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---------- Inspiration For the Week-------Don't depend on a deathbed confession

About 20 years ago, when we were holding revival meetings at G-----, Mr. B----, a well-to-do farmer living near the town, was in the last stages of consumption. He was a wicked man; all of life having been spent in laying up treasures on earth. At the time we visited him, he was about 60 years old. At the time I visited him, the pastor of the church had not as yet called on him, because he was so ungodly. The pastor said to me one day, "I am waiting until Mr. B--- is near his end, hoping he will then allow me to talk to him about his soul".

Several days before Mr. B---'s death, in the company with the pastor, we visited this man and talked with him about his moral condition. His mind was very dark and full of unbelief. We talked earnestly with him about the saving of his soul, but left him without receiving much encouragement. In a day or two, we called on him again, and found him more willing to converse, but he still seemed to be far away from God. We pleaded with him and urged him to call on God, to have mercy on him for Jesus' sake.

"I cannot! I have never spoken the name of Jesus, only when using it in profanity, and I have used it that way all of these years. I have treated Christ like a dog all of my life and He will not hear from me now. I would give all I am worth if I could only feel as you say you feel".

We told him that God was no respecter of persons, that He never turned any away that came to Him for pardon.

He cried out: "I cannot get any feeling. What can I do? My heart is so hard".

Our heart ached for him. He was afraid to die without faith in Jesus, but he seemed to have no ability to repent. Before we left the town, he went to meet his God, so far as we know, unprepared, as he gave no evidence of salvation. He had treasures on earth; but alas, that did not avail him anything when he came to face eternity. ["Dying Testimonies of the Saved and the Unsaved", by S.B. Shaw, 1898]

Did you catch the critical cry of this unsaved man? "I cannot get any feeling. What can I do? My heart is so hard".

"I cannot get any feeling." Jesus spoke to this condition when He said: "No one is able to come to Me unless the Father Who sent Me attracts and draws him and gives him the desire to come to Me..." [John 6:44; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

A person cannot come to Jesus for salvation based only upon his desire. The Father -- through the Holy Spirit -- must attract that person, and give him the desire to come to Him! A sinner fools himself if he fancies that he can resist the pulling of the Holy Spirit all the way to his death bed, and then decide on his own timing and his own terms to ask Jesus to forgive him and let him live eternally in Heaven!

Just as this story sadly tells, such a sinner may want to come to Jesus on his deathbed, but he "cannot get any feeling". The Holy Spirit can, and does, leave a resistant person, never trying to convict them of sin anymore; when a person crosses that line with the Spirit, no one knows.

Can you see why Paul said so often:

"Wherefore, as the Holy Ghost saith, To day if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your hearts..." [Heb 3:7-8]

"But exhort one another daily, while it is called To-day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin." [Heb 3:13]

These are the words of Life -- eternal life. To reject them "until a better time" is to invite eternal destruction in Hell. Do not be deceived.


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* NEWS BRIEF: "Christian Pastors reject apology order over Koran comments", ABC News Online, June 22, 2005

* NEWS BRIEF: "Hate case judge 'showed irredeemable bias' ", The Age, April 11, 2005

* NEWS BRIEF: "Cutting Edge Ministries Was Once Listed As A Hate Group!"

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. A State Department spokesman has confirmed Cutting Edge teaching about Iran! Listen carefully, as he also reveals, that President Bush's dire warnings about Iran quickly obtaining a nuclear war capability if the world community does not attack, are nothing but lies.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel Expects Full-Scale Mideastern War In 2006", Bridges For Peace, reprinted from Jerusalem Newswire, www.jnewswire.com, April 21, 2005

"Israeli military intelligence reported earlier in the month that the Lebanese terrorist organization Hizbullah is already planning a major offensive along Israel’s northern border, likely at the behest of Tehran. But Washington has been largely dismissive of Israel’s assessments of Iran’s nuclear program and, therefore, the presence of any serious threat in the near future. 'Our intelligence community has used in the past an estimate that said that Iran was not likely to acquire a nuclear weapon before the beginning of the next decade', state department spokesman Richard Boucher said on April 13. 'That remains the case'."

Did you catch that shocking revelation? State Department spokesman Richard Boucher has just said that American intelligence believes that "Iran was not likely to acquire a nuclear weapon before the beginning of the next decade"! The beginning year of the "next decade" is 2011; therefore, American intelligence believes that Iran is not going to have nuclear weapons capability for the next 5-6 years.

Since this is the case, then why are we hearing such horrific, convoluted public rhetoric from President Bush and members of his Cabinet, warning direly that Iran is so very close to gaining nuclear capability that, unless the United States and/or the International Community acts quickly, disaster will strike because Iran will have that weapon's capability?

We have repeatedly noted the reality that these public warnings were nothing but propaganda because a Russian general in June 2002, revealed that Iran already had nuclear weapons (NEWS2047). But, now this State Department spokesman reveals, from another angle, that this rhetoric is merely propaganda; he is demonstrating that officials of the Bush Administration cannot get their public stories straight. He is saying that America's own intelligence services believes that Iran will not have weapon's capability for another 6 years!

And, Boucher said that Iran does not pose "any serious threat in the near future".

Now, you know the truth. The Administration's public rhetoric is a lie concerning Iran's nuclear capability. Is that one of the reasons President Bush has not attacked during the past three years, even though war rhetoric has been hot and heavy? We have always believed that the Islamic hardline government in Iran is protected by the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39, a dramatic prophecy which foretells that, at the End of the Age, Persia (Iran) will march with Russian-led forces into the Middle East in an attack on Israel. Since the government of Iran, as this prophetic event unfolds, must be anti-West and anti-Israel -- as it is now -- it makes no sense to think that America will attack Iran, forcing a Regime Change to a pro-West, and pro-Israel government.

