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August, 2018        


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Key News

Hannity panel explodes over news Mueller’s righthand man was in on Russia ‘hoax’: This should kill the probe

Trump threatens to 'get involved' unless the FBI and Justice Department 'start doing their job'

President Trump Says Three Tech Titans Are in a ‘Very Anti-Trust Situation’

Argentina's central bank hikes rates to 60% as the currency collapses

IT WAS A SET-UP: Email Logs Reveal Clinton Associate, Fusion GPS, and Russians All Together

State Department Refutes WAPO Story: Passports to Citizens Were Denied More Under Obama Than Under Trump

U.S. Foundations Now Spend Over $1 Billion a Year on Green Propaganda and Dirty Tricks

Second quarter even stronger than it first looked: GDP raised to 4.2% from 4.1%

Why won't media give Trump credit for booming economy?

This Homebuilder Doesn't See the Housing Market Slowing Down

Will lame duck Jerry Brown commute sentences of every single death row inmate in one of his last acts as California governor?

California bill to expand gun-takeaway law advances to governor's desk

Trump Cancels Pay Raises For Federal Employees, Saving U.S. Taxpayers $25 Billion

Senator Menendez, in fight for political life, forcing Dems to spend more on his campaign

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Mollie Tibbetts Lived in Trailer Frequented by Mexican Nationals

Trump: CNN’s Trump Tower Story Source ‘Doesn’t Exist,’ ‘Credibility Is Now Gone’

CNN’s Media Team Addresses Michael Cohen Story, Omits Key Details

CNN Trump Tower Story ‘Fundamentally Flawed’ – But Trump Shouldn’t Call for Firings (Howard Kurtz)

Kaepernick collusion case against NFL cleared to go to trial

New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. signs record $95mn deal

Reactivated US 2nd fleet returns to North Atlantic ‘ready to fight’ Russia

N. Korea slams US for ‘hostile’ steps & ‘covert operations’ behind curtain of dialogue

Chinese navy conducts multiple drills near Korean Peninsula

Crumbling Relations With North Korea

Israel/Palestinian War


Abbas to Challenge Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ at UN General Assembly

IDF’s New Missile Corps: “Revolutionizing Modern Warfare”

Hezbollah planning attacks in Judea and Samaria, commander says

Jerusalem: Why Palestinian Leaders Say Don’t Vote

Analysis: The Hamas-Fatah power struggle and what it means for Israel

Israel readies for historic visit by Philippines president

Anti-Semitic hackers replace New York City with ‘Jewtropolis’ on top apps

New IDF program could put nurses behind enemy lines

Satellite images indicate Iran is building another missile site in Syria

Iran, Russia Prepare to Battle Each Other Over Control of Post-war Syria

Greece struck by pair of strong earthquakes – tremors felt on islands




August 30, 2018

Key News

Midterm Wildcard: The Black Vote May Be In Play - " a quiet little revolution brewing"

Trump is gaining black support because his policies are improving the lives of all Americans

Dear Dems – careful what you wish for -- "a day of reckoning" close at hand

Trump says Canada badly wants in new NAFTA deal as Friday deadline looms

Socialism vs. Trump after Massive Turnout in Florida’s Tuesday Primary

Pope Francis ‘Embittered’ by Accusations but Has ‘No Intentions of Retiring’

Chinese company reportedly hacked Clinton's server, got copy of every email in real-time

Google Search Alternative DuckDuckGo Raises $10 Million Amid Big Tech Privacy Fears

Shock Study: U.S. had far fewer mass shootings than previously reported

California on Verge of Mandating 100% Renewable Energy by 2045

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Falsely Blames Antifa Violence on Black Americans

US economy logs best performance in nearly 4 years

Sarah Palin not invited to McCain funeral

After church service, McCain to depart Arizona for last time

Israel/Palestinian War

DM Liberman: In Syria, Israel obligated by its security interests only

US envoy censures PA for undermining Israel-Hamas Gaza deal

400 Jews Flee Ukraine, Make Israel Their Home

Palestinians make 10th attempt to blow up Israeli military court

Military ?'rushed to judge' Hebron shooter, Conservative lawmakers say

PM Netanyahu: "Whoever Threatens us With Destruction Puts Himself in Similar Danger

Dramatic Court Ruling Paves Way to Saving Israeli Communities in Judea and Samaria

WATCH: Palestinians Torture 13-year-old Boy Who Hit Son of Hamas Commander

South Korea snubs Israel with rejection of planned visit by President Rivlin to South Korea




August 29, 2018

Key News

As Land Confiscations Loom, South Africa Rules That 300,000 Gun-Owners Must Turn Over Their Weapons

If the Nazis Had RFID Chip Implants…

Dershowitz Believes Mueller Preparing to Subpoena Trump

Liberals Pounding Trump Impeachment Drum, Still No Crime

Jacksonville shooting suspect David Katz: Was prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medication

Pentagon: ‘No Plans’ to Suspend Future Military Exercises on Korean Peninsula

Russia Builds Up Mediterranean Fleet Amid Rising Tensions Over Syria

Senator Elizabeth Warren is no Ted Kennedy – Her plan to block Kavanaugh won't work




Trump says he's 'terminating' NAFTA, announces new trade agreement with Mexico

Trump’s deal with Mexico is political win for admin and economic win for America

Canada under pressure, U.S., Mexico agree on NAFTA overhaul

US Congress Skeptical of Trump's Mexico Trade Deal

New York Times Falsely Accuses Trump of Falsely Describing Mexico Trade Pact as "One of the Largest Ever"

Mexico Collusion? MSNBC guest argues Trump’s trade deal is a perfectly timed ruse to take focus off McCain

ESPN panel rips Tiger Woods, questions his ‘blackness’ for not denouncing President Trump

ESPN IS FINALLY DONE With Low Ratings ANTI-TRUMPER JEMELE HILL Who Once Said His Supporters Were All Racist

Don't Just Impeach Trump. Annul His Presidency: by Robert Reich, Former Secretary of Labor, For Bill Clinton

Dems’ pick for Florida governor is progressive mayor with corruption investigation swirling around him: Bernie Sanders endorsed him

NY Gov. Cuomo received $25,000 donation from Weinstein law firm before halting probe into his case

Republican Memo: Attacking Nancy Pelosi is the path to survival

As Land Confiscations Loom, South Africa Rules That 300,000 Gun-Owners Must Turn Over Their Weapons

Just Like Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Theresa May Betrays White Afrikaners as She Visits South Africa

South Africa’s Worse Drought in 30 Years–Facing Water Shut Off!

Payroll employment rose by 157,000 in July: Unemployment rate edged down to 3.9 percent

Red States, Voters Seeing Bigger Economic Gains Under Trump Than Obama

Trump jokingly questions if alleged Chinese hackers of Clinton's emails were actually Russian

Cohen Attorney Backtracks Claim That Trump Had Advanced Knowledge of Russian Hacking

TRUMP HATERS CAUGHT Leaving Out HUGE FACT While Trashing Trump For Raising White House Flag After McCain Tribute: Flag lowering was initially carried out by the White House following the United States Flag Code



Syrian Migrant Admits To Stabbing German Woman, Claims It Is Acceptable in His Culture


Shaking Reported Across SoCal When 4.4 Magnitude Quake Struck Near La Verne

Powerful 7.1 earthquake strikes off the coast of New Caldonia


Judicial Watch: Bruce Ohr is the Linchpin of the Steel Dossier Controversy

Trump Tweets: Don McGahn Stepping Down as White House Lawyer, After Kavanaugh

Newt Gingrich: Mueller Has Nothing Even After McGahn's Cooperation

Rudy Giuliani: Don McGahn Report a Sign Mueller Team Is 'Panicking'

John Brennan’s Hidden Kremlin Connections Revealed

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel Enters Sixth Year of Drought

IDF Warns Of Full-Scale Military Operation In Gaza in Absence Of Ceasefire Deal

PM Netanyahu: Burgeoning Alliance with Arab Nations Could Bring Peace with Palestinians

Arab Knesset MKs Unite with Palestinians to Draft Anti-Israel UN Resolution

PM Netanyahu Talks To New Aussie PM: Invites Him To Jerusalem

Nikkie Haley Calls For Examination Of Palestinian "Right of Return"

President Duterte Hasn't Even Arrived, Yet His Visit Is Already Rocking Manila

Palestinians Spread Libel that Israel Pushes Illegal Drugs

WATCH: ‘We Can’t Live Like This Anymore,’ Says Resident of Southern Israel

French Jewish MP gets death threat in envelope with white powder


Brazil Sends Military To Border To Cope With Flood Of Fleeing Venezuelans


Robert Jeffress Defends Evangelicals' Support for Trump: It's About Policy, Not Extra-Marital Affairs

White House Hosts 100 Evangelical Leaders for State-Like Dinner: 'This Is Spiritual Warfare'

A Christian Genocide on the World's Most Christian Continent: Searching for Truth Amid the Bloodshed

Atlanta School Replaces “Pledge Of Allegiance” With Creepy Leftist Oath To A "Globalist Socialist" Society

California Dem Rising Star Makes Huge Promise For Every Illegal Immigrant


August 28, 2018

Breaking News

Jacksonville shooting suspect David Katz: Was prescribed anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications

Bad Guys Sometimes Wear White: Though Pope Francis should be asked to resign, he'll never step down

GOP rep touches off firestorm with claim FBI leaked info, then used stories to get FISA warrants

Trump accuses Google of censorship: 'Republican/ Conservative & Fair Media is shut out'

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) Defends Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Pompeo: ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran Does Not Control the Strait of Hormuz’

Syrian Migrant Admits To Stabbing German Woman, Claims It Is Acceptable in Islam

Key News

NBC Poll Finds Trump Support at Near Record-High After Cohen, Manafort News

Red Wave: The political peril of irking Trump voters

Democrats STILL Won’t Budge on Immigration After Mollie Tibbetts' Murder

Trump Announces New Trade 'Understanding' With Mexico to Replace NAFTA 'Disaster': "Canada needs to be party to a final deal"

NAFTA another win for Jared Kushner

Senator Graham: The Trump, Sessions relationship is 'beyond repair'

ESPN panel rips Tiger Woods, questions his ‘blackness’ for not denouncing President Trump

California’s Slow Decline Into The Abyss of Venezuela

California to become first state eliminating bail for suspects awaiting trial


Rudy Giuliani is Right: Truth isn’t truth when it comes to the special counsel targeting Hillary Clinton’s enemies list

Russia set to launch largest war games in four decades; 300,000 troops

Bell Tolls For New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Lanny Davis Admits Being Source For CNN Trump Tower "Bombshell" Fake News

Another Very Fake News Scandal Engulfs CNN with Fake Michael Cohen Russia Story: "Entire thesis of the entire story is entirely fake news"

Trump Accuses Google of Rigging Search Results Against Him: Fake News Prominent

Democrats Poised to Double Down on RussiaGate If They Take the House

Whistleblower Exposes Key Player in FBI Russia Probe: “It was all a Set-up”

Dem Rep Green (D-TX): Trump Doesn’t Need to Commit a Crime to Be Impeached

1,000 Residents of German City Riot in the Streets Following Fatal Stabbing by Migrants

