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September 16-30, 2010
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Weather Control

School Shootings

Understanding Clinton


Iris Scanning Set To Secure City in Mexico, Then the World

Congress sends intelligence bill to Obama

Fifth of world's plants at risk of extinction, experts warn

Vatican taps investigator for group tied to Legion

Koreas begin military talks

Police, communities struggle to grasp prostitution ruling

Stocks pull back as investors take profits: Stocks retreat on last day of quarter as investors pocket profits from big September

How to Start a Trade War

Boeing Traders Blow Off 747 Delay

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

Education claims at issue in Del. Senate race

O'Donnell and Maher and Coons - oh my!

Tea Party's roots lie in backlash against Obama

Tea Party has plans beyond this election

Primaries Show Tea Party Strength in Divided GOP

Conservatives give backing to NY GOP gov candidate

DeMint: Tea Party candidates are GOP's 'only real shot' of taking Senate

Trouble at the top – but Tea Party just rolls on

Alaskans Discuss Lisa Murkowski, Sarah Palin, and the Republican Primary

Sarah Palin outpolls Nancy Pelosi

2012 Watch: Palin, Romney, Gingrich face unfavorables

Death Penalty Controversy

Waiting for a death-penalty debate

Justice quizzed on death penalty

Death penalty debate

Suspect in pregnant woman's murder will face death penalty

Erie DA wants death penalty in toddler's killing

Michael Tisius sent to Missouri's death row for horribly botched jailbreak


Catholic Sex Abuse News

SNAP Asks Ron Johnson to Help Obtain Names of Clergy Sex Offenders

Deal ends Sylvestre sex abuse civil trail

Priest Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Charge

Archdiocese sued again over sex offender priest

Missing sex abuse priest arrested

Israeli - Palestinian War

U.N. council endorses report accusing Israel of executions aboard aid flotilla

New Intifada may not erupt if talks between Israel, PNA fail

Senate to Obama: Respect Israel

Obama sets out guarantees to Netanyahu for 60-day freeze extension

Reasserting the Jewish tradition of defending injustice

Peace talks – Syria’s Strategic Choice

30 Gulf cartel suspects captured in north Mexico

Mexico violence moving close to the tipping point

U.S. Worsens Mexican Violence by Returning Criminal Aliens to Border Cities, Mayors Say

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Al-Qaida suspects ambush Yemeni governor's convoy

UN lifts arms embargo on Sierra Leone

US general: Iraq political limbo fuels violence

Musharraf: Pakistan's military need political role

E.U. cites nationals training in terror

Nato strike 'kills Pakistan troops'

Pakistan blocks NATO supply trucks

1000s rally for independent Kashmir

Weather Control

Moderate earthquake jolts Japan’s Honshu island

Indonesia’s eastern islands bombarded by earthquakes today

Strong quake but a long way down

Chile Temblor Shakes Buildings in Downtown Santiago

12 dead in latest mudslide in rain-soaked southern Mexico

No Survivors in Mudslide, Colombia Says

2 known dead, 12 missing after storm soaks Jamaica

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today's News

I am a Christian by choice, says Obama

Obama both rallies, scolds Dems in campaign trip

New Cybersecurity Bill Gives Obama ‘Power To Shut Down Companies’

Sexual abuse accuser calls Ga. pastor 'predator'

U.S. stocks end higher on M&A, earnings hopes

Court Lets Stem-Cell Funds Flow for Now

'Mumbai-Style' Terror Attack Foiled in Europe

Rival Koreas to hold first military talks in 2 years

Fox News' Viewpoint "Destructive" for U.S. Growth, Obama Says

Concealed Carry Event Coincides With University of Texas Shooting

Tea Party

Tea Party will be ineffective

DNC head: Delaware voters can say no to tea party

Angry indeed — at candidates who kowtow to Tea Party

'Beverly Hills Tea Party' is a rootin', tootin' affair

Tea Party Coloring Book Prompts Death Threats

Tea Party’s rise fueled by fear-mongering and lies

Biden: Dems must make election them vs. Tea Party

Pres. Obama vs. Sarah Palin in 2012?

Sarah Palin's 2012 Opportunity

Fox primary: complicated, contractual

Death Penalty Controversy

Honor homicide victims - oppose death penalty

US executions delayed by shortage of death penalty drug

Lewis execution underscores immorality of death penalty

How much capital does capital punishment require?

Man sues Chicago Archdiocese over alleged sex abuse

Goal of CNN special was 'to tarnish image' of the Holy Father, argues Donohue

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli calls for intermediate peace agreement

US in last-ditch attempt to save Mideast talks

Mitchell dispatched to Israel to save the Mideast "process"

Israel is proving to the world it is run by a circus

PM says will meet Abbas in Paris, but PA yet to agree

Jewish Gaza-bound activists: IDF used excessive force in naval raid

Arab fanatics threaten Israel

Jewish evictions in East Jerusalem is latest threat to Mideast peace talks

Syrian FM ready to resume peace talks with Israel

Israel gets boost in U.S. military aid

Mearsheimer warns of apartheid in Israel

Arafat ordered Hamas attacks against Israel in 2000

Mexican Mayors Seek Refuge in U.S. After Another Assassination

Why so many mayors are now targets in Mexican drug war

Anyone Notice The War Next Door?

