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January 7, 2009

January 1-15, 2009

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Obama climate czar has socialist ties: Group sees 'global governance' as solution

Oil falls as U.S. petroleum inventories rise

UN chief condemns Israeli shelling of UN compound

Emerging Gaza ceasefire allows Hamas to restock rockets - and fire them

"Bin Laden" message not seen as threat to U.S., Obama

Obama: No longer essential to kill Osama bin Laden

Quietly, Chávez reopens the door to Western oil firms

Gloomy EU frets over Russian gas supply resumption

Afghan general killed in helicopter crash

Israeli - Palestinian War

Witnesses: Israeli ground force seizes S Gaza City: Pushes into center

Barak: Keeping eyes open for Gaza operation end

Russian naval task force led by aircraft carrier docks at Syrian port

UN headquarters in Gaza hit by Israeli 'white phosphorus' shells

IDF advancing in Gaza: Thousands fleeing homes

More Hamas rockets hit Israeli towns

Israel threats to retaliate against Lebanon if rocket attacks resume

Hamas-Gaza bows to Damascus leaders' veto against Egyptian ceasefire terms

Gaza Battles Rage as Israelis Talk Truce in Cairo, Washington

Hamas: 'We're still intact': Terrorists claim Israel barely dented 'military capabilities'

"Bin Laden" urges jihad against Israel

'All the time we hear the Israeli war machine'

FM Livni urges Red Cross to press Hamas for access to captured soldier Shalit

Venezuela breaks off Israel ties

Israel avoids UN Security Council condemnation

Israel asks UN Security Council to condemn Hamas

Fighters' Jewish Spirit Returns

Fear: Turkey may pull deals with Israel

Politics In The News

Obama, Stimulus Proposals Enjoy Broad Backing in Poll

Obama aides offer more assurances on bailout money

Retired Air Force General Is Leading Candidate for NASA's Top Post

Obama's Pick to Head SEC Has Record Of Being a Regulator With a Light Touch

Clinton At State: Will Senator Step Away From Israel?

Obama committed to ending of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy on gays in the military

Inauguration News

Your at-home guide to the Inauguration

Obama's inauguration is most expensive ever at $160 million

Barack Obama WILL FACE The Obelisk As He Takes His Oath of Office

President Obama continues the practice begun by Ronald Reagan of "facing the obelisk" - Washington Monument -- during his inauguration as the 44th President. This practice further demonstrates the reality that this President is going to be thoroughly Illuminist pagan


Fascist Economy Forming

Russian ruble dips to decade low: Central Bank continues controlled devaluation

European Central Bank poised to cut rates as bank crisis deepens

Bank of America may receive more bailout money

HSBC, UBS May Be Liable on Madoff as Fund Custodians


Illegal Immigration News

'Attempted hit' put on Ramos family: 'Thank God no one turned on a light! Monica and her 3 boys would be gone!'

10 congressmen urge clemency for imprisoned border agents

Border Patrol Agent 'has butterflies' over chance for reprieve



Global Warming = Global Government

Obama climate czar has socialist ties: Group sees 'global governance' as solution

Ice Age to blast Earth: Glacial era predicted to freeze planet for next 100,000 years



U.S. warns drug war threatens Mexico 'collapse'


January 14, 2009


Weakened Hamas still seen as dangerous

US sees Gaza rebuilding as opportunity for Abbas

Clinton Signals No Change: Security for Israel and New PA State

Rockets from Lebanon again hit Israel

Clinton's tough diplomacy: No talks with Hamas

Official: Guantanamo Detainee Was Tortured

Pakistan dismisses Indian data as 'not evidence'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Iran tones down its vocal support for Hamas

Why Israel Can’t Make Peace With Hamas

Olmert ignoring calls from Barak, Livni for immediate Gaza truce

Israeli army continues offensive on Gaza for 19th day

Israeli troops reach Gaza City outskirts

Five IDF paratroopers wounded in northern Gaza gunbattle

Gazans open old graves to bury their new dead

Hillary Clinton: New U.S. administration to forge Mideast peace

Israeli army chief denies using white phosphorus in Gaza

Israel informer rests easy on the edge of Gaza onslaught

Germany calls for ceasefire in Gaza

UN Sec. Gen. Coming to Impose Anti-War UN Resolution in Gaza

UN Security Council backs full implementation of Gaza truce resolution

Is Israel Losing the Media War in Gaza?

Israel's Gaza offensive stokes anger among Jordan elite

International court to discuss Gaza operation?

Will IDF Withdraw With or Without Captured IDF Soldier, Shalit?

