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February 1-16, 2008

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Gun Shooting - Shooter Kills Himself

Gunman kills five, wounds 16 in rapid-fire campus attack

Map of the Area Around Northern Illinois University

Students who survived massacre

Illinois campus shooting prompts review of security plans

A Timeline of the Shooting at NIU



Presidential Politics

Republican Race

Romney endorses McCain

Most. Awkward. Endorsement. Ever

Romney Releases His Delegates: Handing over almost enough delegates to guarantee McCain the Republican presidential nomination

Romney endorses McCain — and why it matters: Now, McCain will have 1113 delegates! McCain clinches nomination with 1, 191 delegates

Mitt’s olive branch might come too late: Romney could find himself on 'short list' of V.P. - Or might be positioned for nomination in 2012

Huckabee says he won't quit race despite Romney's endorsement of McCain

Democrat Race

Clinton Wins New Mexico Caucus By A Hair -- Delegates Won

Clinton Wins Predicted: Has double-digit leads over Barack Obama in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Clinton counts on superdelegates

My Brother the Superdelegate (and Why I Don't Trust Him to Pick the Next President)

Hillary — By Any Means Necessary -- Hillary Clinton wants to win, no matter how

Clinton renews calls for Fla., Mich. delegates to count toward nomination

NAACP Head Wants Barred Delegates Seated

Clinton, Obama Offer Similar Economic Visions


Bush's Dark Legacy Will be a Barrier to Change for the Next Administration

U.S. Navy cruiser to fire missile at satellite carrying toxic fuel: Unprecedented shoot-down of an out-of-control, school bus-size spy satellite loaded with a toxic fuel as it begins its plunge to Earth

Bush, Congress in Spy Bill Standoff: House refuses to follow Senate lead


Israeli - Palestinian War

'Assassination ruined hopes of peace': Syrian Foreign Minister

'Assassination a severe blow to Hizbullah': Arab political analysts

Mughniyeh Was in Midst of Planning Mass Terror Attack: Kuwaiti newspaper

Good work in Damascus: Mugniyah killing required extensive intelligence information, insider help

Syria vows to strike back at Israel for Imad Mughniyeh’s killing in Damascus and "repeated encroachments"

Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah Warns: If Israel wants open war, so be it

Security at US synagogues stepped up: In wake of Hizbullah commander's assassination

Syria: We'll sue US for arming Israel

More Benefits of Killing of Arch-Terrorist - Jewish Viewpoint

Who will replace a uniquely effective murderer? Jewish Viewpoint

Egypt Warns Hamas: 'We Will Shoot if Border is Breached'


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

The Door To Iraq's Oil Opens

Is the US really bringing stability to Baghdad? The truth is a very different story

Thousands of new prisoners overwhelm Iraqi system

Iranian president to visit Iraq on March 2

Iraq meets key benchmark by scheduling an election

6 Iraqi allies die in mistaken attack on U.S. troops: Police say volunteers thought soldiers were insurgents - 2 women in houses also killed

Iraqis Cost Jordanian Treasury $2.26bn

War Without End: Editorial

East Timor faces new rebel threat

Another Korean 'war' casualty: On the critical issue of transfer of forces to Korean command in wartime

Pyongyang waiting to pounce

HIV vaccine 'may never be found'

Economic News

Paulson, Bernanke: U.S. economy will not fall into recession

Bush signs economic stimulus plan to fend off recession

U.S. CEOs See Conditions Worsening, No Recession Yet


February 14, 2008


Mitt Romney Will Endorse John McCain

McCain's campaign adjusted its campaign schedule to fly to Boston to accept the endorsement

McCain resignation talk swirls: Rumors are saying McCain would resign Senate seat in order to focus on Presidential campaign


Presidential Politics

Democrat Contest News

Obama, Clinton Seek to Gain Edge on Economic Issues

Clinton has to ace tough math test to beat Obama

On the Presidential Campaign Trail: Clinton puts losses behind, looking to contests in Texas and Ohio on March 4

Clinton Optimistic About March 4 Tests

Voters trend young, black

Clinton Scrambles to Try to Reverse Obama's Momentum

Obama's Extraordinary Wave Fails to Sink Extraordinary Foe: But Sen. Clinton is no average candidate, and party rules give the New York senator enough convention delegates to weather February's squalls until contests in March

Clinton, Obama start gearing up Ohio campaigns: Endorsements are announced, commercials aired

Clinton Makes a Play for Wisconsin

Clinton, The Woman: Editorial

Two clean sweeps but no clear winners: The contest looks likely to continue until the Democratic convention in Denver in August


Republican Contest News

The GOP Favorite, McCain Lags Online

In Virginia, Huckabee Again Shows Strength on Right

McCain's Challenge

McCain and Obama Turn Fire on Each Other


Israeli - Palestinian War

Targeted Assassination Against Hezbullah

Dead in Damascus: Mughniyeh died in a car bombing, probably orchestrated by Mossad - Victory for Israel in terror battle

Israel braces for reprisal after Moughniyah hit: Was top Hezbullah commander

Hezbollah to hold mass funeral for slain commander

Notorious terrorist killed: Hezbollah fighter planned 1983 Beirut attack, ’85 Flight 847 hijacking

Iranian head of parliament: Islamic nation will defend itself against assassinations like Mughniyeh

US hails Hezbollah leader's death

Israeli embassies instructed to raise alert level in wake of Mugniyah killing

'Terrorist's assassination not justice': Jewish Editorial

'Assassination a severe blow to Hizbullah': Editorial

Death of Hezbollah Kingpin: A war awaits

Other War News

4 terrorist rockets hit w. Negev, none hurt

'France will always be at Israel's side': French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Despite Dimona suicide bombing, there is no precedence for Hebron security fence

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's Son Warns: Jews in Danger if Shas Party Won't Quit Olmert's Government Now

Palestinian Authority Charges: Israel Killed 2 Hamas Terrorists in Egypt

Bush Signs Waiver Allowing PLO to Remain in Washington

Jerusalem: Monopoly as Number #1 City of the World

Asian arms race gathers speed


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Kurdistan: A state in the making?

A new force flexes muscles in Iraq

Abducted Iraqi interpreter 'free': Interpreter working for the American network CBS

Representative of Muqtada al-Sadr says deal reached to free kidnapped journalists in Basra

Iraqi lawmakers pass laws setting date for provincial elections and allotting 2008 budget

Surge can claim successes, but hurdles remain in Iraq

Attorney General Michael Mukasey Visits Iraq, Talks To Officials: Reviewing Work On Iraqi Judicial System During Mideast Trip


U.S. Senate votes to ban waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods

Defence chief Gates fractures shoulder in fall: Slipped on the icy pathway leading to his Washington residence

Musharraf Assures: Pakistan elections will be fair and on time

Philippine president targeted by al-Qaida-linked militants



February 13, 2008


Presidential Politics

Hillary Clinton swamped as Obama wins big in D.C., Maryland and Va. primaries

Clinton looks to Ohio, Texas

Defeats push Clinton onto back foot

US election at-a-glance: 12 Feb - Astronaut John Glenn endorses Hillary

Obama Takes Delegate Lead From Clinton: Obama had 1,223, Hillary had 1,198

Debate intensifies over role of super delegates in Clinton-Obama race: Elite party insiders will likely determine the Democratic presidential candidate

"Why I support Hillary Clinton": Editorial In Jerusalem Post

Clinton's Deputy Campaign Manager Steps Aside

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell: Some Whites 'Not Ready' To Support Obama - Governor is one of Hillary's most visible supporters

McCain wins 'Potomac primary': Huckabee still GOP Choice For Many Conservatives

Is John McCain Ineligible to be a US President?


