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"What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

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We have just launched our Cutting Edge FREE Podcasts web site with 6 Podcasts and more to come as David is busy writing the scripts.

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"You will never look at the NEWS the same way again"


The Beginning of Prophecy

Raised in a Jewish home with a deep hunger for understanding, Messianic Rabbi Eric Walker searched for the answer as to why Genesis 3:15 was never addressed in the Tenach (Hebrew Bible). It became a lifelong passion in his search for the real truth as he came to the Lord at age forty-five.

• Learn how God's first prophecy impacts every chapter of Scripture
• See how Satan's plan to eliminate the Jews would have catastrophic consequences
• Recognize how insidious and pervasive Satan's agenda has invaded every sphere of influence
• Have the scales fall from your eyes and see how history has chronicled the adversary's every move and no one saw it
• Be empowered by the Holy Spirit to play an important part in defeating this diabolical agenda
• Be compelled to make choices like you have never had to make before ·

YOUR SALVATION DEPENDS on your understanding of this Prophecy that only comes to an end in Revelation 22.

"Every now and then one has the rare opportunity to hear something that not only captures the heart but stretches the understanding as well. Rabbi Eric Walker, my dear friend and brilliant scholar, has offered us such an opportunity. In his new book, 3:15 - The Genesis of All Prophecy, we hear the prophecy God spoke in the beginning and intends to fulfill despite Satan's destructive agenda. We are taken on a journey following the biblical and historical thread of the first prophecy in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation , from a Jewish understanding, all along having our previous paradigms sifted, stretched, and shifted. It is a marvelous work. The Genesis of All Prophecy exposes antisemitism as Satan's agenda in a way most of us have never heard. The book is prophetic, insightful, convicting, and heart rending. I rejoiced, mourned, and contemplated what I was hearing through this exceptional book. In the end, I thanked God for this opportunity to hear the word of the Lord. You will too. This is a book that had to be written, none other like it has ever been written!" Dr. Kim M. Maas, Kim Maas Ministries
367 pages



Critical News Analysis

1. The Catholic Church in Nigeria in which at least 50 worshippers were murdered is a "Gun Free Zone".

NEWS BRIEF: "Over 50 killed in 'vile and satanic' attack at Nigerian church on Pentecost Sunday", Christian Post, June 6, 2022

"Gunmen suspected to be Islamic Fulani herdsmen barged into a Catholic Church in southwestern Nigeria, opened fire and detonated explosives while the congregation was celebrating Mass on Pentecost Sunday, killing at least 50 worshipers, including women and children. It's feared that some Christians were also abducted after the attack."

I read reports of this attack to determine if anyone inside the church was armed and could find no such report. Therefore, I could only surmise that the church was a "Free Zone" where no guns were allowed.

After the gunmen stopped shooting and the aftermath of the explosions was visible at St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo State, “it was a gory sight as dead bodies, both old and young, mostly women and children littered the church ... “Some bodies were dismembered with internal organs splashed on the temple ground.”

Brutality is an integral part of Islamic religion in that part of the world.

"The witness said the gunmen, who are believed to be radical Fulani herders, got into the church from different angles, shot indiscriminately at the congregants and detonated what appeared to be dynamite."

"Open Doors USA, which monitors persecution in over 60 countries, reported that at least 4,650 Christians were killed between Oct. 1, 2020, and Sept. 30, 2021. That is an increase from 3,530 the previous year. Additionally, more than 2,500 Christians were kidnapped, up from 990 a year earlier."

Nigeria has long been the frequent target of Fundamentalist Islamic warriors, as they seem to attack without fear of justice being meted out to them.

This horrific attack demonstrates that, while the murders of 19 children and one adult in Uvalde, Texas, is horrific, American gun owners are preventing an even more terrible death toll.

2. Further, once a government seizes all guns, the next scene you will see are trenches dug with tens of thousands of bodies.

NEWS BRIEF: "Mass grave from Nazi atrocity discovered in Poland's 'Death Valley'," Live Science, August 18, 2022

"Archaeologists in Poland have discovered a mass grave that the Nazis tried to destroy at the end of World War II ... The mass grave, filled with the remains of about 500 individuals, is linked to the horrific "Pomeranian Crime" that took place in Poland's pre-war Pomerania province when the Nazis occupied the country in 1939. The Nazis killed up to 35,000 people in Pomerania at the beginning of the war, and they returned in 1945 to kill even more people, as well as to hide evidence of the prior massacres by exhuming and burning the bodies of victims."

Most people are aware of the demonic fervor which propelled the Nazi soldiers during World War II. But, few are aware that the current New Age adherents are equally barbaric in their attitude about the necessity of murder as the New Age Christ "cleanses the Earth".


