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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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December 17, 2002

Rushing To Judgment In Iraq

300,000 Troops To Beat Saddam

View Hardening In Washington-London That A Military Strike On Iraq Will Take Place Next Year

'Problems' Found In Iraq's Report -- Powell Faults Weapons Declaration -- Iraq has had last chance, says US

U.S. Preparing To Deploy 90,000 Troops To Turkey For Iraq War

Sean Penn Condemns US Threats Against Iraq: Pure Propaganda

Weapons Inspectors Make Way Through Iraqi Nuclear Complex

British Military Deny Iraq War Buildup Report

Defense Minister Says Israel Would Not Automatically Respond If Attacked By Iraq: Keeping Saddam guessing?


Labor Leader, Mitzna, To Palestinians: 'Continue The Terrorism And We Will Destroy You'

As Security Fences Go Up, Palestinian's Prophesied Judgment Draws Closer

Palestinians Fire Mortar Shell At Israeli Community

Firefighters Put Out Haifa Oil Refinery Blaze: No indication yet of terrorist attack

Elite Unit Nabs Senior Terrorist In Jenin

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz: Israel Will Destroy Lebanon Missile Batteries If Attacked

Arab Hatred For Israel

Hamas Website: 'We will use the skulls of Zion's sons to build a bridge to heaven'

Theological Basis For God's Coming Judgments On Those Who Hate Israel

Muslims Pursuing "Mission Impossible"

God's Protective Miracle: Account of the Six Day War of 1967

Temple Mount Wall Said Nearing Collapse: Muslims Would Blame Israel

Masonic Lodge Over Jerusalem

Prophetic Storm Clouds Gathering On Horizon

Prophetic Storm Clouds Gathering

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day

China Ships North Korea Ingredient For Nuclear Arms

Oil's Not Well in Spain

European Council Upholds Oil Spill Prevention Action

Gov. Thomas Kean, New Chairman of the Commission Investigating The Sept. 11 Attacks, Promises Accountability


EVERY EVIL THING: The Legacy of the "War on Terror"

Three Algerians Arrested Near Paris Appear Possibly Planning Terror Attack

First Georgians Finish U.S. Anti-Terrorism Training

Detecting Terror Using Cellphone Towers

Men in U.S. From Saudi Arabia, Pakistan Required to Register With Government

Yuppies 'Tired of Relativism' Return to God: But, they are pouring into Liberal, Apostate Mainline Protestant Churches. "Jesus" not mentioned in this article!

Dog Joins In Muslim Calls For Prayers

Silkworms Turned Into Medical Manufacturers

Grade 6 Class Taught To Snort Cocaine In "Substance Abuse Class" : 'My jaw just dropped'

Ever Notice How Government Programs Teach Opposite of Stated Intent?

United, US Airways to Start Code-Share Flights

CEO: American Airlines Facing Cash Crisis, Not Chapter 11

Death By Vaccination?

Marine Recruit Dies After Rash Spreads

Nearly 100 Marine Recruits Hit By Strep A -- 5,000 Marine recruits get strep shots

Cause of Marine's Death Not Yet Known: Wisconsin recruit was training in pool

Reports of Side Effects Will Weaken Smallpox Vaccine Demand

Military, Bush To Get Smallpox Vaccinations: First vaccinations of military began Friday, 12/13

Iraq Called Incapable of Smallpox Attack

Shots Said To Cut Smallpox Deaths Even After Outbreak Start

Ozzy Osbourne and George W.

"Ozzy Headbanging" Routine At The White House

Ozzy's White House

"They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll"

Anti-Missile Defences

Bush Approves Missile Defense

Missiles Are Already Obsolete In Warfare!

US 'Asks To Use British Spy Base'

Lott Fiasco Simmers

Lott Warned: Step Down Or Be Pushed

Bush Won't Resist Leadership Change: President's Agenda Feared in Jeopardy

Poll: Majority Favors Lott Stepping Down

Lott Apologizes to Black America in BET Interview

Senate Republicans to Meet Jan. 6 to Decide Lott's Fate

100 MPH High Winds, Torrential Rains Batter West Coast

Monster Waves Hit California Coast

World Court Awards Two Islands To Malaysia: Dangerous Precedent!

Terror Strike On Bill Clinton Avenue: Kosovo car bomb injures 32 as U.N. analyzes peacekeeping effort

Alarm Expressed At 'EU Pentagon' Plan

EU Computer System 'Cannot Cope'

Congress Plans Hearings On Boeing Spy Satellite

Kyoto Now Part of Canada's Landscape: Ratified document headed to UN for final step toward acceptance

Man Arrested For 'Parking Lot Rage': Three People Treated For Injuries

Wal-Mart, Federated Sales Slow Ahead of Holiday

Retailers Betting on Last-Minute Holiday Sales

Walton Family To Sell Wal-Mart Shares

Google vs. Evil: Moral Compromise The Cost of Doing Big Business

Catholic Church Historic Archives: No Longer for Scholars' Eyes Only

Ice? Ice? Maybe.

New Rules Aim to Cut Pollution From Livestock Factory Farms

Chinese Navy Obtains New-Generation Nuclear Attack Submarines

Planned Parenthood's New Strategy: Paying Teens to Recruit Their Peers To Use Abortion Services: "This is just more evidence why the 108th Congress should act decisively to de-fund Planned Parenthood"

Oil Prices Soar to Two-Month High on Venezuela Strike




December 16, 2002

Vaccination News

Military, Bush To Get Smallpox Vaccinations: First vaccinations of military began Friday, 12/13

Iraq Called Incapable of Smallpox Attack

New Zealand To Import Smallpox Vaccine

Unusual Deaths In Our Military

Marine Recruit Dies After Rash Spreads

Nearly 100 Marine Recruits Hit By Strep A

Cause of Marine's Death Not Yet Known: Wisconsin recruit was training in pool

North Korea - Second Part of War Plan

N. Korea Paper: 'Burning Hatred' For U.S.

President Bush Declares War On N. Korea, One of "Axis of Evil" Nations

Clinton Says He Had A Plan To Attack North Korean Reactor In 1994: But, he employed Jimmy Carter to "solve" the crisis

North Korea Accuses U.S. Of Using Food Aid As Leverage In Nuclear Dispute

N. Korea Delivers Semi-Submersible Gunships To Iran

N. Korea Urges Nonaggression Treaty: Hitler used this tactic just before he invaded Russia!

Global Jihad

Russia, Philippines Agree To Cooperate In Battling Terrorism

Pakistani Police Arrest Three in Alleged Plot to Kill U.S. Diplomats

Top U.S. Diplomat In Pakistan One Day After Alleged Suicide Bomb Plot Uncovered

Syria's Assad Begins Controversial Three-Day Visit With British Officials: Is Assad in London to see Prince Charles?

Islamic Group Shows Battle Videos on Web

Canadian Seized Gun Cache Had `Weapons of War'

Targeted Assassinations Now Bush Policy

Bush Widens Authority of CIA To Kill Terrorists: "Minority Report"?

