Tuesday, 9/17/2019

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Critical Headline News

1. Iran attacked Saudi Arabia's largest single oil field on Saturday, September 14, forcing a shut-down of 50% of total daily national production!

The war to take down Saudi Arabia as shown on the U.S. Armed Forces Journal in their June, 2006 issue, is now underway!

You can read about it before Saudi Arabia is taken down by watching our DVD entitled, "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down: Without Destroying World Economy".

One of our major conclusions has already been proven; Saudi oil loss will not destroy our economy!

2. Israel's PM Netanyahu is guaranteeing a war with the Palestinians if he carries through with his pre-election promise to annex Hebron and the Jordan Valley.

3. As Israel is carrying out the Obadiah prophecy, annihilating all Palestinians, what sort of news stories might relegate this shocking event to the back pages?

A "Wag the Dog" scenario surely has been created.

4. President Trump has stated that the New York Times "will never recover" from her latest "Fake News"!

The latest sexual smear against Justice Kavanaugh was even more thin than the sex allegations during his nomination!

5. The good people of Arizona flock to gun stores to buy AR-15's after the gun seizure ranting of the failed Texas lawmaker, Beto, boldly states his desire to forcibly seize all AR-15's!




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Critical News Analysis -- End of the Age


1. Iran attacked Saudi Arabia's largest single oil field on Saturday, September 14, forcing a shut-down of 50% of total daily national production!

NEWS BRIEF: "Drone Strikes Take Out Half of Saudi Arabia's Oil and Gas Production", Breaking Israel News, September 15, 2019

"Drone strikes on two key Saudi oil facilities have halved the kingdom's crude oil production, Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said on Saturday ... Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the coordinated drone attacks against Saudi Aramco oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais. A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting the Houthis in Yemen since 2015..."

Secretary of State Pompeo was blunt: "Tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on Saudi Arabia while Rouhani and Zarif pretend to engage in diplomacy. Amid all the calls for de-escalation, Iran has now launched an unprecedented attack on the world's energy supply. There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen."

But, then, more information coming available indicates that the attacks might have come from Iranian cruise missiles, not from drones.

NEWS BRIEF: "US intel suspects Iranian cruise missiles hit Saudi oil facilities from Iraq base: Not Drones", DEBKAfile, Sept 15, 2019

"US intelligence experts are studying satellite images and other video evidence to track the source in Iraq of the major attack on key Saudi oil facilities on Saturday, Sept. 14. Their first discovery was that cruise missiles rather than drones struck the Saudi oil refineries at Abqaiq, the largest in the world, and its second largest oil field at Khurais ... They have also confirmed that the missiles were launched from a pro-Iranian Iraqi Shiite militia base, despite Baghdad's denials."

Cruise missiles are clearly not part of the Yemen rebels, the Houthi force, so Iran is clearly the culprit in attacking Saudi Arabia. This author then addresses the American response.

"he attack represented a major spike in Iranian aggression against Saudi Arabia. Its import is shattering enough strategically to challenge Washington and Riyadh for a response in kind, namely a strike at Iran's oil processing plants. The US and Saudi Arabia both possess the military resources for a comparable reprisal against Iran and will find it hard to evade this challenge."

"... Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, OC Operations Directorate, commented on Sunday: 'We are facing a complex reality of the kind we have not known for many years. The next confrontation may erupt any day'."

With this reality in mind, President Trump issued the following statement.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump: US ‘locked and loaded' and ready to respond to Saudi oil attack", World Israel News, Sept 16, 2019

"President Donald Trump said the U.S. is 'locked and loaded' to respond to a weekend drone assault on Saudi Arabia's energy infrastructure that his aides blamed on Iran ... There is reason to believe that we know the culprit, are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!' Trump tweeted."

The attack was coordinated and effective, despite the Patriot Missiles wielded by the Desert Kingdom.

"The U.S. government produced satellite photos showing what officials said were at least 19 points of impact at two Saudi energy facilities, including damage at the heart of the kingdom's crucial oil processing plant at Abqaiq. Officials said the photos show impacts consistent with the attack coming from the direction of Iran or Iraq, rather than from Yemen to the south."

