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February 17-29, 2008

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Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

`Chemical Ali' to Be Executed Within 30 Days in Iraq - Convicted of leadership role in Kurd genocide

Turkish troops withdraw from northern Iraq

Iraq drains resources from U.S. Pacific Command

Preparations under way for Ahmadinejad visit

Iraq trip to be major foreign policy success for Iranian President Ahmadinejad

Top U.S. military officer worries about quick Iraq pullout: Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., rejected calls Saturday for the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Iraq by the end of the year

US and Iraq Pledge Economic Cooperation

Iraq PM Touts Success in Efforts To Achieve Stability And Eliminate sectarian violence Address to Shi'ite Pilgrims

The army learns its lesson: US army's new field manual represents a stern rebuke of the Bush administration's military policies but may shift too far in the opposite direction

Kurdistan: A state in the making?

Iraqi Oil Draft Remains Deadlocked: Stalled by the bitter row between Baghdad and the largely autonomous Kurdistan region in the north

Army overhauls wartime purchasing: As the number of criminal investigations into wartime contract fraud nears triple figures

Recipes for Disaster in Iraq: Bush legacy on the Fifth Invasion Anniversary - less houses, more bases, more weaponry, more war

Wounded British troops finally win better care from army


Presidential Politics

Idealpolitik Or Realpolitik? Democrats Persuing 'Idealpolitik' While Republicans Perusing 'Realpolitick'

Democrat Party

Obama has small lead in Texas, close in Ohio

For Obama, a Taste of What a Long Battle Holds

Poll: Obama Passes Clinton Nationally

Early Obama Promise on Money Becomes Target

In Austin, Obama criticizes McCain's approach to economy

Why I’m Afraid of the Clintons: Never, ever, ever underestimate anybody whose last name is Clinton. Not Bill, not Hillary. Not Chelsea, not even George. They’re very good at what they do, and when they’re about to be written off for dead, that’s when they’re at their very best

Hillary down but not out: $35 MILLION RAISED | Campaign says she has the money to keep going

Clinton lead narrows in Pennsylvania poll

Republican Party

New poll: McCain would beat Democrats in November- Viewed as having the right experience to handle Iraq and terrorism

Bush raps Obama pledge to meet hostile leaders: Proposal shows Obama's lack of foreign policy experience

Candidates trade shots over economy

McCain Looking Good In Florida

Dollar Falls to Three-Year Low Against Yen, Record Versus Euro

1 in 100 U.S. Adults Behind Bars, New Study Says


Israeli - Palestinian War

With city of 120,000 under rocket fire, Israel warns of Gaza invasion: IDF has completed preparations - waiting only for onset of good weather

IDF forces prepare for Gaza incursion: Dozens of tanks, artillery battery positioned just north of Gaza to reinforce infantry, engineering corps forces already inside Strip ahead of possible large-scale ground operation

IDF instructs Ashkelon residents on rocket attack protection

Israel minister warns Palestinians of "holocaust" in Gaza if rocket attacks continue

Hamas Boasts: Israel will flounder in Gaza like it did in Lebanon

Israel, Hamas continue aerial attacks

Woman wounded as Kassam rocket slams into Sderot home

Abbas Needs a Miracle

US warships move into E. Mediterranean in case Gaza escalation spills over into Lebanon

Hezbollah condemns US warships deployed off Lebanese coast

Egyptian girl shot to death near Egyptian border

Israel foils attack on Dimona nuclear reactor

1st Temple seal found in City of David: Seal bearing an archaic Hebrew inscription dating back to the 8th century BCE

China wants gradual shift away from its one-child policy

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Syria, Lebanon: US sends 3 warships to Mediterranean as tensions mount

Afghanistan: Prince Harry serving in Afghanistan, British officials say

Afghanistan: Harry to be pulled out of Afghanistan - After word leaked that he was there

Iran: Bush rules out talks

Iran: US to keep Iran nuclear drama alive into next administration -- says Burns, US undersecretary of state, told the Council on Foreign Relations

Iran: UN Security Council to vote on new Iran sanctions

Somalia: Presidential guard shoots minister's brother dead

Pakistan: Bhutto book 'message from grave' - a manifesto on religious tolerance


February 28, 2008



Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Clinton Campaign Pours Resources Into Two Crucial Primaries: Texas, Ohio

Obama pounces on McCain criticism

Early Obama Commitment on Money Becomes Target

Begrudging His Bedazzling - Hillary seems discombobulated by Obama's charm

Presidential campaigns joust across Texas

Obama continues to fight false links to Islam

Clinton offers plan today to halve child poverty by 2021

LA Times Owner Blames US Economic Problems on Clinton and Obama

Republican Party

McCain Repudiates ‘Hussein Obama’ Remarks

N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg says he won't run for president

McCain's success revives debate on being natural-born: Some have raised questions about his Canal Zone birth

The Governors Read the Race

Poll: McCain poses challenges to Democratic nominee

William F. Buckley Jr. Dies -- Conservative Icon -- Member of Bilderberger Society and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza Strip Leave 15 Palestinians Dead

Hamas answers Israeli airstrikes with rockets

Defense Minister Barak says solution to Qassam threat to arrive 'faster than expected'

Olmert Gov't under intense pressure to respond to intense rocket attacks

Ashkelon Mayor joins calls for tough military action against Gaza

PM Olmert Says it's 'War', Promises Restraint

17 killed in IDF operations since Wednesday

Hamas' armed wing rules out ceasefire for the time being

'We should wipe out Hamas leadership': Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit

Palestinian President Abbas does not rule out resuming armed conflict with Israel

Gazans discuss human chain protest

Gaza issues toxic water warning

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter's security guard hurt in Sderot rocket attack