Will Iraq War Define American Elections? Arab Viewpoint

Dead hand of Bush is shaping this election: Editorial


Israeli - Palestinian War

Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah commander on U.S. 'most wanted' list, is killed: Hezbollah blamed Israel for his death

Major coup in war on terror: Notorious Hizballah terrorist hostage-taker Imad Mughniyeh killed in Damascus: Israeli viewpoint

Israeli Officials: Hezbollah smuggling rockets into south Lebanon under U.N.'s nose

New Hamas tactics greet Israeli force in Gaza early Tuesday

Israeli generals impatient with government foot-dragging on Gaza operation

Don’t march into Gaza: Invasion will result in high casualty toll; we must find way to ease Gaza despair -- Editorial

Hamas Must Stand Down: Arab Viewpoint

PM Olmert: PA Agrees to Leave Jerusalem Talks Last

'Jerusalem talks on and under table': There will be no Israeli control over East Jerusalem

IDF soldier stabbed at Jenin checkpoint

Tourist says Sderot visit 'an eye opener': Shocked by scenes of devastation caused by terror rocket attacks

Sderot: 2 Kassams Tuesday, Protests, Media, Wounded Brothers

Dissolve the Palestinian Authority: Arab Viewpoint

Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit Plans Construction of New Arab City in Israel

Israel may sell Turkey an Ofek spy satellite in a $300m deal

U.S. ties missile mix-up to reduced nuclear focus: "Eroding Discipline" in handling nuclear weapons!

Bush ready to ink economic aid package with rebates for individuals, tax relief for business:
If government rebate checks ranging from $300 to $1,200 for just about every household don't spur a consumer spending spree strong enough to cure what ails the economy, Congress is ready to throw more money at the problem

Bush acknowledges economic uncertainty, asks Congress to do more

Federal Reserve auctions another $30 bn to combat severe credit crisis: Marked the fifth in a series of auctions that so far have pumped $130 billion (euro89.42 billion) in money into the US banking system

GM sweetens buyout deals: Workers can roll payouts into tax-deferred funds

Venezuela halts oil supplies to Exxon Mobil: Fight over Exxon's demand for compensation after Chavez seized a crude project last year

US brushes off Chavez threat to cut oil deliveries: " 'This is something that he has said before', US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack told reporters, adding that the oil-rich South American nation relies on US refineries to export its crude production"

Veterans not entitled to mental health care, U.S. lawyers argue

Malaysian PM dissolves parliament

Warrants will be issued for 18 rebel suspects in E Timor attacks

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq's broken pieces don't fit together

The war has not gone away

Iraq's returnees crave a future free of bloodshed

More Iraqis heading to Syria than returning home: UN reveals

Official List of coalition deaths

Freeze in Iraq troop levels is likely with Gates' support

Imagine 50 Million American Refugees

Iraq's Tidal Wave of Misery: Destruction of human capital deprives Iraq of its most precious resource for repairing the damage of war and occupation

Iraqi parliament row sparks calls for dissolution: Scores of Iraqi lawmakers stormed out of parliament Tuesday

Iraqi forces scour Basra for two kidnapped journalists: Briton working for CBS TV network, interpreter missing

Defense analyst and ex-engineer at Boeing both accused of spying for China

Russian bombers intercepted near US Navy vessel

Iran's rockets can heighten tensions

NYC City Mayor Bloomberg Compares Threat of Global Warming to Terrorism

Senate OKs New Rules on Eavesdropping: Giving the White House much of the latitude it wanted and granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies that helped in the snooping after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks

Senate Passes Bill to Expand Internal American Government Spying Powers

Foreign Travelers to Europe May Face Fingerprinting

Russia, China propose new treaty to ban arms in space


February 12, 2008



Presidential Politics

Democrat Politics

Obama Poised to Sweep Into Lead Over Clinton in Primaries Today

Clinton asks allies' help: N.Y. senator hopes to avert Obama sweep in Md., D.C., Va.

Clinton says she's the stronger Democrat: The New York senator is looking past Virginia toward future primaries -- Campaign aides

Clinton Looks Ahead To March Contests In Ohio, Texas

Clinton Touts Battle Scars

Clinton refuses to release tax data, takes shot at Obama

Democrats' conflict of conscience

In Virginia, Democrats Find Hope Amid Challenges

Clinton must contend with task of proving electability: Obama tackled same challenge 2 months ago

No new Bill Clinton scandals : Hillary assures

Republican Politics

Ron Paul scales back hopeless effort, refuses to back McCain

President Bush Endorses McCain

McCain chips away at conservative base: With Mitt Romney out of the Republican nomination race, John McCain goes all out to stress his conservative credentials and win support from his party's right flank

McCain Rejects Primary Public Funds

McCain likes the math; Huckabee could use miracle

Huckabee Campaign Challenges Results of Washington Caucuses

Huckabee Dances Around Veep Talk

Evangelical Leader Gary Bauer Endorses McCain

Ron Paul declares he won't back McCain

Pentagon To Seek Death For Six Gitmo Detainees In 9/11 Attacks

Trial could put focus on interrogation: Administration practice may be key in 9/11 cases

Non-Integrating States News - East Timor

East Timorese government has declared a state of emergency after Monday’s assassination attempts on the country’s president and prime minister

Australian troops land to boost East Timor security

Uneasy calm on East Timor streets

Australian PM pledges solidarity with Timor-Leste

President Bush condemns East Timor attacks

U.N. condemns attack on Timor president

Russian bomber buzzes U.S. aircraft carrier

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraq's broken pieces don't fit together

Army Buried Study Faulting Iraq Planning

22 killed as twin car bombs target Sunnis in Baghdad: Latest attack against US allies who have turned against al-Qaida

CBS staff kidnapped in Iraq

Bush to meet UN chief this week: For talks on world issues, including Iraq and Afghanistan

Berkeley Backs Off On Banning Marines

Defense Secretary Gates: Put Iraq troop reduction on hold

Iraq: 'Intensive’ search for kidnapped scribes

US, Iran officials to meet soon on Iraqi security

Disabled come under investigation in Iraq: After last Friday's bloody explosions carried out by two mentally disabled women

British Foreign Secretary Miliband: UK has moral duty to interveneMistakes in Iraq 'must not derail efforts to spread democracy'


