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November 16-30, 2013        


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Crucial weekend for Obamacare website begins with a shutdown

China scrambles fighter jets towards US and Japan planes in disputed air zone: Tensions skyrocket

With New Air Defense Zone Proclamation, China Tests US Dominance In The Region

US commercial civilian air carriers urged to comply with China air zone rules

Syrian chemical arms 'to be destroyed on US Navy ship'

Judge: Colorado sheriffs can’t sue to overturn gun control laws

Obama's Response To Too Much Secrecy About Surveillance... Is More Secrecy

North Korea says American it detained is a criminal

Mob Rule On Black Friday - Acting Like Zombies?

DHS Promotes "Snitch" Program: "Working Together to Keep Shoppers Safe"

Black Eye Day: 2013's best Black Friday fight videos

Black Friday fight erupts at Franklin Mills Mall - Philadelphia -- Video

Black Friday frenzy leads to reports of violence

Walmart's Black Friday Going About As Badly As You'd Expect

Black Friday is big, but online shopping is even bigger

Bang for the buck: Gun deals galore on Black Friday

Black Friday: shopping chaos hits the UK

The GOP’s secret campaign weapon: NYC’s uber-liberal new mayor Bill de Blasio

Church Group Kicked Out Of Public Park For Handing Out Thanksgiving Dinners To Homeless

Jamaican authorities seize 3,300 missile warheads

Renault will remotely lock down electric cars: Has the ability to remotely prevent the battery from charging

Reports of Comet ISON's death may be greatly exaggerated

Knives Are Also Protected by the Second Amendment

Illegal mayors against guns: Acting illegally in other ways

U.S. stocks end lower, but post solid monthly gains

City’s ‘eminent domain’ threatens Port Orchard homes

Is the US changing sides in the regional conflict between Iran and its enemies?

London is mediating indirect secret talks between US and Hezbollah

Ahead of Geneva 2 peace talks, violence spikes between Assad regime, opposition





Dems worrying about re-election prospects distancing themselves from Obama over health law rollout

Obamacare Small Business Exchange Delayed One Year

Israeli-American media tycoon Saban says he dreams of Hillary Clinton as US President

The NFL Goes all Bloomberg on Gun Owners

CNN and MSNBC Lose Almost Half Their Viewers in One Year: Liberal cable networks fared much worse

South Carolina Police Grab Innocent Cell Users' Data Through "Tower Dump"

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Exciting Sequel, But Very Grim

Original "Hunger Games" Movie Review: By David Bay, Director, Cutting Edge Ministries

ObamaCare News

White House: Enroll in Obamacare, but not too fast

Obamacare Small Business Exchange Delayed One Year

Group gets $1.1 million grant to collect ObamaCare 'success stories'

Attorney Sandra Fluke: Birth Control is Just Like a Blood Transfusion and should be covered by ObamaCare

Obamacare: University Event Distributes Applications and Condoms

Boy with cancer loses coverage after Obamacare launch


The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Is Iran nuclear deal a turning point ?

Iran sees implementation of nuclear deal starting by early January

Iran invites UN nuclear inspector to Arak facility

Russia Lukoil ready to return to Iran once sanctions lifted: Russia’s major oil producer

Bushehr nuclear power plant running at full capacity despite quake


"The Near Future of Iraq Is Dark": Warning from prominent Shi'ite cleric

Ten years after the invasion: Iraq is helpless under rain of terror

Victims of violence struggle for medical treatment in Iraq

Iraq Violence: Eighteen killed after being abducted

Iraq Bombing Wave Raises Fears of Civil War

Market bombings, attacks across on Thursday Iraq kill 29


Syria war 'damaging a generation of children', UN warns

Irish troops on Golan Heights fired on by Syrian rebel units

Mortar kills 1, injures 9 near Russian Embassy in Syria

Syria fighting kills 19 Hezbollah fighters in 10 days

Syrian forces re-take town in Qalamoun region

Syria crisis posing greater danger to Lebanon: PM Mikati warns

Syrian army increases attacks ahead of talks

Syria Jihadists Execute Members of Rival Faction

U.S to counter Hezbollah activities despite Iran deal


NATO investigating airstrike in Afghanistan that killed child

U.S. General Apologizes After Afghan Drone Strike

Karzai faces growing pressure in Afghanistan to sign deal to maintain U.S. troop presence

Once A U.S. Favorite, Hamid Karzai Now Source Of Frustration

When Most U.S. Forces Leave Afghanistan, Contractors May Stay


Libya army depot blast kills dozens

CIA superspy set to flee Pakistan over lawsuit

How safe is going home to Somalia?

More Ivoirians return from Liberian refuge

Saudi Arabia's foreign labour crackdown drives out 2m migrants

EU rejects Russia 'veto' on Ukraine - Supernation #5 Is Forming

Israeli-Palestinian War

PA Minister Shaath: 'We Will Stay in Negotiations Just to Release Prisoners'

PM Netanyahu: Iran is the Darkness, We're the Light

Obama Told Netanyahu: Don't be So Vocal About Iran Deal

Justice Minister Livni Encourages Students to Meet Abbas

Kerry to Return to Israel Next Week for Iran, PA-Related Talks

MK Ben-Dahan: Kerry giving legitimacy to terror, not a worthy mediator

IDF’s Druse battalion prepares for its next clash with Hezbollah

Defense Minister Ya'alon: Hezbollah is using civilian homes in south Lebanon to hide rocket launchers

Arab Stone Throwers Wound Jewish Toddler

Yeshua Campaign (Messianic Jews) Causes Buzz in Southern Israel

A Messianic perspective on Tisha B'Av



China's dispatch of jets ratchets up tension over air defence zone

US-Japan Wargames Amid China 'Zone' Standoff

Japanese and South Korean aircraft flew through disputed area

Former TSA supervisor charged with trafficking cocaine

The Knockout Game -- NYT/NPR Say No Big Deal

Dutch privacy watchdog says Google breaks data law

World Shares near 6-yr high, reflecting renewed optimism over global economic growth



Euthanasia and the right to die around the world

Beckel blows a gasket on ‘The Five’ over Obamacare Death Panels

Did Warsaw conference put world on track towards 'new global climate regime'?