Best Buy raises profit target as economic boom powers retail spending

U.S. Rep. Bob Gibb said a “soaring economy” is making America stronger

Iran, Syria seal military reconstruction agreement

Trump offered US pullout for Iranian pullback from Syrian border

Iran Lawmakers Remove Economy Minister

Iran to Open Lawsuit Against US Sanctions at ICJ

Brett Kavanaugh was basically just confirmed to the Supreme Court

South Africa Civil War Looms As White Farmers, 'Black Hitler' "Willing To Die" Over Property Confiscation

South African Thanks POTUS Trump For Speaking The Truth Regarding Horrific Violence In South Africa Today

Judicial Watch Obtains IRS Documents Revealing McCain’s Subcommittee Staff Director Urged IRS to Engage in “Financially Ruinous” Targeting

Donald Trump Honors John McCain, And Prays for Shooting Victims, in Meeting With Evangelical Leaders

Israel/Palestinian War

Abbas says Israel-Hamas deal ‘over my dead body’

IDF Closely Watching Israeli-Lebanese Border

IDF Chief Warns UNIFIL Counterpart: Keep Hezbollah in Check

IDF Warns Of Full-Scale Military Operation In Gaza in Absence Of Ceasefire Deal

Jewish Agency offers loans to suffering businesses near Gaza

WATCH: ‘We Can’t Live Like This Anymore,’ Says Resident of Southern Israel

Trump Administration to Abolish PA Right of Return

Military razes home of terrorist who murdered Samaria Settler

US Slashes $200 Million in Palestinian Aid

'Trump was furious when he learned what UNRWA, PA were doing


August 27, 2018

Breaking News

Trump Secures A Trade Deal With Mexico

McCain Gone but Russia-Trump Collusion Story Lives On

MSNBC Video: If we let teachers have guns, they’ll shoot the ‘black & brown’ kids

Key News

Mall Where Jacksonville Shooting Occurred is Gun-Free Zone

Dem Rep Green (D-TX): Trump Doesn’t Need to Commit a Crime to Be Impeached

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Will Destroy Trump Presidency with over 100 Investigations If Dems Win House

Tiger Woods Defends President Trump, Won’t Talk About Race Relations

In Stunning Reversal, Michael Cohen's Attorney Backpedals On Trump-Russia Claims

Mollie Tibbetts—Another Reason 'ICE' is Nice

Mexican Cardinal Issues Cartel-Style Threat to Pedophile Priest Accusers

Iran Says It Has Gained Control of Gulf: U.S. Does Not Belong There

North Korea: US planning to 'unleash a war' against us

Dow Jumps, Nasdaq Hits 8,000 as NAFTA Deal Nears

Senator McCain dies at 81 after battle with brain cancer

Can It NOW Be Asked? Was POW McCain A "Hanoi Rose"?

The Passing Of John McCain Means ARIZONA Balances Power In Senate – Democrats Fighting Like Cats And Dogs

Daily Mail: Donald Trump Dared to Golf 17 Hours After John McCain Died

Celebs Trash Trump in Response to John McCain’s Death: ‘F*ck You’

Mass Shooting In Jacksonville: Left two people dead and 11 injured - "shooter has been identified as a 24-year-old gamer, David Katz"

Jacksonville Shooter Was Member of Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ – Referred to Trump Supporters at “Trumptards”

Celebs Erupt At NRA, Trump After Jacksonville Shooting: ‘Gun-Humping Death Fetishists’

Kathy Griffin Rips Trump’s McCain Tribute: ‘Take His Name Out Your Mouth You Piece of Sh*t’

Celebs Trash Trump in Response to John McCain’s Death: ‘F*ck You’

Battle Print: Document Emerges Detailing Democrat Plans to Crush Trump Should GOP Fail to Hold House

Dem Rep Green (D-TX): Trump Doesn’t Need to Commit a Crime to Be Impeached

Dershowitz: ‘Evidence Isn’t There’ Showing Trump Committed Impeachable Offenses

After a bummer of a summer, midterm polls are putting smiles on Republican faces

NBC’s Chuck Todd Wants Paul Ryan to Launch Trump Impeachment Proceedings Now

White House: Impeaching Trump a ‘Sad Attempt’ by Democrats to Win Elections

Voters -- the people who count -- say Manafort, Cohen won't hurt Trump

Trump's Immigration Policy Is Working: Migrants Choosing To Stay In Mexico

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump Administration to Abolish PA Right of Return & UNRWA Budget

Israel buys new precision rocket arsenal to 'cover entire region'

Kite terror continues: 'Netanyahu is weak against Hamas'

IDF raids terrorist propaganda centers

Defying Israel, US, Iran says no one can limit its support for Syria

Iran Showcases New Defense Cooperation In Blow To U.S. and Israel

Facing the Consequences of Replacement Theology During Season of Repentance

In Lithuania, PM hails Israeli ability 'to defend ourselves, by ourselves'

Bolton: US to Cut UNHRC Funding Over Anti-Israel Bias

Making the Barren Desert Bloom



August 26, 2018

Breaking News

At least 4 killed at Jacksonville shopping center, sources say; gunfire heard at Madden gaming event: Gunman was a player who was defeated

Mall Where Jacksonville Shooting Occurred is Gun-Free Zone

LISTEN: Gunfire Erupts at Video Game Tournament, Multiple Injuries, Fatalities

Shannon Watts Pushes Gun Control Before Details of Jacksonville Attack Known

Dershowitz: ‘Evidence Isn’t There’ Showing Trump Committed Impeachable Offenses

Senator McCain dies at 81 after battle with brain cancer

John McCain successor won't be named until after burial, Gov. Doug Ducey's office says

From border hysteria to impeachment cheerleading

ACLU Supports NRA's Free-Speech Argument in Suit Against Cuomo Administration

Scott Adams Predicts: If Donald Trump Goes Down, Hillary Clinton Goes to Prison

The Democratic pursuit of the unholy dream



August 25, 2018

Key News


South Africa’s Julius Malema: Trump’s Right, We’re Coming for White Farmers

Does the Younger Generation Want to Burn Us Christians at the Stake?

President Trump Charges: Dems' Immigration Policies Are Destroying Innocent Lives

Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA): ‘We Shouldn’t Be Losing Any Lives’ at the Hands of Immigrants

Roger Stone Predicts Mueller Will Indict Donald Trump Jr. on Process Crime

Xi’s Troubling Systematic Suppression of Christianity in China

I'm Glad I Met With President Trump: Bishop Harry Jackson, Black Pastor

Jim Brown Backs Trump in 2020: Claims Support Will ‘Make Me Very Unpopular in the Black Community’

Sen. Rand Paul Blasts GOP Leaders for Trying to Kill His Amendment to Defund Planned Parenthood

Pope arrives in Ireland for first papal visit in 40 years amid global outrage over sex abuse

Amid Sex Abuse Scandal Catholic Bishops Want More Taxpayer-Funded Refugees

Midterm Meddling: Tech Giants Gather to Discuss ‘Election Protection’ Strategy

Robert Epstein’s Midterm Warning: Big Tech Can ‘Shift Upwards of 12 Million Votes in November’

Ohio GOP state Sen. Troy Balderson wins US House special election

A/G Jeff Sessions suddenly looks vulnerable

Dana Rohrabacher: Sessions' refusal to quit ‘is a disloyalty to this president and to the country’

Federal Reserve Chairman Just Tossed Trump a Bone at Jackson Hole: Stocks Rise To Record

Is the Repatriation of Overseas Assets Helping Push the Market Higher?

EPA to Roll Back Coal Restrictions with the New Affordable Clean Energy Rule

Israel/Palestinian War

US cuts more than $200 million in aid to Palestinians

Israel backs US for slashing UN funding

Palestinians Lash Out At U.S. For Israeli Settlement Activity

Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal close to completion

The Palestinian Flag Striking A Nerve and Possibly Struck Down

PM Netanyahu: I see no urgency in unveiling Trump peace plan

US Jewry's silence as Trump prepares to squeeze Israel

Fatah Leader Claims: Israel is offering Hamas An Airport Near Eilat

IDF Reveals: Gaza Gunman Was A Nurse For 'Doctors Without Borders'

Why British leader Jeremy Corbyn worries us so much: Corbyn shows how quickly an entire country can turn against the Jews - again

South African lawmaker accuses Jews of plotting sniper attacks

Oslo Accords -- 25 Years Later

25th Anniversary of the Oslo Accords: Where Does Israel Stand?

Archives: Proofs of A Conspiracy! From 1917 to 1992 to Today, Israel Has Been Planning To Give The Palestinians A State Carved Out of Biblical Israel!



An Open Letter to Chelsea Clinton About Abortion: Mother to Mother

Shooting at Florida high school football game leaves 1 dead, 2 injured: Police

Senate panel approves Trump's nominee for consumer watchdog: Kathy Kraninger

The Hollywood Elites Behind the Brett Kavanaugh Smear Campaign

Ocasio-Cortez rejects offer to debate Ben Shapiro for $10,000

Trump rips ESPN and CBS for not broadcasting national anthem

Attorney For Mollie Tibbetts’s Murderer Files To Keep Immigration Status Out Of Court

Trump on Tibbetts Coverage: MSM Lost Interest When They Found Out Illegal Alien Was Charged with Murder

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR): Mollie Tibbetts ‘Would Be Alive’ If Immigration Laws were ‘Seriously’ Enforced

Flyover Folk Silent No More: Tibbetts' Murder by An Illegal Alien Sparks Action

Joni Ernst Slams Elizabeth Warren: Mollie Tibbetts ‘Forever Separated from Her Family’

Homeless Veteran Back on Street After New Jersey Fundraisers Kept Money

Roger Stone Predicts Mueller Will Indict Donald Trump Jr. on Process Crime

Trump Reacts to Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen Verdicts: No ‘Russian Collusion’

White House: Impeaching Trump a ‘Sad Attempt’ by Democrats to Win Elections

Michael Hayden Warns: Impeachment Would Be Viewed as ‘Soft Coup’, Is A Bad Idea


August 24, 2018

Breaking News

Trump cancels Pompeo's N. Korea visit: 'We are not making sufficient progress'

Despite “Progress,” Still No NAFTA Deal

Chinese Military Joining Russians for Nuclear War Games

Yes, China Wants Hegemony over the South China Sea

GOP Pollster Finds Support for Kavanaugh in Key Senate Battleground States


Key News

Company embeds microchips in 80 employees…And they LOVE IT!

