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May 1-15, 2008

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California's top court overturns gay marriage ban


Bush unwavering in support of Israel

Letting Iran have nuclear arms "unforgivable"-Bush

CFR's Gates: U.S. Should Engage Iran With Incentives, Pressure

Iran is winning the Middle East: Can the US bolster the Arab center?

Red Cross: Myanmar death toll may be as high as 127,990

China orders more helicopters to quake epicenter: 10 million people affected

Chinese Quake Town Threatened By Cracking Dam

Half of Americans on Medicine

An RX for Deadly Doses: Flawed prescriptions each year kill more than 7,000 people in the U.S. and injure more than 1.5 million

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Israeli - Palestinian War

Bush and Peres keep up optimism about peace

Bush in Masada before speech to MKs

Rocket wounds 15 in Ashkelon

Defense Secretary Barak in Ashkelon mall: We will not allow missile attacks to continue for long

We forgot how to fight: Our leaders busy coming up with excuses for avoiding tougher military moves

'I have never given Olmert any money': American businessman and philanthropist S. Daniel Abraham

Israel rejects request for Palestinian Authority body armor

Senior Israeli Official: 'Cease-fire would be victory for Hamas'

Turkish FM: Peace Talks between Israel, Syria possible

Editorial - Is it about borders? If Palestinians declare their dispute with us is about borders, everything else will fall into place

Scientists Warn: Israel's excellence could 'slip away'

Is the new research that reportedly helps stop the spread of Depleted Uranium contaminated soils the real deal?

Iran pitches new nuclear program to Western powers

Iran blames Israel, US for Lebanon crisis

Presidential Politics

The Republican Panic: Democrat victory in Republican country in Mississippi sounding alarm for possible devastating defeat in the Fall

Election Defeats Tempt House GOP To Distance Itself From Bush

John Edwards finally makes his choice: Barack Obama

Edwards/Obama timing is no accident: Timed to turn people's attention from Obama's 41-point loss in West Virginia

Hillary Clinton: The Game Isn't Over

Stumping in Michigan, Obama looks beyond primaries

Hillary's scorched earth plan

Obscure Party’s Rules Committee Has a Crucial Role in Clinton’s Hopes

Obama's Appalachian problem

Clinton Considers Taking Race Into ‘Overtime

How Healthy Is John McCain?

McCain envisions how first term will go

So, who won in West Virginia? McCain, again

John McCain has selective memory about global warming efforts: He forgets that Clinton accompanied him on trips and that Obama cosponsored legislation

Cindy McCain sells off Sudan funds

Ron Paul Hopes to Crash McCain's Party: McCain's Nomination Certain, but He Faces Pressure on the Flanks of His Party

McCain finally gets 80 percent in primary: Effectively clinching the Republican nomination

When will McCain denounce Pastor Hagee?

Huckabee's Back in the Race -- Why?

New Schwarzenegger budget for California would divert windfall gas taxes

Child-killing virus hits Beijing

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Child Bomber Kills 23 In Iraq: Suicide Attack Targets Family Members of Fallujah Police Chief

Turkey combines dialogue with bullets

IRAQ Shi'ite gunmen in Baghdad ignore truce

How Iran pulls the strings in Iraq

Iraqi forces hunt for al-Qaida militants door-to-door in Mosul

Body count put President Bush off his golf game

Senate Democrats reject taxing rich to boost GI Bill

Charges against 9/11 man dropped: Qahtani had been subjected to a harsh interrogation authorised by former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld

May 14, 2008


US Confession: Weapons were not made in Iran after all

Clinton wins by a landslide in West Virginia

Complete Media Lockdown On Athens Bilderberg Meeting?

Being "green" is in the bag when it's shoved down our throats

Congress votes to stop filling oil reserve: Is 97% full

Presidential Politics

Clinton crushes Obama in W.Va.: Touts her electability in the swing states

Clinton W.Va. win spotlights Obama weakness: "This race isn't over yet. ... Neither of us has the total delegates it takes to win."

West Virginia win propels Clinton to stay in race

Democrats, beware electability trap

Polls: Less-educated whites hurt Obama

Obama talks tough on Detroit: Criticism of auto industry could make winning support an uphill battle

Obama supporters unwise to attack Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton stumps in Kalispell, Montana

Obama says he'll reshape US foreign policy. But can he?

McCain's appeal to Latinos

McCain's "Supreme" wrongheadedness

Pastor John Hagee says he's sorry for anti-Catholic remarks: The Catholic League accepts his apology - Hagee supports McCain for President

John McCain outlines a plan to tackle global warming: Distances himself from Bush

New powerful storm head toward cyclone-devstated Myanmar (Burma)

Israeli - Palestinian War

Bush arrives in Israel to mark state's 60th anniversary

A meeting of lame ducks: Bush, Olmert not doing well; presidential visit won’t amount to much

PM Olmert: Bush visit is 'extraordinary gesture of friendship'

Israeli PM probe clouds Bush visit

'Olmert may face second bribery case'

Latest scandal could topple Olmert

PM Olmert: Understandings reached with Palestinian Authority

Palestinians Repond: What kind of progress is Olmert talking about?

Secretary Rice: Peace deal by 2009 'improbable'

Analysis: Bush and his Mideast footpath: His 360-degree turn may be meant to lay groundwork for his successor

Hezbollah's shots ring in Bush's ears

Lebanese Sunnis can't accept loss of Beirut to Shiite Hezbollah

Bush Visit Puts Spy Pollard Back in Spotlight

Hamas' Al-Zahar: Israeli military not beyond defeat

Israel's UN ambassador Gillerman: Iran positioning itself on Israel's northern border

Lebanon's Hariri Vows to Never Surrender to Hezbollah

Map: China quake disaster zone: Reports that up to 18,000 buried in rubble in one area alone!

