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"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation ... may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223, published 1981]

World War III - Began 2-22-2022

Russia's invasion of Ukraine is beginning of World War III: George Soros

Critical Understanding

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast ... For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (to act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled." (Rev17:12. 17, KJV)

Application: The Holy Spirit is causing Putin, and Xi, and Biden to "act in harmony"!



"From the opening words to the last, 'Glimpses of Glory' is like watching a riveting movie. Absolutely engrossing. A stunning journey that will answer many questions, and undoubtedly enhance your perspective of life and of God's Word!" -Tom Horn, CEO Skywatch TV

From Eden to John's visions of the end times, Carl Gallup paints images of God's handiwork on the canvas of human history-pictures of glory, but also of the human failings and frailty that make His ultimate victory all the more powerful. - Derek Gilbert, Host of Skywatch TV

419 Pages

Download the Forward. table of Contents and the first 7 of 70 chapters HERE


David Heavener reveals the schemes of the enemy during this rapidly emerging antichrist system, while providing answers to these, and other, questions:

• What's the association between antipsychotic drugs, shock therapy, and the film The Exorcist?
• How is the entertainment business connected with satanic ritual abuse, witchcraft, and programmed multiples?
• What is the Hollywood mind control machine and who is the Deep State's new media partner?
• Is there a relationship between Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and mass shooters?
• What ties Jeffrey Epstein to the Holocaust? Are German scientists still doing Nazi-type procedures in America today?
• How does the alien-demon abduction disclosure connect with the one- world religious system?
• Why were churches built on graveyards? Why are trends such as communication with the dead, grave-soaking, and New Ageism growing among Christians?
• If the Nephilim race survived the flood, is there a remnant of their kind alive upon the earth today?
• Is it possible to survive the Illuminati's cashless system and mandatory vaccine?
• And why did Heavener—after his cousin, Shanda Sharer, was tortured and murdered at the age of twelve by four teenage girls—conclude that this went deeper than a senseless murder?

Jesus said, "Watch out that no man deceives you" (Matthew 24:4). As we enter this final hour, Heavener's prayer is that this book equips you to battle the antichrist's grand deception.


Eternal Perspective Calming Our Fears During These Troubled Times

Where does you heart and mind flee to during times of hardship and danger? How do you cope during these times that 'try men's souls'?

Although most believers profess that they believe they will go to Heaven forever, they are just as battered by terrible times as their un- churched friends and relatives.

This book reveals how the Biblical specifics enables us to put into perspective the chaos and the terror surrounding us every single day! God's prophetic framework enables us to remain calm and serene as we cast our burdens on the shoulders of Jesus and leave them there.

As the prophetic hard times rolls over us, the Spirit induced heart peace will attract unbelievers who just want to experience the peace they see in our lives.

This book gives great detail of our lives in a future Paradise that truly lasts forever!

260 Pages


Filled With Prophetic Wisdom and Understanding

"Ezekiel 38: When God Defends Israel"

Ezekiel 38: When God Defends Israel – The Coming Russian and Iranian Invasion of the Promised Land. One of the greatest military slaughters in the history of mankind!

Ezekiel tells us that in the latter days, a group of armies from the “uttermost” north will orchestrate a massive sneak attack on Israel. At the time, Israel is said to be dwelling in relative security in a land without walls or bars. A shocking outcome awaits the enemy, as God breaks his silence and destroys the invading armies in a supernatural way. It’s a miraculous rescue mission and it leaves our world and the Jewish people changed forever.

This 3-DVD set answers the questions we all want to know.

Part 1 – Who Are the Enemy Attackers?
Part 2 – Why Is Israel Attacked?
Part 3 – Why Does God Intervene on Israel’s Behalf?
Part 4 – When Does This End-Time Battle Happen?
What is the outcome of this end-time battle and how does it change Israel’s future?

As we see these nations all presently aligned and seemingly ready to take on God’s Chosen People, we know this battle is closer than ever.

