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    June 4 , 2014     

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Powerful New Headline News Analysis

V.A. Doctors ALMOST Admit That Veterans Suffering Outside V.A. Hospitals Are Afflicted With Sicknesses Caused By Depleted Uranium

If the Government is ever forced to admit that soldiers by the tens of thousands are dying from exposure to our own weapons, Presidents Bush and Obama and many of their officials could be charged with "Crimes Against Humanity" at the International War Crimes Tribunal!


I. Should President Obama be impeached for releasing five of the highest level terrorist leaders imprisoned at Gitmo for a low-level Army sergeant?

Will the outrage sparked by this horrific release deal carry sufficient media weight that it will push the V.A. Hospital sick soldiers story to the rear burner? (See NEWS2530 above, and "Wag The Dog" Movie Analysis)

NEWS BRIEF: "Debate over prisoner exchange rages as soldier's desertion confirmed", North Jersey News, June 1, 2014

"For all the yellow ribbons strewn across his hometown in Idaho and the gratitude expressed by his parents in an emotional visit to the White House on Saturday, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will receive a hero’s welcome when he returns to the United States after nearly five years in Taliban captivity. From military forums across the country, a groundswell of anger is rising over the Obama administration’s silence on perhaps the most controversial question surrounding the deal that freed Bergdahl in exchange for five senior Taliban members: Was he a deserter?"

Former members of Sgt Bergdahl's unit serving on the front lines are adamant in saying that Bergdahl deserted the unit. He slipped away from his Army unit and slipped away into the night. He was definitely a deserter, according to these soldiers.

“ 'They’re really underestimating the fury over this', Wellman said. 'It’s a tidal wave of anger'.”

But, the impact of his original desertion skyrocketed because thousands of American soldiers were promptly diverted to try to block the Taliban from taking him across the border into Pakistan! And, some died looking for Bergdahl.

"Waltz said it jeopardized the lives of thousands of U.S. troops who were redeployed to prevent the Taliban from taking him across the border into Pakistan’s tribal area, where they, al-Qaida and other Islamic extremist groups have bases. Men and women were diverted by the thousands', he said. 'Every soldier who was in the province where he was deployed was told to stop what they were doing and to look for him. It went on for at least weeks."

Remember this fact as we will return to it later. Bergdahl's release and the official story that he is a hero is causing great fury, a "tidal wave of anger".

Let us examine this prisoner swap from the point of view of the five high level Taliban terrorist leaders who were released in this exchange for a low-level Army sergeant. This makes no sense whatsoever! These terrorist leaders are now in Qatar, supposedly under the thumb of the authorities for one year.

Senator John McCain exploded at Secretary of State John Kerry over just the prospect that these five senior Taliban commanders could be released.

NEWS BRIEF: "13 Things You Need to Know About Bowe Bergdahl", Rolling Stone Magazine, June 2, 2014

"The negotiations were also impeded by Senator John McCain, who was typically level-headed in this exchange, with future Secretary of State John Kerry. McCain, who endured almost six years of captivity as a prisoner of war, threw a fit at the prospect of releasing five Taliban detainees.

" 'They're the five biggest murderers in world history!" McCain fumed. Kerry, who supported the transfer, thought that was going a bit far. 'John', he said, 'the five biggest murderers in the world?' "

McCain was furious at the rebuke. 'They killed Americans!' he responded. 'I suppose Senator Kerry is OK with that?' "

Since this release has been in the works for almost one year, why release these five terrorist leaders now? What is happening in the Arab world that is so important that radical Islamic forces needed the leadership of these five men NOW?

1) American forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan. Radical Taliban forces are gathering strength to make a major push against the newly-elected Afghan government just as soon as American forces are drawn down to minimal levels.

One year from now, the Taliban could be at the city gates of the Capitol, threatening to drive the pro-West Afghan government into the Abyss. According to the news reports, the government of Qatar has promised the White House that they would keep close control over these five men for one year.