China quake weakens Sichuan dams and cuts off river: "More than 13,000 people have been confirmed dead and at least the same number remain missing or buried

News Analysis: China's response to quake is unusually open

China Earthquake Exposes Her Widening Wealth Gap

At least 80 killed in India terrorist attack

US Declares: N. Korean nuclear documents appear complete

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi police say Baghdad fighting kills 6

A shaky truce takes hold in Sadr City

Iran involved in reaching Sadr City truce, says Iraqi MP

Fighting Continues in Sadr City, Despite Cease-Fire

New Basra, Something Like the Old One

Bush Administration Accused of Ignoring Corruption in Iraq

A Helping Hand Out of Iraq: Three veterans of the Iraq war discuss their bond with their interpreters and the difficulty of getting them out of Iraq and into the United States

Charges dropped for 20th alleged 9/11 hijacker: One judge in the Guantanamo Bay military tribunal has threatened to suspend the case against a Canadian terrorism suspect if Pentagon prosecutors continue withholding evidence from the defense

Pakistan's PM Optimistic About Mending Government Rift



May 13, 2008


Yen Weakens - Dollar Strengthens - on Speculation Worst of Financial Crisis Is Over

Lehman Bros. Report: Oil Bust in the Cards

Death toll in China quake rises to nearly 12,000

'Abandon the Green Zone': Former Pentagon Staffer

Real Clear Numbers: 101,000 U.S. Casualties a Year

Bush offers help for Lebanon army

Presidential Politics

Can Barack Obama win West Virginia?

Defiant Clinton rides West Virginia poll lead

Clinton Hopes West Virginia Will Deliver Big Win for Long-Shot Bid: Neither Obama nor Clinton can reach the 2,025 delegates needed to secure the nomination

In W. Va., Obama concedes to Clinton but looks to November

Last thing Clinton should do is quit this race now

Obama No

Obama reaffirms support for Israel

McCain runs strong despite low Bush ratings: poll

'Accountable' - New McCain Ad

Global Warming Lie

Hockey Stick scam that heightened global warming hysteria

World carbon dioxide levels highest for 650,000 years: US report

McCain urges free-market principles to reduce global warming: Says that global warming is undeniable

Dems focus on McCain's global warming 'double talk'

Global warming? Don't get heated up — be cool

Belief In Global Warming Slips: Still at whopping 71%

All poultry in Seoul killed after bird flu outbreak

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Former US official claims Iraq corruption sham

The Pentagon's Toxic Legacy

Iraqi PM says crackdown shows he's not sectarian

Sadr City cease-fire signed after weeks of fighting

Sadr City Residents Fear A Cease-Fire Means More Violence

Tony Blair used Cherie's grief over her miscarriage to protect Iraq strategy

SUV sales plummeting: Fuel-efficient cars were rolling off the lots

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel leans toward Gaza truce

Hamas says rejection of truce will lead to blow-out

Noam Shalit: Gilad Shalit must be included in truce deal

Hamas says Shalit won't be part of any truce deal: Captured IDF soldier

Bush Insists: Abbas is a viable peace partner

Bush & the Palestinians: No one can blame Bush for not securing peace with the Palestinians

14,000 policemen to secure US president's visit to Jerusalem

'The govt's powerlessness these days is intolerable': Haim Yellin, the head of the Eshkol Regional Council

Obama reaffirms support for Israel

Disaster Unfolding In Lebanon

'Hizbullah is pushing Lebanon towards a Khomeini-style of rule'

Lebanon expands troop deployment

Australian Fahdi Sheikh's body mutilated by Beirut mob


May 12, 2008


Dollar Bulls Gain Control as Euro May Be Near Peak

Bush heads to Middle East amid dark omens

Is It Time to Invade Burma?

As Lebanon turns into Gaza for Israel

China in 'all-out' quake effort - 7.8 magnitude - Toll reaches 9,000

"Continuity of Government Planning has ... Already Superseded the Constitution as a Higher Authority"

Paulson, Trichet Signal Welcome at Dollar's Recovery Since G-7

Goldman Says US Stock Market Near Shift To 'Bull Market'

Europe's HSBC Sets Aside $3.2 Billion for More Bad U.S. Loans - Says its First Quarter profits rose

The case for invading Myanmar

First US relief airlift heads to Myanmar (Burma)

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Israel eyes dangers, opportunities in Hizbullah takeover of Lebanon

Hizbollah rules west Beirut in Iran's proxy war with US: Another American humiliation

Lebanese army continues deploying in mountain area

At least 11 killed in Lebanon clashes

Nasrallah lost, for now: "only a matter of time before the Shiites take over Lebanon"

Arab League tries to broker Lebanon settlement

Sudan severs relations with Chad

US tightens its grip on Pakistan

Pakistan governing coalition faces dissolution

At least 427 US military deaths in Afghanistan: Since 2001 invasion

Pro-West Serbs claim election win

Tornado-ravaged Oklahoma town might not rebuild

Aid rushed in after tornadoes kill 23 across US

Presidential Politics

Will Obama Get 'Swift-boated'?

Bush May Be as Harmful to McCain as Wright Is to Obama

Economic advisor to John McCain defends gas tax holiday

McCain's 7 Steps to Beating Obama

Reid says McCain has proved to be a disappointment

Obama now faces his biggest media challenge

Analysis: Obama will need to unite divided party

10 reasons why McCain could win the White House

Battle goes to W. Virginia

Rezko Replay - 10 key developments in case of gov's indicted fund-raiser

Who's who in Rezko corruption trial

Clinton outwardly confident, even as hopes dim


911 WTC Nuclear Toroid-Shaped Gas Pattern: More Evidence To Support The Nuclear Melting Of Cars At The World Trade Center

"... the toroid shape of the falling building dust pattern provides evidence that a nuclear event happened that day."

