Subtitle:  We have previously reported that the Illuminati planned, in 1952, to give Taiwan back to the Chinese.  Now, we see that China is waging a 'war of words' against Taiwan, plus placing her military on high alert.  Is a Chinese invasion of Taiwan an imminent probability?

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NEWS BRIEF:  "China May Use Force Against Taiwan", By Joe Mcdonald, Associated Press Writer
Monday, July 19, 1999; 3:52 a.m. EDT.

"BEIJING (AP) -- President Jiang Zemin has warned President Clinton that China would consider using force if Taiwan tries to split from the mainland, state media reported today. It was the highest-level threat so far in a Chinese war of words that began earlier this month when Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui said the two governments have 'state-to-state' relations. Beijing, which regards Taiwan as a renegade province, called that comment a step toward declaring formal independence, which it has pledged to prevent by force if necessary."

"'We are not committed to abandoning the use of force on the issue of Taiwan,'' the newspaper China Daily quoted Jiang as telling Clinton in a telephone call Sunday evening. 'There are certain forces on the island of Taiwan and in the international community which aim to separate Taiwan from the motherland. We will not stand by and let this happen.' ''

You must not be deceived into thinking that this current "war of words" between Communist China and the democratically elected government of Taiwan is occurring in a vacuum.  Indeed, this battle that is brewing is part of the Illuminist Plan to achieve the New World Order.  In NEWS1282, we reported that the Illuminati conceived of a plan in 1952 that gives Communist China control over Taiwan.  If you have not yet read of this Plan, you need to stop right here and read this article, by clicking on the number of the news article.

China affirmed that they were not willing to abandon the use of force against Taiwan in order to force her back into tight Chinese control.  Let us see now how much further down the path to war we really are in this situation.

" 'Splitting China's territory and sovereignty cannot be allowed under any circumstances,'' China Daily quoted Jiang as saying to Clinton. 'We have warned the Taiwan authorities to stop on the brink of any kind of separation attempts and avoid damage to the cross-straits relationships.'  The dispute has caused turmoil in Taiwan, where the main index of the island's stock exchange has fallen 13 percent since Tuesday amid fears of a Chinese attack." [Ibid.]

Note that this story was headlined yesterday, July 19, 1999.  A story today demonstrates that China is increasing the pressure against both Taiwan and the United States.  As you read this story, remember that President Clinton has demonstrated his tight allegiance to the Communist Chinese government through his acceptance of their campaign contributions, through his deliberate relaxation of export controls that allowed American companies to "sell" highly sophisticated missile guidance technology to the Chinese, and through his apparently deliberate refusal to shut the door tight against Chinese theft of American warhead technology.  In other words, Clinton has demonstrated his loyalty to the Chinese Communists over the past 7 years, enabling them to build a war machine that can annihilate Taiwan.  I would not want to be in the shoes of the Taiwanese Government, nor their citizenry.  They are facing off against a super-power foe, armed with high technology, without the traditional support of the American President.  I cannot imagine a scenario more grim for Taiwan.

NEWS BRIEF:  "FOCUS-China military said on alert over Taiwan row: Jiang Zemin Fans Himself in Beijing", Reuters Limited, By Benjamin Kang Lim,  July 20, 1999.

"BEIJING, July 20 (Reuters) - China has put its military on high alert amid a row with Taiwan over the estranged island's political future, a Beijing-backed Hong Kong newspaper said on Tuesday ... Chinese President Jiang Zemin told U.S. counterpart Bill Clinton on Sunday that Beijing had not ruled out the use of force against Taiwan in the latest crisis, sparked by Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui junking of the longstanding 'One China' policy."