Fascist Economy Forming

Obama Urges Congress Not to Block the Bailout

Banks in Need of Even More Bailout Money

Stimulus Alone Won’t End Crisis: Bernanke

Britain to guarantee loans to small firms

Ford confident it could secure government credit line

Chrysler in talks with Renault, Magna

Toyota sees U.S. inventory in line by May

CITI breakup in sight after Morgan Stanley deal

Politics In The News

Prelude To An Inaugural

Bush grants federal aid for Obama inauguration: President declares state of emergency

Burris Cleared to Take Obama's Senate Seat: Will bring Democratic Senate majority to 58

Obama scrambles on Geithner, bailout concerns

Retooling Obama's campaign machine for the long haul

Obama Dines With Conservative Columnists: William Kristol and David Brooks, George Will, Charles Krauthammer

The world according to Hillary: Will wield "Smart Power"

Just One Blip in Hillary Clinton's Senate Lovefest: Bill's Donations

In hearings, Clinton touts pragmatic foreign policy

Pakistan is a complex issue because she has nukes: Clinton

US to triple non-military aid to Pakistan: Hillary

Struggling states cut healthcare for poor before Obama can bolster coverage

President Bush Gives Highest Civilian Honor To British Former PM, Tony Blair

Bush's Last Press Conference: Full of Disappointment

Bush appointee saw career Justice lawyers as 'commies,' 'crazy libs': In 2002

Pentagon: 61 ex-Guantanamo inmates return to terrorism after their release

Ethiopian troops in Somalia hand over security to Somalis

Sodom and Gomorrah

Bill would allow same-sex marriage in Maine

California Prop 8 proponents seek to nullify same-sex marriages

Sexually transmitted disease rates soar: CDC

Gays And Atheists: Joined At The Lip

Kalamazoo, Mich, abandons 'perceived gender' bias ordinance

Bush's Afghan reconstruction boondoggle

Big Brother's new target: Tracking of all firearms
'This is nothing less than a declaration of war on American gun owners'

January 13, 3009


Gaza: Israel prepares 'iron fist' strike at Hamas

Israel Pushes into Gaza City

Inauguration Festivities to Include Gay Bishop: Will deliver invocation Sunday at concert to kick off inaugural celebrations

Obama Will Issue Executive Order Within First Week to Shut Guantanamo Prison

President-elect to restore ties with neighbours: Canada, Mexico - to discuss North American Union

Russian gas to Europe 'blocked'

Why Europe needs Russian gas

Countries that will miss George Bush


Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza Crisis: Key Maps and Timeline

Israeli leader warns Hamas of `iron fist'

Israel tightens grip on Gaza City: Hamas stays defiant

Israel, Hamas locked in fierce Gaza street battles

IDF Officer critically hurt in Gaza blast

Death toll rises as Gaza war enters 18th day

Palestinians Flee Homes

Group accuses Israel of firing white phosphorus into Gaza

UN Rights Council Condemns Israeli Action in Gaza

General Ashkenazi extols 'exceptional results' of Gaza operation

Hamas rockets still hit Israeli towns

Egypt's Mubarak Struggles as Middleman in Gaza Cease-Fire Effort

Gazans die as Israel tests new 'nasty' weapons

Arab TV channels join hands to launch pro-Gaza telethon

Demands grow for Gaza war crimes investigation


President Bush Says 'Goodbye"

9/11, two wars, Katrina: 'We had fun', says Bush

Words that sum up Bush's America

Bush defends tumultuous terms in last news conference

Happy warrior Bush

Bush advice for Obama: Do what you think is right

Bush legacy shaped by war, economic crisis

What next for George W Bush?

Bush to give farewell address Thursday night


Obama's Inauguration News

"Barack Obama WILL FACE The Obelisk As He Takes His Oath of Office" - President Obama continues the practice begun by Ronald Reagan of "facing the obelisk" - Washington Monument -- during his inauguration as the 44th President. This practice further demonstrates the reality that this President is going to be thoroughly Illuminist pagan.

Inauguration Festivities to Include Gay Bishop: Will deliver invocation Sunday at concert to kick off inaugural celebrations

Tickets to Obama Inauguration Create Stir on Capitol Hill

'Faithful' update on inaugural God-mentions

Nightmarish weather could befall inauguration-goers

Politics In The News

Hillary Clinton Confirmation Hearing Set: To push U.S. leadership renewal

Obama wants access to $350 billion left in bailout fund

Bush agrees to ask for remaining $350 billion for Wall Street plan

US Rep Frank says Obama agrees on strict TARP rules

Senate Will Seat Burris, Ending a Messy Standoff

Wall Street Financier Rattner, Possible 'Car Czar,' Faces Questions

Obama Unlikely To Probe Bush's Counter-terror Acts

Obama to Tap His Tech Adviser as FCC Chief : Julius Genachowski

Obama learns fast that Dems are hard to herd

Not a company man: Obama's choice for the CIA

Hitler returns to front page as Nazi era papers hit the streets

Biden heads to Asia on official trip: Congressional trip in his capacity as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee

US Vice President-elect Joe Biden arrives in Baghdad

Bombs aimed at police kill nine in Baghdad

Blast hits Russian official building

Britain says Pakistan state not linked to Mumbai attack


"Henry Kissinger Has Proclaimed That Obama Is Primed To "Create New World Order"!

We have felt since 1992 that the final events needed to conclude the New World Order might occur during the administration of the 44th President.

Now, one of the most powerful member of the Illuminati has just stated that Obama is uniquely positioned to create the final New World Order, a.k.a. Kingdom of Antichrist.

