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May 1-16, 2010
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Obama threatens to 'impose' Palestinian state

Obama pushes Wall Street regulations with popular appeal

Thailand warns of 'live firing zone' near Bangkok protestor's camp

'Inept' US cannot fix Afghanistan: top Saudi prince

Conservative friends rise in support of Kagan

Palin says Obama would ban guns if he could

Immigration Amnesty? Bureaucrats already drawing up plan to implement

Gov't data show solid recovery but concerns remain

Whoops! Google says mistakenly got wireless data



Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama wants light on Wall Street's shadowy deals

Bet on the Greenback to Beat the Euro

Investors rush for cover over Europe worries

Senate backs curbs on credit raters, card fees

Housing Begins to Fade Without Spur

Gov't data show solid recovery but concerns remain

White House summit targets Michigan's auto city hardships

Ford's quality gains boost in public's eye

Ford sales hit skids in Europe

UK airspace may close due to volcanic ash

Feds approve use of underwater dispersants for oil spill

Kyrgyzstan's interim government issues warning to bring to justice those responsible for Friday's deadly clashes in the southern city of Jalalabad


Evangelical leaders 'out on a limb': Several prominent Christian leaders to sign on to a full-page ad calling for a path toward citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants

Look who's headlining Las Vegas tea-party convention! Lou Dobbs

Spanish language Univision forum held on Arizona's immigration law

Pentecostals Join Call for ‘Just’ Immigration Policy: Offers a legal path to citizenship but does not promote amnesty

Arizona immigration law taking some hits in baseball circles: Is it baseball's problem that the state of Arizona has passed a tough immigration law?

Laura Bush, abortion and same-sex marriage: Laura Bush coming out of the closet on her views in favor of abortion and same-sex marriage – just in time to promote her new book

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians again mark the Israel 'catastrophe'

Unfair to lump Israel’s settlers with Hamas as roadblocks to peace

Israel rejects call to talk with Hamas

Israel is disappointed over Russia-Hamas meeting

Russia to sell jets, air defense systems to Syria

Do Scud missiles really matter?

Israeli Apologist Exaggerates Iranian Threat to United States

Barak to Palestinian, Israeli leaders: Stop Jerusalem rhetoric

Is Israel embracing apartheid? Arab viewpoint


Iraq War Not Over Yet

New al-Qaida in Iraq chief vows blood-soaked days

Explosions kill 25, wound over 100 in northern Iraq

Iraq football stadium hit by deadly suicide bombing: Killed 10 people and injured 120

Iraqi and Iranian soldiers trade fire on border

Iran frees Iraqi soldier in border incident

Kurds urge U.S. intervention to end Iraq stalemate

'No fraud found' as Iraq election recount ends

Iraq bombings won't affect withdrawal plans: Sec/State Clinton

Iraqi airmen closer to controlling Taji Tower

In the Iraq War, People Acting Like Animals, and Vice Versa

US 'out of options' on Iran

Iranian cleric wants to see creation of 'Greater Iran' to rule over Mideast, Central Asia

U.S., Britain reaffirm alliance to address common challenges

Sudan army battles Darfur rebels

Ominous signs for US-Pakistan ties

Nigeria, China sign 23 billion dollar refinery deal

Racist film ‘Machete’ produced with taxpayer funds




May 14, 2010

Medical journal warns of 'tidal wave' of mental trauma among servicemen from Iraq and Afghanistan

Venezuelan natural gas platform sinks in Caribbean

Deadly clashes erupt in Bangkok: Tension rises

Failed Times Square plot probe widens to New Jersey

Is Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan Really a Lesbian?

GOP leaders coming over to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's side


Supreme Court News

Alert for military: Here comes Elena!

Kagan's Hero: 'Most liberal activist judge' in world

GOP leaders coming over to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's side

Libertarians say Kagan is bad, but bigger problem exists

South Florida Lesbian Softball League Suddenly Relevant to Elena Kagan Discussion

Gays are wrong to call for Kagan to declare her sexuality

New York AG accused of 'bullying' private employer: Demand for 'cross-dressing rights' takes 'bedroom into workplace'

Jupiter has lost a belt!

LimeWire Crushed in RIAA Infringement Lawsuit


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Crude Falls to Lowest Price in Three Months on Supplies, Euro

ECB's Trichet dismisses inflation fears

Wall Street banks investigated over links to ratings agencies

Greek Riots Threaten to Scare Tourists Key to Economy

Oil falls near $73 amid signs demand may slacken

U.S. Stocks Retreat as European Debt Concern Offsets Bernanke's Optimisitc Forecast

SKorea: Economy can withstand NKorea tensions

Mizuho swings to $2.6B profit on economic recovery

In New York Trip, Obama Is Optimistic on Economy

Obama in Buffalo: tax reform is needed, but a flat tax isn't

"I Need A Freakin' Job" Billboard Greets Obama

Obama taunts critics: "I told you so"

Clashes as Kyrgyz government reclaims local offices

Streets Near Union Square Reopen after Suspicious Vehicle is Called In - Police determine contents not dangerous

FBI raids in Times Square probe: What were they looking for?