Special Forces Express Alarm Over Targeted Killings

Which Islam?

Allowing The Koran To Speak

Gore Says He Won't Run for President in 2004

Democrats Welcome Departure

Lawrence Families Shattered By Tragic Drownings

Firefighters Recall Their Harrowing Water Search

Senator In A "Lott" Of Trouble

Ghosts of the Past -- Lott Firestorm Continues

Lott Tripped Up By His Past?

Lott Takes Case To BET On Monday: Senator to explain remarks before mostly black audience

Gore Bids For Laughs On 'Saturday Night Live': Plays Lott

The Real Clone Wars Heat Up: Who will win race for Replicant No. 1?

Death Row Population Drops in U.S.

Canada Allows Import of Bomb Book: Tips on blasting bridges given Author admits it's dangerous

Moral Collapse Continues

Woman, 34, Sought, Indicted In Rape Case of 13-year-old Boy

Female Teacher Says Sex With Boy, 10, Was Consensual

Judge Sentences Ex-coach For Having Sex With 14-year-old He Eventually Married

Besieged Suisun City Chief Says He's Gay : San Francisco area

Iraq Attack Speeding Forward

View Hardening In Washington-London That A Military Strike On Iraq Will Take Place Next Year

Iraqis Will Fight 'Fiercely, Capably'

U.S. Preparing To Deploy 90,000 Troops To Turkey For Iraq War

US Split On Iraq Intelligence Release: How much data do we release to prove Iraq is lying?

Hussein's Obsession: An Empire of Mosques: Sees himself as reincarnation of King Nebuchadnezzar

Iraq's Aziz Brands Bush a 'Hypocrite'

Pentagon Tells Army, Navy to Alert Thousands of Reservists for Possible Mobilization

Hi-tech Arms 'Would Finish War In A Week'

U.N. Arms Inspector Chief, Blix, Is Too Late: Saddam has already detained scientists, killing some, to ensure their silence

Tariq Aziz Pays Tribute to Sean Penn: Saddam Hussein's deputy says actor denounced U.S. 'aggression'

Iraqi Exiles Struggle With Interim Baghdad Government In Post-Saddam Iraq

Wild Card in a Post-Saddam Iraq

Blair Urges Syria To Give Iraq Message

Staggering Apostasy Continues

Three Wise Men Were Trying To Assassinate Jesus! Church of England Bishop

How Did Three Wise Men Know The Star Was Portentous?

European Union To Deploy Own Troops After Deal With NATO: EU acting more like single nation, is "Revived Roman Empire"


Troops Discover Fertilizer Used To Make Explosive Devices Near Jenin

Gilboa Region Residents Break Ground On First Stretch Of Security Fence

IDF Troops Kill Three Terrorists In Two Separate Incidents Overnight

Jordan: US Diplomat Foley’s Killers Were Palestinians

Business Owners, Facing Economic Hardship, Ponder Shuting Their Doors

Mall Previously Open During Shabbat -- Sabbath -- To Be Shut During Weekend

Arafat Rejects Al Qaeda Aid; Israelis to Bar Arafat From Christmas in Bethlehem

More Than 200 Passengers Ill on Another Cruise Ship

Boston Archdiocese - Life Without Law

Cardinal Law's Temporary Replacement Calls for Healing, Reconciliation

Vatican Announces Approval of Revised US Bishops' Sex Abuse Policy

N.H. Bishop 'Haunted' by His Part In Sex-Abuse Scandal

Trying To Rebuild The Catholic Faith

Demi Moore 'Dating' Bill Clinton

NYC Transit Talks Continue, Strike Suspended

France Steps Up Presence in Ivory Coast

Patriot Act Challenged: Oakland Council Considering Opposing Anti-Terrorism Law On Police State Grounds

Home-school Parents Weigh Pros, Cons of Honor Society

Invaluable Home Schooling Information, News, Alerts

Public School Mess, How We Got Here, and What To Do Now

Zimbabwe's President Mugabe May Seize Oil Giants' Assets

Comanches To Honor World War II Code Talkers


December 15, 2002

Buildup For War Continues

Pentagon Tells Army, Navy to Alert Thousands of Reservists for Possible Mobilization

Hi-tech Arms 'Would Finish War In A Week'

U.N. Arms Inspector Chief, Blix, Is Too Late

Syria Smuggling Arms To Baghdad

US Cash Squads 'Buy' Iraqi Tribes

U.S. Military Improves; Iraq's Hasn't: More

Roman Catholic News

History Lesson

Leader's Fall Challenges Church: Scholars Compare It With Other Crises In Catholic History

Catholic History Lesson: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3, Inquisition Era

Other News

What Murphy Knew: Memos detail L.I. bishop’s role in some Boston abuse cases

Bankruptcy, Sex Abuse Litigation May Be Altered by Cardinal Law's Resignation

Boston Catholics Speculate About the Next Archbishop

Lay Reform Groups, Priests Are Reassessing Their Roles

Firms Find New Total On Church Insurance: $90 Million

Rome Faces New Reality: Invigorated, Energized Parishioners

Voices Of A Few Victims Rose To Challenge Priests

Journalist: Sex Case Shows Defective Doctrine

For Catholics, A Painful Journey: World Realizes Priests Are Not Sinless Representatives of Christ After All!! Just like Protestants Have Been Saying For Centuries

Cardinal Gave Us A Good Excuse For Skipping Mass


Being Honest About This Palestinian War: Series of Articles

God's Protective Miracles In "Six-Day War": Faith-building study

Would-be Bomber Caught At Jerusalem's Northern Border

Russian Nuclear Minister Shrugs Off U.S. Concern About Iran's Nuclear Facilities

Palestinian Petition Urges Oslo Accords Abolishment So Palestinians Can Officially Return To "Option of Resistance"

Palestinians Are Winning Propaganda War!

Jewish-Christian Scholar Examines Prophetic Book of Daniel: Daniel is to the Old Testament what Revelation is to the New

Palestinian Film Denied Oscars Entry

Respected Saskatchewan Indian Leader: Hitler did the right thing when he "fried" six million Jews during World War II

Duck! It's a Low-Flying Gigaplane: Where the Spruce Goose failed, the Pelican tries again

The Special Delivery: Unborn baby suffered bruises in crash just days before birth

Post-polio Syndrome Debilitates Survivors: Symptoms appear long after initial infection

Reindeer Can't Join In Games: States ban herds' visits to festivities for fear of spreading Chronic- Wasting Disease

U.S. Still In National Emergency Because Of This Diesease

Stuck In The Disney Stable: Cartoon Movie Might Not Fit Disney's Current Religious Outlook

Ice Tragedy: 4 children die after plunge into icy river

Lawsuit Claims Bush Conspired To Cover Up Rape: Unsubstantiated report goes online prematurely


Buildup For Vaccinations Continues

Iraq Called Incapable of Smallpox Attack

20 Excellent Reasons NOT To Take Vaccination!

Some Injured by Smallpox Vaccine Won't Qualify for Compensation

In New World of Smallpox, No Vaccinations Available For Children Without A Bio-Terror Attack

Research: Will Millions Already Inoculated Against Smallpox Need New Vaccinations?