The Chance For A New World Order: Henry Kissinger

Fascist Economy Forming

Ford, Toyota note positive ’blip’ in January sales

A glitz-free Detroit motor show? Some luxury carmakers didn't get the memo

GM, Chrysler Promise Electric Cars to Fight Detroit Show Gloom

Toyota says 2010 Prius hybrid will average 50 mpg

Honda Unveils a Cheaper Hybrid Challenger to Toyota’s Top-Selling Prius

Royal Bank of Scotland Selling Bank of China Stake

US car workers protest against wage cuts at glitzy launch

Carmakers lean toward higher gas tax to fuel small-car sales: To force buyers to keep considering fuel-efficient and small cars

Racist slur or army banter? What the soldiers say about Prince Harry's remarks



January 12, 2009


Israel sends army reservists into Gaza battle

Israel is 'nearing Gaza goals' - PM Olmert

FM Livni: Israel will not show restraint

Bush, Obama to tag-team lawmakers for bailout cash

Bush's Personality Shapes His Legacy

Inaugural is dress rehearsal for history

GOP rolls out welcome mat for Hillary Clinton

Obama's big idea: Digital health record

Oil futures back below $40 a barrel

Obama indicates swift, new approach for Iran

Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza Crisis: Key Maps and Timeline

Israeli offensive continues for 16th day: 38 killed Sunday

Both sides in Gaza war using lethal new tricks

FM Livni Says Israel to Extinguish Hamas’s Ability to Fire Rockets

Hamas leaders hiding in basement of Israel-built hospital in Gaza

IAF Pummels Tunnels along Gaza-Egypt Border

Battered by Israel, Hamas faces tough choice

A Dangerous Victory: Now that Israel won on the battlefield, we must make sure to win diplomatic war

Hamas reportedly rejects Egypt bid for long-term Gaza truce

France urging European observers to monitor Gaza

Israel breaks off attacks to allow relief supplies into Gaza

Pro-Palestinian rally in New York turns violent

Anti-Israel rocket fire from Gaza halved through operation

Obama reiterates to engage immediately on Mideast as president

'Stray mortar' hit UN Gaza school

1 dead, dozens injured in Gaza by suspected white phosphorus munitions: Banned munitions

Gaza rocket strikes Ashkelon home: Jewish residents flee to shelter

Hamas Attacks Ashkelon During 'Humanitarian Aid' Truce

Legal Expert: Rising Gaza death toll doesn't mean IDF acts are disproportionate

NATO Chief Meets with Top Israeli Officials: No Plans for Peace

Muslims Threaten To Kill Madonna, Britney Spears

Fascist Economy Forming

IMF May Need Another $150 Billion for Crisis

China to Keep Yuan Near Dollar ‘Peg,’

Euro Falls Versus Dollar and Yen

China Auto Sales to Grow Least in 11 Years

Ford's joint venture in China says 2008 car sales fell 5%

Carmakers' hopes ride on minis

Detroit auto show opens amid economic woes

China to Tolerate More Bad Loans, Relax Credit Rules

Ruble Falls to 6-Year Low; Russia Devalues 2nd Time in Two Days

Venezuela Begins Stealth Devaluation After Oil Price Plunge

Lee, Aso Pledge Closer South Korea, Japan Ties To Fight Global Economic Crisis

Sarah Palin is right -- leave her family alone

Series of bombs kill 7 in Baghdad

Iraqis 'capture leading militant'

Iraq’s parliament faces crisis over infighting

'Beware, we are coming!': Islamic rule 'from Alaska and Chile to South Africa'

Will German homeschooling parents end up behind bars?

Bible 'expert' proclaims: Jesus is not God: Says most Christians wrong about divinity by misinterpreting Scripture

NASA Warns: 2012 'space Katrina' may cripple U.S. for months - Damages could be trillions from solar 'perfect storm'

Russia ready to ship gas when Ukraine accepts international monitors

Saturday-Sunday, January 10-11, 2009


Israel Presses Forward With Fierce Gaza Fight, Hamas Rejects Truce

Israel's strategic incompetence in Gaza: Daniel Pipes

Israel says Gaza war nearing end

U.S. rejected Israeli plea to attack Iran

UN drafting ceasefire plan that would reinstate Abbas' Palestinain Authority in Gaza

Hamas rejects international observers in Gaza

Israeli forces pound targets, draw near Gaza City

Obama's Inauguration, Muslims say: 'It's our time'

Obama says plan could add or save 4 million jobs

Will Defense Run the “Real” Stimulus Package?

Bush Prepares Request for Rest Of Bailout Funds

Rise of Russia's political fortune

Gov. Blagojevich Impeached, Will Face Trial


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel’s Gaza assault enters third week

US plans massive arms delivery to Israel

Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation

Palestinian leader Abbas says 'aggression' must stop

Egypt, Abbas see no foreign force on Gaza border

Israel to allow 3-hour lull in Gaza fighting

PM Olmert: Operation Cast Lead still a go

Israel agrees to "principles" in Egyptian truce

Hamas claims its missile hit Israeli army base

Death toll in Gaza exceeds 800

Abbas calls on Hamas to accept ceasefire initiative

Dispute over Abbas' mandate submerged under Gaza offensive

Palestinians flee after Israeli offensive in Gaza: Photo Gallery

Israelis mourn fallen soldiers

Mid-East global protests continue

US congress votes to back Israel

UN probes raid on sheltering Gazans

Musharraf urges India to stop threats of surgical strikes

India says she has not reached end of road on Mumbai attacks

Ukraine 'making gas crisis worse' : Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Turkey in talks with Russia, Ukraine to end gas dispute