State Says Hundreds Of 9/11 Rescue Workers Now Dead, Admits Undercount: "85 percent are suffering some kind of respiratory problem"

".. almost five years on from the disaster, that there has been a startling increase in cases of a particular lung scarring disease, known as sarcoidosis, among firefighters, which rose to five times the expected rate in the two years after the attacks"

"... mostly impacting the lungs and digestive system while others were related to blood cancers and heart and circulatory diseases. "

"... heroes of 9/11 have been shunned by a government that still refuses cover the costs of healthcare for the vast majority of the stricken because to do so would be an admission of culpability."

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel says peace 'extremely difficult' as Bush prepares for tour

'This could be attempt to depose Olmert'

Talk of Livni as Olmert's Replacement Creates Tension at the Top

59% of public believe Olmert should resign

Leadership battle for Kadima begins

Rabbi: Israel needs religious PM

Shas Upgrades Threats to Quit Government

Palestinians fire 2 rockets at Ashkelon

Hamas Rocket Nearly Hits Busload of Students in Sderot

Security Source: Terrorists firing mortars to avoid IDF retaliation

Washington Watch: Palestinian statehood - as elusive as ever

Israel to resume Gaza fuel shipments

Olmert to Visit Egypt for Talks

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkish Jets Strike Kurdish Rebels in Northern Iraq

2 dead, 25 injured in overnight clashes in Sadr City

Disagreements mar truce deal between government and Al Sadr men

Rocket damages BBC's Baghdad bureau

'Ghost city' Mosul braces for assault on the last bastion of al-Qa'ida in Iraq

Iraq, U.S. move to avert Baghdad water shortage

People can handle the truth about war

Court to consider vaccine-autism claims: Families blame mercury link in shots

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May 10-11, 2008


Limbaugh Now Backs Obama!!

Victory In Two Weeks - Obama: Clinton says Obama cannot win white vote

How Bush lost the war

Economist: Treat Alternative Energy Development 'Like It's World War II' - "Declare war on energy"

Global cooling theories put scientists on guard


911 WTC Nuclear Toroid-Shaped Gas Pattern: More Evidence To Support The Nuclear Melting Of Cars At The World Trade Center

"... the toroid shape of the falling building dust pattern provides evidence that a nuclear event happened that day."

State Says Hundreds Of 9/11 Rescue Workers Now Dead, Admits Undercount: "85 percent are suffering some kind of respiratory problem"

".. almost five years on from the disaster, that there has been a startling increase in cases of a particular lung scarring disease, known as sarcoidosis, among firefighters, which rose to five times the expected rate in the two years after the attacks"

"... mostly impacting the lungs and digestive system while others were related to blood cancers and heart and circulatory diseases. "

"... heroes of 9/11 have been shunned by a government that still refuses cover the costs of healthcare for the vast majority of the stricken because to do so would be an admission of culpability."


New In The Bookstore

Two of the Most Spiritually Mature Books We Have Ever Offered!


"Committed To The Covenant Through Desertion, Divorce, and Death"

"Gaining Spiritual Depth Never Before Known!"

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Taser win in court puts chill on doctors: “It is dangerously close to intimidation,” says group representing medical examiners

Myanmar holds referendum despite cyclone chaos

Zimbabwe's MDC party to contest run-off in presidential election

Presidential Politics

Wright Controversy Deepens Voter Divide

More signs Clinton still in the race

Clinton, Obama hesitate to build "Dream Ticket"

Obama takes super delegate lead over Clinton for the first time

Damsel of Distress: "She has unleashed the gates of hell"

Key Obama Middle East adviser resigns: Had been in repeated contact with members of Hamas

Obama: Rethink corn-ethanol fuel

Ethanol as cause of food crisis 'flat-out wrong'

Is Obama really the man blacks need?

Nigeria oil rebels say they are considering Obama's truce appeal

IMF Sells Gold Reserves - 403 tons

Report Warns on Serious Mental Problems in Teens Using Pot

Disaster Unfolding In Lebanon

Arab Civil War on Israel's Border: Hizbullah Seizes West Beirut

Lebanese Cabinet condemns Hezbollah 'coup'

International alarm at Hizbullah 'coup' in Beirut

Late night clashes between pro- and anti-government supporters kill five more people

Fighting in Beirut Threatens a Top Bush Administration Priority

US says Syria and Iran linked to Lebanon violence

Iran blames Israel, US for Lebanon crisis

Deadly funeral attack shatters calm in Beirut

US advises citizens who live in Lebanon to be cautious

Eyewitness: Trapped in Beirut

Israeli - Palestinian War

Bush Heads to Middle East Tuesday

Israel Readying for a Post-Olmert Era

Olmert defies calls to resign over bribe - But will quit if indicted

Barak Aides: Olmert Exit is a Matter of Time -- Then What?