Israeli - Palestinian War

German Chancellor Merkel: Israel has a right to defend itself against Kassams

Hamas: Don't dare target our leaders

Israeli Defense Minister Barak: Stop naming Hamas targets

IDF Ready for Large Operation in Gaza, Waiting for the Order

'We are building all over Jerusalem': Bids will go out soon to build 1,100 apartments in east Jerusalem

Palestinian president Abbas leaves Abu Dhabi for Bahrain

His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan urges Palestinian reconciliation

Defense Minister Barak visits Turkey to discuss arms sales and Syria

Israeli Gov't Mourns the Death of US Congressman Tom Lantos

Palestinian Authority TV Bunny Rabbit Threatens to 'Eat the Jews'

Archbishop of Canterbury faces church Synod over Shari'a comments

Pakistan searches for missing envoy, nuke officials

Climate change could kill thousands in UK by 2012, says report


February 11, 2008



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Suicide car bomb kills 33 in north Iraq town of Balad - Hours before US Defense Secretary Robert Gates arrived in Baghdad

Suicide car bomb injures 4 near Kirkuk

Defense Secretary Gates discusses Iraq troop levels with commanders

Gates Endorses Pause For Troop Withdrawal

PM Maliki rises from the ashes

Al Qaida captain killed in Iraq raid

U.S. soldier found guilty of killing Iraqi citizen

Iranian President Ahmadinejad may visit Baghdad by late March

Iraq - War by the rules - Wars are inherently exercises in unleashing and restraining chaos

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Lebanon: Junblatt war talk raises tension: "You want war? (We) welcome war"

Sudan: Government arrests two over US aid official's killing

Pakistan: Senior Taliban Figure Killed

Pakistan: Al-Qaeda sets sight on the next battlefield

Pakistan: Ceasefire Is Only A lull before the storm

East Timor: President wounded in attack on his home


Presidential Politics

Democrat News

Clinton, Obama: Why Not Both?

Obama's words electrify Democrat

Obama defeats Clinton in Maine caucuses

Clinton replaces campaign manager: After losing all of the weekend's caucuses and primaries

Clinton still in the lead with party insiders: Super-delegates

Michelle Obama Solidifies Her Role in the Election

Donations refill coffers for Clinton's campaign: Supporters give $8 million online since last Tuesday

Clinton backers rally in Houston for March 4: Tone for Texas touts wide range of supporters

Texas is a cash cow for candidates: In just a year, residents doled out $30.7 million to hopefuls in out-of-state races

Obama rides momentum before "Potomac Primaries"

Barack Obama beats Bill Clinton to audio-book Grammy

Republican News

What Huckabee’s Kansas Win Means for McCain

McCain the primary choice

McCain challenges Clinton, Obama on Iraq war

What Dems Need to Know About John McCain

Bush says he would back McCain as GOP nominee: Says McCain is 'true conservative'

McCain - Can this pragmatist win battle for soul of Republican Party?

McCain found a tool with which to woo conservative Republicans: Israel

Is McCain a conservative? "It depends on what the definition of 'conservatism' is"


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh goes into hiding for fear Israel might try to kill him

IAF Chief: Qassam rocket fire necessitates wide scale Gaza operation

Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit: We should level Gaza neighborhoods

Defense Minister Barak: IDF is prepared for a large-scale operation in Gaza

Sderot residents set to protest rocket attacks in Tel Aviv

Treat Sderot like Tel Aviv: The bitter truth is that southern residents worth less than Tel Avivians

Foreign Minister Livni: Israel Won't Agree to a Palestinian State That Includes Gaza

Israel's Attorney-General: Let same-sex couples adopt

Knesset Committee to Discuss Homosexual Adoption Ruling

Europe in the house of war - Outrage has erupted over a February 7 speech by Archbishop Rowan Williams, predicting the inevitable acceptance of Muslim sharia law in Great Britain

China threat. What threat? Since the end of the Cold War, China has become the candidate of choice among "illusionist" hawks looking to justify Pentagon spending




Saturday-Sunday, February 9-10, 2008


Breaking News

Will long Clinton-Obama race benefit GOP or Democrats?

Obama sweeps 4 races in big night: Narrowed the delegate gap with Sen. Hillary Clinton Saturday

Obama will be assassinated if he wins: Nobel winner Lessing predicts

Huckabee's gains show McCain has work ahead

In Stimulus Plan, Democrats See Gain

Missouri shooting victims remembered

British police fail to quell Bhutto assassination doubts

Pakistan Opposition Party Holds First Rally Since Bhutto Killing

Suicide Bombing in Pakistan Leaves At Least 25 Dead

Palestinian group calls on Egyptian minister to apologize to Gazans

Egypt braces for border showdown with Hamas, Israel sustains 30-missile pounding from Gaza

Hamas says military escalation not to bring security for "Zionists"

PM Olmert scorns clamor for large-scale army assault on Gaza to quell Palestinian missile aggression

Hamas downplays talk of large-scale IDF operation in Gaza


February 9, 2008


Presidential Politics

Clinton, Obama: Why Not Both?

Clinton team braced for Obama to take the lead: But is banking on her regaining the lead in the mega-states of Texas and Ohio on March 4 and Pennsylvania on April 22

Democratic Hopefuls Gird For Coast-to-Coast Races

Today's faceoff: 4 states, 1 territory

Obama says stronger than McCain on climate change

Catholic Vote Is Harbinger of Success for Clinton

"Pimping" Chelsea Wise-Crack Gets NBC's Shuster Suspended: Could imperil Hillary Rodham Clinton's participation in future presidential debates on the network

In Vote, Obama Fell Short of Fervor

Ohio's Democratic super delegates in key role: Few commit

Obama or Clinton: Will Party Elite or Voters Decide? Democratic Rivals Woo Super Delegates in Historic Nomination Battle

On the G.O.P. Side, a Clearer Picture

Bush Urges Republicans to Unite in Race

McCain challenges Democratic rivals on Iraq war

Long Live Huckabee! If Mike Huckabee didn’t exist, John McCain would have had to invent him

Bush pushes party unity in speech to conservatives


Three dead in Louisiana campus shooting: Female nursing student shot two women to death and killed herself in front of horrified classmates at a college in the southern U.S. state of Louisiana on Friday

Kirkwood Missouri Town Struggles After City Hall Shooting: Left five people dead and the mayor fighting for his life

State High Court Rules: Nebraska Electric Chair Not Legal - "Condemned prisoners must not be tortured to death, regardless of their crimes''

Moderate 5.4 Quake Rattles Baja California: Shutting down factories near the U.S. border and leaving about 400,000 people without power

Global Economy Foretold In Daniel Now Exists!