Black Business Ownership Jumps 400% in one Year Under Trump

Democrats Call for Trillion Dollar Tax Hike

Hot Swampy Heat: The Week Washington Officially Lost Its Collective Mind - Trump Declared 'Guilty by Association'

Legal Expert Mark Levin: ‘Donald Trump Is in the Clear’ — ‘Lanny Davis Blew It,’ ‘You Are a Dummy, Lanny’

CNN Embarrassed When They Discover Americans Don’t Care About Manafort/Cohen Stories

Trump dares A/G Sessions to prosecute Democrats for a change

Sessions fires back at Trump's latest slam: DOJ won't be 'improperly influenced' by politics

The Pantsuit That Cried Wolf: Ann Coulter

David Horowitz Reveals: Visa, Mastercard Cut Off Payments to My Think Tank Based on SPLC ‘Hate Group’ Label

Louisiana Attorney General Denies $600 Million to Citibank & Bank of America Over Gun Control

The Left Won’t Stop At Censoring Alex Jones: Slippery Slope Is Real, And We’re On It

False Accusers, Fair Weather Friends, Schemers and Users

Are 11,000 earthquakes since July sign of the BIG ONE coming? "82,800 in the past year"

Huge 7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Perus, on border with Brazil and Bolivia

6.3 magnitude earthquake rocks strikes off coast of Oregon amid fears of BIG ONE

Sicily's Mount Etna volcano roars into action with ash and lava

Hurricane Lane’s Hawaii Impacts: Brush Fire Forces Evacuations on Maui; 5 Rescued from Flooding on Big Island

Poll: Plurality of Minnesota Voters Say State Has ‘Too Many Refugees’

Defense Attorney for Mollie Tibbetts' suspected killer, unregistered immigrant Cristhian Rivera fights back

Mollie Tibbetts killed by 'sharp force injuries': Preliminary autopsy reveals

Intel vets slam Brennan as Trump dares ex-spymaster to sue over security clearance

Dershowitz: Trump 'more correct than his critics are' with claims about Daniels, McDougal payments

Israel/Palestinian War

PROPHECY WATCH: Another Step Closer To Rebuilding The Temple

Hands-on Reenactment of Temple Bread Baking in Biblical Israel

Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal close to completion

DM Liberman: "We have nothing to talk about with Hamas"

Hamas-Israel Ceasefire Talks Show Peace Impossible

Trump Teases US Mideast Peace Plan

Trump: Israel Will Pay a ‘Higher Price’ for Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Israel backs US for slashing UN funding

Netanyahu remains hopeful US will recognize Israel's Golan claim

Elite IDF unit simulates battle with Hezbollah in large drill

Palestinian Authority Foils Attack Intended To Derail Gaza Talks

Study finds surprising reason behind most terrorist attacks: Depressed Palestinians seeking a "martyr's death"

Doctors Without Borders nurse attacks Israeli troops at Gaza border, is shot dead

WATCH: Are Palestinians doomed because of their leadership?

Opinion: Germany is Israel’s friend in words but not deeds

Germany seeking ways to skirt US sanctions on Iran

Veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee Company to invest $6M in Tennessee expansion

The Billion Dollar Homeless Scam: Five Sanctuary Cities are responsible for much of the national growth in homelessness - also are the most Socialist

North Korea Planned Nuclear Confrontation

"THE SCRIPT HAS NOW BEEN WRITTEN" ... "A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." [Peter Lemesurier, "The Armageddon Script", p. 225]

North Korea calls for end of Korean War ahead of possible Pompeo visit

Mike Pompeo faces a moment of truth on North Korea

Ford executive named envoy to North Korea ahead of visit

North Korea has not stopped nuclear activities: UN Watchdog

Amid praise for Trump, North Korea doubles down on criticism of Japan

North Korea agrees to U.N. inspection over aviation safety

South to ask North to remove more guard posts

S. Koreans prepare for second round of reunions


August 23, 2018

Key News

US and Mexico close in on NAFTA deal, could wrap up as soon as Thursday

Legal Experts Throw Cold Water On Democrats; Reveal Why Trump Is In NO Legal Trouble

Trump: 'Where is the collusion?'

Impeachment could be a dangerous political strategy for Democrats

Ignore the Noise, Mueller Still Has Nothing

Time for the Rest of Us to Unfriend the Media?

“Made In China 2025” Master Plan Has Hit a Wall Named Trump

Midterm Wildcard: The Black Vote May Be In Play

Trump: I Knew About Cohen Payments ‘Later On’ – Money ‘Came From Me

Cohen Attorney Lanny Davis Is Registered Foreign Agent for Pro-Russian Oligarch Wanted by US Government and Linked to Putin

Robert Mueller's 'win' exposes how the media never cared about Russia 'collusion'

Senator Chuck Schumer: Because of Cohen’s plea, Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh is now illegitimate

Trump Tackles Murder, Expropriation of White Farmers in South Afric

We’re Officially in the Longest Bull Market Ever

Jobless Claims Better than Expected Again, Defying Tariff Fearmongers

Cramer: Wall Street cares more about the 'strongest consumer ever' than Trump legal fallout

GOP billionaire Ken Langone: 'We've been patsies' on trade, but Trump will level the playing field

NOSEDIVE: CNN Ratings Down 24% From Last Year; Getting Destroyed By NICKELODEON

How Long Was Hillary Clinton Holding Leash of "Pit Bull" Michael Cohen?

Dem. Senator Warren Laments Treatment Of Illegals When Asked About The Murder of Mollie Tibbetts

Accused Mollie Tibbetts Killer Demands He Not Be Called ‘Illegal Alien’: Suspect lived in a region of Iowa that was surrounded by sanctuary cities

Venezuela Crisis: Why has 7% of the population fled the country?

Getting Hot: Trump Puts The Heat On Turkey

Two dead, one wounded in Paris suburb knife attack: Shot dead by police

ISIS claims responsibility for deadly knife attack in France

Israel/Palestinian War

Palestinian Leaders Call Trump Jerusalem Comments ‘Worthless’

'Trump is pushing the Palestinian Authority into a corner'

Palestinian Authority Warms Trump: We will not give up on Jerusalem as our Capital

Analysis: History Shows Muslims Have Never Attached Real Significance to Jerusalem: "Only when non-Muslims are in control do Muslims seem to remember the city"

Power struggle for PA chairmanship intensifies: Senior Fatah officials reportedly accumulating weapons, recruiting armed men

View From Israel: "The President Won't Betray Us"

Israeli Gun-Law Reform Passes, Thousands More Allowed to Carry Arms

Prophecy Fulfilled, Yechezkel’s Vision of Dry Bones Rising (Ezekiel 37)

PM heads to Baltic in search of new allies to counter EU bias

Defense 'Liberman, have the soldiers' backs': National Union Secretary-General asks defense minister to end investigation into shooting of 2 Gaza rioters

UN says it has run out of funding for Gaza: Warns of War

Netanyahu popular among US Republicans – New Gallup Poll

Revolutionary Guards: 'We will increase our defensive capabilities'

Germany seeking ways to skirt US sanctions on Iran

6.3 earthquake rattles Alaska volcano as US state hit by 35 tremors in two days

Mexico Cardinal: Victims Who Accuse Priests Should Be ‘Ashamed’ - comments could be interpreted as a threat, a threat of exposure if you accuse a priest with skeletons in your own closet

August 22, 2018

Breaking News

US and Mexico close in on NAFTA deal, could wrap up as soon as Thursday

Former Clinton Pollster: Hillary Clinton Broke Campaign Finance Laws, Not Donald Trump

Why Neither Cohen – Nor Trump – May Be Guilty of Campaign Finance Violations

Legal Experts Throw Cold Water On Democrats; Reveal Why Trump Is In NO Legal Trouble

Midterm Wildcard: The Black Vote May Be In Play

ICE tried to deport Nazi guard Jakiw Palij for 12 years before Trump came along

If I Wanted To Destroy A Society, I Would Do This…

Target CEO raves about the state of the economy: This is the best consumer environment 'I've seen in my career'

Trump is the unsung hero of the world economy

Key News

California Christians, Prepare for Civil Disobedience

Trump to Introduce Mideast Peace Plan at UN General Assembly: In September

President Trump: Israel will pay the ‘higher price’ in peace deal with Palestinians

"Congressional Candidate In Virginia Admits He's A Pedophile"

CNN's Tapper Fact Checks Ocasio-Cortez & Bernie Sanders: It Gets Ugly, Fast

Self-Aware Much? Ocasio-Cortez laments closing of diner where she worked, due to policies she promotes

Nice Ladies Leaving the Democratic Party

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR): Mollie Tibbetts ‘Would Be Alive’ If Immigration Laws were ‘Seriously’ Enforced

Angry Angel Mom: ‘How Many More’ American Murders Like Mollie Tibbetts’ ‘Will It Take’ to Secure Border?

Angel Families Demand Politicians Act After Illegal Alien Kills Mollie Tibbetts

Trump References Mollie Tibbetts at Rally: Immigration Laws a Disgrace, ‘Get More Republicans’

MSNBC guest calls Mollie Tibbetts just ‘a girl in Iowa’ that ‘Fox News is talking about’

BIRTH PANGS: 69 Major Quakes Strike Ring Of Fire In 48 Hours

Massive 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Venezuela

Hurricane Lane strengthens to a dangerous Category 5 storm on course to Hawaii

Franklin Graham Blasts Chelsea Clinton's Claim 60 Million Abortions Added $3.5 Trillion to Economy

Rasmussen Poll: Donald Trump’s Black Approval Rating Almost Double That of Last Year

Republicans Find Midterm Message: Vote GOP, or Democrats Impeach Trump

Billionaire Tom Steyer Renews Call for Impeachment After Manafort Verdict, Cohen Plea

Mark Levin: ‘Donald Trump Is in the Clear’ — ‘Lanny Davis Blew It,’ ‘You Are a Dummy, Lanny’

Alan Dershowitz rains on libs’ parade, saying Cohen’s plea ‘is not nearly as lethal’ to Trump as they think

Trump Reacts to Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen Verdicts: No ‘Russian Collusion’

London Police Appeal For Information After Fourth Shooting in Two Days: Illegal Gun Factory Discovered

Israel/Palestinian War

Ground Forces: “An Option Which Might Take Place in the Next Few Days”

Trump to Introduce Mideast Peace Plan at UNGA

PM Netanyahu Held Clandestine May Meeting With Egyptian President Sisi

DM Liberman Secretly Met With Qatari Foreign Minister To Talk Gaza

'Trump's comments about Israel no reason to get alarmed'

John Bolton: No 'quid pro quo' in Jerusalem embassy move

Join Netanyahu in Condemning British leader Corbyn for Honoring Munich Massacre Terrorists

Israeli gun license reform to make weapons more accessible to civilians

Foreign Investors Pay Big Bucks for Israeli Innovation!

Prayer of Psalm 137 Answered: Taking the Harps From the Trees





August 21, 2018

Key News

The Full List of Anti-Trump Attacks and Harrassment This Year So Far Is Stunning

‘No chance’ of two-state solution anymore, Abbas’ son told US envoy

Newt Gingrich: Mueller's Fatal Mistake

Sen. Warren pushes bill to nationalize US corporation

Vermont Transgender Democratic Governor Nominee Doesn't Know What Socialism Is

Drain the National Security Swamp

Trump makes immigration top midterm campaign issue, hoping to put Dems on ICE

CNN's Tapper Fact Checks Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders: It Gets Ugly, Fast

Culture Warrior: Weinstein and Archbishop McCarrick Both Believed They Were ‘Entitled’ to Sex

Exclusive Excerpt from Ann Coulter’s ‘Resistance is Futile!’ New Book -- "How The Left Lost Its Collective Mind"

Bill Maher Blasts Liberals over Alex Jones Censorship: Liberals are ‘Supposed to Be for Free Speech’

Trump floats pulling security clearance of 'unglued' ex-FBI official Phil Mudd after fiery rant

GOP Senator Cruz Is Surging In Texas





August 20, 2018

Breaking News

‘No chance’ of two-state solution anymore, Abbas’ son told US envoy

Shots fired at US embassy in Turkey amid tensions

Turkey’s Currency Plummets: What Will Be the Global Consequences?