Israeli PM Olmert says campaign donation was not a bribe

Militant rockets from Gaza land in Israel

IDF air strike targets Hamas in Gaza

Egypt opens Rafah crossing to medical cases for 3 days

'Israeli holocaust of Arabs will fail'

Settlers kill terrorist in West Bank

IAF Takes to the Skies to Celebrate Israel's 60th Nationwide Anniversary

World Bible Contest winner crowned: 15-year old champion is third in her family to take title - 65 youths from 37 countries participate

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Sadr aide says Iraq government and Sadr bloc agree truce

Iraqi army says al-Qaida offensive underway

U.S. says captured man is not wanted terrorist Abu Ayyub al-Masri

US Forces Kill 17 Militants in Iraqi Capital

Wife says Tony Blair's belief that Iraq war was right persuaded him to seek 3rd term


Negotiators Agree on Farm Bill, but Bush Vows to Veto It: "This bill increases subsidies to farmers at a time of record farm income"

New White House Pitch: Bush as Mr. Sensitive

Vietnam starts construction on 6 billion dollar oil-refinery: In a bid to feed the nation's booming economy

Oil price hikes up on Venezuela concerns

University of Toledo administrator fired for speaking out about homosexuality

Code Pink Protesters Try Witchcraft at Anti-Marine Rallies

May 9, 2008

US rice soars to the maximum trade limit on Myanmar (Burma) woes

Hezbollah fighters impose control on Beirut

Obama open to Clinton as possible running mate

Poll: Flap over pastor hurts Obama nationally in general election

Tanks in Red Square parade for 1st time since USSR

Weekly jobless claims decline more than three times the expected number


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's Olmert admits taking cash but won't quit

'Lawyer's testimony will complicate Olmert's case'

MKs call for Olmert's resignation

This time around, a Bush visit might come too late

Palestinian Authority Charges: Olmert misleading the public

US pushing hard for border agreement between Israel and the Palestinian State

Jordan bans 'Nakba' ("Catastrophie" ) commemorations

Oil shifts down from record levels as OPEC stands firm: Insists the global market is well supplied with crude oil

Presidential Politics

Obama 'committed' to Israel's security

Poll: 61% of Jewish voters want McCain to win

McCain, Obama trade jabs over Hamas: McCain that the that the terrorist group Hamas prefers Obama for president

Clinton dismisses calls to drop out: Dismisses pundits who have called her 'toast'

Obama walks softly, carries a big lead

Obama: I’m Not the Nominee Yet

Hillary Clinton Touts White Support

Poll: Flap over pastor hurts Obama nationally in general election

The Early Word: Race Shifts to Superdelegates

Differences between McCain and Obama go well beyond the obvious

Burma Struggles With Cyclone Disaster

Myanmar (Burma) turns back Qatari cyclone rescue team

Myanmar says no need for foreign aid distribution

UN: Toll will rise unless Myanmar opens up

Burmese Junta shuns U.S. aid: American planes remain grounded in Thailand

Disease stalks cyclone survivors

UN: 1.5 million affected by cyclone

Myanmar: Lessons from Aceh disaster

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

US Military: Leader of al-Qaida in Iraq Has Not Been Captured

US soldiers attacked in Iraq

Humanitarian groups warn of Sadr City aid problems: Fighting in Baghdad neighborhood has trapped many civilians

Sex Scandal in Baghdad

Golfing Baghdad's Green Zone: a course with real bunkers

2007 claimed 93 journalists, almost half in Iraq

US Says North Korea Hands Over Nuclear Documents

US Pacific Commander Calls on China Not to Seek 'High-End' Military: Says US Will Remain Dominant Asian Power

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News -- Lebanon

Gun battles as Hizbollah claims Lebanon is at war

Hezbollah 'seizes west Beirut'

Airport and border closures could cost Lebanon dearly

High prices, low wages feed violent political stand-off

Sri Lanka: military says it captures small northern town, kills 15 Tamil rebels

President Chavez: Venezuela won't tolerate secession in Bolivia

For some online tax filers, rebate check will arrive later by mail

Policeman killed as violence resurges in Pakistan

Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?


May 8, 2008


Burma cyclone toll feared above 100,000

Euro Falls to Eight-Week Low Against Dollar

Israel marks 60th birthday still not at peace

Could there be an Obama-Clinton "dream ticket?"

Practising Muslims 'will outnumber Christians by 2035'


Presidential Politics

Clinton says she's still in it to win it

Hillary Clinton hoping for late comeback

Clinton gives herself a loan - To raise badly needed cash

Obama's got a confident new strategy

Democrats seek graceful exit for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's campaign is doomed: Media commentators

Burma Struggles With Cyclone Disaster

Mapping the Aftermath of Cyclone Nargis

Grim fight for survival in cyclone-hit Myanmar

Myanmar backtracks on U.S. aid flight, U.S. says

First UN relief flight lands in Myanmar after 2 day delay

Myanmar places votes before relief

China concerned over high grain prices

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel celebrates its 60th anniversary

IAF planes to fly over Israel to celebrate Independence Day

Poll: Most Israelis see themselves as Jewish first, Israeli second

Poll: 51% of Israelis want separate secular, religious neighborhoods

Blair: Mideast peace process must move faster

U.S.-trained Palestinain anti-terror units running scared

US: Timing not right for three-way Mideast meeting - Between Bush, Palestinian, and Israeli leaders

PM Olmert braces for battle of his life

Report: Likud activist behind new Olmert probe

Palestinians see peace deal delay if Olmert quits

Israel steps up offensive in Gaza

'Syrian-Israeli meeting fell through'

Terrorist Group Fatah wins key W. Bank student election

Lebanon descends into chaos as rival leaders order general strike

Hezbollah increases stronghold on Beirut airport as clashes continue

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Fierce fighting in Baghdad leaves scores dead

Rebuilding Iraq will take more time, envoy says

Iraq's Industry minister opens door to reimbursing US

Iraqi Foreign Minister Stresses Importance of US-Iran Security Talks

Iraqi Army Captures 3 Al-Qaida in Iraq Leaders

Iraqi PM and Shi'ite cleric Sadr head for showdown

Those who go to fight in Iraq 'are preachers of evil'

Medvedev Sworn in as New Russian President

Russia's Medvedev announces longterm 'tandem' with Putin

White House Urges Russia to Ease Tensions With Georgia

Economists Blast US Corn Ethanol Program

Afghan army far from fighting fit

Saudi Crown Prince Sultan is dying from cancer: At 85, he has been America's staunchest ally


May 7, 2008

Obama takes big step ahead in Democratic race: Wins N. Carolina - Hillary wins Indiana

Georgia says "very close" to war with Russia

Burma cyclone: up to 50,000 dead and millions homeless

Burma catastrophe may leave country unable to feed itself

Dollar shows signs of strengthening after lurching lower for 6 years

Presidential Politics

Clinton Squeaks Indiana Victory; Obama Decisively Wins N.C.