EU seeks ways to resolve Russian gas crisis

Political fallout of Bulgaria's gas crisis

Backgrounder: Russia's gas pipelines to Europe

Death toll from earthquake rises to 13 in Costa Rica

Morgan Stanley May Pay Citigroup $3 Billion in Brokerage Merger

Politics In The News

Caroline's Inexperience a "Minus": NY Gov Says

Burris, legal team considering lawsuit as next step toward gaining Senate seat

Obama gives Panetta strong vote of confidence in announcing CIA pick

Obama's counterterrorism will be counter to George Bush's

Illinois Supreme Court ruling gives Burris the Senate seat: Attorney claims

Inaugural stage door dedicated to Jesus: 'In thy sovereignty Thou hast permitted Barack Obama to lead us at this hour'

Remembering President George W. Bush

Analysis: Bush legacy _ grim times, gloomy nation

In Bush presidencies, similarities abound

George W. Bush: Quotes from a presidency

John 3:16 -- Latest Bible Verse to Be Featured On Tim Tebow's Eye Black

Tebow keeps promise to team, fans, God

Florida QB makes 'John 3:16' hottest Google search: Tebow inscribed Bible reference on eye black for championship game


January 9, 2009



Blagojevich Impeached, Will Face Trial

Burris' Appointment Backed by Illinois Court

Wall Street Is Big Donor to Inauguration

Trans Texas Corridor Not Dead - Just Renamed

Incoming Obama administration 'prepared to talk to Hamas'

UN calls for immediate Gaza truce, attacks go on

Congress makes it official for Obama

Both Crisis and Plan To Fix It 'Unprecedented'

A Crisis Trumps Constraint

For Pittsburgh, There’s Life After Steel

Illinois House committee urges impeachment of Governor Blagojevich

Has Pepsi gone 'gay'?


"Henry Kissinger Has Proclaimed That Obama Is Primed To "Create New World Order"!

We have felt since 1992 that the final events needed to conclude the New World Order might occur during the administration of the 44th President.

Now, one of the most powerful member of the Illuminati has just stated that Obama is uniquely positioned to create the final New World Order, a.k.a. Kingdom of Antichrist.

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas: Abbas no longer heads Palestinian Authority

U.S. makes U-turn on U.N. Gaza vote: An apparent reversal of earlier promises to Arab states

Hamas Complains: UNSC resolution neglects its demands

FM Livni: Israel to continue to act only in its interest

Israel 'shelled civilian shelter'

Some 450 rockets fired during Gaza operation

IAF Strikes 50 Terror Targets

UN suspends Gazan aid operation: "our workers have been killed"

Israel keeps tight leash on media

UN: One-third of Gaza dead, injured are children

Two Soldiers Killed in Gaza

Indonesians decry Israel-Egypt alliance

Crushing Hamas is the answer: Charles Krauthammer column

Military push needed: Security Council’s truce resolution meaningless

Hezbollah, Israel Try to Play Down Lebanon Rockets, For Now

Rockets strikes reveal new foe in Lebanon: Emergence of the Arab Islamic Resistance - a rival to Hezbollah

Cast Lead Operation is not limited by the end of Bush term

Magnitude 4.5 quake felt across Southern California

Strong 6.2 earthquake shakes Costa Rica


Fascist Economy Forming

Text of Obama's economic speech

Dinosaurs of Motor City

Obama unveils economic stimulus plan

11 days to inauguration: Obama to Congress: Act now

Obama is being too vague on numbers

A $2 trillion bet on powering America

Democrats get Citigroup to support mortgage modifications: Bill would let homeowners in bankruptcy alter their mortgages to keep their homes

Macy's to close 11 stores after weak holiday sales

Walgreens plans to cut 1,000 salaried jobs

Wall Street awaits jobs report

Obama: Economic recovery package should include funds for Healthcare I.T.

Even the porn industry wants a government bailout

Why the banks won't lend: Determined to save themselves, banks can't be forced to expand lending. Public ownership is the only way to avert disaster

Bank of America, Citigroup May Face Restrictions After Crisis

Panasonic Cuts Flat-screen TV Plant Outlays By $1.4 Billion

Politics In The News

Obama is starting to take charge already

Health secretary pick seeks health care overhaul: Tom Daschle

GOP Should Fight Health-Care Rationing

Health care overhaul needn't break bank

Sen. Ted Kennedy, back after cancer battle, presides over hearing for cabinet shoo-in Tom Daschle

Hillary Clinton to get confirmation hearing next week

Caroline Kennedy's inexperience weighs big on Gov. Paterson's mind

Watch Obama commercial they don't want you to see: Fox, CNN, MSNBC refuse ads questioning Barack's eligibility

V.P. Cheney slams irresponsible Iraq pullout

Russia and Ukraine reach pact on gas deliveries

Ukraine faces big gas bill rise even with oil drop

Army 'takes key Sri Lanka pass'

US claims to have killed Pakistan al-Qaida chief: Usama al-Kini, believed to be responsible for Marriott hotel bombing