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Oman mediators in Iran to seek release of 2 US men

Yemen tensions 'a threat to Gulf'

Afghan government sets up 70-member peace council

Afghanistan has been harder than Iraq: Obama

'Degraded' al-Qaida group still violent

CIA steps up drone attacks in Pakistan amid fear of al-Qaeda terror in Europe

Top al Qaeda commander killed in drone strike

The secret war in Pakistan

Pakistan, US discuss cross-border NATO strikes: Pentagon

Pakistan's army pushes for government shake-up

Venezuela opposition: No plans for recall vote

Fort Hood may break record for suicides this year

Mystery airstrike as Somalia collapses

Al Shabaab Burns Millions Of Somali Shilling

Somalia: militants panic in Merca

DR Congo massacres report first step to ending impunity

Nigeria gunmen kidnap 15 children - police

Weather Control

Flood victims sleep by roadsides in northern Nigeria

Mexico mudslide toll not as bad as first feared

Colombian officials put mudslide death toll at 30

Strong, deep earthquake hits off northern New Zealand

Six moderate earthquakes hit eastern Taiwan overnight

2nd US-ASEAN Leaders Meeting: Elevating the Partnership to a Strategic Level

In U.S.-ASEAN meeting, symbolism outweighs substance

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today's News

North Korean leader's son apparently promoted to general

Russia hails oil pipe as first step towards China

'Computer virus in Iran actually targeted larger nuclear facility'

France on high alert as officials warn of possible terrorist attacks

U.S. Urges Stem-Cell Funding Stay by Appeals Court

10,000 TSA employees get secret clearances

Wiretapped phones, now Internet?

FBI Raids Seen as Political Retribution

Tea Party

'Tea party' is rejuvenating American politics

The Tea Party's already won the election

Pat Boone rallies tea party crowd in Beverly Hills

Please, no more flaky female candidates

Sarah Palin going after Arizona Dems

The 'Palin Effect': Not All Young Republican Women Are Buying It

Death Penalty Controversy

Death penalty doesn't work -- it should be abolished

More disturbing than Lewis' execution is our cavalier response

Fairness on death row

Death row for her crimes

45 Hour Reprieve, Execution Rescheduled for 9pm on Thursday

Georgia executes inmate who had attempted suicide

The Death Penalty and Mental Retardation


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Community Reacts to Alleged Priest Sex Assault

Retired Australian Catholic priest charged with sex abuse of two boys

CNN Rehashes Old Charges in Attack on Pope Benedict

Can the principles of Restorative Justice be applied to the Catholic Church child sex abuse scandal?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Obama demands more than Israel can give

U.S. envoy sent to salvage stalled Mideast talks

Israeli defiance endangers peace talks

Palestinians wait on decision to quit peace talks

Former Gaza settlers moving into desert community

IDF kills 2 terrorists attempting to fire rockets at Israel

Supporters make a broad church in welcoming end to building freeze

Turkey told Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel

Martin urges Israel to stop construction in UN address

Abbas Ignores Hamas Chief’s Call To Quit Middle East Peace Talks

Mashaal: We'll continue 'to kill illegal settlers'

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Kurdish Rebels Deny Iranian Forces Entered Iraq in Cross-Border Raid

Consensus Eludes Iraqi Shiite Leaders

Iraq: US should help break government deadlock

IRAQ: Mysterious killings continue to shake Baghdad

Congress asked for study of urological war wounds

Al-Qaida Takes Lessons Learned To Yemen

Is this How the Yemeni-American Partnership Works?

Chávez, opposition in duel for new power

U.S. defends Pakistan incursion as self-defense'

Drones Target Terror Plot

British troops to remain at Afghan front line after deadline

Parents Of Soldier Say They Warned Army About Thrill Kill Sergeant

Operation Dragon Strike Targets Taliban Hometown

Who Attacked al-Shabab? The Rebel Leader Speaks

More Than 350 People Killed in Somalia in Recent Weeks

Rape in Congo Can Be Death Sentence to Women

Rebels must be prosecuted for DRCongo mass rape: UN expert

South Sudan to arm militias against Uganda rebels

Violence is killing mayors in Mexico

Twitter feeds and blogs tell hidden story of Mexico's drug wars

At War In Texas

Immigration frustration

Weather Control

Nigeria: Flood ruins crops as food remains scarce

Flooded County in Wisconsin Declared State of Emergency

Southern Minnesota flood victims begin cleanup

B.C. towns assess mudslide, flood damage

Officials: Worst Fall Flooding for South Dakota

At least 20 missing in Colombian mountain mudslide

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits southern Iran

Swarm of Saudi earthquakes raises seismic concerns

ASEAN: Super Nation #9

US and ASEAN: Partners rather than allies

Special Briefing on Meetings in New York City

Asean Scouts To Converge At Kijang Camp

ASEAN looks to boost investment

Najib Proposes Peace Corps Volunteers Teach English

Monday, September 27, 2010

Today's News

North Korean elite secretly jostle for the reins of power

Justice Kagan faces first Supreme Court test Monday

Liberal Groups Plan March on Washington

I Am Detained By The Feds For Not Answering Questions

Rothschild and CIA Publications Attack “Constitution-worshipers”

UN 'to appoint space ambassador to greet alien visitors'

Georgia pastor Eddie Long vows to fight sex charges

Almost half of gay men who have HIV don't know they are infected, CDC says

Tea Party

Tea Party supporters’ enthusiasm stands out in poll

Tired of 'tea party' sniping, moderates organize

Tea Party Express: We Turn Politics on Its Head

Pledge designed for Tea Party only

Tea party cool to GOP pledge

Sal Russo – Tea Party Champion?

Tea Party: Republicans as Much to Blame as Dems

Intraparty fighting will threaten Republicans

Tea Party movement will take away our freedom

McConnell: In Delaware, O'Donnell has 'a good chance of winning'

A People's Revolution?—Tea Party Candidate Upsets Republican Party Pick for Governor of New York

Those Loony, Kooky Tea Partiers

Did Glenn Beck Encourage Pastors To Break The Law?

Should Dems cheer for Palin to win 2012 GOP nod?

