Title:  Bush's New, Aggressive Military Actions Against Iran Has Set Entire Middle East On The Edge of All-Out Regional War - America is on a collision course with Iran

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Subtitle: American military officials on the ground warn that this behind-the-scenes struggle could explode into open warfare over a single misstep.

One accidental mistake could plunge the world into World War III


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"There is a firestorm coming, and America is causing it".

Journalist Robert Fisk coined that sentence in early, 2003, as America and Great Britain were gearing up for the invasion of Iraq. Few people even took note of his warning then, not realizing that this war set to explode just needed to "percolate" a few years before exploding.

And, President Bush does seem like he is pushing Iran into a conflict, as he brings up charges that are neither new nor true. As we have stated several times in our past articles and in our newsletters, Bush has known for at least three years that Iran was "meddling" in Iraq, so his current charges are nothing new; in fact, one has to wonder why the President is seemingly going to war over an issue that is three years old.

Secondly, as we have also stated many times, Iran has possessed nuclear weapons since early 2002 (NEWS1660), so all this furious talk about the dangers Iran posed if she ever gets the bomb is a lie, simply put. In fact, it is propaganda designed to deceive the undiscerning listener, and is specifically designed to create at least the "Rumors of War" of Matthew 24, if not the actual "War" portion of that prophecy.

Let us now examine the specific ways in which Iran and America are standing toe to toe -- to the point where all-out Regional War can erupt now just by an accidental action by some lowly private in the field! Whenever the situation becomes this inflamed, war usually erupts. Remember, if this war expands outward to encompass the Middle East, it likely will expand outward to include the whole world.

"Toe To Toe"

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. gets more aggressive with Iran", BY JIM KRANE and ROBERT H. REID, ASSOCIATED PRESS, reprinted by the Detroit Free Press, February 1, 2007

"BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Citing Iranian involvement with Iraqi militias and Iran's nuclear ambitions, the Bush administration has shifted to offense in its confrontation with Iran -- building up the U.S. military in the Persian Gulf and promising more aggressive moves against Iranian operatives in Iraq and Lebanon."

Even as you are reading this article, American agents are gearing up to take down Iranian agents where ever they find them, whether in Iraq, Lebanon, or even Syria. Last week, President Bush signed an order authorizing American military and intelligence personnel to either apprehend or kill Iranian operatives where ever they found them. That is nearly an act of war.

Now, this article shifts its emphasis to Iraq, where the Iran/American confrontation is heating up.

"Iraq has become a proxy battleground between the United States and Iran, which is challenging -- at least rhetorically -- the United States' dominance of the gulf. That has worried even Iraq's U.S.-backed Shi'ite prime minister, who also has close ties to Iran."

Last week's newsletter explained how it is that President Bush virtually handed control of the newly elected government of Iraq to the Shi'ites, not wanting the Sunnis to have much control, since Saddam had been so strongly backed by the Sunnis. What President Bush did, in effect, was hand Iraq over to the Shi'ite Iranians! This sad reality is the reason the Iraqi Prime Minister, the President and the Vice-President have been so diplomatically cozy to Iran, while so hostile to the United States. President Bush is beginning to reap what he has sown, and he does not like it one bit!

"Iran and the United States already are sparring on the ground. On Jan. 20, militants kidnapped and killed four U.S. soldiers in a raid in Karbala, and a fifth American was killed in the firefight. The attack was so well planned and executed that Iraqi officials suspect Iran may have helped Shi'ite militiamen carry it out, perhaps in retaliation for the arrest of five Iranians by U.S. troops in northern Iraq. Those five Iranians, who were arrested in the city of Irbil, included two members of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard force that provides weapons, training and other support to Shi'ite militants in the Middle East, U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad said last week. Iraqi and Iranian officials maintain the five were diplomats."

If the killing of the five American soldiers in Karbala was, indeed, retaliation for America's arrest of five Iranians from the embassy in in Irbil, then Iran has won this round quite handily. This well-planned and executed raid occurred because the attackers wore American uniforms, drove American vehicles and appeared to be American, until the time for the abduction of the American soldiers was at hand.

This attack illustrates what so many seasoned observers have been saying for so very long, i.e., it is ludicrous to believe that Iraq can take control of their own security with their own forces, because these forces are riddled with insurgents! Some estimates as to how many insurgents now are serving in the Iraq Army range from 33-40%! And that includes some officers!

Obviously, a force so seriously compromised cannot be depended upon to fight the insurgents effectively. Many were warning that insurgents were joining the new Iraqi Army when that army was first soliciting people to join. Sadly, these warnings are coming true all too strongly. American forces should now be on alert to the reality that they might be under similar attack in the future, by insurgents dressed either like Americans or like loyal Iraqi soldiers. This war has just gotten much more dangerous for the average G.I. in Iraq.