'Arabs helped Mossad kill Mughniyeh': Syrian sources

Abbas rules out naturalization of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkey refuses to set timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq

Baghdad adds 40,000 personnel to protect pilgrims in Karbala: Police chief expects 7 million people to attend arbaeen observances

Gordon Brown holds telephone talks with Iraqi Prime Minister over hostage videotape

Iraq: Shiite pilgrims targeted again on Wednesday

Wheelchair bomber eludes detection, blows himself up inside Iraqi operations room - killed the center's deputy commander

McCain, Obama tangle over Iraq pull-out

Are they the $3 trillion wars? White House bristles at economist’s new price tag on Iraq, Afghanistan

Military alone can’t win war on terror: Admiral Mullen

Sunni Volunteer Forces Fault U.S. Military, Iraqi Government: Say Anti-Insurgent Efforts Aren't Getting Enough Support, Recognition

Iran president to show off influence on Iraq visit

America's Spymaster: Al-Qaida still No. 1 threat to U.S.

Lebanese officials: S. Lebanon explosion injures 4

Bernanke signals another Fed rate cut: The dollar fell to a fresh record low against the euro on Wednesday

Sizing up Medvedev, the next Russian president

USDA Sued Over 'Downer' Cow Rules


February 27, 2008



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US tells Turkey to end Iraq incursion in a 'week or two'

Turkish incursion may trigger regional turmoil: Ankara launched a fresh military offensive on Thursday into northern Iraq’s mountainous region

Turkey admits loss of helicopter: (PKK) rebels claimed to have shot down a Turkish helicopter

Turkish envoy arrives in Baghdad for talks on incursion

Kurdish Iraqi lawmakers authorize force: The region's military may intervene if Turkish fighters pursuing anti-government rebels move into civilian areas

Suicide bomber kills at least eight north of Mosul

Army's Chief of Staff Reveals: Army strained, "out of balance", combat tours may be cut

House Speaker Pelosi's Statement on U.S. Troops Levels in Iraq

One Iraq war –that’s $3 trillion to you, Mr Bush

Senate considers cutting funding for Iraq war

British hostage pleads on Iraq video

Iraq's health sector under pressure

Ahmadinejad's message to Iraqis: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is scheduled to arrive in Baghdad on Friday for what is tipped by both sides as an "historic visit"

Afghanistan, Iraq among world’s weakest states


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hizballah’s revenge attack likely after 40-day Mughniyeh mourning next month - Ends March 22-23

Majority of Israelis want talks with Hamas

Abbas Charges: Hamas allowed al-Qaeda operatives into Gaza

Five militants die in Gaza air strike

U.N. Envoy Critical of Gaza Living Conditions, Threats to Annapolis Initiative

Egypt's powerful intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, to visit Israel

Sderot: Protests Continue as Wounded Battle For Lives

Another blow for Israelis: President Katsav case, just like Winograd war report, marks loss of Israel’s basic values

Al-Aqsa gunman killed in Nablus operation: By Special forces

Japan Tells Olmert: Concerned about situation in Gaza

IDF W. Bank chief warns: Hamas could take over in days without massive IDF presence


France, Gulf states begin war games


Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Army Chief Has Friend, Foe on the Campaign Trail: Senator Obama

Barack Obama criticised over 'cult-like' rallies

Clinton-Obama debate in Cleveland was a nudge match

Obama's Farrakhan answer gives Clinton an opening

Obama backs Israel, rejects Farrakhan's backing - Hillary also voices support for Israel

Obama raised funds for Islamic causes: Speeches for Palestinian refugees called code for Israel's destruction

IRS Investigating Obama's United Church Of Christ

Clinton attacks on all fronts: Obama hits back on health, trade, war, campaign tactics

Clinton Resilience Could Benefit Hillary: History shows the folly of counting out a Clinton

Showdown in Ohio: With Underdog Status, Clinton Fights Obama for Momentum

Obama flip-flops on NAFTA: Criticizes Clinton for switching, but he did, too

In Democratic primary, expect a GOP turnout: Perhaps fueled by Clinton dislike, many Republicans to vote for Obama

Houston radio stations will give away Clinton tickets

Black voters crucial to Texas' primary battle: Experts wonder how much their turnout will help Obama's chances

Obama Poses as Change Agent, Sings to the Choir: Clinton is taking a page out of Walter Mondale's playbook and asking voters this question about Barack Obama's mostly boilerplate platform: ``Where's the beef?''

Clinton, Obama Ramp Up Their Rhetoric Against China

Does Obama's Record Back His Rhetoric?

'Muslim' photo raises Obama connection questions: Linked to opposition leader who admitted plans for Islam

Nader's long-shot campaign 'to make power shift'

Republican Party

The Republicans come home: Republican faithful are not going to abandon John McCain out of mere spite

McCain has edge over Democrats: GOP candidate is rated 'strongest leader'

McCain disavows radio host who insulted Obama

McCain fortune traced to organized crime: Mob figures later implicated in Arizona savings and loan scandal

Huckabee to McCain: Let’s Debate

Huckabee Tells Rhode Islanders He's Not Done Yet

Huckabee owes it to all conservatives to withdraw from race

Huckabee Boosts "Fair Tax"

Mike Huckabee Endorses Colorado Personhood Amendment to Stop Abortions

A Comedian and a Candidate Share a Big 'Saturday Night'

Canada, U.S. agree to use each other's troops in civil emergencies

Largest earthquake in two decades hits UK: 5.3 quake hit at 00:55am

Kidnapped American aid worker feared dead in Afghanistan

Anti-depressants taken by thousands of Brits 'do NOT work', major new study reveals: List includes Prozac, Seroxat and Efexor - were little more effective than placebos

Sherritt International and the Rush for 4.6 Billion Barrels of Cuban Oil: And 9.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas

February 26, 2008


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

PKK "stops" Turkish military advance

Iraq calls on U.S. to intervene in Turkish incursion

Iraq Sounds Alarm on Clashes in North: Turkey Warned Not to Expand Offensive Against Kurdish Rebels

Turkey's operation likely to last until PKK's Kandil bases destroyed

Turkish offensive displaces villagers, damages bridges

U.S. Knew of Turkey's Plan To Hit PKK, Didn't Object

Turks gather in solidarity for soldiers' funerals

PKK rebel urges Kurds to rise up in Turkey

Iraq seen unable to control Kurds

US assures Mehdi army that forces would not attack Moqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army if it stuck to a ceasefire

Official: post-surge U.S. troop level in Iraq will be 140,000

Shiite pilgrims targeted by suicide bomber, gunmen as they prepare for holy day in Iraq

4 more die in Iraqi bombings: Another attack on Shiite pilgrims marching to the holy city of Karbala

US troops detain editor of Iraq news station

Probe Sought in Marine Vehicle Delays: Lack of these vehicles has cost hundreds of casualities


Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

McCain, Obama continue winning streaks in overseas territories: Obama picks up his 11th victory since Super Tuesday by winning the Virgin Islands

Clinton Aide Compares Obama to Jesse Jackson

Photo of Obama in African garb emerges as Clinton renews attacks

Clinton still leads Obama in Ohio, but by smaller margin

Clinton accuses Obama of inexperience abroad

Struggling Clinton throwing 'kitchen sink' at Obama

Clinton Resilience Could Benefit Hillary: History shows the folly of counting out a Clinton

Clinton elaborates on U.S. foreign policy: Delivers a speech at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Clinton campaign starts 5-point attack on Obama

Republican Party

McCain retracts comment he could lose on Iraq: Unless he could convince Americans that they are winning

McCain Myth Buster: John McCain and His Own Reforms - Senator is walking in lockstep with President Bush

McCain's Bankers Weigh In

DNC to File Complaint Against McCain Campaign for Ignoring FEC Law

Files and McCain Letter Show Effort to Keep Loophole, Says Democratic National Committee: Tried to keep loophole open that benefited a company which lobbied him

Maryland Vote more vital to McCain than to Democrats

Huckabee seeks to set up McCain roadblock in Texas

Editorial: Is Huckabee Waiting for God to Smite John McCain?

Why McCain Shouldn’t Want Huckabee on the Ticket

More in U.S. jump to new faiths: Americans are switching religious affiliation in ever-greater numbers or abandoning ties to organized denominations altogether

France, the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia secretly launch their first joint war game: Iran not specifically and officially targeted

Secretary Rice reiterates U.S. opposition to "referendum" on Taiwan's UN membership

Iran Dismisses Nuke Documents As Fakes

Greenspan touts solution to Gulf inflation, now at near-record levels: Suggests that oil countries abandon their Dollar pegs! It’s now time for the Gulf to have its own currency

Pakistan: Teen 'beggar' kills Pakistan's surgeon general in suicide attack


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hizballah’s revenge attack likely after 40-day Mughniyeh mourning next month - Ends March 22-23

Sderot’s war children: Monday’s rocket attack put an end to childhood of wounded boy and his sister

More Calls for Strong Military Action in Gaza

Israeli Military Technology Changes the Rules

Olmert says seeks deal with Palestinians: By end of 2008

Palestinian President Abbas: Peace in 2008 or never

Israeli High Court accepts Katsav plea bargain: Former President agrees to enter a plea of guilty to charges of sexual harassment, indecent assault and harassing a witness

Attorney: Katsav 'displeased' with court's ruling

Former PM Ariel Sharon turns 80: Comatose former prime minister

11 Kadima MKs plan to foil Jerusalem status talks

Syrian ambassador predicts: No Mideast peace under Bush

'State has frozen E. Jerusalem building'

TV bunny rouses Gaza kids - Protesting cartoon caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed


February 25, 2008



Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

62 Killed In Attacks On Iraq Pilgrims: Monday Roadside Bomb Hits Shiite Pilgrims, Toll From Sunday Blast Reaches 56

Shiite pilgrimage shattered by deadly suicide bombing

Adviser: Iraqi prime minister going back to London for medical tests

Turks press attacks on Kurds: 35 rebels, 2 soldiers reported killed; Iraqi government assails assault

Kurds threaten suicide bombings against Turks

Turkish chopper crashes in Iraq, killing 8 soldiers: Kurds claim they shot it down

Green Zone HQ Attacked Day After Cease-Fire: Rockets or mortars hit the U.S.-protected Green Zone early Saturday

Baghdad-Basra train to heal Iraq’s wounds


Presidential Politics

Obama Attacks Clintons on NAFTA: Ohio citizens believe NAFTA has cost them jobs - But Still supports Free Trade!

Democratic Rivals Hear Ohio's Ills, Set Out Plans for Mortgages, Jobs, Free Trade

Somber Clinton Soldiers On as the Horizon Darkens

Clinton Assures Donors She Can Still Win Nomination

Barack Obama: 'It's certainly not over'

Clinton issues new blueprint on economy

Sarcasm reigns as Hillary Clinton attacks Barack Obama's campaign\

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader announced Sunday he's running for president: Causes stir amongst Democrats - mainstream candidates are too closely tied to corporate America

Obama Not Concerned About Possible Nader Presidential Bid

Taking Blows From All Sides and Weighing When to Punch Back

Clinton defends vote allowing war in Iraq

Aren't Most Wars About False Images?

