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February 1-15, 2014        

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"I will say of the Lord, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God; on Him I lean and rely, and in Him I confidently trust!" (Psalm 91:2)


Tom DeLay: Americans Now Live 'Under a Government of Tyranny'

Archives Dec 2001: America's 'Most Trusted President' Just Grabbed Dictatorial Powers

CBS Featured ‘futurist’ as Climate Expert Blaming Record Cold on ‘global warming’: Also ‘Telepathy, Telekinesis, & Mind reading’

Obama Science Adviser John Holdren: Promoting ‘zombie science’

Rand Paul Warns: Without radical hange, GOP will "not win again in my lifetime"

US army builds fake city to shoot at during training: Practicing Occupation Tactics

Judge Napolitano: Impeachment Only Way to Stop Obama's Executive Actions

Amazing 2008 Video: Candidate Obama attacks Bush for his executive orders

Memo to Yeshiva U.: No Statute of Limitations on God's Judgment

Federal Judge Overturns Virginia’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban: But confuses Constitution With Declaration of Independence

F-35: Most expensive weapons system ever

Tennessee Volkswagen Workers Reject UAW Representation

Obama weighs in on contentious union vote at Volkswagen plant

Impeachment An Option?

Judge Napolitano: Impeachment Only Way to Stop Obama's Executive Actions

'You can't impeach 1st black president,' or can you? Rush Limbaugh

Push to impeach Obama makes major gain

You Cannot Impeach A President Approved By The Elite: "Record of America's Invisible One-Party System"

Quote of the Century: "Henry, I don't care if you prove he (Bill Clinton) raped a woman and then stood up and shot her dead -- you're not going to get sixty-seven votes [to impeach]." (GOP Senator Stevens, Feb, 1999)

Ron Paul Rewind: 'What If..."

Cuba, The Times Just Might Be A’Changin’

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine

Ukraine protesters freed under amnesty but streets still tense

Russia accuses EU of seeking Ukraine 'sphere of influence'

Ukraine Protesters Ready To Vacate Seized Kiev City Hall

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

Saudi Arabia to supply Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles

Car Bomb Outside Mosque in Syria Kills Dozens

Russia offers alternative Syria resolution, slams West-Arab draft as helping 'military aggression'

Mediator: Syrian Peace Talks Have 'Not Come Out With Very Much'

Afghan prisoner release "is of no concern to the U.S."- President Karzai

Americans Advised to Avoid Flights from Guyana Due to Terror Threat --Unconfirmed Threat


Israeli-Palestinian War

Sabbath Calm Disturbed by Rocket Attacks

Jordanian Islamists Rally Against Israel-PA Peace

Syria's disintegration alarms Israel

Presbyterians Seek To Disavow Anti-Israel Report

Australia and Indonesia are now in 'open conflict'

1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth

For The South, Add Earthquake To Snow, Ice And Power Outages

ObamaCare patients with serious pre-existing diseases could face expensive drug costs

Merkel, Hollande to discuss possible European communication network that avoids U.S.

Nuclear fusion breakthrough promises unlimited energy

Mass evacuation in Indonesia as Java volcano erupts

‘State Secrets,’ Non-Denials And Lies: How The Government Tried To Bury Its ‘No Fly’ List Screwup

Activism Is Destroying Monsanto & Other Corrupt Mega Corps: Major companies removing toxic substances from food

February 14, 2014


Markets Not at Risk Like 1929

Vulnerable Democrats urge IRS to step up scrutiny of tax-exempt groups

Mitt Romney: ObamaCare implementation an 'unmitigated mess'

Karl Rove: Latest Obamacare Delay Politically Motivated

Belgium nears approval of child euthanasia

Chic-fil-A Announces An End To Serving Chicken Raised On Antibiotics

China flexes its muscles in U.S.-led military exercises

Rush Limbaugh: Heterosexuals Are 'Under Assault' By Homosexuals

Recording Everything: New scanners in downtown clubs raise privacy questions—and may be illegal

Surveillance City? Implementing Automatic License Plate Readers

Gun Rights News

Ninth Circuit strikes California’s restrictive rule against licensed carry of handguns

SC Gov. Haley says she backs carrying firearms without permits, training

"Moms Demand Action" seeks to make more Americans victims of gun violence

Federal Court overturns concealed-carry regulation: Blow to California gun law

Smith & Wesson unveils monster .460 caliber gun: The ‘Backpack Cannon’

Connecticut Gun Law Ignored as Thousands Don't Register AR-15s

Tens of thousands evacuated, flights cancelled, as Indonesia's Mt Kelud volcano erupts

Obama pledges help for drought-stricken California

Comcast buys Time Warner Cable for $45 billion

Customers say Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is evil

A Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger May Be Just Fine With Regulators

What the Comcast-Time Warner deal says about the future of media

New bill would require White House dinners to follow same guidelines as school lunches

What if Hillary Clinton Doesn't Run for President in 2016?

MSNBC host throws Clinton under the bus: ‘Don’t run Hillary. Don’t run'

Hack-Resistant Credit Cards Bring More Safety—at a Price

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

Russia tells West it's time for common ground on Ukraine – or else

Fears for the economic legacy in Ukraine

EU says financial help is available for Ukraine if it reforms

Anatoliy Maksiuta: Free economic zones could be restored in Ukraine

Unseemly western interference in Ukraine

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Opposition: Syria talks at ‘impasse’ but not over

Geneva 2 Conference : Syria’s official delegation gives priority to counterterrorism

Terrorists eliminated in several areas, terrorist attack on Aleppo Carlton hotel foiled

Syria Crisis: UN 'must stop flagrant violation of humanitarian law'


America's army of contractors now work directly for Iraq

Where Did Syria Extremists Come From? Iraq's Prisons

The new jihadists make al-Qaeda look like tired old has-beens

Islamist insurgents seize parts of north Iraq town

Libya, Iraq cast shadow as State Department readies for Afghanistan drawdown


Afghanistan releases 65 prisoners despite strong U.S. objections

No news is good news from Afghanistan

Two American Soldiers Killed By Gunmen in Afghanistan

Legalized Spousal Abuse Is Coming to Afghanistan: Return to Taliban-era repression?


General Sisi in Russia: Moscow's Egyptian gambit

Russia, Egypt Reach Initial $3 Bln Arms Deal

Egypt's 'War on Terror' May Be Creating More Violence

Wife Dies After Mail Bomb That Killed Lawyer Husband


Israeli-Palestinian War

'Israel is not an Occupier': Congressman Trent Franks

Tensions In Jordan: Deal Must 'Return Palestinians' - King Abdullah II warns he must push 'Palestinians' out or lose the monarchy

Gaza Fence Clash - Terrorist Shot Dead

Against the Kerry Framework, PA turns to UNESCO

PA and Hamas Guilty of Rampant Human Rights Abuses

Indonesia: Volcano's Massive Eruption Heard 125 Miles Away


February 13, 2014


Judge Napolitano: Targeted Killings of Americans Illegal and Unconstitutional

Democrats Running Ads Criticizing ObamaCare: Democrats running away from the president

Half of Obamacare 'Enrollees' Have Not Paid Their Premiums

Proof Hillary isn't fit to be president

Insider warns that more banker assassinations are coming

SC Gov. Haley says she backs carrying firearms without permits, training

Israeli government bows down to Obama

TEPCO falsely measures Fukushima radiation, mishandle disaster

Kerry's visit bodes well for China-U.S. ties in Year of Horse

Obama's bogus NSA plans mean nothing

Obama says no nation avoids US spying

UK Police And Companies Will Have Access To Database Of All England's Medical Records

Dollar no longer primary oil currency as China begins to sell oil using Yuan

2014 will be the year of the currency reset and gold backed trade note

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Russia says Syria aid draft could open door to military action

Opposition plan for post-war Syria ignores Assad

US/UN Fears Assad Win in Free Syrian Election?