Washington loses a vital Pakistani link: Fired Major General Mahmood Durrani was key to U.S. plans for the region

Lawsuit seeks safeguards from 'gay' harassment

America's pro-homosexual giants: 2009: 259 U.S. businesses recognized for benefiting 'lesbian, gays, bisexual, transgender' employees

Family values vs. Playboy porn: Guess who wins

January 8, 2009

Protests over Calif. train shooting turn violent: Businesses smashed, cars set blaze in Oakland after transit cop killed black youth

UN to call for 'immediate ceasefire' in Gaza

PM Olmert: Gaza op goals yet to be obtained

Senior IDF officers want to press on with ground operation

Israelis arrive in Egypt for ceasefire talk

Today's News

Kissinger: Obama primed to create 'New World Order'

Obama Warns of Dire Consequences Without Stimulus

Israel aims to remove Hamas from power

Pakistan confirms surviving Mumbai attacker is a Pakistani national

Russian President Medvedev lays down terms for resuming gas supplies


Israeli - Palestinian War

13th Day of Gaza Campaign

'Unknown group' in Lebanon launches rockets at Israel

Gaza conflict has potential to draw in Hezbollah

Israel military steps up Gaza airstrikes

2 Israeli officials arrive in Cairo for talks

Israel inching towards Gaza ceasefire

China urges ceasefire in Gaza and backs Egyptian proposal

Red Cross Accuses Israel of Neglecting Gaza Wounded

Hamas executes "collaborators" and restricts Fatah movement

Gaza crisis delays dispute over Abbas presidency

Iran's stake in the success of Hamas's 'resistance'

'Gaza must not become Iran's satellite' - President Peres

Gaza War Role Provides Political Lift for Ex-Premier Barak

Arab media portray Palestinians as courageous victims

Politics In The News

Obama Appoints New Officer to Get Rid of Government Waste - Nancy Killefer is the new "Chief Performance Officer"

Obama's performance czar has tried to improve IRS

U.S. Senate to discuss confirmation of Clinton's nomination

Senate Democrats change their tune on Burris to replace Obama

Illinois panel nears decision on Governor Blagojevich impeachment

Obama's election is changing the politics of race

Watching Obama sell his economic stimulus plan

Past, Present and Future US Presidents Meet at White House


Popular New Bookstore DVD - by Pastor Hoggard

"Jesus Christ, DNA and the Holy Bible"

Science is catching up with the Bible! In this video, Pastor Michael Hoggard shows the amazing correlations between the Holy Bible and DNA, and how the Gospel message is literally encoded in our genetic structure. This presentation is not only full of scientific fact, but also contains a clear and simple salvation message.

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India says all options open to dismantle terror groups

Pakistan's National Security Advisor Fired After Mumbai Disclosure

Congressional Budget Office expects deficit to triple to $1.2 trillion

President Bush saved U.S. lives? That's only more Karl Rove-style spin

Porn kings Larry Flint and Joe Francis go begging for government bailout

Bombs Kill 5 Iraqi Soldiers

US Troops Watch for Female Suicide Bombers in Iraq

Army apologizes for error in letters: About 7,000 letters sent to families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan had the salutation 'Dear John Doe.'



January 7, 2009


Israel offers daily short respite from Gaza strikes

Israel's fait accompli in Gaza

Obama sees 'trillion-dollar deficits for years to come'

Obama defends choice for CIA chief

Russia halts all gas to Europe

Chávez and Obama hint at willingness to mend fences

111th Congress opens with drama in Senate

Pakistan rejects India 'propaganda'


Israeli - Palestinian War

Amid int'l pressure, Security Cabinet considers expanding Gaza operation

IDF ready to deploy in all of Gaza Strip

Obama 'deeply concerned' over Gaza

Israel may increase attacks amid truce talks

Secretary of State Rice gives support to Mubarak proposal on Gaza

UN wants probe of Israeli school shelling that killed 40

School hit piles pressure on Israel

Abbas urges action on Gaza

Israel ground war drives up civilian casualties

UN Security Council may agree position on Gaza - Russian envoy

Israeli tanks withdraw from southern Gaza?

Iran urges all-out effort to save Gaza

Why has the West Bank been quiet?

Hamas executes 6 suspected collaborators

Restrained Obama leaves many displeased

Nasrallah says Hizbullah ready to fight Israel in Lebanon

Lebanese army boosts troops along Israel border

IDF: Hamas built underground city of weapons, tunnels

Pakistan denies official involvement in Mumbai attacks

Bush shelters ocean treasures: 3 new monuments contain rich array of diverse ecosystems

Smoking Gun! - Rockefeller Official Revealed NWO Plot In 1969


Fascist Economy Forming

Milwaukee Neighborhoods To Issue Local Currency

Rating cut may cost Detroit $400M: Standard & Poor's downgraded the city's credit rating to junk status

Stocks end higher on hopes for economic rebound

Fed Focuses on Consumer, Corporate Loan Rate Spreads

GOP unusually resistant to Obama tax cut

GM won't build Pontiac G8 sport truck

Oil Traders Seek Another 10 Supertankers for Storage

Treasurys Move Higher As Fed Buys Mortgage Bonds

Obama to ride in style in GM limo: Armored '09 Cadillac to carry new president in inaugural parade