Economy to skirt recession, but growth said to crawl

Supreme Court Shields Medical Device Manufacturers from Consumer Lawsuits: If those products were pre-approved for use by the FDA


Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza rally: Siege will only make us stronger - Thousands of Palestinians form human chain in protest of Israel's blockade

Playing With Fire: What would be the best response should Gaza protest spiral out of control?

FM Livni Warns: Israel will defend its sovereign borders

No wars in winter: Weather plays key role in military decisions; once clouds clear, will we enter Gaza?

PM Olmert Speaking In Tokyo: No apologies for Gaza strikes

Three Hamas men killed in IAF strikes

Israeli Health Ministry to supervise IDF medical experimentation: Human medical experimentation may no longer be conducted in the Israel Defense Forces without Health Ministry supervision and the observance of "informed consent" guidelines

Muslim Preacher's funeral turns into angry West Bank protests

7.2 Quake hits Indonesia, tsunami warning issued

Serbia blames US for crisis in Balkans

Pakistan: Suicide Blast kills top Pakistani army medic, 2 staff

Cuba's communist system unshaken as Raul takes office



Saturday-Sunday, February 23-24, 2008


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Green Zone HQ Attacked Day After Cease-Fire: Rockets or mortars hit the U.S.-protected Green Zone early Saturday

Funeral held for 14 bomb experts and officers: Killed as they responded to a rocket attack

Basra - Ominous signs remain in city run by Iraqis

Suicide bomber kills four people at mosque in Fallujah

British troops killed 20 Iraqis in their custody, claim lawyers

Beggars will be rounded up to foil would-be bombers

Insurgents in the Bloodstream: Acinetobacter baumannii-a strain of highly resistant bacteria that since U.S. forces began fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan has threatened the lives, limbs, and organs of hundreds wounded in combat

Iraqi government says less than 1,000 Turkish troops crossed the border: Not 10,000

Turkey Claims Dozens of Kurdish Rebels Killed So Far: Admits five Turks also killed

Turks stress 'limited' scope of new incursion into Iraq: NOTE snowy conditions in these Iraqi mountains

Kurdish rebel conflict pits brother against brother

Turkish incursion 'will not solve PKK crisis'

Oil prices cool, but Turkey's assault in Iraq keep the heat on

US Military Deaths in Iraq officially at 3,969

Al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army

Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Comparing the Democratic candidates' health care plans

Ohio, Texas uphill climbs for Clinton

Clinton Soldiers On Despite Setbacks

Clinton is 'honored' - so is she history, too?

Fact Check: Obama's platoon story

When winning the delegates isn't enough

Superdelegates are flocking to Obama

Ohio crowd welcomes Clinton after earlier tragedy: Motorcycle police officer was killed in an accident while escorting between stops - " visited the hospital and expressed my sympathies to his family"

In Their Own Write: Can handwriting analysis of Obama and Clinton reveal their personality traits?

Republican Party

McCain manages to turn political poison into wine

McCain response stuns Times editor

Times article spurs cash surge for John McCain presidential campaign

FEC Warns McCain on Campaign Spending

Allegations Could Help McCain With Conservatives

Secretary of State Rice claims no plan to run for vice president

Rigged Gitmo Trials Prove 9/11 Official Story Wrong: Scant evidence against suspects say prosecutors, yet convictions already assured

Nuclear Enrichment, Proliferation In The News

Iran fails to answer weapons questions - UN body complains

Iran hails UN nuclear report as a victory

North Korea denies uranium enrichment activities: Top U.S. nuclear negotiator Hill

Rice: UN has 'a very strong case' for new sanctions on Iran

Rice wants full NKorean disclosure on uranium, proliferation

MI6 didn't kill Princess Diana, says ex-chief

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan: Bomb Kills 7 Afghan Security Guards

Argentina, Brazil to build joint uranium enrichment plant

Venezuela: Government asks ExxonMobil to talk, drop international legal cases

Kosovo: Divided town a focus for Kosovo's divide

Kosovo independence 'terrible precedent': Moscow predicts the declaration of independence by Kosovo as a "terrible precedent" that will come back to hit the West "in the face"

Serbia: US seeks UN condemnation of attacks in Serbian capital

Sri Lanka: Bus bomb explosion injures 18

India: Chinese incursions due to difference of perception: Indian Army Chief

Somalia: Roadside bomb kills 3 civilians

Spain: ETA bomb explodes at Basque transmission station

In a First, $1.2 Billion Stealth Bomber Crashes: Shortly after take-off in Guam

Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

Clouds gather as 'sulky' Musharraf retreats to bunker: Despite US support, president is isolated in battle for power

President Musharraf may not face the music immediately

Pakistan's two biggest parties should ally- Poll reveals

A PPP-MQM embrace is in the cards

‘Pakistan PM likely named next month’

Pakistan's winning parties urged to restore deposed judges


Israeli - Palestinian War

'Israel's disappearance inevitable': Hizbullah head Hassan Nasrallah

Analysis: Dilemmas posed by a unilaterally declared Palestinian state

"Ready To Deal With The Devil" -- Sdeort Mayor says willing to negotiate with Hamas on end to Qassam fire

10,000 Shoppers Flood Sderot in Solidarity Shopping Spree

IDF nabs senior PFLP member in Nablus

Western Wall Tears: Some tears more important than those shed by paratroopers who liberated Jerusalem

Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) chief calls for inter-Palestinian talks

US plans new aid to Gaza, West Bank: Tens of millions of dollars in new aid next week to ease humanitarian crisis in Palestinian territories

Another Palestinian illusion: Palestinian declaration of independence a mere media spin or pathetic gimmick

Hamas Official Threatens: Abductions of IDF soldiers to continue

Israel Hands Over Bodies of Suicide Bombers to Hamas

PM Olmert and Rice to hold surprise meeting in Japan

PA Terrorists Escape Shechem Jail Helped by PA Prison Guards

Hamas preacher dies in Palestinian lockup

Sexual attacks by 2nd graders not so unusual: Experts say that such incidents among young children are not unusual but part of a growing phenomenon nationwide