Death Penalty Controversy

Controversy over death row execution

Failure of Diplomacy: Give the death penalty the chair: dying isn't suffering enough

Debate Over Death Penalty Re-Ignites

Famed death penalty opponent visits First Parish in Duxbury

Cyber attack on Iranian industry appears well-funded

Virus hits Iran nuclear programme


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Deaf victim of sex abuse is suing pope, and going public with his story for the first time

Pope's role in abuse crisis studied

Allentown Diocese removes two priests on sex abuse allegations

Pa. diocese seeks to block suit by teenage girl's parents

'Saint' leads masses against Pope's child sex abuse, trafficking, genocide

Church sex scandal takes toll on victims' lawyers

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli building slowdown ends; settlers celebrate

Balloons, Cheers as Freeze Comes to an End

With freeze over, West Bank settlements ready to dive into construction

Hague presses Israel on settlements

PFLP quits PLO meetings to protest talks with Israel

A Permanent Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Clinton asks Arab leaders to support Abbas

'Hussein Obama, Land of Israel is ours'

Iran: Israel Only Obstacle to Materializing Nuclear-Free Middle-East

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

British Aid Worker Kidnapped in Afghanistan

U.S., Afghan forces 'destroying Taliban fighting positions'

100 policemen a month die in Afghanistan

Blast near Fallujah kills 4 Iraqi police

Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects

NATO kills 30 insurgents in Pakistan

3rd U.S.drone attack reported in NW Pakistan

Target number one?

Africa: Army Chiefs Meet Over African Al-Qaeda Threat

Foreign helicopter fires on Somali militants, narrowly misses leaders

2 die, 17 injured in clashes in Somalia


America’s Open Borders Fuel Mexico’s Drug Wars

Nuevo Laredo: the border town on the frontline of the drugs trade

Weather Control

Impact of Hurricane Igor in Canada

Weakened Matthew soaks southern Mexico, Guatemala

Casualties from Typhoon Fanapi rises to 136 in south China

Minor earthquake rattles 4 counties

Midnight earthquake rattles city

Moderate earthquake hits off Alaska’s Rat Islands

Magnitude 6.0 Quake Shakes Indonesia

ASEAN: Super Nation #9

ASEAN people target on powers for climate change

ASEAN people’s forum strengthens co-operation

ASEAN, US focus on education, trade and forestry

Asean must strive on global economy sites

Obama, Asean heads seek ‘strategic’ ties

China Probing 5 Pneumonic Plague Cases in Tibet, UN Agency Says

Saturday-Sunday, September 25-26, 2010

Today's News

Obama and Southeast Asian leaders call for freedom of navigation in South China Sea

Ahmadinejad says Iran may end enrichment

4th man sues Ga. megachurch pastor

FBI serves terrorism warrants in Minn., Chicago

Dow Adds Almost 200 Points

Cyber Attacks Test Pentagon, Allies and Foes

White House Defends Targeted Killing Program

One in five US gays HIV infected: study

US Businessman: Blackwater Paid Me to Buy Steroids and Weapons on Black Market for its Shooters

Big Pharma Scores Big Win: Medicinal Herbs Will Disappear in EU

Regulators Step in to Aid Credit Unions

Regulators shut 2 banks in U.S.; 127 total in 2010


Tea Party

'National Tea Party Unity Convention' canceled. Is the movement slipping?

Tea Party Impacts GOP ‘Pledge To America’

Hoffman Sparks Tempest in the Upstate Tea Party

Atheism and the Tea Party

The Provocateur Loading Paladino’s Slingshot

Paladino zeroes in on Tea Party vote

A wary O'Donnell tries to repeat her magic in Delaware

Fallen Star Sees His Message Rise

Sarah Palin

Palin steps up campaign against Giffords, Kirkpatrick, Mitchell

Palin targets health care law supporters on site

Site to rally Palin supporters goes up

Palin's salutes Tea Party success

Tea Party Groundwork for a Palin '12 Run?

The Sarah Palin puzzle: A plurality disapproves yet a growing majority now identifies with her views

Sarah Palin more influential than President Obama

Palins’ Legal Fees Paid By RNC For Future Fund Raising Efforts

Glenn Beck

Glenn's Beck and Call

Glenn Beck: preacher, politician, entertainer and marketer

Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, and What's Behind Government Backlash

The Conspiracy Too Big for Glenn Beck

Death Penalty Controversy

DEATH PENALTY: Execution gets go-ahead

Women on death row are a rarity

Teresa Lewis: the face of gender differences on death row

Infertility, sex trafficking, death penalty among Respect Life topics

Cyber attack 'targeted Iran'

Israel Targets Iran with Stuxnet Worm?


Catholic Sex Abuse News

CNN's appalling attack on the Pope

Pope named as defendant in Catholic sex abuse probe

CNN Hints Pope is Guilty of Mishandling Abuse Case, Leaves Out Details

The Vatican: A murky See

Priest sentenced to home detention for sexual abuse

That gap between 1985 and 2002

MacKillop banished after uncovering sex abuse

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel, Palestinians look to salvage Mideast talks

Arabs: No peace talks if Israel continues building

End of Freeze Looms Over West Bank

Peace talks in jeopardy, Clinton and Abbas meet

US striving for peace between Israel and Syria

UN atomic watchdog rejects resolution against Israel

Middle East Talks: Israel Navy Fires On Boat

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's UN speech may have just helped Israel

A PKK Cell, Spying for Israel is Captured in Lebanon

World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Witness in Rwandan genocide-linked case, Abdul Ruzibiza, dies at 40 in Norway after illness