Syrian troops bombard rebel stronghold of Yabroud


Russia's Putin says he supports General Sisi's bid for Egypt presidency

Is Al-Sisi Egypt's Putin?

Former presidential hopeful says Egypt is now 'republic of fear'

Egypt detains U.S. Embassy employee

New Egypt revolt predicted


Afghanistan frees detainees US calls 'dangerous'

2 US troops killed in insider attack in east Afghanistan

Security Fears Threaten US Future in Afghanistan


Playing the al Qaeda card to the last Iraqi

Escaped inmates from Iraq feed Syrian insurgency

Bombs kill at least 17 across Iraq: police and medics

Gunmen seize Sunni town in Iraq, 4 killed in violence


Anti-drone activist kidnapped in Pakistan before he was due to testify in Europe

Pakistani Taliban comes up with 15 demands for peace talks

British teacher kidnapped by Yemen gunmen

The rise of Yemen's Houthis Shia Rebels


Supernation #8 -- Central and Southern Africa

Rights groups warn of ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Central African Republic

Somali airport blast: Islamist rebels say responsible, targeted UN convoy, six killed

'President Hassan Death Hoax' Rattles Somalia

French troop-reduction plan worries Mali

Nigeria’s image in Africa: Big country, thin skin

Three journalists and a union leader detained in Niger

China Loans Niger $1 Bln for Various Projects

Supernation #9 - ASEAN Forming

"Full Asean integration will soon become a fact of life"

Editorial: Preparing for 2015 Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Community

Asean integration

John Kerry Kicks off Asia Tour

Obama Asia trip includes ASEAN: Late April

Mindanao (Philippines) needs to gear up for integrated ASEAN market in 2015 -- Map


Israeli-Palestinian War

Gingrich: There are no Palestinians!

Israeli government bows down to Obama

Moscow and Cairo warn Israelis, Palestinians against unilateral actions

Iranian Official: Hezbollah's huge missile arsenal has deemed Israel's Iron Dome a joke

UN Mideast Envoy: Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas eroding

PM Netanyahu: Jews Won’t Go to Jail for Learning Torah

Israeli minister accuses Turkey PM of blocking flotilla deal

Former NSA Chief: Israel Has No Right to Exist

Iranian minister attends his Israeli counterpart's speech in Abu Dhabi: Seen as unprecedented goodwill gesture

Muslim MK Faces Possible Legal Action For Threatening Christian representative

Israeli Doctor Discovers New Bacteria

'We are approaching Auschwitz: Jews are asked to get off train' and take a short shower'

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine

Judge dealing with riot cases shot dead in Ukraine

Huge crowds gather for 10th weekly anti-govt rally in central Kiev

EU official lays out plan to end Ukraine's crisis

Ukraine: Firefox add-on promotes anti-government boycott

Cyber attack on bitcoin a big warning to currency's users

Sochi 2014: Stalin's dacha a cool symbol of man who 'built' Sochi

A Gay-Rights Cave-In at Sochi?

FAA grounds local flower drone-delivery service

'DNI admits CIA's not-really-secret drone program'

'RoboCop' not so sci-fi anymore

US military's 'Iron Man' armor will be ready for testing by June: Admiral

Peter King: GOP Speaker Boehner Was 'Real Leader' on Debt Vote

'Pharmacy on a chip' gets closer

NY to issue undocumented immigrants papers

Texas Sports Anchor Delivers Jaw-Dropping Speech On Gay NFL Players

Senate votes to restore cuts to military retirement pay

Great Lakes Ice Cover Is the Largest We've Seen This Century


February 12, 2014


Operation Paperclip: Nazi scientists in service of CIA

Asian shares rise on Yellen’s comments

House Approves Higher Debt Limit Without Condition

U.S. may kill American terror suspect

Obama: 'I Can Do Whatever I Want'

The Places You’re Most Likely to Get Kidnapped

A/G Holder pushes plan to let ex-cons vote

Drug Czar R. Gil Kerlikowske calls for more access to heroin antidote

Hobby Lobby files Supreme Court brief asking protection from contraception mandate

Domestic Surveillance News

US Police Keep Borrowing Border Patrol Drones For Domestic Surveillance

New surveillance technology can track everyone in an area for several hours at a time

White House mulls drone kill against U.S. terror suspect

NSA used phone data for drone targeting

Everything We Know About How the NSA Tracks People's Physical Location

Maryland bill would cut water, electricity to NSA headquarters

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

In Ukraine standoff, echoes of U.S.-Russia Cold War tensions

Ukraine's False Choice

EU Urges Fair Elections to End Stalemate in Ukraine

Russian meddling in Ukraine could trigger financial turmoil

Voice of Russia: Washington admits spending billions on Ukraine 'regime change'

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Solution has not been reached in Renaissance Dam talks: Egyptian, Ethiopian water ministries

Prophetic Warning: Current Events Are Propelling Egypt Down The Abyss Into Her Final, End of Days, Prophetic Judgment

Egypt military chief heads to Moscow in rare visit

Hundreds of Eritreans enslaved in torture camps in Sudan and Egypt

Drive-by shooting in Cairo, Egypt kills 3 policemen

RPT-Fitch: Egypt's ratings stabilised but rapid recovery unlikely


Diplomacy is failing in Syria, Obama acknowledges

'Obama's Syria Policy Is a Deadly Mistake'

Rebel attack on Syrian Alawite village murders 40

Syria: Over 600 evacuated from blockaded Homs


Police: Boys among 9 family members killed by militants in Pakistan

Porn cinema attack kills 13 in Pakistan

Family Fears for ‘Disappeared’ Anti-Drone Activist

U.S. Consulate Employee Shot Dead in Peshawar


Suicide bombing tutor kills himself and 20 pupils in training camp gaffe

Will Iraq survive its own leaders?

Violence in Iraq's Anbar displaces up to 300,000: UN reports

Abu Ghraib culture in ‘liberated’ Iraq continues

15 Iraq troops killed as militants attack barracks


Future of US aid programs in Afghanistan hinge on security issues as American forces withdraw

U.S. complains that Afghanistan releasing dangerous prisoners

Afghanistan safer for journalists than Pakistan, India, Russia

Western Washington man killed in suicide car bomb in Afghanistan

Army soldier from Fort Drum dies in Afghanistan

Eastern Kentucky soldier dies in Afghanistan

Jefferson Marine Loses Legs in Afghanistan Explosion


Obama Warns: US will come down 'like a ton of bricks' on violators of Iran sanctions

Rouhani says nuclear program 'forever' as Iran marks anniversary of Islamic Revolution

Tehran sending ‘message’ as her warships approach US


Yemen federation deal gives autonomy, not independence, to south

Yemen rebels oppose six-region federation

Yemen: Ready for change?