Oil prices spiked on this news.

NEWS BRIEF: "World Oil Prices Soaring as Half of Saudi Production Disabled in Drone Attacks", The Jewish Press, Sept 16, 2019

"The price of oil has risen by more than 10% after the past weekend's attacks on the two Abqaiq oil refineries in Saudi Arabia—the world's largest—which destroyed an estimated 5% of the world's oil production. According to Business Insider, the price of Brent oil has already surged from $60 to $68, before coming down somewhat."

Should American forces attack Iran's oil refineries, the price of crude oil will skyrocket. The fragile government of Iran could conceivably fall.

However, we have long maintained that Iran is protected at this point in time from destruction because she is Ancient Persia and is listed as one of the nations marching with Russia in her attempted invasion of Israel at the End of the Age in Ezekiel 38-39.

We believe that President Trump will refrain from attacking Iranian oil facilities, because a far different scenario is now unfolding.

The war to take down Saudi Arabia as shown on the U.S. Armed Forces Journal in their June, 2006 issue, is now underway!

Now, let us examine this most important map. For the record, this "New Pentagon Map of the Middle East" was printed in the American Armed Forces Journal in their June, 2006, issue. This is THE map which is causing such weird behavior on the part of our former allies and our bitter enemies in the Middle East. This map is also undoubtedly going to provide the spark which shall explode the entire world into World War III. Let us now examine this map closely.

* Countries gaining territory are labeled in black

* Countries losing territory are labeled in red

* Countries unchanged are labeled in gray

Saudi Arabia suffers grievous loss of territory according to President Bush's new map. She gives up land on all parts of her current border.

* She gives up land on the Red Sea so Jordan can be expanded

* She gives up land on the Persian Gulf so Iraq's Shia State can be created

* She gives up land to the south so Yemen can be expanded. From time to time, we have posted articles to Daily News Updates where American forces are fighting rebels in that country. Perhaps we shall have to be more vigilant in paying attention to Yemen.

The incredible fact is that, if this map is implemented, Saudi Arabia will be stripped of almost all her access to the ocean -- both on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf! This reality must mean that some other nation is going to control Saudi Arabia's oil export terminals! How can the Saudis tolerate this violation of her sovereignty.

Another reason for war.

* Most shockingly, Saudi Arabia is going to be stripped of all management and control over the Islamic Sacred Sites! I cannot imagine any Saudi leader voluntarily giving up control of the Islamic sacred sites! Perhaps this map is the reason Saudi leaders are fighting the most serious outbreak of rebellion in any country other than in Iraq.

And, perhaps this map is the reason Saudi Arabia attacked he Iranian backed Houthi rebels in 2005!

You can read about it before Saudi Arabia is taken down by watching our DVD entitled, "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down: Without Destroying World Economy".

One of our major conclusions has already been proven; Saudi oil loss will not destroy our economy!

NEWS BRIEF: "Attack on Saudi Oil Poses Little Threat to U.S. Economy", Breitbart News, 16 Sept 2019

"The attack Saturday on critical Saudi Arabian oil production facilities sent the price of crude oil soaring but it is unlikely to weigh on the U.S. economy in the way that past trouble in the oil-rich region might have."

"... the steepest economic costs will be felt outside the U.S., particularly in Asia. China and Japan, in particular, are thought to be highly vulnerable to an oil price shock."

Additionally, the President wasted no time tapping our Strategic Reserve.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump Authorizes Release of Strategic Oil Reserves After Attacks on Saudi Oil", Breitbart News, 15 Sept 2019

"President Donald Trump reassured Americans that there would be 'plenty of oil' after the drone attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil production. 'Based on the attack on Saudi Arabia, which may have an impact on oil prices, I have authorized the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, if needed, in a to-be-determined amount sufficient to keep the markets well-supplied', Trump wrote on Twitter.


2. Israel's PM Netanyahu is guaranteeing a war with the Palestinians if he carries through with his pre-election promise to annex Hebron and the Jordan Valley.