Military, Bush To Get Smallpox Vaccinations

Smallpox Vaccination Plans Vary by State

9/11 Disinformation

Naming Names To Head 9-11 Panel: Dole said to be considered

Bush Demonstrated True Nature By Naming Kissinger In The First Place!

Disinformation Story This "9/11 Investigative" Panel Will Pour Forth: More Disinformation

Venezuela Opposition Holds Biggest March of Strike, Shuts Down Key Highway -- 1,000,000 strong!

North Korea

North Korea Pressures Nuclear Watchdog to Remove Cameras

President Bush Declares War On North Korea, Others

'Axis of Evil' Nations Push For Nuke Arms: With U.S. focus on Iraq, North Korea, Iran step up development of weapons

Yemen Unloads North Korean Missiles From Intercepted Ship

North Korea Takes Aim At Bond

War On "Terrorism" Continues

Keeping Track of John Poindexter: Director, "Total Information Awareness Office" -- I.A.O.

Occult Face and Nature of I.A.O.: Prophetic implications huge!

Feds Open 'Total' Tech Spy System

FBI Director: Nearly 100 Terror Attacks Thwarted Since 9/11

Bush Widens Authority of CIA To Kill Terrorists

Caucasian Al-Qaeda Hitmen Based In Australia

Jordan Arrests Two Al Qaeda Suspects in U.S. Diplomat's Killing

U.S. Welcomes Arrest in Killing of Diplomat

The Death of Operation TIPS

Bush, Blair Warned of bin Laden Nukes: Al-Qaida purchased 20 suitcase arms from former KGB agents -- Cutting Edge reported on this 14 months ago!

NYPD Anti-Terror Forces Ready For Action

Senator Lott Not Giving Up So Easily

Economic News

Corporate Confession Season Looms This Week

Currency Nostalgia Wave Hits Europe

Diageo Sells Burger King for $1.5 Billion

Mexican City Runs McDonald's Out of Town

Convicted? Need a Gun? No Problem

High Number of Flu Cases Causes Texas School Closures

Marriage For Transsexuals

Deadline for New York Transit Contract Hours Away: Possible Subway, Bus Strike Looms

Every Facet of New York City Life Could Be Affected by a Transit Strike


December 14, 2002

Breaking News!

Bankruptcy, Litigation May Be Altered by Cardinal Law's Resignation

Pentagon Tells Army, Navy to Alert Thousands of Reservists for Possible Mobilization

Anthrax Decontamination of Postal Facility Under Way

Kissinger - Mitchell Abruptly Quit!

Kissinger Quits As Chairman of 9/11 Panel

Bush Hopes to Move Quickly to Replace Kissinger as Head of 9/11 Panel

Bush Showed His True Nature By Naming Kissinger: "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" -- Amos 3:3


Agreement Signed In New York To Help Iranian Jews Emigrate: God is calling His people home!

Events Fulfilling Bible End Times Prophecies!

Hamas: Egypt Not Pressuring To Stop Terrorist Attacks

Fatah: Jihad To Continue Until Liberation of Palestine

Chirac Wants Bush 'Road Map' Adopted On Dec. 20

Arafat’s Road Map: More Killing

Syria Objects In Security Council To Israel 'As Victim'

Catholic Sex Abuse Cases Spread Across U.S.

Law Resigns As Archbishop of Boston: Move is welcomed by priests, Catholics in Boston area. When is Law coming home?

Church Sexual Abuse Crisis Will Continue Despite Law's Resignation -- Law downfall gets airwaves' full attention

Cardinal's Departure May Be First of Many

Amid The Pain, Decision Brings Sorrow, Relief: Parishoners wonder if Church can stop future sex abuse. If history is any guide, sex abuse will continue

Catholic History Lesson: Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3, Inquisition Era

Judge Allows Accused Boy Rapist Priest Shanley To Return To Gay Provincetown

Attorney General Reilly Says He Has Evidence of Coverup By Archdiocese

Law's Resignation Little Comfort To Some Victims

Church's Future In Hands of Faithful

Accuser Wrongly Maligned: Church deliberately ignored facts in probe of Foster case, even though truth was in their files!

Victims' Group Urges New Probe of Priest Foster

Teen Girl Deters Crime By Outrunning, Tackling, Hog-Tying Intruders

Mary Matalin, Cheney's Top Communication Aide Leaves

"Patriotic Gifts" Stacking Up This Season: Record-breaking sales reported

Lawsuit Claims Bush Conspired To Cover Up Rape: Unsubstantiated report goes online prematurely

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Tells the World: Leave Us Alone

Columbia University Rescinds History Prize for Book, "Arming America" -- Anti-Gun sentiment likely behind action

Asutralians Forced To Disarm: Soaring Crime Rate Was Result!

Actors Say Hollywood's Being 'Pressured' to Make War Movies

PBS Show To 'Counter' Perceptions of Islam: Pure Propaganda?

Letting The Koran Speak For Itself

Dog Ate Your Homework? Tell it to the judge

Missouri County Prosecutor Accused of Using His Office Telephone To Solicit Sexual Favors In Return For Legal Services

Lawmaker Rips Opium-Eradication Effort In Columbia As Heroin Floods East Coast

Nigeria CBA Helps Christian Retailers Fight Fraud

Breaking News!

Some Injured by Smallpox Vaccine Won't Qualify for Compensation

In New World of Smallpox, No Vaccinations Available For Children Without A Bio-Terror Attack

Research: Will Millions Already Inoculated Against Smallpox Need New Vaccinations?

Smallpox Vaccinations - Getting Closer

Bush Announces Smallpox Vaccination Plan: He will be the first one to receive shot

44% of Americans Would Receive Smallpox Shot, 25% Unsure

US Consults With Israel On Smallpox Vaccinations

Pentagon Plans For Smallpox Outbreak Using Quarantine Methods: Entire cities planned for quaratine!

Iran - North Korea

Iran Hides Two Big Nuclear Facilities – Subcontracts for North Korea

Bush Declares War On Iraq, North Korea!

U.S. Has Photos of Secret Iran Nuclear Sites

Iran Says All Its Nuclear Plants Are Open To Inspection


Infidel Saddam Dons Islamic Clothing For Jihad Against US

U.S. Says Iraq Weapons Declaration Is Full of Holes -- U.S. rejects Iraqi arms report

Written Script Is Full of Holes!

Declaration Is Old Material, Nuke Inspector Says -- UN's Blix Asks Iraq for List of Weapons Scientists

Poll: Saddam A Growing Threat: Americans clamor for action sooner rather than later

Senior US Defense Official: Israel Must Keep Saddam Guessing

Actor/Director Sean Penn Arrives in Baghdad for Three-Day Visit

Saddam Opponents Seek United Front

Assad Warns Blair of Iraq War Fallout During Unprecedented Visit To Great Britain: Is he getting his final instructions?

