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World-Wide Plans For A Plague

"Take control of the world ... to reduce ... the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide ... The only alternative left to the world's ruling elite was to increase the death rate." [("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 49]

"Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome ... advocated that a plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the Black Death of history." [("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 167]

Coming Into Their New World Order

"When we come into our kingdom (New World Order) our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring the world, at the end under our beneficent rule." ("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 303)
NOTE: The global plan to establish the New World Order as William Cooper so brilliantly informed us in "Behold A Pale Horse", is now finally beginning to occur with great rapidity!

Critical Headlines

1. "Enough Is Enough" -- ER doctors urge opening up America NOW!

"Quarantine Fatigue" is setting in rapidly.

2. Is this crisis going to move Americans into Vegetarianism?

The diet under Antichrist will be Vegetarian!

3. Attorney General Barr emphatically stated that our Constitution will not be suspended just because we are in a crisis!

4. The Supreme Court just handed President Trump a major victory!

The President does, indeed, have the authority to set the rules of Immigration.

5. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just endorsed Joe Biden for President.

The compliant Mass Media does not press her, or anyone, about Biden's sexual assault claims.

6. Democrat voters are getting "fed up" over the childish actions and words of their leaders.

Black voters are poised to hand Trump the reelection, as are men, woman, and pro-life voters.

Can President Trump actually carry 50 states?

7. Pope Francis commemorated the pagan holiday, "Earth Day" by issuing a statement that is thoroughly New Age occult.

8. As Israel finalizes her new "Unity Government", Arabs in the area immediately rise up as one to condemn the declaration that Israel is exercising her Biblical Sovereignty over the West Bank and Samaria!

Trump officials jump at the opportunity to publicly declare that President Trump will support such a move.

9. Israeli Patriots have launched a major battle against its "Deep State" traitors

President Woodrow Wilson was the first Illuminati official to publicly warn of the massive influence of "Deep State" moles.


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Critical News Analysis -- End of the Age

1. "Enough Is Enough" -- ER doctors urge opening up America NOW!

NEWS BRIEF: "Enough is Enough: E.R. Doctors with the stats, expertise and common sense say open up the economy", NOQ Report, April 27, 2020

"Given the lower-than-expected mortality rate and secondary effects of the partial lock-down, it is time to end the partial lock-down and get everyone back to work ... With about 1,400 deaths so far in California, that puts the statewide death rate at about .03 percent..."

"... local leaders and colleagues of his here and across the country are reporting increased incidents of child molestation and domestic violence while people are at home, and suicides are also spiking. He also noted a contradiction between allowing people to shop at Costco and Home Depot but not allowing them to go to church." (Emphasis Added)

Cutting Edge has been arguing this line of reasoning from the very beginning. Why should we destroy our $24 Trillion economy to fight a disease that, when a person contracts it, the virus kills only 0.03 ?

The answer, of course, is political; the Leftist politicians want to deny President Trump re-election and the only hope they have is a resounding depression. They must tank this economy.

"Quarantine Fatigue" is setting in rapidly.

NEWS BRIEF: "Next wave of states set to reopen as quarantine fatigue starts to set in", Fox News, April 27, 2020

"It is not 'if' states should reopen; it's how they should reopen."

"Reopening is not like flipping a switch, it is like gradually moving the dimmer switch to make the bulb glow greater".

"We don't have to open an entire state at once, but we can reopen individual counties."

However, these experts did agree that Americans were getting really sick and tired of being confined to their homes, and they are increasingly aware that the death toll is not so high as to warrant annihilation of this $24 Trillion economy and destroying them financially.

Street demonstrations against continued "stay-at-home" orders have already occurred and can be expected to increase greatly, possibly even turning violent.

The time is now here to reopen the American economy!

2. Is this crisis going to move Americans into Vegetarianism?

NEWS BRIEF: "'Food supply chain is breaking,' Tyson Foods chairman says as processing plants continue to close", Fox News, April 27, 2020

"The chairman of Tyson Foods has issued a stark warning to Americans following the shuttering of multiple meat processing plants across the country: 'The food supply chain is breaking' ... In recent weeks, Tyson Foods has been forced to temporarily pause operations at a number of plants following outbreaks of COVID-19, or because of staffing shortages caused by the pandemic."

If this breakdown of meat processing continues, it will produce both shortages and higher prices.

During the contrived increase of red meat prices after the Mad Cow Disease scare, I wondered how long it would be before a similar spike in prices for chicken and pork would occur; both types of meat are the only reasonably priced meats available any longer.