In rare agreement, Congress OKs rebate checks: Package will give most US households $300 to $1,200 apiece, plus an extra $300 per child

Treasury Chief: Tax rebate checks to go out in May

Analysis: Politics Boosted Stimulus Plan

Turning Chrysler Into Toyota: By cutting models and dealerships, Chrysler aims to be a leaner, more productive, and more profitable business

A Credit Card You Want to Toss: Bank of America abruptly notified cardholders in good standing their rates would skyrocket if they didn't opt out fast

AP Poll: Leaving Iraq will help economy

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: Bhutto’s Party Disputes Scotland Yard Report on Her Death

Pakistan: Government angrily rejects US bin Laden claim that Osama bin Laden is operating from Pakistani territory

Somalia: Insurgents attack UN compound in Mogadishu

Sri Lanka: Government troops ring rebel town

Venezuela: Denies oil assets frozen

Archbishop of Canterbury has defended his comments on Sharia law: Following widespread criticism - Dr Williams had called for parts of Sharia law to be recognised in the UK

Reaction in quotes: Sharia law battle

Anglican Church divided over 'inevitable' Sharia law comment

Christians Wrong About Heaven, Says Anglican Bishop


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

War Demands Strain US Military Readiness

Murder or Exhaustion in Iraq? Demonstrating in stark and dramatic terms just how far some American soldiers are being pushed on the battlefield

Iraqi police nab 31 Shi'ite activists south of Baghdad

Five US soldiers killed in Iraq in separate attacks: Frequency of attacks on US troops in Baghdad has picked up noticeably in the past weeks

Worse than hell!

Report says U.S. should not provoke Iraq militia: Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army is "unassailable" in its Iraqi strongholds

What 'Mrs Smith' didn't see in Iraq: Angelina Jolie

Iraq officials find time for Jolie one-on-ones: Even gaining an audience with General David Petraeus, the top US commander in Iraq

Christian Churches in Iraq becoming targets for attacks

Sunni Arab bloc to rejoin Iraqi government

US troops capture Shiite militia leader in Iraq

Lingering anger in Europe over the U.S. invasion of Iraq explains why some allies are reluctant to heed U.S. calls for more combat troops in Afghanistan: Defense Secretary Gates

Iraqis mock US soldiers and themselves on You Tube: Using 'dark humor' to survive

Nokia turns people into traffic sensors: Large-scale experiment to test how cell phones can monitor and predict traffic - An obvious concern is privacy

Russian bomber cuts into Japanese airspace’

US military charges two more Guantanamo captives with War Crimes

Secret Evidence Bogs Down Gitmo Hearings: Challenges Over Secret Evidence Complicate Pentagon's Effort to Hold Trials at Guantanamo Bay


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Pilots to be given anti-impotence drug Viagra: help them to perform better at greater heights

Peace accord unlikely this year, says Palestinian PM

Rocket fire resumed Saturday morning: IDF targets firing cell

Egypt boosts troops on border

Egypt braces for border showdown with Hamas, Israel sustains 30-missile pounding from Gaza

Southern police chief: Build Hebron fence now

Knesset panel weighs probing Winograd Report: Wants to continue the work of the Winograd Committee on the Second Lebanon War

Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah thanked retired judge Eliyahu Winograd for his honesty: Says report proves Israel lost the 2006 Lebanon War

Iran testing new nuke centrifuges

India shoots out of Iran's orbit - Diplomatic fight triggered when India launched new Israeli-made spy satellite

February 8, 2008


Presidential Politics

Republican Party

McCain all but locks up GOP nod as Romney bows out

Upon leaving, options, obstacles: In withdrawing from the Republican presidential race, Mitt Romney did not so much concede defeat as claim victory for second place

Highlights of Mitt Romney's withdrawal speech

Misjudgments costly to Romney candidacy: Genuineness was questioned by GOP base

Editorial: A tough task for McCain: Woo right, preserve center

Democrat Party

Clinton holds onto slim delegate lead over Obama

Brokered Democrat convention looking more likely: Backroom deals and brawls over rules could trump primary voters in picking the nominee

Donations to Obama, Clinton pour in: Obama's take after Super Tuesday is $7.2 million; Clinton's is $6.4 million

Obama brings campaign to fervent N.O. crowd

Louisiana political leaders hedge bets on candidates: Primaries in state are set for Saturday

Clinton vs Obama

Congress Sends Economic Aid Plan to Bush: Emergency plan that rushes rebates of $600 to $1,200 to most taxpayers and $300 checks to disabled veterans, the elderly and other low-income people - provides tax incentives to businesses if they make new investments

Loans still flowing to many in Massachusetts: Home mortages, business loans for investments, all easily approved



Moral Collapse

L.A. standoff ends with five dead including SWAT officer, gunman: Shootout with a mentally disturbed gunman who had murdered three of his relatives

6 killed at city meeting in Missouri: Gunman incensed over parking citations

Pakistan: Bhutto killed by blast, not shots: Scotland Yard probe backs the official report of the Pakistani government


Israeli - Palestinian War

17 Kassam rockets strike Negev as barrage continues

Palestinian Popular Resistance Committee Warns: Israelis in Sderot should run for the sake of their children's safety

Sderot Teacher's Song Empowers Children in Face of Rockets

Israel may target top Hamas heads for assassination

ANALYSIS: Major IDF operation in Gaza back on the agenda

Israel reduces Gaza electrical power supply: Part of a plan to sever economic ties with the territory

Gaza: Israel’s Energy Cuts Violate Laws of War

US: Israel should not 'worsen' Gaza humanitarian crisis - Urges Israeli government to "show restraint"

Palestinian Authority PM Fayad: No peace agreement by end of '08

'Build Hebron section of fence now'

Long-range missiles smuggled into Gaza: Palestinian operatives say breached Gaza border enables smuggling of RPG, anti-tank, Katyusha rockets into Strip

Hizbullah Weapons and Tactics in Gaza: Terrorists in Gaza have been emulating the tactics of the Lebanese Hizbullah

Egypt fears Gazans bought land in Sinai

Palestinian Authority Claims: We foiled 2 terrorist attacks on Israel


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Attacks up sharply on Iraqis aiding U.S.: Al-Sadr's followers told to heed truce or be cast from militia

Angelina Jolie makes surprise Iraq visit: To bring attention to the refugee crisis in the war-torn country

US army suicides near record

More than 1 million people killed in Iraqi conflict

Iraq widows fight their own war

Seized Iraqi video depicts terrorist training of kids

Iran: Call to name and shame - Two Iranian sisters, Zohreh and Azar Kabiri, ages 27 and 28, respectively, were sentenced to death by stoning in Karaj

February 7, 2008


G8 leaders call for global watchdog: Agreed to co-operate closely in future to help avert another financial crisis spreading across the world

Climate set for 'sudden shifts': Many of Earth's climate systems will undergo a series of sudden shifts this century as a result of human-induced climate change

Seattle-Post Intelligencer Editors Tell Next Administration: "write a real, nonpartisan report on the [9/11] attacks"


Presidential Politics


Clinton, Obama hunker down for prolonged battle for delegates

Clinton gives her campaign $5m loan

How Clinton Won California

Video woven with Obama speech catches fire on YouTube

Obama Is Making Inroads, but Fervor Fell Short at End

In tight Democrat race, super delegates super important: Candidates going all out to court VIPs who get automatic vote at convention