One other matter is very clear here: American policy in Iraq and Iran has had the effect of propelling Russia into the Middle East generally and into Iran specifically. Thus, a Russia-Iran alliance has been formed, another logical step in the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39. Please take the moment to read our analysis of this exciting build-up to prophetic fulfillment of this passage in NEWS2016, "Russia Actively Acting To Counter U.S. Foreign Policy, Making War That Much More Likely". The key news story we use in this article is "Russia Plans War To Defend Syria And Iran?".

Remember that Russia's Putin has already installed state-of-the-art air defense systems in Iran, the same kind of system now protecting Moscow and other key cities. If this air defense system has a scalar weapons component, it is doubtful that any American air and/or missile attack can succeed.

Now, let us see another story which demonstrates that Russia is really projecting herself into the Middle East.

II. Russia sells another highly advanced air defense weapons system to Syria.

NEWS BRIEF: "More Russian Advanced Anti-Air Hardware for Syria", DEBKAfile Intelligence, June 23, 2005

"When Russian president Vladimir Putin visited Israel in April, he commented half-sarcastically that Russian arms sales to Syria would prevent the Israeli air force from making free use of the airspace over the Syrian president’s palace in Damascus. This week, he proved he was in earnest. DEBKAfile’s Exclusive military sources report that Moscow took advantage of the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget for another sale to Syria in addition to the improved the SA8 missiles already transacted. Damascus will now receive the Pantsyr-S1 air defense system, a mobile weapon designed to defend clusters of buildings such as the president’s palace in Damascus, military command centers and industrial zones against fighter-bomber jets, military helicopters, drones, special ordinance, ballistic and cruise missiles."

This weapons system sounds like a very capable, fearsome defensive force. Syria is very interested in fielding this type of defensive capability for two reasons:

1) Bush Administration war rhetoric has been nearly as intense, and has lasted nearly as long, as the rhetoric against Iran;

2) Syria's active war plans are still aimed at Israel. One day, Syria plans to join a group of other regional powers -- Egypt, Jordan, Palestinians -- to wage war they hope will annihilate the Jewish nation (NEWS1057). Therefore, Syria is most interested in putting a defensive weapons capability on her soil which offers the promise of blunting the superiority of the Israeli Air Force.

Listen to a greater explanation of this new Russian defensive weapons system being sold to Syria:

"The Pantlsur-S1 is also capable of striking moving ground targets like an assault armored commando unit heading for an assault on strategic installations. The United Arab Emirates was the first Middle East country to acquire this Russian-made weapon in 2004. DEBKAfile’s military experts add: The Pantsyr-S1 is equipped with 12 57E6 ground-to-air missiles with a range of 1-12km, and two 2A72 30 automatic guns with a 4 km range adaptable to an array of ammunition. The radar fitted on this dual-purpose system can search and track aircraft or missiles at a distance of 30km and destroy them when 24 km away. Damascus has acquired this sophisticated new system with the obvious intent of protecting its ruling institutions and military hubs from Israeli air attack." (Ibid.)

Perhaps Syria has not learned that Israel likely possesses scalar weapons technology.

All of Syria's preparations for war reminds me of another Biblical prophecy:

"Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." [Isaiah 17:1]

As the world gets closer to the global Final Birth Pangs War to produce Antichrist, she also gets closer to the time when Damascus will be reduced to a "ruinous heap". As Syria continues her plans to one day make war against Israel, she inches closer to this dreadful day of God's physical, annihilating judgment.

Let us now review what Israel believes about when this next war will commence, going back to the "Bridges For Peace" article, above.


III. As Israel prepares to forcibly evacuate her citizens from predominately Palestinian areas, her leaders believe that she shall go to war next year - 2006. Notice how Israel is expecting Bush to withdraw American forces from Iraq, thus prompting a concerted Arab attack on Israel.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel Expects Full-Scale Mideastern War In 2006", Bridges For Peace, reprinted from Jerusalem Newswire, www.jnewswire.com, April 21, 2005

"Israel has reportedly expressed its belief to Washington that Iran and several of its Arab allies are preparing for a full-scale war against the Jewish state, possibly following the expected United States withdrawal from Iraq in 2006 ... Prime Minister Ariel Sharon 'has relayed repeated messages to the administration that Iran and its Arab allies are preparing for war' ..."

This time period for all-out regional war is consistent with several factors we already know.

1) As American and British forces were preparing to invade Iraq, various Iranian leaders were suddenly seen flying to capitals of various nations in the region, pronouncing an Iranian plan to defeat the "American Satan". (NEWS1910, "Has Iran 'Ignited Many Fires' To Set Off Middle East Regional War?")

In order to counter the American invasion of Iraq, the Iranian plan called for a strategy of allowing Coalition Forces a relatively easy conquest, followed by a raging domestic war which would sink America into the "swamp" of Iraq. Then, once our forces were thus bogged down, Iran planned to ignite many wars throughout the region. If you have noted in our "Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States" section of our Daily News Updates, explosions, shootings, and assassinations are occurring regularly throughout the Middle East. It is impossible to know in every instance whether the perpetrator of these deeds is the United States intent upon more Regime Changes, or Iran, seeking to "light many fires".