But, an increase in price is not the only reason that chicken and pork are now going to shoot up in price The Elite wants peoples all over the world to stop eating meat of any kind, to become vegetarian.

The diet under Antichrist will be Vegetarian!

Luciferian worship, called The Mysteries, will be fully established on earth. All aspects of public life will be governed by these Luciferian Mysteries. Did you know that one of the enduring common points shared by occult groups throughout the ages has been that they are strict vegetarians ? The New Age Dictionary captures this truth most succinctly:

"vegetarian ... one who is sound, whole, fresh, lively, non-meat eater; dietary pattern and lifestyle associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, Pythagoreanism, the Essenes, Trappists, Benedictines, Cathusians ..." [Page 212]

Throughout history, one of the most common, and enduring, aspects of occult groups throughout history has been their practice of vegetarianism

Why would occultists want to practice only vegetarianism? Each person is slightly different, and different groups teach slightly different doctrines, but the following is a list of some of the reasons occultists tend to be vegetarians.

1. God, Adonay, of the Jewish and Christian Holy Bible, taught that men should eat meat. In Acts 10:9-16, the Apostle Peter received a vision from God in which a sheet was lowered from Heaven, filled with all kinds of animals, both those God had previously declared "clean" and those God had declared "unclean". God commanded, "Rise, Peter; kill, and eat."

In Leviticus 11:2, God said, "These are the beasts which ye shall eat ..." Then, in verses 3-45, God told the Israelites everything they could, and could not eat. But, God did allow cattle, sheep, and goats to be eaten. Isn't it interesting that these are the very animals being senselessly slaughtered in Europe and Britain today?

An interesting precept is that, when Satan is not busily counterfeiting God, he is just as busily reversing God's commands and precepts. Thus, whereas God considers the Right Hand the preferred place in His Kingdom, Satan considers the Left Hand to be his preferred place. If God said man can eat the meat of certain animals, Satan teaches the doctrine of Vegetarianism. To be sure, not every occultist is a vegetarian, but so many are that Vegetarianism is a consistently key doctrine.

2. Evolution teaches that man is just an animal further up the Evolutionary Ladder. Therefore, many practitioners of the occult believe that man has no right whatsoever to kill the other animals lower down the Evolutionary Ladder. This belief is key to understanding such Animal Rights Advocates such as P.E.T.A. [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals].

While it is perfectly reasonable for these type of people to kill a human being still in the womb, it is outrageously wrong for you to kill an animal to eat!

When the Mysteries are "restored to outer expression", that society is going to totally change to reflect all the values of the Satanism of which it is comprised. These values include a practice of Vegetarianism.

The Illuminati plans to convert the entire world to a practice of Vegetarianism once they take over, and their Christ is in place. Therefore, if the world is as close to the End of the Age as we think it is, then is it not logical to think that a major conditioning might be taking place? Might it not be reasonable to expect that a major effort might be underway to so scare the people about eating meat, so that they would just begin a diet regimen that did not include meat.

Welcome to the insane world of the New World Order, the Kingdom of the New Age Christ!


3. Attorney General Barr emphatically stated that our Constitution will not be suspended just because we are in a crisis!

NEWS BRIEF: "‘Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis’: Barr ", The Washington Examiner, April 27, 2020

"Attorney General William Barr said the United States must balance public safety with preserving civil rights as he directed every U.S. attorney to look out for any coronavirus restrictions or lockdown orders that 'cross the line'.”

The Attorney General continues:

"Many policies that would be unthinkable in regular times have become commonplace in recent weeks, and we do not want to unduly interfere with the important efforts of state and local officials to protect the public,” Barr said on Monday. “But the Constitution is not suspended in times of crisis. We must, therefore, be vigilant to ensure its protections are preserved, at the same time that the public is protected."

It is impossible to overstate the importance of a government official as highly ranking as Attorney General to reiterate to a country gone half-crazy that our Constitution cannot be suspended during a time of crisis.

One New World Order author after another has bitterly complained that the Constitution must be overturned because it was impeding the progress toward the Absolute Dictatorship of the Christ (Antichrist).

And, what was their solution to achieving the overthrow of the dastardly U.S. Constitution?


5. "There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties .....

6. It is not worthwhile to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties ....." [PROTOCOL 11 -- THE TOTALITARIAN STATE, Paragraphs 5-6]

God bless you, Attorney General Barr!