"President George W. Bush said this week that U.S. forces would take action against Iranian operatives in Iraq ... The No. 2 U.S. general in Iraq told USA Today in an interview published Tuesday that Iran was supplying Iraqi Shi'ite militias with a variety of powerful weapons, including Katyusha rockets and armor-piercing rocket-propelled grenades. 'We have weapons that we know through serial numbers ... trace back to Iran', Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno said."

Once again, this news is not new. Iran told the world in late March, 2003, that she was going to "light many fires" to combat the American invasion of Iraq, and she specifically listed Iraq as one of the many fires of conflict! Since the beginning of this Iraq war, Iran has quite boldly operated within Iraq, alternately stoking the conflict and stressing caution from the Shi'ites when confronted with the deadly bombings from the Sunnis. Iraq's civil war is not as bad as it could be because Iran has urged Shi'ites to show restraint, even as their brethren are being slaughtered by Sunni insurgents.

Yet, these public statements from American officials paint the picture that America is just now discovering Iranian agents and weapons inside Iraq. The propaganda just continues unabated, and the undiscerning are swallowing the lie completely.

Now, this article turns to the actions the United States plans to take to counter this Iranian threat.

"The Air Force is considering more forceful patrols on the Iraqi side of the border with Iran to counter the smuggling of weapons and bomb supplies ... The United States also is building up its military presence in the gulf in what it says is a show of strength directed at Iran. A second aircraft carrier is heading for the region, and Patriot missile batteries are being deployed."

This next article captures just how frightening this new Air Force tactic can be, and the equally frightening attitude of the generals running the war over there.

NEWS BRIEF: "US fighter jets to patrol Iran-Iraq border, report says", YNET News, 1.31.07

"Pentagon official tells LA Times aggressive new tactics designed to deter Iranian assistance to Iraqi militants may include more forceful patrols by fighter planes along Iran-Iraq border to counter smuggling of bomb supplies from Islamic Republic; ‘For every improvised explosive device that goes off in Iraq, a bomb should go off in Iran,’ retired Air Force lieutenant general says."

Such an attitude could really start a war if this attitude is translated into concrete action.

All the reasons Cutting Edge has given over the past four years that mitigate against our attacking Iran still are true today. The Iranian military was completely changed after the easy victory by Western forces over Iraqi forces in 1991; Iran paid the Russians many billions of dollars to re-equip and re-train the Iranian military so that it could take on the vaunted Israeli Defense Force -- and win!

Additionally, Russia has already warned President Bush not to try any more regime changes (NEWS2003, "RUSSIAN CHECKMATE IN THE MIDDLE EAST?"). Since Russia possesses Scalar Weaponry, which is far superior to weapons system the United States has, she has the military muscle to back up Putin's warning.

Now, let us return to the Detroit Free Press article. This next segment of captures other dangers the world will immediately face should America really go to war against Iran.

"Last week, a newspaper threatened retaliation for any U.S. military action -- including stopping oil traffic through the gulf's strategic Straits of Hormuz and attacks on U.S. interests. The top editor of the Kayhan daily warned Iran will turn the Middle East into 'hell' for the United States and Israel if the United States attacks."

Iranian terrorists are spread across the Western world, trained and ready to jump into action against American and other Western targets.

Iranian troops are massed opposite the southern Iraqi city of Basra, ready to overrun that city with overwhelming forces, even as American forces are pinned down in Baghdad!

But, if this situation is so serious that one action by mistake by one officer or one crazed gunmen on either side can turn the whole region into an inferno, you can understand why Iraqi officials are so concerned.

"The war of words has raised fears in Congress that the United States and Iran are drifting toward armed conflict at a time when the United States is struggling against determined foes in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also has unnerved the Iraqi government, many of whose members have close ties to Iran. 'We have told the Iranians and the Americans, We know that you have a problem with each other, but we're asking you, please, solve your problems outside of Iraq,' " Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, a Shi'ite, told CNN on Wednesday. In Tehran, political analyst Hermidas Bavand said U.S. force increases were leading many Iranians to believe the United States is looking to pick a fight."

"Picking a fight" -- that seems to sum up President Bush's attitude.

Iran would be better served to try to stay just short of a shooting war. Perhaps we shall see even more peace initiatives which Bush can reject.

If this is the time the Illuminati wants to begin the regional war which shall precipitate World War III, then a shooting war will likely erupt. But, if this is not the exact time for the planned Third World War, this conflict will remain verbal and will continue producing "Rumors of Wars".

But, no one can doubt that the situation right now on the ground in Iraq between America and Iran is as serious as it can possibly be -- short of shooting.

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