In NEWS1910, Iranian leaders listed the nation of Israel as one of the nations they seek to draw into war.

If American troops are withdrawn from Iraq in 2006, it is logical that an attack against Israel may quickly follow.

2) Prime Minister Sharon fully intends to have the forced evacuations finished by the end of 2005. At this point, 99.3% of all Palestinians will be cut off from Jewish citizens (Newsletter of November 27, 2004, Paragraph V). We have long stated that the Palestinians are going to be forced into a ghetto situation with the Security Barrier, giving Israel precious little time to carry out her plan of annihilation (NEWS1422 and NEWS1620), before the weight of international public opinion gets too heavy against the Israeli government.

Therefore, if Israel is going to complete her physical separation by the end of 2005, it does seem logical to believe that all-out Regional War could occur in 2006. This war has been planned since 1870 (NEWS1056) and specifically states that the Third World War designed to produce Antichrist will begin between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

That scene seems to be drawing ever closer. Can you hear the approaching footsteps of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"?


IV. Cutting Edge has long maintained that, in order to begin this all-out regional war, Arab nations have to believe that Israel's military superiority has been severely eroded by the Palestinian land division being implemented now with the Forced Evacuation of settlers and the security fence. When this project is completed, Israel will be cut in two, which Conventional Military Wisdom states will render the country indefensible.

The story below lends credence to this effort to convince Arab leadership that Israel is vulnerable.


NEWS BRIEF: "Israel is about to accept the posting of 3,500 Egyptian troops, 45 helicopters, along the 240 km of Egyptian-Israeli border", DEBKAfile Intelligence, June 23, 2005

"Israel is about to accept the posting of 3,500 Egyptian troops, 45 helicopters, along the 240 km of Egyptian-Israeli border. Sharon government is ready to bow to steep Egyptian terms to save Gaza pull-out. DEBKAfile investigation reveals: An Israeli government official claimed Thursday, June 23, that the military protocol still in negotiation covered no more than 750 Egyptian border police to secure the 14-km Philadelphi strip with a single police helicopter. He denied the draft would nullify the 1979 peace treaty demilitarizing Sinai or entail military risk. DEBKAfile clarifies: Cairo wants the entire border down to Eilat sectioned off into 14km sectors, each manned by 750 troops. As the August withdrawal date nears, Egypt keeps on raising new demands."

One major Israeli goal, since the 1973 war in which Israel was nearly defeated by a combination of Syrian and Egyptian troops, has been to keep a significant buffer between Israel and her Egyptian enemy. This buffer zone was the Sinai Peninsula, and has served this purpose very well. If Egyptian troops ever begin to march against Israel, they must pass through Sinai, giving Israel plenty of time to react.

As you can see from this above map, once Israel hands over the Gaza Strip area to Palestinian control, there is only a planned contingent of IDF forces along that border which would prevent Egypt from marching right in to the new Palestinian area. For this reason, Egypt has placed heavy diplomatic pressure upon Israel to remove all IDF forces and allow her forces to move right up to the border! (NOTE: DEBKAfile posted a June 18 article which listed all the Egyptian demands in full. Please take a moment to read this expose', for then you will realize what kind of mess Israel may be about to step into).

If Sharon allows this kind of Egyptian presence along the Gaza Strip border, Israeli towns and cities could be under the heavy guns of the Egyptian military. Remember this one fact: Egypt's annual military exercises still are carried out with one goal in mind -- to attack and destroy Israel. The "moderate, pro-West" leadership of President Mubarak is extremely anti-Israel. Given the smallest of opportunities, Mubarak would show no hesitation whatsoever in ordering the all-out attack which they have been planning for many years (NEWS1057).

Sharon's reported willingness to allow 3,500 Egyptian troops and 45 helicopters stationed along the border is naturally so dangerous that its revelation prompted a horrific reaction from Israeli defense officials. Immediately, Sharon backed down.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sharon spurns Egypt’s demands, tells Washington: Israel will not entrust its national security to Egypt", DEBKAfile Intelligence, June 24, 2005

"After months of interminable demands from Cairo that would have breached the 1979 peace treaty, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon finally put his foot down. DEBKAfile’s political sources report that he told American representatives whom he met Thursday, June 23: We have no intention of entrusting Israel’s national security to Egypt. Israel is drawing the line on 750 Egyptian troops for the Philadelphi border strip running through the Gaza Strip. He is refusing to discuss any further Egyptian demands for additional armed military deployment with helicopters the full length of the border, or the relocation of border crossings.

"Sharon thus responded to the grave concerns voiced by Israeli defense officials that meeting Egypt’s demands would nullify the demilitarization of the Sinai Peninsula enshrined in the peace treaty and expose Israel to fresh security risks. By taking a stand on the issue, the Israeli prime minister seized the initiative from Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak who kept Jerusalem waiting for an answer to its proposal until his experts had studied it. Cairo will now have to rethink its strategy. Mubarak is capable of staging a controlled crisis in relations when he sees he can’t get his way."

We shall have to watch this situation closely, for we believe the June 23 DEBKAfile story explained the situation correctly: Israel had conceded that Egypt would be able to station all these troops and helicopters along the Gaza Strip border. The leaking of this information might have been premature, prompting Sharon's immediate denial. However, we believe it likely that this scenario will occur at the right time, under the right "intense diplomatic pressure" from Washington.

Israel must tempt the Arabs to strike first. Once they do, she has the capability with infinitely superior weaponry to literally turn their armies back, even though the "hordes are at the gates". Once this scenario begins, Zechariah 12 will be completely fulfilled, as wave upon wave of foreign armies will begin to attack Jerusalem. God promises that it will be His great aim to fully destroy all these invading armies.