4. The Supreme Court just handed President Trump a major victory!

NEWS BRIEF: "SCOTUS Victory!: Trump Administration’s Self-Sufficient Immigrants Policy Can Stand in Coronavirus Era", Breitbart News, 27 April 2020

"The United States Supreme Court ruled on Friday against pausing the Trump administration’s policy that requires would-be immigrants to be self-sufficient so they do not become a 'public charge' ... 'The rule is a boon for American taxpayers in the form of an annual $57.4 billion tax cut — the amount taxpayers spend every year on paying for the welfare, crime, and schooling costs of the country’s mass importation of 1.2 million new, mostly low-skilled legal immigrants', Breitbart News reported."

The President does, indeed, have the authority to set the rules of Immigration.

5. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just endorsed Joe Biden for President.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pelosi endorses Joe Biden for president, amid development in sexual assault claim", Fox News, April 27, 2020

"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., endorsed Joe Biden for president on Monday morning, becoming yet another high-profile Democrat to publicly back the party's presumptive nominee amid claims he sexually assaulted an aide in the 1990s ... 'I'm proud to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States because he will be an extraordinary president', Pelosi said in the video. 'He knows how to get the job done'."

The compliant Mass Media does not press her, or anyone, about Biden's sexual assault claims.

NEWS BRIEF: "Shhh: Democrats Asked Zero Questions About Biden Allegations on Sunday Shows, Despite New Evidence", Townhall News, April 27, 2020

"Let's be absolutely clear: Even before the "Larry King Live" development was uncovered, Reade had already furnished more contemporaneous evidence backing her story than Ford ever did in the Kavanaugh contretemps. "

"The presumption of innocence, and the need for compelling evidence, are core values in our system, and they should apply equally to Kavanaugh and Biden. But that's not the standard Biden espoused back in 2018, nor is it how the Kavanaugh accusations were treated by the mainstream media. Not even close. "

Joe Biden should be held to the standard he espoused during the Kavanaugh hearings!

This is what the former vice president said amid the SCOTUS battle royale: 'When a woman alleges sexual assault, presume she is telling the truth."

"Biden said that any woman’s claims of sexual assault should be assumed to be true."

"None of the Biden supporters who appeared on yesterday's shows were asked a single question about the matter -- including Speaker Pelosi and three women widely reported to be in Biden's running mate orbit. You'd think a question or two would be a no-brainer, but in reality, the accusations and new evidence generated a grand total of zero mentions on all five networks' Sunday programs."

"What is becoming abundantly clear is that their posturing during the Kavanaugh fight had nothing to do with supporting women or standing up for victims. It's so shameless and flagrant that fair-minded observers who aren't decidedly right-of-center cannot deny what's right in front of them."

With this overwhelming hypocrisy hitting all Democrats squarely in the face, this next story is going to make a lot more sense.

6. Democrat voters are getting "fed up" over the childish actions and words of their leaders.

NEWS BRIEF: "Democrats Are Desperately Struggling To Hold The Party Together, But MORE Defectors Keep Emerging",, April 25, 2020

"Democrats Are Desperately Struggling To Hold The Party Together, But MORE Defectors Keep Emerging. A democrat who recently thanked Trump is facing censure over her decision to do so. Many Democrats have left the party in the past few years over the increasingly far left push but now it seems that Democrats are actively seeking to remove supporters as well."

"Perhaps its a warning, that if you defy the 'orange man bad' narrative than you will be excised from the party. Either way republicans and Trump welcome to moves gladly Even Trump suggested this Democrat join the republicans ... Nothing seems to make sense within the Democratic party anymore."

Black voters are poised to hand Trump the reelection, as are men, woman, and pro-life voters.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump Will ‘Reap the Benefits’ of Black Voter Outreach", Breitbart News, 26 April 2020

"Byron Donalds, a Florida state representative and 19th congressional district Republican candidate, told Breitbart News Saturday that President Donald Trump will 'reap the benefits' of voter outreach to blacks ... “Southwest Florida is a very conservative area and without question I am the most conservative candidate in this race. Like you said, I’m A-rated by the NRA, I’m a strong constitutional conservative, and I think that our voters want a voice in Washington who’s going to uphold strong conservative principles, who’s going to take on Nancy Pelosi and the left, and do everything we can to maintain the great republic we’ve ever known.”

"The president has done a tremendous job. Probably the first president in my time that’s actively tried to court and actually speak to minority voters, and black voters in particular."