Obama's IRS Moves to Close Down Political Speech of Nonprofits

And So It Begins: New York Sending Out Gun Confiscation Notices - First registration, now seizure

China's presence looms amid massive U.S.-Japanese AnnualEx war games

'Big Brother' Surveillance News

NSA spied on 2010 G8, G20 summits in Toronto with Canadian help

NSA Contractors Are Literally Paying Off the Senators in Charge Of Keeping Them in Check

Xbox One Users Get Banned For Swearing Via Skype: MS is monitoring you!

Top-Secret Document Reveals NSA Spied On Porn Habits As Part Of Plan To Discredit Muslim 'Radicalizers'

NATO launches ‘largest ever’ cyber-security exercises

Professor Warns of Robots Armed With Tasers: Campaign to ban killer robots achieves success at UN

Australian Cops to use driver's licence to disqualify anyone guilty of anything

Bitcoin price zooms through $1,000 as enthusiasm grows

ObamaCare News

Obama gets blasted for suggesting the will of the people is his ‘biggest barrier’

Poll: Obama Job Satisfaction Hits New Rock Bottom - "The lowest rating the university's polling institute has ever found"

Is another Republican wave building for 2014 elections?

Obamacare Small Business Enrollment Delayed One Year

Israeli-Palestinian War

Pope Francis to make maiden visit to Israel in May

Palestinian Preacher: Put the Jews to the Sword

Israel Trains for Invasion of Gaza

Israeli MKs Demand Jewish Access to Temple Mount on Hanukkah

New breed of radical Islamists in West Bank worries Israel, PA

Netanyahu to attend party meet dominated by hawkish agenda

Chief Rabbis Urge Jewish People to Pray for Rain

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Number of foreign fighters from Europe in Syria is historically unprecedented

Hundreds of Turks join Al-Qaeda fighters in Syria

Syria government confirms Geneva peace talks attendance

Syrian opposition to attend Geneva peace conference

Syria tells Western foes to stop dreaming Assad will go

Syrian Troops Capture Western Town

Watchdog says Syria most dangerous country for journalists


Egypt's draft constitution to be concluded on Thursday

Egypt court jails women and girls over Muslim Brotherhood protest

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood offers negotiations to end Morsi crisis

Egypt veers off the road to democracy

UN 'seriously concerned' over Egypt's crackdown on dissent

Egypt to seek gas deep offshore, shale in the Western Desert


‘After Ten Years, We Have Emerged Victorious’

Iran Charges: White House gave false details of nuclear agreement

'Israel, US to stage large-scale military drill when Iran nuclear deal expires'

Iran Deal Ripples Felt From Syria War Zones to Saudi Palaces

IAEA: Iran invites inspectors to visit Arak nuclear site

US okays some work at Iran’s Arak nuclear site


Market Bombings, Attacks Across Iraq On Thursday Kill 22

Execution-Style Killings in Iraq Raise Fears of Return to Civil War Violence: Sunni vs Shi'ite

Ten years after the invasion: Iraq helpless under rain of terror

Military hand-me-downs: US police getting leftover armored trucks from Iraq


Karzai Calls U.S. Obstacle to Peace in Afghanistan: Afghan President's Relationship With Western Allies Close to Breaking Point

US Threatens Afghanistan's Karzai: Sign security deal or we'll pull out all troops next year

US role in Afghanistan to be ‘greatly diminished’


Saudis unlikely to break with US

Pakistan blows cover of suspected CIA chief after drone strike

Kenya launches new railway to reach South Sudan and Burundi

Activity may indicate North Korean reactor restart effort: IAEA warns

EU leaders to gather in Vilnius under Ukraine cloud

Democrats Run Biggest Cities as U.S. Residents Cluster by Party

Former Fed Chief Greenspan Sees No Bubble in Dow 16,000

Consumer Prices in U.S. Decline for First Time in Six Months



IRS moves to rein in same tax-exempt groups after targeting scandal: Tax-exempt 501(c)(4)

Supreme Court takes Obamacare fight over birth control

Obama's Race for the Cure: Must fix ObamaCare

Netanyahu Scolded Obama in Phone Call on Iran Deal

West Ignores 'Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria': By western-back rebels

Spies worry over "doomsday" cache stashed by ex-NSA contractor Snowden

Is your TV spying on YOU?

Americans Finally Learning About False Flag Terror

Monsanto, the TPP, and Global Food Dominance: Revelation 6:8

Cops: On Duty Officer Raped Young Woman On Squad Car

Defying China, U.S. bombers and Japanese planes fly through new air zone

China's navy breaks out to the high seas

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


3-decade gridlock broken: The nuclear deal with Iran in Geneva

Americans back Iran deal by 2-to-1 margin: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Kerry Misleads in Saying There's No Comparison Between Iran and N. Korea Nuke Deals

Iran oil minister in talks with western energy firms

India considering buying more Iranian oil this year and next

Saudi Arabia accuses US of lying on Iran's nuke deal

Israel's Iran Dilemma

Afterthought? White House Makes Holiday Appeal for Christian Pastor Jailed in Iran


10 More Years in Afghanistan: War now more Obama's than Bush's

A Possible Path Out of Afghanistan: U.S. troops will be at war as long as they are there

Obama team ponders no troops in Afghanistan after '14: Could possibly be another 13-year war

U.S. may leave Karzai out of Afghanistan security pact

Taliban kill six literacy workers in Afghanistan


After Iran deal, the next step is to end the Middle East proxy war in Syria

Syria peace talks 'will not stop FSA rebels'