God also promises in Daniel 12:1 that, if necessary, He will order Israel's protective archangel, Michael, to come to Israel's defense. If Israel is defeated, we all can safely find another religion in which to believe, for the Bible is very clear that, at the End of the Age, God will not allow Israel to be defeated and/or destroyed.

V. On the very day that Cutting Edge posted an article warning that the "Downing Street Memo" may be attacked in the same manner as the Bush National Guard memo was attacked during last Fall's Presidential Campaign, Rush Limbaugh employed exactly this kind of defense on behalf of the President!

NEWS2048 -- "Is Someone In The G.O.P. Using An Old Propaganda Trick In Order To Falsely Discredit Critics of The President?" -- Excerpts

"Three major news stories in the past eight months have broken into the public consciousness, created a great stir, only to develop "problems" with the source. Is someone in the G.O.P. camp using the old propaganda ploy to leak stories with real facts, but with a deliberately created problem with the source? We note the pattern and leave the question up to you.

Today, we shall review the breaking news story that "problems" have suddenly developed with the source of the Times of London story revealing the contents of a July, 2002, memo which has been dubbed "The Downing Street Memo". For weeks now, British, then international, and finally, American news media has trumpeted the story that President Bush decided to go to war first and then "fixed the intelligence" to fit around his decision.

The impact may be severe, and the end result could very turn out to be total public discrediting of the original story. Since this scenario seems eerily similar to the Bush National Guard story in September, 2004, and the Newsday story that American interrogators at Guantanamo Bay Prison had flushed the Koran down the toilet.

Since President Bush escaped major embarrassment in each of these instances, only because a problem suddenly developed with the "source" of the story, it is necessary to examine each of these three instances in light of the well-known propaganda ploy of creating an embarrassing story filled with true facts, but created in such a manner that the original source could suddenly be discredited. Once the source has been thoroughly discredited the net effect is that the President is fully protected from any further problems concerning the content of the story. The facts may very well be true, but no one will believe the story any more."

We then listed the simple seven-step process by which this propaganda ploy is carried out.

On the very day we posted this article, unbeknownst to us, Rush Limbaugh employed exactly this type of defense against the Downing Street Memo; you see, we do not listen to Rush any more, ever since we realized he was a very sophisticated part of the Plan (NEWS1030 , NEWS1156, and NEWS1915). Listen as Rush Limbaugh employs exactly the kind of defense against which we warned.

NEWS BRIEF: "Limbaugh baselessly suggested Downing Street memo 'may be a fake' ", Media Matters for America, June 21, 2005

"Syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh suggested that the Downing Street memo 'may be a fake' and compared it to the disputed memos used by CBS in its controversial story about President Bush's National Guard service. From the June 20 broadcast of The Rush Limbaugh Show:

'LIMBAUGH: I purposely haven't talked about this Downing Street memo much because, frankly, a) it didn't interest me and, you know, if it doesn't interest me, I'm not going to talk about it. And the reason it didn't interest me is because it was just another one of these ginned up things by the libs, and it looks like it's got some similarities to Bill Burkett and the forged documents of CBS and Rathergate.'

"Later in the program, Limbaugh responded to a caller's question about the Downing Street memo by saying, 'What is it? The Downing Street memo doesn't say anything, and it may be a fake. It may be a forgery'."

This is exactly the scenario in the Bush National Guard scandal! After the memos had circulated in the Mass Media for some weeks, Dan Rather moderated a special for CBS. Not long after this special, which made the President look bad, other news stories began to circulate in which the source of the memos was called into question. As I reported in NEWS2048, the source admitted he did not have originals, but only copies.

Immediately, the sharks began circulating, with pundits dismissing the allegations because the originals were not presented -- no one ever proved that the allegations were untrue. The whole discrediting campaign revolved around a lack of original documents.

First Lady Laura Bush then stepped forward to play the role which Rush plays in the Downing Street Memo, by suggesting that the National Guard Memos were forged, were a "fake". When a ploy is successful, it pays to run it again until you are stopped! Discrediting the source of a damaging piece of information is the most effective way in which to discredit the content.

Therefore, it seems that Rush Limbaugh may be providing the initial thrust in this campaign to destroy the credibility of the Downing Street Memo. In our article, we point out that this process is well known in the field of propaganda. When the AP article which we used in NEWS2048, appeared, saying that Michael Smith had admitted that he had retyped the originals and then destroyed them, we concluded that it was likely that Smith was working on behalf of the government to build this kind of scenario which would then play itself out with such fury that people would conclude that the content was not to be believed; after this type of campaign is run, President Bush and Prime Minister Blair would be literally "off the hook". People would conclude that it was not true that Bush/Blair took their nations to war on a lie.

Since the whole affair hinges upon the source documents not being real, on the original documents not being destroyed, Michael Smith might have a surprise up his sleeve after all, if the information provided next in this Media Matters article is true.

"But contrary to AP's assertion, Smith has stated publicly that he destroyed copies of the documents and returned the originals. In a June 14 interview with Rawstory.com, Smith described how he first obtained, photocopied, and returned the originals in September 2004. Then, working off of the copies, he reproduced the documents with a typewriter and then destroyed the photocopies (not the originals as the AP reported)."

