Tuesday, 6/18/2019

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Critical News Headlines -- End of the Age

1. Iran begins her second proxy war, this time against Saudi Arabia, as Yemeni Houthi rebels attacked Saudi targets.

Just as the 2007 Middle East Map is being followed in the formation of "Free Kurdistan", so it is being followed in the defeat and humiliation of Saudi Arabia.

2. Mexico begins to deploy 6,000 military forces on her north and south borders, and 1,000 more immigration officials.

She is beginning to comply with her agreement with President Trump.

Guatemala is reported to be negotiating with Trump to form a legal wall against uncontrolled numbers of immigrants crossing over.

3. One Texas town is taking School Security to a new level.

Government Gun Confiscation/Seizure is the new Bi-partisan plan for which we are being conditioned

4. As Americans continue to support the "Death Policies" of the Democrat Party, it is becoming readily apparent that Scripture is right again, i.e., "He who hates God loves Death"!

5. God's Spirit is calling all Jews to come home to Israel, just as Prophecy foretold!

6. Northern National Parks are quietly taking down the signs that "Glaciers are going to disappear by 2020"!

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Critical News Analysis -- End of the Age


1. Iran begins her second proxy war, this time against Saudi Arabia, as Yemeni Houthi rebels attacked Saudi targets.

Remember, this fight between Iran and Saudi Arabia is between Shi'ite (Iran) and Sunni (Saudi Arabia)!

During the long war in Iraq, we noted, on several occasions, that the Bush Administration seemed to be favoring Shi'ite Muslim over Sunni Muslim. Toward the end of Bush's Presidency, this tilt became even more obvious.

Today, America appears to be ready to cooperate in the defeat and dismemberment of Sunni Saudi Arabia as we detail in this DVD above, "Bringing Saudi Arabia Down", and which is further shown by a study of the map below.

First, let us examine how Iran is using the Yemeni Houthis rebel force as a proxy force against Saudi Arabia.

NEWS BRIEF: "Yemen's Houthis claim new attack on Saudi Arabia's Abha airport on Sunday", Al-jazeera News, 16 June 2019

"Yemen's Houthi movement launched a new drone attack targeting the Abha airport in southern Saudi Arabia, the group's Al Masirah TV said on Monday. There was no immediate confirmation of the attack from Saudi Arabia, which on Saturday launched air attacks on Houthi rebel forces in Yemen's capital Sanaa, part of an escalation of tit-for-tat attacks that has stoked regional tensions."

Remember, the Houthis are a rebel group stationed in Yemen who are totally funded and equipped by the Iranian military machine. In the past several years, Houthis have been battle hardened by the war against Saudi Arabia, and now, we discover that these rebel forces are equipped with weapons of greater capability!

NEWS BRIEF: "Houthi drone attacks in Saudi 'show new level of sophistication'," Al-jazeera News, 15 May 2019

"Drone attacks on a Saudi oil pipeline west of Riyadh on Tuesday have revealed an apparent significant leap in the capabilities of the Ansar Allah fighting group, otherwise known as the Houthis ... The attacks caused minor damage but alarmed an international community already rattled by the sharp downturn in relations between Iran and the United States."

"Drones have been increasingly used by the Houthis in operations against the Saudi-UAE-led coalition ... This latest attack signifies a big jump in abilities as the drone flew more than 800km into Saudi Arabia to successfully attack its target. The drone was guided using satellite technology, as beyond a certain range, drones need a satellite data link for information to be sent back to the pilot."

"The Iranians and Houthis have no known communications satellites and would need to rely on commercially available satellite space. All this means that imagery analysts, communications experts, uplink engineers, two-pilot crews, armourers and mechanics all need to work in unison for an attack to succeed."

One of the most important stories here is that Saudi Arabia did not detect this slow drone, and, therefore, did not prevent the attack.

"A slow, unstealthy aircraft was able to fly for several hours deep into Saudi Arabia, and was not detected and intercepted in a time of war. This will ring alarm bells, as retired Jordanian air force general Mamour al-Nowar told Al Jazeera."