Syria gov't says will attend peace talks: But Assad won't cede power

Al-Qaeda's brutal tactics in Syria forces out moderates

Kurdish Militias Drive Out Jihadists, Bring Stability Back to Parts of Syria

Syria conflict: Geneva peace talks set for January

UN Envoy Warns: Syria War Fueling Iraq Terrorist Threat

Kerry Tells Congress: If nuclear deal sours, Iran will 'quickly' face heightened sanctions

Israeli-Palestinian War

Iran's President Rouhani Gloats: Israel is Isolated

Americans back the deal with Iran by 2-to-1 margin

Arabs as Upset as Israel Over Iran Nuke Deal

IDF simulates ground invasion of Gaza to stop rocket fire

PLO Official Threatens to Join International Organizations

UN to name 2014 as 'International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People'

Rare Book of Psalms Sells for Record $14.16 Million

Microsoft moves to tighten security against NSA snooping

TSA Spent $900 Million on Behavior Detection Officers Who Detected 0 Terrorists

2009 swine-flu death toll 10 times higher than thought

Pope Denounces Trickle-Down Economics: Trashes Capitalism, Embraces Socialism

Mary Cheney Joins Fight Against Indiana Gay Marriage Ban

New analysis questions "constraint" on US drone strikes

ObamaCare News

Poll: 59% Oppose Obamacare Insurance Mandate for Abortion, Sterilization

Jay Leno: Obama Approval So Low Even Pardoned Turkey Avoids Him

Administration accused of giving unions 'special treatment' with exemption from ObamaCare fee

House Speaker John Boehner: Obamacare’s new best friend

'Trolleyology' Shows Why Up To 90% Of Americans Should Oppose Obamacare

2013 Hurricane Season Calmest in 30 Years

Expert calls for calm as France hit by cancer vaccine scare




Iran Agreement

Iran sanctions to be eased as US and west work out full Geneva deal

Iran agrees to interim deal completely halting nuclear progress

Battle looms over Iran nuclear deal as Congress pushes back against Obama

For Iran, peaceful diplomacy has delivered what sabre-rattling could not

French foreign minister doubts Israel will strike Iran

UK tells Israel not to disrupt Iran deal as defiant Netanyahu comes under fire

Wary silence from Arab states over Iran nuclear deal

Oil prices fall after Iran nuclear deal

Minister: P5+1 Just Wanted to Lower Oil Prices

US Released $8 Billion in Nuke Deal With Iran

Russia's FM Lavrov: No need for European missile defense shield if Iran deal a success

Israeli-Palestinian War

Iran nuclear deal bears Obama's personal stamp

Minister Livni: Israel must advance Palestinian peace talks to help Iran deal

Netanyahu: Israel to send team to US to work on final Iran nuclear deal

Sunni Arab unease about Iran deal runs deep

IAF, US Air Force hold largest joint-military exercise in Israel's history: IDF stresses, Exercise has nothing to do with Iran

Likud MK Regev: Police must allow Jews to visit Temple Mount on Hanukka



Obamacare Contains 'Death Panels'

Gallup: 69% of Americans Satisfied With Current Health Coverage

Hope in Obama has changed: He’s now distrusted and disliked by most Americans

US, UK officials worry Snowden still has ‘doomsday’ collection of classified material

Security at the JFK Thing in Dealey Plaza Was Very Poor: That's Because It Wasn't Real Security

Enemies Beware: Northrop's Tiny Drone Could Zap You!

USPS ad for ‘holiday stamps’ omits Christmas — but includes Kwanzaa, Hanukkah

1 in 6 unemployed are substance abusers

Texas Exploring High-Speed Rail Along Major Corridors, Including I-20, I-35

Yale University lockdown lifted after suspected gunman hoax

Federal government books $41.3 billion in profits on student loans

Every baby born in US already $50,000 in debt

Latest Snowden leak reveals NSA’s goal to continually expand surveillance abilities

NSA collection of US phone records violates constitutional rights, ACLU says in court

'Say NO to surveillance state!' Buses thanking Snowden cruise Washington, DC

Australian spying scandal may spoil Indonesian business relationship

EU trade deal would be Ukraine’s ‘ticket for the Titanic’

Russia's free trade offer to Ukraine unnerves EU

Ukraine at a crossroads

Economic Overhaul: China opens doors to more private competition

Afghan President Karzai wants US to halt operations on civilians as condition for security deal

White House pushes for US-Afghan security pact by end of year


Syria peace talks set for Jan. 22 in Geneva

Free Syrian Army says no ceasefire for Geneva talks


Pakistan deploys first home-made drones




Iran Agreement

Geneva interim agreement reached on Iranian nuclear program: Signed 11/24/2013

World recognizes Iran’s nuclear rights: Iran's President Rouhani

Netanyahu: Deal with Iran a ‘historic mistake’: Israel not bound by it

President Obama Delivers Statement On Iran

Secret US-Iran talks paved way for nuclear deal

Obama seeks support to shore up Iran nuclear deal success

Republicans Skeptical of Iran Deal

Canada 'Deeply Skeptical' About Iran Deal

Nuclear-Armed Iran vs Nuclear-armed America: Whom Should The World Really Fear?

Economic Factors In Iran Agreement

Iran deal dents oil prices, bolsters Asia shares

Oil prices likely to drop after Iran nuclear deal

Has the 'Mideast premium' been removed from oil?

Iran sanctions deal to unleash oil supply

Dow 20,000 here we come


U.S. to become world's top oil producer in 2015

Obama Administration scrambles to boost Obamacare enrollment as deadlines loom

Dollar headed for worst month since June: Must be brought lower so it can be melded into the North American currency

Postal worker gunned down while delivering mail

Israeli-Palestinian War

In Iran, Obama Achieves 50 Percent of His Goals

Nuclear Ambition: Israel’s deterrence is not equivalent to Iran’s threats

Netanyahu: Iran Given Written Approval to Violate Resolutions

Obama Phones Netanyahu to Discuss Iran Deal

Kerry: Iran Deal 'Safer For Israel'

MK Porush: Iran Deal Connected to Israel's 'War on Torah'

Op-Ed: European Union Succumbs to Palestinian Mafia Rule

Israelis Ask: Time to Accept Messianic Jews?