Great Britain rules out compulsory DNA database

February 22, 2008




Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

ANALYSIS-Clinton's debate moment: turning point or end game? Hillary Clinton's concluding statement in a televised debate on Thursday drew a standing ovation from the audience and plaudits from analysts

Clinton sees attack lines don't work: Debate ended on the most gracious of notes from Clinton that scored more points than her attacks

Hillary Clinton tries to raise doubts about Obama at debate: Calls his resume' weak

Contentious moments at debate

Clinton Works to Hold Ohio Lead as Obama Attacks on Trade, Jobs

Clinton strives to recover ground: Hillary and Barack spent the first half hour of this debate saying the same thing

Bill Clinton Raises the Stakes of Two Contests Next Month

Obama and the Jews: A quick look at the facts should switch on a big red light in most peoples' minds - His advisers are problematic for Israel

Republican Party

McCain Focuses on Key Midwestern States

How to Handle a Scandal: Strategists Praise McCain's Swift and Aggressive Response to Sex Allegations With Lobbyist Vicki Iseman

How Vicki Iseman became hot-shot lobbyist

New York Times sullies itself with McCain sex scandal story

Huckabee's wife takes a breather at a Vegas fight, rests at Hooters: Could potentially shock the armies of evangelical conservative Christians

U.S. shot raises tensions and worries over satellites


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkish Army Begins Ground Assault on PKK in Iraq: 10,000 soldiers have moved 6km inside Iraq - Turkey has assured the U.S. that the operation would be short-lived

U.S. says Turkish land incursion in Iraq bad news

Iraqi Kurdish troops surround Turkish base: Standoff is the most intense since Turkey vowed to go after rebels seeking shelter in Iraq

Iraqi Cleric Al-Sadr Extends His Shiite Militia's Cease-Fire: Current cease-fire that has enabled coalition forces to concentrate on ridding Iraq of al-Qaeda

Iraq progress, for now

Group of lawyers is to publish evidence that they claim will prove Iraqi prisoners were executed by British troops

Iraqi police detain street people

Defense Secretary Gates hopes to continue Iraq drawdown


Serb mob ignites U.S. Embassy: A massive demonstration over Western support for Kosovo's autonomy ends in rioting

Belgrade Embassy Bombing Infuriates U.S.

Protect embassies, EU tells Serbs

Embassy attack could just be the start, Serb politicians warn

Russia threatens force over Kosovo

Heavy damage but no deaths as 6.0 earthquake strikes northeastern Nevada: Historical district of Wells, Nev., is devastated in the early-morning quake, felt as far away as Southern California

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Pakistan's election winners to work out coalition: Raising the prospect of a government intent on forcing U.S. ally President Pervez Musharraf from power

Pakistani Militants bide for time and turmoil

Limited options for US in Pakistan

Oil tumbles more than $1 on U.S. inventory buildup: Growing inventories offset expectations OPEC could cut output

Industry Experts: Crude prices won't stay at record levels


Israeli - Palestinian War

Prepare for revenge: Mugniyah assassination benefits Israel, but Hizbullah likely to seek revenge

Israel issues hijack alert to all airlines: Fearing Hizbullah retaliation for Imad Mugniyah's death

Brussels: New international court to try Israel for war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza

Report: 2 Palestinian gunmen killed in IDF strike in Gaza

2 rockets hit building near Nahal Oz: Qassams fired from northern Gaza cause damage to Israeli building

10,000 Shabbat shoppers head to embattled Sderot: To show their solidarity for the residents of the beleaguered town


US gives IAEA info on Iran nuke program: But much of it is of doubtful value


February 21, 2008


Navy missile nails toxic spy satellite in the Pacific

China asks US to provide data on shooting down of satellite

Was A Satellite Shootdown Necessary?

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghantistan: 140 killed in 2 days of bombings in Afghanistan

Afghantistan: Army: Senior Taliban figure, caught and wounded in Pakistan

Afghanistan: Afghan city hit by car bomb

Pakistan: Cost of a genocide ignored - There is good reason to fear for the future of Pakistan, the engine room of Islamic terrorism

Pakistan: Pakistan election winners set to hold talks

Pakistan: After election, Musharraf has few good options: Pakistan's president lost his final base of support in Monday's parliamentary election

Pakistan: Political parties in coalition talks

Pakistan: U.S. plug for Musharraf: Pakistan's leader should have a role despite the vote

Pakistan: Musharraf: The impeachment factor

Pakistan: George Bush's vote in Pakistani elections

Sri Lanka: Many killed in Sri Lanka fighting

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

How never to withdraw from Iraq

Iraq truce in peril as attacks on U.S. rise

Anti-US cleric's cease-fire in doubt

Iraqi police ordered to round up mentally disabled to foil al-Qaida

U.S. soldier guilty in killing of unarmed Iraqi man: Convicted of aggravated assault but not guilty of third-degree murder

Blackwater inquiry turns to Baghdad

British Army fury at BBC Panorama claim that British troops mutilated Iraqis after Battle of Danny Boy

Five years after the war began, films on Iraq 'gatecrash' Oscars party

Kuwait runs interference in Iraq war fraud case

NATO closes roads between Kosovo, Serbia


Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Analysis: Clinton heads into homestretch down but not out

Resolute, Clinton says: 'This campaign goes on!'

'Aloha spirit' lifts Obama: Native son's vision of inclusiveness echoes Hawaii's multicultural heritage

Does Obama Have an Asian Problem?