Gupta in line for surgeon general: son of Indian and Pakistani parents, wrote speeches for Hillary Clinton in early 1990's

Three views on Bush's legacy


January 7, 2009


Israel 'expands' Gaza offensive

Iran wants to show regional power over Gaza crisis

Tax cuts a big part of Obama's $775B stimulus plan

Obama Plans To Create 600,000 New Government Employees

How Bush threw election to Obama

India: Pakistanis "must have" backed Mumbai attack

U.S. Embassy in Iraq Largest, Most Expensive Ever

FBI plans large hiring blitz of agents, experts

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Tanks Storm South Gaza's Largest City

IDF Paratrooper officer killed during overnight Gaza operations

Gaza: 3 soldiers killed, 24 injured in friendly fire incident

Israel, Hamas Trade Fire as Gaza Truce Efforts Fail

Death toll rises as Israel encircles Gaza City: 130 Hamas fighters claimed killed

Egypt denies Mubarak said Israel must win war on Hamas

PM Olmert: No to 48-hour ceasefire, yes to American initiative

Israel Setting Rules for Truce: Foreign Monitors at Border

Israel sets key condition for Gaza ceasefire: Hamas must be prevented from rearming

US seeks cease-fire formula, backs operation

Doctors stuck at bottleneck on Egypt-Gaza border

Hamas rocket unit head believed killed in IDF strike

Israeli Infant lightly hurt in rocket attack on Gedera

Hamas opens hospital for gunmen

IDF casualties stream into Soroka hospital\

Muslim community in protest against Israeli onslaught

Pope: Israelis, Palestinians must start talks

More oddities in the U.S. "debate" over Israel/Gaza: Democrats overwhelmingly oppose Gaza strike while Republicans overwhelmingly support it

Nothing good to say, Obama mum on Gaza

Fascist Economy Forming

$8 trillion bailout: How Obama plan fits

Treasury to give GM second loan of $5.4 billion Jan. 16

Toyota orders 11-day output halt as sales slump

Detroit 3 look for midyear sales boost in stimulus aid

Asian Auto Stocks Rise, Ignoring Weak U.S. Sales

Fed Focuses on Consumer, Corporate Rate Spreads Over Treasuries: Trying to stimulate lending

Banks’ ‘Catatonic Fear’ Means Consumers Don’t Get TARP Relief

Prosecutors seek to jail Madoff

Home sales are up but prices are falling

Political News

Obama picks Leon Panetta for CIA director: Was Bill Clinton's budget director and chief of staff

Fierce Bush Critic Picked for Justice Post

Obama's impressive new OLC chief: Office of Legal Counsel

Obama taps Clinton-era lawyers for Justice Dept

Obama’s Inauguration Fund-Raising Tops $24 Million

Senate Democrats put off plans to seat Franken To Replace Obama

Illinois impeachment panel may end without FBI tapes

Obama administration has chance to redefine commerce secretary post

Ann Coulter banned for life by NBC: 'We are just not interested in anyone so highly critical of President-elect Obama'

6 countries completely lose Russian gas supply

Sri Lanka seizes key rebel defense line in north

Malaysia's Christians ordered to stop publishing news: Government says use of 'Allah' restricted to Muslims

Homeschooling goes boom in America: 74 percent increase in number of families teaching own children


Global Terrorism = Global Dictatorship

Terrorists could use 'insect-based' biological weapon

Fresh Greek Attack Stirs Terrorism Fears

Pentagon Chief Sees Opportunities In Russia and the War on Terrorism

Isolate Pakistan for using terrorism as state policy: Indian PM

Obama's Justice nominees signal break with Bush counterterrorism policies

California Supreme Court says breakaway local parish can't take national church's property: Ruled unanimously that the property of St. James Episcopal Church in Newport Beach is owned by the national church, not the congregation

January 5, 2009


Israeli Offensive Against Hamas Militants Continues Into Tenth Day

Analysis: Abbas tries to regain foothold in Gaza

Doctor in Gaza: Patients 'lying everywhere'

Fed's moves should cushion downturn

Is the Euro the New Dollar?

Iran to prepare budget based on $37 oil

Female Suicide Bomber Kills 35 in Baghdad

Obama To Push for Tax Cuts in Economic Stimulus Plan

India hands evidence on Mumbai attacks to Pakistan


DVD - Book

Israeli - Palestinian War

Map: Gaza offensive - Weeks One & Two

Ground war in Gaza: Pictures

Israeli tanks, troops cut off Gaza City

Israel vows no let-up over Gaza

Israel pounds Hamas, but rocket fire continues

Israel wants international deal on Gaza truce

Russian special Mideast envoy urges Israel to end Gaza violence

Israelis relieved as army moves to halt rockets

Diplomatic efforts to halt Gaza offensive make little progress

55 Israelis wounded in Gaza, so far

Palestinian, Israeli diplomats in China blame each other on Gaza conflicts

For Israel, Chance to Strike Before an Ally Departs

Israeli Defense Minister: Gaza operation aimed at changing security situation in S Israel

Cheney: Israel didn't seek U.S. green light on Gaza invasion


Fascist Economy Forming

Fed Officials Endorse ‘Big Stimulus’

Fed can expand unconventional policies

Dollar Rises Against Euro, Yen on Obama Plan for U.S. Stimulus

Obama sells stimulus to Congress

The Fed's Actions to Ease Lending

The Ponzi Scheme in Every Hedge Fund

Fed, European Central Bank prepare to tackle deflation head-on

Economy has some gyms scaling back on prices


Politics In The News

Democrat Franken to be declared Senate victor in Minnesota: Will expand Democrat total to 58

An emotional Obama leaves Chicago for Washington

For Obama's Home Town, It's Not Goodbye: Proud Chicagoans Say 'See You Soon' as Incoming President Moves to D.C.