Internal Security Rises

Agencies See Homeland Security Role For Surveillance Drones: Are we going to see pilotless spy aircraft hovering over our homes?

Homeland Security: "Power Grab of Unprecedented Proportions!"

Logo of Homeland Security Accurately Reflects Occult Basis: Bush's New World Order IS Same As Hitler's!

Drones Will Keep Watch On Waters Off Florida

Will You Celebrate Jesus or Santa?

Christmas -- Jesus Christ -- In America Becomes Battleground

Jesus Christ vs Santa Claus: A shocking comparison

What Do You Do When A Substitute Teacher Tells Her Elementary Class That St. Nick Isn't Real? Mother "solves" problem by lying to her children!

Poll Shows Less Than 10% of The People Believe The Teacher Was Right To Tell The Truth!

Pagan Traditions of All Our Holidays

When Christmas Becomes Illegal: "Thinking to change times" - Daniel 7:25

Struggle Over Report On Bible Book, 'Exodus': School district changes its stance after lawyer threatens rights lawsuit

Pentagon Pushed To Purchase Unmanned Fighter Planes

Military Transformation Opens Up New IT Market

Rock Star Recovering From Beating At Boston Hub Club: Eminem fans?

Senator Lott Apologizes Again, Denounces Racism

Passenger Jet Diverted After Celtics Fans 'Riot' While Plane Was In the Air

Chavez Raises The Ante In Venezuela's Conflict, US Calls For Elections

Florida Judge: Comatose Woman's Feeding Tube Stays

Is Crude Gesture, 'Mooning', A Constitutional Right?


December 13, 2002

Iranian - Korean Nuclear Cooperation

Iran Hides Two Big Nuclear Facilities – Producing Nuclear Bombs For North Korea

U.S. Has Photos of Secret Iran Nuclear Sites

Iran Says All Its Nuclear Plants Are Open To Inspection

Iran: The Heart of Darkness

North Korea Demands U.S. Apology: Says U.S.-led seizure was "Piracy"

U.S. Spy Satellites Guided Spanish Commandos To Seize Ship

N. Korea To Restart Nuke Reactor - Korea's nuclear bombshell

North Korea Braces For Harsh Winter As U.S. Cuts Oil Deliveries

Bush Interview On 20/20 On 12/13

Bush To Barbara Walters Tonight: "War Is My Last Option" -- Calls Kissinger "Great Public Servant"

Thorough Analysis of Henry Kissinger

Bush Falsely Calls Islam Peaceful, Embraces Koran

Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal

Law Resigns As Archbishop of Boston -- Pope accepts resignation, naming Richard Lennon temporary replacement

Law's Resignation Seen Less Likely To Lead To Others

Church Files Show More Stark, Horrific Sexual Abuses

Attorney General Reilly Says He Has Evidence of Coverup By Archdiocese: May prosecute like a company accused of covering up employees' criminal behavior

Changing Leaders Is Only The Start

Church Lied About Sex Abuse Victim In Order To Get Police To Stop Criminal Prosecution of Priest

Law Subpoenaed to Testify by Grand Jury

Chronology of Church Abuse Crisis

Priestly Sex Abuse Existed Long Before - Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3, Inquisition Era

Celibacy In Catholic Priesthood Not The Problem: Forced Celibacy Is The "Doctrine Demons Teach"

Al Qaeda Leadership Reported Disrupted: Haven't we heard this before?

Al-Qaida Suicide Teams Train in Pakistan

Senator: Hizbullah, Not Al Qaida, 'Most Competent Terrorist Group'

Faith-Based Initiatives News

Bush Rolls Back 'Secular' Rules

Bush To Bypass Congress On Grants To 'Faith-Based' Charities

Bush's Faith-Based Program Is Trojan Horse Designed To Weaken True Churches

Faith-Based Sexuality Classes Coming! -- Sometimes we hate being right!

Faith-Based Funding A Top Goal For Maryland Governor-elect Ehrlich -- Government intruding into religious activities

Fourth Seal Events On Horizon?

Water for Health Declared a Human Right

Coming Great Thirst -- That Astonishing Day!

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos -- Food Shortages Coming!

Storm Clouds on the Horizon: Bibe Prophecy and the Current Middle East Crisis

Poor Children Better Off, But AIDS Orphans Multiply: Global Health Disaster

With Narrow Stalls Banned, Pregnant Pigs Face Slaughter

Judge Decides That Internet Twins Cannot Go Back To Parents

Rewilding Continues On Pace

Clinton’s Roadless Forest Rule Upheld: 60,000,000 acres of forest land set aside as "Rewilding Zones"

Planned Destruction of Our "Unsustainable" Economy

Ultimate Goal May Be Superstorm

Judge: Gun Seller Can't Question Juror

Gov. Bush Restores Rights of FBI Agent Jailed In Ruby Ridge Probe

"Sagging" SUV Yields Half-Ton of Pot

Canada Relaxing Laws On Pot Use?

'Gay' Reaction to Mrs. Stachowicz’s Murder: Silence to Applause

Prof Sees Pattern Toward Acceptance of Homosexuality At William Jewell University

Lest We Forget the Lincoln Factor -- Lincoln Chafee, that is



Middle East -- Israel

Crime Wave In West Bank As Unpaid Palestinian Cops Turn Rogue

Carter Offers To Mediate In Mideast: Like he "mediated" removal of North Korean nukes in 1993?

First Woman Killed In Combat During Two-Year Battle

Troops Kill Alleged Terrorist, Arrest Three Others -- Troops demolish five Palestinian structures in Hebron

Israel Will Not Grant Arafat Permission To Attend Christmas Mass In Bethlehem

The Peace Profiteers: Official support for corrupt Palestinian regimes revealed

Palestinian Statehood: A Reward For Terror

Link Found Between Curfews, Attacks: Study says when restrictions loosened terrorists step up assaults-- It took a study to figure this out?

Three Israeli Officers Dismissed Over Hebron Ambush

Palestinian TV: 'Proud' Of Our 'Martyrs': Mother who prayed for son's death vows to 'blow up' among Israelis

Israel Fails To Counter Arab Propaganda: Arabs master at picture propaganda

Middle East -- Iraq

U.S. Says Iraq Weapons Declaration Is Full of Holes

U.S., Russia Suggest Material to Delete From Iraq's Weapons Declaration Before Giving It To More U.N. Members

Iraqi General: Inspections Prove Suspicions Are 'Groundless'

U.N. Team Affirms Iraqi Site Is Inactive

Bush Hopeful New Report Will Link Iraq To al-Qaeda

"Mahdi" Or Messiah In Islam

Teaching of Mahdi In Islam

Antichrist Will Appeal to Islam, Claiming To Be Their Mahdi

Who Is Imaam Mahdi? Islamic teaching

Islam Prophecies of Last Days: Remember, these are Islamic "prophecies" not Biblical!

