Title:  The "Fix" Appears To Be Set In Place For The 2008 Presidential Election -- Part 2

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Subtitle: The political time has arrived for Hillary Clinton to be Re-Cast into a Fundamental, Bible-believing Christian! This propaganda transformation will convince millions of undiscerning Christians that Hillary is now a genuine believer, much as the transformation which convinced millions that George W. Bush is a genuine Christian.


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I shall never forget that day in mid-November, 1992, when former Satanist Doc Marquis and I were working at my office. Doc was teaching me the type of training in the Satanism of the Illuminati which I could never get from any books -- even insider books, some of which had come into my possession.

You see, Doc was teaching me the "Oral Tradition" of the Illuminati. These oral plans the Illuminati had created were so evil and so insidious that they had never been written down; rather, they had been faithfully passed orally from one generation to another, and always kept within the coven. Since Doc Marquis had been trained in this Oral Tradition in his coven before the Holy Spirit called him out of the "Black Arts", he was teaching me a portion of the plan of the Global Elite simply not available from any other source.

On this particular day in mid-November, 1992, Doc and I decided to go into my living room to watch the Noon News. Newly-elected Bill Clinton was holding a news conference, and by his side was Hillary. As the camera zoomed in close to Bill, Doc explained to me how he could look in a man's eyes and tell whether he/she was a practitioner of Black Magic Witchcraft. Doc said that it was common knowledge in the occult that both Bill and Hillary were practicing shamans, but what wasn't so well known is that Hillary outranked Bill in the occult!

From that moment on, Cutting Edge watched Bill and Hillary carefully, to see if their actions -- which were puzzling to many -- were consistent with our understanding that both were heavily involved in witchcraft. The results were spectacular! Toward the end of the decade, we posted a series of articles in which we noted that the best explanation for some of their inexplicable actions was that what they had done or said was very typical of a practicing occultist.

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Now, 15 years later, Hillary Clinton appears to be the Media darling for the Democrat nomination of 2008. And, she may very well be the Illuminati choice for President. As we noted in NEWS2242, Hillary Clinton is showing all the earmarks of a "Chosen" candidate! Her campaign is most definitely getting the "front-runner" treatment.

But, Hillary comes to the American people with a lot of negative baggage. Many American voters remember well many of the very Liberal positions she advocated while she was First Lady -- like Universal Health Care. Of all First Ladies, it is difficult to remember any who were as reviled as Hillary. Therefore, a most professional propaganda campaign must be undertaken to reverse these negatives as much as humanly possible. Once Madison Avenue begins a campaign, repeated numberless times by Mass Media, a lot of negatives can be eliminated or smoothed over.

Apparently, the time has come to re-cast Hillary into a Fundamental, Bible-believing Christian! This is the purpose of this article -- to examine the beginnings of a campaign to convince the American people that Hillary is a genuine Christian. Remember the Machiavellian principle that " if one aspires to influence the masses, one must at least profess religious sentiments."

In other words, a person aspiring to rule his/her people must be willing to espouse at least some of the religious convictions held by the subjects of that kingdom. It is in this vein we must understand this news story, as Hillary desperately needs to start espousing at least some of the religious speech which many of her American subjects espouse.

With this as background, let us now get to this most incredible news story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hillary's Prayer: Hillary Clinton's Religion and Politics", by Kathryn Joyce and Jeff Sharlet, Information Liberation, Sep 28 2007

"For 15 years, Hillary Clinton has been part of a secretive religious group that seeks to bring Jesus back to Capitol Hill. Is she triangulating—or living her faith? It was an elegant example of the Clinton style, a rhetorical maneuver subtle, bold, and banal all at once. During a Democratic candidate forum in June, hosted by the liberal evangelical group Sojourners, Hillary Clinton fielded a softball query about Bill's infidelity: How had her faith gotten her through the Lewinsky scandal?"

Now, that is a worthy goal, don't you think? Hillary is part of a "secretive religious group" which wants to "bring Jesus back to Capitol Hill"! Now, what Christian would have trouble with that goal? However, notice that the authors of this story apparently are not convinced by Hillary's sudden religious activity. We know this from the following insights contained within this first paragraph:

1) "Is she triangulating—or living her faith?" -- In other words, is Hillary merely going through the motions of trying to appear religious, or is she sincere?

2) The words, "elegant example of the Clinton style, a rhetorical maneuver subtle, bold, and banal all at once" are most revealing. These words demonstrate the belief that this stance is simply and only political maneuvering, shrewd political style.