Smith is saying that the original documents were never destroyed, but were returned to the source which gave them to him! Therefore, if the originals still exist, then we have the situation where it might be the AP story itself which is providing the disinformation. If this is the case, then the Rush Limbaugh line of reasoning will go nowhere, for it would be ever so easy for the original documents, on British government letterhead, to surface and throw the backers of the President and the Prime Minister in a really bad light.

We shall have to wait to see how this plays out, for this is one of the most interesting events to occur in a very long time. Thank goodness that Cutting Edge has been reporting for about three years now that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair were taking their countries to war based upon a lie. We based our teaching on this matter from many other sources; therefore, we are not dependent upon the contents of the Downing Street Memo, or the related six other documents which has since surfaced.

We have one other tidbit of information to share with you concerning the Downing Street Memo. One of the most loyal Establishment intelligence services on the Internet is Stratfor Intelligence. While they occasionally report interesting and true news, they very consistently adhere to the loyal party line. They ran a memo last week in which they reported on the Downing Street Memo. ("The Downing Street Memo", 6.21.2005)

This Stratfor report repeats the Bush party line all along the way. But, what is so very interesting about this Stratfor Intelligence report is that they discuss The Downing Street Memo at length, never stating that it was a fake or a forgery. Stratfor Intelligence seems to be accepting this memo as real.


VI. The Supreme Court issued another of their dreadful rulings this past week, making it easier for the Federal Government to seize private property, a campaign which has been underway since the early days of the Clinton Administration and continued under Bush.

NEWS BRIEF: "High court OKs personal property seizures", CNN News, June 24, 2005

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses -- even against their will -- for private economic development."

Even though most states allow the state or local government to seize private property with just compensation should an overriding need for public use arise (Eminent Domain), this ruling seems to dramatically loosen controls over such governmental seizure. Let us continue with this article.

"The 5-4 ruling represented a defeat for some Connecticut residents whose homes are slated for destruction to make room for an office complex. They argued that cities have no right to take their land except for projects with a clear public use, such as roads or schools, or to revitalize blighted areas. As a result, cities have wide power to bulldoze residences for projects such as shopping malls and hotel complexes to generate tax revenue. Local officials, not federal judges, know best in deciding whether a development project will benefit the community, justices said."

Did you catch the pertinent phrase? "... cities have wide power to bulldoze".

Conservatives have been protesting for a decade now that the Federal Government has too much power to simply seize privately owned property for just about any reason whatsoever. On numerous occasions in this past decade, private property owners have not been adequately or "justly" compensated. The land has just been seized.

As this interactive CDROM demonstrates, seizing private property is an essential part of the Illuminati Plan to destroy our Industrial Civilization. In this recently issued CDROM, you will be able to discover the manner in which your individual state is seizing lands and/or private property according to United Nations mandates. This is a most interesting study, especially in light of this most recent Supreme Court ruling.

It will not take long for other cities and towns to begin exercising the new, almost unlimited, power to seize private property, as this email we just received indicates.

EMAIL NEWS BRIEF: "Leviathan Begins To Stir", by John Fund

"After celebrating the Supreme Court's decision yesterday to effectively give local governments carte blanche to seize land for private development, some local officials began quickly moving to use their new unlimited authority. Officials in the beachfront town of Freeport, Texas, announced they would move forward with plans to commandeer property owned by two seafood companies in order to allow the construction of a 900-slip private marina. Freeport will even be loaning the developers $6 million to finance the project, and if it fails the town won't be getting its money back. What is certain is that the displacement of the two seafood companies will cost scores of jobs."

Early in my research, I discovered the Private Property ownership will be forbidden the New World Order. Many New Age and New World Order authors made this sad reality very clear. Since the early days of the Clinton Administration, and continued under the Bush Administration, private property rights have gradually come under greater control.

As this ugly Supreme Court ruling indicates, the pace of government ability to seize private property against the will of the owner has just gained momentum and strength.

This Supreme Court decision is the second one which allows the Federal Government almost unlimited seizure rights! Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Kennedy's Vast Domain: The Supreme Court's reverse Robin Hoods", Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal, June 24, 2005

"So, in just two weeks, the Supreme Court has rendered two major decisions on the limits of government. In Raich v. Gonzales the Court said there are effectively no limits on what the federal government can do using the Commerce Clause as a justification. In Kelo, it's now ruled that there are effectively no limits on the predations of local governments against private property."

Can you see how the noose is slowly tightening, as all three branches of government are now closely cooperating to ensure that all aspects of our society are ready when the time comes to impose the planned dictatorship -- during a contrived crisis, of course?

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VII. Iraq continued to explode in violent fury, taking the lives of many American servicemen and Iraqi civilians. In one news story, the top American general in the region confessed that the insurgency has not been defeated.

NEWS BRIEF: "6 U.S. Dead In Iraq Convoy Attack", CBS News, June 24, 2005

"(CBS/AP) A suicide car bomber slammed into a U.S. military convoy in Fallujah, killing five U.S. Marines and a sailor ... several female Marines were among those killed. The women Marines were members of a supply unit being driven into Fallujah to assist in searching local women for hidden weapons. The armored military vehicle the Marines were riding in was struck by the bomber. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said another 13 Marines were wounded in the Thursday night attack."

This distressing article provides some interesting information.

1) Female Marines were on the front lines, driving right into the heart of a very troublesome insurgency hotbed. Further, the wording informs us that they were participating in the search for weapons. The words "to assist in searching local women for hidden weapons" tells us that these female Marines were to be on hand when male Marines are searching Iraqi women for hidden weapons.