Yemen: Don’t shoot yourself in the foot - Editorial

Supernation #8 -- Central and Southern Africa

African Ministers Committee to Discuss the Promotion of Peace in the Continent

UN chief warns CAR could break up - Central African Republic

Deadly religious violence rocks CAR

Acrimonious Opening at Restart of S. Sudan Talks

Ethiopia Wants Ugandan Troops out of S. Sudan: Warns of Regional Conflict

Debate intensifies over possible German army training mission in Somalia

SOMALIA: PM officially declares new phase of war on Al Shabab

Al-Qaeda-Linked Militants Threaten Mali as France Cuts Force

Red Cross says vehicle carrying five disappears in northern Mali

Mali music festival returns on Niger River after jihadist rule, French-led war

Mali Tuareg Killings: 31 Tuareg Ethnics Killed by Islamists Militants in Northern Mali

Jonathan launches Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan, NEDEP

Nigeria: Severed heads found at restaurant serving human flesh


Israeli-Palestinian War

Temple Activist Tells Police: I'm not your Enemy

Rachel's Tomb Hit By 200 Terror Attacks in 2013

PM Netanyahu needs to prepare Israeli people for peace deal terms

Arab Anger over Kerry’s ‘Secret Term’ on 'Right of Return'

General Gantz: Serving the homeland is a right

Palestinianism, Israel's Left and Jewish Israel

PM Netanyahu to Meet President Obama March 3 in U.S.

EU Parliament head: “We’re not boycotting Israel”

IAF widens probe into secret info stored on pilot cellphones

7th Armored Brigade ditches old tanks for Merkava Mark IV

Chinese trade posts surprise acceleration

Dr. Ben Carson Blasts 'Gestapo' IRS Tactics

Republicans ratchet up scrutiny of the IRS

Thought Police: Firms must swear ObamaCare not a factor in firings

Analysis: Obamacare Will Reduce Compensation By Over a Trillion Dollars Between 2017-2024

GOP: Illegal Obamacare delays will hurt president's agenda

NATO gets first US destroyer for missile shield

Earthquake of 6.8 magnitude strikes western China: USGS

Sochi Security Gets High Marks

Hillary Clinton: Monica Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon”

February 11, 2014


'Hussein' Obama Wants Jerusalem, Croons Popular Israeli Singer

Ohio National Guard's Anti-Terrorist Drill Targets Second Amendment Supporters

Rand Paul: Texas will turn Democratic in 10 years if Republicans don't change

Diagnosing Sochi Media Coverage: Virulent Russophobia

EU raises possibility of sanctions against Ukraine if situation deteriorates

Small earthquake right under Fukushima reactor could be very destructive'

China, Taiwan hold highest-level talks since split

NFL Executives: League Isn't Ready For Gay Defensive End Michael Sam

ObamaCare News

Administration delays Obamacare mandate for midsize businesses

Republicans renew ObamaCare criticism after latest mandate delay

Krauthammer Speaks Out On Obamacare employer mandate delay: “This is stuff you do in a banana republic”

Is it legal for Obama to keep changing health care laws?

Six fascinating discoveries in the Free Beacon's 'Hillary Papers' story

Ohio National Guard's Anti-Terrorist Drill Targets Second Amendment Supporters: gun owners targeted as "Domestic Terrorists"

15% of Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun mayors leave

For the gun industry, women are the next big thing

'Distressed' baby's mom speaks out

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Russia opposes broader US sanctions against Iran

Iran says nuclear program 'forever', dismisses military talk

Obama Admin Refuses to Publish Details of Iran Nuke Agreement: Reports Surface of Secret Implementation Side Deal

Iran “Flagrantly Violating International Law” with Surge in Executions


Amid Foot-Dragging, Syria Transfers Third Chemical Weapons Batch

Syria Retains 95% of Chemical Arsenal, Can Likely Produce Bio-Weapons

Suicide terrorism thriving in Syria, is threat to West: Israel new report

More Syrians flee besieged Homs Old City

Nurturing the impulse to save Syria's millions: 9.3 million displaced

US, Russian officials may meet Syrian delegates in Geneva Friday

Russia Wants Ceasefires, End of Arms Supplies to Syria

Is Israel secretly working to prevent al-Qaida haven on border with Syria?


Secular Egyptian detainees complain of police torture

Egypt trial for al-Jazeera journalists set for 20 February

Egypt Ratifies Death Sentences on 14 for Attacks

Egypt: Militants Blow up Gas Pipeline in Sinai

Egypt's Crackdown Widens, But Insurgency Still Burns

Tourist desert – Egypt desperate to woo back visitors after years of unrest


Iraq Violence Surge Tied to Intensified Iran-Saudi Proxy War

Iraqi militants accidentally kill 21 of their own

Iraq Oil Raid: Militants kill 15 soldiers near Mosul

Baghdad Urges KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) Action Against Clerics Inciting Violence

Shiite militias in Iraq begin to remobilize

Kurdistan Region Begins Oil Export to Turkey


Frustrated by Karzai, U.S. Shifts Afghanistan Exit Plans

New No. 2 U.S. commander takes reins in Afghanistan

2 civilian contractors killed in Afghanistan were Americans

U.S. aid plan seeks to shield Afghanistan from end to war economy


Ten dead, 16 wounded in blast at Pakistan cinema

Yemen hands 29 Qaeda militants to Saudi Arabia

Three killed in Yemen car bomb blast


Supernation #8 -- Central / Southern Africa


Somalia’s Civil War: Pushing it across the borders

More engaged Germany preparing to send troops to Somalia

US increases military operations in Somalia

Somalia: Security Official injured in Mogadishu Car Bomb

U.S. State Department Issues Somalia Travel Warning

Ethiopia’s New Strategy towards Somalia

Sudan / South Sudan

Silent death from above: Sudan steps up use of parachute bombs on its own people

Bloodshed continues in South Sudan as warring groups remain deadlocked

Pope calls for peaceful end to S. Sudan conflict

Disenchantment and bickering in party politics brings ruin to South Sudan

South Sudan marks new foreign policy chapter for China

Reporter claims visit to Sudan by fake U.S. senator


Government Account of Mali Clashes Disputed

In Case You Forgot, Nigeria Is Still a Terrible Place to Be Gay

Niger: France and US Should Intervene in Libya


Israeli-Palestinian War

'Hussein' Obama Wants Jerusalem, Croons Popular Israeli Singer

Did the Israeli gov’t surrender to the EU?

Iran Simulates Destruction of Tel Aviv

Ya'alon: 'Israel is a Military Superpower'

Gaza Rocket Hits Southern Israel

IAF Strikes Terror Targets in Gaza

Palestinian Authority Demands Control of Western Wall: Part of "Peace Plan" creating Palestinian State

Palestinian Official: Framework peace deal a recipe for disaster

Palestinian State Negotiations: The threatening stage has begun

EU Envoy: Relations with Israel depend on outcome of peace talks

Israel 'Start Up Nation' Takes Innovation to the Developing World

British Muslim Convert Jailed for Threatening Prince Harry

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

US wants to rule Ukraine and continue their NATO encroachment against Russia

EU urges Ukraine dialogue, reforms: sanctions "last resort"

U.S. readies financial sanctions against Ukraine

Ukraine calls in German ambassador

Germany blasts sweary US diplomat for EU dig

Bitcoin plunges after marketplace indefinitely halts withdrawals

Swiss immigration vote 'a warning sign for Europe'

Oakland: the city that told Google to get lost

Watch a toothpaste tube bomb explode

Yellen, new Fed chair, takes hot seat at Capitol



February 10, 2014


Give Her a Gun Valentine

Americans Renouncing Citizenship Up 221%

GOP grows confident of Senate takeover

How Did Idyllic Vermont Become America’s Heroin Capital?