Can President Trump actually carry 50 states?


7. Pope Francis commemorated the pagan holiday, "Earth Day" by issuing a statement that is thoroughly New Age occult.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pope issues disturbing New Age pronouncements during Earth Day address

8. As Israel finalizes her new "Unity Government", Arabs in the area immediately rise up as one to condemn the declaration that Israel is exercising her Biblical Sovereignty over the West Bank and Samaria!

NEWS BRIEF: "Arab League calls urgent meeting to torpedo Israel’s annexation plans", World Israel News, April 27, 2020

"The Arab League will hold a virtual meeting to discuss how to organize opposition to Israel’s plan to annex large swathes of Judea and Samaria ... The ministers will “discuss in their virtual meeting providing political, legal and financial support to the Palestinian leadership to confront the Israeli plans,” the Arab League’s deputy secretary Hossam Zaki said."

The Palestinians requested this Arab League meeting as her leaders realize they are helpless to prevent Israel from carrying out their extension of national sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, a modern-day fulfillment of ancient Biblical jurisdiction.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has already stated his fervent desire to declare Israeli Sovereignty over these lands, and even made this pledge part of his election strategy.

In contrast, the Blue & White Party, led by former general Gantz, so forcefully opposed extending sovereignty that this one issue prevented him from reaching agreement a long time ago to join Netanyahu in a Unity Government.

Trump officials jump at the opportunity to publicly declare that President Trump will support such a move.

NEWS BRIEF: "US Official: We're ready to recognize Israeli application of sovereignty", Israel National News, 4/28/2020

"A State Department spokesperson indicated on Monday that the US would be ready to recognize an Israeli application of sovereignty over Judea and Samaria ... 'As we have made consistently clear, we are prepared to recognize Israeli actions to extend Israeli sovereignty and the application of Israeli law to areas of the West Bank that the vision foresees as being part of the State of Israel', the spokesperson said..."

"Trump’s Middle East plan would allow Israel to apply sovereignty over areas of Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, while Palestinian Arabs would be granted a sovereign but demilitarized state along with promises of major investment ... Her comments follow remarks made last week by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said that application of sovereignty was ultimately 'an Israeli decision'."

Of course, the Palestinians were furious.

"... PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ spokesman saying that the US has no right to decide the fate of 'Palestinian lands'."

This claim by the Palestinians that any land on which they now reside is "Palestinian Land". the Bible clearly states that God promised to give Israel ALL the land He promised to Abraham.

Why is God so interested in returning Israel back to the Promised Land, after Israel had sinned so often and so grievously, and after God had declared that His patience and pity with Israel to be at an end? This is a very good question, and one that, when it is answered, will finish the illumination on this subject.

In Ezekiel 20:40-44, God specifically addressed the return to Him. In verse 44, God says a very interesting thing: He says that He will restore Israel "for My name's sake". He reiterated this truth in Ezekiel 36:21-22. God very explicitly told Israel why He was planning to restore her to her land. He plainly says, "But I had pity (or concern) for mine holy name...say to the house of Israel ... I do not (do) this for your sakes, O house of Israel, but for mine holy name's sake...And I will sanctify My great name..."

Now we are at the core truth. God had given Abraham a promise that Abraham's descendants would be the Chosen People forever. You see, God's Redemption Plan was set to come through this Chosen People, Israel. And Messiah was to come twice, the second time in great glory and power, ruling absolutely for eternity. If God destroyed Israel for her sins and did not restore her, Jesus could not come back as He had foretold. Whereas He could still return in all His glory and power, He could not come back as a descendent of Abraham. God's promises would prove to be null and void; God will have been proven to be a liar to Abraham.

So, God was forced by His own Nature to restore Israel after His punishment ended. Thus, God foretold often and long of the planned restoration. This theme is told so often in both Old and New Testaments it is impossible to miss it, unless you close your minds completely to this obvious truth. And this is what many people have elected to do today. They do not believe because they do not want to believe. But God's power is so great it does not matter that many are trying to deny Israel is still God's Chosen Nation and the Jew His Chosen People. Israel was reestablished in 1948 and will never be thrown out of her land again.

God is good and is true to His Word. Praise His Holy Name!!