Clinton, Obama plan Texas-size campaign push

Many Indonesians cheer Obama in Democrat race


Romney faces long odds in bid to overtake a surging McCain

The Huckabee Temptation: Editorial - Potential vice presidential candidate for John McCain

How McCain survived in the wilderness

McCain looks to seal the deal: String of victories in the Northeast and across the country put him on the brink of being unstoppable

Come November, McCain will be a formidable foe: Editorial by David Broder

Will Democrats be the GOP's not-so-secret weapon? Editorial by George Will, Member of Trilateral Commission

General News

Huge primary turnouts set records across the country

Graphic: The Month Ahead For Both Republican and Democrat

Automated 'robo-calls' targeted by state and federal officials

Senate’s Long Losing Streak on Presidency Could Be Near an End -


Bush budget packed with costly hidden gimmicks: The deficit hole is being dug deeper and deeper

Gasoline could drop 50 cents/gallon by spring

Pricey gas drives shoppers to fuel efficiency

World 'divided on globalisation'

Non-Integrating States News - Afghanistan

Afghanistan Spins Out of Control, U.S. Fiddles

NATO's Divisions Embolden Taliban in Afghanistan

Rice, Miliband Visit Kabul, Ask for More NATO Troops

US Congress Hears About NATO Problems in Afghanistan: Defense Secretary Gates testifies

U.S. Official Tells VOA Iran Exacerbates Drug Trafficking Challenges in Afghanistan

Why the Afghan Taleban feel confident


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Admiral Mullen: U.S. troops are tired

Planned troop withdrawals won't bring much relief to U.S. military

At Least 3 Iraqis Are Killed, 1 Child Injured After US Soldiers Storm House North Of Baghdad

Defense Secretary Gates says Gen. Petraeus not the sole adviser on Iraq: Bush will hear other views

US Says al-Qaida in Iraq Using Children


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel rebuffs Egypt-Gaza border deployments: Does not want additional Egyptian troops on border - or international force

Abbas gets European and Arab backing: For taking control of breached Gaza border

Palestinian Gaza Rocket Wounds 2 Israeli Girls

Israeli forces kill six gunmen, teacher in Gaza

How to turn Gaza over to Egypt: Editorial by CFR's Daniel Pipes

Are the Palestinians or Israelis causing most of the unrest in Gaza? Debate

Israel Cabinet Approves $280 Million for Security Barrier Along Border With Egypt

Southern Towns Ripped by Twisters Mourn: "Killing at least 55 people and injuring hundreds more"

Waterboarding is legal: Bush White House - "Assertion stuns critics and revives debate over the widely condemned interrogation technique"

Military Confirms Secret Guantanamo Jail: Segregated, Top-Secret Detention "Camp 7" Houses 15 "Most Valuable Detainees"

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Kenya: UN calls for Kenya 'compromise'

Chad: Government ready to pardon French aid workers

Chad: South Africa citizens to be airlifted as part of an evacuation

Pakistan: Militants Declare Cease-Fire


Unexplainable Cutting Of Internet Cables Points To Sabotage: Deliberate cutting of the internet cables can easily be seen as a shot across the bow by the US/Israeli hydra, a form of low-intensity/covert warfare aimed at destabilizing them and making things uncomfortable, as well as reminding them that if they don’t play ball according to the dictates of the New World Order that ‘accidents’ can happen

Great Britain is slithering down the road towards a police state



February 6, 2008



Presidential Politics In The News - 'Super Tuesday'

Latest Super Tuesday Results State-by-State


Clinton, Obama draw; McCain leads

N.Y. senator takes Calif.; pair divvy up states, delegates - Clinton won the biggest prize, California, but Obama captured more states overall

For Democrats, more to come after Super Tuesday

Obama-Clinton battle likely to go to wire

Clinton, Obama victories follow a voter pattern

Early edge in delegate battle goes to Clinton *

Excitement builds in Clinton camp *

California Dems still have delegates for the taking: a second, behind-the-scenes fight is being waged in the Democratic ranks over "superdelegates" - party insiders who make up 71 of the state's 441 delegates *

Tight Contests Draw Big Voter Turnout

Obama: A ‘Tsongas’ Democrat?

Now, it all comes down to delegates: Clinton, Obama race will stay tight

Swing States Offer Clues for November

Obama good for Israel: Democratic candidate better for Jewish State than the more pro-Israeli McCain - Jewish Editorial

Audio: Shocker: Barack Obama Wants a Summit of the US and Muslim Nations! "What is at stake if US Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is elected president of the United States?"


McCain takes command

McCain, Clinton Benefit As Economy Tops Concerns

Senator McCain Recalls His Experience As A Prisoner of War

Romney Cries Foul in W. Va. Loss: Huckabee secured his second win today in West Virginia

Romney Wins Massachusetts: Huckabee racks up victories in the South

Evangelical voters bolster Huckabee in Southern states

Cheered, Romney vows to stay in race

James Dobson to boycott election if McCain nominated

Editorial: Bush's budget takes money away from health care

Bush's Last Budget May Be the Next Administration's Agenda

Why Bush's Budget Doesn't Matter

Israeli - Palestinian War

Cycle of violence continues in Gaza

Analysis: When Hamas founded a mini-state

Israel mulls more pressure on Gaza after Hamas suicide attack claim: Dimona blast was first suicide attack inside Israel in three and a half years

Hit ‘em where it hurts: Strikes on Hamas’ Gaza operational force a signal that IDF can escalate its attacks

Key member of Israel's Knesset Parliament, Tzachi HaNegbi Urges: Kill The Political Leadership In Gaza

Suicide bombing revives Israeli push to finish its wall

Egypt wants Palestinian Authority back on Gaza border

Hamas steps up attacks: 20 missiles Tuesday, including 3 Grad rockets at Ashkelon

Israeli Government Stalls While Hamas Escalates

Defiant Peres visits Israeli town rattled by rocket fire: Toured Sderot

Winograd Committee Member Admits: PM Olmert Spared Due to 'Peace Process'

Rocket-propelled grenade strikes house of Palestinian PM Haniyeh: Assassination attempt by Fatah feared

PM Olmert Too Weak to Deliver - Arab Viewpoint

After protests, pope changes Latin prayer for Jews: Benedict XVI changes prayer at Good Friday services by traditionalist Catholics, deleting reference to their 'blindness' over Christ

Cut Middle East Internet cables remain a mystery

CIA Director Admits: Agency used waterboarding

Al-Qaeda still viewed as top threat: The chief of U.S. intelligence warns of terrorists regrouped in Pakistan

Tornadoes rip through South, killing 27

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

More civilian deaths blamed on U.S. troops in Iraq: Killings illustrate difficulty of telling friend from foe

Media: Manufacturing Convenient Realities

Iraqi PM raises controversial new flag: some see flag as tarnished by its association with Saddam Hussein's former regime

U.S., Iraq to discuss relations

Iraq not using oil cash to rebuild

Prince Andrew attacks Bush over Iraq

McCain, Iraq: Two surges - An improving situation in Iraq has been the biggest asset of a candidate who never advocated backing down

Former Baathist officials fear danger still lurking

Arab TV network airs Iraqi children trained as terrorists

Iraq would seek extended U.N. mandate if necessary

Rice: Taliban "By No Means" Defeated - Secretary Of State To Talk Afghanistan Strategy, Need For More Troops With U.K. Leaders

Somalia grenade blast kills at least 15, injures 50

February 5, 20087



Presidential Politics In The News - 'Super Tuesday'

All eyes on Super Tuesday

Campaign's front-runners: JFK, Reagan

Paper ballots could delay California results

Democrat News

Obama Economic Controller Is Skull And Bones Member - Foreign Policy controlled by Trilateral Founder Zbigniew Brzezinski - Obama's wife linked to CFR!