NEWS BRIEF: "Netanyahu Vows to Officially Annex Hebron", Breaking Israel News, Sept 16, 2019

"After hinting at reconquering Hebron in a speech several weeks ago, the Prime Minister made it official: Netanyahu will annex Hebron and Kiryat Arba following elections ... Netanyahu announced his intention to re-assert Israeli sovereignty over the city that Abraham originally purchased from Ephron the Hittite."

Remember, such a move held Kabbalistic Messianic meaning: "... any Jewish leader of Israel who wants to re-establish the Davidic Kingdom in Jerusalem, must first connect to Hebron: "King David understood that before he established an eternal kingdom in Jerusalem, he needed to be connected to his roots: Abraham and Sara, Isaac and Rivkah, Jacob and Leah. He established his kingdom in Hebron for seven years before going up to Jerusalem. Without roots, there can be no future. The roots of Judaism and the Jewish people are in Hebron."

The Prime Minister was not finished in poking the Palestinians.

NEWS BRIEF: " Days before election, Cabinet approves new Jordan Valley settlement", Breaking Israel News, Sept 16, 2019

"At its weekly meeting on Sunday, held in the Jordan Valley, the Cabinet approved Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's proposal to officially recognize the community of Mevo'ot Yericho. Netanyahu also reiterated his pledge to annex the Jordan Valley if reelected."

Stating these intentions before the election is likely to result in a Palestinian attack on Israel, The Palestinian Hamas will attack from the south, from Gaza Strip; the Palestinian Authority will attack targets from within Israel; the Palestinian Hezbollah will attack from the north.

The Obadiah war will be underway!

3. As Israel is carrying out the Obadiah prophecy, annihilating all Palestinians, what sort of news stories might relegate this shocking event to the back pages?

Other than the Saudi war, I mean.

NEWS BRIEF: "Donald Trump Impeachment Hearings Begin", The Inquisitr, Sept 17, 2019

"The White House ordered two former aides to Donald Trump, Rick Dearborn and Rob Porter, to defy congressional subpoenas and not testify before a House Judiciary Committee hearing ... The hearing is being described as the first official hearing into the eventual, possible impeachment of Donald Trump."

Rep. Jerry Nadler has promised a good deal of light and sound and fury in the House hearings on Impeachment. This charade should help the Mass Media in moving the Palestinian annihilation stories toward the back page.

NEWS BRIEF: "At Least 25 Shot, 7 Killed, over Weekend in Democrat-Controlled Chicago: Gun Free City, Breitbart News, 16 Sept 2019

"At least 25 people were shot, seven fatally, over the weekend in Democrat-controlled Chicago ... The deceased included people who were driving at the time they were shot, who were sitting in parked cars, who were walking down streets or standing on sidewalks."

Despite this bloody carnage, no Democrat stepped forward, decrying the death toll and demanding new gun controls. Chicago has a full compliment of Leftist gun control measures in the nation, and yet, is one of the most dangerous cities in the country!

Chicago is living, breathing proof positive that gun control and seizure laws do not stop murder.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump Supporters Wave ‘Come and Take it' Flags at Beto O'Rourke Rally in Texas", Breitbart News, 16 Sept 2019

"A handful of Texas supporters of President Donald Trump and the Second Amendment welcomed Beto O’Rourke at a rally in Texas with ‘Come and Take it’ flags. Video footage of the event from Fox 4 showed one Trump supporter with a rifle slung over his back holding a, 'Hell no you will not take my AR-15' sign. Other supporters held a Trump sign, a Texas flag with an AR-15 on it and a classic Texas white 'Come and Take it' flag."

At least, Beto O'Rourke's bold comments that, yes, the Federal Government under his control will most assuredly seize guns from their resistant owners.

NEWS BRIEF: "O'Rourke's 'Hell Yes' Candor Bares Democrats' True Intent On Guns", Canada Free Press, Sept 13, 2019

"Democrat presidential hopeful Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s outburst on gun control during Thursday evening’s presidential debate, and the applause that followed, effectively erased any doubts about the true intent the candidate, his party and their followers have toward the Second Amendment, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Hell, yes,” O’Rourke blurted, “we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!” (Emphasis Added)

Another war in the Middle East would also give the Media the opportunity to kick up news dirt in order to keep the Israeli/Palestinian war off the front page.

