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July 22, 2006
Saturday, July 22, 2006

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Israel sent tanks and troops across the Lebanese border Saturday, 7/22: Attacks rain down from both sides of border

Lebanon president: We will fight invaders: 'Violence brings violence ... everybody will lose,' Lahoud says

Sweltering New York seeks clues to blackout but finds more damage

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Cutting Edge New Headline News Article

THE REAL REASON FOR THIS WAR: Israel Simply Had To Destroy War-Making Capability of Hamas and Palestinian Authority Within Israel, Plus the Hizbullah in Lebanon: Israel could not begin withdrawing from the West Bank until she had destroyed the ability of the terrorists to wage war -- This article provides the REAL reason israel is making war right now, and shows where this war will deliver the world

Israeli - Palestinian War

Troops Massed On The Border

Israel massing military on Lebanon border: After calling up reserves

General Halutz: Ground operations will be limited in scope -- Over 1,800 targets have been targeted since the beginning of the IDF operations in Lebanon

US to deliver 'smart bombs' to Israel: US rushing delivery of precision-guided munitions

Evacuations From Beirut Pick Up Speed: U.S. Marines pushed baby carriages and lifted children into transport boats Friday

First US evacuees tell of difficulties fleeing Lebanon violence

Lebanese Town Lays Its Loved Ones, Anonymous to Rest: They would bury their dead in mass graves, the doctors decided

The arms that keep Hezbollah fighting: Rebuilt Lebanese capital crumbles one artillery strike at a time as Israel seeks to wipe out the enemy it spawned

Israeli forces withdraw from Gaza refugee camp: After deadly 2-day raid

IDF launches raid in West Bank targeting Hezbollah militants

Nine injured as Katyusha rockets hit northern region

66 Rockets hit Carmiel, Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya

Rice rejects quick fix in Mideast: US wary of temporary ceasefire

Iranian leader's letter attacks Israel: Germany's Chancello charges -- Calls into question Israel's right to exist

Hillary's White House ambitions may be shaping her views on Israel's war

Rice, UN to consider peacekeepers at Rome meeting


Pleading With Iran: Chancellor Merkel and President Bush: You Have Mail, RSVP and RSVC

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Pentagon moves ahead with Iraq deployments: As U.S. military struggles to gain control of the escalating violence in Baghdad

Fighting around Baghdad kills 23

Gunmen Attack Iraqi Shiite Areas; 18 Die

Mosque bombs kill two, Baghdad stays under curfew

U.S. may increase forces in Baghdad, general says

Civilians slain in raid by U.S. forces -- Town people enraged at US forces

Elite Black Watch unit to be sent for third tour of duty in Iraq

U.S. Plans Shift in Iraq Strategy: For improving Baghdad's security - an acknowledgment that a much-publicized military operation launched last month has failed to stem the violence

US Commander Reveals: Insurgents shift target to Iraq army

Gloom descends on Iraqi leaders as civil war looms

Common tragedy for Iraq refugees divided by sect

Iraq becomes a nation of refugees


American Soldiers Accused of Atrocities

Soldiers say they were told to kill 'military age males': Four are accused of murder during operation in Iraq

Evidence complicates outcome of soldiers' rape trial: US military fear outcome of rape/murder trial of soldier

Investigator: Drop charge in Iraq shooting - American soldier had reason to believe that Gani Ahmed Zaben was armed with an AK-47

Lawyer: combat numbed accused soldiers

Fears of disease rise in tsunami-hit Indonesia

Moderate 5.1 quake in southwest China kills 18

AIDS Rates Stabilizing in South Africa

Gaps in bird flu plan leave US vulnerable- Bipartisan group of Senators

US Global 'War on Terror' Cost Hits $430bn

Bush confronts limits of power in crises: Bogged down in two foreign wars, confronted by twin nuclear threats and seemingly powerless to halt a new Middle East crisis

Hollywood's Family Values: Family films are now the cornerstone of Hollywood cinema

Peddling violent movies to kids with TV ads: Debate reaching fever pitch in U.S. seeps into Canada - Disney discovering R-rated films decrease its revenue, rather than increasing it

Gays accused of discrimination in resort town -- Provincetown, Massachusetts -- Straight people say they are being ridiculed as "breeders" and "baby makers"

Jerusalem gay parade called off due to war

Prize offerred to whoever kills gay person in Israel













West's Missile Defense: Propaganda vs Reality

Propaganda -- Lasers: Israel's Rocket Defense? "Six batteries currently are deployed in Iraq." And from the reports I've heard, the Phalanxes are performing rather well, with several confirmed kills"

US to deploy missile interceptors at Japan base: Missiles hitting missile most primitive technology

Reality Is That Israel's Scalar Weapons Technology Provides 100% Effective Rocket Shield Should Israel Choose To Use It -- OBLIVION Book Tells Whole Story, Including Drawings To Demonstrate Effectiveness

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Bush Plan To Produce The Masonic “Skull & Bones” Messiah

Entire foreign policy dedicated to this planned Messiah -- the ultimate goal of the New World Order Plan


Timing of the Final Events Which Will Produce The Masonic Christ Might Surprise You

The Bible is clearer than you think as to how to recognize when the final events will transpire

