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Minnesota high court declares Franken the Senate winner: Democrats now have a filibuster-proof majority

Reversing Bush, Obama allows California's greenhouse gas rules to take effect

Obama Unveils Consumer Protection Agency Legislation

Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Interim leader says Honduras saved from Chavez

Coup in Honduras is illegal: Obama

Chicagoans join gay activists in tough White House meeting with Obama

Iran Dismisses Vote-Fraud Claims: Certified Ahmadinejad as winner

Obama faces a Persian rebuff

Cybercrime spreads on Facebook: Not safe haven

Ethiopian Orthodox Church speaks out on Ark of the Covenant


Iraq War Not Over Yet!

American Troops Leave Iraqi Cities: Iraq steps into precarious but sovereign unknown

Iraqis rejoice as U.S. troops leave Baghdad

The training wheels are off

Two car bombs wound 13 people in Baghdad

Iraq PM heads crisis cell meeting

Iraq historic oil and gas auction off to shaky start


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Stock futures point to a higher start

World stocks eye best quarterly gain

Oil jumps above $73 on dollar fall, Nigeria attack

GM learns from Chrysler bankruptcy

Fiat still likes General Motors Europe

Chrysler's PT keeps cruising

No comfort in Madoff sentencing: Victims now struggle to recoup losses

Swat Valley operation likely to end in few days: Pakistan army

In U.S. scandals, wives don't stand by their men

Israeli - Palestinian War

Jerusalem Needs Peace: Ultra-Orthodox Jerusalemite urges capital’s residents to come up with compromise

French President Sarkozy Tells PM Netanyahu: Get Rid of FM Lieberman

Why does Iran hate us?

Abbas meets Hamas leaders in West Bank: Unity Talks

Progress reported in Unity Talks

'Palestinian support for Hamas waning'

Israel moves forward with settlement construction

U.S. Settlement freeze demand is extortion

PA, Jordan Demand Total Settlement Freeze

Human Rights Watch accuses Israel over Gaza drones

Red Cross: Gaza humanitarian situation worsening in blockade

Netanyahu, Livni 'discuss security issues'

Attacks against Obama over Iran Policy: 'Good for Judea and Samaria'

Richard Dawkins sets up kids’ camp to groom atheists

Making a monkey out of Darwin

See how government 'fixed' hazards of infectious waste: Public exposed as contagious medical trash routinely trucked across America's highways

Obama secrecy could prevent recognition of his birthplace: Most presidents' homes provided federal designation



June 29, 2009


Oil jumps above $71 on Nigerian platform attack

Iran's Guardian Council validates Ahmadinejad's election victory

Honduras: US-Trained Coup Leader?

Latin America Calls Summit in Bid to Restore Zelaya

U.S. Stocks Rise, S&P 500 Extends Best Quarterly Gain Since ’98

Why Baghdad Can Never Be Secured

America`s ``Bases of Empire``: Troops and Bases Around The World

Military Coup In Honduras: Leftist President ousted

Chavez threatens military action over Honduras coup

US withdraws from Iraqi cities despite violence

Partial recount of votes begins in Iran

Gay Pride Parade sizzles hot in San Francisco

Kentucky pastor welcomes guns, their owners to church

Israeli - Palestinian War

"Jeremiah to today's Israel: No 2-state solution!" by Bill Salus, "Isralestine" Book

US Professors Warn: Support for Israel eroded

Final preparations before Barak-Mitchell meeting

Mossad deputy head resigns from post

Israel approves construction of 50 new housing units in the Adam settlement

Little hope for progress as Hamas, Fatah enter latest round of talks

Kadima Party May Join Netanyahu's Government

Israel ‘Fed Up' with US Declarations against Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria

Syrian group threatens 'force' against Israel: Warns it may move to capture strategic Golan Heights

Rabbi Riskin Explains 'Resurrection' Remarks: Orthodox Rabbi explains his overly-friendly Christian remarks

Missionaries Sneak Into Israel

Hark! Where's the Bible Ark? Ethiopia's Orthodox patriarch cops out on revealing plan for public viewing

Systems in Israel’s F-15 Jets Upgraded for Long Distance Attacks

World Bank predicts tough year for Arab states

Poland gets openly gay rabbi

Iran's Ahmadinejad Rejects Obama’s Rhetoric, Warns of Crushing Response

Iran: Requiem for a Revolution

US has intelligence agents working inside Iran

Iran's streets are lost, but hope returns

Miscalculations abound in Iran


Focus On President Obama

The Confused Barack Obama

Obama creates deadly power vacuum

Wrong venue for Obama's Muslim speech

All Obama, all the time: The president is getting overexposed

Obama speech inspires mass Quran distribution in America

Assisted Suicide: How will Washington live with it?

Life After Torture And Torment

China's grip tightens on 'green' metals

'Kenyan birth certificate' remains eBay mystery: Investigator who traveled to Africa 'skeptical' document is real deal

Judge: Eligibility dispute is 'serious'


Iraq War Not Over Yet!