Assistant Secretary of State Nuland's 'Ukraine-gate' Deceptions

5-minute video: US ‘leaders’ JOKE about OBVIOUS War Crimes, war lies, war murders

Will No One Challenge Obama’s Executive Orders?

Obama’s High Level Hypocrisy at the Annual National Prayer Breakfast: "He will rival Hitler for the murder of innocent, defenseless people"

Weak US jobs report also offers hints of optimism

Justice Antonin Scalia says World War II-style internment camps could happen again

A Winning Alternative to Obamacare: Plan is failing

Vulnerable Dems Can't Take Obamacare Heat

Parallels to ObamaCare site woes seen as vets try to get benefits online

Number of Obamacare sign-ups is greatly inflated

AIDS patients in Obamacare limbo as insurers reject checks

Ex-Gen. David Petraeus says Hillary Clinton would ‘make a tremendous President’

Mary Matalin: Hillary Won't Even Run

Six fascinating discoveries in the Free Beacon's 'Hillary Papers' story


Gun Control / Seizure News

Give Her a Gun Valentine

A Former Ally of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Says its REAL Goal Was Confiscation

California Gun Law Assailed as Back-Door Ban in Court

Mayors Against Illegal Guns member sentenced to jail for ‘intimidation with a firearm’

Texas Grand Jury Declines To Indict Pot Grower Who Shot And Killed A Cop During An Early-Morning Raid

Expert says gun buyback won’t cut down violence

Moms Demand Action From Facebook on Guns, But Social Site Says Hands Are Tied

For the gun industry, women are the next big thing

NRA calls 2014 elections do-or-die: Vows war with Michael Bloomberg, Obama

Gun bill seeks to keep owners' names private

'High Probability' of Terrorist Strike at Sochi

Sochi Olympic Games underway in climate of fear

Western leaders stay away from Sochi Olympics: Snub to Russia?

Uzbekistan Is Using Genetic Testing to Find Future Olympians

'We do not serve FBI and CIA agents': The Sochi restaurant bans American spies

Cops Nab Sochi-Bound Hijacking Suspect

Russian habits leave empty seats at Sochi Winter Olympics

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Iran says warships sailing towards U.S.

Iranian Admiral: US can expect heavy losses at sea should it attack Iran

Iran agrees to explain nuclear detonators to UN

Iran helping Al Qaeda transfer Sunni fighters to Syria


Should the U.S. intervene in Syria? What Iraq can't teach us

New round of Syria peace talks begins in Geneva

Homs Siege Sets Grim Tone for Peace Talks: Hundreds of Civilians Evacuated Over Weekend Despite Shelling of U.N. Convoy

Syria nuns taken from Maaloula in new video: Al-Jazeera

Mediator Brahimi sets out next steps in Syria talks

Saudi Arabia calls for urgent U.N. meeting on Syria

Convicted Australian terrorist flees to Syria

Is Syria now a direct threat to the U.S.?


Iraq speaker escapes assassination attempt

Nine killed in brutal Iraq assassinations

Shia Politician dead as series of attacks hit Iraq

US in Iraq: They broke it but didn't fix it. After the 2003 invasion, it was the US that propagated the Shia-Sunni divide narrative

ISIL calls on Iraq Sunnis to keep fighting


Car bomb blast in Afghanistan's capital kills 2 NATO contractors

RAF has fired missiles in Afghanistan using US drones: MoD reveals

UK ‘borrowed’ US drones to carry out unreported strikes

Afghanistan troops urge President Karzai to sign security deal with US


Israel: Obama 'naive' on Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Threats, assaults and arrests … the perils of reporting from Egypt

Egypt's attack on the media gives little cause for hope

Egyptian Authorities Accuse Islamist Group of Forming ‘Military Wing’

General Sisi says Egypt can uproot terrorism

Egypt's Ousted President Morsi Says Protests "Useless"


Yemen to become six-region federation: Decentralisation of power

At least one person killed in blast near Yemen's oil ministry

Pakistan anti-drone campaigner missing

Fatal shooting in Pakistani port city

Four things in Saudi that remind me of Pakistan

Saudi Arabia: An Obama role in Islam's divide

Will UAE plan for mail delivery by drone make mail carriers redundant?

Supernation #8 -- Central and Southern Africa

Two car bombs explode in Somali capital, at least five wounded

US tells foreign forces to leave South Sudan

South Sudanese refugees arrive in Kakuma Refugee Camp in droves

Security beefed up along Kenya-South Sudan border over refugee influx

Why we must keep faith with South Sudan

Mali says MUJWA Islamist group responsible for killing 31 Tuaregs

Red Cross says vehicle carrying five disappears in northern Mali

Lenovo Launches First Smartphones In Nigeria

U.S. spy program reforms spotlight Nigeria’s expanding surveillance program


Israeli-Palestinian War

Netanyahu to Meet Obama March 3

Obama Nixes Kerry Plan to Impose Peace

Number of Arab Christians Joining the IDF On the Rise

MK Rivlin Promises to Increase Mt. of Olives Security

PA Official Glorifies Teenage Terrorist in Live PA TV Broadcast

Palestinian envoy to peace talks rebuffs Livni: We won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state

The 'Jesus Tomb' Controversy

"Wil's Bones" - Fictional account of discovery of Jesus' bones

Kim Jong-un’s ex-girlfriend “executed by firing squad”

DHS Secretary Comments On Illegal Aliens: ‘They’re Here, and They’re Not Going Away’

Missouri All-American: 'I Am an Openly, Proud Gay Man'

DOJ Announces Full and Equal Recognition for Same-Sex Marriages

Planned Parenthood Must Pay $2 Million Settlement After Killing Woman in Abortion

Planned Parenthood Hosts Valentines Day Fundraiser, Complete with Condom Dresses

16 Teens Rescued From Sex Trafficking in Super Bowl Sting

Hollande and Obama make joint call for climate accord

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

Ukraine places anti-terrorist forces on alert

Assistant Secretary of State Nuland's 'Ukraine-gate' Deceptions

Protesters vow to outlast Ukraine president

Ukraine protesters hear new call for snap presidential election

Ukraine protesters, Russia increase pressure on Yanukovich

NSA monitored calls of 35 world leaders after US official handed over contacts

5 Big Ways to Keep A Little Privacy in Your Spied-Upon Life

Why does Rand Paul keep bringing up Monica Lewinsky?

'Brave German Woman' Rebukes Islam's Lie

February 8, 2014


Weak US jobs report also offers hints of optimism

Targeted Killings and Obama’s Secret Legal Memoranda

October 2015: The End of the Swipe-and-Sign Credit Card

U.S. One Step Closer To Future Where Cars Talk To Each Other

TSA Officials Interrogate Jewish Scholar They Saw Reading a Conservative Jewish Paper

DNI, HHS urged to shut Obamacare website until security issues resolved

CAP President Who Helped Write Obamacare Says It’s a Loser for Dems

The Internet Strikes Back Against the NSA Feb. 11

Hoffman another victim in failed drug war: US-backed Afghan officials turn blind eye to huge fields of poppy - American government complicit in deaths?