Illegal Immigration News

After immigration crackdown, Arizona targets ethnic studies

Is Arizona's ethnic studies ban racist?

Is the Arizona 'ethnic studies' ban a campaign tactic

Sarah Palin rails against Arizona boycott

In Minnesota, immigration status is largely irrelevant

Arizona's Immigration Law: Anger Over Law Reaches Fever Pitch, Though Majority of Americans Support It

Hawaii slams door on 'birthers,' who turn to Obama Social Security number

Laura Bush Supports Gay Marriage, Abortion

Archives -- President Bush Supported 'Civil Unions', which is code word fro 'Gay Marriage'

Where's the oil spill? Model suggests much may be gone

BP Spill May Exceed Estimates: U.S. Congressman

Indonesian police uncover plot to kill president

Israeli - Palestinian War

Defense Minister Barak: Ministers' provocative statements harm Israel's interests

US to fund installation of Israeli rocket defence system

U.S. policy on nuclear Iran underscores bias toward Israel

Being clear about ambiguity: Israeli editorial

Is Syria arming Hezbollah with Scuds?

Israel seeking to ease tension with Lebanon, Syria: Spainish Foreign Minister asserts

Syria: Israel harming ME security

Syria asks Russia to lean on Israel

Russian President Medvedev Warns Assad: Israel intends to use nuclear weapons on Syrian cities

Hamas moving captured IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit, hideout twice every week

Amnesty tells Israel to stop 'harassing' activist

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to arrive in Tehran soon

Iranian Rear Admiral Sayyari: 'Security hinges on regional countries'

Denmark tightens Iran embassy security

Great Britain's new government to stay tough on Iran N-issue


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Iraq toll in Sadr City blast rises to 9

Iraq's new al-Qaida leader vows to continue deadly attacks

Afghan war costs now outpace Iraq's

Senate panel approves money for Afghan, Iraq wars

Death of Kurdish journalist fuels protest in Iraq

Kurds urge U.S. intervention to end Iraq stalemate

Next U.S. Challenge in Iraq: Leaving

Pace of US drawdown from Iraq on schedule: Pentagon reiterates

Iraq strikes deal with US for return of archives


May 13, 2010


Emerging oil rig evidence shows lack of regulation

Poll Reveals: Spill not Obama's Katrina, drilling still OK

Here Comes The Bailout Bailout: European Cental Banks Gobbling Up Portuguese, Irish And Greek Government Bonds

Seymour Hersh: U.S. troops executing prisoners in Afghanistan

Kagan Involved In 9/11 Cover Up

Sens. Kerry and Lieberman introduce compromise climate bill

Turkey’s Pact With Russia Will Give It Nuclear Plant

Council On Foreign Relations Propaganda Video: "It is easier today to kill one million people than to control them" (Zbigniew Brzezinski)


Fascist Global Economy Forming

In Greek Debt Crisis, Some See Parallels to U.S.

Is Morgan Stanley the Next Target in Washington's War on Wall Street?

What is good for Goldman Sachs is bad for the world

Foreclosure filings sink 2 percent from April 2009, first yearly decline in 5 years

Weak small business lending could slow recovery

World stocks rise as growth hopes best debt fears

Oil falls to nearly $75 on weak US crude demand

Here Comes The Bailout Bailout: European Cental Banks Gobbling Up Portuguese, Irish And Greek Government Bonds


Supreme Court News

Kagan keeps up heavy schedule of Hill visits

Ritual Humiliation Ceremonies

Supreme Court nominee Kagan's experience questioned

The Elena Kagan you won't see: Editorial

Elena Kagan’s sexual orientation sparks debate

Kagan slammed own memo during 1st Senate hearing: Obama pick calls her writing 'dumbest thing I ever read'

Kagan backers cite her intellect, foes her slim written record

GOP wants Clinton-era papers on Kagan

Republican Tea Party Hedges on Rejecting "Enemy of the Constitution" Kagan


Is Obama's Presidency Constitutionally Legitimate?

Google hides Obama's Social Security Number story

Obama eligibility 'trial' set to launch: Academics, citizenship to be investigated

Investigators: Obama uses Connecticut Soc. Sec. Number --
3 experts insist White House answer new questions about documentation

Nine accused of accessing president’s student loan records

New Hawaii law makes it legal for state to ignore Obama birth document requests

As we die for BP, our military rots in the wrong Gulf

British NHS 'scaring patients into accepting electronic records database'

Gulf catastrophe should push us beyond petroleum

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: First picture of leak that has caused environmental disaster

BP tries latest fix to cap oil spill

Gulf of Mexico oil spill spawns tide of lawsuits

Obama's White House proposes more funding to bolster oil spill relief

Canada Should Seek ‘Pause’ in Offshore Drilling: Lawmaker Cullen

Thai authorities signal tougher steps to end protests

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel Marks Jerusalem Day, Defends Claim to City