Groups: Kenyan suspects secretly taken to Uganda

The Lord’s Resistance Army remains Ugandan force

21 killed in fighting in Somalia's capital city

Government Forces Clash With Al Shabaab Militants In Central Somalia

Somalia: Casualties Overwhelming Medical Capacity

U.S. boosts ties with break-away Somalia regions

Obama, world leaders address Sudan referendum at UN summit

Africans ask UN to delay al-Bashir prosecution

Al-Qaida in Iraq claims Baghdad bombings

Yemeni army drives al-Qaida out of besieged town

UK warns of 'massive dangers' if Yemen collapses

Obama reaches out to Iran with multiple messages

Judge Gives Pakistani Woman 86 Years in Attack

PTI to start protest campaign against sentence to Aafia

Pakistan erupts after US jailing of 'daughter of the nation' Aafia Siddiqui

Colombia Kills Guerrilla Chief

Obama: rebel's death is opportunity for Colombia

Venezuela's Chavez says Colombian rebel's death shouldn't make anyone happy, calls for peace

Fourth Mayor in Mexico Is Killed

Mexico Sets Plan to Guard Reporters

Weather Control

Dry day gives flood fighters break in Minn., Wis.

Flood displaces 2 million Nigerians

5.6 magnitude quake hits Rat Islands, Alaska

Moderate Earthquake hits Peruvian Amazons

Military to help Newfoundland recover from hurricane

Tropical Storm Matthew drenches Central America

Typhoon Fanapi leaves 70 dead in China

ASEAN: Super Nation #9

President Obama Hosts Asean Leaders At New York Summit

Obama Tells Asean U.S. Has `Enormous Stake' in Asia, Seeks Leadership Role

ASEAN MPs promise improved links

India gets observer status at ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly

His Majesty (Brunei) is in New York to attend the 2nd ASEAN-US Leaders' Meeting

Out of many, 1Malaysia

ASEAN holds meeting on intergovernmental commission on human rights

China takes ASEAN as reliable brothers, partners and neighbors: Tang Jiaxuan

Myanmar: Ban calls for regional support in seeking democratic transition

Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's News

CIA runs 3,000-strong covert army to hunt down al-Qaida in Pakistan

Proposed Law Would Allow Justice Department to Shut Down Websites

Globalists Plan For World Currency

Ahmadinejad accuses US of 'orchestrating' 9/11 attacks to aid Israel - US walks out of Ahmadinejad UN speech

International police force urged to combat global Internet radicalization of Islamic youth

U.S. Supreme Court justice considers outlawing speech against radical Islam

Obamacare is even worse than critics thought

Poll: Democrats disliked, but Republicans just as bad

Pope's astronomer says he would baptise an alien if it asked him

Republicans Will Release Their “Pledge to America” Today

New blueprint for GOP comes packed with familiar material: "Pledge to America" - Tea Party Influence Seen

A closer look at GOP 'Pledge to America': Editorial by Washington Post

GOP's 'Pledge to America' gets blasted by some conservative bloggers: doesn't go far enough to rein in big government

Even if the GOP believed in its Pledge to America, it wouldn't touch the biggest parts of the federal budget

Analysis: Could GOP be playing into Dem hands?

Poll: Is marriage going to the dogs? Despite strong showing for 1-man, 1-woman,
some prepared to support polygamy, bestiality

Death Penalty Controversy

Virginia executes first woman in nearly 100 years

Virginia's execution of a woman may signal shift in national thinking

Teresa Lewis: the face of gender differences on death row

Notable Women on Death Row


Senator Lindsy Graham Is Certain Of Another Terrorist Attack

Stuxnet malware is 'weapon' out to destroy ... Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant?

See what has the IRS stopped in its tracks! "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" has Christian leaders challenge government censorship


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Pope expresses sorrow to clerical child sex abuse victims

Germany's Roman Catholic bishops: No compensation yet for sex abuse victims

Catholic sex abuse prompts reform calls in Belgium

Church sex scandal takes toll on victims' lawyers

Sex abuse shatters victim's life, faith

Plea deal to resolve Md. priest's sex abuse case

Ontario. Catholic priest charged in 57-year-old sexual assault

The Vatican speaks to CNN about "What the Pope Knew" regarding sex abuse in the Catholic Church

Should the Vatican drop mandatory celibacy for Roman Catholic priests?

Archives: Forced Celibacy Is A Huge Problem For Catholic Priests

Israeli - Palestinian War

Jordan's king warns of war by year's end

IDF Chief: Next wars will not be easier

Obama Warns: Support 'Palestine' or 'more blood' will flow

Israel plays down scope of future settler projects

Israel 'ready to compromise' on settlements

Israel Says U.S.-Led Settlement Compromise Possible to Sustain Peace Talks

Israel presses UN to stall debate on 'biased' Gaza flotilla report

4 Dems urge Obama to pardon Pollard - grant of clemency will help advance peace process

Russian hint to Israel

President Gil: Turkey still waiting for official apology from Israel

Diplomacy must keep the gates of hell firmly closed: Israel is not known for making idle threats

Lebanon school principal sentenced to death as Israel 'spy'

ASEAN will stand as a block if China uses weight: NOTE: ASEAN is Supernation #9 In 10-Nation Reorganization Plan


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Obama reiterates commitment to pull out from Iraq

Al-Qaida in Iraq claims Baghdad bombings: Two bombings last week in Baghdad that killed at least 31 people

Fallujah raid highlights Iraq's security concerns: Target escaped

After promises, the heat is on in Iraq

Johnny Cash Died in Great Distress About Iraq Invasion

Ahmadinejad's game plan is working

American hiker wants to meet with Iran president

Freed Hiker Sarah Shourd: Investigator Said Innocence Didn't Matter

Afghan president calls for release of journalists

Pakistan calls on U.S. to free terrorist convict

US, China brace for Sudan trainwreck

Obama to Attend High-Level Meeting on Sudan

South Sudan agrees to ceasefire with rebel fighter: army

Civilians Flee From Battle In Southern Yemen

‘Friends of Yemen’ meeting today

Obama's day: Wrapping up United Nations week

U.S. Opposes Proposed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Ban in Military