" 'Their air defence system completely failed to handle such attacks' and the Houthis now have the ability 'to reach Riyadh and Abu Dhabi', potentially paralyzing the country 'if they hit desalination water pumping stations or the [almost built] nuclear plant in Abu Dhabi'."

Additionally, the Houthis are now said to have shot down an American military drone!

NEWS BRIEF: "Yemeni Houthi rebels shoot down US drone", DEBKAfile News, June 15, 2019

"Houthi rebels in Yemen have released video footage and photos of what they claim is an American MQ-9 Reaper being shot down and crashing in Yemen. US officials said the Reaper had been downed in the Red Sea by what was likely an Iranian anti-air missile fired by Houthi rebels."

And, now, the pace seems to be picking up.

Breaking News Brief: "US intel: Iranian strike at major Saudi oil target imminent", DEBKAfile News, June 18, 2019

"US intelligence learns from a highly credible source that Iran's Revolutionary Guards have completed preparations for a large-scale assault on an important Saudi oil facility within days. On Monday, June 17, the aides of senior US congress members were summoned to the White House for a briefing on this intelligence and informed that this time the administration is gearing up for a military response. US-Iranian tensions in the region shot up again after abating for a few days, amid spreading talk of a White House decision to resort to US military action against Iran."

"Early Tuesday, June 18, acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said in a statement: 'In response to a request from the US Central Command for additional forces, and with the advice of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and in consultation with the White House, I have authorized approximately 1,000 additional troops for defensive purposes to address air, naval, and ground-based threats in the Middle East'."

"Saudi Arabia has placed all its oil installations, terminals, ports and oil fields on maximum alert."

Breaking News Brief: "Saudis report intercepting two Houthi bomb-packed drones", DEBKAfile News, June 18, 2019

"Saudi military spokesman Col. Turki al-Maliki reported on Tuesday that two bomb-laden drones launched by Yemen's Iranian-backed Houthi rebels were intercepted – one targeting the high-end resort town of Abha once again, and the second shot down over Yemen."


Just as the 2007 Middle East Map (shown above) is being followed in the formation of "Free Kurdistan", so it is being followed in the defeat and humiliation of Saudi Arabia.

In March 20, 2003, as American forces were crossing the Iraqi border, leading Coalition Forces into the long war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Iran sent emissaries to every Arab capital in the region, to inform them that Iran was implementing a proxy war to take down the American effort in Iraq, to destroy Israel, and to defeat Saudi Arabia.

Iran envisioned the build-up of proxy forces so that she could could attack her targets without suffering devastating counter-attacks from American and/or Israeli militaries.

Notice that this map, above, divides Saddam's original Iraq into a "Sunni Iraq" and a "Shi'ite Iraq" and that both new nations shares a border with their protector nation, i.e., Sunni Iraq shares a border with Sunni Saudi Arabia while Shia Iraq shares a border with Shi'ite Iran.

Likewise, Iran is using proxy forces in this widening conflict. She is using the Houthi rebels to attack Saudi Arabia and Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian Authority against Israel.

If Iran is preparing to launch a new, and more serious, attack against Saudi oil facilities as we read above, she would be wise to have Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinian Authority launch an all-out attack at the same time,against Israel.

Remember, President Trump will protect Israel first and foremost, so if these combined Arab forces can sufficiently tie American forces down, our efforts to protect Saudi Arabia will suffer.

Then, perhaps, even have North Korea threaten an attack against South Korea.

Finally, perhaps, even have China threaten Taiwan.

Iran might be wise to enlist the diplomatic support of Russia, threatening the United States with her intervention should we seriously counter-attack Iranian forces.

In other words, Iran would be following standard military strategy to fire up the globe in this matter, and it would be following the outline of events which we outlined in the DVD above, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event"!

Before we leave this subject, let us quickly review this 2007 Middle East Map (shown above), for it portends a huge and humiliating defeat for Saudi Arabia, with Iran receiving enormous assets. This supposed American ally suffers grievous loss of territory according to President Bush's new map. She gives up land on all parts of her current border.

* She gives up land on the Red Sea so Jordan can be expanded

* She gives up land on the Persian Gulf so Iraq's Shia State can be created

* She gives up land to the south so Yemen can be expanded.