Ask not what JFK can do for Obama

Obama's toughness could be a question mark for voters

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are neck & neck from N.Y. to California

Hillary has an emotional moment during women's round table at Yale: Tears are back after they helped her win N.H.

Super Tuesday likely not to be day that determines Democratic nominee

Michelle Obama hesitates when deciding if she could support Hillary

The return of the youth vote: Obama and Clinton attract young voters who see a chance to help make history

Clinton appears on Letterman on eve of Super Tuesday

Clinton campaign marches to haredi Brooklyn beat: New York politicians and Satmar rabbis then walked through the streets of the Williamsburg neighborhood urging residents to back Clinton

Obama Channels RFK in Kansas

Clinton Claims Health Care Mantle

Europeans Agog Over Campaign ''08 - and Obama

Republican News

John McCain rips into Barack and Hillary, says they are clueless about war

I know what's right for the US: McCain

Romney in last bid to derail McCain

Meet the New Mitt Romney, the Anti-Insider Populist

McCain Leads the Field, but Shuns Talk of Victory

McCain, Romney battle over who is real conservative

Romney Dismisses Obama's Crowds

A New Deal for Globalization: CFR says income must be redistributed

Senate advances tax rebate bill in an 80-4 vote: $40 billion more urged for seniors, vets, unemployed - proposal to pump $204 billion into the economy

Wall St futures rise; eyes on ISM, Disney, politics

Oil prices fall below US$90 after overnight rise


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi Government plans massive mine clearance operation: 25 million unexploded mines in some 4,000 minefields

PM Maliki warns of imminent battle against al-Qaeda

US admits to nine accidental killings of Iraqi civilians

Even a superpower needs to know the limits of its power

Turkish warplanes hit Kurdish rebel sites in Iraq on Monday

What the future beholds? The quantity of suicide bombings in Iraq is quite high - prolific if I may say

Bush proposes $3.1 trillion budget - Democrats complain - big deficits, big tax breaks and big increases in defense spending

Full Cost Excluded On Iraq, Afghanistan : Defense Budget Request Includes $70 Billion In "Emergency" Funds For Wars

Baghdad says talks on U.S./Iraq pact to begin soon

Sri Lanka: Roadside blasts kill 13

Iran Impasse

US woos a partner over Iran: No saber-rattling this time

Mississippi law would ban serving obese diners

Israeli - Palestinian War

Qassam terror rockets damage Sderot factories

We need a fence: Dimona attack reminder that security fence not complete yet

Heightened security following Dimona bombing

Security sources believe Dimona terrorists came from West Bank, not from Gaza Strip as earlier reports indicated

Alert Level Raised Nationwide as PA Terrorists Step Up Attacks

Religious Consensus: Day of Prayer on Behalf of Israel

MKs Approve PM Olmert's Post-Winograd Commission Declaration

Lawmakers: Good Will Gestures Lead to Terror

PA's Message: In English – Coexist; In Arabic – Destroy Israel


Monday, February 4, 2008


Bush Legacy: Setting a standard in fear-mongering - by Richard A. Clarke, former head of counterterrorism at the National Security Council

Presidential Politics In The News

How Democracy Produced a Monster

22 states gear up for Super Tuesday

Barack Obama catching up to Hillary Clinton's double-digit California lead

Bill Clinton is contrite in visits to black churches

Bill Clinton, Oprah campaign in Super Tuesday push

UAW Will Hold Off Endorsing Democrat

McCain Looks Confident; Democratic Race Tightens

McCain May Seal Victory Tomorrow as Clinton and Obama Battle On

Obama, Clinton clash over Social Security, healthcare, electability

Barack Obama: My America - Explains why he wants to be President

Candidates descend on Massachusetts ahead of vote: McCain leads wave of big-name rivals

Hillary vs McCain

Romney's Economic Claims Challenged

Jews could be key to 'Tsunami Tuesday'

Editorial: Obama vs. McCain would be dream match


Israeli - Palestinian War

Suicide bombers strike in Israeli nuclear town - Dimona

Fatah wing claims Israeli suicide attack - In Dimona

Woman killed, 10 hurt, 1 critically in Dimona suicide attack

MKS blast Olmert government for Dimona attack

IDF kills two Jihad gunmen in Jenin

Defense Minister 'Barak gave PM Olmert 9 months of quiet': His decision to stay in coalition has solved Olmert's political problems

Grim Reactions to Labor's Decision to Stay in Olmert Government

'Border breach won't happen again': Egytian government spokesman

Hamas Plan: Control Egyptian Border as Gateway to Arab World

Defense Minister renews plan to construct security fence along the border with Egypt

Palestinians trapped behind closed Gaza-Egypt border

Long-range rockets and anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles are some of the weapons smuggled into the Gaza Strip over the last 12 days: Hamas taking advantage of the breach in the security wall along Egyptian border

4 Qassam rockets fired at Sderot; no injuries

Exchanges of fire on Lebanese border: First time since conclusion of 2006 Lebanon War


Severed undersea Internet cables slow India's connectivity

'No ship behind ME internet outage' - Egypt now says there were no ships present around when the cables were cut off


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

3 dead in Baghdad violence: A senior Interior Ministry official and his bodyguard were wounded and his driver was killed Sunday

Turkish troops kill 10 PKK members

US: 9 Iraq Civilians Accidentally Killed

US puts militant body count in Iraq offensive at 60

2 mentally disabled female bombers strike in Baghdad, killing at least 73

PM Maliki on warpath after mentally disabled used in blasts

Bombings underscore terror threat in Iraq

'Ugliness' of attacks won't deter security, Iraqis pledge

Baghdad 'drowning in sewage': Capitol thirsty for water and largely powerless, five years after US-led invasion

Iraq law gives Baathists jobs back: Saddam Hussein's old political party

Mosul residents stock up ahead of expected battle

Iraq has halted oil flows to Austria's OMV over Kurd deal

Cross-border chases from Iraq O.K. into Iran and Syria: US document

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: 19 Dead in Raids, Clashes

Afghanistan: Canadian takes command of troops in Southern Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Afghan picture confusing, U.S. Marines' chief says

Kenya; Rebels Withdraw From Chad's Capital

Africa: African earthquakes kill 38, hundreds hurt

Sri Lanka: Roadside Bomb Kills 12

New NATO intelligence chief was trained by KGB

Economic News

Asian markets rally on Wall Street's rebound

Bush Proposes First $3 Trillion Budget

Report: Global Property Investors Still Prefer Properties in U.S.