'Don't ask, don't tell' injunction now up to judge

Stocks poised for early gains

Stocks end with a late-stage slide, Dollar firms

US investors shaken by jobless news

Glaxo forecasts cut as Avandia reaches end of road


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Europe on high alert for Al Qaeda suicide attacks on transport hubs

Italian police seize $30M from Vatican in probe

Italians Seize Powerful Military Explosives, Possibly Originating From Iran

Feds: Privacy Does Not Exist in ‘Public Places’

Will Obama Force America To “Absorb A Terror Attack” To Save His Presidency?

Officials: Terrorism Threats Increasingly Come from Within US

Social Engineering Bill In Senate Will Force You Into City

Major insurers to drop child policies ahead of coverage mandate

Appeal court: Florida ban on gay adoption unconstitutional

Barack Obama: The Man Who Would be God?

Attorney: Client a 'poster child' for broken death penalty system

Death penalty issue enters governor's race

Death penalty debate looms large in AG's race

California previews new death chamber at San Quentin


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Catholic sex abuse prompts reform calls in Belgium

Sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church

Fifty-year-old sex abuse scandal hits St. Mike’s

CNN's Gary Tuchman asks "What the Pope Knew" (and when he knew it) regarding child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church

“A shock for me, a great sadness”

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party

Values Voters Summit straw poll picks Pence, Palin as 2012 candidates

Sarah Palin's Advice to O'Donnell: Avoid the National Media

The Meaning of Christine O'Donnell

The Tea Party and Its Demons

Tea Party makes for rowdier election

Tea Party favorite close in New York governor race

GOP cash fills coffers of 'tea party' hopefuls

GOP ready to make 'Pledge to America'

House Republicans Use Social Media to Draft Agenda

Tea Party Movement A Political Tsunami, Thanks To Internet

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli police storm Jerusalem mosque compound

Tensions mount in Mideast pending settlement decision

Palestinians accuse Israel of undermining peace as violence erupts in Jerusalem

Palestinian PM storms out of meeting

Clinton to meet with Syrian foreign minister in Mideast peace bid

Arab peace plan ideas 'more important than ever': Clinton

Mubarak, Merkel call on PA, Israel to be creative at talks

U.N. experts: Israel flotilla raid broke int'l law

Fidel Castro firmly backs Israel's right to exist

Iran is far from united behind Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

At home, Iran's president faces political battle over efforts to widen his powers

Russia Signs Decree To Ban S-300 Air Defense Missiles To Iran

Iran marks Week of Defense as parade hit by deadly bomb attack

Stuxnet Cyber Worm Targets Iran’s ‘Bushehr’ Nuclear Power Plant


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Counter-Terrorism Offensive in Indonesia

Pakistan calls for US help to settle Kashmir

CIA-trained force targeting militants in Pakistan

Hezbollah's looming Coup Scenario

Deep divisions haunt Lebanese politics

Yemen launches massive offensive against al-Qaida

Yemen and negotiations over WTO membership

Feuds 'crippled' Somali government: UN envoy

Minister asks America to help enforce peace in Somalia

Roadside Bomb Kills Two In Somalia’s Puntland

Eritrea May Become Failed State

An Al Qaeda affiliate getting rich in Niger

Peru's Central Coast Rocked By 5.9 Earthquake

Typhoon Fanapi Brings Worst Rains in Century to South China's Province

Death toll from typhoon in southern China rises to 33

Arizona storms cause highway mudslide near Payson

Mudslide kills five in Mexico

Firefighters Find 2 More Bodies in Venezuela Mudslide

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Today's News

US House puts oceans, coasts under UN control: Senate vote will seal the deal

What Kind Of Top-Secret Assassination Technology Does $58 Billion Buy?

Obama in fierce battles to craft Afghan exit strategy

Sarah Palin's "Tea Party" Video: a Play for 2012?

Retiring Air Force intel chief sounds alarm: U.S. has lost its air power superiority

Obama's top economic adviser leaving White House

Financial row flares up in Vatican: Head of the Vatican Bank suspected of money laundering

Health law kicks into 2nd gear; does it help me?


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Nevada High Court Won't Drop Suit Against Catholic Church

Catholic Child care center worker accused of sex abuse

Belgium: Amid sex scandals, de-baptism gains favor -- Child sex abuse, and other church failings, lead Belgians to formally renounce religion

Priest sex abuse linked to 13 suicides in Belgium

Belgian bishops question whether priests need be celibate

Pope says he's sorry about 'unspeakable' sex abuse of children by priests: During homily in London

Spokane diocese must raise more money for sex-abuse claims

More Irish Catholic priests to face sex abuse charges

German Jesuits planning compensation for sex abuse victims

Fed Prepared to Ease Further to Revive U.S. Economy

Dollar Slides to Lowest in Five Months Versus Euro as Fed Hints at Easing

Worst U.S. Recession Since 1930s Ended in June 2009: National Bureau of Economic Research

Russia May Sell More Weapons to Syria

Sarah Palin

President Clinton warns Democrats: Do not underestimate Palin

Sarah Palin Is Coming To Newsmax

Massachusetts Republican candidate Jeff Perry blows off Sarah Palin as Tea-mate

Romney leads Palin among possible GOP contenders: Poll


Christine O'Donnell: I'm not doing any more national TV interviews

Christine O’Donnell down 15 points in new poll

Obama holds Va. backyard health care policy forum: Will discuss Patient's Bill of Rights