Better War-gaming Is Helping the US Military Navigate a Turbulent Era

Judicial Watch Tom Fitton: DOJ is Attacking the Presidency through the Mueller Operation

Chris Farrell: DOJ’s Bruce Ohr is the ‘Lynchpin’ in the Trump Dossier

Benghazi Army Ranger Hero Destroys 'Kool-Aid Drinker' John Brennan

U.S. District Judge Bates: Government Does Not Have To Accept New DACA Requests

The Full List of Anti-Trump Attacks and Harrassment This Year So Far Is Stunning

Key News

Company embeds microchips in 80 employees…And they LOVE IT!

Watch Out California! 53 Major Earthquakes (Including A Magnitude 8.2) Just Hit The Ring Of Fire In A 24 Hour Period - "Something unusual starting to happen to the crust of our planet

Lombok, Indonesia, struck by ten 5.0 magnitude earthquakes in 24 HOURS

First Transgender Nominee for Governor Thinks ‘Radicalized Christians’ Are a Threat

Satanic Temple exploits First Amendment for abomination of Baphomet

China's Economy 'Looka Terrible', Is 'Collapsing'

Turkey’s Offer to Release Pastor Rejected by U.S.

Pope Francis rips Catholic priests in sex abuse scandal: 'We showed no care for the little ones'

Wisconsin Bishop Decries ‘Homosexual Subculture Within the Hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church’

Democrat Bill Would Eliminate Freedom of Speech Online

Funding the Wall: Proposed Bill Would Fine Countries for Each Illegal Alien Entering U.S.


U.S. Steel to Invest $750M at Indiana Plant Thanks to Trump Tariffs: ‘We Are Experiencing a Renaissance’

Celebrity Pastors Are Falling Hard

President Trump: Robert Mueller is 'looking for trouble'

Rudy Giuliani taunts John Brennan over lawsuit threat: 'I'd love to have Brennan under oath'

John Brennan Cites Fake News Date for Russia ‘Collusion’: Was the day Trump joked about it in July, 2016

Bolton, in Israel, suggests Brennan may have misused classified info, warns of meddling by four countries

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden dares Trump to revoke his security clearance, too

Actor Michael Shannon: Trump’s Only Thoughts Are ‘I Want Some Pu**y And A Cheeseburger’

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Compares the National Anthem to a Slave Song

West Virginia is great again, and Trump is to thank

Driving School COO: Truck driver demand has been through the roof

Dem Rep. Hastings gets big laughs for joking about Trump drowning in Potomac

Newspaper Industry Seeks Character Assassination of President As Antifa Wants to Kill Him

US sanctions could destroy a million Iranian jobs: Iran’s labor ministry warns

Top Iranian officials vow to sidestep Trump's re-imposed sanctions on Tehran

Collapse of Iranian currency floods Kurdistan Region with cheap imports

Iran announces new fighter jet

Israel/Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority Chooses to Fund Terrorism Rather Than Education

Jordan-Israel negotiations set to bypass Palestinian Authority

13 Years of Hamas Rule in Gaza

ANALYSIS: Meet the most dangerous Iranian: Commander Qassem Soleimani

Bolton, Netanyahu trash 'wretched' Iran nuclear deal

Iran Urges E.U. To Speed Up Plans To Save Nuclear Deal

Islamic Expert: "Jews Being Barred From Temple Mount is Appeasement at Any Cost"

What Do Linda Sarsour and School Shootings Have In Common?


Proofs of A Conspiracy! From 1917 to 1992 to Today, Israel Has Been Planning To Give The Palestinians A State Carved Out of Biblical Israel!



Hamas Sources: Long-term Gaza cease-fire possible next week

WATCH: 46 Years Since the Munich Massacre

Join Netanyahu in Condemning British Leader Corbyn for Honoring Munich Massacre Terrorists in 2014

Israeli Arabs, Palestinians to mark annual 'Israel apartheid day'

Episcopalian Bishops Apologize for False Israel Atrocity Stories

South Africa Goes Zimbabwe: "Land redistribution programme", 1 white farmer in South Africa has been murdered every 5 days, ethnic cleansing - "New red famine is growing where the red blood of white farmers flows into the dying earth"

Washington Post Freaks Out: That poll showing Trump with 36 percent black approval can’t be true!

Coordinated Anti-Trump Editorial Day, But Only Dogs are Barking

Andy McCarthy: McGahn-Mueller Talks a Sign That Russia Probe May Be 'Winding Down'

Four people killed, nearly 60 shot this weekend across Chicago

Texas food warehouse shooting leaves 2 dead, including female shooter: Police

Sanctions bring a new kind of war to Iraq's doorstep

Trump bumper-sticker enrages woman: We’ve reached a dangerous place within American politics

Omarosa, Stormy Daniels and CNN’s Obsession with Muck Raking: Is CNN committing suicide?


August 19, 2018

Breaking News

Newt Gingrich: Democrats have no idea what demons they are unleashing

Poll Reveals Millenial WOMEN Reject Unrestricted Abortion, Feminism, & the Media

WHOA: Pentagon inspector general report says Russia, China may have ‘compromised’ U.S. missile detection satellites

Venezuela Devalues Currency by 95%: Socialism falls into "Death Spiral"

2nd Amendment SUCCESS: 17.25 million Americans hold concealed handgun permits; HUGE increases for women, minorities

Satan comes to Arkansas: 8½-ft Baphomet statue unveiled in state capitol

Key News

Catholic Tribalism: If Weinstein Is A Monster, What Of The Priests Who Sexually Abuse Children?

John Brennan: I Didn’t Mean That Trump Committed Treason

NYT Editorial Board’s Mara Gay: ‘America Was Never Great’ Is ‘Honest,’ Not a ‘Gaffe’

Black Lives Matter Activists Surround Cars, Attack Drivers: ‘Back the F*ck Up!’

Nice Ladies Leaving the Democratic Party

State Dept. Official: U.S. Will Impose Sanctions if China Buys Iranian Oil

New Poll Results Freaking out Democrats: African-Americans Are Seeing Superior Economy

Study Reveals: 20X as Many U.S. Jobs Created from Trump Tariffs than Jobs Lost

100 manufacturers have increased hiring, given bonuses or raises since TRUMP/GOP tax reform

5th Circuit Court Sends Texas Anti-Campus Carry Professors Packing

Judge Sides with NRA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, Disqualifies Washington Gun Control Initiative

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) Urges Gun Controllers to Vote in November, Defeat the NRA

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) Warns: Democrats ‘Will Abolish ICE’ – ‘Want to Impeach’ Trump

Donald Trump Condemns Social Media Companies for Biased Censorship

Silicon Valley Blacklisting Conservatives ‘with No Recourse, No Appeal, No Discussion’

It’s Not America That’s “fundamentally immoral and wrong” But Senator Bernie Sanders

Israel/Palestinian War

IDF official tells Gazans: 'The choice is yours - terrorism or economic growth'

Greenblatt Urges Gaza: Time to embrace a better future

Ceasefire talks in 'final stretch', says Hamas official

IDF says thousands of Arabs rioted along the security fence with Gaza, hurling firebombs and IEDs

‘Gaza deal will strengthen Hamas,’ Shin Bet head warns

'Hamas is a battered organization with limited capabilities': Former National Security Council Yaakov Amidror

U.S. redirects $230 million in Syria funding



August 17, 2018

Key News

Louisiana Attorney General Denies $600 Million to Citibank & Bank of America Over Gun Control

China Buckles, Sends Trade Delegation to Washington to Seek End of Trade War

China Trade Talks: Trump winning! (Maybe.) US stocks soar anyway

Chinese bombers are training to strike US targets in the Pacific, Pentagon claims

Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers deploy near Alaska

Pompeo announces creation of the Iran Action Group

MAGA: Trump's bulletproof campaign slogan

New Mexico Jihad Compound Mysteriously Destroyed By Authorities

What Do Linda Sarsour and School Shootings Have In Common?

Chelsea Clinton is Wrong: Killing 61 Million Babies Has Caused a GDP Deficit of $62.6 Trillion - "60% of all abortions occur to Blacks and Hispanics"

Franklin Graham: Chelsea Clinton Defending Abortion as an Economic Good is Like Hitler Defending Killing Jews

Poll: Donald Trump’s Black Approval Rating Almost Double That of Last Year

Study: Trump Tariffs Created More than 11K American Jobs in Six Months

Zachery Ty Bryan: Celeb elitists are alienating Middle America

Ferguson Riot Organizer Leads Pledge from Communist Manifesto After Chat with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)

Red state Democratic senators should listen to constituents and support Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

Sen. Johnson: How can anyone oppose Kavanaugh's nomination?

Harf on Dems Refusing to Meet With Kavanaugh: 'Not Politically Advantageous' Before Midterms

Trump could revoke clearances of other ex-Obama officials 'soon'

Bruce Ohr could be out of a job if Trump strips his security clearance

Keith Ellison's ex-girlfriend says she filmed him dragging her off bed

Unhinged Omarosa Hysteria: Turning on her B*** h Switch, every dog gets her day

Judicial Watch Uncovers Five More Clinton Emails Containing Classified Material on Her Unsecure, Non-‘’ Email System

Trump on US pastor jailed in Turkey: 'We will pay nothing for the release of an innocent man'

Turkey Hasn’t Been A U.S. Ally For Some Time

Vatican Expresses ‘Shame and Sorrow’ over PA Grand Jury Sex Abuse Report

Israel/Palestinian War

Possible ceasefire agreement with Hamas getting closer

Gaza ceasefire deal will strengthen Hamas, Shin Bet head warns

What do Israelis say about a ceasefire agreement with Hamas?

Former Jordanian Minister’s ‘Peace Plan’: Kick the Jews Out of Israel

Egyptian Intelligence Chief Visits Tel Aviv to Negotiate Gaza Truce

Terror Leader Brags: Hezbollah is Stronger than IDF

MK Erdan: Gaza disengagement in 2005 was an 'historic mistake'

US Ambassador: “No Reason to Evacuate Settlements” In Trum's Peace Plan

PM Netanyahu Presents ‘2030 Security Concept’ to Cabinet, Massive Defense Budget Increase



August 16, 2018

Key News

Prosecutor Charges: Priests ‘Weaponized’ The Faith To Abuse Kids

Pope Francis Entrusts ‘Anxieties and Torments’ of Genoa Bridge Disaster to Virgin Mary: Keeps silent

U.S. Warns: Neither Israel Nor Palestinian Authority Will Be ‘Fully Pleased’ With Peace Plan

Trump says Cuomo ‘having a total meltdown’ after gov's earlier remark that America ‘was never that great’

Author of Infamous Russia Email to Don Jr. Admits It Was ‘Hyperbolic,’ ‘Publicist Puff’

South Africa to allow seizure of land — owned mostly by whites — without compensation

Black Americans Aren’t Buying Omarosa’s Turn Against Trump

Rasmussen’s Poll: Donald Trump’s Black Approval Rating Almost Double That of Last Year: Now 36%, up from 19% last year, and up from 8% in 2016 Election

FLASHBACK: That Time Omarosa Was Fired from the Clinton White House


How to delete all the places Google knows you’ve been

Elizabeth Warren’s Batty (Crazy) Plan to Nationalize . . . Everything

Chelsea Clinton Makes a Terrible Argument for Abortion

Nearly 250 Counties Have More Registered Voters than Eligible Voters

Israel/Palestinian War

U.S. Warns: Neither Israel Nor Palestinian Authority Will Be ‘Fully Pleased’ With Peace Plan

Palestinian Authority seeks Israel’s expulsion from UN over nation-state law

Hezbollah Chief Claims Terrorist Group Stronger than IDF, Ready for War

Hamas Claims: Western Wall belongs to Muslims

Defense Minister: Conquer Gaza or face an Arab spring

Defense Minister: Israel prefers to see Gazans topple Hamas regime

Israel Reopens Gaza's Kerem Shalom Crossing: A Premature Move?