More European Jews Consider Escaping to Israel

Israel: The World's Most 'Christian' Nation

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Iranian Negotiating Team Receives Hero's Welcome in Tehran

Iran enrichment right enshrined in N-deal: FM Zarif

'Iran nuclear deal will strengthen Mideast stability'

Iran N-deal another major step forward: IAEA chief

No Iran-US secret talks ahead of deal


Syria: Over 160 Dead in 2-Day Battle

More than 11,000 children killed in Syria

Syria Seen as Most Dire Refugee Crisis in a Generation

Al Qaeda advancing in Syria, one town at a time


Afghan president sets conditions to sign US deal

Afghanistan's Karzai rejects elders' advice to back U.S. deal quickly

Taliban militants slam Afghan elders for approving US security pact

Economic Implications of the U.S. Afghanistan Withdrawal

Iraq -- "2013 - A Year of Carnage"

Attacks Kill 5 in Iraq, Including Journalist, Sunday night

Twin bombings hit Shiite mosque in northern Iraq: Killing 15, wounding dozens, on Saturday

15 killed, 21 wounded in violent attacks in Iraq on Sunday

Spoils of War: Police Getting Leftover Iraq Trucks

Iraq hails Iran nuclear deal as major step for regional stability

$8.899 billion remaining Kuwaiti compensations from Iraq


Thousands of Pakistanis protest against US drone strikes

Yemen Houthi MP shot dead in capital - was involved in reconciliation efforts

Sectarian violence spikes in northern Yemen

Syrian war swirls around Lebanese border town

SOMALIA: Court judge assassinated in Mogadishu

Somalia needs more help, says VP Ssekandi

Cyber Monday Every Day as IPhone Users Shun Retail Stores

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Says U.S. ‘Really Blew It’ on Surveillance




Dems handing GOP the key to undo Obamacare

DOJ internal memo confirms Obama plan for gun confiscation ---- Document can be viewed

EPA power grab? New water reg could bring feds into your backyard

Kerry joins nuclear talks as Iran, powers push for breakthrough

China establishes 'air-defence zone' over East China Sea

UN climate talks in Warsaw bogged down

Auto crash, gun fears bring chaotic night to LAX

Letter: Dishonest President

Kennedy Assassination

50 Years Later

Nation pauses to remember

Conspiracy theorists point at grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza demonstration

Dallas demonstrators don masks to join Anonymous protest against government

Police collide with talk show host Alex Jones at JFK tribute

Dealey Plaza in Dallas to go quiet at moment Kennedy was shot

5 decades later, some JFK probe files still sealed

Fidel Castro: 'Oswald Could Not Have Been the One Who Killed Kennedy'

Kennedy's personality was formidable but his practical contribution to the US was limited

JFK: A sunny day in November, 50 years ago, when everything seemed possible

Kennedy Conspiracy Theories Go Mainstream … 50 Years After Assassination

Tom Brokaw shredded for claim people in conservative states wanted JFK shot

Remembering JFK's life and speeches

ObamaCare News

Obamacare's self-inflicted wound: Obamacare is dying

S&P 500 ends above 1,800 for first time; healthcare stocks lead the advance - "Healthcare is the place to be. It's a hot area ... that's where the money has been flowing"

Subcontractor working on Obamacare website under FBI investigation

Jim Geraghty has a question about what Dems hope to accomplish with yet another Obamacare delay

Republicans cry foul over ObamaCare 2015 enrollment period pushback until after 2014 elections - Nov. 15, 2014 is new deadline

ObamaCare forcing people into Medicaid

Does ObamaCare subsidize abortions?

Obamacare's Support From Democrats Slips in New Poll

Filibuster Fallout: Reid maneuver could send ‘wrecking ball’ through talks on key legislation

Senator Alexander calls filibuster change 'Obamacare II'

Journalists protest White House ban on photographers

Stupid Government Policy Is More Dangerous than Terrorism

Conservatives who backed Wisconsin Gov. Walker appear to be the target of secret probe

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Islamist rebels report capture of largest Syrian oil field

Islamists forge Syria's biggest rebel alliance

The more extreme rebels seem to be inexorably on the rise

Authorities suspect Lebanese was one of two suicide bombers

Activists Claim: Government Airstrikes Kill 44 in Syria

Syria mediator Brahimi holding talks with Iran and Russia

Turkey signals cooperation with Iran and Iraq over Syria


Egypt expels Turkish ambassador

Egypt Downgrades Turkey Ties on Erdogan Support for Mursi

Moscow Jolts US–Egypt Ties

Child Killed by Gunfire in Egypt's Suez City Clashes

In Egypt, a Darkening Mood as Instability Persists


Diplomats converge to possibly finalize Iran nuclear deal

Russia says now is time to make deal with Iran on nuclear program

Rouhani tells the West: Ignore Israel, Sign a Deal

Senator Reid pledges to move ahead with Iran sanctions in U.S. Senate

Mistrust of US still deep in Iran

Nuclear Weapons: Who has what?



Iraq: the world's forgotten war

Bombings, militant attacks kill 23 across Iraq on Friday

Dozens dead in Iraq car bombing on Thursday

For Many Iraqis, Kurdistan is the Place to Go for Good Healthcare

Knowledge of Arabic Fading Among Iraq’s Autonomous Kurds


Loya Jirga and the future of the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

Why Pakistan fears foreign pullout from Afghanistan

The democratic occupation of Afghanistan

Harder than it should have been: A bilateral security deal with America has been marred by haggling

Israeli-Palestinian War

PA President Abbas: I'm Willing to Come to the Knesset, But...