Teamsters union endorses Obama as key votes loom

Michelle Obama's candor cuts 2 ways: Backers delighted, but her critics fume


Republican Party

McCain's links to telecom lobbyist alarmed advisers

McCain: Reports on lobbyist a "smear"

Romney spent $42.3m of own money

California exodus turns to stampede: High taxes drive jobs, people from one state to another


"War On Terror" News

Bush likely to veto waterboarding as torture Bill

Pentagon charges alleged 9/11 planner, seeks death

Five British terrorism convicts freed on appeal: After a three-judge panel headed by the country's most senior judge overturned their convictions

America's heart of darkness: Alex Gibney's Oscar-nominated documentary Taxi to the Dark Side exposes the Bush administration's culpability in the torture and murder of US military detainees

Expert Charges: Saudi Arabian Bankers Fueling Global Islamic Jihad

The unimaginable blood of others: The persistence of murderous hatred has expanded our concept of genocide beyond the Holocaust

Israeli - Palestinian War

Defense Secretary Barak Warns Syria's Assad: Israel to up fight against Hamas, Hizbullah

IDF General Ashkenazi warns of war on the horizon

Jerusalem is stateless in international Monopoly

Lebanon crisis threatens Arab League summit

2 rockets hit building near Nahal Oz: Qassams fired from northern Gaza cause damage to Israeli building; no injuries

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: Level Palestinian town of Beit Hanoun - "Stop acting like Christians - act like Jews"

Open letter to Hamas: Hamas better declare truce, as it may pay heavy price in case of Gaza war

Israel Opposed US Lawmakers’ Offer to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

ZOA President: Mahmoud Abbas is a Fraud - Not interested in Peace


February 20, 2008



Presidential Politics

New Headline News Article: "If Senator Obama Is Elected President, Will We Get A Presidency Like Jimmy Carter?" - The infamous "Misery Index" might stage a comeback!

Democrat Party

Obama's next stop: Texas - Even as Obama racks up states, Hillary's campaign is doing a better job of throwing him off message

Wis. voters give Obama decisive victory: Hillary's imperiled candidacy now hangs on the outcomes in Ohio and Texas

Analysis: Obama continues to chip away at Clinton's base -- Obama leads Clinton in the overall delegate count -- 1,294 to 1,234

Strategy may have cost Clinton win in Wisconsin: Lack of campaigning in state cited as a reason in loss

Bill Clinton admits 'mistake' in Obama criticism

Clinton's struggle vexes feminists: Is Hillary hitting the "ultimate glass ceiling"?

Republican Party

McCain takes lead, targets Obama

McCain claims he's GOP nominee after Wisconsin win

McCain's Not A Conservative, But That's OK - National Review Online: Despite The Senator's Policies, He Is Better Than Democratic Alternative

McCain is sounding a lot like Bush

McCain's Media Mastermind Will Quit if Obama Is Nominated

Bush dynasty backs McCain

McCain Wins Washington State: Huckabee soundly beaten

Editorial: Huckabee Deserves Wary Attention

Mike Huckabee Campaigns in Texas on February 20-22, 2008

Huckabee fails to recognize need to cede: With McCain gathering up the delegates, Huckabee should vie for vice presidential nod

Austin's Huckabee Supporters Rally for "Real Conservatism" - Battle cry for conservatives and Christians

Huckabee: Raul Castro is a “Tyrant and Dictator” Just Like Big Bro Fidel


Strong 7.5 quake strikes near Indonesia's Aceh

Taiwan recognizes Kosovo in move likely to anger China


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Bomb blast kills 3 US soldiers

Iraq: 15 police killed in rocket blast

Suicide bomber claims ten lives in crowded market near the restive city of Baquba north of Baghdad

Australia contemplates pulling out of Iraq

No permanent American bases, says Iraq minister

Iraqi guards' identity mistaken by US Army

McCain's Iraq problem

Singaporean leader warns of Iraq crisis

Heir apparent not clear for influential ayatollah: Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani is said to be in ill health


Israeli - Palestinian War

'If talks continue to stall, Palestinian Authority will declare independence'

Netanyahu Warns: Divided Jerusalem will help Hamas

PM Olmert: We didn't discuss Jerusalem; Palestinians: Yes we did

Iran's President Ahmadinejad: Israel is filthy bacteria

Mughniyeh hit was only the first step: Israel plans more assassinations of key Hamas leaders

Ex-Mossad Chief Urges: Kill Terror-Supporting Heads of State

Israel, US discuss W. Bank NATO troops

Sen. Brownback: PA Idea Doesn't Work, Try Jordan Confederation

Knesset bans smoking at all IDF bases: Political Correctness

American Maj.-Gen. Davis Calls for 'A Totally Different Mindset' in War

U.S. Marine Commander Advocates 'Strong Defense, Feared Offense': Maj.- Gen. Bradley Mark Lott speaks out

Israel's Attorney General: Youths Can Testify Against Police Without Fear

At AOL, the end of an era is near

Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

Pakistanis deal severe defeat to Musharraf in election

Musharraf’s foes circle after election win: Urging him to resign - Musharraf bluntly refused to resign, said he will work with whomever the government selects

Pakistani Poll Defeat Forcing US To Wean Itself Away From President Musharraf

Bhutto party wants Musharraf allies out: Will try to form a coalition government without the pro-Musharraf Pakistan Muslim League (PML)

A Clear Verdict: Pakistani voters have demonstrated their rejection of Musharraf's high-handedness and political cronyism


February 19, 2008


Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

Pakistan Opposition Leads as Voters Reject Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf's party concedes defeat

Musharraf faces hostile government after opposition election victory

Pakistan celebrates a final end to military rule — but what next?