"The obelisk is the most important part of this entire pattern and structure. Thus, the Washington Monument is most important as a link between Earth and the upper dimensions, as Cisco explains:

"The obelisk is a very important energy conductive marker. An obelisk is taught to Masons as a symbol of the phallus, but the deepest level meaning is that it is really a 'frozen snake'. Obelisks support the Serpent Life Force as it spirals between Heaven and Earth. The shape of the Obelisk was inspired by huge generator crystals, Atlantean 'fire stone', the life force accumulators and amplifiers."

Now you can understand the reason the Masons were so anxious to have the Washington Monument erected in the Government Center, as it is thought to literally "arc" the Serpent Life Force between Heaven and Earth, powerfully driving the government of the United States to be the most influential mover and shaker of the coming Kingdom of Antichrist, the New World Order."

Washington, D.C., was created to be the first such Dragon, or Serpent, City. Others are planned to follow, as soon as The Christ arises on the Earth Plane. Once Antichrist arises, and gains control over the entire earth, and "cleanses" the earth of all negative influences, then the Golden Age of Peace, Safety, and Prosperity can begin. At this point, many such Serpent Cities will be built, each on a vortex on the Planetary Grid." (Former Satanist, Cisco Wheeler)

This term, "cleanses" means widespread genocide, when several billion people are planned for death. Adolf Hitler may have killed tens of millions, but Antichrist will kill his billions!

"New World Order author, Elizabeth van Buren, wrote a classic book on certain aspects of the plan of the Illuminati to overthrow the Old World Order so the Kingdom of The Christ (New World Order) could be established ... Van Buren recognized that the final distance to The Christ would have to be carried out in extreme violence and warfare."[Elizabeth van Buren, "The Secret of the Illuminati", p. 94-95]

We would like to allow this occultic author, Elizabeth Van Buren, to have the final say in this matter of the deliberate destruction of this country, so the New World Order can arise. She uses the example of that other time of total global destruction, the Flood, where only Noah and his family escaped death because they were safely ensconced in the Ark Noah had built. Listen to her words.

"We have arrived at a time when many an American, as a New Atlantean, is receiving the call: 'Go out! the time is short! Build your Ark and take in it as seed for the future age all that is worthy of a New World! Take the dream of a Brotherhood of Man with you, for it was your country which took the first steps towards this ideal. Nothing is lost and no good thing can perish from this earth.' There is only change. Do not fear this, for out of the ashes of New Atlantis will rise in many parts of the world a people who are conscious of their Oneness with Atlantis and America. They will help to create a democracy of world states under one government which will rule the world-wide with Love and Wisdom. The Plan of the White Brotherhood proceeds!" [Van Buren, p. 150; Emphasis Added]

Our Founding Fathers knew that Government was the greatest threat to her citizens!

Very simply, and very effectively, our Founding Fathers protected the ability of each individual citizen, and the state of which he is a part, to "keep and bear arms" for defense. In reading this amendment, you must focus on the first tiny comma, for that punctuation mark divides this guarantee into two separate, but equal, parts. First, each "free state" of the Union was granted the ability to create and maintain a "well regulated militia"; note that his guarantee says, "well regulated", not Federal Government regulated!

Why did our Founding Fathers place such a strict guarantee to the right of individual citizens to own guns? To a man, they were well aware that the greatest threat in history to a citizen's "pursuit of peace and happiness" is his own government! They were sick and tired of the kings of Europe wreaking tyranny, bloodshed, torture, and injustice upon their own citizens. They were sick and tired of the role the Roman Catholic Pope had exerted in Europe and Great Britain in forcing individual monarchs to murder their own people under the threat of personal excommunication. By the time of the American Revolution, the Catholic Office of the Inquisition had been raining down death, torture, and destruction for nearly 1,300 years (NOTE: The Inquisition began in 600 A.D., aimed primarily at practitioners of Black Magick Witchcraft; Peter Tomkins, "The Magic of Obelisks", p. 55).

Without doubt, the kings of Europe and Great Britain subscribed to the mentality espoused later in Nazi Germany. Listen:

"On all sides, there took shape the principle that the practice of extermination was part of the legitimate business of government." ["The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide", by Robert Jay Lifton, p. 48; Emphasis Added]

Do not doubt that our current leadership on both sides of the aisle possess this mindset. Therefore, they cannot wait to get their hands on our guns.

