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July 8, 2006
Thursday, July 13, 2006

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Israeli - Palestinian War

Crisis Escalating Dramatically

Kidnappings deal strategic blow

Eight IDF soldiers killed, 2 kidnapped on northern frontier on Wednesday: In meticulously-planned attack by the Hizbullah

"Act of war"in Mideast: Hezbollah raid leads Israel to bomb Lebanon

Palestinians welcome Hizbullah attack

Israel attacks Beirut airport: Israeli town hit with 60 rockets in reprisal

Israel Imposing Air and Sea Blockade on Lebanon

IDF warns civilians in south Beirut to leave homes

Nine of a family among 23 killed in Israeli raid

One Jewish woman dead in Nahariya Katyusha attack

Jewish Residents flee a city under rocket attack

Kassam terror rocket fired from Gaza, no damage

Bomb Destroys Palestinian Foreign Ministry

Syria blames Israel for escalation

Hamas Leader Badly Hurt in Israeli Bombing: Underwent four hours of spinal surgery Wednesday after being wounded in an Israeli airstrike

Democrats New Video "America Needs a New Direction" Shows Soldiers Coming Home In Coffins

Editorial: A Pre-Redemptive Nuclear Weapons Policy -- "It seems that the ‘nuclear torch’ for the ‘wrong side of history’ has now been passed-on to President Bush"

Editorial: American policy in Middle East caught in 'a perfect storm'

Editorial: Bush faces a world of hurt

US unveils emergency alert system for mobile phones, computers

Global warming 'will cancel out Western aid and devastate Africa'

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Iraqi gunmen kill 20 of 24 kidnapped; four are freed

Baghdad insecurity: Iraqi voices - Thousands of Iraqis are fleeing the capital every day

Wave of violence in Baghdad puts 3-Day death toll past 100

U.S. ambassador to Iraq gives Iraq 6 months to curb sectarian fighting

US Army ends Halliburton deal in Iraq

Rummy's Disease: The Delusions Are Highly Contagious

Saddam on hunger strike: US military

Road to victory in Iraq 'unclear,' US auditors conclude


Russia and China agree to seek UN resolution on Iran

Paralyzed man moves computer cursor through thought

Afghan army must be five times larger: Defence Minister

Russia, China tone it down for N. Korea

Bush administration seeks Congress' nod for detainee trials: Supreme Court ruled against the military panels, but the president appears to believe an OK from lawmakers fixes that

Bush May Discuss Gitmo Prison Issue in Germany

News Analysis: Bush seems to take step back on terrorism and presidential power

Scores detained over Mumbai bombings: Indian security agencies become very aggressive

RUSSIA'S RETURN: A Former Superpower Rises Again

Russia, U.S. Launch Dialogue on Terrorism, WMD — U.S. Official

US Democrats Join Chorus Urging President Bush to Delay Russia’s WTO Deal

U.S. Says Will Urge Russia to Rethink Fighter Jet Sales to Venezuela


Depleted Uranium Poisoning Polluting Europe

Diabetes and Depleted Uranium - Linkage Confirmed

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Terrorism Strikes India On 7/11

Mumbai, India, back at work after bomb blasts that killed 183

Bush slams 7/11 terror attacks, shows solidarity with India

Mumbai attacks: A new spiral of violence

Police Following Leads in Bombay Bombings

World leaders condemn blasts

NY subway security heightened after India blasts

Rice urged US lawmakers on Tuesday to approve the Indo-US nuclear deal by the end of this month

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Rice says powers forced to take UN action on Iran

Iran pleads for time in nuclear talks

Editorial: US's zero-sum diplomacy toward Iran -- "zero-sum pseudo-diplomacy bound to fail"

Non-Integrating States News - North Korea

Rifts widen among member nations of the six-party talks over North Korea

Satellite photos detect activity at North Korea missile bases

N. Korea missile status unclear

China drafts UN statement on North Korea

North Korea sets conditions for return to talks

Republican says US readying crackdown on leaks to media

Novak Says He Named 3 Sources in Leak Case

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hizbollah says its forces captured two more Israeli soldiers

PM Olmert declares Hizbullah attack 'act of war' by Lebanon

'Olmert was ready to free prisoners'

IDF operating in Lebanon; Hizbullah: We destroyed tank -- Israel on Wednesday faced a double nightmare

Post-kidnapping: IDF may call reserves

Israel rejects Lebanese cease-fire call

Israelis Kill 6 in Attack on Hamas Meeting Of Top Commanders

Muhammad Deif wounded in IAF strike

'West Bank rocket war': Terror leader announces start of barrage nearing Israel's main population centers

Abbas 'emergency meeting' in Jordan exposed: Leader summoned to discuss West Bank rocket attacks, new funding to Hamas

Displaced Palestinians find UN refuge in Gaza

Palestinian Chairman Abbas threatens to resign

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq

Iraq PM Warns: Insurgents Trying to Split Baghdad

U.S. troops quiz Rumsfeld in Iraq: Defense Secretary unexpectedly flies into Balad base

Wave of Violence in Baghdad Puts 3-Day Death Toll Past 100

Suicide bomber kills 7 in Baghdad restaurant

Iraqi government called on carpet over surging violence

U.S. Government Accountability Office Report Criticizes Bush Administration Strategy in Iraq

Experts: Iraq Likely to Become Major US Election Issue

Pentagon breaks with Bush on detentions: Bush administration was facing the collapse of its detention regime in the war on terror

Supreme Court Ruling takes away Geneva ambiguity from The Pentagon

News Analyis: Bush takes a step back on detainees

Warning: US stays the course on detainees after all -- Critics are worried that it's all a public relations exercise and that it will be business as usual for suspects held in the "war on terror"

Wildfire Rages in California Desert

Wealthiest countries at bottom of list of happiest societies

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

UK to send more troops to Afghanistan

Suicide bomber kills self, child in Afghan attack

Somali warlord surrenders to Islamists, 140 dead: Was the last of an alliance of US-backed warlords who called themselves an anti-terrorism group

Sri Lanka attacks kill four, more violence seen

World Bank aid 'can help Ethiopia prosper'

Congo Police Break Up Election Protest

Quran Shot Up, Left At Mosque In MySpace Video

State Dept. Suffers Computer Break-Ins: Appeared to target its headquarters and offices dealing with China and North Korea

Homeschool entrepreneurism catches fire: Mother of 7 starts home-business revolution in Internet age

Depleted Uranium - THE Genocide of All Time


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