GM earned $3.8B in '13; profit sharing up to $7,500

GM to help DMAX meet EPA standards with $60M investment

Biden says decision on political future coming in summer of 2015

Olympics Opening Ceremony Offers Fanfare for a Reinvented Russia

Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony hints at anti-gay law

Ready or not, Sochi Olympics now on the world stage

Turkish F-16s scrambled for 'drunken' Sochi hijack attempt

"You Just Shot An Unarmed Man!": Witness Says Police Shot His Friend With His Hands Up

Fact Check: Did Bill Nye Tell A Huge Lie About The Fossil Layers?

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

Russia Says U.S. Is Stirring 'Scandals' in Ukraine

US diplomat's **** the EU comment on Ukraine protests sparks another angry outburst from Angela Merkel

Ukraine Crisis: Leaked phone call embarrasses US

Fitch downgrades Ukraine's credit rating as currency controls are imposed

Bombs explode near police checkpoint on outskirts of Cairo

Thousands of women illegally detained by Iraq, facing torture, abuse - HRW

Saudi Arabia criminalizes ‘terrorists’ defaming state’s reputation, disturbing order

Syria starts evacuating civilians from besieged Homs center

Syria: Rebels Release Inmates in Prison Attack

Khamenei: US has 'controlling, meddlesome' attitude toward Iran

Khamenei says Iran will not step back from its nuclear rights

Iranian Speaker: Israel is a 'Cancer' in the Region


Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel's Impoverished Army

IDF Gunfire Wounds 5 Gazans Near Border Fence

Kerry: Netanyahu, Abbas entitled to express objections to framework accord

US lauds Lieberman's support of Kerry

Former PM Olmert: No trust exists between Netanyahu and Abbas

Iran ready to answer all of the IAEA's questions on nuclear program

Aussie energy firm Woodside to pay $2.5 billion to enter major Israeli gas field

February 7, 2014


October 2015: The End of the Swipe-and-Sign Credit Card

Global stocks rally after U.S. jobs report

Stocks rally as investors look at the bright side

U.S. auto sector employment hits 5-year-high

Russia Welcomes the World in Dazzling Opening Winter Olympics Ceremony


California cop handcuffs and detains firefighter helping crash victims

U.S. job growth seen snapping back from winter chill

Pew Study: Christians Are World’s Most Oppressed Religious Group

Belgium to vote on child euthanasia Feb 13

Revisiting the Obama Doctrine of Withdrawal From Region

Big Pharma presses US to quash cheap drug production in India

US ambassador admits tapping Angela Merkel’s phone was 'stupid'

IRS to Issue Rules to Silence Conservative Groups

Monsanto CEO Admits they Need More Propaganda to Defeat GMO Activists

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

US 'Ukraine-gate' Threatens to Blow Up Into Major Conflagration: Proves US controls the opposition

Victoria Nuland Gaffe: Angela Merkel condemns EU insult

Nuland: US is ready to financially support Ukraine if necessary reforms are conducted

Cold War chill over Ukraine

Top US diplomat comes to Kiev for talks

EU is not 'aggressive enough in Ukraine' - New Youtube leak of German diplomat

Leaks, barbs, dirty tricks as Russia, West feud over Ukraine

President Yanukovych and Ban Ki-moon discuss situation in Ukraine

Ukraine Imposes Capital Controls as President Goes to Sochi

Russia to beef up military presence in Kyrgyzstan – Defense Minister

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Obama’s Syria policy is disintegrating

Western War Machine Again Gearing Up to Bomb Syria

Why Are Syrian 'Moderates' Wearing Al-Qaeda and Taliban Clothing?

UN urges Syrian govt and rebels to halt war crimes against civilians

Fanatics in Syria vow to bring terror home to UK: public transport and financial centres threatened

Some 50 Americans fighting alongside Syrian rebels and Al Qaeda

Civilians being evacuated from Homs – Syrian TV

Over 1,000 Syrian refugees granted Russian asylum – official

Geneva-2: Damascus to attend 2nd round of talks, internal Syrian opposition not to


Egypt army chief Abdel Fatah al-Sisi WILL run for president

Two Egypt bombs wound six officers: Police report

Egyptian police conscript kills officer

Two explosions hit police trucks on Giza Bridge


Rep. Walter Jones: More Spending on Afghanistan is 'Insanity'

Senators Demand a Vote Before More War in Afghanistan

Last Marine takes command in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Counternarcotics Efforts Continue: DoD Official


Several wounded after grenade blast hits Libyan TV channel

Houthi rebels advance on Yemeni capital

Yemen's dream of a civil society suffocated by religion and tribalism


Supernation #7 -- Central / Southern Africa

Central African Republic (CAR)

Muslims flee capital of Central African Republic

Central African Republic's Muslim civilians 'at risk'

Troops’ brutal lynching casts hope aside for Central African Republic

Sudan / South Sudan

South Sudan politicians to attend Ethiopia peace talks

Egypt, Sudan to deploy troops on borders: Party Chief

Egypt has no plans to take Ethiopia dam file to AU

Prophecy Alert: Current Events Are Propelling Egypt Down The Abyss Into Her Final, End of Days, Prophetic Judgment


Mortar shells hit near presidential palace in Mogadishu, Somalia

Kenya: Mombasa clashes for second day over mosque raid

Chaos in the Congo

In Eastern Congo, Complex Conflicts And High-Stakes Diplomacy


Israeli-Palestinian War

No Accident that Hezbollah Didn't Receive Missiles

Justice Minister Livni Is A Murderer, Threatened To Assassinate Abbas: Palestine lecturer on PA TV charges

Rocket Hits Eshkol Region, No One Hurt

IMF: Failure of Peace Talks Will Further Hurt PA Economy

EU Minister Ashton: 'For PA Capital Cancel Jerusalem Building'

Experts: Jews, Not Palestinians, Have Been Here for Millennia

FM Liberman backs Kerry as 'true friend of Israel'

Israeli Professor: Our Problem is With Paul, Not Jesus

Asia's Week: Giant Pacific Rim Trade Pact Runs into Tricky U.S. Political Calendar


Ron Paul: Rein In Obama or Suffer the Consequences

Obama admin unilaterally changes law to allow immigrants with ‘limited’ terror contact into US

House Conservatives: No immigration reform in 2014

Sochi 2014 Olympics: 2410 days of waiting over as Games begin

Sochi Olympics hacking story by NBC completely false - Cyber security expert

Spread fear, toilet humor! MSM guide to 'Worst. Olympics. EVAR!'

Still no mosque in Sochi as Winter Games approach

Wendy Davis' Open Carry Support Proves Texas Gov. Race All About Guns

Senate takes another stab at extending unemployment benefits

Snipers fire on Calif. power transformers omen of future attack: Former federal official warns

Phones, Browsers, and Search Engines Get a Privacy Overhaul

February 6, 2014


Israeli PM Netanyahu: Willing to Concede 90% of Judea, Samaria

Nice Job, Conservatives

Toothpaste Terrorism: US hypes up safety concerns for passengers bound for Sochi

Russians: Sochi safe as 'New York, Washington, Boston'

Stalin's Crimes Haunt Sochi Games

Guantanamo - twelve years of the war on freedom: Editorials

Iran makes a bid to reassure West over unfinished nuclear reactor

Is Obama the New "New Nixon"?

Obama concedes some Dems will avoid his campaign help

Why Is The Post Office Buying Ammunition?

