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May 15, 2012

UPDATED May 16 at 10:30am EDT


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---------- This Week's Hot News -------


I. As the Palestinians celebrate their annual "NAKBA Day", they try to kill Israelites!

What is "Nakba Day"? It means the "day of the catastrophe", May 15, each year.

NEWS BRIEF: "Terrorists Begin Nakba Day with Kassam Rocket, Firebombs ", Israel National News, May 15, 2012

"Arab terrorists attacked southern Israel with a Kassam rocket early Tuesday and attacked Jews in the Hevron area with two firebombs overnight as “Nakba Day” began. No one was injured."

"The attacks coincided with the beginning of what Arabs call Nakba Day, or the day of catastrophe, referring to the English date of May 15 when the State of Israel was re-established with a declaration of independence in 1948."

When you review the statistics of tiny Israel fighting for her life in May, 1948, you can understand why Arabs view this day as "NAKBA, the day of catastrophe". You see, "insignificant" Israel beat a huge combined army of Arab soldiers drawn from nearly every country in the Middle East! If ever there was a time of Arab humiliation, this war of 1948 was true humiliation. If I were Arab, I would hang my head in shame too, for the tiny boy beat the big bad bully senseless -- with the help of Almighty God, of course.

Arab hatred cannot succeed, because God has set His face against them, and is protecting Israel by the Almighty Power of His Hand! All Arab leaders had best stop attacking God's people, the Jews. They have no concept that they are opposing Almighty God. God had repeatedly stated, in both Old and New Testaments, that He was going to restore Israel back to her land in the 'latter days', and would restore His betrothal to her.

Once God destroys the wicked Illuminati Jews through Antichrist -- two-thirds of the Jews of Israel -- Jesus will return to a Christian Israel. The people of this reconstituted Israel "shall look earnestly upon Me Whom they have pierced" (Zechariah 12:10)

Therefore, in this early time frame, God will protect national Israel, even though they are currently controlled by the Illuminati. God will beat every nation surrounding Israel on an anvil called Israel!

Yes, the Arabs are entirely correct to be humiliated by the defeat of May, 1948, 1956, 1966, and 1972, and 1980. Time and time again, their overwhelming forces were halted, and then destroyed, by the protective power of Almighty God.

But, the world has seen nothing yet. God has yet to deliver His annihilating judgment upon Israel's enemies as He promised in Zechariah 12 and in Joel 2 and 3.

Arab leaders, you do not know enough to be thoroughly terrified.

II. There will be no attack on Iran in 2012, according to American officials!

I am still getting emails from people believing that Israel is less than 30 days from launching a military attack on Iran.

NEWS BRIEF: "Former Officials: 2012 U.S., Israel Attack on Iran Unlikely", US News, May 14, 2012

"A U.S. or Israeli military strike on Iran's alleged nuclear weapons facilities is unlikely this year, but could happen as soon as 2013, say several former senior American officials."

Once more, when one deadline passes, another is simply put in its place! Since Summer, 2003, American and Israeli officials have been threatening Iran with an attack. Numerous deadlines have been set, only to wither away. Please take a moment to read of one such "deadline", our Headline News, NEWS2143, entitled, "July 12 (2006) Iranian Nuclear Compliance Deadline Has Come And Passed -- Have You Noticed? -- Major World Powers Paying Only Scant Attention -- Again.

Once again, Cutting Edge reiterates: Iran is Ancient Persia and is prophesied to march with Russia against Israel at the End of the Age. Therefore, both Iran and the Russian military reputation are protected by Ezekiel 38-39.

There will never be any physical military attack on Iran by Western Powers.

NOTE: News Story III has been updated to ensure that all readers understand that Ron Paul has not officially ended his campaign; rather, he has decided not to go into debt to compete in states he cannot win. His strategy shifts more to garnering convention delegates.


III. Ron Paul has ended his campaign to be the Republican nominee for President!

Paul will fight for candidates right up through the nominating convention, but his actions now officially put an end to his campaign.

NEWS BRIEF: "Why Ron Paul's 2012 effort may not really be over", Christian Science Monitor, May 14, 2012

"Ron Paul, the congressman from Texas and a favorite of tea partyers, effectively ended his presidential campaign Monday but urged his fervent supporters to continue working at the state party level to cause havoc for presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney ... he announced Monday that he won’t be spending any more money in states that have not yet voted."

Ron Paul's battle now moves to the convention floor, where he will try to garner enough delegates to put pressure on Mitt Romney. But, in the meantime, Romney will continue to win uncontested primaries, adding to his delegate total.

Romney is likely to arrive at the convention with enough delegates to sew up the nomination on the first ballot, something Ron Paul desperately wants to avoid. What are the delegate totals as of right now?