3-Hours Long -

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We want to thank all of our financial supporters. Over the years your support has proven crucial in enabling us to make our full site free for everyone so that those who cannot afford to donate can have full access. BUT, This year we have experienced the painful 'birth pangs' of a world which is going crazy as it spins toward Antichrist!

We are clinging to life in a barren land, much as this struggling tree shown above! Our heartfelt thanks for helping us continue our outreach and preventing Cutting Edge from disappearing from the Internet, at a most crucial time in world history!

We have always believed that more souls will be won for Jesus Christ during the Last of the Last Days than in entire previous centuries. But, we need your financial support.

Thank you in advance!

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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"Secret Societies Killed Jesus Christ" DVD

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You will never read the Gospels the same way again after you understand the REAL reason that the Pharisees and the Sadducees plotted to persuade the Romans to kill an innocent man.

What were they thinking, since they did recognize that Jesus was the prophesied Messiah?

How does their thinking and plotting then impact us now, 2000 years later? And, what bearing does their belief against Jesus have today, as the Biblical Antichrist is soon to arise?

Modern Secret Societies are once again driving the plans to produce the Jewish Messiah.

You will never look at Easter (Resurrection Day) the same way again!

Protect Your Children From These Deeply Satanic Holidays

Archived News Articles: "Resurrection Eggs" -- Another Sign of Apostasy Within the Christian Church "

Southern Baptist Apostasy Reaches New Proportions -- Celebrating Easter Eggs -- Easter is BAAL Worship! Another Sign The End of the Age Is Near

Critical News Analysis

1. Liberal Democrats and 'Republicans In Name Only' (RINO) are Lovers of Death and Haters of God!

"... all they that hate me love death." (Proverbs 8:36, KJV)

It is no wonder Democrat leaders are openly pursuing the Kingdom of Antichrist (New World Order)!

God foretold, "But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death." (Proverbs 8:36) All those people who walk far from God will begin to love and to court death. The farther they walk from God, the more they gravitate toward death. Therefore, you can place great spiritual significance in the death imagery of the Rock industry. And, you can sit up to take notice at the great popularity of Halloween at this point in American history. After all, this phenomenon is not occurring in a vacuum; America is preparing to move into the Kingdom of Antichrist, the New World Order, so its people have to be prepared to accept his Satanic values. No, they have to go further than just "accept" his values, they have to be conditioned to "love" Satan's values. Halloween popularity is proof positive that this value shift has occurred.

What current events are demonstrating this terrifying reality?

Love of Killing

NEWS BRIEF: "Delaware Legislature Passes “Kill More Babies” Bill to Let Nurses Kill Babies in Abortions",

NEWS BRIEF: "Joe Biden Wants to Force Christian Hospitals to Kill Babies in Abortions or Shut Down",

NEWS BRIEF: "Chip Roy Slams Democrats for Ignoring Babies Potentially Killed in Infanticide: “May God Have Mercy on This Nation”,

Love of Lying

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil Executives Push Back Against Democrats’ Charge of Profiting off Russian War: ‘No Tolerance for Price Gouging’

NEWS BRIEF: "Biden Falsely Blamed Trump in 2020 Campaign for Whitmer Kidnapping ‘Plot’: Jury Acquits 2",

NEWS BRIEF: "Questions Loom After Verdicts in Whitmer ‘Kidnapping’ Trial

Love of Financial Bribery

NEWS BRIEF: "Hunter Biden is the ‘Bagman’ for Biden Family ‘Enterprise’: Ex-CIA Official ",

Love of Corruption of Children

NEWS BRIEF: "Time to 'Defund Disney'

Hatred For Christians

NEWS BRIEF: "Biden accused of 'purposefully purging Christians from the military': Using vaccine mandates to target and eliminate the faithful


2. Mass Media opinion shapers are now screaming the obvious truth:

When China attacks, Taiwan is on her own!