Middle East Talks: US warning on East Jerusalem

IAEA: Pressure on Israel to disclose nukes and to join NPT

Syria accuses Israel of undermining Mideast security

Israel slams Russia's pro-Hamas stance

Israel sees no discord with U.S. on nuclear issue

Netanyahu turns to Bible in tussle over Jerusalem

More bomb blasts rock Baghdad: Two Iraqi soldiers killed

Iranian President Ahmadinejad advises US to leave region

'US knows better than to attack Iran': Iran's Defense Minister

Russia snubs US on Iran S-300 sale to Iran: Sophisticated anti-aircraft system

Pope warns clergy on enduring scandals






May 12, 2010


Kagan: ‘Disappear’ Free Speech If The Government Deems It Offensive

North Korean Government claims to have conducted fusion nuclear reaction

Israel primed for war on Iran: Netanyahu deputy

Abbas: Palestinians not to declare statehood unilaterally

Times Square Fizzle Non-bombing Provides Excuse to Launch Drones in Pakistan

A Democratic Congressman Is Defeated: West Virginia

British PM Cameron to appoint new Cabinet

Catholic recruits and the priest's sex abuse scandal

New Philippines President, Senator Benigno Aquino, facing multiple challenges

Philippines business leaders welcome Aquino's election

Thailand's anti-Government protestors target deputy Prime Minister

Big oil to get more grilling as oil gushes in Gulf

Hurricane could worsen US oil spill

BP’s Dispersant Strategy on Spill Veers Into Uncharted Science

China's Soul Searching as School Knifings Continue


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Morgan Stanley probed by Federal authorities

Goldman Sachs in settlement talks with SEC

Greek Q1 GDP shrinks 0.8 pct, worse expected to come

British markets buoyed by new government, await fiscal detail

Bank Of England Signals Policy On Hold, Aggressive Fiscal Tightening Key

US Exposure to EU Bailout Is Big But Risk Is Limited

GM Considering A Return to Auto Lending

Wall Street Poised For Lackluster Opening


Supreme Court News

Senators to query Kagan, but don't expect answers

Questions for Kagan: Why isn't she married? And: Is Kagan a lesbian?

Is Elena Kagan gay or straight?

Gay rights central to Elena Kagan fight

Kagan: Anything but impartial

Elena Kagan "Honored and Humbled" by Supreme Court Nomination

Kagan's Unusually Thin Paper Trail Poses Challenge for Judiciary Committee

Elena Kagan is miles away from mainstream America

In Kagan stance on military, a complex history

Fearful GOP Incumbents May Go To The Mat On Kagan: Virtually all Republicans looking over their shoulders at tea-party movement

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel primed for war on Iran: Netanyahu deputy

Abbas: Palestinians not to declare statehood unilaterally

Israel celebrates Jerusalem Day for 'unified' city

Obama Vows to Hold Israel, Palestinians 'Accountable' During Indirect Talks

Israel says seized North Korean arms were for Hamas, Hezbollah

N Korea Shipping WMDs To Syria, Hamas: Israel

Russia's president urges active US role in Mideast peace process

Israeli opposition makes coalition overtures as peace talks begin

Israel finds 2,000-year bridge, aqueduct in Jerusalem

Nobody wants war, but Israel-Lebanon border is heating up

Israel urges global community to crack down on state-sponsored terrorism

Palestinians disappointed at Israel's new membership in OECD

Israel always changing list of 'hostile agents'


Is Obama Eligible To Be President?

Investigators: Obama using Connecticut Soc. Sec. Number: 3 experts insist White House answer new questions about documentation

Eligibility lawyer to become election favorite? Taitz seeking position as secretary of state to audit Obama's credentials

Hey, Obama: Where's the report card?

One of Obama's closest friends is part of federal probe

Volcanic Ash Shuts 7 Airports in Spain

US, Afghanistan Reaffirm Partnership After Discord

Are free markets good for the poor?

Team Obama 'hollowing out' U.S. forces: Security advocates warn world will 'become a more dangerous place

John McCain Border Shift: 'Complete Danged Fence': In New Ariz. Senate Race Ad, McCain Supports Border Barrier He Once Criticized

Democrats poised to move measures with high price tags

Bloomberg Wants 'Big Brother Britain' For NYC - Mayor In London, Meets With Police Chief And Examine City's Security System Consisting Of 500,000 Cameras


May 11, 2010

Israel 'already in war with Iran'

White House aims to use Deepwater disaster to win votes for US climate bill

Obama taps Kagan to give High Court historic 3rd female

20 Signs The United States Is Rapidly Becoming A Totalitarian Big Brother Police State

GORDON Brown has sensationally revealed he will quit as British Labour leader

Bankers, Economists: Mass Centralization At Heart Of Euro Bailout

Anti-war 9/11 families oppose Holder proposal to modify Miranda

Proposed Law would empower Hillary Clinton to revoke citizenship of whoever she deems terrorists

Militarization of Outer Space: The Pentagon's "Space Warriors"


Supreme Court News

Elena Kagan: Wall Street’s Supreme Court Pick

Abortion could be sleeper issue in Supreme Court confirmation process

Elena Kagan started Harvard environmental law program

Kagan has presumption of court confirmation

Kagan's Legal Record Portrays a Cautious Liberal

'Don't ask, don't tell' a flash point on Kagan: Positioned her 'to the left of even the (Supreme) Court's most liberal justices on the issue of gay rights and the First Amendment'."