Thus, their release from Qatar could be conveniently timed to allow these five men to be on the front line of a major Taliban push for total victory in Afghanistan -- very similar to the two years it took for the pro-American South Vietnam Army to be totally defeated by North Vietnamese forces!

(And this is assuming that Qatar authorities will really keep these men under guard for a year)

2) Syrian rebels are tottering on the edge of defeat by the regular Syrian Army of President Assad. Are these five senior Taliban leaders going to lead a renewed fight against Assad?

Or, is there something else, some other agenda at work here?

Can it be that the Obama Media is carrying out a "Wag The Dog" scenario in which the outrage from patriotic Conservative Americans kicks up such a sandstorm of fury that the REAL story of burgeoning numbers of Iraq and Afghan veterans stacking up outside the V.A. hospitals dying with some illness brought about by repeated exposure to Depleted Uranium munitions is hidden from genuine scrutiny?

As I stated in my latest Headline News Article -- NEWS2530 -- if officials of the Federal Government were ever forced to admit that Pentagon and White House leaders deliberately sent our precious hero troops into combat knowing they were wielding uranium weapons which would kill over 90% of them over the next 20 years, Presidents Bush and Obama and officials from the White House to the Pentagon might find themselves standing trial for "War Crimes".

The numbers of sick and dying troops is getting so hideously high that, soon, the story cannot be hidden any longer. The truth is that most of the men waiting to be admitted into the V.A. Hospital system are long past the point of a "no return" in battling diseases brought about by Depleted Uranium munitions. They are dying privately, many of them without insurance and denied meaningful medical care by the very government for whom they valiantly fought.

Will this outrageous story of releasing five senior Taliban terrorist commanders for one lowly Army sergeant wanted for desertion be enough to keep the Depleted Uranium story off front pages?

If Congress begins a series of investigation into this matter, I suppose this prisoner swap story might last long enough to force the burgeoning uranium poisoning tragedy to the daily back page.

One must never doubt the influence and the power of master media propagandists.

Or the gullibility of the American citizen.

Breaking News

Was Sgt. Bergdahl simply an Army deserter, or was he a an enemy defector? A video of Robert Bergdahl speaking at the White House with President Obama standing off to the side provides troublesome clues that, perhaps, both Bowe and Bob Bergdahl were Taliban sympathizers!

NEWS BRIEF: "Fox News Host Makes Disgusting Comment About Bowe Bergdahl's Father", Huffington Post, 6/3/2014

"The hosts of "Fox and Friends" went after the family of freed POW Bowe Berghdal on Tuesday. The White House announced Bergdahl's release over the weekend after he was held captive for five years in Afghanistan. Fox News has questioned the Obama administration's handling of Bergdahl's release. On Tuesday, host Steve Doocy wondered why President Obama embraced Bergdahl's parents at the White House given reports that Bergdahl had left his post without permission. "

I have to agree with the position taken by Fox News; why did President Obama give such honor to an Army enlisted soldier who had walkes away from his post, an act resulting in six other soldiers losing their lives searching for him?

If the President felt it prudent to give up five senior Taliban commanders for this lowly-ranked sergeant, he did not need to go out of his way to bestow honor and glory to him by inviting his parents to a White House press conference.

Then, we have the matter of a father seeming to be a little too much like a Taliban to make me comfortable. Not only did his beard look Taliban, but the father spoke some sort of Afgahn dialect when he first stepped to the podium, an action which elicited a smile on the part of our first Muslim President.

The father even tweeted his feelings on this matter of freeing terrorist leaders.

"Co-host Brian Kilmeade also criticized Bergdahl's father, Robert Bergdahl, for apparently tweeting to a Taliban spokesperson, 'I am still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners. God will repay for the death of every Afghan child, ameen'. The tweet was later deleted."

This last statement is really revealing, as it suggests that Robert Bergdahl's father is deeply sympathetic to the Taliban cause, even to the point of calling for God's judgment to fall upon American leaders and servicemen!