NEWS BRIEF: "Turkish warplanes shell multiple villages, destroy vehicle in Kurdistan Region", Kurdistan 24 News, Sept 14, 2019

"ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – Turkish fighter jets heavily bombarded several villages over Turkey's southern border into the Kurdistan Region's Qandil Mountains to target positions of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) on Friday evening ... Initial reports indicated that the attacks caused extensive damage to property in the Balyan area due to a fire that the explosions ignited.

"Shakhawan Hussein, director of Qasre sub-district, told Kurdistan 24 on Saturday morning that, 'Last night's constant bombardment damaged main roads, incapacitated electrical lines, and burned farmland in the area'."

A "Wag the Dog" scenario surely has been scripted.

Do you remember the premise of the movie, "Wag The Dog"?

In this movie a President rapes a young girl, referred to as a 'firefly', who was wearing a red beret eerily reminiscient of Monica Lewsinsky. To make matters worse, the rape was carried out in in the White House, and is being made public only about two weeks before the President's reelection. To spin the story, and distract Americans from the sex scandal, the White House Chief of Staff contacts a media expert played by Robert DeNiro.

After hearing the sordid details of the rape, this media expert then sets in motion a cover story about a strategic nuclear bomber that does not exist, and a totally fake war. This combined story is designed to move the story of the rape from the front page to the deep inside section of the daily newspapers. Further, the media expert knows a war will cause the American people to rally behind the President because he is leading Americans in a war, a cause which history has always shown produces high Presidential ratings, whomever he might be.

The media expert then immediately flies to Hollywood, where he enlists the aid of a major producer to create news footage of this fake war on a studio set. The picture they create is of a young girl running for her life in a bombed-out village. She is carrying a fake white cat as she is running, and she is looking very scared, by the way.

Once the fake news footage is polished, reviewed by both the producer and the media expert, it is uplinked to satellites used by the major news agenices, and is beamed to American households as news. One of the most fascinating parts of this movie was the repeated handling of the President's Press Secretary as he was holding his daily press briefings. This media expert could call someone in the White House during the press briefing to tell the Press Secretary to make some announcement. The Press Secretary would then hear the announcement he was to make through earphones set inside his ear, and would then make that announcement. The media expert even transmitted a message to the Press Secretary using a pay phone in the middle of rural Iowa, next to a cornfield!

As the handling of this fake war continued, the popularity of the President soared, until he was reelected by over 80% of the popular vote! We see many scenes throughout the movie and especially at the end, where the media expert and the Hollywood director are congratulating themselves on a job of manipulation well done. Not once does anyone stop to think about the morality of what they are doing; rather, they just set about to act without morals to stop the deserved destruction of a President who had committed rape of a very young girl.

I repeat: A "Wag the Dog" scenario surely has been scripted.

The Israeli annihilation of the Palestinians must be moved permanently from the front page to the back pages!

4. President Trump has stated that the New York Times "will never recover" from her latest "Fake News"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump: New York Times Will ‘Never Recover' After Brett Kavanaugh Smear", Breitbart News, 16 Sept 2019

"President Donald Trump honed in on criticism of the New York Times on Monday, during a rally in New Mexico after an embarrassing error on an allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh."

"The president defended Kavanaugh as a 'great man' and a 'great talent', repeating his demand on Twitter that the New York Times employees involved with the story should resign. "

The latest sexual smear against Justice Kavanaugh was even more thin than the sex allegations during his nomination!

"The Times corrected their story on Monday after critics uncovered the original piece they left out, that the woman who was reportedly a 'victim' of Kavanaugh's claimed lewd action at Yale would not confirm the story."

NEWS BRIEF: "Manufacturing a Smear – How the Democrat-Media Complex Turned Brett Kavanaugh into a ‘Rapist'," Breitbart News, 15 Sept 2019

""The left does not win its battles in debate. It doesn't have to. In the twenty-first century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media. Narrative is everything," Andrew Breitbart wrote in his memoir, Righteous Indignation."

"He called this the Democrat-Media Complex. It's what turned Brett Kavanaugh into a "rapist."