9. Israeli Patriots have launched a major battle against its "Deep State" traitors

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel: Patriots launch Major Battle Against the Country’s Deep State", Breaking Israel News, April 27, 2020

"Israel’s Supreme Court, and the Justice System as a whole has long been accused by Israel’s right as enjoying a disproportionate amount of power and clout in the day-to-day political agenda. They are often accused as working in collusion with the EU as well as the Soros backed New Israel Fund to allow for the destruction of various Jewish villages in Judea and Samaria on questionable legal grounds."

Even the Prime Minister acknowledges the existence of this "deep state".

"Netanyahu acknowledges the deep state from within the Justice System. According to a report in Haaretz, The prime minister has been heard saying that strings of this shadow government are ostensibly pulled by the prosecution. He also believes that prosecutors and judges have a symbiotic relationship whose goal is ousting him."

President Woodrow Wilson was the first Illuminati official to publicly warn of the massive influence of "Deep State" moles. He wrote, in 1912,

"There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, and so pervasive that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it". ("The Unseen Hand", by Ralph Epperson, p. 168)

Now that you know how leaders of the Deep State are " so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, and so pervasive", can you understand why President Trump has moved so slowly in getting rid of them?

Hopefully, voters will throw Leftist Democrats and Republicans out of office in November, this year, in sufficient numbers that Trump can complete his "Draining of the Swamp"!


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by Former Naval Intelligence, William Cooper

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One of THE Books Exposing Illuminati Plan, the most quoted bookstore resource! Cooper writes about the coming New World Order, and the Plan, which the "Power Elite" of this country and this world are implementing, that will bring about the Global Government, Economy, and Religion. New Age author Cooper is dead set against this coming global government, and urgently shows how the Plan is proceeding NOW.

Consider Some Pertinent Revelations

"When we come into our kingdom...who will ever suspect that all these peoples were stage-managed by us according to a political plan which no one has so much as guessed at in the course of many centuries?"

(From "Behold A Pale Horse", by Milton William Cooper, Light Technology Publishing, 1991, Sedona, AZ, p. 303)

"Their script is now written, subject only to last minute editing and stage-directions. The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready... The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled. Most of the main actors...have already taken up their roles. Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise.

"The time for action will have come."

(From "The Armageddon Script", by Peter LeMesurier, St. Martin's Press, 1982, New York, N.Y., p. 252.)

"The Unseen Hand: Introduction To The Conspiratorial View of History"

by A. Ralph Epperson, Only $15.95


One of THE fundamental books anyone needs to understand before they can really make sense of what is happening in your Daily News. Epperson masterfully lays the philosophical groundwork of the global conspiracy; a person can have only one of two views of history. Either they believe events happen by mere chance -- kind of like believing in Evolution; or, they believe key events in history occurred by design, as part of a plan. This latter view is called the "Conspiratorial View of History" and is fully supported by the Bible. Listen:

"And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings ... For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree (to act in harmony), and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the (prophetic) words of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12, 16- 17, KJV)

President Thomas Jefferson Defined "Conspiracy" For All Time

"... a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery." ["The Unseen Hand", by A. Ralph Epperson, p. 196]

"Christian author Epperson, in his book, "The Unseen Hand", showed how this type of wealthy backing for revolutionary causes exists in the United States. Epperson quotes radical leader Jerry Rubin, in his counterculture book, "Do It!", published in 1970 by Ballantine Books. Rubin candidly writes, "Revolution is profitable. So the capitalists sell it... The hip capitalists have some allies within the revolutionary community: longhairs who work as intermediaries between the kids on the street and the millionaire businessmen." Epperson then quotes leaders of the Students For A Democratic Society as saying that their goal was nothing less than the destruction of America and her economic system, to be replaced by a classless world, i.e., the New World Order. Then, Epperson drops the bombshell, "Yet in spite of all this evidence about the nature of the SDS, they continued to receive money from the establishment they were supposedly out to overthrow... an Illinois commission on that state's [campus] rioting said that $192,000 in Federal money and $85,000 in Carnegie Foundation funds were paid to the Students for a Democratic Society.. during the fall of 1969". Of course, this was well after the violence perpetrated by these groups from 1966-1968."

"... additional funding for these type of causes came from the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, United Auto Workers... and from the Cuban Embassy."

"Young people... have no idea that they are playing into the hands of the Establishment they claim to hate. The radicals think they're fighting the forces of the super rich, like Rockefeller and Ford, and don't realize that it is precisely such forces which are behind their own revolution, financing it, and using it for their own purposes." Black Panther leader Eldrige Cleaver even realized at the end that the wealthy were buying themselves a revolution."


Read the full most current news alert online


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