"Wen Wei Po, Beijing's newspaper in the former British colony of Hong Kong, said the PLA had been put on high alert but did not say when. It reported troop movements in China's southeast provinces facing Taiwan involving field units of the Nanjing, Jinan and Guangzhou military regions. It quoted General Su Jing, deputy chief of staff of the Nanjing Military Region, as saying Lee was playing with fire and would burn himself. The newspaper carried a front-page a photograph of soldiers carrying heavy equipment marching next to a column of armoured personnel carriers. It did not say when the picture was taken. Last week, Wen Wei Po said China held a 12-hour 'wartime mobilisation drill' involving more than 100 civilian vessels off Fujian province facing Taiwan."

In May, I emailed Colonel Hackworth [www.hackworth.com] in response to his interview with Rush Limbaugh in the Limbaugh Letter of May, 1999.  In this interview, Limbaugh asked Col. Hackworth a very specific question:  "All this makes us extremely vulnerable. What would happen if the Chinese decided to make a move on Taiwan right now?"  Hackworth's reply was succinct:  "I think that if the Chinese decided to re-take their province, it wouldn't be a very difficult exercise.  I think it would be a walk in the sun."

But, then Hackworth made a startling statement next.  He tied the Chinese attack on Taiwan with a North Korean attack on the South.  He said: "And if the North Koreans wanted to attack South Korea, we would have a hard time backing up the two brigades of U.S. infantry we have there.  We're in that kind of situation all around the world."  The New World Order Plan has in mind the deliberate staging of three wars preparing the world for Antichrist.  In addition to these two conflicts, the Plan foresees the explosion of all-out war in the Middle East, between Israel and her Arab neighbors. 

We are not certain of the precise sequence of these three wars.  However, we have taken the calculated risk of stating that we believe the Middle East will be planned to blow up first, followed by Korea, and followed by the Chinese attack on Taiwan.  We just were startled that Col. Hackworth mentioned the Korean war in the same context as the Chinese attack on Taiwan.

In my email, I asked Col. Hackworth to comment on the sure tell-tale signs of a Chinese attack on Taiwan.  He replied very succinctly that such an attack would be preceded by an ever-increasing war of words, backed up by military mobilisation.  We now have this scenario breaking out in our Headline News.  Chinese rhetoric is heating up, and we have unconfirmed reports of mobilisation. If this scenario continues, we might expect to see an invasion soon.  And, if we have an invasion pending in Taiwan, we can be sure that the other planned wars will be exploding very soon.


 China has been beating the drums of war with Taiwan since at least 1996.  Let us reiterate these events.

NEWS BRIEF:  "DRIFTING TOWARD A TAIWAN CRISIS", By Edwin Feulner, President, The Heritage Foundation, March 8, 1996.

"In a blatant show of intimidation, the People's Republic of China (PRC) is now firing missiles at targets just miles from Taiwan's largest cities. The missiles are intended to undermine the Republic of China on Taiwan's democratic government -- which will hold its first-ever presidential election on March 23."

"And why shouldn't the PRC feel perfectly free to bully one of America's best friends in Asia and its 7th-largest trading partner? After all, the Clinton administration has done little to give China pause as to the consequences of such acts. In fact, instead of clearly spelling out what America's response would be if the communist Chinese attack Taiwan -- thus discouraging such aggressive acts -- the blundering Clinton foreign policy team has lent encouragement to the Chinese. For example, an unnamed State Department official told U.S. News & World Report last October that U.S. military action was unlikely. 'We would not be in a position to react with force,' the official was quoted as saying. 'We would not elect to do that, I'm sure,' he added."

Edwin Feulner, President of the Heritage Foundation, thought this incredible statement from the Clinton State Department was nothing more than a tacit statement of permission for China to attack Taiwan.  Indeed, it is.  President Clinton has already flashed the signal to Communist China that we would not react with force should the Chinese invade Taiwan.  

The Naval War College Current Strategy Forum, which I attended in June, 1999, was open to the media; several speakers stated that, with only 12 carrier battle groups, the U.S. Navy could not protect Taiwan if such an attack occurred during other simultaneous conflicts to which the Navy was already committed. 