Irish unit deployed in crack EU Battle Group mock attack


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas hints talks may continue even if freeze not extended

Quartet keeps pressure on Israel over settlements

Palestinian Official Says Israel Not Serious About Peace

Former Russian Jews in Israel are a major “problem” in reaching peace accord – Bill Clinton

Arab-backed anti-Israel resolution at IAEA could pass

Anti-nuclear deal against Israel's interests: Nuclear chief

Israel makes a big mistake: Tukey's President Abdullah Gul

Syria Buys Missiles; Israel Buys Planes

UN Experts: Hamas, Israel Failed To Conduct Credible War Crimes Probes

PKK (Kurdish) leader: Israel is helping Turkey to destroy us

Israel Hurtles Headlong into joyous celebration of Sukkot

Iran displays advanced missile capable of striking Israel: During military parade

Blast at Iran military parade kills 10 : Terror attack?

Iran's Ahmadinejad: Capitalism at death's door

President Ahmedinejad Threatens U.S. With War 'Without Boundaries': Iranian President Says Country Will Defend Its Nuclear Facilities


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Support For Iraq's Maliki Puts U.S., Iran In Same Camp

Iraqi children lack birth certificates

General Petraeus buys Afghan war time. But how much?

AFGHANISTAN CHOPPER CRASH: Many from U.S. among 9 dead

Why did warnings about murders by soldiers in Afghanistan go unheeded?

Yemen steps up attacks against al Qaeda branch

Yemen Officials Downplay Report that Radical Cleric Cornered

Al-Qaida gives Yemen gov't 48 hours to swap intelligence official

US Urges Sudan to Hold Referenda On Time

Leaders fear angry break up of Sudan

Southern Sudan: Putting an end to day-to-day starvation

Mission Group: South Sudan is Below Third World Status

Somalia: Hizbul Islam Launches First Suicide Attack On Presidency

Somalia's Prime Minister Resigns, Citing Political Turmoil and Security Fears

Somalia named the worst place to go to school

Don't Ask, Don't Tell law is upheld by Senate GOP

Mao's Great Leap Forward 'killed 45 million in four years' - qualifies Chinese Communist dictator as the greatest mass murderer in world history

Farmer, consumer outcry helping to stop passage of draconian 'food safety' bill

University bans political e-mails: Warns they could be viewed as 'violation of state policy'

S.C. high school reopens after student opens fire: Bomb devices found



Tuesday, September 21, 2010


North Korea reschedules leadership conference

France warns of terror threat

British Government to Seize All Paychecks

Global Warming Alarmist Calls For Eco-Gulags To Re-Educate Climate Deniers

Three shot on Army base near El Paso

McCain says Tea Party concerns worth addressing

City Expands Security Camera 'Ring'

Sarah Palin Is Coming To Newsmax

Death Penalty On Trial

A matter of life or death

Punitive Dissonance

'U.S. Out of Step with the World on Death Penalty'

Amnesty International Urges to Fight Death Penalty

JAPAN: Death Penalty Still Hangs In The Balance

Sarah Palin

Madam President? It could happen

The tea party's impact on November's elections

Palin attacks media, 'enemy-centric' Obama

Primary season closes with positive gains for Palin wins

Cantor: Palin is 'certainly' a leader in the Republican Party

Sarah Palin wins Right Nation 2010 straw poll

Mark Halperin's mash note to Sarah Palin

Is Sarah Palin the Next Barack Obama?

With 2012 Plans in Limbo, Palin Steps Into Kingmaker Role

Tea Party

Tea Party gal’s witching hour? She’s got worse worries to broom out

Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell

Tea party picking up steam nationwide

GOP, Tea Party Unity Spells Defeat For Obama

Murkowski says GOP leaders turned backs on her

A Tea Party Patriots overhaul

Is GOP platform large enough for Tea Party?

The Gospel according to Glenn Beck: Tea Party must tread carefully

DeMint: 'I'm praying for an earthquake election in November'

Joe Arpaio: Sheriff's star rises with 'tea party,' illegal immigration fight


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Nevada Supreme Court keeps Catholic sex abuse case

Pope sees police role in sex abuse inquiries

2 Belgian bishops want debate on priest celibacy

Archbishop Zollitsch says Catholic Church 'failed' in abuse scandal

Belgian church rocked by sex-abuse scandal

J. Peter Sartain, New Seattle Archbishop, Gets Caught Up in Priest Abuse Scandal

Turnout still falling at Masses


Israeli - Palestinian War

U.S. concerned peace talks will soon collapse over settlement building

Quartet to urge Israel to keep settlement freeze

Pollard for the freeze?

No Middle East peace talks scheduled for Obama this week

Israeli minister: Palestinians need to compromise

Peres to UN: Israel wants immediate peace talks with Syria

Could Syria become a force for peace?

No thaw between Israel and Turkey

Next Israel-Hezbollah war will be worse, says U.S. analyst

'Lebanon Army comes under Israel fire'

1500 Year Old Samaritan Synagogue Discovered In Israel


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Thousands Flee Fresh Anti-Militant Offensive In South Yemen

Bombs kill 37, injure more than 100 in Iraq

Many Afghans denied right to vote, watchdog says

Chopper crash in Afghanistan kills nine Western troops

Indonesian police kill 3, arrest 15 in raids

Bekasi, Indonesia: threat level rises

Sangin handover: Taliban 'will always have stranglehold on Afghanistan's Fallujah'

U.S./U.N. cover-up of Kagame’s genocide in Rwanda and Congo

Kashmir separatist says protests will continue

Death toll rises to 23 in shootout in Tajikistan

Somalia: Suicide Bomber Attacks at Presidential Gates

Suspected gun-man attack Villa Somalia

Sudan Crisis

Can the Obama administration defuse a  time bomb' in Sudan?