Google Glass and Facial Recognition for Everyone: "Will make online dating much safer"

Dept of Justice official admits NSA ‘probably’ spying on members of Congress

WikiLeaks, Greenwald blast Guardian journalist’s book on ‘FSB prisoner’ Snowden

British Spy Agency Engaged In Internet “False Flag” Attacks: Masqueraded As An Enemy

Use of drones spreading as cost falls: IISS think-tank

Japan's PM Abe Considering Biggest Military-Rule Change Since WWII

School Placed on Lockdown, Bomb Squad Called Over Pile of Pillows

In US, ‘Natural’ Food Label Means Nothing

297 scientists and experts agree GMOs not proven safe

The War on the Tea Party

U.S. GDP rises 3.2%

House Republicans Said to Drop Two Demands on Debt Limit

U.S. Budget Gap to Be Smallest Since 2007, CBO Says

Vatican Defends Itself Against Child Abuse Report

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Revisiting the Obama Doctrine of Withdrawal From Region

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Wives and daughters of suspectged insurgents are targeted by security forces

Scores killed, more than 120 wounded in day of carnage across Iraq

US Official: Al-Qaida Responsible for Nearly All Suicide Attacks

Al-Qaeda's Resurgence in Iraq: A Threat to U.S. Interests

Mideast Wary Over Iraq-Iran Plan to Unite in Oil Market

PM Maliki’s Last Stand?


Syria Misses Another Chemical Weapon Deadline

Syria vows chemical disarmament despite missed deadlines

Syria Undecided on Next Round of Peace Talks

Tensions Grow Between Turkey, Radical Islamist Group Fighting in Syria

Australian fighters in Syria alarm officials


The Super Bowl of War: Three Decades of Failure in Afghanistan

Obama Weighs All Afghanistan Options in Meeting Generals

In Afghanistan and Pakistan the Taliban seem to be winning

Obama and Karzai Sparring in Afghanistan


Egyptian reports highlight alleged Morsi-al-Qaida cooperation

Egypt army denies General El-Sisi candidacy announcement

Are Egypt's police outmatched in the war on terrorism?

Al Jazeera English journalists moved to lower security detention

Germany voices concern over Egypt media freedom

Egypt on dangerous path

Renaissance Dam News

Renaissance Dam poses threat to Egyptian monuments: Antiquities minister

Ethiopia should build ‘smaller dam’: Egypt's Minister of Irrigation

Prophecy Alert: Current Events Are Propelling Egypt Down The Abyss Into Her Final, End of Days, Prophetic Judgment

Supernation #8 -- Central and Southern Africa

Sudan / South Sudan

South Sudan officials charged with treason

U.N. faces humanitarian disaster in South Sudan

South Sudan: Rebels Claim More Defections From Government

Debate Continues Over Uganda's Role in S Sudan

Sudan: Colonialism's Dead hand


Investigating genocide in Somaliland

Aid and Evacuations Under Threat in CAR (Central African Republic)


Israeli-Palestinian War

Temple Mount: Israeli Police 'Collaborating with Islamists'

John Kerry is Living in a World of His Own

Ministers Told: Highway 443 Off Limits

Minister Bennett Warns: Only Israel can defend itself as US has made mistakes

Leftist Jews Oppose NYC Mayor Because of His Pro-Israel Stance

Israeli Rabbis Warn Kerry of Divine Retribution: If he continued on the path of dividing Israel's land

Archives: God Threatens End Times Judgment On All Who Would Divide Israel's Land

Netanyahu Willing to Concede 90% of Judea, Samaria: Expelling roughly 90,000 Jews from the region

Chief Israeli Negotiator Livni: 'Hypocrites' in gov't could derail Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Minister Uri Ariel: There is no hope coalition will sign peace treaty with Palestinians

George Washington and Netanyahu’s land concessions: Editorial

Israeli Poll: Palestinians Must Recognize Israel as 'Jewish'

Hamas leadership prevents military wing from attacking Israel

Can Power of the Mind Control Chronic Pain?

Flashing Headlights To Warn Other Drivers Of Speed Traps Is Protected By First Amendment: Federal Judge Rules


February 5, 2014


U.N. Panel Assails Vatican Over Sex Abuse by Priests

Japanese Gov't seeks approval for dumping Fukushima plant groundwater into sea

Israel: Cyber Is A Bigger Revolution In Warfare Than Gunpowder

Swedish FM calls on EU to engage in new, broad dialogue with Iran

Mandatory “Vehicle to Vehicle” Communications Coming to U.S. Cars

Total ban on GM food production considered in Russia

RAID FILMED: Ankeny Police ‘Traumatize’ Family

TSA officer at Bush IAH arrested, accused of making terroristic threat

Sochi Winter Olympics News

Past Olympics Carried Strong Pagan / New World Order Themes

CNN Poll: 57% of Americans think terror attack likely at Sochi Games

Putin Sees Russian Flag Raised at Sochi Olympic Village

Should Russia recognise Sochi's bloody history?

Greg Louganis on the Sochi Games: The best response to repression is engagement

Russia Blocks Several Activists From Olympics, Even as Spectators

An Olympics in the Shadow of a War Zone

Entrusted to Burn John Paul II’s Notes, Cardinal Publishes Them Instead

U.S. could change military posture if China expands air defense zone

Supernation #1 Forming

PROPHETIC ALERT! President Obama Is Quietly Forming The North American Union!

7% Say Feds Very Likely to Close Border If Immigration Plan Becomes Law

54% Believe Federal Government Encourages Illegal Immigration

New Low: 28% Think Passage of Immigration Reform Likely This Year

Ann Coulter tells horror story: ‘My friend’s sister died today because of Obamacare’

Obamacare—One; Rule of Law—Zero

Shameless British Cop Caught on Camera Framing Innocent Fracking Protester for DUI

Blue Island Cop Uses Stun Gun On Accident Victim: Allegations of use of excessive force

Bitcoin: Revolutionary Game-Changer Or Trojan Horse

Major Tech Companies Disclose Secret Court Orders for First Time

Alaska: The Rapist Next Door

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

Kremlin Analysts Push For Ukraine Annexation

Ukraine protesters urge army neutrality

Kremlin Analysts Push For Ukraine Annexation

Ukraine needs the West to act swiftly

Ukraine: Neo-Nazi Militia Leader Threatens 'Civil War'

German minister calls for sanctions threat against Ukraine

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Revisiting the Obama Doctrine of Withdrawal From Region

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Children Conscripted, Tortured and Executed in Syria War: Report

Syria misses deadline to hand over all critical chemicals

Syria holding onto chemical weapons?


22 killed in Baghdad bombings

Explosion rocks area near Iraq’s Green Zone

Contractors flood into Iraq to give Al-Qaeda a run for the money

Anbar conflict halts Iraq's trucked oil exports to Jordan


Israeli-Palestinian War

Rabbis Threaten Kerry with 'Divine Wrath'

Knesset Committee Approves 2014 Defense Budget

Old-School Pre-Oslo IDF Video Makes the Case for Retaining Judea and Samaria

MK Regev Promises to Submit Bill to Annex Judea and Samaria

Hamas Redeploys Forces Along Border with Israel

Pope Coming To Israel As 'Che Guevera of Palestinians'

Palestinians Invoke Jesus in Nationalist Campaign


February 4, 2014


Google, Facebook and other Internet companies disclose secret U.S. demands for data

Think Tank on Common Core: 'The Children Belong to All of Us'

Obama's Internet Plan for Schools Speeds Up

Democrats introduce net neutrality legislation in Senate and House

Gen. Boykin Tells Congress: Religious Liberty Must Be Affirmed, Cherished in Military

Paul Ryan: Obama Presidency "increasingly lawless"

If Republicans Re-Take Senate, Say Goodbye To The Reign Of Dingy Harry

MSNBC Contributor: Pregnancy Involves a Life – ‘For Some People’

EU Deports 70% of its Own Illegal Immigrants

S&P 500 Rebounds From 3-Month Low Amid Earnings, Data

U.S. Stock Futures Point to Rebound Ahead of Factory Data

Chief Executives in U.S. More Confident on Economy, Survey Shows

UBS CEO Says Emerging-Markets Selloff Overdone

Shares steadier as emerging market sell-off eases

Lead Paces Gains by Metals Amid Speculation That The Decline Was Overdone

Oh no! US is near debt ceiling again. So why isn't anyone panicking?