NEWS BRIEF: "'Zero Chance' That U.S. Would Send Troops: Analysts Say Taiwan Is On Its Own If China Invades", International Business Times, 4/11/2022

"As the Russian invasion brings the spotlight on Taiwan, where a cross-strait invasion threat looms large, military experts have said that Taiwan will have to fight for itself if China invades as the U.S. is unlikely to send its forces. "

Cutting Edge has been saying this for years, i.e., that the United States would not come to Taiwan's aid should the Chinese attack. I discovered that China was going to take Taiwan back as I studied a document entitled, "Vampire 2000" in 2001.

Once I concluded that China was going to attack Taiwan, I then began to contemplate the practical reality of two superpowers tangling, and gradually realized that End Times prophecy could not be precisely fulfilled if either China or America destroyed each other over Taiwan.

Most importantly, the Revelation 16:12 prophecy of the :Kings of the East" crossing a dried Euphrates River with an massive army of 200 million men would be rendered impossible should China be destroyed by a nuclear exchange.

Therefore, I concluded that China must attack Taiwan with no interference from United States' forces.

However, the Taiwanese military has just demonstrated their firm belief that China IS going to attack,and sooner rather than later.

NEWS BRIEF: "Taiwan's military releases war survival guide for civilians amid China tensions", Sky News, 12 April 2022

"Taiwan's military has released a war survival handbook for civilians as Russia's invasion of Ukraine focuses attention on how the island should respond to pressure from China."

"Taiwan's guide sets out how to find bomb shelters via smartphone apps, water and food supplies, as well as tips for preparing emergency first aid kits. It uses comic strips and pictures with tips to survive a military attack, such as how to distinguish air raid sirens and ways to shelter from missiles."

Obviously, the very practical Taiwanese military leadership would release such a survival handbook for civilians only if they felt 100% sure that China was really going to invade.

3. Russian forces have now pulled back from Kiev, thus opening the possibility of using tactical nukes.

NEWS BRIEF: "The spectre of tactical nuclear weapons use in Ukraine", Ukraine Reporter, April 6, 2022

"As Russia flounders on the battlefields of Ukraine, the once-unthinkable possibility of nuclear weapons use is now on the rise, as President Vladimir Putin’s options for victory narrow."

"With the stakes being so high, why would anyone take that risk?"

"Russia has done badly in this war, the myth of its new professional armed forces lying in tatters, the country’s international prestige at rock bottom. Inefficient, inept and clumsily brutal, Russia’s military has one more chance to reverse its misfortunes on the battlefield as a new wave of reinforcements, culled from overseas, begin to make themselves felt."

"If Putin cannot come out of this war with something that looks like victory or there is an occasion where Russian soldiers are being seen to be generally routed, the chances of nuclear use by Russia to shore up its status as a world power start to grow."

I disagree. I believe that Putin and Xi planned on using nuclear weapons from the very beginning. For this reason, Putin began alluding to battlefield nukes before his forces invaded and he even put his nuke forces on heightened alert!

You see, China had concluded, well before Putin invaded on February 22, that Xi would have to use battlefield nuclear weapons to secure a beachhead for the invaders.

But, beforehand, Putin of Russia would have to expose the cowardly nature of both Biden and the European Union by using nukes and getting away with it.

So far, such calculations as to the cowardly attitude of the West have proven true. So far, no Western troops have crossed into Ukraine to confront the Russians, so the nuke attack is imminent.

Now, what sign should we be looking for as to determine when a nuke attack is close at hand? The most obvious sign is a unilateral withdrawal of Russian forces who might be destroyed by the nuclear blast.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pentagon: Russia has fully withdrawn from Kyiv, Chernihiv", M5 Sauvuna, April 10, 2022

"Russian forces have fully withdrawn from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and the city of Chernihiv to its north, the Pentagon said ... Russian forces have fully withdrawn from the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and the city of Chernihiv to its north, the Pentagon said."

Adding to the burden of contemplating the use of tactical nuclear weapons is the news that Russian brutality might be getting even worse.

The most brutal Russian general -- the Butcher of Syria -- is now in charge of Ukrainian forces.

NEWS BRIEF: "‘BUTCHER OF SYRIA’: Putin appoints ruthless general to lead Ukraine war", New York Post, 11 April 2022

"The new general tapped to lead Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has been dubbed the 'butcher of Syria'— sparking concern that the war that has already left tens of thousands dead will only get more gruesome."