9/11 "Investigative" Panel News

Kissinger Promises No Conflict With 9/11 Panel

Bush And Kissinger Walking Together Down Same Road, Toward Same Global Goal

Official Coverup Will Be: US spies missed chance to disrupt September 11 plot

Anthrax Investigators Search Public Land in Maryland

Bush Calls Lott's Remarks 'Offensive'

Trent Lott's Segregationist College Days

Lott Expresses Regret For Remarks: Court Filing From 1981 Surfaces, Dragging Bob Jones University Into Fray

Powell Advances Plan to Help Modernize Arab Society

Bush Names Friedman Chief Economic Adviser

Forced Vaccination News

Smallpox Vaccinations Pit Safety Against Risks

Bush to Launch Smallpox Vaccination Plan

Mass Smallpox Vaccinations Excuse For Martial Law, and Quarantine of Entire Cities

Private Property Owner Cannot Fly American Flag On Property

Cameras Mulled For D.C. Neighborhood Watch

Public School Bans Saying 'Christmas'

NYC Seeks Court Order Vs. Transit Strike

Evolution vs Creation

Louisiana State School Board Rejects Proposal For Evolution Disclaimer Telling Students That Evolution Is Just A Theory

"In Six Days" Demonstrates Creationism To Be Scientifically True -- "On The Seventh Day" Perfect Sequel

Creationism's Defenders KJV Bible

FAA Proposes Airliner Fuel Tank Safety Plan

Mexican Medics Take Sick To U.S. Causing U.S. Area Hospitals To Lose $200 Million

Wal-Mart Sued For Calling Police Over Pictures of 3-Year-Old Playing Topless In Back-Yard

Judicial Defender of the Decalogue: The 10 Commandments

High-Nicotine Tobacco Smells Like Money -- Government will not allow tabacco farmers to plant low-nicotine tobacco!

Army's Secret 'People Zapper' Plans


December 12, 2002


Bush To Offer Smallpox Vaccine To All US Citizens

Military Smallpox Vaccination Will Be Mandatory: Will be carried out within weeks!

Planned Martial Law Is Coming! Smallpox "terror attack" may be the trigger

Storm Clouds Are Gathering: "Circle of Intrigue" Tells You The "How", "Why", and "Whom"

New Face of Senate Intelligence

9/11 "Investigative Committee"

Mitchell Drops Out of Intelligence Commission

Bush Shows True Nature By Naming Kissinger To Head Committee

Lawmakers Approve Report Designed to Fix Sept. 11 Intelligence Flaws

Preemptive Strikes Part Of U.S. Strategic Doctrine: 'All Options' Open for Countering Unconventional Arms

Global Terrorism

U.S. Suspects Al Qaeda Got Nerve Agent From Iraqis

Hezbollah Has Friend Close to White House: Terrorist allies of al-Qaida supported by billionaire booster of Bush, Powell

Canada Bans Hizbullah

U.S. Missile Intercept Test Fails

Al-Qaeda Planning Uranium Bomb: UN -- Five canisters of 'highly radioactive material' seized

Slipping Down Abyss Toward Sodom

Supreme Court Expected to Strike Down Sodomy Laws

National Effort To Lower Sex Consent Age Down To 8!

Slipping Down Abyss Toward Babylon

Wicca Casts Spell Over College Students

Lehigh University Now Celebrating All Religious Holidays: Wicca, Neo-Pagan, Catholic, Buddhist, "Christian", Jewish, Baha'i, Islam, Sikh, Shinto, Mormon, , Hindu, Interfaith

Society's Greatest Sin May Be In Spiritually Abusing Children By Encouraging Harry Potter

Pagan Traditions of Holidays

Thoughtless Words

Lott Expresses Regret For Remarks: Court Filing From 1981 Surfaces, Dragging Bob Jones University Into Fray

Senator Jessee Helms Defends Lott Remarks: Masonic brothers coming to each other's defense?

Kerry: Lott Must Resign

US 'Needs Weeks' To Be Ready For War: Pace of build-up may be slowing

Anti-West Sentiment Rises In Kuwait

White Supremacist Sentenced To Nearly 22 Years In Bomb Plot

Nevada Wants Larger Role In Nuclear Cask Testing

Toddler's Gift of Marijuana Stuns Teacher: Triggers Probe by DSS -- Holyoke, Massachusetts

Florida 9-Year-Olds Face Marijuana Charges By Bringing 15 Bags To School Class

Bush Moves Ahead With Forest Plan To Thin Forests To Prevent Fire Conflagration

Women Turn To Selling Sexual Favors In Japan

Northern California Foreclosure Rate Rises

Israeli-Developed Gene Test For Diabetics Can Target High Risk For Heart Disease

Russian Region Chooses Jesus for Its Flag

Online Teens Demonstrate Illiteracy

2002 Heading for No. 2 Spot in Climate Records

'We are trying to be inclusive', Gap Retailer Says: Advises employees to say, 'Merry Holidays' only



Criris On Korean Peninsula

Bush Is Keeping Kim Jong Il In His Sights

North Korea To "Activate" Nuclear Power Plant

Resentment Toward U.S. Troops Is Boiling Over in South Korea

Aid Used as Lever With Pyongyang: Foreign Food Donations Drop Sharply As N. Korea Again Faces Severe Crisis

North Korean Scud Missiles Allowed To Continue Journey To Yemen

US Sea Ambush Was Warning To North Korea


Settlement Infiltration Foiled In The Gaza Strip

Powell Speech To Address Democracy In Arab World: Impossible, for citizenry have not been educated for it

Sharon Vows To Stop Funds To PA If Money Is Channeled To Terror

Fatah Warns: Jihad To Continue Until Liberation of Palestine -- Storm Clouds Gathering, Prophecy To Be Fulfilled

Palestinian Society Teetering On Edge of Ruin, UNRWA Warns: "Whatsoever a man soweth, that also he shall reap"

Mormon Church Agrees To Stop Posthumously Baptize Holocaust Victims and to Expunge From Records Those Already So Baptized

IMF: Israel Can Cope Without US Aid

Heavy Rain Raises Level of Kinneret For First Time This Winter

"Coming Great Thirst—That Astonishing Day"

Roman Catholic Spiritual Fruits

Call To Law: Sources Say Grand Jury Subpoenas Cardinal, 7 Bishops -- Is this why Law fled to Vatican?

Lay Catholic Group Calls On Cardinal Law To Resign

Newly Released Personnel Files Reveal Details of Priest's Sex Crimes: Report shows Cardinal Law clearly lied to various authorities

Former Priest Convicted of Sexual Assault On Altar Boy

Priest Sex Crimes Have Been Occurring For 1,000+ Years!

Vatican Planning For Law’s Ouster?

"Mystery Babylon" And Her False Doctrines

The Discovery of Peter's Tomb in Jerusalem In 1953: Proof positive Peter Was Not "First Pope"!