The incredible fact is that, if this map is implemented, Saudi Arabia will be stripped of almost all her access to the ocean -- both on the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf! This reality must mean that some other nation is going to control Saudi Arabia's oil export terminals! This map colors the oil facilites the same color as Iran.

How can the Saudis tolerate this violation of her sovereignty?

Another reason for war.

* Most shockingly, Saudi Arabia is going to be stripped of all management and control over the Islamic Sacred Sites! I cannot imagine any Saudi leader voluntarily giving up control of the Islamic sacred sites!

Remember these facts gleaned from this map, as events begin to unfold in all seriousness.

Shi'ite Iran is going to defeat and humiliate Sunni Saudi Arabia! This trend began in 2004 under President Bush, continued with the one-sided concessions given by President Obama and will culminate under President Trump! Just as this 2007 Middle East Map dictates.



2. Mexico begins to deploy 6,000 military forces on her north and south borders, and 1,000 more immigration officials.

NEWS BRIEF: "Mexico reinforces checks amid US pressure over migrant flow", MRT News, June 16, 2019

"COMITAN, Mexico (AP) — Mexican authorities increased immigration enforcement along well-traveled routes for migrants in southern Mexico over the weekend, checking identifications, pulling migrants off public transport and intercepting four trucks packed with nearly 800 migrants."

"The National Migration Institute said 1,000 immigration agents had been deployed in the north and south of Mexico. The deployment comes as Mexico faces heightened pressure from the U.S. to reduce the surge of mostly Central American migrants through its territory. Mexico plans to position 6,000 National Guard troops by Tuesday to its southern border with Guatemala."

She is beginning to comply with her agreement with President Trump.

Guatemala is reported to be negotiating with Trump to form a legal wall against uncontrolled numbers of immigrants crossing over.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S., Guatemala Negotiate Legal Wall Against Migrants", Tea Party News, June 17, 2019

"U.S. and Guatemalan officials are negotiating a 'safe third country' agreement which would bar the movement of U.S.-bound migrants through Guatemala ... 'Under the terms of the [draft] agreement, migrants fleeing persecution in El Salvador and Honduras would be required to seek asylum in Guatemala, a gateway to Mexico and the United States' ..."

Really, how effective might this "safe third country" agreement prove to be? Liberals are panicking.

"Pro-migration activists reacted with alarm to the news, partly because the Guatemalan deal would help President Donald Trump pressure Mexico to sign a safe third country deal ... 'This should start setting off alarm bells; a Safe Third deal with Guatemala would force Honduran and Salvadoran asylum seekers to apply for asylum in Guatemala or be barred from seeking asylum in the U.S.' "

"A Safe Third Country deal with Guatemala would also put pressure on Mexico to sign their own deal. This would essentially be the regional compact [the Washington Post] and others reported on last week—Guatemalans forced to apply for asylum in Mexico and Hondurans/Salvadorans in Guatemala."

In other words, Trump is implementing a solution to this overwhelming illegal immigration by expanding the scope of interdiction to the entire Central American region!

Now, first interdiction will occur much further south than ever before.

And, because these agreements with Mexico and Guatemala are "foreign agreements", Congress has absolutely no say! This move is brilliant!



3. One Texas town is taking School Security to a new level.

NEWS BRIEF: "Good Guys With Guns: One Texas Town's Solution To School Security", Big League Politics, March 26, 2019

"AUSTIN, TEXAS — In the aftermath of the Santa Fe High School shootings, while other educators clamored for "gun free zones" and more intuitive psychotherapy, one Texas superintendant took the bull by the horns, bought an arsenal, and installed a surveillance system."

" 'How do you keep the bad guys from getting guns? They're out there. They just are. Whether people like it or not, that's just how it is', Texas City Supe. Rodney Cavness told Texas Observer."

"Cavness is promoting a Texas-sized solution to school violence, and it's now being held up by state lawmakers as the 'model' for schools everywhere ... Privacy and civil liberties concerns are being raised by parents and other members of community about chipping and tracking the students' whereabouts at all times, as a way to keep them from being less dead next time an active shooter sprints through school halls with an AR-15."