Saturday-Sunday, February 2-3, 2008


Discovery backs theory oil not 'fossil fuel': New evidence supports premise that Earth produces endless supply

US mock terrorist disaster drill: Trains, planes and bloggers threaten America

Bush Sides With Mexican Truckers: President defies wishes of majority of Congress,American people

Presidential Politics

Hillary Clinton: A Bilderberg Presidency: European elite back Democratic frontrunner - "Torch is being passed"

Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket? Democratic Party Buzzes About Enemies Teaming Up on Single Ticket - Would be 'Democrat dream ticket'

Factchecking the Love-in in L.A. : Clinton and Obama make an agree-athon of the final Democratic debate

"Ann Coulter Says She Would Back Hillary Over McCain"

Obama v. McCain: The Battle for the Indpendent Vote

Obama Endorsed by Anti-War Group

Obama Talks Economy in the Southwest

Clinton and the Iraq War Amendment

McCain: ‘By golly’ we’re ‘winning’ in Iraq

Oakland Mayor spends more time on Clinton than on city

US Jews in Clinton's pocket?

Candidates gear up for Super Tuesday

Third undersea Internet cable cut in Mideast

Middle East Internet Blackouts Spur Geopolitical Suspicions: Iran is completely cut off from the Internet, but Israel and Iraq are unaffected


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

War Protest News

BERKELEY - Facing off over Marine Corps: 3 war opponents chain selves to door of recruiting station, and right-wing blogosphere goes ballistic

Berkeley mayor offers to help Marines leave town: After City Council resolution declaring the Corps "uninvited and unwelcome intruders" in the city

Here we go again: Berkeley California against the Military: Marines are "uninvited and unwelcome intruders"

War News

99 dead in Baghdad suicide blasts

Bombs strapped to Down's syndrome women kill scores in Baghdad markets: Deadliest day in Iraq since start of US surge a year ago

CHRONOLOGY- List of the Deadliest bomb attacks in Iraq

Secretary Rice: Bombings Show al-Qaida's Brutality

3 killed, 2 captured as Iraqi troops raid northern village

Pentagon Brass Split on Troop Cuts

Future US force cuts will hinge on Iraqi security forces: US General

Ambassador Crocker: Iraq Needs US Troops Until 2009

Stakes are high for U.S., Iraq in Mosul offensive: Will reveal if Iraqi forces can really be effective against insurgents

EU, Iraq in talks to enhance energy co-op


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas defies Egyptian efforts to reseal Gaza border: Gunmen haul away metal spikes Egyptian soldiers place at sections of Rafah crossing

Hamas agrees to Rafah Crossing monitors 'unless they live in Israel'

Hamas attacks Solana, Blair's upcoming visit to Mideast

Egypt searches for four terrorists

Negotiator: Palestinian authority doesn't insist on int'l presence on Gaza crossing

Leaflet Warns: IDF will fire at residents if they hurl stones

On backdrop of embassy shooting: Criticism over Mauritania-Israel relations

Deaths of UN observers in 2006 Lebanon War Was 'IDF error'

Defense Minister Barak to decide PM's fate this weekend

Clashes leave 5 dead in NW Pakistan

Al-Qaeda 'killing' spawns doubts - Perhaps the intent was to say that he was dead, even though he may be alive, and prompt all those closing in on him to give up the chase

Bush's budget may produce big deficit


February 1, 2008



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Baghdad Bomb Attacks Kill at Least 43, Wound 85

Baghdad car bomb kills five building workers

Iraq: 1 US soldier killed, 1 wounded south of Baghdad

Guard, reserves called inadequate for domestic disasters: Forces have been strained by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and hobbled by inadequate funding

Beneath the desert sands flows lifeblood of economic recovery: The success of a heavily guarded oil pipeline is welcome not just for Baghdad but for the world

Bush retreats into a fantasy

US mulls slowing Iraq troop drawdown to protect gains

U.S. seeks deal for broad goals in Iraq: As it negotiates a long-term security agreement with the Iraqis

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran: The prospect for improved US-Iran ties - Rice Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week

Pakistan: Top Al-Qaeda commander killed in Pakistan - missile from a US Predator drone

Kenya: Military Helicopters open fire above Kenya town

Kenya: Negotiators meet as President Kibaki attends African summit

Afghanistan: Report calls for a radical overhaul of NATO - With NATO facing the risk of failure in Afghanistan

Mauritania: Terrorist Cell Attacks Israeli Embassy

Economic News

Hewlett-Packard CEO Hurd gets $26M in 2007 pay as financial results beat aggressive goals -- Profits have more than tripled under Hurd's leadership, rising to $7.26 billion in fiscal 2007

Google quarterly profit climbs to 1.21 billion US dollars

"Mortgage Applications Near 4-Year High" - Low interest rates led more homeowners to seek refinancing

"Private Sector Grows by 130,000 Jobs" - About three times the number that economists had been expecting ... It suggests that employment rebounded some in January

South Korean firms acquire stakes in oil fields

Oil Prices Drops Further

Shell Oil giant's £14bn profits fuel anger

Bush Lobbies for Economic Deal

Presidential Politics News

McCain's amazing bloodless coup: What happened this week could have ramifications greater than a black or woman president

Giuliani Exit Good News for McCain

Democratic women not all for Clinton

Clinton Holds Edge Among Key Hispanics

Clinton loses ground in run-up to Super Tuesday

US campaign captivates a world desperate for a change from Bush

Romney Charges: McCain used Nixon-like tactics

Kerry touts Obama, Ron Paul stumps in Washington

Top Democrats In Last Debate Before Super Tuesday - Video

Obama, Clinton Strike Genial Debate Tone

Israeli - Palestinian War

Chaos Continues at Gaza-Egypt Border

Tony Blair on Gaza border mission: To help find a solution to Gaza's border crisis

Gaza blockade 'is collective punishment'

Report: Egypt to seal border with Gaza Friday

PM Olmert rejects Labor talk of early elections

Report: 2 Palestinian terror cells nabbed in Sinai

Human Rights Watch Raps Israel for Gaza Blockade

Winograd Report of Lebanon War of 2006

Winograd Report: Grave Errors, Lack of Strategy

PM Olmert can breathe easy: Moderate Winograd Commission report makes political shakeup unlikely

Left: Winograd Supports Olmert
Right: Winograd Rejects Olmert

Poll: Most Labor supporters believe Defense Minister Barak should stay in government

Amnesty International Slams Lebanon War Report

Winograd Report fails to highlight war crimes: Arab viewpoint

US Violates Human Rights With Secret Prisons and Torture: Human Rights Watch


Thursday, January 31, 2008


Economic News

Rate cut may not be the last

"Mortgage Applications Near 4-Year High" - Low interest rates led more homeowners to seek refinancing

"Private Sector Grows by 130,000 Jobs" - About three times the number that economists had been expecting ... It suggests that employment rebounded some in January

Stocks and gold rise after aggressive Fed move


Presidential Politics

GOP debaters trade fire before Super Tuesday

Quotes from Republican presidential debate

Giuliani, Edwards quit White House race

Will Schwarzenegger Terminate Romney With McCain Pick?