WATCH: ‘Abominations of Jews Merited Their Transformation into Apes and Pigs,’ Says Gaza Cleric

PM's new security doctrine to boost defense spending by billions

High Court of Justice To Consider Injunction Against Talks For Israeli-Hamas Deal

Israel Uses Palestinin Authority Funds to Compensate Victims of Palestinian Torture

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn met with terror leader weeks before Jerusalem attack

PM Netanyahu Slams Corbyn for Honoring Murderous Palestinian Terrorists

Month of the Shofar Blast: Preparing Jews for repentence

Home Builder Sentiment Remains Strong in August

Alabama Coal Mine Reopens, Names Excavator After the President


August 15, 2018

Breaking News

Media’s Omarosa Hypocrisy: ‘Dog’ Unthinkable, But, ‘C*nt’ Is Okay

John Bolton to Visit Israel Next Week for Talks

Six Shot, Grandmother Killed Overnight in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago

Tom McClintock: Trump ‘Is Absolutely Right’ About CA’s Environmental Laws

July Retail Sales Rock, Productivity Soars Above Expectations, Manufacturing Businesses Booming

New York City’s booming economy is bad news for the far left

Bernie Sanders: ‘More and More Support’ for the Wealthy to ‘Start Paying Their Fair Share’

FACT CHECK: Right On in 2018: Economy booms, rich pay more taxes


Key News

U.S. Bishops Confess: ‘We Are Shamed’ by Sins, Omissions of Catholic Priests, Bishops

Hundreds of ‘Predator Priests’ Exposed in PA Grand Jury Sex Abuse Report

Desperate anti-Trump media elevate a strange trio to discredit the president

Mainstream media tries to 'rewrite history' to credit Obama for Trump accomplishments

Trump Is Changing The Game With China In Favor Of US National Security

China’s Economy Weakens as Trade Fight Heats Up: Emboldening Xi’s Critics

Trump's 'Space Force' no punchline to military insiders amid rising Russia, China threats

Experts Say Iran, N. Korea Might Manipulate, Wait Out Trump

Judicial Watch: Strzok’s Firing Proves that Mueller’s Investigation is Compromised

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) goes silent amid charges of fabricating Russian election hacking claim

Trump-Endorsed Kris Kobach Makes History: Unseats Incumbent Kansas Governor in Primary

A better night for Paul Ryan than Tim Pawlenty

Ellison wins Minnesota AG primary amid late domestic violence allegations

Hypocrites: #MeToo Dems Silent as Vice Chair Ellison Accused of Brutal Sex Assault


Dems Choose Ellison, Accused Abuser and Former Member of anti-Semitic Hate Group, for MN A/G

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is crashing and burning -- fast

Shapiro Versus Ocasio-Cortes: The Great Debate That Never Was

Bernie Sanders: I’m Declining Dem Nomination and Running as an Independent

Long-Time Friend Flips on Omarosa, Debunks N-Word Claim Point-by-Point

Omarosa: Trump ‘Absolutely’ Knew About WikiLeaks Emails Before They Came Out

Giuliani Counters: Omarosa ‘lying’ with claims Trump knew about hacked emails before Wikileaks release

Sarah Sanders Claims President Trump Is An “Equal Opportunity” Insulter… And Here’s The Proof

Trump signs defense policy bill that rebuilds military, boosts troop pay

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Personally Made Decision to Ban Alex Jones

Bad President! 94% Of Obama’s 10 Million Jobs Were Temporary Says Harvard, Princeton Study!

Democrat Resigns After Admitting To Taking 450K In Kickbacks And Bribes: Texas

Defense Minister In Poland Calls LGBT March A ‘Parade Of Sodomites’

Israel/Palestinian War

Hezbollah chief claims terror group stronger than IDF, ready for war

Deterrence against Hamas is evaporating

Israel Hails US’ Iran Sanctions

Israel renews commercial goods traffic to Gaza as calm holds

Hamas creates honeypot scheme to dupe Israeli soldiers on Instagram

Russia to help restore UN patrols near Syria-Israel frontier

Philippines’ President Duterte Confirms Israel Visit: September 2-5

Italy bridge collapse kills at least 38, ignites national anger



August 14, 2018

Key News

Black Chicago Pastor — Let’s Do Like Eisenhower And Get Some Federal Troops In Here

After Peter Strzok firing, Trump says Russia investigation should be 'dropped': Hillary Clinton email probe reopened

Here's how Trump can end the whole Mueller investigation farce

FOX NEWS FIRST: N. Korea threatens to halt denuclearization

Turkish Lira Sinks Against Dollar, Economy in Trouble

Iran Responds to Trump Sanctions by Importing Uranium

Trump blasts terrorist as 'animals' after new attack in London

CNN: Antifa’s Violence Against ‘Bigots’ Is ‘Right’ Thing to Do

Hola! Hispanics are not quite feeling Dems, Correction Communists…

Donald Trump: There Is No Tape, N-Word Not in My Vocabulary

TRUMP CAMP GOES TO WAR WITH OMAROSA: Reportedly seeking millions of dollars for breaking non-disclosure agreement

CBS News Suggests ‘N-Word’ Tape Exists: Omits Black Aide’s Suggestion that It Does Not Exist

Chelsea Clinton Headlines Pro-Abortion Rally Opposing Brett Kavanaugh

More Than Half of Foreign Refugees Are on Taxpayer-Funded Food Stamps

PHOTOS: National Guard, Border Patrol Crack Down on Smuggling

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel is Worth NIS 17.6 trillion valuation

Trump Approves Largest-Ever Aid Package to Israel

Israeli Officials: Israel Never Signed Ceasefire; Hamas’ Days Numbered

Israel Security Officials Urge US: Don’t Cut UNRWA Gaza Funding

Where has all the flour gone? The fake humanitarian UNRWA crisis

Congressmen/Jewish Groups Express Solidarity With Israel After Hamas Rockets

MK Bennett: 'Liberman's gestures to Hamas are a mistake'

'End of lawlessness in eastern Jerusalem'


Republicans see opening in blue Minnesota, after Franken scandal and Trump inroads

Behind Democrats' turn on Nancy Pelosi


August 13, 2018

Breaking News

FBI Fires Agent Peter Strzok Over Anti-Trump Texts

Judicial Watch Statement on Firing of Peter Strzok

Trump: Strzok Fired – 'Finally'

Gallup: Democrats Prefer Socialism to Capitalism for the First Time

Rudy Giuliani Teases ‘Big Week’ in the Mueller Investigation

Sex abuse scandals continue plaguing Catholic Church

Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through July


Key News

Poll: 39 percent back secession, strongest among Democrats, blacks

Rudy Giuliani: No chance Mueller has anything on Trump

Rep. Devin Nunes Reveals: Clinton campaign colluded with 'nearly every' top official at the DOJ and FBI

Senator Lindsay Graham: ‘These Investigations Against Trump Were Corrupt to the Core’

Michael Cohen 'shocked' anyone would take Omarosa's claim that Trump chewed paper note 'seriously'

Opposition Party: Boston Globe Organizing ‘War of Words’ Against Trump

100 Newspapers Will Do What They Do Everyday — ATTACK TRUMP!

Donald Trump: Jeff Sessions ‘Scared Stiff’ and ‘Missing in Action’ on Russia Probe

Trump Alleges FBI, DOJ 'Had a Program' to Prevent His Presidency

Kavanaugh’s Former Clerks Push Back on Anti-Female Sentiment: He is All-Around Pro-Women

Americans! Read This Urgent Warning From Dr. James Dobson

China kicks off ‘major’ military exercises as Taiwan leader prepares for trip abroad to salvage few remaining allies: Training to "deal with Taiwan separatists”

CURSE OF CORTEZ? ANOTHER candidate endorsed by socialist darling loses badly - in Hawaii

Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib Celebrates Primary Win with Anti-Israel Tweets: Is Palestinian-American

Underreported: What Tax Reform ‘Crumbs’ Meant for These Blue Collar Workers

Donald Trump - A Racist, Sexist?

Jesse Jackson praises and thanks Donald Trump for a lifetime of service to African Americans - Watch Video

Trump Helped Create the Rainbow Coalition with Jesse Jackson


Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The Real Donald Trump - He is NOT a Racist

Rep. Pelosi Charges: Trump’s Whole Thing Is ‘Make America White Again’

'Unite the Right' white nationalist rally in DC attracts few supporters, dwarfed by counterprotests

Antifa and other Left-Wing Groups Call for Removal of President, Overthrow U.S. Government

Left-Wing Media Defend MS-13 Gangs

Far-Left March in Charlottesville Turns Anti-Police: ‘Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand!’

Donald Trump Condemns Racism on Anniversary of Charlottesville Riots

Ivanka Trump Condemns White Supremacy, Neo-Nazism on Charlottesville Anniversary

Danny DeVito Lies: Illegal Aliens Being Held in ‘Concentration Camps’

Anti-gun protester says you should never shoot home intruders who want to rape or murder you… because stopping them with a gun would be WRONG

‘Gun-Free’ Britain: 10 Shot in Multicultural Manchester During ‘Caribbean Carnival’

29 Shot, 4 Dead in Chicago with 600 More Police on the Streets: "Over 400 have been killed and more than 1,000 were shot by April in Chicago

Obama Center Breaks Pledge To Chicago: Over Obama Presidential Center

Democrat Keith Ellison: Ex-Girlfriend’s Son Claims He Abused His Mom

Israel/Palestinian War

Defense Minister: War with Hamas is just a matter of time

Israel Proposes 'Quiet for Quiet' on Gaza Border: Hamas Urges 'Blood for Blood'

In message to Hezbollah, IDF completes 'war of the future' drill in the north

Despite ‘Ceasefire,’ Hamas Resumes Airborne Arson Attacks Against Israel

17 Years Later: Sbarro Bombers Receive $300 K to Kill 15 Jews

Fearing Gaza crisis, Israel asks US to scale back aid agency cuts

Gaza Riots Leader: ‘We Have Lost the Battle For Public Opinion’

'The Palestinians' goal is to wipe Israel off the map'

MK Yoav Gallant: 'We will defend ourselves, no matter what the price is in Gaza' -- Adopt a strategy of assassinating Hamas leaders and members

Waqf (Islamic Religious Authority) Conducting Battle Against Christians On Temple Mount

Israeli-Palestinian Support For 2-State Solution Is At 20-Year Low: Poll Revealed

ACT NOW! Urge the UN to Condemn Hamas’ Environmental War Crimes!