In other words, school children are going to be "chipped and tracked"?

In the process of dealing with a deliberate campaign of staging mass public shootings so that the American people will allow their Second Amendment rights to be stripped -- along with their guns -- now we have this proposal to implement a "Mark of the Beast" type of technology, thus conditioning people to accept the ultimate "Mark" implemented by the Second Beast acting on behalf of the First Beast (Revelation 13).

Government Gun Confiscation/Seizure is the new Bi-partisan plan for which we are being conditioned.

NEWS BRIEF: "Gov. Cuomo Signs Gun Confiscation Into Law in New York: Guns can be seized with no provocation", Big League Politics, February 26, 2019

"New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the latest New York law expressing the state's hostility to the Second Amendment Monday. The 'Red Flag' law will take effect in 180 days. The legislation allows the court system to seize legally owned firearms without a criminal conviction. Private individuals, law enforcement and school administration can request that judges impose gun confiscation on those they personally deem a threat to themselves or others."

Believe it or not, this law will allow government forces to strip guns from owners one person at a time, rather than come against entire communities all at once. This strategy will be far less likely to provoke a massive response from pro-Second Amendment citizens.

And, if Mass Media cooperates by not reporting such individual seizures, the chances of a mass reaction by gun owners is further reduced.


4. As Americans continue to support the "Death Policies" of the Democrat Party, it is becoming readily apparent that Scripture is right again, i.e., "He who hates God loves Death"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Earthly Bodies: Democrat-controlled Washington Becomes First State to Legalize Human Composting", Time Magazine, May 22, 2019

"Washington became the first state to legalize 'human composting' on Tuesday, when Gov. Jay Inslee signed a law that will allow human bodies to be converted into soil in licensed facilities."

In other words, Americans have become so comfortable with human death that they have now legalized the composting of bodies rather than burying them or cremating them.

But, why should we be surprised at this love of death in America? After all, we are consumed with government intervention in the death decisions of the entire population! Governments can now:

* Abort an unborn baby at any time of the pregnancy - Abortion on Demand

* Murder a just-born baby who is killed after naturally exiting the birth canal - Infanticide

* Adult Euthanasia is strongly sweeping this nation

* Assisted Suicide

* Abort an unborn child who is carrying a birth defect that makes the parents uncomfortable

* Aborting an unborn child because Mom and Dad wanted a different sex

* Selling aborted baby parts on the black market, as Planned Parenthood has been doing for years!

Doubtful you can think of other instances where Americans are obsessed with human death and are implementing it on a wider and wider scale.

In Proverbs 8:36 that a rejection of Him and His commandments would ultimately produce physical death. God warned, "...all they that hate Me love death." The greatest single trend in America today is an obvious love of death. We see this love of death in the Rock culture so treasured by our current generation of young people. We see this love of death in current TV and movie listings. We see this love of death in the wave of suicides and murders filling our land today. And, finally, we see this love of death encompassing our most innocent of children, as abortion is killing 1.6 million babies every year.

America is now bound by a 'Root of Bitterness', powerfully binding them to the dark spirits of the Abyss. This country seemingly cannot find joy in any part of life, but is continually saturated with a spirit of gall. Lack of forgiveness and bitter-root judgments powerfully bind even a genuine believer, preventing a full spiritual recovery.

Most people understand the need for forgiveness but do not fully comprehend how roots of bitterness and anger can prevent a person from gaining full victory in Jesus Christ. America is a nation whose soul has rejected God and is now bound up in Satan's roots of bondage and unhappiness unto death. Believe me, a national demonic possession is possible / probable!

Thank God, there is deliverance!

Over 2 hours long, this DVD "Dark Roots, Withered Souls" contains spiritual warfare and deliverance information you will never get from your local pastor! You will also see how America has now slipped into control of the demonic spirit known as "Dark Roots"!