3. What is it like to be Christian in a God-less society?

NEWS BRIEF: "Being Christian when civilization collapses ", Christian Post, June 5, 2022

" 'Great civilizations are not murdered', wrote historian Arnold Toynbee. 'They commit suicide'. In other words, civilizations do not last forever, and there are rules that determine whether or not they have a future. "

"At the recent Wilberforce Weekend, author and social critic Os Guinness stated that we are living in 'a civilizational moment'

“All the great civilizations reach a moment when they’re out of touch with the inspiration that made them. And there’s a critical transition moment when they either go towards renewal or down to decline.“

"We are at such a moment, if not already past it ... increasingly, studies reveal that our culture suffers from a catastrophic loss of meaning ... Civilizational collapse is never sudden, but almost always extends over decades and even centuries."

"Now, whether we’re in a time of decline or a time of amazing success like Solomon, the same response is required from God’s people. We must be faithful to what He asks us to do, to what He asks us to believe, and to how He instructs us to live. In all of these things, we take up life in this moment as part of our calling. We are here because it is the time and in place He ordained for us. And so we move forward, keeping our eyes on the One who perfects and finishes our faith, Who will bring history to its final culmination."

This generation is the one of whom Jesus foretold when he said:

"And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved." (Matthew 10:22, KJV)

Further, Christians today are called to be faithful;:

"Like a muddied fountain and a polluted spring is a righteous man who yields, falls down, and compromises his integrity before the wicked." (Proverbs 25:26, KJV)

How about your heart today? Are you standing strong against the rising tsunami of wickedness today? Jesus will soon be here and He will force you to give account of your life.

Are you Born Again?


4. Mexico's Marxist president issues a call for the creation of Superstate #1 (North America) and #6 (Central and South America)!

NEWS BRIEF: "Mexico's Marxist President Calls For The Creation of Supernations #1 and #6", Breitbart News, 6 June 2022

"Mexico’s president is reviving calls for a continental superstate that would combine North American employers and South American employees – and sideline tens of millions of middle-class Americans."

" '“I will go in July to visit [President Joe Biden] at the White House and I want to discuss with him the issue of the integration of all America ' ... just as how the European community was created … we have to do that in America'.”

Also wants open borders to achieve this prophetic goal.

"Like Bolivar, López Obrador suggested his policies should not be curbed by voters in democracies. “The option is [continental] transformation and you have to dare to do it. And you don’t have to keep thinking about the next election, you have to think about the next generation.”

Policies in this new supernation #1 cannot be 'curbed by voters' "!

What a Communist statement! But, this call will form Supernations #1 and #6, as shown above. And, it is prophetic!

Let us review this Scripture:

"After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things." (Daniel 7:7-8, KJV)

There is no doubt whatsoever that the "another horn, a little one" is Antichrist, because he is described in typical Antichrist language, "eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things."

In fact, Bible scholars have long called Antichrist the 'eleventh horn", based upon this verse. The occult has long assigned the number '11' to symbolize their coming Masonic Christ, another exciting instance to demonstrate that God's prophecy is driving world events.

Daniel 2:44 makes it quite clear that, just as God's final kingdom will cover the entire earth, the kingdom of the collective final 10 kings will encompass the whole world. Therefore, we are looking for the establishment of a worldwide final kingdom which numbers only 10 super-nations, symbolized as kings, or horns.

And, here it is,right in front of our eyes!


5. Be careful what you wish for!

A totally Green Planet will destroy Earth!

NEWS BRIEF: "Beware: 100% Green Energy Could Destroy the Planet", BPR News, June 7, 2022

"The untold story about “green energy” is that it can’t possibly be scaled up to provide anywhere near the energy to replace fossil fuels. (Unless we are headed back to the stone ages, which is what some of the “de-growth” advocates favor)."

To digress here a tiny bit, the truth is that the radicals who are making the real decisions for Biden DO, INDEED, want to take this Industrial Civilization and literally plow it under, allow the land to lay fallow, and take us back to 1620 A.D.!

"Right now, the United States gets about 70% of its energy from fossil fuels. To go to zero over the next 20 years would be economically catastrophic and cost tens of millions of jobs ... But we also have to ask whether green energy is even good for the environment. Some environmentalists are pointing to a little-noticed study by the World Bank showing that moving toward 100% solar, wind and electric battery energy would be just as destructive to the planet as fossil fuels. "

To create a global civilization based solely on Green Energy; the world will have to contend with these facts:

"Here are some of the numbers. Going all-in on batteries, solar and wind would require:

— 34 million metric tons of copper

— 40 million tons of lead

— 50 million tons of zinc

— 162 million tons of aluminum

— 4.8 billion tons of iron

Those tens of millions of windmills, solar panels and electric batteries for cars and trucks aren’t exactly biodegradable. So, we will have the most prominent energy graveyard with toxic pollutants that will be 100 times larger than any nuclear waste storage."

"I’m all for mining for America’s bountiful natural resources of copper, lead, magnesium and precious metals. But ironically, it’s the greens that want to shut down mines, which is like saying you want food, but you oppose farming."