Fidel Castro to step down as Cuba's leader

Castro's Anti-Israel Regime Ends

Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Hillary Clinton hits Barack Obama with plagiarism allegation

Wisconsin Will Test Clinton's Support

Wisconsin vote a blue-collar test for the Democrats: Clinton and Obama vie today for 74 delegates

Clinton and Obama travel a populist route

Democrats focus on economy

Republican Party

Ex-President Bush endorses McCain: Says the GOP front-runner has 'the right values and experience to guide our nation forward.'

A McCain cabinet could bear shades of Teddy Roosevelt

McCain Would Be "Glad to Have" George W. Bush's Help

McCain has shown willingness to attack

Clinton backers may find an alternative named McCain

McCain's Losing Message: He intends to run on positions that most voters reject

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hizbullah planning to murder Israeli minister - To retaliate for the assassination of commander Imad Mugniyah

Damascus Seizes on Mughniyeh Killing for Lebanon Comeback - Wants to repossess Lebanon!.


Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayad says talks moving along too slowly for 2008 deadline

Palestinian Authority insists J'lem under discussion

PM Olmert, PA Chairman Abbas Meeting in Jerusalem

Fortifying Sderot homes against rocket attacks is a low priority -- General Golan

Next war may start over Sderot

Five Kassam rockets hit western Negev

Israel concerned UNIFIL force in Lebanon may shrink

Opposition parties pressure Shas to topple Olmert's coalition

Former Balad party chairman Azmi Bishara charges: "Establishment of Israel 'armed robbery'

Egypt deports 350 Palestinians back to Gaza

Sudanese migrant worker shot dead after trying to cross Israeli border

Bush recognizes Kosovo, says will bring peace

Kosovo Serbs stage street protest over independence declaration

EU splits on Kosovo recognition

Israel won't recognize Kosovo, for now

Kosovo and the law: Kosovo's declaration of independence has turned Russia into the main guardian of international law at the UN

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Deadly confusion at checkpoints: Inability to communicate with U.S. and Iraqi forces makes civilian guards' job perilous

Rockets Kill 5 Near Baghdad Airport

Iraq's new Justice law will not help us: Baathists

Iraqi Medical System Wrecked by War

Admiral: Al Qaeda in Iraq 'killing off' former allies

Monday, February 18, 2008


Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Fired Up and Falling Down: String of Crowd Fainting Incidents Hits Obama Rallies

Jewish functionaries stirring the Clinton-Obama race

Clinton pulling out all stops to stall Obama's momentum: Campaign adopts an assertive tone as March 4 looms

Bill Clinton: Wife's hopes hinge on Texas, Ohio

Former Vice President Al Gore and a number of other senior Democrats plan to remain neutral for now: To keep open the option to broker a peaceful resolution to what they fear could be a bitterly divided convention

Clinton campaign releases populist economic blueprint

Can Hillary Be the Big Cheese in Wisconsin? Clinton Will Leave Wisconsin a Day Early to Focus on Texas

Clinton, Obama prepare for battle in Wisconsin on Tuesday

Weather slows Clinton, Obama campaigns: A brutal winter storm paralyzed the Wisconsin campaign schedules

Chelsea Clinton Talks Policy in Obama Territory

Bill Clinton derides Obama candidacy as ‘smoke and mirrors’

Democratic Candidates Emphasize Need for Unity: Clinton and Obama cooled their rhetoric and reminded Democrats of their fight ahead

World Net Daily Reports: Sleaze charge: 'I took drugs, had homo sex with Obama' -- Minnesota man takes his case to court, YouTube, $100,000 polygraph challenge

Republican Party

Huckabee driving hard in Wisconsin

Huckabee's persistence frustrates some in GOP

Long odds don't faze Huckabee

McCain must weigh Bush's role carefully: President vital for conservative vote

Christian evangelicals send McCain a message — they won't roll over

GOP Ponders Issue Of McCain Veep: Huckabee? Lieberman? Rice? The Need Is To Placate Conservatives, Most Feel Need To Placate Conservatives

Alabama Republicans slow to embrace McCain as nominee

Democratic candidates don’t understand dangers of withdrawing from Iraq: Editorial

Political photography: The illusionists - The camera never lies – or does it? Power of camera manipulation in the political process

Unpopular at home, Bush basks in African praise

Bush touts U.S. aid to fight malaria: Talks of American generosity

Dumb and Dumber: Are Americans Hostile to Knowledge?


Israeli - Palestinian War

Iran: 'Cancerous growth' Israel will soon disappear

Warning to Shas Religious Party: Jerusalem Has Already Been Given Away

'A Jerusalem pullout will hasten our demise': Likud Chairman Binyamin Netanyahu

Palestinian President Abbas: Jerusalem talks mustn't be delayed

Israeli incursion into Gaza Strip kills 4 militants

Israel is considering a large-scale incursion into the Gaza Strip: Could bring in international troops

PM Olmert: IDF has free reign against terrorists

Abbas Aide Charges: Dahlan is trying to oust PA head

U.S. Intel Chief Charges: Hizbullah May Have Killed Mughniyeh

Hamas leader 'Khaled Mashaal Avoided New Assassination Attempts'

Longest landing field in Middle East to be constructed in Nevatim: Israel Air Force base soon to be converted into transport base, complete with 2.5-mile airstrip

Qassam Rocket hits new area; residents 'unprepared’

U.S. and Ukranian Officials Visit Sderot, See Kassam Rocket Damage

Monumental challenge to America: Next president must overcome Mideastern mishaps of Bush Administration - Editorial

Palestinian Authority Defies Israel, Re-Opens PLO Headquarters in Jerusalem

1,000 Africans estimated to have infiltrated Israel in 2 weeks - Most through breached border