5. God's Spirit is calling all Jews to come home to Israel, just as Prophecy foretold!

NEWS BRIEF: "America, No more the safe haven, no more the Promised Land: "Israel must prepare itself to absorb massive aliya from the USA", Israel National News, 6/17/2019

"Jew-hatred immigrated to the US from Europe long ago, but today its source is Islam and it is increasing as Islamic presence in public and political spheres becomes more pronounced ... The growing hatred towards Jews is evident in worrying reports of a dramatic rise in the number of incidents where this hatred is expressed, the most shocking being shooting sprees: One, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the Succot holiday this year ..."

"Another factor casting a shadow on Jewish life in the USA is the strengthening of anti-capitalist concepts and negative opinions regarding "privileged," rich, healthy whites ... Jew-hatred has nothing to do with Israel, was not born in 1948 but is deeply rooted in western culture, just as it is in Islamic culture."

"Israel must prepare itself to absorb massive aliya from the USA. This aliya will be the result of American Jewry reaching the conclusion that just as Europe, the USA has ceased to be a secure haven for Jews."

What did God foretell, 2,500 years ago, concerning Jews returning to Israel at the End of the Age?

"I will hiss for them (like a beekeeper), and gather them; for I have redeemed them: and they shall increase as they have increased (before)." (Zechariah 10:8, KJV)

The truth today is that Jews the world over are feeling such political heat in the Western world that they are heeding the call of God to return to Israel. After Israel fulfills the Obadiah prophecy to annihilate all Palestinians, the IDF will spread out as God foretold, to take control of all the land God promised to Israel -- the "Greater Israel" concept.

Further, this annihilation of the entire Palestinian population will cause such a backlash against all Jews, including in America, that the greatest influx in modern history of fleeing Jews will flood into Israel.

At that moment, the Holy Spirit will truly be "hissing" for all Jews just like a beekeeper hisses for his colonies of bees.

This influx will be the fulfillment of another End Times' prophecies!


6. Northern National Parks are quietly taking down the signs that "Glaciers are going to disappear by 2020"!

NEWS BRIEF: "National Parks Quietly Dump Signs Saying Glaciers ‘Will Be Gone' By 2020 Due to Mythical Global Warming", Flag & Cross News, June 10, 2019

"The National Park Service removed signs put up by the Obama administration telling visitors that the glaciers would 'all be gone' by the year 2020 ... Without fanfare, Glacier National Park quietly removed a sign at its visitor center saying the glaciers will disappear by 2020 due to the left's religiously lamented climate change claims.

"According to federal officials, several years in a row of high snowfall and cold temperatures totally obliterated a computer model that authorities relied on to claim that the glaciers would all be melted by 2020 ...."

Just as Dr. Falkner reported in the DVD shown above, "Climate Change or Mind Control", the history of warming and cooling trends over the past 1,000 years and proves that this current alarm is a propaganda exercise designed to scare us into a Global Government.

Faulkner then shows us the exact propaganda techniques that Mass Media is using to control our minds so that vast numbers of people can believe in a global problem that simply does not exist.

You and I and the people of the world are the intended victims of a very slick propaganda exercise!

And, now, current news stories are proving Dr. Frazier to be absolutely correct!


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Today, it is five minutes midnight; time is running out. Everything is about to change, and few are aware that a horrific storm is about to rock the plant.

The condition of the world today is like the folks on the Titanic: eating, drinking and being merry, unaware that time is running out and their doom is just hours away. Like those on the Titanic, humanity is unaware of the judgment soon to be released.

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Obadiah 15-18 foretells the annihilation by fire of an entire nation, the House of Esau, which today are the Palestinians. Israel possesses the "Weapon of Fire" (Fuel Air Bomb) that could fulfill this prophecy precisely!

Understanding how Israel is planning to carry out this annihilation soon is critical to comprehending events in Israel today between the Palestinians and Israel.

Consider the somber prophecy of Obadiah 18: 'The house of Jacob shall be a fire and the house of Joseph a flame, but the house of Esau shall be stubble; they shall kindle them and burn them and consume them, and there shall be no more survivor of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken it.' [Verse 18]

This prophecy states that the nation of Israel [the combined houses of Jacob and Joseph] shall have some kind of a fire build up within them that will suddenly explode outward to consume the House of Esau in 100% annihilation. Since a weapon of fire does not travel outward from its source too far, we can assume that this House of Esau must be living in close proximity to Israel at the moment of this conflagration.