NOTE: We encourage you to read this article completely. We cannot reprint it here because of space constraints, but this author brilliantly outlines how Leftists working with the Media have created a monster propaganda machine, probably unequalled since the days of Adolf Hitler!


5. The good people of Arizona flock to gun stores to buy AR-15's after the gun seizure ranting of the failed Texas lawmaker, Beto, boldly states his desire to forcibly seize all AR-15's!

NEWS BRIEF: "BOOM: Arizona Gun Store Sells Out of AR-15's After Offering ‘Beto Special' ", Big League Politics, Sept 14, 2019

"An Arizona gun store has sold out of AR-15 style rifles after offering a special sale to the public in response to Beto O'Rourke's Orwellian gun confiscation "buyback" proposal. From the looks of it, many patriotic Americans felt inclined to purchase new semiautomatic rifles during Alpha Dog Firearms' sale. The store sold out of its inventory within 24 hours of announcing the sale, which listed AR-15's at prices far below normal market price. Some AR platforms were sold for $350.00. The special began Friday."

"The gun-grabbing Texas Democrat will now have to confiscate every rifle sold in his name in order to enact his authoritarian program of mandatory rifle ‘buybacks.' O'Rourke has no one but himself to blame, and stands poised to make himself the best de facto gun salesman for the firearm industry since Barack Obama himself."

Estimates of the number of citizens who own a gun range upward to 100 million, and they own 300 million guns.

That number represents a huge voter bloc who will allow anyone to ignore them! President Trump had better keep this fact in mind as news reports are hinting that he may cave in to the Leftists on the issue of "Red Flag" laws.

Halloween: Night of the Living Dead!

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"Belly of the Beast: Antichrist's Resurrection and Return Planned in Washington DC!"

This video builds upon the foundation of our Secret Mysteries of Americas Beginnings series and adds to and builds up and updates what we presented!

From 1776, a Shadow Government existed which really controlled the levers of power; under President Obama, this shadow government was transformed into the DEEP STATE!

Washington DC was planned to be a High Place of Luciferian worship, exactly like the High Places" in Old Testament times, against which God railed. Washington DC is correctly called the most evil place on Earth with spiritually controlled buildings and seething with occult energy, just as we reported in Riddles In Stone!

Luciferians of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and other occult leaders have always viewed world and national events as being controlled by National Overlords, demonic beings as revealed in Daniel 10!

US Capitol was built with a secret crypt empty of a body, so that, at the right moment in world history, the body of the assassinated Masonic Christ can be placed within; the most powerful Scottish Rite Masonic leaders will then convene to conduct the Aleister Crowley Raising of Osiris ritual which will raise Osiris (Antichrist) from the dead, thus fulfilling Revelation 13:3, so that the power and authority foretold in Revelation 13:4 can be fully established. https://www.cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=2891

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"The Rabbis, Donald Trump and The Secret Plan To Build The Third Temple"

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The new government must apply sovereignty to Judea and Samaria, Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan pledged as he spoke to the thousands of visitors who flocked to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. We are praying that [the] new government will declare sovereignty on Judea and Samaria' said Ben-Dahan, who served in the last government under the Bayit Yehudi Party.

'A government that with God's help will show the world that there is no difference between Hebron and Beersheba. Hebron is what connects Jerusalem to Beersheba. Here in Hebron the nation of Israel connects to its roots', Ben-Dahan said [then] added a prayer that the Jewish Temple, which was destroyed by the Romans in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, would bespeedily rebuilt.



Read our Archived Article reporting the fervent Masonic determination to rebuild the Jewish Temple:


"Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die ... " ["Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry", by Albert Mackey, MD, 33º and Charles T. McClenachan, 33º, Revised Edition, by Edward L. Hawkins, 30º and William J. Hughan, 32º, Volume II, M-Z, published by The Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, London, 1873, A.G. Mackey, 1927, by the Masonic History Company)

Modern Israel is drawing very close to rebuilding the Jewish Temple, and it will be to honor their newly-arisen Jewish Messiah, whom the Bible calls Antichrist!

These times are exciting, are they not?

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