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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" -- Hosea 4:6

December 16-31, 2008

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Gaza rockets hit deep into Israel

Israel Rejects Proposed Cease-Fire

GMAC's eased loan rules to buoy General Motors

RNC draft rips Bush's bailouts: Calls bailouts "Socialism"

Chip Saltsman's 'Magic Negro' mistake

Ten reasons to be cheerful about prospects for 2009

"Greater Israel Forming"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas Knows One Big Thing: "The annihilation of the Jews here in Palestine"

Preventing a ‘divine victory’: Israel expected to boost military pressure in face of Hamas counterattack

Netanyahu Makes Israel's Case the World Over

IAF strikes back at rocket launchers

Hamas' Rocket Range Expanding, Kiryat Malachi is Hit

Defense Minister Barak Declares 'Special security situation' for towns within 30 km. of Gaza

Israel Security Agency) head Diskin: Hamas dealt a 'serious blow'

Hamas Charges: PA conspiring with Israel

Cease terror, not cease-fire: Editorial

Is Israel using 'disproportionate force' in Gaza?

Analysis: Air power alone won't force the Hamas response that Israel wants

65% of JPost readers want ground operation in Gaza

Iranian Jews protest Gaza 'slaughter'

While Israel fights in Gaza, Egypt and Saudi Arabia take on Iran

Syria boosts Mashaal's security: Hamas leader

Mashaal: Launch third intifada

Tourists flee Ashkelon, but stay in Israel

Jordan intelligence head is replaced

Fascist Economy Forming

Dealers have rosier outlook as GMAC readies more loans

Wall Street gains as GMAC gets financing: Dow rises more than 184 points

Treasury Bailout Trims Cerberus's GMAC Stake

Let Detroit Build Profitable Cars

World markets take heart from GMAC's $6bn bailout

GMAC's $6B Haul May Open Floodgates

We're at a turning point for capitalism

Greatest gift for Iraqi Christians -- returning home

Political News

Berg files new challenge to Obama's eligibility: 'There is nothing more important than our U.S. Constitution'

Atheists: No praying at inauguration! 'It is a secular event of a secular country that includes all Americans'

Senate Dems say they won't seat Obama replacement: Refusing to seat the man picked by Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to fill the seat vacated by President-elect Obama

Rep. Davis said thanks, but no thanks to Senate seat vacated by Obama

Lesbians in fight with Christian church: Officials refused to let homosexual pair use pavilion for 'ceremony'

Yellowstone Super Volcano

Over 200 Small Earthquakes Rattle Yellowstone and Its Volcano: Are these swarming quakes a portent of a larger event?

Archived Article: "YELLOWSTONE SUPER-VOLCANO MAY BE IN "EARLY STAGES" OF ERUPTION!" -- Scalar Waves causing this magma build-up

If Old Faithful is about to blow big time, head for the hills. Or Paris

Is Yellowstone gonna blow?




December 30, 2008


Israel vows to sweep Hamas from power

Israel Prepares Ground Invasion

Pakistan: India moves troops toward shared border

Was the 'Credit Crunch' a Myth Used to Sell a Trillion-Dollar Scam?

The 10 Most Awesomely Bad Moments of the Bush Presidency

Emanuel says he'll give up House seat on Friday

"Greater Israel Forming"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel says Gaza assault 'war to the bitter end'

IDF troops mass at Palestinian border

Israel vows ""long weeks of action" Gaza campaign

Israel strikes key Hamas offices

Britain Calls for Urgent Ceasefire in Gaza

U.S. demands Hamas accept durable ceasefire

Support on the ground in Israel

Germany Blames Hamas for Gaza Violence

Palestinians Breach Egypt Border as Israel Bombs Tunnels

Gazans pay price of Israel's strikes against Hamas

World rallies around Palestinians amid Gaza offensive

Defiant Hamas hits Israel with dozens of rockets

Bush administration defends Israeli air strikes

In Gaza, a time of rampant death and destruction



"Standing Fast In The Last Days"

Clarion Call To Resist Purpose Driven & Emerging Church Apostasy

This video is a clarion call for all God's genuine Christians to actively stand against the overwhelming flood of Apostasy in this world today -- Rick Warren's Purpose Driven and the Emerging Church Movements!