Word of God vs Catholic Documents

My Mother's Children: How Discovery of Ossuary Box Will Not Impact Catholicism's False Doctrine That Mary Was Perpetual Virgin

Economic News

Holiday Credit Card Use Nearly Flat

Stocks Make Small Gains in Choppy Trading

United Reassuring Passengers, Employees

U.S. and Chile Reach Trade Agreement

Smoking Under Attack

Boston Citywide Smoke Ban OK'd

City Council Wants To Lighten Up Proposed Smoking Ban

New York May Forbid Sales of Regular Cigarettes Next Year!

Bush To Bypass Congress On Grants To 'Faith-Based' Charities

Bush's Faith-Based Program Is Trojan Horse Designed To Weaken True Churches

Chinese Stealth Fighter Plans Revealed

Canada Does Not Want to Be Part of Missile Defence Shield

South Africans Groan: 'Things were better in the bad old days' of Apartheid Under White Rule

Government Says It Saved Taxpayers $21 Billion By Cracking Down On Health Cost Reimbursements

Former Nevada DMV Clerk Indicted In Federal Identity Fraud Case

Afghan-Operated Takeouts Suspected of Tax Evasion: New York Fried Chicken

"Wanted Posters" Go Virtual


December 11, 2002

Israel -- "Dream Team" In Place

New Labor look Fits Sharon’s Dream Team

Has Israel Just Assembled Her "Dream Team" Leadership Prior To Iraq War?

Opposition Labour Party Purges Doves From Knesset List of Candidates

Arafat Receives Message From Saddam Hussein On The Occasion of the Palestinian "Declaration of Independence"

Israel Laying Foundations For Strike Against Hizbullah, Say Lebanese

Ancient Blue Dye Rediscovered in Israel: Sign of Messiah Approaching?

Storm Clouds on the Horizon: Bibe Prophecy and the Current Middle East Crisis

IMF's Takeda: Israel Is Not In Financial Crisis

EU Leaders To Continue Backing Palestinian Authority; Call For Ceasefire At Summit

Rumsfeld Pledges Partnership With Africa in Fighting Terror

Cardinal Law Continues To Hide Out In Vatican

Law Resigns From University Board

Law Continuing Talks With Vatican Officials About Sex Abuse Scandal

58 Priests Demand Boston Cardinal's Resignation

N.H. Settlement Averts Criminal Charge vs. Diocese

N.H. Diocese Admits Likely Violations In Failing To Protect Children From Sexually Abusive Priests

An Index of Catholicism's Decline: Written by Jesuit-trained Pat Buchanan

Cardinal Takes It In, But Now He Won't Dish It Out

Controversy Over Lott's Remarks Not Ready to Die Just Yet

Lott Remarks on Thurmond Echoed 1980 Words: Criticism Unabated Despite Apology for Comment on Former Dixiecrat's Presidential Bid

Canada Ratifies the Kyoto Climate Protocol

Chinese General Told Nuclear Attack Threat Against U.S. Unacceptable

How The Saudis Buy Friends

Metropolitan Police Chief Ramsey Links PCP To Rise In Homicides

New York Braces for Transit Strike

Economic News

Stocks Rally on Data, Forecasts

Federal Reserve Leaves Rates Unchanged

Bankrupt United Starts New Round of Union Talks

Montgomery Police Chief Moose Could Be Next State Police Superintendent

Resistant Bacteria Common In Poultry

DEATH OF FETUS: Las Vegas Man Faces Charges: Viability of fetus to survive outside womb might be key

C-17 Airlift Plane To Be Named For Strom Thurmond

Prep Coach Accused of Sex With Student

Artist Starves To Death In Scottish Wilderness

New Plan for Spammers: Charge 'Em

Iraq Attack Countdown

CIA Prepares Early Analysis On Iraq Report

Battle for Tigris, Euphrates Rivers of S. Iraq

U.S. Reported "Ready To Go" To War On 12/15

Nobel Peace Winner, Jimmy Carter Warns Against 'Catastrophic' War

Baghdad Blasts U.S. for Taking Control of Arms Declaration

Bush: U.S. Will Use Nukes To Respond To Any Iraqi Attack On Our Troops Using Any Kind Of WMD

Bush Approves $92m To Train Iraqi Militia To Take On Saddam

250 U.S. Military in Kuwait Sickened

Iran May Present Greater Threat Than Iraq

Iraqis Find Solace In U.S. Music: Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys a hit in Baghdad

Homeland Security Preparations On Parallel Track

Pentagon Makes Final Preparations for Possible Military Tribunals for Terror Suspects

Foundations Are In Place For Martial Law In The US

Barbed Wire Over America: God's Final Warning

FBI Tracking Saddam Sympathizers In U.S.

North Korea -- Second Front In WW3 Scenario

Bush's Secret Order For Special Forces Is Considered A "Declaration of War" Against N. Korea

U.S. Stopped Delivery of Heavy Oil To N. Korea: Sign of belligerance and aggression

U.S. Explosives Team Searches Ship In Arabian Sea Carrying Dozen North Korean Missiles

Facts About North Korea's Missiles

Interception Sights Concerns Over North Korea's Missile Proliferation

9/11 News

US Panel 'Calls For Single Spymaster'

President Bush Shows True Colors By Choosing Kissinger To Be Head of 9/11 Investigative Panel

Super Tower At WTC Site? Plans for world's tallest

FBI Agent: Sept. 11 Hijackers Probably Used Gas

Al-Qa'eda 'Recruiting In Holland'

South Africa: Safe haven for al-Qaeda?

Ushering In The One-World Religion

Man Trouble: What does male-on-male sexual harassment mean for discrimination law?

Ecumenical Religious Gifts

The 1st Coming of Huggy Jesus: Communicates ecumenical message that God is all-loving -- Picture

"Jesus Bobble Head" New Christmas Gift

Mudslide Kills at Least 22 in Indonesia

Interim Yonkers Superintendent Pulls Plug On Holiday Decorations

Ban On Christmas Leads To Court Fight

Stanford To Clone Human Embryos: University program will produce stem cells for research

Scientists Close To Cold Cure

Is Cross Burning A Form of Free Speech?

Chemicals May Damage Sperm


December 10, 2002

Iraqi Scenario Unfolds

US Deals To Get First Look At Weapons Report: Inspectors dismayed by Iraq's denial that it has WMD

U.N. Weapons Experts Search New Iraq Sites

Washington Gathers Own Evidence of Saddam’s WMD: Bush's inspection team consists of Special Forces from U.S., U.K., Turkey, Jordan, Israel

Iraqi Declaration's Table of Contents Offers Glimpse of Iraq's Intentions, Holdings

In Kuwait and Qatar, America Plays at War -- Military strength sends serious message to Saddan

Celebrities to Send Bush Anti-War Letter

Iraq Dossier Hints At 'Dirty Bomb': U.S.: Iraq hiding weapons, documents

Oil Disinformation

Iraqi Oil Strategy Divides State, White House: NSC's Elliott Abrams wants U.S. to have control of petroleum after war

Planned Destruction of Our "Unsustainable" Oil-Based Economy!