22 Iraqis reported dead in Saturday Baghdad bomb blast

Iraq debates worsening security

Life after U.S. pullout brings worries for Iraqis

Long way ahead for Iraq to peace after U.S. troops pullout

U.S. Seeks New Roles as Troops Prepare Exit From Iraqi Cities

Iraqi troops ready to secure major cities: Top U.S. general

Iraq to open up oil fields for first time in four decades

Gunbattle rages in Afghan police HQ

'US drone' hits Pakistan funeral

12 Pakistani security men killed in tribal area ambush





House narrowly approves energy bill to address climate change

US passes million swine flu cases: 127 died

Leading demonstrators must be executed: Ayatollah Khatami demands

Iraqi prime minister calls for unity: Worried about deteriorating security

For sale on eBay: Obama's 'Kenyan birth certificate'

U.S. Economy: Consumer Spending Rises, Incomes Gain

G8 countries condemn North Korea's missile tests

Apple CEO Proves Money Isn’t Everything, But it Helps Get An Organ Transplant

Iran - Ancient Persia

Struggle in Iran: Flash in the Pan?

High Ranking Iranian Cleric: Protesters Should Be Executed

Obama ratchets up the Iran rhetoric

Ahmadinejad: Obama siding with Iranian protesters - a mistake

Iran's crackdown complicates Obama's push for direct talks

Amnesty Says Dozens of Journalists in Jail in Iran

Iran bans Mousavi ally from leaving the country

Riot police attack demonstrators with tear gas in Tehran

U.S. denied Iran official a visa for U.N. meeting

China makes a choice in Iran: China chooses status quo

Forget About Iran, Canada a Bigger Risk to Oil Market

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Confidence among U.S. consumers rose this month for a fourth straight time

GM picks Michigan for new small car plant: Will save 1,400 jobs

Silicon Valley Hotshot Turns Prius Into High-Tech Batmobile

Stocks end mixed as savings rate jumps

Don’t Leave the Office! July Could Be An Up Month

JPMorgan's investment banking gaining on Goldman Sachs

Madoff stripped of everything in $171B forfeiture order: Prosecutor seeking 150-year sentence

Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Global Warming Consensus Gone Up in Flames

Obama implores Senate to pass climate bill

A big chill in global-warming bill

Obama: Energy bill affirms U.S. commitment to fighting global warming

'Global warming' is propaganda: Cap and trade is a tax increase

Maryland congressmen break along party lines on cap-and-trade

A common-sense ruling on strip searches

E-mails can jeopardize your job: Mark Sanford scandal demonstrates


Michael Jackson: Controlled By Satan?

Current News

Jackson foresaw demise years ago: Lisa Marie Presley

Michael Jackson: the wounds, the broken heart

Michael Jackson's life was infused with fantasy and tragedy

Man in the Mirror: The many faces of Michael

Michael Jackson Remembered for Appeal to All Races, Cultures

Revelations On "They Sold Their Souls For Rock-n-Roll" DVD

· Heard voices: Says spirits “communicate” with him and give him lyrics and music

· Had his own “secret room” where he said the spirit world contacts him

· Modeled his “secret room” after Aleister Crowley’s room of satanic rituals

· Said spirits “energize” him onstage, “magically” causing him to lose control

· Involved himself with satanic “masters” resulting in demonic manifestation

WATCH Jackson’s bubble gum image transform into purely sinister performances.

WATCH as he leads very young audiences into acceptance of extreme violence, blatant sexual perversion and the demonic world of the occult.

Michael Jackson thus joins a very long list of famous performers who really did sell their souls to Satan in exchange for worldwide fame and wealth

Dynamic Trailer

Israeli - Palestinian War

"Jeremiah to today's Israel: No 2-state solution!" by Bill Salus, "Isralestine" Book

Blair sees Middle East deal if Israel acts

US hopes to start Mideast talks soon

Mofaz Pushes Unity Government: If Israel would start serious dialogue with Palestinians

Quartet Calls on Israel to Freeze Settlement Activity

'US, J'lem had agreement on settlements'

Palestinians want Israel to build settlements

Abbas' Fatah Brags About Anti-Israel Terror

Report: Schalit release imminent

Security and Defense: Safeguarding the skies - IDF Gearing up to protect against modern Russian air defense systems

Staged Nuclear Crisis In Korea

N. Korea Warns: We'll intercept Japanese surveillance jets entering our airspace and shoot them down

Pentagon Dismisses as ‘Silliness’ North Korea’s Threat to Wipe Out U.S.

U.S. sees multinational approach to North Korea ship

UN snub: Two regimes in a tub - What's on that North Korean freighter?