Israeli - Palestinian War


Israel fights Hezbollah on the ground, tries to make buffer zone

Bloodiest Day of Fighting Results in Deaths of 30 Terrorists

Thousands of IDF troops operating in S. Lebanon

Katyusha Rockets Rain on Northern Israel; Residents Stuck in Shelters

Pilot killed as 2 IDF choppers collide, then crash

Casualties mount in Israel war in Lebanon

Hizbullah arch-terrorist Nasrallah appeared on TV Thursday claiming more surprises are in store for Israel

Israel Hits 200-km. Range Missiles, Many Still Remain

IDF Tanks enter Gaza refugee camp

World Media Wavers in Support of Israel

World Reactions: Israel is Right, and Talk of World War III

The Lebanon Security Zone – An Historical Retrospective

4 IDF ground troops killed in cross-border fighting

Dirty bomb rockets ready: Hezbollah poised to fire warheads of spent nuclear rods

CBS News Anchor Katie Couric Refuses To Go To Middle East To Cover Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli support for Lebanon war overwhelming -Poll reveals

Britain and US defy demand for immediate ceasefire: Superpowers provide diplomatic cover for Israeli attacks

Hezbollah Nourished by Iran, Syria Roots

Conflict might increase Iran’s influence in region

Russia Criticizes Israel for Offensive

Israel: Relations with Spain hurt by PM's accusation of 'abusive force'

Spanish PM in Palestinian scarf scandal

3,000 Americans emigrate TO Israel: As rockets fly, planeloads of Jews arrive in Middle East

Christian Lebanese caught in crossfire: Anguished over lack of U.S. support in opposing Hezbollah

EXILED Islamic preacher of hate, Omar Bakri, has begged the Royal Navy to rescue him from war-torn Beirut

U.N. Post Hit in Israel-Hezbollah Fighting

Let Israel take off the gloves and get the job done: Hong Kong Standard Editorial

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

China and Russia May Be Reneging on Iran: May be reneging on commitments to demand that Iran stop enriching uranium

Headline News Analysis Archives: Nuclear Armed Iran vs Nuclear Armed America: Whom should the world fear?

US says Iranians witnessed N.Korea missile test

Chavez, Castro may push Mercosur meeting leftward: Chavez marked his nation's debut as a member of South America's biggest trade bloc

Oil revenues fuel spree in Venezuela: Economy, sales soar as Chavez loosens cash flow

Incursion to curb militants in Somalia could backfire: Presence of Ethiopian troops may provoke Islamic militia to escalate the conflict

Indonesian tsunami survivors pack refugee camps

Turkish anti-West mood 'rising'

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Baghdad bracing for assault: With violence soaring, U.S. general warns of extremists' plans for major offensive -- General Caldwell said insurgents were streaming into the capital for "an all-out assault against the Baghdad area"

Curfew extended as Baghdad violence mounts

Violence displaces 27,000 families in Iraq

Baghdad attacks remain up since al-Zarqawi killed

Increased security can't curb attacks: In the first 35 days of the effort the average daily number has risen from 23.8 to 25.2

The doctors who are too afraid to care for patients: Many of Iraq's wounded can no longer be saved as the healthcare system collapses amid violent intimidation

In Baghdad, bakers are now the targets

Strapped for Money, US Army Extends Cutbacks

Marines' defense lawyers denied Iraq visit: Want to visit the Iraqi village where military investigators say seven Marines and a Navy medic kidnapped and murdered a civilian.

Iraq breaks with U.S. and assails Israeli raids

US forces surround Iraq towns in Qaeda operation: Near northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk

U.S. Successfully Completes Missile Test: : The Minuteman III dummy warheads traveled about 4,200 miles before hitting a water target in the Marshall Islands

At NAACP, Bush Tries to Mend Rift: Applause and Boos Punctuate Speech, His First to Group as President

Clinton, Obama urge NAACP to press Bush on Voting Rights Act: Senator Obama urges delegates "Don't be bamboozled" -- Warning came one day before President Bush addresses the NAACP for the first time

Voting Rights Act Headed to Bush's Desk: President says he will sign act, trying to improve his standing with minorities

Mexican presidential tangle has kept just shy of violence

Terrorist Charges Dismissed Against Saudi National

Tropical Storm Beryl Hits Massachusets

Former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev backs alternative power sources: Says nuclear power stations should only be built in cases of extreme need, as a "last resort"

Profit climbs for Halliburton: Oil companies spent heavily to increase output

Guard Sent To St. Louis: Heat Deaths Rise

California Governor Schwarzenegger provides $240m stem-cell center loan

US House Fails to Override Stem Cell Veto

Lightning strikes California wildfire areas

Indian Police make arrests in Mumbai bomb blasts

Poland's New Premier Wins Confidence Vote

Abu Ghraib rewarded: President Bush wants to appoint as Federal Judge the Pentagon's general counsel most closely associated with the illegal and immoral Abu Ghraib sexual humiliation and abuse of prisoners

Guantánamo and Oath Betrayed: Guantánamo and the Abuse of Presidential Power

Congressman Mike Rogers, R-Ala presses White House on 'super-state' plan: Asks Bush administration to fully disclose its activities

Marching Toward Armageddon?

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Raging Wars In Middle East Setting Stage For Prophecy Fulfillment

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