Clinton on the edge as she fails to pull off double win

Clinton: seeking to become first woman U.S. president

Obama's North Carolina win a blow to Clinton

Obama celebrates double-digit North Carolina win

Half in Indiana say Wright influenced their vote - In North Carolina, 8 in 10 whites opt for Hillary after pastor controversy

Barack now sounds like he's the one

'I want to rip (Bill Clinton's) eyes out. Kidding!' Michelle Obama's latest gaffe: 'See, this is what gets me into trouble'

New Obama pastor will continue Wright's legacy

Super-delegates refuse to end Hillary Clinton vs Barack Obama

Democrats do have a nominee: Her name is Hillary

Clinton Aides Doubtful About Future: Candidate Renews Efforts to Get Party to Admit Michigan, Florida Votes

Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's pastor, 'stole my wife'

McCain Says He Would Put Conservatives on Supreme Court


Child virus fears spread to China's capital:Spreading outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Former Iraq Commander: Bernard Kerik was 'a waste of time' in Iraq - Kerik trained Iraqi police in 2003

U.S. withdrawing third "surge" brigade from Iraq: In spite of increased violence

Tehran cuts off talks with U.S. on Iraq Stability

U.S. brings more air power into the fight against Shiite militias, escalates accusations against Iran

US Plan Sees Shiny Future for Green Zone

Iraq war strains US mental health system: Not enough therapists to treat all US soldiers returning from Iraq with traumatizing experience

The new surge: Ugandan guards in Iraq: Over 6,000 Ugandans work as security guards for Americans in Iraq since 2005

Iraq orders $2.2B of jets from Boeing

Chile volcano blasts ash 20 miles high, forcing evacuations

'Merchant of Death' Charged in U.S.: Viktor Bout Allegedly Conspired to Sell Weapons to Be Used Against Americans

Weather Control

Al Gore Calls Myanmar Cyclone a 'Consequence' of Global Warming

Satellite View of the Flooding

Burma Cyclone: Secretive junta 'holding up aid efforts' as death toll set to top 60,000' -- Massive 12-foot-high wave driven by 120-mph winds

Indian authorities Gave Burmese Officials Two Days Advanced Warning

Cyclone survivors ignored by Burmese regime

Big Brother Watches Over Burma - Government very repressive

Out of tragedy, light may shine on Burma: Dictatorial government may be forced to accept Western aid and be moderated

Israel Dispatches Aid to Burma (Myanmar)

Google 'breaching China's state secrecy laws': Google Maps accused of showing “illegal” maps of the country

'Gay' indoctrination starts in Minneapolis

Israeli - Palestinian War

Olmert Willing to Give 90% of Territory - Judea and Samaria - Palestinians demanding control of 98.5%

PM Olmert Vows: We will defend Israel's security with all our might

Palestinians Charge: IDF wounds 11 in Gaza operation

Israel's population stands at 7,282,000

President Peres looks forward to tomorrow: No one more than President Shimon Peres symbolizes the living history of the State of Israel

Memorial Day 5768 (2008) Honors Israel's Fallen: Israel's Memorial Day for its fallen soldiers and terrorism victims, began Tuesday evening at 8 PM

Egypt's Suleiman in Israel next week: Intelligence chief to arrive on Monday for talks on proposed truce with terror groups

Al-Jazeera Predicts: Olmert will suspend himself till end of investigation

Olmert Staffers Deny He Plans to Suspend Himself

Olmert Confidantes: Accusations Are Attempt to Halt Peace Negotiations

Prime Minister Livni? Should Olmert quit, Kadima and Shas may back Livni to prevent early elections

Hizbullah blocks roads, airport in protest against Lebanese government

Dmitry Medvedev sworn in as Russia's new president: Replaces the departing Putin

Global Poverty Act (S.2433) America's Sovereignty Being Attacked



May 6, 2008


Burma Cyclone: 22,000 Dead, 41,000 Missing

Rice prices hit records amid Burmese disaster

Some intelligent questions for Western intelligence community

Iran cites Israeli nuclear activity as example of world's hypocrisy

Evolutionist compares Jewish rabbi to Hitler!

Presidential Politics

Clinton, Obama: Why Not Both?

Indiana and North Carolina -- the final round?

Hillary Clinton climbs Barack into race: Contests in Ind., N.C. could cut Obama’s lead

Prejudice could cast deciding vote for Obama, Hillary

Obama's "Electability" Code for Race?

Races to show if missteps are costing Obama

New polls give Clinton fresh hope as key votes loom

An energized Hillary Clinton strikes a populist tone

Ruthlessness and Grit Seen in Clinton’s Style

Clinton Transforms Into Working-Class Hero

Unconventional wisdom reigns in this campaign

How Bill Clinton Got His Campaign Groove Back

Antoin Rezko won't take the stand in his fraud trial: The defense rests for the onetime fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama without calling a single witness

Democrats emboldened by Louisiana win: Won a seat held by Republicans since 1974

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Insurgents kill, behead 10 Iraqi Army soldiers

Iraqi militia commanders harden stance toward U.S

Top US Commando: More Elite Forces May Be Needed In Iraq

Iran calls off more security talks with U.S. about Iraq

Iraqi sues U.S. firms over Abu Ghraib treatment: Claiming he was repeatedly tortured