Thus, the major question is, 'who is the House of Esau today'? It is the Palestinians, led currently by Mahmoud Abbas.

You will be shocked to learn that God's Holy Spirit has been working since 1990 to convince the Israeli leadership of the need to annihilate the Palestinians. You will be further surprised to learn that the huge security fence Israel has erected around the Palestinian towns and cities will prove to be an indispensable tool in their strategy to carry out this complete destruction, as God has foretold 2,500 years ago.

We wish to reiterate that we take no satisfaction from this unbelievable prophecy of carnage, but a lot of people are going to be searching for valid answers in a hurry once this carnage does occur. They have to look no further for correct answers than this prophecy in Obadiah.

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New Age author, Bill Cooper, has some very pertinent things to say on this issue: In every instance that I have investigated since 1988, the shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were ALL ON THE DRUG PROZAC or some other mind-altering drug! This drug, when taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence. Couple that with a post-hypnotic suggestion or control through an electronic brain implant, or microwave or E.L.F. intrusion, and you get mass murder, ending in every case with the suicide of the perpetrator." "Beyond A Pale Horse".

Scholars tell us that tyrannical governments have murdered 262 million citizens after they had seized all private weapons. Since our government is still using the One Dollar Bill, we can only assume that it is still pursuing the type of government on the back of that bill:
NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM (New World Order), planned to be the most dictatorial government in all history.

How well is this deliberate government mind control program working? 'This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment'.

Our Founding Fathers did not write the right of americans to bear arms into the Constitution so we could hunt and shoot targets; coming out of the slaughter of citizens in Europe by dictatorial kings, our Fathers were most intent upon never allowing America to be so subjugated, and they realized that only a Constitutional right to keep and to bear arms could prevent private arms from being seized.

Spread the word! Our right to arms is being eroded and a dictatorship will be inevitable if private guns are eliminated.

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Washington DC was planned to be a High Place of Luciferian worship, exactly like the High Places" in Old Testament times, against which God railed. Washington DC is correctly called the most evil place on Earth with spiritually controlled buildings and seething with occult energy, just as we reported in Riddles In Stone!

Luciferians of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and other occult leaders have always viewed world and national events as being controlled by National Overlords, demonic beings as revealed in Daniel 10!

US Capitol was built with a secret crypt empty of a body, so that, at the right moment in world history, the body of the assassinated Masonic Christ can be placed within; the most powerful Scottish Rite Masonic leaders will then convene to conduct the Aleister Crowley Raising of Osiris ritual which will raise Osiris (Antichrist) from the dead, thus fulfilling Revelation 13:3, so that the power and authority foretold in Revelation 13:4 can be fully established.

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* Christians today must focus their gaze upon this final wonderful ruler and His kingdom, because this world is going to have to go through an unparalleled tyrannical kingdom of Antichrist and of God's judgment upon all mankind. No matter how awful events are going to get, remember, you are not home yet!

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The new government must apply sovereignty to Judea and Samaria, Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan pledged as he spoke to the thousands of visitors who flocked to the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. We are praying that [the] new government will declare sovereignty on Judea and Samaria' said Ben-Dahan, who served in the last government under the Bayit Yehudi Party.

'A government that with God's help will show the world that there is no difference between Hebron and Beersheba. Hebron is what connects Jerusalem to Beersheba. Here in Hebron the nation of Israel connects to its roots', Ben-Dahan said [then] added a prayer that the Jewish Temple, which was destroyed by the Romans in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, would be speedily rebuilt.


Read our Archived Article reporting the fervent Masonic determination to rebuild the Jewish Temple:


"Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die ... " ["Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry", by Albert Mackey, MD, 33º and Charles T. McClenachan, 33º, Revised Edition, by Edward L. Hawkins, 30º and William J. Hughan, 32º, Volume II, M-Z, published by The Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, London, 1873, A.G. Mackey, 1927, by the Masonic History Company)

Modern Israel is drawing very close to rebuilding the Jewish Temple, and it will be to honor their newly-arisen Jewish Messiah, whom the Bible calls Antichrist!

These times are exciting, are they not?


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