New North Korea Sanctions Team Formed

China Trade Helps Shield N. Korea

Gas to replace oil as Yemen’s moneybag

Pentagon 'rewrites' Afghan airstrike atrocity: To cover up civilian deaths

Atheists stage festival for anti-religion films

June 26, 2009


NKorea Vows 'Nuclear Fire Shower' If Provoked by US

China Reiterates Call for New World Reserve Currency

Obama Task force to help rebuild auto cities

Gay parade doesn't bother God: Jewish author

Swine Flu Dominates in U.S. Where 98% Test Positive

Top Iranian legislative body declares election fair

Wave of Bombings Continues in Iraq

Obama pleads with Congress to pass historic climate change bill

Crude oil futures for August delivery climbed 2.3 percent after militants attacked a Royal Dutch Shell Plc pipeline supplying an export terminal in Nigeria

Iran - Ancient Persia

Two weeks after: Iran rallies fade, elite split

The Revolution Fizzles

G-8 Ministers Condemn Iranian Crackdown, Back Nuclear Talks

Senior Iranian cleric: harsh punishment for riot leaders

Mousavi 'being pushed' to drop election protest

Obama sticks to cautious approach despite Iran upheaval

'Outraged' Brown and Obama condemn Iran

Ahmadinejad Outraged by Obama’s Recent Statement on Iran

Doctor flees Iran over "Neda" killing

Israel's FM Lieberman slams Obama's Iran policy

IDF Chief: Ahmadinejad victory means IDF must stay vigilant

Fascist Global Economy Forming

GM picks Orion Township plant for small car: Saving 1,200 jobs

Judge gives GM final OK to bankruptcy financing

Task force to help rebuild auto cities

Bernanke Grilling May Weaken Case for Fed as Risk Regulator

Bernanke, a Machiavellian Schemer?

Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

Obama's climate change bill will change the face of US industry

Obama's climate envoy rejects calls for 40% cut in US emissions

Climate change: the world looks to Washington

US eases pressure on China

Carbon targets 'dangerously optimistic': Leading British climate scientist


Iraq War Not Over Yet!

Iraq: Forgotten And In Trouble

Iraq in a stepping stone towards sovereignty

US Army in back seat as Iraqi forces take over

US discounts Iraq withdrawal risk despite attacks

Top US lawmaker: Iraq pullout 'on track'

Shi'ite PM Maliki Casting US Withdrawal As "Great Victory"

Motorcycle bomb kills 11 in Baghdad market

Sadr City Market Explosion Kills Over 70


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas Leader Mashaal praises Obama's 'new approach'

Mashaal: Hamas Ready for Peace, but not with Jewish State

Is Israel Negotiating with US or with PA?

'Hizbullah bigger threat than al-Qaida'

G8 calls for Israeli settlement freeze

US welcomes easing of restrictions in West Bank

Abbas' Fatah Brags About Anti-Israel Terror

Holy Ark of the Covenant Announcement Due on Friday


June 25, 2009


Attacks intensify in Iraq as U.S. nears combat troop exit

US Stocks In Broad Rally, Led By Consumer Issues

Stocks jump, led by homebuilders, retailers

Fed scales back emergency lending programs

GM Gets Bankruptcy Court Approval

Health-Care Bill Cost May Fall Below $1Tln

Strip search of teen was unconstitutional: Supreme Court

Calls Begin in S.C. for Embattled Governor's Resignation

Baghdad bombing kills at least 78, injures 145

N. Korea to 'wipe out' US from 'globe'?

Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs: ‘We need an international order’

Saudi royals funded 9/11: Lawyers for 9/11 victims

Fed holds policy steady, less worried on deflation

Don't Get Too Bearish: "Things Not as Bad as the Media Suggests"

Obama promotes climate-change bill in face of conflicting figures

S.C. Governor Mark Sanford

Sanford and Sins: Transcript of News Conference

Gov. Sanford disclosure deepens Republican turmoil

Why The Sanford Affair Matters

Sex scandals surround GOP politicians: Waves of scandals that continue to haunt the Republican Party

'I remain willing to welcome him back . . . in time': Mrs. Sanford

Sanford returns as another cheating politician

Sanford is a security risk

Some S.C. politicians say Sanford should resign

'Stunning news' brings calls for prayers: Resignation or impeachment talk premature

Iran - Ancient Persia

70 Academics 'Disappear' in Iran Crackdown on Dissidents

'Rafsanjani, Mousavi vow support to end unrest'

Iran supreme leader's son seen as power broker with big ambitions

Ahmadinejad compares Obama to Bush

The global Muslim theocracy movement is worried

Reasons behind Iran's absence in G8 meeting

Iran seen as China's top crude supplier in May


Iraq War Not Over Yet!