Iran's Khamenei Bans Holding Direct Talks With United States

Iran Takes Another Step Towards Restoring Nuclear Program

Trump’s Turkey Tariffs Are Retaliation For A Major Military Escalation

Potential Terrorist Case in New Mexico Draws Attention to Growing Use of Children in Terrorist Plots

Muslim who was training school shooters in New Mexico compound has two wives

Interesting tidbits about the New Mexico terrorist-training compound incident



August 11-12, 2018

Key News

In Possible Message To U.S., Iran Fires Anti-Ship Missile During Naval Drills

Israeli Minister Regev Calls To Reinstate 'Targeted Assassination' of Hamas Leaders

NYT Reprints Socialist Magazine Editorial's Call to Replace Constitution

Kids being trained as Islamic school shooters: Most insane story of the week

Surely, Muslims Don’t Believe THAT!

FBI’s Little Rock Flight Log Should Have Hillary Clinton Getting Nervous

North Korea Complains About US Negotiating Tactics, Makes HUGE Threat

China Blinks in Trade War, Drops Oil from Retaliatory U.S. Tariff List

Rep. Luetkemeyer: US Will Win Trade War With China If Trump Keeps Pressure

Donald Trump - A Racist, Sexist?

Jesse Jackson praises and thanks Donald Trump for a lifetime of service to African Americans - Watch Video

Trump Helped Create the Rainbow Coalition with Jesse Jackson


Actions Speak Louder Than Words: The Real Donald Trump - He is NOT a Racist

Turkish President Erdogan: ‘We will not lose the economic war’ with US

China will buy Turkey on the cheap: Erdogan is hoping to find an alternative to IMF loans

Turkey implores Trump to resume negotiations

Turkish Lawyers Want To Raid Incirlik Air Base, Arrest US Troops For Terrorist Ties

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) renews call on Trump to recognize Armenian Genocide

Planned Parenthood Launches Six-Figure Ad Campaign to Block Kavanaugh

Sen. Grassley Announces Senate Confirmation Hearings on Kavanaugh September 4–7

Sen. Kamala Harris: Sept. 4 Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing ‘Outrageous’

Kamala Harris Unable to Name a Legislative Accomplishment When Asked

Don’t Blame Trump for the California Wildfires – Blame Environmentalists!

Now Omarosa claims she HEARD rumored Trump 'n-word' audio after writing that she never did – and angry White House says 'disgruntled' former aide's book is 'riddled with lies'

Pew Poll: Trump Voters Still 'Very Warm' on President

UN Puts Cost Of Syrian War Destruction At Nearly $400 Billion

DePaul professor on what needs to be done to help Chicago - Epidemic of mass murder


Trump: “Deal with is Mexico Coming Along Nicely…Canada Must Wait”

Trump Praises Mexico, Threatens Canada with Auto Tariffs

Maher: ‘Do We Really Need Strengthening Our Borders?’ Immigration from Mexico ‘Isn’t a Problem’

Mexican Authorities Find 5 Murder Victims near California Border

Report: Possible Plane Hijacking at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Seattle Avoids Harrowing Ordeal After Fighter Jet Intercepts Rogue Airliner

Israel/Palestinian War

EU Warns: Gaza and Israel 'dangerously close' to conflict

Hamas planning confrontations along border

Hamas Stages Violent Riots at Israeli Border After Claims of Truce

'Israel does not want a large operation against Gaza': Head of the Institute for National Security Studies

Leaders of communities beset by Hamas rockets slam government for ceasefire instead of putting a final end to Hamas terror

Hamas Arrested Salafi Cell Suspected of Grad Missile Launch

Trump Administration ‘fully supports’ Israel’s right to defend itself: State Department spokeswoman

Jihad is ‘a duty incumbent on entire nation,’ claims Palestinian judge

ANALYSIS: Iran tightening the noose around Israel

Israeli Minister Regev Calls To Reinstate 'Targeted Assassination' of Hamas Leaders

Battle Against Christians On Temple Mount

Iranian FM Says No Meeting With U.S. Officials Planned

Decision Draws Near on California Sexual Orientation Bill

Political News


Trump boasts he went '5 for 5' in Tuesday's elections

New Report Shows EVERY Congressional District Benefits From Trump's Tax Reform

U.S. Growth Hits 4.1%, Fastest Since 2014, in Win for Trump

Judicial Watch: New Fusion GPS Collusion Lawsuit

Activists Rally on Charlottesville Anniversary

‘Ring of Fire’ creates earthquake and tsunami risk on Lombok

Ring of Fire Map


August 10, 2018

Breaking News

China Blinks in Trade War, Drops Oil from Retaliatory U.S. Tariff List

Turkish Lawyers Want To Raid Incirlik Air Base, Arrest US Troops For Terrorist Ties

Don’t Blame Trump for the California Wildfires – Blame Environmentalists!


Pelosi inadvertently tells the truth about why she is pushing for amnesty for illegals

You Won't Believe What Obama Did in South Africa: Obama praises the president of a nation murdering and robbing white people because of their race

FBI stalling led New Mexico police to step up and take down an Islamic TERRORIST training camp

Vermont Democrat is 1st openly transgender candidate to run for governor

Key News

North Korea threatens to stall denuclearization in warning to US

Ocasio-Cortez: The Upper Middle Class 'Doesn't Exist Anymore in America'

Ben Shapiro, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spar after he offers $10,000 to debate her democratic socialist beliefs

Did Trump just hint at firing Mueller?

Trump Again Trashes Mueller Probe: Blames 'Crooked Hillary' and Dems

Elizabeth Warren shares in blame for suspect's alleged $500 bounty on ICE agents

‘Why we don’t trust the press’: CNN in hot seat for omitting key factor in New Mexico child compound case

Gun control is a political litmus test for Democrats: Wall Street Journal

Poll: 43 Percent of GOP Want Trump to Have Power to Shutter Media

President Trump will likely be the greatest jobs president of all time: Trump economy is firing on all cylinders

NAACP Poll: Black Americans’ Support for Donald Trump Surges to 21% (Trump got 8% in 2016)

Rasmussen Poll: Black approval rating of Trump now at 29%

Kanye West on ‘Overcoming Fear’ to Wear MAGA Hat: ‘Liberals Can’t Bully Me — News Can’t Bully Me’

What Tuesday's primaries prove about Trump's power at the polls: President has the power to turn a blue wave into a red tsunami

This statistic puts the big LIE to Democratic claims that ‘Hispanics hate TRUMP’

A previously deported illegal immigrant raped a child after officials in Philadelphia, a “sanctuary city,” ignored an ICE detainer and let him go

Bernie Sanders is all over the internet – Here’s what his videos are not telling you

Democrat Steve Cohen (D-TN): Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) Should Jump Off a Bridge

DNC Chairman Tom Perez Led Soros Group Lobbying for Illegal Alien Voting

‘Democrat Political Machine Built’ on ‘Reliance of Illegal Votes’

Trump’s Welfare Ban for Immigrants Would Be $57.4B Tax Cut for Americans

Democratic Senator Talks Moderate On Immigration While His Campaign Cozies Up To Left-Wing Radicals

California Legislature Wants ‘Gender Diversity’ on Every Corporate Board

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens: Civility in the face of leftist outrage

Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton: At Least 11 FBI Payments went to Steele

Donald Trump Condemns ‘Bad Leadership’ After Spike in Chicago Shootings

Former Ohio State Wrestler Recants Claim That Rep. Jim Jordan Knew of Sexual Abuse

Dem. Rep. Maxine Waters hit with FEC complaint over mailer money & inciting violence

Israel/Palestinian War

Israeli Minister Regev Calls To Reinstate 'Targeted Assassination' of Hamas Leaders

Israel, Hamas reach ceasefire

Tense Calm Settles Over Israel as Hamas Ceases Rocket Attacks

Anger In South Over Ceasefire: Israelis want final end put to Hamas

General: 'I want to vomit from shame' - Brig. Gen. Fogel furious at ceasefire with Hamas

Palestinian Activists Create Another Fake Casualty of War

Trump State Department Affirms Israel’s ‘Right to Defend Itself’

Palestinian Authority Paid $294,332 in Terror Stipends for One Deadly Suicide Bombing: Bombing August 9, 2001 at the Sbarro Pizza Shop in downtown Jerusalem

Israel’s Slams BBC’s Skewed Reporting on Hamas’ Attacks on Israel: In other words, 'a LIE'

Ecuador declares state of emergency over Venezuelan migrants at border

Argentina Celebrates As Legalization Of Abortion Is Rejected

A/G Jeff Sessions Serves Notice On A Notorious Hate Group: The Southern Poverty Law Center


August 9, 2018

Breaking News

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Fell and Inflation Ticked Down: Suggesting Strong U.S. Economy Unfazed by Trade War

Samuel Adams CEO: Trump Tax Cuts Helps Us ‘Kick A**’ of Foreign-Owned Beer

Oregon County Set to Become Second Amendment Sanctuary

Narrow Election Margins Are Vulnerabilities to Left-Wing Voter Fraud

Russia denounces new U.S. sanctions as illegal, mulls retaliation

California Firefighters Receive Global Help To Fight The Sweeping Mendocino Complex Fire

Senate Republicans Dismiss Democrat Demands For More Kavanaugh Documents

FBI Handled Investigation Of Alleged Spies Differently Between Sen. Feinstein, President Trump


Key News

19 Israelis Wounded, 200 Rockets Fired at Israel From Gaza: Israel Responded

Sorry, Democratic Socialists — you’re still pushing poison

The Dems’ Base Is Alienating Moderates

Why it’s time for Trump to play his ace in the hole

Twitter is run by Democratic donors and activists: Fueling Leftist Agenda

Andrew Cuomo is now at war with the Bill of Rights: “Extreme Conservatives” have “no place in the state of New York”

CNN Sounds the Alarm: Hispanic midterm support not solidifying for Dems

U.S. Cities with Massive Foreign Populations Strongest for Hillary Clinton in 2016

Trump's lawyers vow not to let him fall for 'perjury trap'

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was an easy mark for China’s spy

Trump’s Welfare Ban for Immigrants Would Be $57.4B Tax Cut for Americans

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) Backs Funding Trump’s Border Wall in Fall Spending Bill

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed Bipartisan Wildfire Management Bill in 2016

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT): Big Tech ‘Must Do More Than Take Down’ InfoWars -- "take down more websites than InfoWars

Alex Jones Claims 5.6 Million New Infowars Subscribers Since Big Tech Blacklisting

Disqus Bans Infowars from Comments Platform Amid Big Tech Purge: Now banned by Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Apple podcasts, Spotify, Microsoft’s LinkedIn

Ingraham on Tech ‘Corporate Censorship’: ‘This Isn’t About Alex Jones — It’s About Freedom and Access to Information’

Chicago: Police Have Made No Arrests for Weekend’s 70-Plus Shooting Victims as Witnessed Refuse To Come Forward

Virginia declares state of emergency ahead of Charlottesville anniversary

Israel/Palestinian War








19 Israelis Wounded, 200 Rockets Fired at Israel From Gaza

Israel is losing patience with Hamas

Sderot Mayor calls government to launch military operation, restore regional peace

Improvement in condition of woman critically injured in rocket attack

PA leader Abbas talks US peace plan with Jordan's Abdullah

Columbia's Recognition of a "Palestinian State" Dismays Israel

EU Stops Funding to NGO Targeting Israeli Right

Sean Hannity: CNN’s Outrage Is About ‘Intimidating’ People Who Call Out Their Bias

Trump predicts 'giant Red Wave,' claiming fresh victory streak for endorsed candidates

Geologist finds massive Alaskan oil well on a hunch


August 8, 2018

Breaking News

CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoed Bipartisan Wildfire Management Bill in 2016

Trump and Israel dabble in Hamas and PLO quicksand

Trump predicts 'giant Red Wave,' claiming fresh victory streak for endorsed candidates

Trump Lawyers Reject Mueller's Terms for Russia Interview

Why Mueller isn't having success with Manafort

Why it’s time for Trump to play his ace in the hole

Americans Agree ‘Made in America’ Is More Than A Slogan

France drops MH370 bombshell amid cover-up claims

Key News

Is North Korea Building New Missiles?