President Obama to Senate: Act fast - First nominee without any judicial experience in 40 years

Obama's court choice may see smoother sailing than Governor Christie's

BP to try again to cap oil gushing into Gulf of Mexico

Mapping BP's oil spill

Stakes Are High Along the Louisiana Coast

Oil executives face U.S. Congress on Gulf spill


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Bankers, Economists: Mass Centralization At Heart Of Euro Bailout - "vastly empowered European Central Bank and European Union"

Germany Approves Euro Rescue Package

Greek crisis gives Asia central banks cause to pause

Euro falls as market doubts rescue package

Is The Greek Debt Crisis Being Purposely Hyped And Manipulated?

Toyota quarterly profit $1.2 bln as sales recover

Toyota faces new probe

Chrysler speeds up its plans for new vehicles

White House's Bloom: Automakers on the right track

High Frequency Terrorism: How the Big Banks and Federal Reserve Maintained Their Death Grip Over the United States

Death Toll for devastating Iraq attacks rises to 119

U.S. missiles kill at least 14 in Pakistan

Two US-led forces killed in Afghanistan

NATO chopper downed in Afghanistan

Iran wants fuel swap on own soil

Iran says it warned off U.S. plane near maneuvers

Israeli - Palestinian War

US, Israel hold aerial war game in Germany

Ya'alon: Israel has know-how to hit Iran

OECD Accepts Israel as Member: Organization for Economic Cooperation of Developed Nations

Russian, Syrian presidents hold talks in Damascus: Could discuss Israel

Israel insists on defying building freeze

Lebanese 'moderates' back Hizballah, say no peace with Israel

Two Arab citizens of Israel accused of spying for Hezbollah

U.S. urges caution for Israel-Palestinian talks

Israel sees no discord with U.S. on nuclear issue

Taiwanese ship seized in Indian Ocean: By Somali Pirates

Volcano ash continues to disrupt air travel

Could marijuana financially save California?



May 10, 2010


Bilderberg Manipulated Stock Market Crash: Market Manipulation at work

Obama to name Elena Kagan to Supreme Court

Russian President Medvedev Warns: Chances of new World War exist

911 Aftermath: Hijacking the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

EU Creates $1 Trillion Package to Save Euro

Senator Reid seeks to fast-track financial overhaul bill

Chinese Vice Premier calls for int'l cooperation on green economy

Secretary of State Clinton: Pakistan would face 'very severe consequences' if successful terror attack traced back

Experts say NKorean sub likely sank SKorean warship: Seoul wonders how it was caught off-guard


Supreme Court News

Obama to nominate Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

Kagan had rapid ascent to high court nomination

Biographical information on Elena Kagan

Kagan in Context: Shafting Progressive Values - Editorial - Kagan will move the High Court rightward

Elena Kagan: Obama's safe yet daring Supreme Court pick: Rumor that Kagan may be Lesbian

Fascist Global Economy Forming

EU Crafts $962 Billion Show of Force to Halt Crisis

World Races to Avert Crisis in Europe

Rescue plan sparks stocks rally, euro gains

Asian Markets Rebound on E.U. Rescue Package

Message of ‘shock and awe’ sent to markets

Goldman Sachs Robbed the EU By Way of Greece: Goldman Sachs has "shorted" the Euro

US official says more fines for Toyota possible


White House doesn't rule out sabotage in Thursday's wild Wall Street plunge: Sabotage or Markmet Manipulation

Nasdaq adds 12 stocks to list of canceled trades: Following Thursday's sudden market plunge

No end in sight to spill as BP costs mount

Blame game has no end in sight: BP is pointing finger at contractors

Oil dropping to $65 a barrel may sound alarm bells for OPEC

British coalition talks continue as parties focus on deficit

Russian show of force on Victory Day: Celebrating the victory 65 years ago over Adolf Hitler and fascism

Chinese, Russian leaders seek enhanced bilateral strategic ties

U.S. has 71 million unused swine flu vaccine doses

H1N1 Fears Led to Overcrowded ERs: Last year's Swine Flu scare had people rushing for care even before the disease appeared


Illegal Immigration Leads Directly To NAFTA

ALIPAC Activists Help Spread Arizona Law to 12 More States

Poll: 70% support Arizona immigration law

Sen. Reid will not commit to reforming immigration this year

Arizona governor fires back at Obama over immigration law

Illegal Immigrants' Cost to Government Studied: Over $10 billion per year

Mexico's illegals laws tougher than Arizona's

Obama's Threat to Launch a Nuclear Attack on Iran

Iran wants US nukes dismantled

Israeli - Palestinian War

Peres' message to Syria: Israel does not want war

Hezbollah says it's ready for fresh war with Israel – and stronger now

Syria: Search Israel for nuclear weapons

Israel: East Jerusalem building will proceed

New rocket attack against Israel from Gaza

Israel gets accepted into OECD after unanimous vote: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Hamas offers amnesty to 'Israel collaborators'

Barak: Israel's international standing faces long-term deterioration

Palestinians report first Israeli violation of peace talks to U.S.