Bomb blast kills 5 policemen in Iraq

Two killed in Baghdad bus station bombing

Police officer killed, 7 people injured in Baghdad violence

US behind recent blasts in Iraq, says Sadr

The U.S. military draw down in Iraq

White House: Obama sticks to plan of troops withdrawal from Iraq

In Lebanon, Berri re-elected parliament speaker: Seen as pro-West

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama says no new stimulus package needed yet

Fed "Light-Years" From a Rate Hike, But Slightly Upgrades View on Economy

Oil falls near $69 amid mixed crude demand signs

Memo to Tom Friedman, Others: We've Broken Our "Addiction" to Oil

Europe stocks slip after Fed's cautious comments

Toyota president says product lineup under review

Feds loan Ford $5.9B to build greener cars

Too early for Ford to celebrate success

Bill Ford defends family's control of company and global strategy

Some Chrysler Dealers See Lending For Car Inventories Cut Off by GMAC

Bernanke to face hostile questioning on BofA deal

U.S., Venezuela to reinstate expelled ambassadors

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF to radically reduce army presence in 4 West Bank cities

Netanyahu Seeking Settlements Compromise

Rattling the Cage: The fierce urgency of a settlement freeze

Analysis: Obama's settlement focus handcuffing negotiations

Moscow: All parties agree to ME parley

Tight security ahead of J'lem gay parade

PA Citizens Fear Hamas Coup in Judea and Samaria

North Korea warns of 'fire shower of nuclear' attack upon South Korea

UN expands sanctions against N. Korea

GOP to press Sotomayor on gun rights

Private Clubs That Aren't Private Under the Law: Sotomayor parted ways with her all-women's social club after facing criticism about belonging to an organization that has no male members

White House gets its wish on Sotomayor hearings: Wants to expedite them


June 24, 2009


Obama sent letter to Iran supreme leader before election

California will have to begin issuing IOUs next week: Controller warns

Fear of swine flu aggressively mutating as NYC's death toll rises

First batch of swine flu vaccine for newly-declared pandemic

Will Iran be President Obama's Iraq?

Iran Uprising: Is Mousavi Becoming Irrelevant?

For President Obama, honeymoon is officially over

Gates Calls on Persian Gulf States to Help More in Iraq, Afghanistan

Gates Creates Cyber-Defense Command

ABC News: We're not in the tank for Obama

House Democrats strike deal on climate bill

Coup On-Going In Iran? Ancient Persia

Obama's call for change rings hollow in Iran

Forget Negotiations, President Obama, Seize the Moment - Newt Gingrich

A call for American boldness in Iran: CFR's Daniel Pipes

Iran's Khamenei may be a casualty in vote crisis

Civil war unlikely in Iran: Arab Viewpoint

Iranian Candidate Withdraws Election Complaints: Weakening case of opposition

Iran now cracks down on Mousavi as tensions with West mount

Iran Nuclear concerns weigh heavy on US

Guardian Council's election probe gets more time

Iran Says Election Stands, But Obama Questions Legitimacy

Britain expels Iranian diplomats in tit-for-tat row

Iranian Film Director says Ahmadinejad's Re-Election Was 'Coup d'Etat

Iran's Guardian Council readies timetable for Ahmadinejad inauguration amid protests

Is Barack Obama The President of the Swing States of America?

Most Americans Want Health Care Reform, But Worry About Costs and Quality of Care

Barna Religious Study: Gays not "godless" "Christian bashers"

US, Kyrgyzstan Reach Deal on Continued Use of Manas Air Base - Can use base only for non-military supply transit


Iraq War News

Pentagon Chief Handles Iraq’s Government With Care

Continuing attacks claim 30 lives in Iraq

Families call for remaining Iraq hostages to be freed

Britain should press US over hostages: Senior Iraqi official

Russia set to hold Middle East peace summit this year

N Korea likely to fire short-range missiles off its east coast


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu Reveals: Jerusalem, US working on settlement deal

Obama's Envoy Mitchell calls off meeting with Netanyahu

Obama’s Plans for PA State Stuck in Neutral

Italy Backs Demilitarized Palestinian State

Minister's Temple Mt. visit irks Arabs

Who will win? Will PM Netanyahu’s diplomatic concessions overcome settlers?

Hamas' PLC speaker released from jail

Nixon in 1973: Jews may have a death wish

Is Iran's Mousavi Worse for Israel? Israeli Experts are Divided - the danger he poses is harder to see

War, Armed Violence Takes Alarming Toll on Civilians Throughout World

Obama to reinstate US envoy to Syria


JUne 23, 2009


Obama: World 'Appalled' by Iran Violence

US supports street rallies in Iran

Iranian women stand up in defiance, flout rules

Iran sets date for Ahmadinejad to take oath of office

Southern Baptist Convention to praise Obama?

Home sales rise - while prices fall 17%

Ford, Nissan, Tesla's electric plans get $8B jolt in Federal Government loans


New Headline News Article

"Does The Mandatory HDTV Switchover + HAARP + GWEN Towers = Global Mind Control?"