NEWS BRIEF: "VIDEO Bombshell: First Words Of Bergdahl’s Father At White House Were Arabic That Sanctified The WH And Claimed It For Islam...", by Allen West, Red Flag News, 6/3/2014

"Clare Lopez is a former CIA operations officer, a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East, national defense, WMD, and counterterrorism issues, and a friend of mine. She emailed me this morning a very poignant analysis that only someone knowing language and Islam could ascertain. She wrote:

“What none of these media is reporting is that the father’s (SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s father Bob) first words at the WH were in Arabic – those words were 'bism allah alrahman alraheem'– which means 'in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful” – these are the opening words of every chapter of the Qur’an except one (the chapter of the sword – the 9th)' ..."

I cannot verify the translation provided by this article, but I am troubled by Bob Bergdahl's Taliban look, his Arabic words at the very beginning and by the President's smile as Bergdahl spoke them.

It seems to be that this whole affair was staged to provide sympathetic news coverage for Islam. This whole affair is very sad and very suspicious.


II. Government is turning to the nebulous trick called "Mental Health Screening" to deny law-abiding citizens the right to own guns.

New Age authors are right when they brag that Psychiatry will further the march to the New World Order!

NEWS BRIEF: "Mental Health Screening For Guns a Good Way to Decrease Liberty, Poor Way to Increase Security", Ron Paul Institute, June 1, 2014

"Last week Americans were shocked and saddened by another mass killing, this one near a college campus in California. We all feel deep sympathy for the families of the victims. As usual, many people responded to this shooting by calling for new federal gun control laws, including the mental health screening of anyone attempting to purchase a firearm. There are a number of problems with this proposal.

1) "Federally-mandated mental health screenings would require storing mental health records in a government database ... consider the enormous privacy problems with the Obamacare website; some have even suggested that be renamed "

2) "Giving government the power to bar some Americans from owning guns by labeling them as “mentally ill” could easily lead to serious abuses."

This trick was originally invented by Russian Communist authorities. They labeled anyone who disagreed with the Communist system as "mentally ill" and threw them into "mental health" prisons, where many of them languished for decades before dying.

3) "We have also seen how US presidents from both parties have used the IRS to target political opponents. Imagine the potential for abuse if those same politicians had access to the mental health records of their political opponents, or the power to label opponents mentally ill because those opponents were “dissatisfied” with the government? "

Right now, anyone seeing a psychiatrist is at risk for anything they may say. The psychiatrist is required now to pass along to authorities any statement a patient may say that may be deemed threatening or dangerous. Parents are likewise at risk for anything their child may say to a psychiatrist. These are dangerous times in so many ways.

What is Ron Paul's answer to all these deadly public shootings?

"One effective way to limit mass shootings may be to repeal gun control laws that, by disarming the law-abiding, turn the innocent into victims. Like most recent shootings, this one took place in a location where the attacker could be confident his intended targets could not defend themselves."

We can only add a hearty "AMEN"!


III. The civil war raging in Ukraine is escalating.

Against the backdrop of the tragedy in Ukraine, Supernation #5 of the Club of Rome Plan is now officially established.

The progress of reorganizing the world into the prophetic 10 Nations is the only reliable time gauge as to when Antichrist might appear.

NEWS BRIEF: "In 24 hours 300 militiamen killed - Ukrainian official", Russia Beyond The Headlines, June 4, 2014

"The active phase of the forceful operation near Slavyansk continues, head of the Kiev official information group Vladislav Seleznyov said .... in the past 24 hours two Ukrainian servicemen died and 45 were injured. 'As to militants, the number of killed amounts to around 300 and of injured to about 500', Seleznyov said."

However, another news report indicated that the Ukrainian military offensive had stalled.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ukraine offensive stalled by insurgents, lack of ammunition", Fox News, June 4, 2014

"LUHANSK, Ukraine – Pro-Russian insurgents in eastern Ukraine have taken two government bases in battles around Luhansk, seizing quantities of ammunition and explosives from a border guards post and taking another installation after National Guard forces ran out of ammunition. "

Why is the Ukrainian military struggling so mightily against the pro-Russian troops?