Gunmen, bombs kill 30 in broad assault in Iraq

Texas soldier dead in Iraq

Bombs planted in home of policeman kill 3 in Iraq

Turkish army strikes Kurdish rebel targets in Iraq

US cannot afford another Afghanistan or Iraq: US Defence Secretary Gates Warns

Factbox: A look at costs of Afghan war to U.S. taxpayers


May 8-9, 2010


New regulations likely as U.S. probes big stock dive

Market Plunge Baffles Wall Street: Trading Glitch Suspected in 'Mayhem' as Dow Falls Nearly 1,000

EU to Set Up Fund to Prevent Spread of Greek Crisis

National Fox News Poll: Arizona Was Right to Take Action on Immigration

Obama Court pick imminent, Kagan called favorite

Iran positive on fresh nuclear talks with West

Obama: New Health Law Already Benefiting Patients, Employers

PLO convenes, to agree peace talks with Israel

Gulf Oil Crisis News

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: The solution has been in the works for months: the time is now for the Senate to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation

Dome' placed over oil well in a step to contain leak

We Need an Independent Commission for the BP Oil Spill: Editorial by Rep. Capps

Naperville firm creates chemical to fight Gulf spill

Do We Really Care About the Oil Spill?

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Burst of hiring aids recovery

Judge clears General Growth bankruptcy exit plan

Chrysler to Reward Dealers

Cheaper gasoline prices may be just down the road

Consumer borrowing posts unexpected rise in March

FDIC shuts banks in Fla., Minn., Ariz., Calif.

Say It Ain't So, Joe (Lieberman): Senator intends to introduce legislation to strip terrorists of their United States citizenship in wake of failed car bombing in NYC

Senator Scott Brown wants citizenship revoked for terror ties

Failed NY bomb attempt puts security on Obama agenda


States' Rights vs Federal Government

Arizona law sparks states' rights revolution: Citizens finally lose patience waiting for Washington to secure border

National Fox News Poll: Arizona Was Right to Take Action on Immigration

The overwhelming public support of immigration reform

Arizona immigration law strikes a nerve in Tulare County

Small Arizona businesses more vocal on immigration flap

National tea party activists to rally at Diablo Stadium to support immigration law, local businesses

Oklahoma Governor is wary about open carry, immigration

Phoenix Suns showed guts in taking stand against Arizona immigration law

AZ "Sheriff Joe" wants similar immigration law in Nevada

Suddenly, Florida Senate Candidate Rubio likes Arizona's immigration law: "Immigration needs to be a federal issue, not a state one"

Key U.S. senator calls climate bill's passage 'impossible'

Sponsors still plan to introduce climate change bill

Israeli - Palestinian War

MK Ezra Warns: Netanyahu, Abbas too weak to make peace

Another missed opportunity? Over the years, not even one Palestinian leader truly wanted to end conflict

Did the Palestinians Reject Great Israeli Offers?

Palestinians Claim: Israel will make every effort to thwart talks

Lebanon won't ask Hezbollah to disarm

Syria: Scud warning is a 'slander campaign - Foreign minister accuses US of using same method with Syria as it did with Iraq before war

IAEA set to focus on Israel's nuke program

PA Tells Residents: Stop Working at 'Settlements'

British Liberal Democrats mull pact with Conservatives

Birth Control Pill Turns 50 Tomorrow

CNN places Obama's eligibility in primetime spotlight

Mainstream Media: Tens of millions doubt Obama eligibility - Washington Post/ABC affirms 1 in 7 Dems believe he was born in another country

Industry plan could put more porn on the Web: Regulators considering creation of specialized dot-xxx domain

May 7, 2010


Stock Market Writhes

Wild day on Wall Street leaves electronic exchanges under scrutiny: Thursday's dramatic gyrations added fuel to the biggest policy debate in Washington: how to regulate Wall Street

A great day to ignore the stock market

High-Speed Trading Glitch Potentially Costs Investors Billions

US probes shock share plunge after market panic

20-minute panic plunge stuns Wall Street

Time to take a deep breath: repeat three times: Knee-jerk, reactive portfolio changes are often the wrong changes

World Markets on edge after Dow plunge

Good Economic News

April Jobs Forecast? Brighter Horizon But Still Some Clouds - Analysts Expect Nation's Employers Added Around 190,000 Jobs Last Month

More confident employers stepped up job creation in April, expanding payrolls by 290,000, the most in four years

Stocks slip after wild day: Marginally down

German Lawmakers Approve Greek Rescue

Oil drops to just above $77: Was at an 18-month high of $87.15 on Monday -- $10 per gallon drop in a few days!