Subtitle: This forced HDTV switchover may represent the final phase in planning for the appearance of Antichrist. Once you realize the enormity of the potential control over minds of people all over the planet, can the Rapture of the Church be God's answer to keep His people from the grasp of the Evil One? Part 1 of 2 --

Today's News

Is there a place for God’s Holy Mountain in Jerusalem?

President Obama: A 'Nod' from the craft and the altar of Zeus

Polar Bears are not dying out: Scientists say in new book on popular 'scare stories'

Evidence Revealed: (DU Rods and Sabots survived the inferno at Iraq's Camp Doha)

Supreme Court narrows but preserves Voting Rights Act

Obama signs tobacco law

Coup On-Going In Iran? Ancient Persia

Iran on collision course as election re-run ruled out

Iran Threatens to Crush Opposition as Voting Fraud Revealed

Iran at the Precipice of Now

What If Obama Was a Tough Guy? Editorial

Iran says courts will teach protesters a lesson

Video clip of student's last breath makes her martyr of Tehran

TIMELINE: Iranian election and aftermath

US Electoral Meddling ­ Soft Coups & Regime Changes

Iran: This is not a revolution

U.S. has no plan to rescind invitations to Iranian diplomatic for National Day celebrations

Iran starts airforce manoeuvres in Gulf

Fascist Global Economy Forming

U.S. credit rating a "solid triple-A": Moody's

Goldman Sachs to make record bonus payout

Policymakers caution on global economy

Obama wants new recovery council to help auto industry

Confidence slipping in Obama economy rescue: poll

Stock futures point to higher Wall Street open

Oil falls below $67: Demand seen as slow to revive

Toyota 'prince' takes wheel of automaker at a crossroads: Appointment seen as a 'return to basics' direction

Taliban defector killed in Pakistan: Former Taliban commander had recently defected to the government

Six killed, several others injured in US drone attack in South Waziristan

Pakistanis Flee Tribal Zone as Army Prepares Assault on Taliban

Pakistan's Taliban Offensive May Be Too Late

U.S. to limit airstrikes in Afghanistan to help reduce civilian deaths

Nepal Asks Lenders to Expand Branches as Maoist Hostility Ends


Iraq War News

Editorial: Exiting Iraq

At least 24 Iraqis killed, 78 wounded in multiple countrywide attacks

Spate of deadly attacks kill Iraqis just before U.S. troops pullout

Iraq Pullout: Some US soldiers likely to stay behind in Mosul

Baghdad suicide car bombing kills 4 policemen

Iraq reels from deadly bombings

Rescuers search Iraq blast site: Day after a lorry bomb near a mosque killed 75 people and wounded about 185

US sends dogs to search for bomb victims in Iraq

Laws Lag in Iraq, as Patience Wears Thin

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinian PM hopes for creation of statehood in two years

Why Iran's Ahmadinejad is preferred in Israel

US Insists: Settlement freeze must include Jerusalem

Netanyahu makes 1st Europe trip as PM

Israel rethinks UAV sale to Russia

Palestinian Authority to free hundreds of Hamas detainees

Arabs: Israeli Minister's Temple Mount visit a 'provocation'

MKs suggest 4 religious candidates for Supreme Court

South Korea's first mercy killing performed - Adult euthanasia on patient who wanted to "die with dignity"



June 22, 2009


One Federal Reserve to rule them all

North Korea threatens to harm US if attacked

What might happen with monitored North Korean ship?

Soros says worst of global crisis is "behind us"

Oil price fears following rebel attacks on Shell

Swine flu 'could infect up to half the population'

States Lining Up To Reject 'Real ID Act'

Leading Russian survives assassination attempt

Obama to sign anti-smoking bill in Rose Garden

Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials 1940-1979

SBC Urges Members to Combat U.S. Church Decline

US natural gas reserves surge 35 percent

Coup On-Going In Iran?

Israel's Peres voices hope for Iran government change

PM Netanyahu: Change in Iran could bring peaceful ties

Iran on the brink?

Wolfowitz: U.S. should reach out to Moussavi

West 'seeks Iran disintegration' : Foreign Ministry

Most Arabs won't miss Iran's ayatollahs if they fall

Calm in Tehran; Authorities Confirm Hundreds of Arrests

Defiant, Iran's Mousavi urges more protests

Iran probes into Tehran Saturday casualties

International Criticism of Iranian Government Actions Grows

Obama: Iran Must Stop 'Violent and Unjust Actions'

Turkey supports Iran's stability

Iran media: Council rejects claims of voting irregularities

Iran tensions add to global risk: ECB's Trichet

Rafsanjani daughter released: Iranian state TV

Iran assures oil production as usual


Iraq War News

Eight killed, 50 wounded in multiple Baghdad bomb attacks

Roadside bomb kills three in Baghdad

Iraq Papers Mon: Tragedy in Kirkuk

British PM Brown urges Iraq hostage takers to release Britons

Dogs Sent to Find Missing Iraqis

Bush-Blair secret memo set Iraq on fire

Bodies of two British hostages killed in Iraq identified

New Headline News Articles

Iraq War Not Over Yet: U.S. Still Headed For Planned Defeat

Iraq War Not Over Yet: Why Did Skull & Bones Bush Invade?