Coca Cola's 'America the Beautiful' Super Bowl commercial angers conservative pundits

Super Bowl Hijack Proves Government Cannot Protect You

DC police officer arrested on theft charge

Supernation #1 Forming

PROPHETIC ALERT! President Obama Is Quietly Forming The North American Union!

Momentum continues to build against “Fast Track” and Trans-Pacific Partnership

US Democratic trade divide will reverberate worldwide

Obama Wants to Fight Income Inequality…With More Free Trade?

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

Ukraine: Blood on the Maidan

Very little is rosy Or Georgian about Ukraine's EuroMaidan

Stop the ultimatums, Russia tells Ukraine protesters

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is mob rule in Ukraine in America’s interest?

Euronews: EU says no bidding war over Ukraine

Pittsburg Post-Gazette: US and Russia should agree not to interfere

Ukraine opposition wants constitutional change

As Protests Continue, Attention Focuses On Ukraine's 'Thin Blue Line'

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Revisiting the Obama Doctrine of Withdrawal From Region

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Kerry Tells Senators That Obama Syria Policy Is Collapsing

Russia: Syria will attend next Geneva talks set to begin Feb 10

Official: U.S. did not seek direct negotiations with Damascus at Geneva

Syria chemical weapons handed over by March, says Russia

Al-Qaeda disavows any ties with radical Islamist ISIS group in Syria, Iraq

Child Soldier: Shocking video surfaces of purported 4-year-old Jihadist in Syria


The Super Bowl of War: Three Decades of Failure in Afghanistan

Afghan village built on a Soviet dream collapsing into deadly power vacuum

Afghanistan's President Karzai in secret talks with Taliban

Obama To Meet With Defense Officials Over Afghanistan


Iraq car bombs cause carnage around Baghdad

Iraq Near Implosion: The ‘bad years’ are back

Iraq says kills 57 Islamist militants in Sunni province

Iraq Anbar violence sparks civilian search for safety

Role of U.S. Contractors Grows as Iraq Fights Insurgents


Egypt's prime minister visits Saudi Arabia: Seeking more aid?

Egypt fires a warning shot at the foreign press

Dutch journalist flees Egypt after indictment on terror charges

Egypt court acquits Al Jazeera photographer, 61 Morsi loyalists

US circumvents bill to transfer aid to Egypt


Ceasefire finally declared in Yemen's northern provinces after weekend fighting leaves over 60 dead

German citizen kidnapped in Yemen for 'use as bargaining tool'

Obama will visit Saudi Arabia in March amid worry over Iran deal

Obama to face blunt talk in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to jail citizens who fight abroad

Pakistan: Taliban criticise peace talks delay

Obama Invites New Tunisian Leader to US

Supernation #8 -- Central and Southern Africa

Map of Africa

Sudan - South Sudan

Sudan orders Red Cross to suspend work

Egypt, Sudan to deploy troops on borders

The implications of the South Sudan conflict for Sudan

Church in the firing line as South Sudan tensions rise

Why is Uganda's Army in South Sudan?



Uganda Says Troops Will Stay in South Sudan

Archbishops criticise Nigerian and Ugandan anti-gay laws


Conclude talks or see rebels radicalize, U.N. Security Council tells Mali

Mali-focused jihadist media body forms


The 168 Million Nigerians Sniper List

Outspoken religious leader killed in Nigeria

Israeli-Palestinian War

Israel Emerging as Cybersecurity Powerhouse

Minister Uri Ariel: 'Israel Will Not Concede'

Israeli DM: We'll Manage Without Peace Deal

Shin Bet: 'Failure in Peace Talks Will Not Bring Third Intifada'

Chief PLO negotiator: No progress in peace talks

Iran: We Still Hate Israel!

Peres To Be Last President? Bill Submitted To Cancel Presidency

Security Forces to Evict Two Jewish Families from Samaria Farm

Susan Rice Blasts Israel for Criticizing Kerry

'Kerry Never Meant to Threaten Israel': State Department Claims

Supernation #9 - ASEAN


Philippine industries brace for ASEAN 2015: ASEAN will be a giant free-market in a region with 600 million population

Preparing for 2015 Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Community

Empty Hotels Drive Thailand to Best Sovereign Gain: ASEAN Credit

No South China Sea air zone, China assures ASEAN countries

Thai companies should advance in Myanmar to stay relevant in Asean

Attorneys Conclude that Demanding GMO Labeling is NOT Unconstitutional

IOC Chief: Sochi Olympics to be completely secure

Experts Say Security Threats in Sochi May Already Be Inside

Welcome to Sochi, would you like a ceiling in your room?

Sochi city hall orders killing of stray dogs

Would the U.S. Postal Service Make a Better Banker for the Poor?

What's Causing Under-Sea Crop Circles ?

Evolution Theory Shaken By New Skull Find



February 3, 2014


Iraqi officials warn militants have the weaponry to ‘occupy Baghdad’

Iran foreign minister says nuclear deal possible in six months

NYC to MANDATE Flu Shots for Children Under 6

"Mechanical parts to replace human biological body"

Medical Marijuana Users in Illinois to Forfeit Right to Bear Arms

‘Welcome to the United States of paranoia’

Bruno Mars ILLUMINATI SUPER BOWL Performance: New World Order, Moloch & More

Seahawks Fans Riot And Burn As They Celebrate Super Bowl Win

Still Running Windows XP? Here's What to Do When Support Ends

China playing rough with big media: Forcing Western journalists out of the country

Supernation #1 Forming

PROPHETIC ALERT! President Obama Is Quietly Forming The North American Union!

Government operates as 'matchmaker' for U.S. business in Mexico

GOP set to fast-track 'New World Order' pact

Mexicans guard oil wealth jealously

North American machinists union slate challenges top leaders

Champion of North American integration dies

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

Henry Kissinger: Why Ukraine matters to Putin

Ukraine: Protesters fill Kiev’s main square, as president announces return to work

Ukraine opposition calls for constitutional change, weaker presidency

How Russia Is Fighting to Regain Control of Ukraine

Would Western aid to Ukraine be a setback?