Great Britain faces hung parliament despite Conservative gains

Times Square suspect 'inspired by radical cleric with links to Christmas Day plot and Fort Hood shootings'

Taleban disown Times Square ‘Idiot Bomber’

Plan for Congressional Audits of Fed Dies in Senate

BP hopes giant steel dome will stem US Gulf leak


Terrorism News

FBI ‘lost’ Times Square suspect Faisal Shahzad before flight

NYC bomb suspect had clear background

Faisal, an embarrassment for Pakistani-Americans

NY car bomb suspect believed to act alone in US

Bomb Attempt Puts U.S.-Pakistan Ties In Spotlight

Investigators seek money courier in NYC bomb plot

US tones down tirade against Pakistan

Greece on brink of abyss as three bank workers killed in riots


States' Rights vs Federal Government

Arizona Illegal Immigration Law Leads Feds To Consider Rare Legal Battle: States' rights vs Federal Government

Two local police officers combat Arizona immigration law

Crime riles Arizonans bent on immigration crackdown

Key Democrat Senator chides Obama as pressure rises on immigration

Obama: Start work 'this year' on illegal immigration reform

New AZ immigration bill old hat for 'Sheriff Joe'

Stupid' law or 'soul' of the US? By Mark LeVine

Hopefully, Arizona bill will incite wider reform

House Passes Cash for Caulkers Stimulus Bill

Bank Tax Needs More Study, Says Levin

North Korea's Kim leaves China after affirming nuke talks

N Korea 'wants denuclearisation'

Irish airports reopen despite Atlantic ash cloud

NATO: 2 service members killed in Afghanistan

Israeli - Palestinian War

Peres Tells Mitchell: Israel's security must top agenda of peace talks

New initiative: European Jews want pressure on Israel - Pushing division of Israel and two-state agenda

Israel's false promises: Arab viewpoint

Israel needs a new nuclear policy: Jewish editorial

Pro-Israel Group Official Says Buzz About Obama

Administration Signing Off on Nuclear-Free Middle East Not A Big Deal

Five New Dubai assassination suspects identified

Are Lebanon and Israel Headed for Another War?

IAF Official Warns: Israel's anti-missile systems are insufficient

Wiesenthal's PR Exercise To Counter 'Anti-Israel Lies'

Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) News

Breakdown just avoided: Arab editorial

Iran invites UN Security Council members to dinner in NYC

Iran steps up diplomatic offensive

UN nuclear watchdog puts pressure on Israel

Officials: White House reviving Russia civilian nuke deal

China Reaffirms Unconditional No First Use of Nuclear Weapons

The FCC's plan to reclassify broadband


May 6, 2010

Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin

Michelle Obama: Barack Obama Is “Kenyan”

New York bomb suspect was not a terrorist, says father

Obama: 'Begin' Immigration Reform This Year

Iran Agrees 'In Principle' to Mediation in Nuclear Deal

Is the War in Afghanistan Justified by 9/11? Answer is emphatic "NO"

New U.S. Push to Regulate Internet Access

Overpopulation is a Myth

2 Day Drill Will Simulate WMD Attack On Sioux Falls

China, Russia Address Nuclear Non- Proliferation (NPT) Conference

NPT Conference to Discuss Iran, Mideast Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone

IAEA chief focuses on Israel: Trying to persuade Israel to sign the NPT agreement

Jonathan Sworn in as New Nigerian President: Just hours after the elected president, Umaru Yar'Adua, died following a long illness

India gives death penalty to gunman in Mumbai terrorist attack


Terrorism News

Prosecuting a Tortured Child: Obama's Guantanamo Legacy

NYC bomb suspect had clear background

New York bomb suspect was not a terrorist, says father

Day before bombing, Shahzad made dry run in Manhattan: Law enforcement source alleges

Which Pakistani group inspired Times Square suspect?

NYPD X-rays suspicious truck at bridge, clears it

Kent State Killings Said To Be Triggered by FBI Agent Provocateur

Fascist Global Economy Forming

The Federal Reserve Must Be Audited: The Fraudulent Practices Abound

At least 3 killed as protestors storm parliament in Greece

Greece's austerity measures

Stock futures rise though Greece remains a concern

European markets regain poise as eyes turn to European Central Bank

Senate OKs ban on use of taxpayer funds in bank bailouts: But drops a proposed $50-billion fund to cover costs of liquidating firms

Republicans want to lift bank swaps ban: Senator - Banks would be allowed to keep their lucrative swaps-trading desks under a softened set of regulations

Feds let BP avoid filing emergency blowout plan for Gulf rig

Bid to enact energy bill might survive Gulf oil spill

BP: oil leak will be stopped, but can't say when

Containment dome shipped out to capture leaking oil

Tide turns in favour of oil spill clean-up effort

Oil spill costs: What will BP really pay?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Washington Post editorial warns Obama against pressuring Israel