Afghan Rocket Attack Kills 2 US Troops

NATO Airstrikes Target Afghan Taliban

Pentagon Admits Some Responsibility in Afghan Incident: But No Disciplinary Action Planned

40,000 leave Waziristan before new Pakistan battle

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Soros says worst of global crisis is "behind us"

Siemens sees new orders from stimulus programs

Fed mulling revamp of repo market

Echo boomers a lifeline for embattled U.S. housing

Europe stocks down early; oils down

Budget magicians use sleight of hand to help close California's giant deficit

German Business Confidence Increased for Third Month

World Bank Cuts Forecast for Global Growth to 2.9%

Moody's downgrades three Ukrainian banks

Venezuela to discuss joint bank proposal with Russia

Influenza A/H1N1 epidemic escalating in Middle East

Philippines reports 1st swine flu-related death

Incidence of Swine Flu Still Rising in Israel


Israeli - Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu believes in peace between Iranians and Israelis

Israel's Barak optimistic on moves for Mid-East peace

PM: No foreign troops in PA territory

Seeing through Israel's delay tactics

Gaza's 2 years under Hamas: Order and Absurdity

Israeli Cabinet Ministers Receive "Outposts Map"

IAF simulates anti-aircraft missile fire

Obama doesn’t get it: US president seeking instant Mideast solutions that show his ignorance

Israel close to deal on captive IDF Gaza soldier

Restoring Israel's deterrence and the Mossad's prestige

J'lem haredi rabbis torn over Pride Parade protests

Billboard cartel says no to questioning Obama: On his eligibility

Obama's dinner joke: I sleep with Brian Williams

Democrats may go it alone on gov't insurance plan

Drenched in blood of slavery


June 20-21, 2009



Iran raises death toll in clashes to at least 20

Israeli president applauds Iran street protesters

Gunfire, euphoria: week that shook Iran

Top cleric Rafsanjani may be playing role in Iran unrest

Daughter of former Iranian president Rafsanjani arrested

Kissinger threatens Regime Change in Iran if coup fails

Netanyahu wants to rebuild Temple

Crude Oil, Gasoline Tumble

New York 'carbon counter' sign shows greenhouse gases in real time

CIA seeks laid-off bankers in N.Y. recruitment drive

Washington is Unable to Call All the Shots

Conservative Icon Backs Sotomayor: Kenneth Starr

Pentagon pulls description of protesters as 'terrorists'

Scientists: Obama's Global Warming document is 'scare' tactic

Kissinger threatens Regime Change in Iran if coup fails

There Will Be Revolution In Iran: But no change in policy as Ayotollah makes top decisions

Iran warns Mousavi opposition against staging street rally

Khamenei Warns Mousavi: Support regime or be cast out

Iran's supreme leader appeals for calm

Beijing cautions US over Iran

Great Britain's PM Brown: World watching Iran

White House: US still wants nuclear talks with Iran

Top 5 Most Sinister Corporate Logos


Iraq War Not Over Yet

Iraq suicide truck bomb near oil-rich Kirkuk kills 22

US set for Sadr City handover to Iraqi forces

Iraq calls US pullback from cities big victory

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,316

Stern warnings against protests

Iraq karate coach shot and killed by gunmen in northern city of Mosul

Iraq MP murder 'mastermind' held

Risk rises on Iraq oil deals after industry revolt


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Obama’s Insurance Proposal May Grab Power From States

House targets Fed in Bank of America investigation

Obama: New consumer protections 'essential'

Green Ink: Climate Blitz and Clean-Coal Push

'Cash-for-Clunkers' Bill Passes Senate in Bid To Revive Car Sales: Trade in gas-guzzler, you can get up to $4500

Understanding cash-for-clunkers voucher plan

'Cash For Clunkers' losers and winners

Cash-for-Clunkers: Senate Version Could Get Greener Later

Moody's warning on California debt stuns state officials

50 militants dead in Pakistan fighting

Somali appeal for foreign troops

North Korean Nuclear Confrontation Planned

North Korea 'preparing to launch missile towards Hawaii': Possibly on July 4

US military doubts North Korea can hit Hawaii

US moves missile-defense assets to meet NoKo threat on Hawaii

What's known about missile shield in Hawaii: Never been tested under combat conditions

US, regional powers may meet on NKorea next month

How to Handle a Tyrant: Obama’s outreach to illiberal regimes has backfired

Obama's First Church Was First Unitarian: Leftist anti-military church always involved in political activism - First tied to Ayers at age 11

CDC sees "something different" with new flu

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Blair: ME peace possible 'within a year'