US Charges: Hezbollah training Iraqi Shiite extremists in Iran

Good, bad and ugly of Iraq

House to vote on Iraq funds this week

Somali forces 'out of control' - Civilians are completely at the mercy of armed groups in Somalia

US launches strike on remote area of Somalia

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF imposes full closure on West Bank ahead of IDF memorial day: Wednesday - Thursday

Foreign Paratroopers Fly in Israel's Friendly Skies: Rehearsed for a special Independence Day performance set for Thursday

Israel offering mini-state of cantons: Not withdrawing from all territories captured in 1967

Time for national turning point: In order to preserve stunning gains, Israel must relinquish occupied land - Editorial by Alon Ben-Meir

Rice Pressures Israel for More Security Concessions

Egypt Sending Intel Chief to Present Ceasefire Agreement

Israeli Security Cabinet objects to ceasefire with Hamas

Don't overstate the Syrian-Israeli track

Foreign national could be questioned in Olmert case

Would Olmert be guilty in US? Conflict of interest accusations faced by PM would amount to nothing in America

Israeli Court Keeps Media Blackout on Olmert Criminal Investigation

90% increase in Israeli police leaving the force

Hamas man killed in IAF strike in Gaza

Soldiers Are Not Guilty: Troops deployed in West Bank must put moral considerations aside to do their job

Israel Must Achieve Water Independence: Editorial

New Missionary Campaign Underway in Shadow of Bible Contest Controversy: "Jews for Jesus" is about to launch a new proselytizing campaign in Israel

University suspends staffer over view of homosexuality: African-American condemned for stating in local paper being 'gay' not the same as being handicapped or black


May 5, 2008


Futures Traders Bet on Dollar Gain For First Time Since 2005 - "The dollar has already turned against the euro"

Dealers Pare Treasuries, Signaling Fed Turning Point: Liquidity and functionality are gradually coming back

Your personal data just got permanently cached at the US border

Christianity without Christ: No creeds, no miracles, no Resurrection

Cyclone plunges Myanmar (Burma) into primitive existence

Presidential Politics

Clinton holds lead over Obama in Indiana by 6%

Seeing Grit and Ruthlessness in Clinton’s Love of the Fight

Senator Bayh hitches star to Clinton

Clinton dismisses 'elite' economists on gas tax plan

In Small Towns, Bill Clinton Finds A Campaign Niche

Obama's defining moment upon him

Obama tries to wrest McCain's "Straight Talk" mantle

Barack Obama gains after denouncing pastor: poll

Obama needs to be a senator first: When did the office of the president of the United States become an entry level position?

Suddenly, North Carolina Is Facing Tighter Race

Democrats fear divided party after nominee chosen

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran: Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Prefers No War On Iran

Iran: Government rules out halt to uranium enrichment programme

Afghanistan: Explosions kill 6, wound over 20

Afghanistan: Karzai assassination bid: two held

Philippines: Rebel ambush kills 3 troops

WHO Insists: deadly child virus in China not a threat to Olympics

Chinese orchestra to play for Pope, suggesting warmer ties


New Cutting Edge Headline News Article

"As A Sober World Commemorates The Nazi Holocaust, Sane People Still Are Asking 'How Could A Madman Like Hitler Seize Total Control Over Civilized Germany, Viciously Murdering Tens of Millions?' "

The answer lies within a knowledge of Black Magick Witchcraft. The sequence is: Satan - Witchcraft - Specific Rituals -- Monstrous Sexual Perversion -- Incredible Genocide

You will see Hitler as you have never seen him, and will understand the Jewish genocide as you have never understood it before!


Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Iraqi first lady escapes attack

'No evidence' Iran backs militias: Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh

Iraqi journalist shot dead in botched kidnapping

US Military: US forces kill 14 Shiite militants in Baghdad

Mahdi Army fighters grateful for sand storm standstills in Sadr City

Robobug goes to war: Troops to use electronic insects to spot enemy 'by end of the year'

Air Strikes: PKK denies Turkey killed 150 rebels

Aziz lawyer wants trial moved to Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraq occupation is costing the United States a whopping $5.54 million an hour

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Israel to accept ceasefire within days': Senior Egyptian official

Hamas threatens Israel to accept truce

Is the Middle East state system about to disintegrate?

Senior officers slam IDF's lack of resolve in Gaza

Secretary of State Rice ends weekend trip to Middle East

Palestinian official says Rice mediation efforts failed

Rice pushes for progress on Israel-Palestinian peace

Israel Beiteinu Chairman Lieberman: The Arab MKs represent terror organizations

IDF halts deliveries at Karni, Nahal Oz

UN set to suspend Gaza food aid

A day to celebrate, reflect on Israel's 60th anniversary

Official Line Editorial - Time for national turning point: In order to preserve stunning gains, Israel must relinquish occupied land

Opposing Editorial - 'Land for peace' a fantasy - Lebanon pullout, Gaza disengagement make it clear that withdrawals don't pay off

Olmert Scandal Will "Shake The Country"

Olmert Aide Under House Arrest

Sderot Bombarded by Arab-Fired Kassam Rocket

Bush remarks on food crisis spark anger in India

Surging food prices bite across Asia

Asia fears lost decade from food price shock

British British press refuses to write off Brown: After off-year election defeat

PM Gordon Brown: Why I should stay in my job

Mystery of a killer elite fuels unrest in Turkey: Arrest of 47 people over alleged coup plot sparks fears of hidden ultra-right network

UN landmark disability treaty enters into force

China's central gov't officials meet with Dalai Lama's private representatives


May 3-4, 2008


World Powers Proposal: Iran stops enrichment just for talks

Globe may be cooling on Global Warming

Eccentric opposition lawmaker ousts Labour mayor of London: PM Brown humbled

China puts nation on alert to try to stop deadly virus

US considering Guantanamo closure: Torture Prison


New Cutting Edge Headline News Article

"As A Sober World Commemorates The Nazi Holocaust, Sane People Still Are Asking 'How Could A Madman Like Hitler Seize Total Control Over Civilized Germany, Viciously Murdering Tens of Millions?' "

The answer lies within a knowledge of Black Magick Witchcraft. The sequence is: Satan - Witchcraft - Specific Rituals -- Monstrous Sexual Perversion -- Incredible Genocide

You will see Hitler as you have never seen him, and will understand the Jewish genocide as you have never understood it before!