Syria: No war expected; Arabs are acting responsibly

UN has 'no evidence' of Hezbollah Scud smuggling

Palestinian Official: Israel is avoiding negotiations

Proximity talks a waste of time

Labor MK Demands: Put a Woman in 'Proximity' Negotiation Team

Turks Help Hamas Welcome Anti-Israel Ships

Minister of Construction and Housing Attias Admits: No Housing Marketed in J'lem Since December

Palestinian Authority to Open Offices Illegally in Jerusalem


May 5, 2010

Police cameras to flood Manhattan to prevent future terror attacks

Times Square Eyewitness: Bomb Scare Looked Like Drill

Pakistan doubts Taliban Times Square bomb claim

White House charm offensive pays off: Wiesel says tension is ‘gone’

Democrats yield on $50b fund in financial overhaul bill

Volcanic ash continues to disrupt air travel

Iran accepts Brazil mediation to revive atom deal

China in the catbird seat on Iran

Obama's election spurs blacks to run as Republicans

Pope Benedict says Shroud of Turin is the authentic burial robe of Jesus

Phillies Fan is Tasered: Why police are using Tasers more often

Federal court in California limits police use of Tasers

Are stun guns too deadly? Louisiana case adds to debate - A grand jury will decide whether to bring murder charges against a police officer

Britain abuzz over a new plan to arm bobbies with Tasers

Luggage explosion causes scare at Houston airport: A small explosion that was a "nonevent"


Times Square Bomb: We will not be cowed, says Barack Obama

Security slip let suspect on plane, near takeoff

New York plot suspect to be charged with terrorism

NY bomb suspect said to admit plot, Pakistan training

Times Square bomb plot: Don't rush to judgment (British editorial)

UK 'blocking' Mossad's return to London: Official reportedly prevented from taking up embassy post after Israel refuses to commit itself not to misuse British passports

Dutch queen in security scare at war memorial

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Financial regulations still face delays, disputes

Merkel Urges German Parliament to Back Greece Aid

World stocks down again on Europe debt concerns

EU tries to calm market fears over debt crisis

General strike hits indebted Greece over new cuts

Buffett backs Goldman Sachs

BMW posts $424.1 million Q1 net profit

Oil falls to near $82 as US crude supplies rise

DC Council Approves Medical Marijuana

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel says ready for proximity talks

U.S. envoy Mitchell arrives for Israeli-Palestinian talks

Obama Advisor: Jerusalem issue will be negotiated only at end of proximity talks

Abbas Tells CNN: Proximity talks will fail if Israel build in settlements

If Israeli-Palestinian peace talks resume, Israel plans to highlight government-sponsored incitement

Israel considers wider Palestinian control in West Bank

Israel cracks down on PA forces

Arab states spotlight Israel at UN's nuclear meeting

Syria gave advanced M-600 missiles to Hezbollah, defense officials claim



Iraq War Not Over Yet

Checkpoints are back as Iraq tries to cope with new suicide terror campaign

Qaeda claims attacks on Iraq TV executive, anti-terror chief

Iraq arrests network suspected in embassy bombings: Suicide car bombings in April against three embassies in Baghdad, which killed 46 people

Iraq's Shiites unite to try to form new government

Sunnis warn over Iraq's new Shiite alliance

Iraq begins Baghdad vote recount requested by PM Maliki

Pope Benedict XVI offers condolences for murder of Christians in Iraq

British Conservatives play the Iraq card by releasing video of 2003 Blair broadcast

Obama extends sanctions on Syria for one year

School sued after teachers hide in closets to pray: ACLU-designed consent decree banning 'bless you' targeted


May 4, 2010

Times Square bomb suspect arrested 'at last second'

White House Classifies Times Square Incident as Act of Terror --- Eyeing foreign link to incompetant bomb plot

BP Aims to Stop Gulf Oil Well Leak by Installing Valve

U.S. Gulf Coast refining not disrupted by oil spill

Obama administration discloses size of U.S. nuclear arsenal: Has 5,113 nukes

Buses of Christian Students Bombed in Iraq: Four killed, 171 wounded

Abbas wary over planned talks with Israel

Judge orders release of 9 Hutaree militia members

More Volcanic Ash Closes Irish, UK Airports; Summer Chaos Feared

U.S. arrests Pakistani-American over failed car bomb

Italy investigates report baby lived through abortion: Living for "a whole day" after having been left to die by hospital staff

California Governor Schwarzenegger ends support for offshore drilling

Despite plan, not a single fire boom on hand on Gulf Coast at time of oil spill

BP told to stop circulating settlement agreements with coastal Alabamians: Essentially require that people give up the right to sue in exchange for payment of up to $5,000

Facebook is now sharing your personal profile information with third parties: Automatically sharing that information, without your consent

States want to share patient Rx use to ":curb abuse"


Gulf Oil Spill: BP Enlists Hard-Hit Fishermen in Cleanup


May 3, 2010

White House Classifies Times Square Incident as Act of Terror --- Eyeing foreign link to incompetant bomb plot

Pakistan Taliban leader 'killed by CIA drone' surfaces on internet to threaten U.S.