Limiting a Palestinian state: Arab editorial

FM Lieberman: Israel and US agree on 19 of 20 topics

Egypt's Mubarak: Determine Palestine's borders

Settlement Affairs: Settling this, once and for all

Jordan Valley Regional Council Chairman Protests: IDF Checkpoint Removal 'Seriously Endangers Us'

What about the Palestinians? President Obama has been very persuasive, except for Palestinian front

Druze Battalion Commander: Hizbullah deterred

Foreign currency surplus hits $47.5B: Bank of Israel continues buying US currency in effort to keep dollar rates stable

Dearborn, Michigan, corrals Christians at weekend Arab fest: Judge won't let ministry deliver tracts on sidewalks

Washington Post columnist: Christians 'pernicious': Uses review of gardening book to deliver missionary dig

June 19, 2009


North Korea may fire missile at U.S. on Independence Day - US Boosts Missile Defense

Geithner: Federal Reserve best positioned for super regulator role

Kennedy Gives Up Hate Bill Trick - Hearing Will Be Held

Senior Democrat Says Obama's Czars Unconstitutional

Widespread Email Surveillance by NSA Concerns Congress

Fort Detrick's infectious disease laboratory inventory Uncovers 9,200 More Pathogens

Supreme Court rejects inmates' right to have DNA test to prove their innocence

Senate act urges slavery apology

Iran's Ayatollah backs election result

Senator Kerry Backs Obama's Careful Tone With Iran

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

For hard-liner Netanyahu, a bold, historic step forward

PM Netanyahu's welcome step forward

More Israelis see Obama as 'pro-Palestinian': poll

US rabbis laud PM's policy speech

The language that absolves Israel

Palestinian "Right of Return": The Trojan Horse of the 21st Century

7 mayors charged in Mexico drug cartel probe

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Stocks point higher as traders grow more upbeat

Consumers could get up to $4,500 toward new car

VW Moves In for Kill on Porsche

Leading economic indicators up more than expected

Financial, health care stocks lead market higher

Massive Govt. Spending Prevented a Depression

Roubini: New Regulations "Go in the Right Direction," But Not Far Enough

Mortgage rates fall back from 7-month high

Australian swine flu sufferer dies


June 18, 2009


Leading economic indicators up more than expected

Financial, health care stocks lead market higher

Massive Govt. Spending Prevented a Depression

Roubini: New Regulations "Go in the Right Direction," But Not Far Enough

Mortgage rates fall back from 7-month high

Somali Security Minister Killed in Suicide Attack

North Korea may fire missile toward Hawaii

Obama's Big Plans

Iran Braces for Another Day of Massive Protests Over Election

Suspected US missile strikes in Pakistan kill 8

Muslim Countries in Mideast, Africa Lead World in Human Traffic

U.N. protocol used to regulate British homeschoolers

Gay, lesbian federal workers cheer Obama's approval of some benefits

Gay activists not impressed with Obama's move

DOMA, the Obama briefing, gay marriage, hysterics - Gay viewpoint

Obama: More benefits for gay workers only one step

New Jersey Shore officials react to same-sex benefits memo

Schwarzenegger decides against defending Prop. 8 in federal court: His decision means no statewide official will be defending the anti-gay marriage measure

Guess who fired Miss California? Head of the 'Miss California USA pageant' is an open homosexual

Iran treads lightly in a culture of martyrs

Iran Govt: Death Penalty to Protest Organizers

Khatami, Mousavi appeal to Iran top judiciary

Iran: The internal balance of power

At least 1 protestor shot in Tehran massive rally against election result

US Rejects Iran Accusation of 'Meddling' in Internal Affairs

Aggressive timetable for healthcare reform hits snag

Wall Street isn't buying Obama's financial reform plan: Turning to friends in Congress

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Chrysler set to restart making cars

Democrats to push through banking overhaul quickly

SEC, Fed to work in concert

Eddie Bauer Plots Its Next Ascent: With Chapter 11 Filing, Retailers Hopes For Quick Sale

FedEx Offers Hope, but Results Look Grim

Stimulus Watch: Follow along as Obama counts jobs

Stock Market Setback "Necessary" But Sidelined Cash Should Put Floor Under Stocks: Chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab

Oil rises above $71 amid falling inventories

PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted that fly

Stay abreast of pandemic flu developments: Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. military teaches 'protesters' are 'low-level terrorists': Become 'dangerous citizen' by 'repeating the very phrases Founding Fathers used'

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Breaks Elbow: Will Get Surgery Next Week


Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

FM Lieberman tells Clinton: No settlement freeze

Working on Settlement "Understandings" With the U.S.