The scene is now set.  All we need is for the timing to be correct according to occult thinking and doctrine.  In NEWS1260, "Illuminati Timetable To Produce Antichrist", we demonstrate to you the occult thinking and doctrine according to which the Illuminati is going to attempt to produce Antichrist.  Unless God powerfully intervenes, Antichrist will arise according to this timetable.  After all, the leaders of the key nations of the world are all cooperating with this plan, and they control the armed forces of the world, complete with their Weapons of Mass Destruction [WMD].

 We have already told you that the Illuminati planned, in 1952, to give Taiwan back to the Communist Chinese Mainland. We have also reported other parts of that 1952 plan, along with the current world events that demonstrate this plan is being followed.  We have listed, below, all our articles relating to that nefarious plan of 1952.

1.  NEWS1270: "In 1952, America Given The Balkans, Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria,  Greece to patrol"

2.  NEWS1273: "NATO Continues To Inch Its Way Toward 1952 Goal"

3.  NEWS1282: "In 1952, Illuminati Planned To Give Taiwan Back To Mainland Communist China"

4.  NEWS1287: "Illuminati Achieves Its 1952 Goal of Putting American Troops in Yugoslavia"

5.  NEWS1289: "American Troops Acting As Police In Serbia, Exactly as 1952 Plan Calls For"

6.  NEWS1291: "In 1952, Illuminati Planned To Give Chinese Control of Panama Canal"

Once you read these articles, you will be amazed at the steady, gradual movement toward this 1952 Illuminati Plan.  The Panama Canal giveaway is of paramount importance because it proves the existence of a Conspiracy.    President Jefferson gave us a definition of recognizing a conspiracy that we all should carefully take to heart.  Jefferson defined conspiracy thusly: 

"Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministry, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery." [The Works of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. 1, p. 130, as quoted by Ralph Epperson, The Unseen Hand, p. 131.]

This plan to give away the Panama Canal so that the 1952 Illuminist Plan could be fulfilled can be traced back to its beginning in President Carter.  But, President Reagan could have easily led a revolt against this Canal treaty.  With his extreme popularity, Reagan could have easily persuaded Congress to rescind Carter's giveaway.  Then, President Bush, supposedly Conservative and Patriotic, could have led an attempt to rescind the return of the Canal.  Finally, President Clinton has supported giving the Panama Canal back to its "people" so that the Illuminati Plan of 1952 could be fulfilled.

Thus, you can see that four (4) U.S. Presidents have supported this plan to give the Panama Canal back to its local government, so that it could, in turn, allow the Chinese to come pouring in.  Thus, Jefferson's clear definition of a conspiracy is definitely fulfilled in the Panama Canal.

President Clinton has mastered the art of so focussing people's attention on the "single acts" of the "day" that they cannot look beyond the single day to see the pattern so important to President Jefferson's definition of conspiracy.  This pattern can be followed, on some issues, for over 100 years -- the campaign to establish a national bank the most long-lived, lasting from the early 1800's-1913, when the Federal Reserve was finally established.  Follow the pattern and you will spot the conspiracy, just as Jefferson said.

As you look at the news unfolding daily in front of you, watch for these three planned crises:

1.  Middle East -- World War III is planned to explode between Israel and her Arab neighbors.

2.  Korean Peninsula -- The Illuminist Plan calls for a nuclear war "on the Korean Peninsula" [Peter Lemesurier, The Armageddon Script , p. 223].  I find Lemesurier's precise wording interesting, as he does not specifically identify the combatants as North and South Koreans, thus leaving open the possibility that China and the United States might face off.  However, Lemesurier does state that this war will "threaten man's very survival".

3.  China invading Taiwan.  Barely noticeable over the media noise of the unfortunate demise of John Kennedy, Jr., was news of China's continual threats to Taiwan.

Soon, we shall see the explosion of all these planned crises, and will know Antichrist is coming.

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