Presidential Politics

Clinton consultant 'Ace' Smith feared and admired

Obama shows signs of campaign fatigue

Uh-oh, here we go again: Meet Obama's new pastor - Otis Moss compares Wright to Jesus, backs up predecessor on AIDS, drugs

Suddenly, North Carolina Is Facing Tighter Race

Clinton seeks gas tax vote, Obama calls it 'shell' game

Senator Kennedy still ‘hopeful’ Obama will win Dem. nomination: Admitted Obama is "running out of time"

Clinton and Obama agree to disagree with trash-talking supporters

Barack Obama could regret his no-debate decision prior to Indiana and North Carolina primaries

Obama Mentor: 'Smash on, victory-eating Red Army': Poetry also lambastes 'Sweet Jesus,' mocks 'Onward Christian Soldiers'

The Early Word: Superdelegate Battles

Health care plans a head-scratcher for many voters

UBS analyst says McCain policies would help food companies: Says McCain policies friendlier to restaurants, food companies

McCain Defends Gas Tax Holiday, Health Care Plan

McCain Flying Solo In Vice Presidential Search

Schwarzenegger's quest for revenues taxes California consumers and their patience

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Military's patience wears thin at Baghdad checkpoint

8 Shiite militants killed in clashes in Baghdad

Iraq presents proof of Iranian meddling-official

Double suicide blast kills 35

McCain seeks to clarify Iraq comments: Says oil remark referred to first Gulf War

Bush seeks 70 billion more dollars for Iraq, Afghan war: to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan into early next year, when his successor takes over

Iraq's Shiite sermons reflect deep rifts over government

7 Are Killed as Storms and Tornadoes Sweep Across Arkansas

Economic News

Fed Cracks Down On "Unfair" Credit Cards: Politicians Praise Biggest Industry Clampdown In Decades

Rebate checks: How to spend 'em

Jobs vanish again, but not as many: Some experts see silver lining in better-than-expected report - national unemployment rate nudged down to 5 percent, sowing hope that the economy might not suffer as severely as some have feared

Gold recovers from low as dollar retreats

Gas Engines: Here to stay - Despite its limitations, the internal combustion engine won't be pushed aside so easily, but it can be made better

African Bank pledges more food aid

Plane crash kills Sudanese Defense Minister

Somalia: Rebels vow to fight on despite leader's death

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Intelligence Chief Warns: Terror groups planning Independence Day attack

Palestinian police begin deploying in West Bank

Mideast peace Quartet backs effort to ease Gaza blockade

Bush seeks $200m in funding for Palestinian Authority

PM Olmert will probably have to step down

Minister Mofaz: Take Jerusalem off negotiating table

Palestinian 'Beit Hanun family not killed by IDF

Syrian messages relayed to FM Livni through Turkish FM

Palestinian wounded in stabbing attempt dies: Soldiers manning checkpoint in South Mount Hebron open fire as man approaches them in possession of knife

'Gays' shut down discussion of faith: Psychiatrists pull symposium on 'The Religious Dimension'

Lesbians riot at Smith College speech

Same-sex marriage dispute on fast track: 9th Circuit expedites appeal of decision to invalidate Oregon petition drive


May 2, 2008


Sen. Bayh Warns That GOP May 'Swift Boat' Obama Over His Former Pastor

Bush seeks more food aid for poor countries: $770 million

Wall Street mood swing: Gloom gives way to (premature?) optimism

Turkish jets bomb PKK camps in northern Iraq

Iran moving into the big league

Another global emergency to keep angst levels rising

How under-the-gun Iran plays it cool

Presidential Politics

Sen. Bayh Warns That GOP May 'Swift Boat' Obama Over His Former Pastor

In polls, Clinton picking up steam, Obama sputtering

Obama Camp Assesses Damage: Clinton Picks Up Superdelegates

As Candidates Focus on Economy, Clinton Defends Gas Tax Plan

Analysis: Momentum, Obama's distractions give Clinton hope

Wild cards could determine deadlocked Indiana

Minister’s Comments Hold Little Sway in Indianapolis Enclave

Indiana another Pa.? Illinois neighbor Obama hopes not

Obama's wife joins push to court US working class

Bill Clinton trumpets folksy message in N.C.

Clinton gaining in key N.C.

Obama Leaves the Stage to Mix With His Skeptics

Wright Uproar Boosts Clinton Confidence: N.Y. Senator Believes Recent Events Have Twisted The Race In Her Favor

The 'Wright problem': Real problem in America is narrowing of public debate to exclude the possibility of speaking truthfully about the U.S. role in the world

Liberals outraged after Clinton, Obama appear on "Conservative" Fox

Poll: More disapprove of Bush than any other president

Counting starts in mayor contest: The counting of votes in the London mayoral election has started

May Day rallies call for immigration reform: Across the country

Pakistan's new coalition agrees to reinstate fired judges: Spelling trouble for the U.S.-backed President

Former PM Sharif Vows: Pakistan judges will return 'with dignity'

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Turkish jets bomb PKK camps in northern Iraq

Double suicide blast kills 35: Bomb rips through wedding party 75km north of Baghdad

White House this week conceded a problem: "Mission Accomplished" banner that hung behind President Bush during a 2003 speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln

McCain says Bush bungled Iraq war early

The Big Lie in Iraq

Measuring Iraq's Security Forces

Sadr snubs US-backed Iraq peace overtures

Baghdad dust storm halts road, air traffic

US west coast dockworkers in 1-day strike 'over Iraq'

Iraq fatigue

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan Meets Iraqi Vice-president

First Quarter: Consumer spending up mainly because of sharp price increases

US economy avoids outright contraction: Economy expanded only 0.6% in first quarter

Bill prohibits bias based on genetic data the government possesses

Al Gore raises big green fund: Has raised US$638 million to invest in companies developing new ways to tackle climate change

New Zealand volcano warms up

North Korea agrees to give key nuclear records to U.S.

