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Prayer Concern

On May 23, my son Danny will be undergoing foot surgery, rendered necessary from the accident Danny suffered last year.

The surgeon will release the Achilles' tendon in his right foot. The objective is to allow Danny to walk with a cane and a brace rather than being immobilized as he is now.

This surgery is critically important to Danny's future, so please pray that the surgeon displays great skill.

Danny is a Christian and is relying on Psalm 55:22 and Romans 8:28.

Praise God for His Goodness!

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Critical News Analysis

1. The Supreme Court votes to overturn Roe vs Wade!

NEWS BRIEF: "Supreme Court Reportedly Votes to Overturn Roe v. Wade: Let States Protect Babies From Abortion", Life News, May 2, 2022

"In a monumental decision that could finally end an era of abortion on demand and 63 million babies killed in abortions, the Supreme Court has reportedly issued a decision overturning Roe v. Wade. This is according to a release of a draft of the decision."

But, did they REALLY?

However, notice that this information came to us from a "draft of the decision", not from a formal Supreme Court document.

"Chief Justice John Roberts has yet to cast his vote and it is unknown which side he will vote with, Politico reported.

“It’s impossible to overstate the earthquake this will cause inside the Court, in terms of the destruction of trust among the Justices and staff,” SCOTUSblog tweeted Monday night. “This leak is the gravest, most unforgivable sin.”

Right now, it is reported that five justices are voting to overturn, while three are voting to sustain abortion. Thus, even if Chief Justice Roberts votes to sustain, the decision would be 5-4 and Roe would be history.

So, why would anyone working within the Supreme Court leak this information, knowing that even if Roberts joins the minority, Roe would be overturned?

The answer is, apparently, this is a Leftist maneuver.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pro-Life Advocates Condemn Supreme Court Leak as Leftist Effort to Intimidate SCOTUS to Keep Roe", LifeNews, May 2, 2022

"Leading pro-life advocates and pro-life Republican senators condemned the leak of a draft of a decision to end Roe v. Wade as an attempt by leftists to intimidate the Supreme Court into keeping the radical pro-abortion decision in place."

We concur. Democrats have seized upon the emotional issue of overturning Roe as the only issue which will galvanize their base of support and cause the most people to make the effort to go to the polls to vote in this upcoming Midterm election!

Further, a frenzied campaign decrying the Supreme Court decision would cause an avalanche of money to flow into Democrat Party coffers.

Draft was released in an unprecedented way, possibly from Leftists in an effort to put pressure on Justice Roberts, who ordered an investigation as to who leaked the information!

NEWS BRIEF: "Chief Justice Roberts orders investigation into Dobbs draft leak", The Washington Examiner, May 3, 2022

"The Supreme Court spoke for the first time Tuesday following the leak of a draft opinion that seemingly signals the overturning of Roe v. Wade, with Chief Justice John Roberts saying an investigation has been ordered into how it was published. In a statement, the court confirmed the draft that was leaked is "authentic" but stressed it does "not represent a decision by the Court."

"Roberts, in a separate statement, decried the "betrayal" of a leak designed to "undermine the integrity" of the court and added that he had instructed the marshal of the court to launch an investigation into the leak."

In the past, the Illuminati has launched an investigation which will officially exonerate their own people from any wrongdoing. In fact, the Illuminati loves investigations -- since they appoint the investigators, they can guarantee the outcome.

During the time Bill Clinton was serving as Governor and President, he was investigated a number of times. In fact, reports indicated that he loved to be investigated, because he could pick the person(s) investigating and he knew they would, in the end, exonerate him!

Bill Clinton would then rejoice in the new headlines that he was innocent!

His popularity would then simply increase exponentially.

2. Putin may officially declare war by May 9, "Victory Day" in Russia!

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia moves to consolidate its modest gains in Ukraine ahead of symbolic May 9 "Victory Day" , The Washington Examiner. May 3, 2022

"Russian President Vladimir Putin could further escalate his offensive in Ukraine by formally declaring war against the former Soviet state as soon as May 9 ... "

"To date, Russia's Feb. 24 invasion has only been referred to as a 'special military operation' to 'de-Nazify' Ukraine by Putin and Russian officials."

Advantages would flow to Putin once a formal declaration is proclaimed.

"A formal declaration of war against Ukraine would allow the Russian military to mobilize its reserve forces and draft conscripts and then move them to the front lines in the eastern and southern parts of the country, according to the report, which cited U.S. and Western officials."

"May 9 is a significant date ... in Russia, known as 'Victory Day', which commemorates the country's 1945 defeat of the Nazis during World War II. Moscow is slated to host a military parade marking the date."

This May 9 celebration will mark the 77th year of the moment Nazi Germany surrendered to Allied Forces.

"The new troops that a formal war declaration would provide are also desperately needed by Russia amid mounting losses and 'slow and uneven progress', according to Western officials."