3) The words, "Hillary Clinton fielded a softball query about Bill's infidelity" reveal that Hillary was cleverly using the group 'Sojourners' to frame the parameters of the debate. In this instance, Hillary and her handlers know that Christians will react the most positively to the difficult time when Hillary "stood by her man" during the entire period of the Monica Lewinsky affair. Therefore, that angle was the one in which Hillary's handlers decided to begin her campaign to convince Christians that she is the genuine article.

But, you know, just as President Bush deceived the Christian Right into thinking he was Born Again, the Clintons have always resonated with the Christian Left. Do you remember the many times in which Clinton emerged from a church service, holding a very large Bible aloft? Do you remember the many times in which Bill Clinton delivered a speech from the pulpit of a Liberal Christian Church?

Come to think about it, Hillary might not have such a hard time convincing millions of Liberal Christians that she is just 'one of them'. Now, notice how easily Hillary "frames the debate" with her target audience. Hillary and her handlers knew exactly the correct emotional "hot button" they needed to push.

" 'After a glancing shot at Republican 'pharisees', Clinton explained that, of course, her 'very serious' grounding in faith had helped her weather the affair. But she had also relied on the 'extended faith family' that came to her aid, 'people whom I knew who were literally praying for me in prayer chains, who were prayer warriors for me'."

Notice the heavily-laden emotional language Hillary used in her reply:

1) "her 'very serious' grounding in faith" -- Hillary thus goes on the offensive here, speaking the precise words she wants her audience to hear

2) "extended faith family' - This phrase conjures images of a closely knit group of believers, supporting each other through very hard times.

3) "Prayer Chains" -- This concept is very Biblical and has been set up by countless churches throughout this country. Both Liberal and Conservative churches have set up Prayer Chains. By speaking these words, Clinton has given the impression that, when the Lewinsky affair hit with full force, Hillary was already plugged into an "extended faith family", thus enhancing the concept that Hillary has always lived a life in the Christian faith.

This is one of common buzzwords of the faith.

4) "Prayer Warriors" -- This concept is also very common within Christian Churches. This is also one of common buzzwords of the faith.

Now, this journalist continues:

"Such references to spiritual warfare—prayer as battle against Satan, evil, and sin—might seem like heavy evangelical rhetoric for the senator from New York, but they went over well with the Sojourners audience, as did her call to 'inject faith into policy'. It was language that recalled Clinton's Jesus moment a year earlier, when she'd summoned the Bible to decry a Republican anti-immigrant initiative that she said would 'criminalize the good Samaritan...and even Jesus himself'. Liberal Christians crowed ... while conservative pundits cried foul, accusing Clinton of scoring points with a faith not really her own."

Now, these journalists gets "down to brass tacks", as they note the place that "Jesus' has now assumed within Hillary's campaign. Note that this 'puff piece' article now gets to the bottom line where the propagandists want to go with this idea, i.e., that Hillary has always loved Jesus!

"In fact, Clinton's God talk is more complicated—and more deeply rooted—than either fans or foes would have it, a revelation not just of her determination to out-Jesus the gop (sic) , but of the powerful religious strand in her own politics. Over the past year, we've interviewed dozens of Clinton's friends, mentors, and pastors about her faith, her politics, and how each shapes the other. And while media reports tend to characterize Clinton's subtle recalibration of tone and style as part of the Democrats' broader move to recapture the terrain of 'moral values', those who know her say there's far more to it than that."

"Through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as the Fellowship. Her collaborations with right-wingers such as Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) and former Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) grow in part from that connection..."

Now, this propaganda campaign moves into specifics. Note that Hillary grew up in a Methodist church, a denomination which has been turning progressive Liberal for the past 100 years. If Hillary is foundationally a Methodist, that is a real problem.

"Clinton's faith is grounded in the Methodist beliefs she grew up with in Park Ridge, Illinois, a conservative Chicago suburb where she was active in her church's altar guild, Sunday school, and youth group. It was there, in 1961, that she met the Reverend Don Jones, a 30-year-old youth pastor; Jones, a friend of Clinton's to this day, told us he knows 'more about Hillary Clinton's faith than anybody outside her family'."

Notice, in this next paragraph, Don Jones is described as a "Liberal"; and, not only that, Jones was active in the Civil Rights Movement and modern art, both of which reeks of Liberalism -- and not conducive to actually being a Fundamental, Bible-believing Christian.