"The United Nations says more than 350,000 people were killed in the Syrian conflict, no thanks to Dvornikov, who ordered troops to destroy cities and drop barrel bombs that displaced millions."

No one should be surprised about the brutality of Russian Communist leaders. Consider Vladimir Lenin.

"On the 21st January 1924 Lenin died, having killed an estimated 3 million of his people. " ("One of the most murderous leaders in the world: 93 years ago Lenin died")

Josef Stalin reigned viciously after Lenin and murdered an estimated 20 million people. (NEWS1877b)

Why are past Russian Communist leaders so merciless? Reverend Wurmbrandt states his belief that Marx was actually possessed of demons, as he quotes Engel's written statement that Marx was a "monster possessed by 10,000 devils". This certainly explains Marx's many evil statements and the evil fruits of Communism so amply displayed before the world. Wurmbrandt then proceeds to document the many instances in which 20th Century Communist leaders have either practiced aspects of Satanism or have actually worshipped Satan. He succinctly states his conclusion, "Communism is collective demon- possession". (Emphasis Added)


4. Responding to a strong increase in terror attacks, Israel is going to add 25 more miles to the Separation Fence.

"... will include a massive concrete wall ... up to a height of nine meters"

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel Adding 25 Miles to Separation Barrier Following Wave of Terror", The Jewish Press, April 10, 2022

"Construction of an additional 40 kilometers of security barrier was approved Sunday at a meeting of Israel’s high-level security cabinet. Members of the cabinet unanimously approved the plan submitted by Defense Minister Benny Gantz to build the additional 25-mile segment of the separation barrier along the seam line."

"The barrier, intended to replace the current fence built around 20 years ago, will include a massive concrete wall, protective measures and other technological means up to a height of nine meters."

Since September, 2000, Cutting Edge has taught a very controversial truth: the real reason Israel is strategically withdrawing from her Biblically mandated lands is that she is removing her Jewish settlers from harm's way in the Gaza and the West Bank so that she can annihilate the Palestinians in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18.

Israel has been in close-quarter conflict with the Palestinians, a conflict which has been ongoing since the early 1970's, where Yassir Arafat's terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. This conflict has literally tried the soul of Israelis of all political and religious persuasions.

Western governments generally, and Israel particularly, would never carry out a complete annihilation of an enemy population if any of their own citizens were residing within the targeted towns. Therefore, just before an annihilation would occur, the Israeli Defense Force would have to physically separate their own people from the Palestinians. Thus, when the attack commenced, only Palestinians would be in the "target zone", i.e., cities and towns. All Jews would be kept away from harm.

To put this situation another way, when you see such a physical separation occurring, you must take this as a definite sign that the annihilation is about to occur.

Since October, 2000, Israel has erected hundreds of miles of these massive 9-meter-high concrete blast walls, and now she is going to add 40 kilometers more!

Truly, Obadiah is about to be fulfilled!

5. Is Barack Obama planning to slither back in to the White House?

NEWS BRIEF: "Is Obama about to legally slither back as president?", World Net Daily, April 10, 2022

"Ever since Barack Obama's recent visit to the White House in which he was given the star treatment while Joe Biden was seemingly ignored as he wandered aimlessly, there has been talk that Biden's presidency is over and that Obama himself could slither his way back into the Oval Office."

How can this possibly occur? Isn't a person forbidden from serving more than two terms? "Yes, BUT"!

""Obama's aiming to get back into the Oval Office ... My premise is that Obama fully understands that, if Biden is ousted immediately under the 25th Amendment, there are only idiots and incompetents to take his place ...there are three steps to return Obama to the presidency:"

1. "Have the Democrat establishment remove Kamala Harris from office, whether through threats or bribes."

2. "Have the Democrats declare that, because world instability (Ukraine, Putin, China) puts us at unprecedented risk, only a politically seasoned person can be vice president, with Obama graciously accepting that role."

3. Oust Biden using the 25th Amendment. And voilà! President Obama (again).

Can this scenario be remotely possible?