3. Ukraine armed forces are reportedly running out of fuel.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ukraine army is running out of fuel ", DEBKAfile Intelligence News, May 1, 2022

"The ill effects on Ukraine’s war effort of systematic Russian bombardment of its fuel deports and ports were dramatized on Saturday when President Volodymyr Zelensky appealed to his people to stop using their cars and take public transport. Western energy experts reveal that since the onset of the Ukraine war on Feb. 24,"

Meanwhile, Russia is paying for her war through oil exports to Europe.

"Russia has sold European Union nations oil valued at $46bn, i.e. $23bn worth per month. Ukraine can’t therefore look to Europe to make up his army’s shortfall."

Meanwhile Russia increases attack in Eastern Ukraine.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ukraine Officials Say Russian Offensive Is Gaining Momentum ", American Defense News, 30 April 2022

"Russia’s offensive in eastern Ukraine gathered momentum Thursday as the United Nations’ chief surveyed the destruction in towns outside Kyiv that experienced some of the worst horrors of the first onslaught of the war ... Russia switched its focus to the vital eastern industrial heartland, where fighting is now picking up pace. Ukraine’s military said several areas in the Donbass have come under intense fire in the past day, and satellite images showed new damage from bombardments on the last known pocket of Ukrainian resistance in Mariupol."

Is President Biden actually increasing the chance of war with Russia?

NEWS BRIEF: "Biden Takes High Risks in Escalating War with Russia in Ukraine", Breitbart News, 1 May 2022

"President Joe Biden’s garbled request for Congress to authorize an additional $33 billion in spending for weapons to send to Ukraine came without any explanation as to what U.S. goals in the ongoing war might be, or what victory might look like."

"... the Biden administration may hope to defeat Russia, not just by stopping its advance in Ukraine, but by causing Russia’s ailing military to collapse and forcing President Vladimir Putin out of power. That is the goal that Biden let slip during his address in Warsaw, Poland, in lat March, which was billed by aides as a kind of 'historic' speech."

This goal would be "Regime Change". If Biden commits the United States to this goal, Putin would view this as a grievous violation of the sovereignty of Mother Russia!

And, this Regime Change might cause Putin to use tactical nuclear weapons, which he has threatened many times to use.

"... Biden’s strategists seem not to have reckoned with the possibility that Russia could launch nuclear weapons. These might not be aimed at the U.S. homeland or at NATO, but could be tactical nuclear weapons aimed at wiping out Ukrainian resistance ... Russia could then bring about Ukraine’s swift defeat, and emerge as an isolated power, but a much greater geopolitical threat, since it has a big advantage in the number of tactical nuclear weapons it has accumulated, as opposed to long-range missiles."

"Russia also has the edge in the development of hypersonic missiles that can evade U.S. missile defenses. And its military is much larger than the force currently deployed in Ukraine. It has far greater depth, and patience, than the forces it is facing ... perhaps even breaking the taboo on the use of nuclear weapons in war."

Remember, the basic theme of this war is planned to be nuclear panic. Listen:

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation ... may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981]

4. Reports indicate that China may have slipped into a deep economic crisis.

NEWS BRIEF: "China Supposedly in ‘Deep Crisis’ – Allegedly Worst in Three Decades", American Defense News, April 29, 2022

"An influential private equity chief based in Hong Kong, Weijian Shan, whose group PAG manages more than $50 billion, and who normally backs Chinese leader Xi Jinping, blames the Chinese government for creating a “deep economic crisis” comparable to the global financial crash of 2008."

"Shan also says China’s ‘popular discontent’ is at its highest point in the past three decades."

This announcement may be smart disinformation designed to lull Taiwan and America into complacency.

In fact, when a major enemy starts a campaign to convince his adversary that he is too weak to launch an attack, that attack may b e very close!

5. President Biden has recreated the Nazi Gestapo in his "Disinformation Bureau"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Joe Biden’s ‘Propaganda Ministry’ Is About Enforcing Speech Codes on Americans: J.D. Vance", Breitbart News, 1 May 2022

"J.D. Vance, the best-selling author ... (and) Ohio Republican Senate candidate ... says President Joe Biden’s “propaganda ministry,” referencing the administration’s new Disinformation Governance Board, is all about enforcing speech codes on American citizens ... a blatant attempt to silence Americans on social media companies controlled by a handful of billion-dollar tech corporations."

"Vance said he found it “hilarious that this comes out about the same time that Elon Musk announces that he’s going to buy Twitter,” suggesting the Biden administration is worried about the Tesla founder returning the social media company to a free speech-oriented platform."

The only entity larger than a Facebook or a Twitter is the Federal Government. It is not coincidence that, immediately after Musk bought Twitter, Left-wing Biden announced that he had formed this new censorship bureau that smacks of thee Nazi Gestapo!

As the Gestapo gained power through censorship, her goons soon were eliminating people who needed censorship. Censorship led directly -- and fairly quickly -- to prison and murder!

This government bureau has the characteristics of an Absolute Dictatorship.