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Some of the topics Warren addresses are: the influence of OprahWinfrey and Robert Schuller, a growing hostility toward biblical Christians, a plan for a false world peace, how mysticism is becoming an integral part of today's society, and the interspiritual, ecumenical movement that is gaining momentum and deceiving many. --


Fascist Economy Forming

GMAC Gets Bailout Funds: Treasury says it would buy a $5 billion stake in GMAC, the financing arm of General Motors

At Washington Mutual, a relentless urge to approve any loan

Billionaire Kerkorian sells off remaining Ford shares

Bank failure in Russia revives fears of financial turmoil and domestic unrest

SEC Revises Oil-Reserve Accounting Rules - giving oil companies flexibility that they had long sought

Tight Credit Threatens Pipeline Expansion: Despite Strong Demand, Difficulties in Raising Cash Imperil Ability of Companies to Bring Natural Gas to Market

The Very Definition Of Arrogance! Editorial

Ford Hopes Self-Parking Vehicles Boost Curb Appeal - Automatic parallel-parking system

Market Movers: Dow Chemical, Rohm & Haas, Ford, Nokia

Political News

GOP reaction divided over controversial Obama song: ""Barack the Magic Negro"

Impeachment panel offered tapes on Blagojevich

Caroline Kennedy says she's best for the job

Gender divide on Kennedy's ability

Caroline Kennedy no whiz with words

Senator Schumer: Fed plan could include $5B for New York State aid

Clueless George 'W' was just like Palin


December 29, 2008

Death toll reaches 315 as Israel's Gaza assault enters third day

Barak: Israel in 'all-out war' with Hamas

Israel strike may shift Obama plan

Crude Oil Rises After Israeli Attacks on Gaza Roil Middle East

Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn predicts Blagojevich will be impeached by Feb. 12

Obama will stick to Middle Class tax promise

Japan insurers eye merger to survive downturn

Global Warming = Global Government

The 12 Days of Global Warming: Video

Half of the USA is covered in snow

NASA’s twist on global sea ice loss

Global Warming, Climate Change and the New Administration

Watch Obama closely on global warming

Global Warming: The New Eugenics

Cooling the warming hysteria

More gun shows = fewer murders

"Greater Israel Forming"

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel reminds its foes it has teeth

Israel Continues Gaza Offensive For Third Day

Arab World Reacts in Anger at Gaza Strike

Asians call on Israel to halt deadly Gaza raids

Iran hardliners register volunteers to fight Israel

Hundreds protest Gaza air strikes in Baghdad

Palestinian rocket kills one in Israel: Fatal hit on construction site in Ashkelon as Gaza militants continue attacks

Politics In The News

Blagojevich lawyer to submit Obama report to panel

Gaza Crisis Is Another Challenge for Obama, Who Defers to Bush for Now

"Forgotten War" In Afghanistan Awaits Obama

Obama Bristles As Bubble Closes In On Him

Obama parody hits the wrong note: "Barack the Magic Negro"

GOP chairman 'shocked' that Obama parody sent out

Obama family may come out of woodwork

John Warner exits Senate at peace: Republican Senator replaced by Democrat

No easy Indian response to Pakistan's troop shift

Pakistan's army chief calls for calm with India

American's imperiled military lifeline through Pakistan






Saturday-Sunday, December 27-28, 2008


Israeli jets kill ‘at least 225’ in revenge strikes on Gaza

Obama may bring Iran detente

Fed's move boosts GM shares: To let GMAC become bank

Americans saving $1 billion a day on gasoline

What war with Pakistan could mean for India

Caroline Kennedy: I'll Have to Work 'Twice as Hard' If Picked for Senate

Blagojevich Defense Wants Top Obama Aides to Testify

Barack the Magic Negro’ Parody: From Rush Limbaugh Radio Show


Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas Charges: Over 170 killed as IAF strikes police compounds

Israel vows to keep up Gaza attacks through the night

IDF: Weekend strike in Gaza 'only the beginning'

President Peres Promises: Israel will not invade Gaza

To be in Gaza is to be trapped

Israeli killed in rocket strike: South Israel under fire

Hamas urges military wing to fire long-range rockets

Gaza operation draws praise, condemnations

Arab world condemns Israeli attack on Gaza

Egypt reinforces Gaza border security

Cairo fears domestic Islamist fallout if Israel hits Gaza hard

Russia to supply missiles to Syria

Israeli President Peres urges Obama to put off Iran talks: President Peres says Obama should postpone plans to engage in dialogue with Iran