Obama to deliver 'forceful message' at UN Sudan talks

South Sudan is Below Third World Status

Map of Sudan And Region

Weather Control

Earthquake jolts Anchorage

4.0 Magnitude Earthquake Recorded Near Luther Sunday

Hurricane Karl Death Toll Now at 12 in Mexico

Record Warmth Spawns Stronger Hurricanes Across Atlantic Ocean

Taiwan cleans up after powerful typhoon; 2 dead

Volcano Erupts in Iceland

Flood situation worsens in UP, Bihar's Gandak still in spate - India

Uttarakhand: Water level continues to rise in dams - New Dehli

8 tornadoes tracked across Ohio in Thursday's storms

Drug War, Mexican Border and Immigration

Monterrey: The Latest Casualty in Mexico's Drug War

Mexico govt rejects call for truce in drug war

Federal agent calls Dallas area a 'comfort zone' for gun smugglers arming Mexico drug war

Losing a costly 'war"

Partners in Crime: The U.S. Secret State and Mexico's "War on Drugs"

Border governors call for US immigration reform

Feds: 39 fugitive immigrants arrested in SD County

Immigration debate finds focus in DREAM Act


Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's News

Sex beast ‘still a priest’

Obama names consumer advocate Warren to new post

Obama Administration Financially Supports China’s Population Policies Through UN Population Fund

Christine O'Donnell: I dabbled in witchcraft

As November nears, voters turn backs on both parties

Tea Party rhetoric twists the language of emancipation

Here's how health reform affects you

Millions to Get Secret Flu Vaccination

Pentagon to funnel US arms to Yemen to fight al-Qaeda

Death Penalty Goes on Trial in North Carolina

The Death Penalty is the Wrong Source of Justice in Petit Case

DNA test could mean new trial for death row inmate

Virginia set to execute first woman in nearly a century

Sarah Palin

Time to Rethink Palin

Sarah Palin teases out prospects of presidential campaign

The Sarah Palin-Lisa Murkowski Feud

Sarah Palin: The ‘Lamestream’ Media Is Hurting Our Troops

Laughing at Palin and Her Wingnut Pals Getting Harder to do These Days

Palin leads early manoeuvring for the White House


Catholic Sex Abuse News

After Report on Abuse, Anguish Lingers Among Belgian Catholics

Pope calls on Catholics to make 'reparation' for abuse

Pope praises National Catholic Safeguarding Commission for work in stamping out abuse of children

At Their Mercy


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel again says it will refuse extension of settlement construction freeze.

Week before the freeze end, US tries to broker compromise

Israel's Foreign Minister says Israeli Arabs Belong in Palestine

Israel tried to block Russian arms deal with Syria

Israel to allow first import of cars to Gaza since 2007

Israel guarantees stability

Clinton encourages Mideast peace talks

'Syria welcomes US push for peace talks with Israel'

PA court: Sale of Palestinian land to Israelis is punishable by death


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Colombia's military kills at least 22 FARC insurgents in attack near border with Ecuador

Car Bombs tear through Baghdad, Fallujah; 36 dead

Who Will Face the Music for Iraq’s Future?

Yemeni forces kill 3 al-Qaeda members, provincial official says

Bodies of three kidnapped election workers are found in Afghanistan

Five coalition service members killed in Afghanistan

US missile strike kills 5 militants in Pakistan

Thai 'Red Shirts' mark 2006 coup

Somalia: Attacks on Mogadishu Radio Stations Leave Journalists in Untenable Situation

Uganda, Congo discuss new plot against LRA

UAL, Continental shareholders approve airline deal

Saturday - Sunday, September 18, 2010

Today's News

Tea Partiers, Quakers, Anti-war Rallies on Alert List

Tea Party's wins fuel a 'civil war' within GOP

ATF forms 7 teams in cities across the country to combat gun smuggling into Mexico

Couple charged in nuclear weapons secrets case

Ban says China will reach MDG targets

Obama Administration Financially Supports China’s Population Policies Through UN Population Fund

UK Police: 5 arrested in alleged threat to pope

Pope Benedict XVI publicly shakes hand with clergywoman for first time

Strong profits posted by tech companies help stock prices climb slightly

Virginia Gov. Robert McDonnell won't stay execution of Teresa Lewis

Obamacare: The sequel

Glenn Beck

Few Americans Think Glenn Beck Is Fit to Head Religious Mov't

Glenn Beck talk mixes religion, politics at Trine

Glenn Beck mocks Michelle Obama's healthy food drive at Right Nation convention

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck headlining tea party rally in northern Indiana

The price for teaching less than we know

Sarah Palin

Is Palin’s Rise Part of God’s Plan?

Has Sarah Palin saved the GOP?

Palin hits Obama, GOP establishment in Iowa speech

Sarah Palin at Ronald Reagan Dinner Backs Tea Party Express Over Republicans

Vetting Sarah Palin—The Assignment of a Lifetime

Rove challenges Palin to campaign for O’Donnell in person

Sarah Palin discusses faith in Louisville, telling convention to 'Turn back to God'

Lone woman on Virginia’s death row set to be executed

Clemency denied, Rhode scheduled for execution Tuesday

Kentucky execution is postponed, perhaps until next year


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Belgian Church Promises to Aid Abuse Probes

'The pope is the Prince of Dark and we are here defending the Enlightenment'

Pope meets sex abuse survivors

Pope says he's sorry about 'unspeakable' sex abuse of children by priests during homily in London

What has the Pope's visit achieved?