"The public is starting to ask: How is any of this green? The Green New Deal strategy makes especially no sense given that by increasing our use of clean-burning and reliable natural gas, we are reducing energy prices AND cutting carbon emissions. Add nuclear power to the mix, and we wouldn’t need to start building wind and solar farms in our forests, deserts and national parks."

To comprehend why Green advocates like AOC and Pelosi and Biden want to transition from our Capitalist Fossil Fuel economy to a Socialist / Communist Green Energy program, you must throw logic out the window.

All this propaganda about Climate Change, green power, and a concern for the health of 'Mother Gaia (Earth)', you must understand the reality that this entire "Transition Team" is simply the "change agents" designed to overthrow the existing order and replace it with a commitment to Antichrist / Satan.

Satan is the one who wants to destroy God's creation and absolutely kill every human on earth. Never forget the prophecy Jesus uttered:

"And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved..." (Mark 13:20, KJV)

Are you spiritually prepared? "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?



"From the opening words to the last, 'Glimpses of Glory' is like watching a riveting movie. Absolutely engrossing. A stunning journey that will answer many questions, and undoubtedly enhance your perspective of life and of God's Word!" -Tom Horn, CEO Skywatch TV

From Eden to John's visions of the end times, Carl Gallup paints images of God's handiwork on the canvas of human history-pictures of glory, but also of the human failings and frailty that make His ultimate victory all the more powerful. - Derek Gilbert, Host of Skywatch TV

419 Pages

Download the Forward. table of Contents and the first 7 of 70 chapters HERE

Take advantage of the sale price of 12.95 reduced from 19.95


David Heavener reveals the schemes of the enemy during this rapidly emerging antichrist system, while providing answers to these, and other, questions:

• What's the association between antipsychotic drugs, shock therapy, and the film The Exorcist?
• How is the entertainment business connected with satanic ritual abuse, witchcraft, and programmed multiples?
• What is the Hollywood mind control machine and who is the Deep State's new media partner?
• Is there a relationship between Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and mass shooters?
• What ties Jeffrey Epstein to the Holocaust? Are German scientists still doing Nazi-type procedures in America today?
• How does the alien-demon abduction disclosure connect with the one- world religious system?
• Why were churches built on graveyards? Why are trends such as communication with the dead, grave-soaking, and New Ageism growing among Christians?
• If the Nephilim race survived the flood, is there a remnant of their kind alive upon the earth today?
• Is it possible to survive the Illuminati's cashless system and mandatory vaccine?
• And why did Heavener—after his cousin, Shanda Sharer, was tortured and murdered at the age of twelve by four teenage girls—conclude that this went deeper than a senseless murder?

Jesus said, "Watch out that no man deceives you" (Matthew 24:4). As we enter this final hour, Heavener's prayer is that this book equips you to battle the antichrist's grand deception.

On Sale for $15.95


Eternal Perspective Calming Our Fears During These Troubled Times

Where does you heart and mind flee to during times of hardship and danger? How do you cope during these times that 'try men's souls'?

Although most believers profess that they believe they will go to Heaven forever, they are just as battered by terrible times as their un- churched friends and relatives.

This book reveals how the Biblical specifics enables us to put into perspective the chaos and the terror surrounding us every single day! God's prophetic framework enables us to remain calm and serene as we cast our burdens on the shoulders of Jesus and leave them there.

As the prophetic hard times rolls over us, the Spirit induced heart peace will attract unbelievers who just want to experience the peace they see in our lives.

This book gives great detail of our lives in a future Paradise that truly lasts forever!

260 Pages

On Sale for $15.95


Filled With Prophetic Wisdom and Understanding

"Ezekiel 38: When God Defends Israel"

Ezekiel 38: When God Defends Israel – The Coming Russian and Iranian Invasion of the Promised Land. One of the greatest military slaughters in the history of mankind!

Ezekiel tells us that in the latter days, a group of armies from the “uttermost” north will orchestrate a massive sneak attack on Israel. At the time, Israel is said to be dwelling in relative security in a land without walls or bars. A shocking outcome awaits the enemy, as God breaks his silence and destroys the invading armies in a supernatural way. It’s a miraculous rescue mission and it leaves our world and the Jewish people changed forever.

This 3-DVD set answers the questions we all want to know.

Part 1 – Who Are the Enemy Attackers?
Part 2 – Why Is Israel Attacked?
Part 3 – Why Does God Intervene on Israel’s Behalf?
Part 4 – When Does This End-Time Battle Happen?
What is the outcome of this end-time battle and how does it change Israel’s future?

As we see these nations all presently aligned and seemingly ready to take on God’s Chosen People, we know this battle is closer than ever.

3-Hours Long -

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