"Because Jones introduced Clinton and her teenage peers to the civil rights movement and modern poetry and art, Clinton biographers often cast him as a proto-'60s liberal who sowed seeds of radicalism throughout Park Ridge. Jones, though, describes his theology as neoorthodox, guided by the belief that social change should come about slowly and without radical action. It emerged, he says, as a third way, a reaction against both separatist fundamentalism and the New Deal's labor-based liberalism."

The "Third Way' movement is most definitely Liberal, as they decry "separatist fundamentalism", to which the Bible clearly calls upon the believer to practice daily (2 Corinthians 6:17-18; Revelation 18:4; Isaiah 52:11). This movement is also very committed to Left Wing politics!

At this point, Hillary is said to have pushed for "personal faith and growth", and lamenting that the Social Gospel ignored this personal walk with Jesus

"... while Bill was campaigning for president, Clinton picked up that theme once more, displaying a theological depth that conservative believers could appreciate. In an interview with the United Methodist Reporter, she expressed regret that her church had focused too much on social gospel concerns in the '60s, '70s, and '80s,'"to the exclusion of personal faith and growth'. The spirit, believe theological conservatives, matters more than the flesh. Clinton added that she was happy to see her liberal denomination becoming more salvation centered in the '90s."

Now, the focus moves to the time when Hillary Clinton became First Lady.

"When Clinton first came to Washington in 1993, one of her first steps was to join a Bible study group. For the next eight years, she regularly met with a Christian 'cell' whose members included Susan Baker, wife of Bush consigliere James Baker; Joanne Kemp, wife of conservative icon Jack Kemp; Eileen Bakke, wife of Dennis Bakke, a leader in the anti-union Christian management movement; and Grace Nelson, the wife of Senator Bill Nelson, a conservative Florida Democrat."

Since James Baker is a committed CFR member, we can only look with suspicion on the genuine Furthermore, Jack Kemp is known to have been involved with the CFR when he was a darling of the "Reagan Republicans".

"Kemp also started the free market advocacy group Empower America, which later merged with Citizens for a Sound Economy to form Freedom Works ... His legacy includes the Kemp-Roth Tax Cut of the 1980s, also known as the first of the two "Reagan tax cuts." He also served at a Distinguished Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute where he wrote regularly on economic and regulatory issues. Kemp is the founder and chairman of Kemp Partners, a strategic consulting firm helping clients achieve both business and public policy goals. He also serves on the board of directors at InPhonic (a position he has held since 2002), the Oracle Corporation, IDT, and the Hawk Corporation. In 2006 Kemp, along with another unsuccessful vice-presidential candidate, John Edwards, co-chaired the Council on Foreign Relations task force on Russia, producing a document called 'Russia’s Wrong Direction: What the United States Can and Should Do'."

Therefore, the spiritual character of this "Bible study group" with which Hillary was involved takes on a very Liberal direction. Hillary was also active with the most ecumenical "National Prayer Breakfast", a regular feature of the Bush Administration.

"Clinton declined our requests for an interview about her faith, but in 'Living History', she describes her first encounter with Fellowship leader Doug Coe at a 1993 lunch with her prayer cell at the Cedars, the Fellowship's majestic estate on the Potomac. Coe, she writes, "is a unique presence in Washington: a genuinely loving spiritual mentor and guide to anyone, regardless of party or faith, who wants to deepen his or her relationship with God. The Fellowship's ideas are essentially a blend of Calvinism and Norman Vincent Peale, the 1960s preacher of positive thinking. It's a cheery faith in the 'elect' chosen by a single voter—God—and a devotion to Romans 13:1: 'Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers....The powers that be are ordained of God'. Or, as Coe has put it, 'we work with power where we can, build new power where we can't'."

When Christian J. Pinto toured the Masonic Temple 13 blocks north of the White House as he was creating "Riddles In Stone: The Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C., the Masonic guide proudly pointed to the portrait of Norman Vincent Peale hanging in the famous Masons hallway. If the concepts of Peale are behind this group, you can bet that this is bad spiritual fruit.

Just as President George Bush claims to daily read the Scriptures, so does Hillary.

"Throughout her time at the White House, Clinton writes in Living History, she took solace from 'daily scriptures' sent to her by her Fellowship prayer cell, along with Coe's assurances that she was right where God wanted her. (Clinton's sense of divine guidance has been noted by others: Bishop Richard Wilke, who presided over the United Methodist Church of Arkansas during her years in Little Rock, told us, 'If I asked Hillary, 'What does the Lord want you to do?' she would say, 'I think I'm called by the Lord to be in public service at whatever level he wants me'.'")