2) We also learn again that the insurgency is using women to assist the men in the campaign against Coalition Forces, exactly as happened in Vietnam.

3) These six Marines were traveling in an armored military vehicle. Remember the flap nearly a year ago, when Rumsfeld seemed so brusque and uncaring when he was asked by a soldier why more vehicles were not armored? Many American soldiers have either bought their own vehicular armour or "gerry-rigged" it. The implication was that armored vehicles offered protection from these roadside bombs. They used to, but now the insurgents are using quite different bombs.

NEWS BRIEF: "Redesigned bombs pushing U.S. toll higher", The Houston Chronicle, June 22, 2005

"WASHINGTON - American casualties from bomb attacks in Iraq have reached new heights in the last two months as insurgents have begun to deploy devices that leave armored vehicles increasingly vulnerable ... Last month there were about 700 attacks against American forces using so-called improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, the highest number since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The surge in attacks, officials say, has coincided with the appearance of significant advancements in bomb design, including the use of "shaped" charges that concentrate the blast and give it a better chance of penetrating armored vehicles, causing higher casualties."

Insurgents have begun to use more sophisticated "shaped charges" which deliver the impact in a much narrower area instead of being harmlessly defused across the entire surface of the vehicle. An armored vehicle will be strong enough to withstand a standard charge, but can be destroyed by these shaped charges. At this point, we do not know whether the insurgency is getting their store of these charges from a foreign source, or whether they are finally utilizing the store left from the Saddam Army, hidden in underground bunkers until now.

However, this is not the only problem with these newly designed bombs. They are being detonated differently, with deadly results.

"Another change, a senior military officer said, has been the detonation of explosives by infrared lasers, an innovation aimed at bypassing electronic jammers used to block bombs from detonating." (Ibid.)

About two years ago, President Musharraf of Pakistan escaped certain death when an American jammer refused to allow the roadside bomb by which his car was passing, to detonate. Had the Pakistani bombers -- who were probably disaffected military -- possessed this infrared laser detonation technology, they would have killed Musharraf. This fact implies that this laser detonation technology is very recent. According to a Russian source, this technology is, indeed, new and it came from Israel! Quoting Russian Intelligence Analysts, we learn:

NEWS BRIEF: "Picking Up The Pieces", by Sorcha Faal, available only to Russian subscribers, June 23, 2005

"Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today that the United States Military Forces operating in the Iraqi War Theater have come under sophisticated bombing attacks utilizing Laser Technology known only to exist in Israel’s vast arsenal of weapons ... The specific Laser Device used in these bombings has been identified as being a modified version of that produced by the vast International Arms Company named Israel Aircraft Industries for their ‘Smart Bomb’s, and as we can read about from their website about this bomb:

'MBT produces conversion kits for "smart bombs": the 5m-CEP Griffin LGB (Laser Guided Bomb) and the NGLGB (Next Generation Laser Guided Bomb). These weapons provide Air Forces with high precision, 12km standoff strike capability against ground targets such as bunkers, entrenched tanks, armored vehicles and other hardened targets. This capability enables to attack highly defended targets while eliminating aircraft and aircrew losses, and ensures cost effective operations, killing more targets with less ammunition. The conversion kits are compatible with the Mk-82/83/84 GP and other bombs. The kit comprises a front guidance section and a rear fins section, which are attached to a standard bomb, converting it to a "smart" bomb. MBT's smart bombs are combat proven. They can be carried by many types of fighter aircraft, and used with all available designators'."

Since Israel is not in the business to kill Americans with their weapons, how could this technology have found its way into the hands of Iraqi insurgents? We have no definitive answer, but we are curious that news of this most recent laser weapon being used against American forces coincides with angry Bush Administration protests over Israeli arms sales to China. If Israel sold this technology to China, I can easily believe it found its way to the hands of Iraqi insurgents; and, we can understand the depth of American anger, so evident in some recent news stories.

The Bush Administration is suddenly taking a lot of heat about the way the Iraq war is progressing.

NEWS BRIEF: "US losing in Iraq, says senator", The Australian, June 20, 2005

"REPUBLICAN Senator Chuck Hagel has slammed the Bush administration's Iraq policy as 'disconnected from reality' in some of the harshest war comments to date from a member of the US president's party. US News and World Report quoted Mr Hagel, a top Senate Republican said to have presidential aspirations, as saying US troops were 'losing' the Iraq war. He also said: 'Things aren't getting better, they're getting worse. The White House is completely disconnected from reality'."

As if this criticism from a Republican Senator was not bad enough, Senator Hagel then adds this statement:

"Mr Hagel said, increasingly, fellow Republicans were coming to share his view. 'More and more of my colleagues up here are concerned', he said."

As we stated earlier, the only way in which impeachment effort could possibly gain traction is if Republican defections reached significant levels. Are we beginning to see just such defections?

Then, the top American general in the region admitted the insurgency is not being meaningfully weakened.

NEWS BRIEF: "General: Insurgency not weakening", CNN News, June 23, 2005

"WASHINGTON (AP) -- The top American commander in the Persian Gulf told Congress on Thursday that the Iraqi insurgency has not grown weaker over the past six months, despite a claim by Vice President Dick Cheney that it was in its 'last throes'. Gen. John Abizaid's testimony came at a contentious Senate Armed Services Committee hearing at which Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld clashed with members of both parties, including a renewed call by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts for him to step down ... Abizaid told the panel: 'I believe there are more foreign fighters coming into Iraq than there were six months ago'. As to the overall strength of the insurgency, Abizaid said it was 'about the same' as six months ago ..."