U.S. Gulf Coast refining not disrupted by oil spill

BP pledges to pay for spill's cleanup, damages

Stronger economic reports pull stocks sharply higher

Sec/State Clinton to Reveal State Secret: the Size of U.S. Nuclear Arsenal

"Israeli Officials: Obama to call world summit if Mideast peace talks fail"

"U.S. President Barack Obama has told several European leaders that if Israeli-Palestinian talks remain stalemated into September or October, he will convene an international summit on achieving Mideast peace."

"The officials said the conference would be run by the Quartet of Middle East peacemakers - the United States, European Union, United Nations and Russia - in a bid to forge a united global front for creating a Palestinian state."

NOTE: David Brennan presents strong evidences that the "Four Horns" foretold in Zechariah 1:18-21 to be scattering Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem are the four nations of the "Quartet"! As the nations of the world gather to remove the Jew from portions of God's promised Holy Land, the international group dubbed the Quartet is leading the effort. And, the same prophetic Scripture warns of God's judgment against those nations attempting to divide Israel. Your view of current events might never be the same! https://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=2207

Today's News

Another week at least of unabated leaking Gulf oil geyser

Ahmadinejad Defiant: Iran does not need to gain West's trust

Sec/State Clinton Warns: Syria's provocations may plunge Middle East into war

The US And Israel Are Now Enemies

'Absolutely, there will be more attacks in New York': Muslim extremist warns America: Times Square just the beginning

Hillary Clinton says not interested in Supreme Court job

Persona non grata: NY prepares for Ahmadinejad

Fascist Global Economy Forming

United, Continental Agree to Combine: $3 Billion-Plus Deal Will Create World's Largest Airline

Pressure Will Rise for Other Airline Mergers

Global Airline Industry Recovering

Auto Sales Rose in April

Now It's a European Banking Crisis

3 days: 30,000 anti-amnesty pledges hit Senate


NY police defuse car bomb in Times Square Saturday night

NY street vendors praised for spotting car bomb

Failed NY bomb may be terrorist act: Homeland Security Chief Napolitano

Pakistani Taliban Claims Responsibility For Times Square Bomb Attempt: New York City's police commissioner says there's no evidence of a Taliban link

Local NYC Channel Reports: Failed Bomb At Times Square Was A "Diversion" For Massive Explosion

Subway systems offer bull's-eye to terror: Underground attacks 'are ideal. They bring the whole city to a halt'

Pittsburgh Marathon Course Altered by Bomb Scare: Police found an explosive device near the course of the Pittsburgh Marathon

Israeli - Palestinian War

Indirect Mideast peace talks - a highway to failure

Mideast talks to start 'within days'

Obama’s Nuclear Gains Face Middle East, Iran Hurdles at UN

Israeli President Peres says North Korea smuggling arms to Iran

Israel - Iran Closes In

U.S.-IDF relations are much warmer than U.S.-Israel ties

No Sign Syrian Scuds Moved to Lebanon - U.S. Officials

Iran sows Syrian fear of war with Israel - Netanyahu

Netanyahu, Mubarak Meet on Palestinian Talks

Bombs target Baghdad buses carrying university students

17 caught in search for Ariz. deputy's attackers: 'The unsecured border poses a very real and very immediate danger'

White House defends oil spill response

Mississippi Democrat Compares Oil Leak to Spilled ‘Chocolate Milk’

DOD: 3 more states want federal Guard mobilization: Alabama, Florida and Mississippi have requested the federal mobilization of National Guard troops to aid clean-up efforts along the Gulf Coast

In ironic twist, BP was a finalist for pollution prevention award

Creepy Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty Ad: ‘We Do Know Who You Are’ - Trying to scare compliance


May 1-2, 2010

BP plan deemed major spill from Gulf well unlikely

Obama to Visit Scene of Oil Spill

US, Egypt negotiate Mideast nuclear-free zone:

US is the root of global terror: Ahmadinejad

Thousands of angry Greeks march against austerity

Business Spending Propels Economic Recovery

Several Governors Come Out Against Arizona Law

Opinion polls show broad support for tough Arizona immigration law

Democrats' immigration plan shows shift toward Republican views

Linda Ronstadt joins group filing suit against Arizona law

Governor Crist Plots Incursion Into Democratic Base

What Charlie Crist's independent bid says about the GOP – and Crist himself

Obama Prods Economic Team to Stay: White House Seeks Continuity to Help Tackle Budget, Tax and Deficit Issues After Midterm Elections

Homeless Camp Vacated Ahead of Obama Visit

Chinese explorers stand by claim of Noah's Ark find in Turkey

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: How bad is it?

Belgium: Burga veil ban passes with widespread support

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