McCain claims the 'conservative' mantle after victory in Florida

Rudy Exits With Temper, Mean Streak in Check

Abruptly, Edwards Ends His White House Bid

Edwards Dropout Offers Boost to Obama

Thinner fields, clearer choices

Four in the Forefront

Clinton at Georgia's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Ralph Nader Might Join Race as Edwards, Giuliani Depart


Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza Crisis

Israeli High Court Affirms Plan To Reduce Power to Gaza

Hamas accuses Abbas of blocking the opening of Rafah crossing - Accuses Abbas of following Israeli orders

Gaza border talks resume in Cairo: Between Hamas' Khaled Meshaal and President Mubarak of Egypt

Egypt issues ultimatum to PA, Hamas: will close down Rafah crossing unless two sides reach agreement

Israeli troops have killed an armed Palestinian in the southern Gaza Strip, near the border fence east of Rafah

Israel, Palestine trade accusations amid violence

UN says Gaza crisis threatens peace process in the Middle East

Final Winograd Report On 2006 Lebanon War

Israeli Army needs reeducation: Deteriorating IDF values more worrisome than technical aspects of poor performance

IDF: Army has already improved itself

'Time to get back to business,' says Olmert: PM reportedly "relieved" by final Winograd Report

Vice-Premier Ramon: War report vindicates Olmert - 'No one in Kadima will rise against the prime minister,' vice premier tells Ynet, 'Winograd report will be history by next week'

Analysis: The prime minister survives again

Reserve soldiers say Olmert 'lacks moral authority', must resign

Polls: Olmert's popularity rising

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan: US missile strike in Pakistan hit al-Qaeda nest

Pakistan: Benazir Bhutto was denied private security, says John Kerry

Pakistan: Bhutto's party open to deals, not 'dictatorship'

Afghanistan: Deputy governor, and five others, killed in mosque blast

Korean Peninsula: N Korea 'committed to nuclear deal'

Thailand: Thai coup leader backs new PM

Africa: World Bank wants to speed up aid to postwar African states

Kenya: 2nd Lawmaker Shot; Kenya "In Flames

Malaysia: Ethnic anger on the rise in Malaysia


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bush Issues Signing Statement On Defense Act, Waiving Ban On Permanent Bases In Iraq

A China base in Iran?

The state of the (Iraqi) union

A bitter taste to Iraqi reality

Soldier Suicide Attempts Skyrocket: CBS News And Washington Post: Staggering New Army Numbers Show Serious Problem

Nationalists Stirring in Iraq: An emerging Sunni-Shiite coalition could change the face of Iraq - coalition seen checkmating the breakaway Kurdish state

Another suicide bomber strikes Mosul, Iraq

Mosul Attack Points To Insurgent Shift: Building Blast Could Signal Greater Al-Qaida Role In Mosul

Iraq moves troops, tanks to Mosul: For a big offensive against al-Qaeda militants

Bomb takes death toll of journalists in Iraq war to 126

Iraq Private Security Contractors Getting New Rules

Romney hits McCain's 'dirty tricks' on Iraq

Defense Secretary Gates: Al Qaeda almost out of Anbar Province

Displaced Iraqis suffer hardship

Experts visit Japan's quake-hit nuclear plant





January 30, 2008


Politics In The News


Behind McCain's Big Win In Florida: Victory was boosted by older and military voters impressed with his national-security experience and commitment to cut government spending

Florida win cements McCain's front-runner status

McCain, Romney look toward next fight

Analysis: GOP Race Now A Two-Man Brawl: Now just McCain and Romney

Giuliani to Quit Republican Presidential Race

Humiliated Giuliani set to endorse McCain

Romney quiet on health care because his plan is a dismal failure


Women, seniors, Latinos take Clinton to Florida win: But, Hillary wins no delegates

Clinton Wins Florida, But the Numbers Are Ominous

Clinton lauds Florida as Obama looks to Kansas

Obama Raises More Than $4 million Online Over the Weekend

The Kennedy Mystique: Something fundamental has shifted in the Democratic Party

Strong quake shakes Indonesia: Was 6.2

House Extends Warrantless Wiretapping Powers For 15 Days: Senate bill also largely legalizes warrantless spying inside the United States

Bush may veto spy measure extension: spokesman

Bush's State of The Union: Give Me Spy Powers Now

Bush makes no apologies in final State of the Union speech


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

White House Shows Signs of Rethinking Cut in Troops

Troop Decisions Hinge on Conditions in Iraq

A Look At U.S. Troops Levels In Iraq Since The War Began In 2003

US commanders see extended offensive against al-Qaida in ’campaign for Mosul’

Reality Is Totally Different: Iraqis on "Success" and "Progress"

Bush says US on track in Iraq

Bombs Away Over Iraq: Normalizing Air War - From the air, even 100,000 pounds of US bombs just doesn't have the ring of something that matters

Higher oil prices could be boon to Iraq

Iraqi soccer star denied work permit, nixing deal with English club

After the NIE Intelligence Report, the US needs a braver Iran policy

'We are approaching a nuclear peak': Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Israeli - Palestinian War

Breaking of Gaza blockade seen as coup for Hamas

Abbas gets European, Arab backing in Gaza showdown: For taking control of Gaza's breached border with Egypt, intensifying his power struggle with the Hamas Islamists who rule the enclave

Abbas rules out talks with Hamas until conditions met

Egypt cuts Gaza border crossing points to two

Abbas and Olmert meet to discuss Gaza border breach

Egyptian riot police direct traffic away from Egypt-Gaza border - Hamas member reveals: Demolition of border wall planned for months

Sinai cut off from Egypt for the first time since 1982, 4,000 Palestinian infiltrators detained

Hamas backers Saudi Arabia and Tehran Step into Gaza Crisis

Israel lifts blockade on Gaza fuel: Egypt invited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's presidential guard to resume supervision of the Egyptian-Gaza border

Egyptian security forces detain Palestinians with bomb belt planning to carry out suicide bombing in Israel

PM 'Olmert should stay for peace': Even if Winograd Report is negative

IDF leadership braces for Winograd

Majority of Israelis – 73 pc - want Olmert to resign in face of negative Lebanon War panel report

Kenya: American diplomat has described violence in Kenya's Rift Valley as "clear ethnic cleansing": Aimed at members of Kikuyu tribe loyal to President Mwai Kibaki

Algeria: Car bomb attack kills 3

Afghanistan: Study warns Afghanistan risks becoming ’forgotten war’ amid growing violence

Venezuela: Chávez pushes for withdrawal of international reserves from U.S. banks



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