Obama's girls arrive in Washington, D.C. for school start: Will attend the Sidwell Friends School, a private Quaker day school

Security Agencies Alter Strategies, Add Backup for Inauguration Week

Burris may have a chance at Senate seat

Obama commerce nominee pulls out - Richardson

Chronology of key events in Richardson withdrawal

Richardson fallout begins to take shape

Gov. Paterson is leaving Caroline Kennedy in limbo by delaying choice for Senate seat

A Spurt of Quake Activity Raises Fears in Yellowstone


Non-Integrating News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Religious march hit by suicide bomber: Killed at least 35, wounded 65

"Treacherous" U.S. breaks pacts, Iran warns Iraq

Iran, Iraq set up to two committees to strengthen ties: PM al-Maliki reports

Iran's duty to be by the side of Iraq: Iranian president

Cheney Admits: Iraq Intel Was "wrong"

Cheney: U.S. close to achieving its goals in Iraq

Saturday-Sunday, January 3-4, 2009


Breaking News

Israeli troops launch ground attack in Gaza

Iranian speaker says Gaza to turn to Israeli troops' graveyard

7.6-magnitude quake hits Indonesia's West Papua

Suicide bomber kills 38 at Iraq checkpoint

Why Obama's green jobs plan might work

Congress gets ready to build stimulus package for Obama's first day

Scholars unflinching in negative assessment of Bush's legacy

Bush blames Gaza offensive on Hamas

Chrysler gets $4 billion U.S. government loan

As 111th Senate Begins, Four Seats Still Undecided

NY Gov. Paterson Will Name Caroline Kennedy

10 craziest days on Wall Street in 2008: #10 Saving our Fannie (and Freddie)

The Iraq War Is Now Illegal

Markdown Frenzy: Retail stores desperate to clear inventory, slash prices

Israeli - Palestinian War

Call it a war already

Hamas chief warns of 'black destiny' for Israel

Gazans brace for Israeli ground invasion as death toll from air attacks reaches 430

IDF Official: Long way to go in Gaza

Secretary Rice: No end in sight to Gaza conflict

Civilians take brunt of 7th day of Gaza offensive

Two Israelis lightly hurt when rocket hits Ashdod building

Arabs increasingly accuse Egypt of being complicit in Israel's war on Gaza

IAF strikes third senior Hamas commander: Abu Zacharia Al-Jamal

IDF kills top Hamas terrorist: Sheikh Nizar Rayyan

'Critical emergency' after air strike every 20 minutes

UN envoy calls for comprehensive Gaza truce

Hezbollah guns to stay silent despite Gaza bloodshed

Factional divide rules out show of solidarity from West Bank: Fatah will not support Hamas against Israel

In Pictures: Gaza conflict

Hamas, Al-Qaeda Threaten Jewish Targets Abroad

Abbas to release hundreds of Hamas prisoners: Goodwill gesture to Hamas

Posters urge Gazans to inform IDF of Hamas' whereabouts

Bush says he wants lasting Mideast cease-fire

MK Candidate Dr. Ben Ari: Follow King David's Advice on Gaza - "I will chase my enemies and catch up to them and I shall not return until I annihilate them"

Fascist Economy Forming

Can Obama save the car industry?

Government to get 5 million preferred GMAC shares

GMAC Chairman may finally be dethroned

Ford struggles to see light at end of the tunnel

GMAC gives up exclusive rights

Big drop expected for December car sales

Even Madoff investors who got out before the collapse could face trouble

Laid-off foreign workers fear losing residency: Fear deportation

New Year Cheer On Wall St.: The Dow zooms 258 points to close above 9,000 amid a 'lot of cautious optimism.'

Out in Nevada desert, gambling runs dry

Politics In The News

Effort to impeach Governor Blagojevich is on the fast track

Senate Democrats Prepared to Block Blagojevich’s Pick: Roland Burris

Harry Reid v. the Constitution: If Burris isn't fit for the Senate, how is Chris Dodd?

Obama Urges Quick Action On Economic Stimulus

Sympathy For the "W"? In the end, a new portrait of Bush as tired, misunderstood, ruined

Non-Integrating News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

It's Time to Reject Ideologically Motivated Scare Tactics that Pass as Intelligence

Iraq bombing kills 23 at gathering of Sunni, Shiite tribesmen

Iraqi premier visits Iran to discuss US-Iraq pact

Iraq won't be used to threaten neighbours - PM Maliki

Iraq Sovereign Again as U.S. Forces Change Role At Stroke of Midnight

Concord dad, Army soldier dies in Iraq New Year's Eve

US military deaths in Iraq war now officially at 4,221

Iraq's transport network on road to recovery but needs help

Military 'Uncertain' About Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief

Three injured in explosion in Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo


January 2, 2009


Hamas resilient despite Israeli aerial onslaught

Hamas rockets on Israel's nuclear plant?