Iranian Navy Conducts Snap Drills In Strait of Hormuz

Venezuela's President Maduro alleges 2 opposition leaders linked to drone attack

Most Palestinians reject Trump’s yet-to-be-revealed ‘deal of the century’

Israelis Support Negotiations With Palestianians: Don’t Believe They’ll Bring Peace

Twitter CEO defends decision not to ban Alex Jones, Infowars

Amazon seems to have quietly stopped recommending Alex Jones products

Facebook Asks Banks: Hey, let us see your customers’ bank statements and card transactions, ok?

Censorship: How to Shutdown Free Speech -- Twitter Suspends Candace Owens’ Account for Mimicking Sarah Jeong’s Racism

Obama’s Skittish 2nd American Revolution Kick-Off

Judicial Watch: Court Orders DOJ to Preserve Comey Personal Email

Crucial Voting News

CNN Sounds the Alarm: Hispanic midterm support not solidifying for Dems

'Latinas for Trump' Founder Defends President’s Walk of Fame Star at West Hollywood City Council

In political season, Democrats wonder, 'Where's Obama?'

Ocasio-Cortez: Upper middle class, soccer moms not America

Voter Fraud: 670 Ballots Cast in Georgia Precinct with 276 Voters

Midterm Meddling: Facebook Blocks Republican Candidate’s Ad


Trump-backed Troy Balderson takes narrow lead against insurgent Dem challenger in Ohio House special election

Trump-backed Shuette wins GOP nod for governor in Michigan

Trump calls John James 'future star' of GOP after Michigan Senate primary win

Trump doesn't know 'what he's talking about,' says defeated Democrat

McCaskill, Hawley easily win Missouri primaries to set up key Senate showdown

Indian Sikh Man Brutally Attacked While Campaigning For California GOP Congressman

Bell Tolls for Cuomo: New York Governor

NY Gov Cuomo: ‘I Will Do Nothing Cooperatively with ICE’

The Atlantic Explains Why Sarah Jeong’s Brand of ‘White-Bashing’ Is on the Rise

NYT: New Hire Sarah Jeong ‘Regrets’ Professing Hate for ‘Dumbass F*cking White People’

The New York Times hands Trump a win by protecting Sarah Jeong's bigotry

Candace Owens: ‘Leftist Media Is Inciting Violence and Hate’

Hall of Famer Jim Brown says he'd 'never kneel' during anthem, 'will always respect the flag'

'Proud of Him for Putting God First': Championship Coach Bowden Defends HS Coach Fired Over Prayer

Trump Donates His $400,000 Salary to Repair Military Cemeteries

DHS: Illegal Alien Smuggled ‘Daughter’ into U.S. and Raped Her

Trump’s new short-term health insurance rule is a major victory for young people and working families

Israel/Palestinian War

Hamas Hints At Agreement With Israel

UN, Fatah/Palestinians, Egypt Talk Peace in Cairo

Brace Yourselves: The Next Israeli Election Is Now Underway

Knesset Debates Nation-State Law: Stop Dividing Us!

Israeli Arabs petition High Court against nation-state law

Amb. Dannon Blasts Official Who Suggested Israel Be Suspended From United Nations

Israel’s UN envoy: Appointment of new UNIFIL head is an opportunity to push back Hezbollah

Israel sees Syrian army growing beyond pre-civil war size

Israeli Air Force names first female flight squadron commander

Israeli Chomsky calls Russian interference in US elections a joke: Israeli intervention in US elections“vastly overwhelms anything the Russians may have done”

Iranian Navy Conducts Snap Drills In Strait of Hormuz

US will not prevent Iran oil exports, Iranian FM warns

Iranian lawmakers oust minister in victory for hard-liners

US braces for possible cyberattacks after Iran sanctions

Economic Pressure on Iran Hits Hezbollah Hard

Judicial Watch Sues for Russia Collusion FISA Documents

GOP Lawmakers Renew Focus On Bruce Ohr, DOJ Official Whose Wife Worked For 'Fusion GPS'


Saudi Arabia to dump Canadian assets ‘no matter the cost’ as diplomatic rift spirals

BIRTH PANGS? What Is Causing These Record Heatwaves, Massive “Firenadoes”, Giant Dust Storms And Large Earthquakes?

As Illinois Celebrates ‘Barack Obama Day,’ 73 Wounded In Chicago Gun Violence




August 7, 2018

Key News

Dem. Senator Feinstein Somehow Unaware of Chinese Spy In Her Own Office

Facebook Asking Banks: Hey, let us see your customers’ bank statements and card transactions, ok?

Centrist, Far-Left Pundits Warn: InfoWars Purge Sets Precedent to Silence Marginalized Communities

Claim: CNN’s Brian Stelter Mocks Alex Jones Following Big Tech Censorship Blitz

Trump faces big test as voters head to polls in Ohio, Michigan, and Kansas

On Iran, Trump's hard-headedness is smart

Senator Graham: ‘I Am’ Advocating Regime Change in Iran, Regime ‘Will Collapse’ with US Support

TRUMP’S PLAN TO CHANGE THE WORLD: Change Islamic teachings

Bolton: North Korea Hasn’t ‘Taken Effective Steps’ to Denuclearize

West Hollywood City Council Unanimously Votes to Remove Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star

Bloomberg: Gun Industry ‘Sitting Out the Fight’ over 3D Guns

July Refugee Admissions Put U.S. on Pace for Record Low this Year


CNN's Own Legal Analysit Shatters Panel's Collusion Narrative

Israel/Palestinian War


Arson Kite Sets Fire to Samaria Winery

IDF Responds to Hamas Sniper Attack






August 7, 2018

Key News

Trump Slams Hillary, Dems on '100%' Russian Collusion

Suspect accused of threatening House GOP leaders had ammo, gun receipts

Trump's Approval Rating Improves; Democrats Won't Like One Big Reason Why: Economy

Trump: 'Better numbers than Obama at this point' means no 'Blue Wave' in 2018

President Trump to declassify the June 2017 Carter Page FISA renewal this month: Signed by Rod Rosenstein

‘WAR ZONE’: Dozens of Family Members Gather Outside Chicago Hospital as 59 Were Shot, 8 Killed Since Friday

NETHERLANDS: Elderly Woman Forcibly Euthanized: "The doctor ordered her own family to physically hold her down"


Democrats Perez, Pelosi Slam Trump’s Economic Policies Despite July Jobs Report Showing Continued Growth

Leftist Mob Screams At, Throws Drink On TPUSA's Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens: Owens is attacked even though she is black

Venezuela Crisis

Venezuela's Maduro: Drone attack was attempt to kill him

Maduro calls on Trump to ‘fight’ suspects behind alleged assassination attempt

Venezuela detains 6 in failed drone attack aimed at Maduro

Venezuela to relax currency controls amid economic crisis

Once oil wealthy, Venezuela's largest state struggles to keep the lights on

Venezuelan inflation predicted to hit 1 million percent this year

South Africa's Plunge Into Chaos and Destruction

ANC shocks Twitter by calling all white people ‘murderers’: South Africa

White South Africans Are Being Slaughtered and the Media Ignores It

Taking the land: ANC grasps South Africa's most emotional issue

South Africa faces power cuts as Eskom units down

How To Profit From The Inevitable Descent Of South Africa

Oil market braces for ‘a major supply shock’ — and it could propel crude prices skywards

Winning: American Small Businesses Hiring Workers Hits 12-Year High

New Arizona Law Moves State One Step Closer to Recognizing Gold and Silver as Money

Dem. sen. Feinstein's Personal Driver Of 20 Years Was A Chinese Spy All Along

Melania Trump issues statement in support of LeBron James after president insults him

National Security Adviser Bolton Refutes Media Claims Of ‘Disconnect’ With President

Saudi Arabia Suspends Diplomatic, Trade Ties With Canada Over "Blatant Interference"

Maxine Waters accused of charging Dem allies big bucks for endorsements, channeling cash to daughter

Israel/Palestinian War

"Peace and Safety" News

White House team prepares to launch Mideast peace plan


Hamas Expected To Agree To Five-Year Ceasefire With Israel

US Senate Approves $38 Billion Israel Security Assistance Package

IDF Nears Completion of ‘Impenetrable’ Sea Barrier Against Hamas In Gaza Strip

Gaza truce talks focus on easing blockade in return for calm

'We won't pay in blood so that Abbas can return to Gaza': Likud MK Vows

PM Netanyahu: Nation-state Law Necessary to Ensure Israel’s Jewish Future

Former PM Ehud Barak: Time to 'go to war' over Nationality Law

Syrian report claims Mossad behind fatal hit on weapons expert

Syrian scientist killing is a message for Assad and Iran

Israeli Consul in NY ascends Temple Mount: With his family

Police arrest female terrorist

British Labor Leader Corbyn apologizes for Labour anti-Semitism

US sanctions on Iran begin: Liberman says Trump will be remembered for generations

Israel welcomes new US sanctions on Iran as 'major milestone'

Analysis: Iran Reaches Crisis Point As U.S. Sanctions Return

Protests in Iran Hit Boiling Point, Amplifying Calls for Regime Change




August 4-5, 2018

Key News

NETHERLANDS: Elderly Woman Forcibly Euthanized: "The doctor ordered her own family to physically hold her down"


Trump: “Fake News” Media Is the Enemy, Not Media

Judicial Watch Tom Fitton: ‘Mueller’s Job is Over’

CNN: The Most Hated Name in Fake News -- CNN is a subversive organization, and their goal is to overthrow our duly elected President

Let’s Talk About Enemies Of The People While Steve Scalise’s Life Is Threatened Again

NRA Claims It Could Face Financial Ruin Because of Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Blacklisting Campaign’

July 2018 Saw Second Highest Number of Gun Purchase Background Checks Ever

BOOM! Trump Approval at 50% — 5 POINTS HIGHER THAN OBAMA at Same Point in His Presidency

Trump Reverses China’s ZTE Tariff: Details Still Murky, But Motivation Is Clear

Trump just called out Dianne Feinstein's spygate: Chinese spy worked for her for 20 years!