Israel Beiteinu Party divided over Netanyahu plan

Former US Envoy Indyk: Obama Can Make Mideast More Peaceful

MKs worried that security forces are ill-prepared to deal with removing children from illegal outposts

Palestinian informers given draconian sentences

More than 180 Cases of Swine Flu in Israel, Soldiers Infected

Murder Solved: Arab Assaulted Jew with Wrench At Arab Car Garage

Israel accuses IAEA chief of bias on Syria

FBI e-mail investigation fingers White House? Fired inspector says Obama's explanation of dismissal a 'total lie'

Post online comment? Feds want your name: Newspaper promises to resist prosecutors' sweep for information

June 17, 2009


Obama to Outline Biggest Regulatory Overhaul Since 1930s

Federal Reserve to gain power under overhaul plan

N. Korea warns U.S. of 'thousand-fold' military action if provoked

North Korea pulls assets from abroad

Iran and Russia nip at US global dominance

Serious effects of global warming worsening: White House report warns

Congress advances $106 billion war-funding bill

7 More Swine Flu Deaths Reported in NYC

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Former PM Olmert: I didn't accept right of return

EU document scraps Quartet demands

PM faces rebellion from Likud activists: "Netanyahu does not have a mandate to create a Palestinian state"

Minister Landau attacks prime minister's two-state plan: Hamas will have upper hand with Iran in the background

FM Lieberman in US to discuss Palestinian state

Analysis: Netanyahu's demilitarized state



Global Warming = Global Dictatorship

New government report stresses immediacy of global warming: Going from bad to worse

Federal Report Outlines a State of Emergency that Demands Immediate and Decisive Action

Climate Change - the Challenge For Nigeria

Eye Opener: Same-Sex Partners Get Benefits From Obama's Executive Order

San Francisco Pride Parade, celebration has a political bent

Iran's Revolutionary Guard warns online media


Fascist Global Economy Forming

Rising Economic Powers Convene in Summit Meeting: BRIC Nations

BRIC nations vow to revive world economy

Hu: China to loan BRIC regional group $10 billion

BRIC Dollar Bonds Beat Ruble Debt as Medvedev Frets

Toyota-GM U.S. Plant Said to Be Considered To Manufacture Prius

Japan’s Government, Central Bank More Optimistic About Economy

Obama's auto adviser praises Chrysler's quick exit from bankruptcy

Creditors Approve Saab's Debt Settlement Plan

Obama Blueprint Deepens Federal Role in Markets

U.S. stocks down after seesaw session

'Fire Dave!': Crowd lines up to protest Letterman's 'Late Show' Palin joke

Obama Courts The New York Times

Obama: Unnamed TV network attacks White House - One television network is "entirely devoted to attacking my administration."

White House Blocks Access to Visitor List: Puts a cloud over transparency, practice carried over from Bush Administration


June 16, 2009


Home-Builder Shares Up; Housing Starts Top Street View

American Bankers group sees U.S. recession ending in third quarter

In endorsing two states, Netanyahu adopts popular Jewish position

Obama, Lee warn North Korea brinkmanship won't work

Iran rules out election annulment

Obama wants financial protection agency with teeth

White House: Climate change damage happening now

Cash to become extinct as micro-chips take off

North Korea 'spent years' developing secret nuke programme

Inflation Falls To A Six-Month Low

Palestinians: 'U.S. told us don't take Netanyahu seriously'

Emerging BRIC powers and the New World Order

DoD Training Manual Describes Exercise of First Amendment Rights As “Low-Level Terrorism”

Local military, civilian police training builds skills

Are you freer today than you were before Obama?

Iran 'to hold election recount'

Same-sex surprise: Joe Bruno, former NY Senate leader, now supports gay marriage

Vermont Senator urges same-sex marriages OK for 'immigrant spouses'

Independence Day tea party tally explodes: National organizers expect more nationwide protests on July 4 than ever

Pike Knew: Familiar Spirit gave him plan - Three World Wars Necessary To Foment In Order To Create New World Order

Israeli - Palestinian Peace Accord?

Israel sets terms for Palestinian state: Must be completely demilitarized

Israelis liked PM speech, but peace still far away: Poll

Did Netanyahu pass the Obama test?

Obama welcomes Netanyahu speech

'Israel has opened the door for peace': PM Netanyahu

The ball is now in Obama's court: PM knew full well that there is no substitute for the United States

Haaretz poll: Netanyahu approval rating leaps after policy speech

Indian students hit by swine flu

One-third of Victorians may have Swine Flu: Australian government moving into action

First UK swine flu patient death

David Letterman apologizes for "flawed" sexual inuendo Palin joke

Fascist Global Economy Forming

Housing Is Recovering, Fast

We have created a monster … banks with access to public funds

GM says it reaches deal to sell Saab to Koenigsegg

Rattner praises Chrysler exit: On-time trip out of bankruptcy gives GM hope, auto czar says

"Cash for Clunkers" car turn-in program may take a while

Russia challenges dollar, China offers loans: Russia pushes for new reserve currencies at international summits

Secret papers 'show how Shell targeted Nigeria oil protests'

Administration Plans to Scale Back Real ID Law

Probe Seeks Answers After 10,000 Veterans Exposed to HIV

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