Obama and the New World Order

Obama, Hillary Clinton, Most Admired

Obama to meet with lawmakers, former presidents

Obama's Team Rankles the Right Wing

Suspected U.S. drone missile strike kills 4 in Pakistan

US troops' main supply route through Pakistan reopens


Israeli - Palestinian War

Day 7 of Gaza operation: High police alert across Israel, Ashkelon takes brunt of rockets

IAF hits terror cell that fired at Ashkelon

Hamas plans to defeat Israeli force with epic "last stand" at Gaza City

Israeli cabinet resolves to continue offensive against Hamas

War boosting Likud, Labor: Kadima floundering

Gaza conflict can make or break Defense Minister Barak's fortunes

Israel lets foreigners flee Gaza Strip: Action may portend a ground invasion

Hamas orders 'day of wrath' over Israel blitz

Key Hamas leader killed in Gaza strikes

Most stores in southern line of fire closed

Iran demands sanctions on Israel

Egypt refuses to open Rafah border: Will not ease humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Abbas to attend UN meeting on Gaza operation

Hezbollah studying whether to join Hamas fight: Seeking ways to complicate Israelis' military campaign

Global terror attacks feared due to Gaza operation

Politics In The News

Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States

AOL: Growing majority worried over Obama's Presidential eligibility

Obama family moves into historic D.C. hotel

Obama's 'Haunted House': Staff say they've seen ghost at storied Hay-Adams Hotel

‘Hail to Chief’ Ambience for President in Waiting

Obama brings hope that a new chapter is beginning in life of bewildered superpower

Obama raises Africa's hopes, but 2008 was a year to forget

Looking back at a momentous year in US politics: Video

From Obama-mania to Palin power: 2008's top political stories

Year started, ends with partisan games

U.S. dedicated to developing renewable energy

Racism In America Is Over

Moderate Republicans may be in big demand in Senate

Obama radio critic finds talk show time slashed


Fascist Economy Forming

Government to get 5 million preferred GMAC shares

U.S. auto makers receiving government loan

Chrysler cancels reward meeting for its top dealers

Auto loan shows impotence of Congress

Investors expect Chinese market turnaround

Obama Deserves Praise For Abandoning Oil Windfall Tax

U.S. State Secretary Rice to visit China

Chinese, U.S. presidents exchange congratulatory messages on anniversary of relations

Australia unlikely to accept Guantanamo detainees as Obama announces plans to close terror prison

Russia cuts off natural gas to Ukraine

Traditional family defenders now in 'gay' agenda bull's-eye: Licensing proposal could require lawyers to endorse homosexuality

Suicide bomber strikes Sri Lankan capital


January 1, 2009


U.S. Treasury Opens Door to Bailout Aid for Broad Array of Firms, Industries

Super Giant Natural Gas Field in the Appalachians?

Gaza Diplomacy Intensifies as Israel Bombs Hamas

U.S.turns over Green Zone HQ to Iraqis

British forces hand Basra airport to Iraqis

Poll: Obama leadership rates high as Bush's after 9/11

'Green Bible' Is Controversial: Embraces environmentalism and a need to protect the Earth


Israeli - Palestinian War

Kabbalist Elder: Gaza War Is Serious Threat

Gaza death toll hits 400 as airstrikes continue

Israel bombs house of senior Hamas leader

Terror Grad Rocket hits Ashdod apartment building: Destroys top floor

IAF hits cell that fired Ashdod Grad

IAF Takes Out Missile Storage Facility that Doubled as Mosque

Olmert in Beersheba: We're not interested in extended war

Cairo official: Gazans are getting killed while Hamas leaders hide

World rallies around Palestinians amid Gaza offensive

Draft UNSC resolution on Gaza rejected by U.S.

FM Livni to discuss cease-fire with French President Sarkozy

We must reshuffle the deck: Gaza operation rare window of opportunity to change regional realities

Olmert, Barak and Livni say politics isn't influencing Gaza operation

Analysis: Disturbing echoes of Lebanon, 2006

Iran adopts a bellicose posture on the Gaza conflict

20 Afghan bodyguards dead in ambush

Yellowstone Super Volcano

An "energetic earthquake swarm" of minor temblors shook Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho for several days

Oregon town an earthquake hot spot: Enduring an earthquake every other day

Archived Article: "YELLOWSTONE SUPER-VOLCANO MAY BE IN "EARLY STAGES" OF ERUPTION!" -- Scalar Waves causing this magma build-up

If Old Faithful is about to blow big time, head for the hills. Or Paris

Roland Burris: I'm going to D.C.: Surprise appointee from Illinois governor to replace Obama as Senator

N.Y. governor could choose big-name place holder for Hillary's Senate seat

Federal judges lose bid for pay raises

China Convicts 11 in Microsoft Software-Piracy Case


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