Hamas: Our Rockets Will Reach North of Tel Aviv

Hamas Looking to Buy More Electricity - From Israel

21 Arrested for Rock, Firebomb Attacks in IDF Crackdown

Minister Bennett in New York: I vehemently oppose a Palestinian state

Different faiths come together in support of the Jordan River - Senior clerics from the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish religions sign treaty calling upon the Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian governments to expedite the rehabilitation of the Jordan River

33 mutilated corpses found in hidden graves in Mexico drug lands

Philippines Typhoon Death Toll Tops 5,200

Drowning Kiribati

Thousands protest in Japan against new state secrets bill

Fuk-‘hush’-ima: Japan’s new state secrets law gags whistleblowers, raises press freedom fears

Fukushima whistleblower exposes yakuza connections, exploitation of cleanup workers




President Karzai delays signing new US-Afghan military pact

Ukraine drops EU plans and looks to Russia

Going Nuclear: Media on war footing in filibuster battle - "Beltway hypocrisy at its finest"

For Republicans, “nuclear option” offers political opportunity

ObamaCare enrollment for 2015 to reportedly be delayed until after 2014 midterms

Poll: Amid Obamacare skepticism, confidence in Obama wanes

‘Retract Peace Prize’: Russian NGOs blast Obama over ‘killing people’ confession

Terrorism and the Bill of Rights

Global warming professor Kevin Anderson ‘cuts back on washing and showering’ to fight climate change

Kennedy Assassination

50 Years Later

Masons Greatly Revere Number '33': Many Acts of Murder, Assassination Have Occurred On or Near 33rd Degree Parallel


ObamaCare enrollment for 2015 to reportedly be delayed until after 2014 midterms

Obamacare Delays May Create Election Bomb for Democrats: Insurance cancellations and the employer mandate will both hit just before the 2014 midterms

CBS Poll: 84% of Democrats Want ObamaCare Changed or Repealed

New emails suggest White House aware of Obamacare problems days before launch

Love It or Hate It, Obamacare Redistributes Americans' Wealth

California says ‘no’ to ObamaCare 'three-for-one freebies', makes own law

Married couples at disadvantage under ObamaCare

Advanced system to guard Russia from hi-tech surveillance, drone attacks

Unique 'direct kill' air defense complex unveiled in Russia

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


White House will not publicly apologise for Afghan war mistakes

Afghanistan wants to delay US security deal

What politicians won't admit - our soldiers die in vain


New Attacks Across Iraq Kill at Least 16

Electricity ministry's official killed in Baghdad

Iraq and Turkey agree on opening new border gates

Iraq executions top 150 for 2013

EU opposes Iraq move to death penalty


30 seconds over Syria: Iran talks must be expanded

Iran deal may allow spread of nukes, critics say



UK jihadi fighting for al-Qaeda linked group in Syria

NH Journalist Missing in Syria for a Year


Senate committee recommends Yellen for Fed chair

Rand Paul Rips 'Surveillance State': 'We Want Our Freedoms Back'

Documents show Blair government let US spy on Britons

Inside America's Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere

House committees vie for dominance over NSA reforms


Al Qaeda ‘Refugees’ in America on Welfare

Mainstream Media Finally Reports on U.S. Funding of Terror




Tom Cruise's Jaw-Dropping Admission Is Scientology's Worst Nightmare

CBS Poll: 43 Percent Want Obamacare Repealed

Obama: Retooled Obamacare to Be Re-Marketed, Re-Branded

NSA’s Mass Surveillance Is Unnecessary: has never stopped a single terrorist attack

Insults fly in U.S.-Israel showdown

Dutch Catholic TV airs, then pulls, Jews-killed-Jesus video

Afghan deal to give prosecution immunity to US troops

Welfare Recipient: “I Get to Sit Home… I Get to Smoke Weed… We Still Gonna Get Paid”

Hawaii’s Big Island bans biotech companies, GMO crops

Kennedy Assassination

50 Years Later

Kennedy Conspiracy Theories Go Mainstream

JFK conspiracy theorist points finger at LBJ

JFK assassination controversy involving Catholic priest explored

50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination Spawns Attacks on Dallas “Right-wingers” -- And On Free Speech

'X' marking spot of Kennedy assassination paved over

JFK assassination opened Southern eyes to Catholicism

Obama, Clintons honor President Kennedy 50 years after assassination

Ceremonies planned on the Cape to remember Kennedy assassination

Journalists relive John F. Kennedy assassination

Masons Greatly Revere Number '33': Many Acts of Murder, Assassination Have Occurred On or Near 33rd Degree Parallel

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Enough about Iran, Pakistan's nuclear threat should be our top concern

U.S. drone kills senior militant in Pakistani seminary

Afghan officials in Pakistan for Taliban peace talks

Bomb blast kills 3 in Pakistan’s Quetta

Mystical Islam 'under threat' in Pakistan


President Karzai says Afghanistan needs U.S. security deal, but little trust

Grand Council of Afghanistan, Loya Jirga, begins debating deal with US

Afghan deal to give prosecution immunity to US troops


U.S. says 'very hard' to clinch deal as Iran nuclear talks resume

EU: Iran Talks 'Substantial and Detailed'

US 'In No Hurry' to Close Iran Deal, Says U.S. Official

Reuters plays dirty game over Iran

EU's Ashton after sustainable deal with Iran

Iran, 6 other countries to start 2nd day of nuclear talks


Syrian army continues operations across country

Syria's Assad accused of starving civilians

Lebanese struggle to welcome desperate Syrian refugees

Saudis Call Citizens in Lebanon to Leave Due to Attacks


Iraq car bomb kills 30 as year's death toll tops 5,800

Saudi Arabia says six shells fall near border post close to Iraq, Kuwait

'Attacks against Shia in Iraq directly linked to situation Syria': Battle in Mid-East is between Sunni and Shi'ite

Israeli-Palestinian War

MK Bennett: Talks 'Aint Going Nowhere'

21 Arrested for Rock, Firebomb Attacks in IDF Crackdown

PA Official: US Behind Arafat's 'Assassination'

Messianic Jewish 'Missionary' Arrested in Israel: While taking part witnessing campaign

France Slams Iran Over Anti-Israel Remarks

Israeli Official: Iran's Khamenei spitting on world powers and the West thinks it's rain