During this contentious Congressional testimony, Senator Levin, the senior Democrat on the panel, offered his assessment -- and it was bleak.

" 'The fact is that the insurgency has not weakened', Levin said. 'Our men and women in uniform are serving with great honor. They deserve an objective assessment of the situation in Iraq. They deserve a clear layout of the next steps there. They're not getting either from the administration." (Ibid.)

Senator Lindsay Graham was also blunt:

" 'Public support in my state is turning', said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina. 'People are beginning to question. And I don't think it's a blip on the radar screen. We have a chronic problem on our hands'." (Ibid.)

We shall have to wait to see how this political situation develops. Is it possible that a situation similar to the late 1960's in the Vietnam War is developing in our Daily News?

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VIII. The situation in Iraq may be getting so serious that President may need to make a dramatic gesture to the American people to attempt to turn the tide back in his favor. Is that why President Bush announced an address to the people on Tuesday night?

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush to address Americans from Fort Bragg", Yahoo News, June 24, 2005

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush will deliver a major address to U.S. troops and the nation about Iraq on Tuesday night from the U.S. military base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the White House said. 'This is a critical moment in Iraq', White House spokesman Scott McClellan said on Friday in announcing the speech. 'This is a real time of testing'. McClellan said the speech would be delivered at 8 p.m., and that the White House has asked U.S. television networks to air the address live."

"Bush is expected to use the prime time speech to outline his strategy in Iraq amid increasing public doubts about the war. McClellan said Bush will be 'very specific about the way forward in Iraq'."

President Bush has been under increasing pressure to set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. Whatever else he has to say, he needs to outline a specific plan to turn the military situation around, so that a few months from now General Abizaid can come before Congress to announce that the Iraqi insurgency has been weakened and success is now in sight.

Anything less from President Bush will be deemed undesirable and will not bring him any political advantage.

IX. Just when you thought political pressure could not get any worse over the torture and sexual humiliation techniques devised at Guantanamo Bay Prison, they just got a whole lot worse.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.N. Asks to Check Conditions at Gitmo", Fox News, June 23, 2005

"GENEVA — U.N. human rights investigators, citing 'persistent and credible' reports of torture at the U.S. base in Guantanamo Bay, urged the United States on Thursday to allow them to check conditions there. The failure of the United States to respond to requests since early 2002 is leading the experts to conclude Washington has something to hide at the Cuban base, said Manfred Nowak, a specialist on torture and a professor of human rights law in Vienna, Austria."

Why is President Bush refusing to allow UN international inspectors access to Guantanamo Bay Prison, the guards and the inmates, when he fought over two years to force Saddam Hussein to allow UN international arms inspectors access to Iraqi arms facilities? It would seem that "what is good for the gander is good for the goose".

Does the President have something to hide? Seasoned Cutting Edge subscribers will consider the answer to this question to be absurdly simple, in light of the number of torture and sexual humiliation stories we have posted in Daily News Updates and the number of times we have discussed this issue in our newsletters, over the past four years. Of course, the President has something to hide! Of course, tortures and sexual humiliations designed specifically against Islamic men were devised at Guantanamo Bay and then "exported" to Iraqi prisons like Abu Ghraib, according to American general Janice Karpinski (NEWS1913 and Newsletter of May 15, 2004)

The issue of whether such barbarous practices were carried out in Guantanamo Bay takes on greater significance with the revelation that an American soldier is suing the Pentagon for $15 million for a beating he took at Guantanamo Bay Prison.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pentagon sued by U.S. soldier over Gitmo beating", InfoWars, June 23, 2005

"An American soldier who was seriously beaten when he posed as a foreign detainee during a training drill at Guantanamo is suing the Pentagon for $15 million. Special Sean Baker was medically retired from the military after he suffered a traumatic brain injury in January 2003. The 38-year-old military policeman (MP) was assaulted after he volunteered to wear an orange jumpsuit and portray an uncooperative detainee. Baker said his fellow MPs, who were told that he was an unruly detainee who had assaulted an American sergeant, severely beat him -- leaving him with seizures, blackouts, headaches, insomnia and psychological problems."

"In the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Lexington, Kentucky, Baker asked the Army to reinstate him in a position that would accommodate his medical condition. He said the Army put him on medical retirement against his wishes. Baker is also demanding $15 million in damages."

What was the Pentagon's initial reaction? They denied it, of course. But, then they were forced to admit that Baker was badly injured by fellow American soldiers.

"The Pentagon had initially denied that Baker's hospitalization following the training incident was due to the beating. But later, officials conceded that he was treated for injuries suffered when a five-man MP 'internal reaction force' choked him, slammed his head several times against a concrete floor and sprayed him with pepper gas."

Since the purpose of this drill was to simulate a situation in which a prisoner was being "uncooperative", you have to ask whether the treatment meted out to this American soldier is typical of the treatment delivered against actual Muslim prisoners. The answer to this question should take you far down the road to deciding whether President Bush has anything to hide.

LATE BREAKING NEWS -- This story just in provides fresh insight into how thoroughly we tortured these prisoners and how far up the chain of command this effort traveled. It takes high Pentagon authority to establish this kind of medical assistance teams who would aid the interrogators in their torture and humilation techniques. Listen carefully and read this entire article.