Activist's torture claim puts harsh spotlight on embattled Ukraine

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


90 killed in punishing air raids in Syria's Aleppo

Al-Qaeda fighters kill Syrian rebel leaders

Al-Qaeda disavows ISIS militants in Syria


Iraqi officials warn militants have the weaponry to ‘occupy Baghdad’

Car Bombings in Iraq Kill at Least 16 People

Under Siege: Iraqi military prepares raid on militant-held Fallujah

Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq


Karzai: 'I saw no good' with America's presence in Afghanistan

The financial scandal that broke Afghanistan's Kabul Bank

U.S. Identifies Vast Mineral Riches in Afghanistan


Egypt court acquits acquits pro-Morsi protesters

Egypt Protestors Vow Massive New Demonstrations


Hillary Clinton Joins Obama in Opposing New Iran Sanctions

US and Iran meet privately, in public agreement on stakes of nuclear talks


Israeli-Palestinian War

Abbas Suggests NATO Presence in Palestinian State

Netanyahu calls on world to pressure Palestinians after Abbas refuses to recognize Jewish state

Netanyahu Says PA Not Willing to Pay the Price for Peace

Yaalon: Israel Will Manage Fine if Peace Deal Falls Through

Day after Kerry says status quo not sustainable, Israel’s defense minister replies: We’ll manage

Hamas 'Pulls Anti-Missile' Force from Israel Border

'Mahmoud Abbas is One of the Most Honest People in the World': Oslo Architect

Jordan’s FM Rejects Recognizing Israel as Jewish State

Canada: Telling Jews 'Get Out Or You're Dead' Isn't A Hate Crime


Getting 40 percent of the world's economy on the same page



February 1-2, 2014



Public Sees U.S. Power Declining as Support for Global Engagement Slips

Obama's executive actions: The power of taking small steps

Obama has done more to circumvent Congress than Bush

US the ‘Elephant in the Room’ at Russia-EU Summit

Anger Rising: Obama's an 'enemy combatant': Calls to 'impeach,' 'execute' at town hall

Montana House candidate calls Clinton 'Antichrist'

Fifty-five Bodies, and Zero Trials, at the Florida School for Boys

Prince Charles slams climate-change deniers

The Year of Iran: Tehran’s Challenge to American Hegemony in 2014

Ex-Clinton Aide: Dems must admit they messed up on O-Care

Supernation #1 Forming

North American Union - Citizenship Always A Key Issue For Any New Nation

Immigration Reform 101: How is 'legal status' different from Citizenship?

Obama says he's open to taking executive action on immigration

Ron Paul: Rein In Obama or Suffer Consequences

Enforcement, Then Amnesty, on Immigration

Immigration officials warn of amnesty ‘overload’: Numbers of illegals would explode

The House’s Foolhardy Principles: Republicans should never act

Immigration Reform: Why are House Republicans poised to act now?

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Is Still a Bad Idea

15 states have passed immigrant tuition laws

Supernation #5 Forming

Russia, Eastern Europe

Ukraine unrest timeline

Kerry's Astounding Hypocrisy on Ukraine

West’s interpretation of freedom for Ukraine ‘strange’ – Russian FM Lavrov

Ukraine president signs amnesty: Anger remains

Radical Ukraine?

Ukraine military may move against protesters: Opposition warns

Kiev Protester ‘Crucified’ as Ukraine’s Crisis Gets Worse: "Rumors have not been substantiated in the least" as to who committed crucifixion

Russia’s emergency loan to Ukraine on hold until govt forms

Supernations 7 and 8 Forming Through War

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Supernation #7 - Northern Africa/Middle East


Syria talks end first round, government not committed to return

Syrian army advances in Aleppo

Kerry Warns Assad: Don't Delay Destruction of Chemical Weapons

Indonesian militants fighting in Syria

Lebanese army in firefight with 'Syrian gunmen'

Syria's war splits nation into 3 distinct regions

Syrian Kurds declare autonomous government ahead of talks

‘We want to go out!’: 18,000 starving inside Syrian refugee camp


Iraq: 935 Official Lies: Including A Tyrant with “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

More Than Half of All Americans Now See Failure Rather than Success in Iraq, Afghanistan

To retake cities, Shi'ite Iraq turns to Sunni tribes

Two Rockets hit Baghdad airport

More than 1,000 killed in Iraq in January


US troops pulling out of Afghanistan

Video: laughing and Cheering Afghans stone US drone

Afghanistan’s uncertain future: Playing with fire

Afghanistan: Will the Taliban take over again?

4 Afghan soldiers killed in ambush


New jihadist group says it was behind attacks on Egypt security forces

1 killed, 35 injured in Egypt’s pro-Brotherhood Friday clashes

Morsi still Egypt's president, lawyer tells judge

Airstrike kills 13 suspected militants in Sinai

Improvised explosive device detonates in Egypt's Giza

Egypt’s trumped-up charges against a Canadian journalist

Detention Of Al-Jazeera Journalists Strains Free Speech In Egypt

Kidnap of diplomats hasn’t damaged Egypt-Libya ties: Egypt's Interim PM El-Beblawi


Car Bomb Rocks Eastern Lebanese Town

Libyan militant leader denies connection to Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda

Rebels, tribesmen battle for control of key Yemeni region

Yemen's main oil pipeline bombed, crude flow stops

Saudis snub US congressional delegation

Obama to visit Saudi Arabia amid tensions over Iran, Syria'

Supernation #8 - Central, Southern Africa

General says more Marines could be based throughout Africa

SOMALIA: Kenyan forces to withdraw from port city of Kismayo

Amid escalating tensions, UN’s Somalia envoy urges calm in Baidoa

Red Cross 'ordered to suspend' Sudan work

Why South Sudan should establish good relations with Sudan

Hiding in the bush after rebel attack in Cental African Republic

Militants killed by French troops in Mali anti-terror operation

UN calls for faster deployment of Mali force

Christians flee targeted attacks by Islamic extremists in Nigeria's northeast

Nigeria says frees three Indians kidnapped off E.Guinea

In Zimbabwe, fears of a new financial crisis

Israeli-Palestinian War

Of ScarJo, Soda, Settlements, and Super Bowls

Palestinian workers back Scarlett Johansson's opposition to SodaStream boycott

10 brands you'll have to give up if you're boycotting Israel

Israel wages 'war between wars' as Mideast threats simmer

Quartet to meet in Munich over stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Peace, War and Messianism

Breaking down the economic implications of Israeli-Palestinian peace

Six terror attacks in a day

Sinai-based jihadist group claims credit for Eilat rocket attack

German Chancellor Merkel to visit Israel end-February

Israel May Purchase German Ships to Protect Natural Gas Fields

Israeli Court Recognizes Messianic Jewish Congregation

Governor Christie Asks for Public’s Patience While He Comes Up with New Story

Oregon and Washington charging for road use — by the mile -- Use of gasoline is expected to fall as cars become more fuel efficient

Seen a Tesla today? Electric cars turn up fastest in Washington state

Keystone XL environmental report: Is it 'game over' for pipeline foes?

NBC, MSNBC sink to bottom of who the public trusts

Mike Huckabee: 'Is There an Adult in Charge' at MSNBC?

MSNBC Fires Staffer Behind Offensive Cheerios Tweet

Mount Elbrus Reconquered: Olympic Flame reaches Europe's highest point, 5,642 meters above sea level (18,510 ft)

Obama Says Sochi Games Safe, But Be Careful

Olympians come out against Russia's anti-gay laws

Gifts from space: Sochi winners will receive extra meteorite-studded medals

Being Obama: The President's Indonesian Look-Alike

Drone crashes into US battleship, causes $30 mln in damages

US Customs grounds drone fleet after $12 million unmanned aircraft crashes off of California

Pentagon unable to provide records on drone crashes

US military report predicts drone swarms, highly autonomous UAVs

Super Bowl News

Law enforcement agencies prepare security measures in preparation for Super Bowl

Fighting human sex trafficking at this year's Super Bowl

NYC mayor won't attend Super Bowl

The Pro-Gun Ad Too Controversial for the Super Bowl

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