Iran Protest Continue In Multiple Cities For 4th Consecutive Day

Obama’s Worst Nightmare Is Coming True: Regime Change In Iran

China's Military To Help Assad Retake Rest Of Syrian Territory, Ambassador Suggests

The FBI releases communication between them and Christopher Steele, but there's only one problem: It is 100% Redacted!

Israel/Palestinian War

"Peace and Safety" News

White House team prepares to launch Mideast peace plan

Hamas Expected To Agree To Five-Year Ceasefire With Israel

MIA's family furious over understandings / truce with Hamas

WATCH: Israel Consistently Offers Peace, Palestinians Consistently Reject It

ACT NOW! Urge Your Senator to Sanction Hamas for Using Human Shields

Russia says UN peacekeepers to return to Syrian-Israeli border

Kfir Brigade: Fighting terror, protecting the home front

Gazans infiltrate into Israel: Hurl firebombs and an explosive device

Israel's Credit Rating Upgraded: With a stable outlook

Anti-Semitic Jeremy Corbyn could become the next British PM

Majority of Israelis support nation-state law, new poll

Netanyahu to appease Druze with ‘special standing’ law

Researchers falsely frame Trump supporters as racists: "Basically everyone in these institutions hates the president and are willing—eager even—to believe the worst about his supporters"

Left-Wing Rage Mob Comes After Andrew Sullivan After He Suggests Anti-White Racism Is Still Racism

Moral Collapse Caused The California STD Crisis, Not Public Health Funding

Limbaugh Has Some Fun With The 'Ignorant Incoherence' Of Ocasio-Cortez

CRTV Has Some Fun With Liberal Outrage Over Satirical Ocasio-Cortez Interview

Woman Writes About How She Wishes She Had Aborted Her Down Syndrome Son...Who Is Still Alive


August 3, 2018

Breaking News

CNN: The Most Hated Name in Fake News -- CNN is a subversive organization, and their goal is to overthrow our duly elected President

Let’s Talk About Enemies Of The People While Steve Scalise’s Life Is Threatened Again

The Media’s Full-Throated Defense Of NYT’s Hiring An Anti-White Bigot

Media Blackout on Conservative Voices now in Effect for Midterms

President Trump Urges the Senate to Pass Work Requirements for Food Stamps

How The (Comey) FBI Let A Chinese Spy Skate To Protect This Powerful Democrat

Trump's Smaller Government: Government Jobs Down 13,000 in July

Judicial Watch Tom Fitton: ‘Mueller’s Job is Over’

Key News

Democrat Sen. Mark Warner Strays from Dem Talking Point, Says Foreign Interference Didn’t Favor Any Party: No Collusion!?

The Clinton campaign sought dirt on Trump from Russian officials -- Where's the outrage?

BOOM! Trump Approval at 50% — 5 POINTS HIGHER THAN OBAMA at Same Point in His Presidency

Trump smashes world leaders’ approval ratings

Democratic socialist writer levels with voters: We want to ‘end capitalism’

U.S. senators introduce Russia sanctions 'bill from hell'

Trump Executive Order On Sanctuary Cities Ruled Unconstitutional By Fed Court

U.S. Was Right to Give China’s Navy the Boot

‘Leave immediately or you will pay’ – China is warning foreign ships that get close to its island fortresses, but the US Navy isn’t changing a thing

Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity Agree with Threat to Shutdown the Government: Desire to force a shutdown fight with Democrats before the election

"They are enclosed (trapped) in their own prosperity" ... (Psalm 17:10)

WHOA! Black pastor says POTUS Trump ‘is most PRO-black president’ ever!

Black pastors see Trump bringing 'new hope' -- but still need to convince their flocks

Hispanic unemployment again hits new record low in July

TRUMP MIRACLE: Manufacturing added 37,000 jobs, Over the past 12 months, manufacturing has added 327,000 jobs

Payrolls rise 157,000, missing expectations, but overall picture still strong

Fed leaves rates unchanged but upgrades view of the US economy to 'strong'

Rising Jobs Tide Helps Disabled

Trump’s ‘Hire American’ Economy Secures Record Low Unemployment for High School Dropouts

End the White House Press Briefing Now

In silly San Francisco disease-ridden needles are A-OK but a plastic cocktail stirrer will soon be illegal

Trump kills Obama's unhelpful emissions regulation

Republican candidate, WWE wrestler Kane, elected to mayor in Tennessee

Bill Lee wins GOP nod in Tennessee, in race where all embraced Trump

Anti-Trump vandalism sweeps country: Yacht, Hollywood star latest targets

Hollywood Unhinged: ‘The GOP Has Become a Party of Traitors’

Police: NY Man Left Voicemail Threatening Rep. Steve Scalise’s Children

Woods, O’Reilly Give Perfect Responses to Acosta’s ‘Enemy of the People’ Rant

Israel/Palestinian War

US postpones rollout of Mideast 'deal of the century'

ISIS is alive and kicking on the Golan

IAF Kills 7 ISIS Terrorists Crossing Border Into Golan Heights

Syria claims Israel hit 3 Iranian targets on its soil

The Jews deserve justice, too: Nation-state law is all about the Jews' rights

IDF evacuates Israeli-run humanitarian clinic in Syria

Israel-Hamas truce efforts shift into high gear with Egypt mediation

Terrorist cutie out of jail, back in business

Seeing the Holy Land Through Einstein's Eyes

Governor Huckabee: “I May Buy a House in Efrat”

Trump’s Offer to Talk to Iran Was Shrewd Move in Complicated Showdown

Playing Chicken: US and Iran locked in stalemate

Israeli PM: Israel will help open the narrow Bab al-Mandab Strait if Iran closes it

Germany's Central Bank Imposes Rule To Stop Cash Delivery To Tehran

NYT: Sure We Hired A Racist But White Men Made Her That Way


August 2, 2018

Key News

NY Democrat Escalates ‘Abolish ICE!’ Now Wants to ‘Prosecute ICE!’

Mueller prosecutors rebuked repeatedly by trial judge with a history of colorful rulings

Jim Jordan just gave the GOP base the rallying cry it so desperately needs

Highlights from the $717 billion defense policy bill, now headed to Trump for his signature

'Trump 2020' re-election banner unfurled at Yankees game

Trump administration sanctions Turkish officials over detained American pastor

India: Lawyer argues that female genital mutilation “is an essential aspect of Islam”

Soaring Consumer Spending Drives GDP to 4.1% in Q2

Name Calling Continues

Politico’s Marc Caputo Mocks Trump Rally Attendees: Calling Them Toothless ‘Garbage People’

CNN’s Acosta Attacks Fox News’ Hannity: ‘Propagandist for Profit’, ‘Lies Every Night’

Acosta on Facing ‘CNN Sucks’ Chant at Trump Rally: ‘It Felt Like We Weren’t in America Anymore’

Oregon candidate slammed for vulgar tweet on Melania Trump: Calling her a prostitute!

FAKE NEWS Photographer Admits: ‘We Lost Control Of The Narrative’: Cristina Mittermeier, National Geographic

Trump supporters pelted by eggs & punches: Now can sue San Jose cops after attack, court says

U.S. Welcomes Korean War Fallen Home: They Were On President’s Heart During Singapore Meeting with N. K. Leader

Trump thanks Kim Jong Un for 'nice letter,' and for returning US war remains

Judge in Manafort case chides prosecutors for focus on 'lavish lifestyle'

Judge Napolitano Bombshell: Manafort Exonerated Of Same Charges Eight Years Ago!

Dershowitz's take on Kavanaugh confirmation, Mueller probe

Syria Controls Entire Border With Israel

Iran Continues to Push Buttons With MASSIVE War Game Planned

IAF Strikes 7 ISIS Militants Only 200 Meters from Golan Heights Border

PM Netanyahu Cancels Columbia Trip Due Tol 'Situation In The South"

Defense Minister Avigdo Liberman Vows: Israel To Defend Security Interests On All Fronts


August 1, 2018

Key News

Burning Man: Artistic Festival or Devil Worship?

Two Koreas Hold Military Talks as US Detects Missile Activity in North Korea

Chinese Media: U.S. Marines in Taiwan Would Be ‘Invasion of Chinese Soil’

Iran Explodes In Protest Over Economic Conditions

Russia Wants To Divide Us…Only The Left Is Helping Them…Who Is Colluding?

Stable Genius? Sorry Democrats, But This Is How China Views Trump’s Foreign Policy

Trump supporters bail from Facebook, Twitter

Democrats’ Impeachment Army: $110 Million, 1000 Staff, 2000 Volunteers

Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings Soar, Despite The Democrats


Manhattan DA announces he won't prosecute public pot smoking; calls for full legalization

DOJ forms Religious Liberty Task Force to protect Freedom of Religion

Iran’s Rial Nearing Collapse Ahead of Renewed Sanctions

Trump’s ‘Mother Of All Sanctions’ Puts Iran In Strangle Hold

‘Iranians Will Never Allow Their Authorities to Negotiate with the Great Satan’: Commander

US assures Israel: Iran policy unaffected by Trump’s negotiation offer to Tehran

Russian envoy claims Iran will pull back forces 85 kilometers from Israeli-Syrian border

Israel Working to Prevent Massacre of Syrians on its Border

WATCH: Iran’s Malicious Plans for Israel

Brett Kavanaugh just had his most important meeting yet for the Supreme Court

Trump extends short-term plans offered as a way out of Obamacare

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants Carbon Tax, Trillions in Spending for ‘Renewable Energy Economy’

Trump Reverses China’s ZTE Tariff: Attributed to a personal phone call to Mr. Trump from Chinese President Xi

South Africa to amend constitution to allow land expropriation without compensation

Israel/Palestinian War

Syria Controls Entire Border With Israel

Iran Continues to Push Buttons With MASSIVE War Game Planned

Majority of Israelis support nation-state law, new poll reveals

Opinion: What makes this nation-state different from other nation-states?

The Secret Reason Arabs Reject the Jewish Nation-State Law

IDF Warns Gazans: Hamas is Using You

Palestinian Authority blasts US ambassador for condolence visit to Israeli terror victim’s widow

Canadian postal workers align with pro-terrorism Palestinian union

10 fires caused by incendiary kites, balloons Tuesday

US Ambassador meets US firefighters in Sderot, helping Israeli firefighters battle Palestinian fires

Trump warns UN for hypocrisy on PLO, Hamas and Israel

Majority of Democrats: Illegal Aliens Should be Given the Right to Vote

Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order, Halts Cody Wilson’s Publication of 3-D Gun Files

VP Pence: ‘Russia Meddled in Our 2016 Elections’ – ‘Affront to Our Democracy’

Pence Cybersecurity Promise: U.S. ‘Will Not Tolerate’ Foreign Interference in Elections

FNC’s Baier on CNN Reporter Blocked from Event: ‘Fox Stands Firmly with CNN’ on issue of access

California's Senator Smackdown Gets November Nod in California: Illegal votes will be crucial

Air Force Brings AI to Major Air-Warfare Combat Platforms - B-2, F-35 & F-15

John Kelly Agrees To Remain As Chief Of Staff Until 2020 At Trump's Request

Dimon says he's not worried about tech stock swoon because economy looks 'quite strong'

Congressional candidate calls Melania Trump a ‘hoebag,’ says she ‘works by the hour’: Implies she is a prostitute!



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