Israeli - Palestinian War

Secretary of State Rice Insists: Israelis, Palestinians must agree on final borders

Abbas' heart surgery highlights lack of succession plan

Lebanon Palestinians to march on border

Survivors honour Holocaust victims

Lt.-Gen. Ashkenazi in Auschwitz: 'We Have Learned Our Lesson'

PM Olmert investigated for allegedly receiving bribes

Political arena up in arms over PM bribery probe

Will Olmert survive this time? PM survived failed war, several investigations, but latest affair may be political deathblow

UN Charges: Gaza is dumping sewage into the sea

Israel's 60th Independence guest list takes shape

British Jews: Don't celebrate Israel's 60th - say they cannot support a state based upon terrorism and which engages in ethnic cleansing

'Israelis must rediscover Jewish values': President Shimon Peres

IDF Air Strike Kills Hamas Kidnapper of IDF Cpl. Gilad Shalit

High Rabbinical Court of Israel Retroactively Revokes Religious Conversions

American deal makers who raise cash to buy companies like Dunkin' Donuts, Toys "R" Us, and Hilton Hotels are following the money a lot farther these days - all the way to the Middle East

Globe may be cooling on Global Warming



May 1, 2008


McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds

Huckabee says Obama's former pastor wants him to lose

National “DNA warehouse” bill passes

Food crisis is a chance to reform global agriculture

Consumer may get benefits from a Fed rate pause: Gas and food prices might stop skyrocketing

Iran-US talks await new American leadership era

Economic News

U.S. dollar rebounds higher as market digests Fed rate decision

Bernanke takes one more gamble: Cuts rates

Develop new energies for a battered world economy

Economic woes take US center stage

Non-Integrating States News - Iraq (Mystery Babylon)

Car bomb kills at least 9 in Baghdad: US troops kill 17 militants in Sadr City

Some 700 killed, 2,000 wounded in April in Iraq: Marking one of the deadliest months in the country

Baghdad clashes 'leave 400 dead' : Five US soldiers have been killed in fighting in Baghdad since Tuesday

Sadr City bloodshed kills 925 Iraqis

The Misery in Sadr City

Iraq's Premier: Special forces to root out militias

Trial of Tariq Aziz Opens in Baghdad

Blood on his hands: Tariq Aziz

White House says it has paid a price for Iraq 'Mission Accomplished' banner 5 years ago

Presidential Politics

Huckabee says Obama's former pastor wants him to lose

Gingrich Agrees With Huckabee: Wright’s hurting Obama deliberately

Can Obama close the door on Wright? -- Obama's Misplay

Polls: Clinton, Obama are close nationally, but growing numbers see Obama unfavorably

Obama's Patriotism Problem

Black preachers agree to disagree

Hillary Clinton serves up scorn as polls find Wright hurts Obama

Clinton's unusual political bedfellows

Iran complains to UN over Clinton destruction threat

Obama supports General Petraeus promotion to Central Command

Bill Clinton criticizes stimulus checks

Chuck Baldwin: I would bring our troops home: Constitution Party candidate says enemy uses 'occupation' as recruiting tool

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Iran Remains World's Top Sponsor of Terrorism: US Report

Afghan President Karzai escapes Taliban attack that killed 3

Afghan raid on suspected assassins

African tinderbox ready to ignite? Zimbabwe in turmoil with average lifespan 34, inflation at 500,000%

Zimbabwe: Leaked poll results show that Mugabe lost – but will fight second round

Somali Islamist Leader Killed in Airstrike

US Warns of Terror Threat in Colombia

British road-tax hike makes thousands of family cars almost worthless

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama Adviser: Israel must give up its nukes

Palestinian Gaza factions agree to cease-fire: Working with Egypt

IAF kills Gaza terrorist involved in capture of captured IDF soldier, Gilad Schalit

Israel Warns: 'Iran may get nuke technology this year'

Minister Mofaz in Yale: All's fair in fight against Iran's nuclear program

Rabbis call for Bible Quiz boycott: After discovering that one of the four finalists from Israel is a Messianic Jew who believes Jesus is the true Messiah

PM Olmert Hops Over to Jordan, Considers Ceasefire with Hamas

Gas in Israel Rises to $7.19 a Gallon at the Pump

Nazi Holocaust News

Holocaust Remembrance Day: How one out of every three of the world's Jews was murdered at Nazi hands

Qassam rocket barrage hits western Negev

Hamas: Jews Planned Nazi Holocaust to Kill Handicapped Among Them

Israeli Teens do not foresee another Holocaust

German professors: We've paid for Holocaust in full

Monument to honor homosexual Holocaust victims

I will never understand: How Germans were able do what they did

German historians push for new version of 'Mein Kampf': Want a thorough, academic presentation that places Hitler's work in historical context would be the best defense against radical right-wing groups and neo-Nazis who might want to use the book to advance racist agendas

Nazi Hunters Publish Most-Wanted List

'Political meltdown' threatening British PM?



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