Occult Theological Basis For Hating Our Current Industrial Civilization

New Zealand To Sign Kyoto Protocol: Kyoto will destroy our Industrial Civilization

Republicans Lining Up To Ensure This Holiday Season May Be Last Internet Tax Free Season

Lott Apologizes for Comments on Thurmond

Cuise Ship Outbreak Sickens 212 -- Again!

Sail On, But Wash Your Hands

CDC Sanitation Inspection Report -- Searchable Database

Pagan Christmas Season

"Yule-Log" Program To Air On TV For Christmas

Santa Claus vs Jesus Christ -- Santa the new "Savior"?

Pagan Traditions of Holidays

Thorough Occult Invasion of Our Society!

A Slew of Hot Toys Hard to Find on Retailers' Shelves

"Jesus Bobble Head" New Christmas Gift

'Tis the Season: A Guide to Charitable Giving

"Gangs of New York" Movie: Racism, criminality, butchery, mayhem, degradation, poverty, prostitution, thievery, dirt and cruelty

Anti-Gunners Expose True Agenda After Ninth Circuit Ruling

Graham Says Centralized Intelligence Apparatus Might Have Prevented 9/11 Attacks: Shell game continues to deflect attention from government itself

New Tools for Domestic Spying, and Qualms

Vigilantes Stir Fear At Border With Mexico

Canada-U.S. Agreement Would Allow U.S. Troops Across Border In Emergency: NAFTA continues to grow into one super nation -- The Rest of the Story

Adult Film Company Says College Crackdowns Won't Stop Movies

Key WTC Maintenance Logs Feared Missing: Amazing! May contain vital evidence as to why towers fell so easily

Moral Collapse Continues

U.K. Sex Change Victory After 30 Years: Transsexuals' rights victory after 30 years

Marvel Comics To Unveil Gay Gunslinger

Judge Knocks GAO Out of Cheney Task Force Lawsuit


Vatican Protecting Cardinal Law?

Law Gets Counsel In Rome As Priests Press For Resignation

More Archdiocese Files Released In Church Abuse Scandal

Records Reveal Charges Against More Priests

Former Law Adviser Says Missouri Priest's Affair Ignored By Law

Major Announcement Expected In New Hampshire Church Investigation

Spiritual Examination of Rome's Historic Foundations That Would Allow Such Rotten Fruit

Franciscan Trainee Charged in Slaying of Priest


Israel: God's Timepiece -- Will Arab, Israeli Conflict Begin WWIII?

Arafat: Attacks On Jewish Settlers Are Acts of Self-Defense: Murdering 2-year-old babies is "self-defense"?

Two Soldiers Wounded In Border Bombing

Computer-Generated Images of Suspected Kenya Attackers Released

Palestinian Authority Given Ultimatum To Arrest, Execute Family's Killers

Bible Prophecies Unfolding: "Storm Clouds On The Horizon"

"Must Have" Bible Software For The Inquisitive Bible Student : Study guides, concordances, Bible dictionary, modern and ancient maps, ancient customs explained

U.S. Financial Website Can Be Sued In Australia

United Airlines Files for Bankruptcy

United CEO Is No Stranger to Bankruptcy

Stocks Lose Altitude on United, IBM Downgrade

Fed Likely to Hold Interest Rates Steady

World's Largest Communications Satellite Plunges Into Ocean

Russia, NATO to Sign Military Cooperation Pact

Cleric 'Sowed Seeds of Australian Islamic State'

Against Limbaugh, O'Reilly Not Yet a Big Factor

World's Anti-U.S. Sentiment Helps Sell Anti-Radiation Pills

Is There A God?

Taxpayer Grants to Planned Parenthood Said to be Illegal

Canada In Terrorists' Sights: Terror will begin following any U.S. military action

Leading Islamic Scholars Herald the Coming Conquest of "Rome": They forgot to read Joel 3!

Israel Official: Al-Qaida Working Entire Globe

FBI Complicit in Crime? FBI Allowed Drug Gang Violence to Continue for Seven Months

British Council Issues Blanket Ban To Protect Health of Staff

Nobel Prize for Chemistry 'Given To Wrong Man'

Psychologists now know what makes people happy: Forgive Others Easily -- Science finally catches up to Bible, 4,000 years late

Homeland Security

Homeland Security: Fears Mount Over 'Total' Spy System

Hideous Occult Face of Homeland Security Revealed!

"Then They Came for Us"


December 9, 2002

Iraq Prepares

Washington Gathers Own Evidence of Saddam’s WMD: Bush's inspection team consists of Special Forces from U.S., U.K., Turkey, Jordan, Israel

Iraqi Weapons Declaration Arrives At U.N. For Analysis

Iraqi Official Calls Report Accurate

Defiant Iraq Urges US To Let World See Evidence

The Trouble With Inspections: Saddam is playing nice, but exposing Iraq's arms will take more than surprise palace visits

Thousands Join US Cyber-Rehearsal For War

Iraqis Resigned To War

The Mother of All Bluffs: Saddam's tactics will not stave off conflict forever

Iraq Admits Work On Nuclear Bomb

Armitage Says Bush Has Patience on Iraq

Guard At The Ready

Foundations Are In Place For Martial Law In The US

Barbed Wire Over America: God's Final Warning

Bush Set To Name New Top Adviser, Treasury Secretary


Israel Blocks Arafat Bethlehem Visit: Church of Nativity Has Turbulent Past

Escellent Maps Of Israel, Middle East, Plus Ancient Hebrew Customs To Better Understand Current Events

Palestinian Woman Shot Dead In Gaza

Likud List: Against Palestinian State

Intifada 'Claims Oldest Victim', 95-Years-Old

Support For a Palestinian State - in Saudi Arabia

Video-Geniuses: The Younger Generation Wins -- Do video games rot kids' brains -- or are they turning the younger generations into an army of quick-reflexed geniuses?

Christian Influence Declining

Religious Rankling, Gay Grammar

British Government Drops Word 'Homosexual'

Museum Abandons Christian Year System

Tentacles of New Law Protecting Gays Doesn't Apply To Anti-Gay Rally

Parental Rights Clash In Cross-Dressing Case

Cartoon Correctly Depicts Bush Naming Kissinger As Head of 9/11 Investigative Panel

Atheists Warn City Not To Display Angels Blowing Trumpets In Christmas Display

Drought, Lack of Water Key Prophecies

UN Consecrates Water As Public Good, Human Right

Drought Slows Australian Economy -- $350m for drought aid

Rain Falling In Israel: Drought Real Concern

Coming Great Thirst: That Astonishing Day

Wife Beating Seen as Epidemic in U.S. Military

Boy Missing 6 Years Believed Found: Two women held; police say they raised boy after mom's slaying

Catholic Sex Abuse - New Heights?

Cardinal Law's Trip To Rome Was Secret!