Non-Integrating States News - Pakistan

Pakistanis head to the polls: Braving the threat of violence

Pakistani voters in a quandary

Mixed reactions on Pakistan elections

President Musharraf May Face Impeachment After Pakistan Vote

Pakistan's Key Players

Panicked Pakistanis stock up

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Kosovo: Fireworks exploded. Horns were sounded. And so the nation of Kosovo was created

Afghanistan: Death Toll in Sunday's Afghan Blast Rises to 100

Afghanistan: Dozens die in new Afghan bombing - Monday's attack targeted NATO convoy

Afghanistan: Afghan governor warned of plot to kill him

Afghanistan: Taliban denies role in Afghan blast

Kenya: Rice in Nairobi to push for deal

British Chancellor Alistair Darling is due to put forward emergency legislation in Parliament to nationalise the failed Northern Rock Bank

Huge Beef Recall Stems From Calif. Plant: Recall the subject of an animal-abuse investigation - No illnesses have been linked to the newly recalled meat -- undercover video from the Humane Society of the United States surfaced showing crippled and sick animals being shoved with forklifts


Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Antarctic sea rise 'caused by warming'

Snail loss catastrophic for food chain: GLOBAL warming is threatening the future of a tiny marine snail

Plan to slash greenhouse emissions is 'optimistic'


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi officials hope security will last into 2008, allowing concrete walls to be removed

PM Maliki hails Baghdad 'victory'

Is the US really bringing stability to Baghdad?

Female suicide bomber kills 3 in Baghdad Sunday morning - At least 10 more wounded

Crimes in Iraq Must Not Be Forgotten


America - Tied to Bush’s Waterboard


NIU Shooting News

Gunman Called Girlfriend to Say Goodbye

Illinois University killer Steven Kazmierczak 'normal'

Gunman 'somewhat erratic': Questions are raised about a history of mental illness, medications and a recently failed relationship -- "medications may have been anti-depressants"



February 16-17, 2008



NIU Gun Shooting News

Gunman 'somewhat erratic': Questions are raised about a history of mental illness, medications and a recently failed relationship -- "medications may have been anti-depressants"

NIU attack baffles those who knew killer: He's called gentle, sensitive, bright - "Kazmierczak carried four guns, all bought legally from a federally licensed firearms dealer"

Gunman, Virginia Tech shooter used same Web dealer

Campus gunman had failed to take medication before killing five people

Virginia Tech President Expresses His Personal Horror Over Shooting

As students fled danger, medic ran to give help: Student's training may have saved lives

In wake of NIU horror, Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton back arms rights - But both insisted government must do a better job stemming the flow of gun violence


Presidential Politics

Democrat Party

Obama Picks Up Another Labor Endorsement

Clinton, Obama Ratchet Up Attacks: Feuding Extends to Stepped-Up TV Ads

Obama Makes It Tight In Texas

Democrats launch R.I., Vt. ads

Obama 'tough enough,' wife insists in spirited speech at OSU campus

Former President Bill Clinton: Obama Ignores Accomplishments

Wisconsin simmers as Midwest indicator

Republican Party

Bush ‘41’ to Endorse McCain: Former Skull & Bones President says McCain is "a true Conservative"

McCain touts his conservative credentials

McCain: Make Bush tax cuts permanent

Pat Buchanan: At last, John McCain reaches out to the right

Major Media Omits “Maverick” McCain’s Shortcomings

Not such straight talk: John McCain has a reputation for courageous maverick stances and unwavering authenticity. In fact, he is just another cynical Washington flip-flopper

Huck's Hour of Power


CDC Admits Finally: As Viruses Mutate, Flu Vaccine Becomes Inefficient

"Also warned about the virus mutations that turn the current vaccines into inefficient methods to stop the infections ... this year’s flu vaccine is no longer able to cover all the strains of the viruses that have been circulating throughout the United States, and some of the strains have become immune to antiviral medication"


Approaching Dictatorship

US Congress Begins Recess Without Sending Bush Wiretap Bill

Republicans Walk Out of US House of Representatives in Protest

Sharp Exchanges Over Surveillance Law

Democrats' wiretap stance endangers U.S., Bush says

President Bush Begins African Tour


Israeli - Palestinian War

Lebanese daily: Hizbullah raises alertness in south Lebanon

Hezbollah ready for open war with Israel

General Gabi Ashkenazi instructs IDF to be prepared: On both northern and southern borders

Analysts expect Hizbullah to deal 'major blow' to Israel

Gaza operation already in works: Decision on major Gaza incursion already taken; preparations underway

Iran and Syria to probe Hezbollah commander's death

'Non-Arabs arrested in Syria': Suspected of being involved in the assassination of Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh this week

Hizbullah Blames Hamas for Securikty Breach That Led To Mughniyeh Killing

Qassam rocket fire at Israel renewed

UN official 'shocked' by Gaza's state

Hamas to discuss Rafah crossing reopening with Egypt

Earthquake felt along Israel's coast: 5.1, centered in Lebanon

Israel helps find new solar system: "Twin" of our solar system has been discovered


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US platitudes on Iraq: The US government's statements on Iraq are far away from the population's daily experience of violence and lack of security

Al-Qaida regaining some footing

Is the US really bringing stability to Baghdad?

Iraq not progressing at hoped-for pace, says US Admiral

Iraqi cleric's aide cautions against security deal with US: Senior aide to Iraq's top Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Al Sistani

Four killed in suicide bombing at Iraqi mosque

Iraqi forces must "keep fingers on trigger"

Sanctuary in Britain for 1,500 Iraqi interpreters who helped our troops

McCain says pull out from Iraq will lead to 'genocide'

Analysis: Bush's Depleted Uranium Genocide Against The Iraqi People

Satellite shoot-down shows missile muscle

An explosion has rocked the centre of Mexico City, killing at least one man and injuring two other people




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