"He (Romney) has 973 of the 1,144 delegates required to formally become the GOP's nominee, according to an Associated Press tally. Vanquished foe Santorum has 264 and Newt Gingrich has 130. Paul badly trails with 104 delegates."

Is America ready for a Mormon President? This DVD above, "A Mormon President", warns anyone willing to listen that Mormon leadership, starting with Joseph Smith, has always coveted the White House. A Mormon President may seek to persecute genuine Christians once he takes office, because in his heart beats the traditional Mormon heart, a heart out for revenge for government persecutions 150 years ago.


IV. The focus now turns upon Mitt Romney.

How has Mitt won over the Evangelical vote so easily?

NEWS BRIEF: "How Romney wooed evangelicals", The Washington Post, May 15, 2012

"This weekend Mitt Romney won the presidency, because he won the hearts and minds of a majority of Americans ... the man who spoke at Liberty University is the man evangelicals have awaited. He was honest, he was plain, he was a gentleman. He did not pretend to agree with the theology of the Liberty University audience, but the crowd there knows their Bible and they know that a God who can anoint the Persian Cyrus can find his man any place."

That kind of rationale simply infuriates me. Comparing Romney to Cyrus terribly violates both Biblical doctrine and common sense. God's sovereignty chose the Persian King Cyrus to be God's instrument to fulfill His prophecy. Man's rationalization decided that Romney could be supported by Evanglicals by twisting the Cyrus story.

Evangelical Christians seemed to understand that Mormonism is not genuine Christianity, and therefore, in the primary polls, Evangelical voters turned thumbs down on Mitt Romney.


However, as soon as Santorum quit, polls sprang forth telling how 68% of Evangelicals now support the Mormon. How can this be? I think two basic factors are at work here.

1) Mass Media is lying again. I have never trusted polls because I understand how untrue they can be. Their "results" can be anything the political machine wants it to be. If the GOP wanted their new nominee to gain strong support immediately after his competition quit the race, this type of poll is exactly what they needed.

2) Many genuine Christians have already decided to support Romney as "the lesser of two evils". One of my friends expressed this rationale last week. We shall be posting a new article tomorrow on this "Lesser of Two Evils" thinking.

After reading our new article, you will hopefully agree that this line of thinking is really just "Stinking Thinking"!

Read full transcript of Romney's address to 30,000 people at Liberty University.

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What started with genetically modified crops then led to transgenic animals, is poised now for application to humans. The date they have set, after which the revolution begins? 2012!

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World Trade Organization Has Just Overruled American Law!

National Sovereignty Continues To Slide Into The Abyss. This WTO ruling is a major step toward the planned global Absolute Dictatorship

Gasoline falling to $1.13 per gallon?!

Might this development be President Obama's "October Surprise" which could guarantee his reelection?

The Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan - Insidious Technique To Change The Mindset of An Entire Population, Invisibly, Silently

You will be shocked to discover how much of our daily lives is being bombarded by the tactics of this mindset change program!

Church Pastors Are Betraying Their Own People!

Some Churches Are Cooperating With The Federal Government In Encouraging Their Members To Get A Useless Flu Shot Right In the Church - Either Before or After Service!

Truly, religious leaders today are fulfilling the Scripture - "Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch." (Matthew 15:14)

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--------Concluding Inspiration ---------"All that believe are justified." Acts 13:39

The believer in Christ receives a present justification. Faith does not produce this fruit by-and-by, but now. So far as justification is the result of faith, it is given to the soul in the moment when it closes with Christ, and accepts Him as its all in all. Are they who stand before the throne of God justified now?—so are we, as truly and as clearly justified as they who walk in white and sing melodious praises to celestial harps.

The thief upon the cross was justified the moment that he turned the eye of faith to Jesus; and Paul, the aged, after years of service, was not more justified than was the thief with no service at all.

We are today accepted in the Beloved, today absolved from sin, today acquitted at the bar of God. Oh! soul-transporting thought! There are some clusters of Eshcol's vine which we shall not be able to gather till we enter heaven; but this is a bough which runneth over the wall. This is not as the corn of the land, which we can never eat till we cross the Jordan; but this is part of the manna in the wilderness, a portion of our daily nutriment with which God supplies us in our journeying to and fro. We are now—even now pardoned; even now are our sins put away; even now we stand in the sight of God accepted, as though we had never been guilty. "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus."

There is not a sin in the Book of God, even now, against one of His people. Who dareth to lay anything to their charge? There is neither speck, nor spot, nor wrinkle, nor any such thing remaining upon any one believer in the matter of justification in the sight of the Judge of all the earth. Let present privilege awaken us to present duty, and now, while life lasts, let us spend and be spent for our sweet Lord Jesus.

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