"In these days, nothing that happens is what is generally expected, and each new outrage outstrips the one before it."


Was last week's appearance at the White House just a "sign of Obama's re-entrance as President?

6. Is President Biden planning to allow the entire population of Central America across our borders?

NEWS BRIEF: "Record-Shattering Illegal Border Crossings Likely to Start After Biden Revokes Title 42 ", CNS News, April 11, 2022

"President Joe Biden is about to blow open the floodgates on illegal immigration at the border ... The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced it would revoke Title 42, a public health policy that has been one of the few effective tools to control the massive flow of illegal immigrants that began when Biden became president on Jan. 20, 2021."

"The administrative rule, set for revocation May 23, was created by President Donald Trump’s administration and allowed for the rapid deportation of illegal immigrants coming from countries with an active COVID-19 pandemic."

How bad is it going to get?

"The Department of Homeland Security has said that it is planning to process about 18,000 migrants a day, double the current number ... Biden appears to be caving to the Democratic Party’s extreme left flank on illegal immigration."

The Mexican/American border must be erased if the new North American Union is to be established!

President Biden may be kicking off a serious effort to begin the process of convincing Americans that the real solution to this immigrant problem was to change citizenship from America/Mexico to NAFTA -- (North American Free Trade Association. (Super Nation #1. shown above)

The real purpose of his statement was to trigger the final phase toward completion of this new superstate. Finally, after 30 years of being created only on paper as an economic union, NAFTA (North American Union) is quickly being set in place as a real political nation -- with its own currency (Possibly AMERO), with its own parliament, and with its own military and police departments.

At the end of March, 2006, President Bush (America), President Fox (Mexico), and Prime Minister Harper (Canada) met in a summit in Cancun, Mexico. This very important summit should have been billed as a NAFTA Summit, for these three leaders approached nearly every subject from a Continent-wide perspective. In other words, these three leaders were acting as though the entire Continent was one nation.

The 2,500-year-old prophecy of Daniel 7:7-8 is continuing to work its way to fulfillment (Read NEWS2363, entitled "There Is Only ONE Sequential Prophecy Which Shall Provide Us A Clear Gauge By Which We Can Know The Approximate Time That Antichrist Will Arise!")

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This booklet's purpose is not to focus upon marijuana alone, though, but upon all those drugs with hallucinogenic properties. They’re the most subtly deceptive and dangerous, the most profoundly effective in twisting minds and poisoning souls. And they're not only a logical extension of the marijuana movement, but they’re rapidly becoming popular themselves.

Topics in this booklet by Richard and Linda Nathan include:

Opening Pandora's Box
The Culture of Rebellion
Marijuana Update
CBD - Panacea or Problem?
The Psychedelic Renaissance
Psychedelic Seduction
Aliens and God-Like Entities


Sections in this booklet by Tony Pearce include:

Past changes in Weather
What's happening now
The politics of Global Warming
Bible Prophecy and the Environment


Topics in this booklet by David Dombrowski include:

The True Nature or a distorted view of God
A Powerful yet dangerous system
Earthly Wisdom and foolish philosophy
The Calvinist "gospel"
Calvin's God too small
The Foundation
Is there assurance of our salvation
The Spirit of Antichrist
Blessed Assurance


Topics in this booklet by Warren B Smith include:

Automatic Writing
God Within
Spiritual Revival
A Course in Miracles
Christian Spiritualist?
The Phillipian Psychic
Familiar Spirits and Necromancy
Today's Church
Demonic deception
Endorsing Have Heart
Pastor's Perspective
New Age Necromancy
The Light That Was Dark


Booklet: The Chosen: 10 Areas of Critical Importance

The incredibly popular series The Chosen is being described as a “global phenomenon” and growing “movement” that is creating the groundwork for world “revival.” However, there are some critical concerns about this series and where it is heading. The following are ten of these concerns:

1) The Chosen and Its Mormon Influencers

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The time is here for us to obey Jesus Christ when He told His followers living at the End of the Age:

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28, KJV)

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