Cardinal Law In Rome; Draft Petition From Priests Calls For Law To Resign -- Related News

Cardinal Law will Not Say Homily As Scheduled: Six groups representing victims of clergy sexual abuse plan to protest at the church.

Law Knew Priest Had Girlfriend Who OD'd -- Even though priest watched girlfriend die without calling him, he stayed active as priest

Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal Has Much In Common With Enron Scandal

Sex, Lies, Cocaine In The Catholic Priesthood

Mark of the Beast Technology

IBM Creates Tiniest Transistor For Silicon Chips

Mark of the Beast: Final Connections Video

Nowhere To Hide Satellite Technology

Sydney Blanketed in Smoke, Bushfire Crisis Not Over

Global Jihad

Web Posting Attributed to Al Qaeda Vows Faster Strikes Against U.S., Israel

Fires of Anti-Americanism Burn McDonald's: Bombings hit franchises around world Chain a powerful symbol

Bush Calls Islam A "Peaceful" Religion, Embraces Koran!

Cartoon On Islam Was Deeply Offensive: Correctly noted Islam is a very intolerant religion, as Daily News demonstrates

Islam Is A "Tolerant" Religion: Cartoon that started firestorm

British Headmaster Puts Girls' School On al-Qa'eda Alert

Britain’s Cold War Emergency Planning System May Be Revived In Fight Against Terror

Miss Turkey Wins World Pageant: "These girls will be wearing swim wear dripping with blood"

Suicide Bombing Tactic Unique To Islam

JEMAAH Islamiah's Plot To Use Truck Bombs: First time Asian Muslim militants have chosen Palestinian suicide tactics

Palestinian Suicide Bomber Discovers Truth As He Enters Eternity

French Novel In Praise Of Suicide Terrorist

Georgia General Assembly Considering Abortion Bill That Would: Require mothers to get Death Warrant; Subject abortion to jury trial; Calls abortion "execution"

Economic News

California Is at Fiscal Brink

United Airlines Bankruptcy Expected Monday

Bulls Have History on Their Side

Wanted Quickly: A New Personality for MSNBC

Homeland Security

Local Officials Hope for More Information Sharing From Homeland Security Agency To "Fight Terror"

Homeland Security Threatens Liberties, Lives of All Citizens

Hideous, Occult Face of Homeland Security!

Australia To Boost Security Laws: Patterned After U.S. Draconian Measures

Record Low Temperatures in Pennsylvania, Maryland

Arctic Ice Melt Backs Global Warming Forecasts

Jimmy Carter To Accept Nobel Peace Prize


December 8, 2002

Iraq Prepares

Washington Gathers Own Evidence of Saddam’s WMD: Bush's inspection team consists of Special Forces from U.S., U.K., Turkey, Jordan, Israel

Iraq Dossier En Route To UN: 12,000 pages, some written in Arabic

Saddam Says No Forbidden Weapons

Weapons Chief Censors Baghdad Arms Declaration: But, DEBKAfile is reporting that news agencies were given report on CDROM!

Kuwait Scorns Iraqi Leader's 'Apology' For 1990 Invasion

U.N. Resumes Worthless Iraq Inspections

Bush Says Saddam's Disarming is 'Central' to War on Terror

Iraq Urges Kuwait To Expel "Infidels"

Armitage Heads To Asia To Drum Up Support Over Iraq

Clearing The Air Over Baghdad

Military Buildup Continues

Buildup Leaves U.S. Military Nearly Set to Start Attack: January is best guess

U.S. War Strategy Needs Until Mid-January To Be Ready For Attack on Iraq

US Pursues Gulf Build-up

Is U.S. About To Play "Russian Roulette" With Our Naval Forces In the Persian Gulf?

U.S. Senators Visit Base in Qatar: Final military exercise to test readiness to attack Iraq

Democrat Landrieu Wins Louisiana Senate Race

Witnesses See 200 Corpses In Ivory Coast Mass Graves: Many foreigners murdered

Police Storm Crowd Outside Tehran University As Students Protest

Koreas Agree to Second Cross-Border Road: With war signs abounding, why is South Korea enabling North Korea to attack more easily?

Spain Moves on Oil-Slick Crisis

Catholic Sex Abuse Cases To Hit New High?

Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal Has More In Common With Enron Scandal Than Earlier Believed

Church Faces A Wave of Sexual-Abuse Lawsuits and Potential Financial Problems Because Statue of Limitations Has Been Removed in California

Ambiguous Result In Taiwan Election

The New Convergence of Science and Religion: Trend will lead man to Universal Religion, not Jesus Christ

Meet The Pope's Astrophysicist

Endeavour Makes Delayed Return to Earth

Complex Tax Code is Costly

Give Christians In America Religious Freedom!

Israel Prepares

Palestinian Propaganda Proclaims: Israel 'faked al-Qaeda presence'

Al-Qa'ida-Affiliated Web Site Announces Palestinian Branch of Al-Qa'ida

Is Israel Losing The Propganda War With Palestinians?

Another Israeli First, The Unmanned Naval Vessel, 'Stingray'

America and Israel: Ties defy all logic: More Christians are vehemently pro-Israel than Jews!

Israeli Soldiers Hurt at Lebanon Border

U.N.'s Kofi Anan: Another Anti-Semitic bigot?

Is God Miraculously Protecting Israel As He Did In Old Testament Times?

Arafat Rejects Sharon's Plan For Palestinian State -- Indignant Arafat Says Qaeda Cells Not In Gaza

US Aware That Bush's 'Road Map' On Hold Until After Israeli Elections

IDF To High Court: We don't use 'human shields'

UN Vehicles May Be Used To Smuggle Terrorists, IDF Says

Palestinians Rebut Claim of Talks By Sharon

Foundations Are In Place For Martial Law In The US

Barbed Wire Over America: God's Final Warning

Global Terrorism

Bombs Explode at Four Movie Theaters in Bangladesh, 15 Dead: Targets were Muslims celebrating end of Ramadan

Why Terrorists Target Muslims In Theaters

Stopping Loose Nukes: Building an atomic wall of protection

5,000 Body Bags Ordered In Case of Terrorist Chemical Attack

Washington, D.C. Plans Smallpox Shots For Entire City

Soldiers Capture Suspected Abu Sayyaf Member Involved In Beheading American Hostage -- Truth Now Told About Nature of Islam

Report: Group Planned Giuliani Kidnap

Boston's Ptech Software Company Linked to al-Qaida?

Saudi Spin Doctors Dodge U.S. Marshals

Indian Police Report Kashmir Drone, Border Fire

Pearl Harbor Survivors and Their Families Congregate on Anniversary of Attack

Miss Turkey Crowned Miss World

Too Many Deer -- How can this be, with the wicked hunters on the prowl and Industrial Civilization polluting the wilds?

Mexican Trucks Won't Get U.S. Access for at Least 30 Days

Christmas Consumerism With A Conscience

Australia To Tighten Handgun Ownership Laws

The Ultimate Running Machine: Nike's Oregon Project to build U.S. Marathon Team Using High Technology


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