NEWS BRIEF: "Tulsi Gabbard Points Out What the US Now Has in Common with Dictatorships", Townhall, May 2, 2022

"Those on the right aren’t the only ones criticizing the Biden administration’s new Disinformation Governance Board. Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard pointed out on Fox News’s “Hannity” that such an apparatus is a hallmark of dictatorships around the world. "

This gal was paying attention during her high school history lessons!

"This is the kind of thing that you see in dictatorships, this ministry of truth, this department of propaganda that the Biden administration has just stood up. And the reason why you see this in dictatorships is because they are afraid of us—they are afraid of the people,” she explained. “They are afraid that we might actually think for ourselves.”

"... if there's a silver lining in this, it is they are revealing exactly who they are and why they're doing it, what they're trying to accomplish,” she said. “It allows us, the American people, to stand up and say, 'Hey, you know what, we will not let you get away with this crap. We will take a stand, we will reject it, and we will throw out of office those who are continuing to push and propagate this undemocratic anti-free speech mission'."

Biden's nominee for the position is a crude, filthy joke.

NEWS BRIEF: "Biden Disinformation Chief Nina Jankowicz Sang About Sex Fantasy with Dead & Harry Potter -- Totally perverted, necromancy", Breitbart News, 2 May 2022

"President Biden’s disinformation chief Nina Jankowicz sang about dead child sex with fictional character Harry Potter, as she participated in the “wizard rock band” called “The Moaning Myrtles,” which released several songs detailing such fantasies."

"In one such tune, titled, “Prefects Are Hot,” the duo makes it clear that they call her “Moaning Myrtle” — the ghost girl haunting the lavatory — “for a reason,” continuing to sing about spying on naked children in bathrooms, as “bathrooms are great places for peep shows.”

But, there is even more shocking information to learn about Nina Jankowicz!

NEWS BRIEF: "Biden ‘disinfo’ boss Nina Jankowicz once belted out a raunchy parody Christmas song ", New York Post, April 30, 2022

"President Biden’s new disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz once belted out a raunchy parody version of a Christmas song — changing the lyrics to ask who she needed to “f–k” to be “famous and powerful,” according to resurfaced YouTube footage."

I have never seen an Administration fill the posts with such low-life's as Biden has done and the country is showing the ill effects.

When a department head is on record asking "who do I have to f**k to become rich and famous, you have to tremble, remembering that God is Holy and Just and will not pass over unforgiven sin!


6. Finally, an author is brave enough to publicly announce the end of two key elements in the New World Order.

NEWS BRIEF: "Morano on TV explains how climate agenda is pushing ‘the end of private car ownership’ & end of meat-eating", Canada Free Press, April 28, 2022

"The whole climate agenda stripped bare is literally a self-immolation of your national security and your economic security."

"... you’re going to be funding the end of not just the internal combustion engine but the end of private car ownership, which literally, group after group and the climate agenda is saying has to come to an end. Private car ownership has been called 20th-century outdated thinking. "

Do you remember what Vice President Al Gore said concerning the automobile?

Al Gore wrote his book, "Earth In The Balance", which perfectly enhanced the hysteria that man's activities are causing irreparable damage to this climate, so much damage that mankind could soon find that it can no longer live on Mother Earth. New Age adherents trumpeted this message loudly and clearly, shrouding it in occult, Mother Earth worship terminology.

One pertinent portion from Gore's book typifies the kind of hysteria which this radical movement is screaming to the people. Gore states that the internal combustion engine (your car) poses a greater threat than nuclear weapons to the future of mankind. (Page 325) One page later, he calls for the elimination of the internal combustion engine in favor of more energy efficient vehicles. (Emphasis Added)

President Biden agrees wholeheartedly with former Vice President Al Gore and he has appointed administration officials who are as radical as any 'tree-hugger' that ever protested cutting down trees.

But, elimination of private car ownership and of eating meat are just the "tip of the iceberg"!

" Northern Ireland faces loss of 1 million sheep and cattle to meet climate targets: “What Ireland is doing is literally by getting rid of their livestock is what the World Economic Forum, the Davos crowd, what Bill Gates are seeking…They want us to stop eating meat. They want us to eat insects, weeds, and fake meat burgers. This is actually the goal of Bill Gates, who is now going to have huge sway as America’s largest farm owner to do this."

"They want to cripple national economies. What is Europe now except energy crippled in the face of Vladimir Putin’s aggression? They’re almost helpless because they shut down their own energy and now we have them shutting down their own food supply. This is bonkers Kara. A to Z bonkers! I don’t know how else to use another word to describe what’s happening globally now because of the climate agenda.”

Other authors, like Jeremy Rifkin, boldly call for the elimination of our current way of life, even the elimination of gas-powered lawn mowers and backyard BBQ's!

This film shown above, is a must see for those who wish to learn more about the globalist use of environmentalism in the cause of population control. The role of both Rosicrucian and Freemason secret societies in the building of the Georgia Guidestones is revealed, including the insane plan to reduce world population from 8 billion now to only 500 million, since Mother Gaia cannot support any more than that low figure.

The whole world is rushing after the values of Anti-Christ!

What Must I Do To Be Saved?



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