Israel: The World's Most 'Christian' Nation

ObamaCare News

The biggest ObamaCare lie (and it's not 'you can keep your doctor')

Why Obamacare Fiasco May Be Obama's Katrina, Iraq

GOP seeks a groundswell of opposition to Obamacare

The House GOP’s Obamacare playbook

40 percent of Obamacare’s I.T, '' isn’t even built yet

Colorado man informed his dog has successfully signed up for ObamaCare

How low can it go? ObamaCare poll numbers drop -- again

White House Reaction To Sinking Poll Numbers

Costco apologizes for calling Bible 'fiction'

Cyprus University world first to accept bitcoins for tuition

‘Paradigm Shift’: Surging bitcoin to replace ‘broken’ government currencies

Bitcoin hits new heights as US lends legitimacy to virtual currencies in hearing

First bitcoin ATM opens in Vancouver, more planned throughout Canada

Obama’s pick for Fed, Janet Yellen, winning Republican support

Ukraine's parliament rejects crucial Tymoshenko bill: Dealing a blow to Kiev's hopes of a trade deal with the EU

Ukraine country profile



Veterans Day and Foreign Interventionism

Supreme Court allows Texas to keep enforcing abortion restrictions

White House explains why Obama didn't say "under God" in recitation of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Some cyber security experts recommend shutting Obamacare site

‘Untrustworthy and dishonest’: Obama's popularity hits all time low

Poll: Romney would beat Obama if election happened today

Secret U.S. court -- FISA - approved wider NSA spying even after finding excesses

Drones, Tanks, and Grenade Launchers: Coming Soon to a Police Department Near You

Georgetown University to Host Member of Egypt’s Nazi Party

Apple’s Siri is a Ron Paul supporter

ObamaCare News

Some cyber security experts recommend shutting Obamacare site problems throw state Obamacare programs a curveball

Obamacare enrollments pick up steam but don't include many young people

Oregon residents demand answers over failure of state's ObamaCare website

Woman Hailed by President as Obamacare Success Story Now Can't Afford Obamacare

Obamacare Tax Credit Payment System Still Unbuilt: Official Testifies

Obamacare botches could derail all of health reform, advocates fear

Risk Payments Become Latest Obamacare Battle

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Beirut bombings against Iranian embassy are ‘a clear message by Saudi Arabia’ - Might be considered an act of war against Iran

Suicide Bombs Hit Syria Troops North of Damascus

Lebanon and the Long Reach of Syria’s Conflict

A Violent Year in the Life of the Syria-Turkey Border

Syria's chemical weapons may be destroyed on a ship at sea


Egyptian troops die in Sinai attack

UPDATE 1: Death toll from Sinai blast climbs to 12

Egypt's army vows to quell militancy in wake of Sinai bombing

Egypt's security forces disperse Tahrir crowd using teargas: 200 protesters commemorate the 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes

Egypt’s Lonely Shiites Struggle for Rights, No Matter the Regime in Charge


US troops could stay in Afghanistan until 2024 - security pact

U.S. to offer Afghans assurances to remove hurdle in post-2014 deal

US trashes gear in Afghanistan instead of donating it


Wendy Sherman Should Be Fired

Understanding Media Propaganda About Recent Talks Over Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran nuclear talks: Tehran 'will not step back one iota'

‘Limited and reversible relief’: Obama not sure Iran nuclear deal will be closed soon

Putin: Now there’s a real chance of solving Iranian nuclear problem

France Slams Iranian Leader's 'Unacceptable' Israel Comments


Spate of explosions kill 33 in Iraq: Most bombs targeted Shia neighbourhoods of Baghdad

Iraq Kurds to Pump Oil to Turkey as Truce Seen With Baghdad

How Safe is Doing Business in Iraq?

Iraq hangs 12 prisoners convicted of terrorism-related charges


Multinational firms eye Pakistan to raise genetically-modified products

Yemen Airstrike Kills 3 Militants in Southeast

From teacher to terrorist, the story of one Sudanese fighter

Sudan Media: At Least 30 Killed in Clashes in West

Will Beirut, Lebanon, turn into another Baghdad?

Israeli-Palestinian War

So, have Arab-Israeli peace talks collapsed?

Israel starting to consider 'day after' Iran agreement

FM Liberman: It's time for Israel to look for allies other than the United States

Hevron Jews Protest Useless Security Barrier

'China Threatens and Netanyahu Crumbles'

Prime Minister Heads to Russia as Iran Talks Recommence

Israel, US Successfully Test New Missile Defense System

Bennett: Leaving Gaza Cost 1,000 Times More than Staying

IAF strikes targets in Gaza Strip in response to mortar fire

Hamas Prime Minister Sends Granddaughter to Israel for Treatment

Brandeis University Severs Ties with Palestinian Al Quds University

Philippines Thanks Israel for Disaster Aid

What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State?

Ron Paul: Snowden, Manning 'should be treated as heroes'

North Korea endorses ‘Double Down’ book as proof that ‘The U.S. is the root cause of all sorts of evils’

Why Regulate Bitcoin?

Auto Correct: Has the self-driving car at last arrived?

Toyota Brings Hydrogen Cars to Production

JFK Assassination: Classic CIA Execution Plan

Warren Commission Report: The Most Absurd Investigation In US History

Tom Cruise's Jaw-Dropping Admission Is Scientology's Worst Nightmare





A devastating poll on Obama --- and Obamacare

Obama official again lowers bar on deadline to fix website

Why repealing ObamaCare is still a possibility

Is the Affordable Care Act in serious jeopardy?