NEWS BRIEF: "Interrogators Cite Doctors' Aid at Guantánamo Prison Camp", New York Times, June 24, 2005

"WASHINGTON - Military doctors at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, have aided interrogators in conducting and refining coercive interrogations of detainees, including providing advice on how to increase stress levels and exploit fears, according to new, detailed accounts given by former interrogators. The former interrogators said the military doctors' role was to advise them and their fellow interrogators on ways of increasing psychological duress on detainees, sometimes by exploiting their fears, in the hopes of making them more cooperative and willing to provide information ... In addition, the authors of an article published by The New England Journal of Medicine this week said their interviews with doctors who helped devise and supervise the interrogation regimen at Guantánamo showed that the program was explicitly designed to increase fear and distress among detainees as a means to obtaining intelligence ... Several ethics experts outside the military said there were serious questions involving the conduct of the doctors, especially those in units known as Behavioral Science Consultation Teams, BSCT, colloquially referred to as "biscuit" teams, which advise interrogators.

"Their purpose was to help us break them," one former interrogator told The Times earlier this year.

The interrogator said in a more recent interview that a biscuit team doctor, having read the medical file of a detainee, suggested that the inmate's longing for his mother could be exploited to persuade him to cooperate. Dr. Stephen Xenakis, a psychiatrist and former Army brigadier general in the medical corps, said in an interview that "this behavior is not consistent with our medical responsibility or any of the codes that guide our conduct as doctors."

The Pentagon immediately declared that medical doctors did not violate ethical standards, but as this next segment shows, this denial is standard government disinformation.

"The guidelines include prohibitions against doctors' participating in abusive treatment, but they all make an exception for 'lawful' interrogations. As the military maintains that its interrogations are lawful and that prisoners at Guantánamo are not covered by the Geneva Conventions, those provisions would seem to allow the behavior described by interrogators and the medical journal. The article in the medical journal, by two researchers who interviewed doctors who worked on the biscuit program, says, 'Since late 2002, psychiatrists and psychologists have been part of a strategy that employs extreme stress, combined with behavior-shaping rewards, to extract actionable intelligence' ... The former interrogator said the biscuit team doctors usually observed interrogations from behind a one-way mirror, but sometimes were also in the room with the detainee and interrogator." (Ibid.)

Now you know that truth lay behind all those torture articles Cutting Edge has been posting on our site since November, 2001!

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* "ON HOT STANDBY" - In military jargon being "on hot standby" means to have equipment and personnel ready to move at a moment's notice. Sometimes tense situations make rapid deployment of combat units necessary and when this type of thing is anticipated, leaves are cancelled and all who are under orders must make the necessary preparations.

And due to the time element involved, many misunderstand that the Church of Jesus Christ has been on hot standby for 2000 years!

-- http://www.cuttingedge.org/articles/p247.htm

* "IS SOMEONE IN THE G.O.P. CAMP USING AN OLD PROPAGANDA TRICK IN ORDER TO FALSELY DISCREDIT CRITICS OF THE PRESIDENT?" - Three major news stories in the past eight months have broken into the public consciousness, created a great stir, only to develop "problems" with the source. Is someone in the G.O.P. camp using the old propaganda ploy to leak stories with real facts, but with a deliberately created problem with the source? We note the pattern and leave the question up to you. -- http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2048.cfm

* "IF IRAN IS TRULY THE NUCLEAR THREAT IN MIDDLE EAST, WHY ARE ISRAEL AND THE UNITED STATES IGNORING THE THIRD ATOMIC THREAT IN THE REGION?" - America's greatest oil ally in the world -- Saudi Arabia -- has possessed nuclear warheads since 2002, with the Chinese missiles to deliver them to Israel in minutes. Why is this threat ignored while propaganda drums are beating hard against Iran? Israel's passivity against this near threat speaks volumes about Israel's Scalar Weapons technology which affords complete protection against all planes and/or missiles. - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2047.cfm

* "CHINA SAID TO BE CLOSING MILITARY GAP WITH U.S.!" - Why should we be surprised at this revelation? After all, arming China to be equal to U.S. has been planned for 150 years! - http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2046.cfm

---------Conclusion----------------"Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice." (1 Samuel 15:22)

"Saul had been commanded to slay utterly all the Amalekites and their cattle. Instead of doing so, he preserved the king, and suffered his people to take the best of the oxen and of the sheep. When called to account for this, he declared that he did it with a view of offering sacrifice to God; but Samuel met him at once with the assurance that sacrifices were no excuse for an act of direct rebellion. The sentence before us is worthy to be printed in letters of gold, and to be hung up before the eyes of the present idolatrous generation, who are very fond of the fineries of will-worship, but utterly neglect the laws of God. Be it ever in your remembrance, that to keep strictly in the path of your Saviour's command is better than any outward form of religion; and to hearken to His precept with an attentive ear is better than to bring the fat of rams, or any other precious thing to lay upon His altar.

If you are failing to keep the least of Christ's commands to His disciples, I pray you be disobedient no longer. All the pretensions you make of attachment to your Master, and all the devout actions which you may perform, are no recompense for disobedience. "To obey," even in the slightest and smallest thing, "is better than sacrifice," however pompous. Talk not of Gregorian chants, sumptuous robes, incense, and banners; the first thing which God requires of His child is obedience; and though you should give your body to be burned, and all your goods to feed the poor, yet if you do not hearken to the Lord's precepts, all your formalities shall profit you nothing. It is a blessed thing to be teachable as a little child, but it is a much more blessed thing when one has been taught the lesson, to carry it out to the letter. How many adorn their temples and decorate their priests, but refuse to obey the word of the Lord! My soul, come not thou into their secret." [C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

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