This next segment reveals the core truth of this Fellowship Circle.

"That's how it works: The Fellowship isn't out to turn liberals into conservatives; rather, it convinces politicians they can transcend left and right with an ecumenical faith that rises above politics. Only the faith is always evangelical, and the politics always move rightward."

Now, we are close to the "bottom-line" truth. For all its many uses of the dear Savior's name, 'The Fellowship' is really "an ecumenical faith". That is the bottom line of this Christian faith of Hillary Clinton; it is an ecumenical faith which unites all religions on the basis of what various faiths can agree upon, and agreeing to ignore those beliefs on which there is no unanimity. The net effect is that the churches involved in this ecumenical fellowship very soon abandon key Biblical doctrine so that a false unity may be achieved.

This next paragraph accurately portrays the "Christian Right" as the type of organization which genuine Christians should reject for its horrific compromise.

"This is in line with the Christian right's long-term strategy. Francis Schaeffer, late guru of the movement, coined the term 'cobelligerency' to describe the alliances evangelicals must forge with conservative Catholics. Colson, his most influential disciple, has refined the concept of cobelligerency to deal with less-than-pure politicians. In this application, conservatives sit pretty and wait for liberals looking for common ground to come to them. Clinton, Colson told us, 'has a lot of history' to overcome, but he sees her making the right moves."

"Clinton has championed federal funding of faith-based social services, which she embraced years before George W. Bush did; Marci Hamilton, author of God vs. the Gavel, says that the Clintons' approach to faith-based initiatives "set the stage for Bush." Clinton has also long supported the Defense of Marriage Act, a measure that has become a purity test for any candidate wishing to avoid war with the Christian right.

"Liberal rabbi Michael Lerner, whose 'politics of meaning' Clinton made famous in a speech early in her White House tenure, sees the senator's ambivalence as both more and less than calculated opportunism. He believes she has genuine sympathy for liberal causes—rights for women, gays, immigrants—but often will not follow through."

Hillary Clinton is so much in sympathy with the Gay-Lesbian agenda she has constantly had to deflect media questions as to whether she is a lesbian!

Now, this article turns its attention to the issue of Abortion. This is a sticky issue because Hillary has been so consistently pro-abortion.

"Of course, no matter how much Clinton speaks of common ground, she doesn't stand a chance of winning votes among pro-lifers. As Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council, command central for Washington's Christian right, told us, movement conservatives consider legislation like Clinton's Putting Prevention First Act, which supports greater access to birth control and sex ed, 'just another condom giveaway'."

Finally, these authors speak to the issue as to what the fundamental direction is of this entire propaganda campaign. As it turns out, Hillary has a very specific group of American voters in mind.

"But the senator's project isn't the conversion of her adversaries; it's tempering their opposition so she can court a new generation of Clinton Republicans, values voters who have grown estranged from the Christian right. And while such crossover conservatives may never agree with her on the old litmus-test issues, there is an important, and broader, common ground—the kind of faith-based politics that, under the right circumstances, will permit majority morality to trump individual rights. The libertarian Cato Institute recently observed that Clinton is 'adding the paternalistic agenda of the religious right to her old-fashioned liberal paternalism'. Clinton suggests as much herself in her 1996 book, 'It Takes a Village', where she writes approvingly of religious groups' access to schools, lessons in Scripture, and 'virtue' making a return to the classroom."

Cutting Edge posted an article nearly 10 years ago now, warning that Hillary's "It Takes A Village" concept is not just Liberalism, but Communism! Read full details in NEWS1220, "URGENT WARNING TO ALL CHRISTIAN PARENTS WHOSE CHILDREN ARE STILL ATTENDING PUBLIC SCHOOLS! TIME HAS COME TO GET THEM OUT !!"

Now you know exactly how serious the Illuminati is preparing Hillary Clinton for the Presidency. They are now building the case for her to project an image of a genuine Christian who daily reads Scripture and who has a genuine faith in Jesus. Once again, consider the brilliant insight into the Machiavellian principle that " if one aspires to influence the masses, one must at least profess religious sentiments."

We must watch Hillary's ascension carefully, because she is showing all the earmarks of a "Chosen One" by the Illuminati.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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