TSA Installing 'Exit Portals' at Airports, Critics Say They're 'Detention Pods'

Blasts target Iranian embassy in Beirut, killing 23 --- Iran blames Israel

Obama Plotting to Train Islamic Libyan Forces as Chaos Mounts

Black-Clad Einsatzgruppen Confiscate Guns in California

Good News or Bad News: Which Do You Want First? -- Mass Media News Is Written To Discourage

ObamaCare News

White House, HHS warned about ObamaCare website in March

Obama Administration Explores Easier Path to Insurers: Make It Simpler for Big Companies to Sign Up Americans for Health Coverage

He lied: Voters say Obama knew about dropped plans

27 Democratic senators who promised you could keep your health coverage

Four years ago, GOP showed exactly what was false about Obama's keep-your-coverage promise

Lesson Is Seen in Failure of Law on Medicare in 1989: Lawmakers could not pass repeal fast enough

Dem. Rep.: Obama Lacks 'Legal Underpinning' for Obamacare Fix

People don't remember how the old Health Insurance could be a nightmare

U.S. war readiness in jeopardy as pilots flee

Obama 'weakening military in unprecedented ways'

Obama defunding the Pentagon's net assessment brains

Obama building 'compliant officer class'

Bill Clinton On NSA Spying: “We Are On The Verge Of Having The Worst Of All Worlds: We’ll Have No Security And No Privacy”

Snowden effect: NSA struggles with 888% increase in FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests

Supreme Court blocks challenge to NSA phone tracking

End to privacy? Western firms hawk mass surveillance technology to developing world

Chicago Law Professor Claims No Privacy In Your Emails, As Long As The Content Isn't Used To Detain Or Harass You

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israeli, Saudi talk of military strike on Iran doesn’t mean attack is ‘being planned’

IAEA Reports: Iran has not expanded nuclear facilities in last 3 months

Hezbollah turning Lebanon into Iraq

Lebanese Army, UNIFIL boost presence near Israel border

Israel on alert over suspected Hezbollah tunnel activity


West Coast of North America to Be Hit Hard by Fukushima Radiation




Fraudsters Are Exploiting New Health Law: Obamacare is a gold mine to identity thieves

Obamacare Tax Penalty: Increasing Public Anxiety

Why Obama Can't Just Uncancel All Those Insurance Plans

GOP’s Third Shot At Senate: Charm or bust?

Texas A&M law professor believes it’s time to repeal the Second Amendment: Full Constitution "outdated"

Thousands protest press credibility in march against mainstream media

Fukushima operators begin risky nuclear fuel rod removal

Pentagon head laments ‘too steep, too deep’ US budget cuts - Jimmy Carter all over again!

Who Really Needs OPEC, Anyway?

A/G Holder seeks Fast and Furious appeal

ObamaCare News

Obamacare turns into a war for the President as Democrats jump ship

Top Democrat Pelosi denies party members retreating from Obamacare

Obamacare's Threat To Liberalism

D.C. insurance commissioner fired day after questioning Obamacare fix

Obamacare: So, what could go wrong next?

Obamacare Rollout-Rescue Model Seen in Romney’s Massachusetts

House passes proposed GOP Obamacare changes

Obamacare Tax Penalty: Increasing Public Anxiety

Obamacare Depends on Regaining 1 Million Window Shoppers

Once a leader, Oregon exchange struggles: Has so far failed to enroll a single person

Fewer than 100 in Delaware sign up for health care

Only In Mo., 751 picked exchange plans in 1st month

Calif. health exchange enrolls fraction of target


New Mexico state troopers shoot at woman in speeding in van with five kids

Liz Cheney reignites family feud over opposition to gay marriage

Drone malfunctions, hits U.S. Navy ship during training

Philippines' President Aquino 'tempted to despair' at typhoon toll

Tragic Aftermath: Relief for victims after deadly Philippines typhoon

Typhoon Haiyan: World Bank offers $500M loan to Philippines as aid logjams persist

Putin Orders Officials: Keep discussions in-house or quit govt

Genetic Roulette News

Failed Monsanto GMO Corn Pushed on African Countries with Help of Bill Gates

14 Pesticide-Doused Crops Most Often Found in Baby Food

Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic

Los Angeles GMO-Free Shift Signifies ‘No-Surrender’ Revolt Against Monsanto

Vaccine Danger: Merck is Big Pharma’s Vaccine Monsanto

Mexican vigilantes, battling drug cartel, take over another town: Taking back their country

US Border Patrol has 'alarming' alcohol problem

Senate intelligence panel sharply split on surveillance reforms

Senator McCain not calling on NSA's Alexander to resign

British spy agency snoops on hotel reservations targeting diplomats – Snowden leaks reveal

Britain rejects EU watchdog plan to probe data-gathering practices

Israeli-Palestinian War

New Iranian Combat Drone 'Can Reach Israel'

Israel and Saudi Arabia Collaborating on Iran Strike

Netanyahu: P5+1 Offering Iran 'Enormous Deal'

Former PM Olmert mocks Netanyahu, backs Obama over Iran nuclear talks

Israel May Have to Settle for 'Less Bad' Deal

Putin calls Iran's leader, sees chance to end nuclear standoff

French President Hollande Meets Abbas, Brings Money

Palestinians Quit Peace Talks Despite Promises Not To

IDF Comic Book Reveals Less Friendly Side of Hamas

Analysis: Hezbollah and Iran – two branches of the same tree

'Hot Mic' Catches UN Interpreter's Surprise at Israel-Bashing

Knesset Warns: 'Mortal Danger' to Jews Visiting On Mount of Olives

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


4 Syrian generals among 31 dead in rebel bomb attack: "timing of the attack is significant”

Syria Violence: Top rebel leader dies of bomb injuries

Russia President Putin discusses Syria peace moves with Assad

Syria fighting in Qalamoun triggers new exodus of refugees to Lebanon

Inside Syrian town living under al Qaeda reign of fear

OPCW approves road map for Syria chemical weapons destruction

Belgian minister 'not favorable' to Syria arms destruction in his country


Islamists blamed in death of high-ranking Egyptian official: Interior Ministry officer was shot

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt calls for talks to end tumult

Arab Spring memorial at Egypt's Tahrir Square sparks protest

Egypt to temporarily reopen Gaza crossing after ten-day closure

Egypt govt open to reconciliation if Brotherhood accepts roadmap: Minister


The bloody disaster of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan is laid bare: Removal of law and order from a nation is devastating

Separate Attacks Throughout Bagdad And Across Iraq Kill 20

Iraq's Kurdistan backs Turkey peace efforts

Civil War fury could threaten Iraq's push for record oil output

'People of All Ages were Sobbing': Over JFK Assassination

Ethanol takes policy blow from the Environmental Protection Agency

Economic News - Prophecy Reveals No Collapse Until Antichrist Is Here

Dow hits 16,000 for first time, S&P 500 hits 1,800

Dollar falls ahead of Fed speeches

GM, AT&T partner to offer Internet access in most '15 vehicles

Chrysler 3Q profit rises 22% on truck, SUV demand



Obama's broken health care promises: Does he have any credibility left?

