vital waterway link between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.  At that time, we did not know anything of this New World Order conspiracy to establish the United Nations as the government of the coming New Age Christ, Maitreya, the Biblical Antichrist.

The fact of the matter is that the same 1952 Illuminati map of the world, designating police areas once the New World Order is established, gives China control of the Panama Canal.
As you can see, this Plan gives China control of that portion of the North American continent from Los Angeles to the Panama Canal.  We have noted, on several occasions, that President Clinton has given the Chinese use of the Long Beach Naval Facility in the Los Angeles area; this act establishes the Chinese at the northern end of their territory according to this 1952 map.  Now, we learn that the Chinese are active at the extreme southern end of their territory, the Panama Canal.  This shocking development demonstrates, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this Illuminati Map is for real, and that it is being followed closely !

Let us return to our feature article to see how deeply involved the Chinese Communists are in Panama.

NEWS BRIEF:  "RED CHINA CONTINUES TO FILL U.S. VACUUM IN PANAMA", Excerpts from Howard Phillips Issues and Strategy Bulletin of April 15, 1999, ,

"La Prensa reports (3/24/99) from Panama City that "A 16-member PRC [Peoples Republic of China] delegation led by Zen Jian-hui, president of the PRC Parliament's Foreign Relations Committee, visited Panama's Legislative Assembly on Tuesday [23 March] and signed a document to strengthen interparliamentarian relations between both countries. Democratic Revolutionary Party [PRD] Legislator Elias Castillo indicated..... It is important for us to maintain good relations with the PRC...Panama must find ways to enter the PRC market.....

"As is well-known, the Hutchison Port Holdings company . an affiliate of Hutchison Whampoa of Hong Kong . has the concession for the Cristobal and Balboa ports (Panama Ports Company). Hutchison pays the Panamanian Government $22.2 million a year and makes large investments in the country."

It is frightening to realize that the Chinese Communists are becoming so enmeshed in Panamanian commerce and politics.  When President Carter began the "negotiations" to surrender American control over the Canal, we heard that we were doing this in large measure because the Panamanians wanted their own sovereignty.  Now, we learn that this was not the case at all.  We were giving up our control over this most vital waterway simply and only because our leaders -- both the President and Congress -- were secretly following this Illuminati plan to divide up the world into police zones.  If any of you still think there is no Conspiracy to produce this One-World Government, Economy, and Religion, this map should change your mind.  Rush Limbaugh, are you listening?


And, if any of you are still believing that American leaders have the best interests of this nation at heart, you really need to change your mind.  The evidence piles up greatly, almost every day, that our leaders have been, and still are, deliberately engaging in actions that will destroy this beloved "government of the people" replacing it with a dictatorship that will be straight out of the Pit of Hell.  If you want to know what kind of dictatorship that is about to be imposed upon us, just read Revelation 6-19.

As I stated, above, the people of Panama did not get the Canal back because they wanted to rule themselves; they got it back temporarily so they could hand it over to the Chinese Communists once the New World Order dictatorship was established.  How do Panamanian leaders feel about the Chinese growing presence in their country?  They apparently are pleased as punch.  Listen:

"A PRC commercial mission, headed by Vice Commerce Minister Zhang Xiang, met with Panamanian Deputy Commerce Minister Laura Flores early in August 1998, to strengthen relations between both countries and promote new joint investment projects."

Once again, we see the spectacle of Clinton following the Illuminati Plan very closely.  The entire premise of The Cutting Edge Ministries is that, once you know what to look for, you can easily see the progress to the New World Order in your Daily News.  Let us briefly recap the articles we have recently written that show strict adherence to this 1952 map of the Illuminati.

NEWS1270 -- "In 1952, American Troops Assigned To Balkans, Yugoslavia, Greece To Patrol

NEWS1273 -- "NATO Continues To Inch Its Way Toward 1952 Goal"

NEWS1282 -- "In 1952, Illuminati Planned To Give Taiwan Back To Communist Chinese"

NEWS1287 -- "Illuminati Achieves Its 1952 Goal of Putting American Troops In Yugoslavia"

NEWS1289 -- "American Troops Acting As Police In Serbia, Exactly As The 1952 Illuminati Plan              Envisioned.

The quote of the day belongs to Mac Dominick, one of the key leaders of The Cutting Edge Ministries.  As we were reviewing this 1952 map, realizing that China had been given control from Los Angeles to the Panama Canal, Mac exclaimed, "David, all things are dovetailing right now.  They are all fitting into place."

My response was, "Mac, since we are right about this Plan, we should expect that all things would dovetail together right now.  The very fact that they are dovetailing together in so many ways and places in the world demonstrates -- proves -- we are right about the Illuminati Plan."

  Of course, as we reported in NEWS1251, a New Age author had emailed us to tell us we do understand the Plan!

Let us review some of the more frightening aspects of Communist Chinese control of the Panama Canal:

1.  U.S. warships could be denied passage through the Canal.  If we were attempting to quickly move units from the Atlantic to the Pacific, or vice versa, our inability to use the Panama Canal could conceivably cause the destruction of parts of our fleet that need reinforcements.  Even at today's higher speed naval travel, it takes several additional days to go around the tip of South America.

2.  China could station strike aircraft at Panama.  This possibility means that America would have scant warning of an impending strike from Panama.  Currently, we have no effective radar warning capability on our Southwest border with Mexico.

3.  China could station theater ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads at Panama.  This would give us a handful of minutes' warning.  Theater nuclear missiles need not fly into space before striking their targets.  This possibility delivers the same type of risk that we faced in Cuba in 1961.  President Kennedy went to the brink of nuclear war to supposedly force the Russians to remove their missiles.  Now, however, missile and warhead technology has improved dramatically, with the Chinese having either stolen our designs or "sold" them.

4.  China could station units of its naval fleet in Panama.  This would provide the U.S. Navy a new source of potential conflict against which it must defend.  With our Navy stretched so very thin, this possible new source of danger creates a very serious threat indeed.

5.  China could deny American, European,  and even Japanese commercial ships access to the Canal.  Shipping all the way around the Horn of South America would add days and much expense to shipping material and merchandise to the East Coast.

Of course, these possibilities will not occur as we have listed them, above, for the simple reason that the New World Order Plan foresees that American military units will cease to exist, as will Chinese, because they will have all been turned over to the United Nations.  Do not think, though, that we can relax.  The dictatorship imposed upon by the U.N. and its dictator, Antichrist, will be so severe as to make us wish we were dead!

We need to report on one more intriguing aspect of this story of the Chinese Communists controlling the Panama Canal.  One of the news stories reported that the final date by which all American forces and civilian interests were supposed to be out of the Panama Canal was December 31, 1999, this year.  We find it highly instructive that this fits nicely into the general timetable for the planned crises to occur that will so frighten people that they will welcome Antichrist when he arises.

We find it highly interesting that the time for finally pulling out of the Panama Canal falls so neatly into this general time frame.  Once again, all the pieces fall neatly into place, even the timing. The handwriting is clearly on the wall.  We are in the End of the Age, and the appearance of Antichrist draws ever nearer.

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