"Ukraine's fledging government has blamed the recent military failures on the administration of the former President Viktor Yanukovych which, they claim, has left the army penniless and poorly trained. The defense ministry set up a charity account to support the armed forces while volunteers across the country have been buying provisions for the soldiers."

Isn't it interesting that the pro-Russian President Yanukovych deprived the military of the funding and the training it so desperately needs at this hour, against the Russians? Remember, Yanukovych is the president deposed by pro-Western Ukrainians, and that he is now being protected in exile, in Russia. U I wonder how many years President Putin has been planning this campaign to bring Ukraine into his Supernation #5?

Russia's President Putin and Germany's Chancellor Merkel are said to be cooperating to "de-escalate" the Ukrainian crisis.

NEWS BRIEF: "Putin, Merkel support developing coordinated measures to de-escalate crisis in Ukraine", Russia Beyond The Headlines, June 3, 2014

"Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have talked on the telephone, the Kremlin press office said ... Ahead of the bilateral meeting in Normandy on June 6, 2014, the leaders have exchanged opinions on the situation in Ukraine. The Russian president and German chancellor have supported developing coordinated measures to de-escalate the crisis," the document said."

Slowly, surely, Ukraine will be forced into the Eurasian Economic Union, as she is steadily strangled financially. She is far more dependent upon the nations in the Eurasian Union than most people realize.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ukraine crisis takes toll on Russia-Ukraine trade relations", The Voice of Russia, 23 May 2014

"Ukraine's trade ties historically spread across the former Soviet states. More than 60% of the country's exports go mostly to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan ... Germany, China, and Poland have been gaining importance in recent years, but so far Russia remains Ukraine's key trading partner. Exports to Russia fell by 30% in the first two months of this year compared with the first two months of 2013..."

What is the proposed solution to Ukraine's looming economic disaster? The answer is NOT to join the European Union. Such a move would only increase the level of economic difficulty.

NEWS BRIEF: "IMF financing entails harsh austerity measures", The Voice of Russia, 13 May 2014

"the country received the first tranche of the IMF bailout package last Wednesday totaling $3.2 billion. However, in return the fund is requiring implementation of quite a few reforms, which analysts say will turn out to be harsh austerity measures. 'Ukraine authorities would be forced to provide special measures to move budget to austerity path as this is one of the most important prerequisites for attracting IMF financing', said Oleg Kouzmin, an economist at Renaissance Capital in Moscow."

How harsh are the austerity measures demanded by the IMF? Just look at the internal dissent and rioting in Greece during these past two years. "Austerity measures" mean people lose jobs, lose incomes, lose pensions and lose heart.

The time will come when Ukrainian authorities will embrace the Eurasian Economic Union!


IV. Supernation #5 -- the Eurasian Economic Union -- is starting to stand erect and flex her muscles.

The timetable to the appearance of Antichrist has just jumped forward to an exciting degree.

NEWS BRIEF: "Historic agreement makes Eurasian Union a reality", Russia Beyond The Headlines, June 3, 2014

"The leaders of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have signed a milestone agreement on the formation of a Eurasian Economic Union. The historic deal envisages the establishment of a free trade bloc with unbarred financial collaboration and free movement of labor ... According to Vladimir Putin, this document takes the three countries to an absolutely new level of integration. 'While fully preserving our state sovereignty, we ensure closer and better coordinated economic cooperation', he said."

"Over the past three years, trade inside the Customs Union (Eurasian Economic Union) has risen by nearly 50 percent, or by $23 billion (with 2013 taken into account, the figure reaches $66.2 billion). Taken together, Belarus and Kazakhstan have become Russia's third largest trading partner after the EU and China. "

This new supernation is planning to negotiate with other nations as the new single nation it has become! Antichrist is anxiously awaiting behind the curtain, ready to burst upon the world scene just as soon as all 10 planned supernations have been fully formed.

This Russian supernation has always been considered to be the most difficult to establish. Therefore, the fact that its formation is now suddenly moving forward quickly is a good sign that it will not be long before all ten are established, so Antichrist can arise and so the Rapture of the Church can occur.

Remember Jesus' words of encouragement: "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28)

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