Health Care Charts Obama Doesn't Want You to See

Obama to stop deporting illegal relatives of U.S. troops, veterans

FBI warns of U.S. government breaches by Anonymous hackers

Judge Says Andrew Chambers's Iraq Service Makes Him Threat To Society

U.S. Official: Deal with Iran is 'Close'

Unique 'direct kill' air defense complex unveiled in Russia

TSA Officer Shot At LAX May Have Been Wrongly Declared Dead And Left Untreated

Aid flows to typhoon survivors as Philippines struggles to rebuild

China to loosen one-child policy, abolish labour camps


President Kennedy Assassination

Masonic Plaza, 23rd Parallel

Baltimoreans remember assassination of Kennedy

‘Dallas 1963’: Dark days before the Kennedy assassination - Cauldron of hate stewing

JFK Told Jackie 'Nobody Can Stop' an Assassination Attempt

JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary: New photos

Caroline Kennedy takes high public office in Japan, 50 years after JFK's death: She is new US Ambassador

Masons Revered '33' Above All Numbers: Life taken, blood spilled, at 33rd parallel very special to occultists


There is No Fix: “Entire System Will Detonate Within the First Year”

Mostly older adults signing up for insurance through Washington’s exchange

House approves its own health care fix, but Obama opposes it

Congressman Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force”

Why hardly anyone signed up for Obamacare - Hint: It has nothing to do with tech glitches at

CIA monitors Americans' financial activities

Confirmed: CIA, NSA, IRS collected and shared Americans' personal information

New Mesh Network Documents Confirm Police Vehicle’s Real-Time Access To DHS Spy Cameras

Convicted Hacker Jeremy Hammond Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

Justice is reviewing criminal cases that used surveillance evidence gathered under FISA Court


New Xbox Can See Through Your Clothes Like TSA Scanners

‘We reject illegal killings’: Germany suspends drone purchase

Merkel’s necklace worries Germans more than Syria, NSA

Silicon Valley Nerds Seek Revenge on NSA Spies With Coding

Feinstein promotes bill to strengthen NSA's hand on warrantless searches - Promoting tyranny

Senator Schumer: Immigration reform still possible this year

GOP's Boehner rules out immigration reform this year

With Hawaii and Illinois, U.S. crosses a same-sex marriage mark

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Syria Falls Apart: Kurds Declare Self-Rule, Assad Besieges Aleppo

Jihadists say Syria rebel 'beheaded in error'

Top Iraqi militia commander killed in Syria

Albania shuns Syria chemical weapons destruction

Syrian army fights for road needed to remove chemical weapons

Israeli border village backs Syria's President Assad

Chemical arms watchdog adopts Syria stockpile plan for destruction


U.S. Official: Deal with Iran is 'Close'

No real dissent in nuclear talks between P5+1 and Iran - Russian FM

Why Saudi Arabia Hates the Iran Deal

U.S. and Iran Poised to Meet to Tackle Syria Aid Together

Iranian Kurdish Groups Lament Lack of US, Western Support


Afghanistan attack: Deadly bombing near Kabul compound

Deadly suicide bomb hits Afghanistan's capital on eve of US security talks

Hillary Clinton calls for investment in Afghanistan

Terrorists From Pakistan Step Up Violence Against NATO Troops in Afghanistan


Iraq bombings target Shiites during a religious holiday

Four police killed in Iraq attacks

In Southern Iraq, Basra Threatens Autonomy

Iraq-Saudi ties: Another U.S. headache?

Miscellaneous - Supernation #7 News

Rival Libya militias in fresh clashes near Tripoli

Ex-FBI agent pleads guilty to leaking secrets about Yemen operation to AP

Ethiopian police crackdown on anti-Saudi protest

Thousands of Syrians from Qalamoun enter Lebanon

Israeli-Palestinian War

MK Bennett: Palestinian state a mistake

"Peace is the time to prepare for war" - IDF Brig. Gen. Halevi

IDF: Hamas Continues to Grow Stronger

Hamas Tells Fatah to 'Prepare for War'

Despite epidemic of 'Lone Wolf' terrorists, don't expect widespread unrest

Palestinian issue will tear cabinet apart

Obama national security aide Rice chides Israel over settlements

President Peres warns against feud with US over Iran diplomacy

Mafia targeting the Pope?

Sarah Palin Apologizes For Remarks On Pope Francis

Human rights court turns down Polish govt request to keep CIA jail hearing closed

The new statin drug scam: Half the doctors on the recommendation panel have Big Pharma ties

Economic News - Prophecy Reveals No Collapse Until Antichrist Is Here

S&P 500 Will Zoom To 2,000 Sooner Than You Think

Dow, S&P 500 rise for 6th consecutive week

U.S. Stocks Extend Records on Fed Bets Amid Positive Factory Data

Why Aren't Target Employees Striking Like Their Cousins At Wal-Mart?

Ford sales top 1M for first time in Asia-Pacific region

Ford sees 30% jump in U.S. October sales for Lincoln

GM stock rises as government sells off more shares

New GM Exec: Cadillac brand needs to resonate globally

GE Printing Engine Fuel Nozzles Propels $6 Billion Market

This Is What The End Of Hemp Prohibition Looks Like




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