Police investigate alleged Hunter sex priest cover-up

Hecklers accuse pope of covering up abuse, demand his resignation

Dutch ex-bishop accused of child sex abuse

Brothers say Ontario priest abused them

Santa Rosa diocese hit by 2 more lawsuits alleging abuse by priest in 1980s

After 20 years, former priest abuser Peter Chalk is revealed

THE Catholic Church's sex abuse commission, set up by then Melbourne archbishop George Pell, apologised and discretely paid thousands.

Slain priest underpaid for 'sexual favours'


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli troops kill Hamas militant in West Bank

World Bank: Israeli restrictions undercutting Palestinian state

Israeli foreign minister wants to redraw borders to exclude at least some Israeli Arabs

Most Americans against joining Israel in Iran strike

Netanyahu: No change in stance on West Bank freeze

Assad: Israel must return usurped land

Is Israel more isolated than ever?

Killing of West Bank Hamas militant outrages Palestinians


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Two car bombs in Iraqi capital kill 12 and wound dozens

Afghan government says insurgent rocket attack kills 6 children

Gates sees surge success in Afghanistan

Clinton urges Iran to reject military expansion

Violence fears in Pakistan after Imran Farooq's murder

New death sparks fresh protests in Indian Kashmir

Stop pampering Kashmir's stone throwers and separatists (Article)

MI5: Somalia, Yemen Pose Increasing Threat to Security

US considers terror charges for cleric al-Awlaki

Obama administration ponders how to push 'targeted killings' of citizens out of courts

Report Alleging Massacres Shakes Rwanda's Participation at U.N.

Philippine troops kill wanted Abu Sayyaf militant

Friday, September 17, 2010

Today's News

Clinton: Peace talks are 'complicated,' will 'take time'

Obama decision to avoid confirmation battle for Elizabeth Warren is hailed and criticized

Obama praises Senate committee approval of START treaty

North Korea wants to revive nuclear talks, says Jimmy Carter

Eco-Fascists Call For Tyranny To Enforce Draconian Agenda

Protest Group Demands Investigation Into Homeland Security Spying

Yemen more dangerous than Afghanistan?

Michelle Obama aide: She never said she dislikes being first lady


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Irish archbishop: Cover-ups made child abuse worse

Child Abuse Scandal Divides Catholics, Church

Church abuse survivors demand justice

German Jesuits offer compensation to abuse victims

Do you think the Vatican is now responding adequately to the clerical sexual-abuse scandal?

Catholic church counts cost of sex abuse payouts

Atheists bent on painting Pope as a rape-happy ogre

Pope speaks of shock at priest 'perversions'


Israeli - Palestinian War

Abbas sees 'no alternative' to peace talks, boosting hopes they'll continue

U.S. also committed to Israel-Syria peace, Mitchell says

Arab states snub US over Israel resolution

At the U.N. Obama Promotes Human Wrongs Against Israel Instead of Human Rights

10 Years On... What Would Sharon Say Today?

Arab states support Palestinian stance over settlement issue: Palestinian FM

Recent mortar shells fired by Hamas into Israel contained phosphorous

Israel to buy advanced US fighter jets


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Roadside Bomb Kills Nine In Southeast Turkey

Five killed in violence in eastern, northern Iraq

UN: Thousands More Troops Needed to Contain Somali Violence

UN Calls for Human Rights Probe in Somalia

15 die in Somalia as parliament demands gov't vote

Twelve Civilians Killed In Fresh Mogadishu Clashes

U.N. forces claim progress in Congo

Five French nationals abducted in Niger

US plans to train security forces in Nigeria, a major source of crude oil

The Rise of Al Qaeda in North Africa

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Headline News Article


Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) Pronounces The Winner of The Iraq War To Be -- IRAN!

Incredibly, Cutting Edge posted an article five years ago in which we declared that Iran would be seen eventually as the winner of the Iraq conflict, because that was the Illuminati Plan! -- https://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n2427.cfm


Today's News

US forces still in fight at end of combat mission

Gaza-made film shows Israel’s destruction by Palestinians

Clinton opens new round of Mideast peace talks

Africa: Comprehensive New Reports Show Progress on Millennium Development Goals

Unemployment claims drop for second straight week

Pope arrives for UK visit

WCC: ecumenism alive and well on eve of Pope's visit

Tea Party rocks Republicans with sweeping primary victories


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Why is Pope Benedict XVI visiting Britain? England is not a Catholic country

Pope Benedict XVI flies in amid row over aide's race remarks

Papal visit stirs Scotland's Catholics despite gloom

Pope speaks of 'sadness' over child sex abuse scandals

Pope admits church lacked vigilance

Victim's message to pope: Our souls were 'murdered'

Pope Benedict XVI visit: A religious motorway pile-up


Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza-made film shows Israel’s destruction by Palestinians

Hillary Clinton Says Mideast Peace Talks 'Constructive'

Clinton: U.S. determined to make peace in Mideast

Obama administration wants 3-month settlement moratorium extension

Clinton, Abbas Meet as Peace Talks End

Settlement issue looming over Israeli-Palestinian direct talks

Mideast peace talks rich in symbolism

Israel: Weapons sites in Gaza hit


World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"

Roadside bomb kills 9 aboard minibus in Turkey

Up to 30 insurgents killed in clashes in Afghanistan ahead of parliamentary vote

Taliban urges Afghan vote boycott, warns of violence

Obama to meet with Sudan leaders in effort to save peace plan

UN expert urges investigation of recent attacks on civilians in northern Darfur

Rwanda: Nation to Continue Pursuing Rwamucyo

Futility - Somalia

Rwanda genocide can happen in Ghana, Emile Short warns

Khmer Rouge tribunal indicts 4 senior leaders

Bloodiest Week of Kashmir Protests Spur All-Party Peace Bid

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