Politics In The News

Obama Transition News

Blagojevich Impeachment Committee Split on Subpoena for Top Obama Aides

For Obama, huge challenges vs. big assets

Poll: Americans admire Obama most

Obama's inauguration and politics of prayer: View from Salt Lake City

Warren defends invite to Obama inauguration

Spending Doubled as Obama Led First Billion-Dollar Race in 2008

2008, The Year of Leg Thrills: Obama speech caused "thrill going up my leg" - Chris Matthews

RNC Chair Candidate Gives Gift of 'Barack the Magic Negro'

Republicans Are Not Supposed To Use Satire?

Hollywood stars help fund Obama party

Caroline Kennedy Seeking Senate Seat

Caroline Kennedy says 9/11, Obama led her to public service

Not so sweet on Caroline

Geraldine Ferraro: Vacant N.Y. Senate Seat Is Not About Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy: Pampered wannabe pol plays the victim card

Non-Integrating News - Pakistan

Pakistan moves troops to Indian border

Pakistan says no war with India amid calls for calm

US urging calm over possible Pakistan troop moves

Missiles kill 8 in northwest Pakistan

Pakistan pledges fight to the death against Taliban

Benazir Bhutto was killed on December 27 last year: Remembering

Former PM Bhutto's first death anniversary observed in Pakistan

UN inquiry into Bhutto slaying soon

Bhutto’s Vision for Democratic Pakistan Crumbles

Non-Integrating News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to pay a surprise visit to Iraq

Iraqi army: at least 22 die in Baghdad car bomb

Well-known American surgeon killed in Iraq: Mortar round explodes near his living quarters on Christmas Day

Bushs' Forever Wars: "Bring 'Em On" - Video

Mystery surrounds Maliki's Iran visit

PM Al-Maliki's trip to Iran not cancelled: Ambassador

U.S. may send 30,000 new troops to Afghanistan: Doubling current presence

Afghan President Hamid Karzai attends memorial for casualties of U.S. raid

Bush in criminal pardon uproar

The double-hype of Iranian President Ahmadinejad


Fascist Economy Forming

Wall St gains on energy stocks and GMAC

Oil rises first day in four after slump in previous day: After falling 33%

Falling oil prices endanger alternative sources

S.Korea's Lee says economy may shrink in Q1 2009

Grocery inflation likely to ease in 2009: Though some crop prices have fallen dramatically, it can take 6 months for the costs to work their way to store shelves

Gold Declines as Stronger Dollar, Slump in Oil Reduces Appeal

Madoff Must Reveal All Assets by New Year’s Eve, Judge Rules

December 26, 2008


US police could get 'pain beam' weapons

$1 trillion war bill spurs call for change

Pakistani media welcomes Indian PM's 'no war' statement

Pakistan mobilising troops along Rajasthan' international border

Oil looks cheap, but investors are wary

Poll: Obama is man Americans admire most

Homeland Security Threat Assessment: Hizbullah may strike in US

Man Dressed As Santa Kills 8 At Holiday Party, Turns Gun On Self

Guinea to bury dictator Conte: Military junta tries to woo support


Israeli - Palestinian War

The U.S.-Israeli Collision Course Is Near

Gaza bracing for Israeli military strike

Egypt boosts security on Gaza border: Preparing for IDF operation against Gaza

Israel seeks international approval for Gaza operation

Hamas: Our leaders do not fear death

Dozens of mortar shells fired at Negev

Kassams can't go unanswered, but can Hamas yet be diplomatically engaged?

Israel Reopens Cargo Crossings Into Gaza

Israeli siege takes toll on Gaza Christians

Peace in Bethlehem as Hamas fires on Israel

Lebanese troops dismantle rockets aimed at Israel

\Bush Forgives Man Convicted for 1948 Aid to Israel

Israel jails militant leader for 30 years

PM Olmert issues "last-minute" warning to Hamas

G.W.'s 'December Surprise' Detonates Over All of Israel

New Poll: Kadima surges into the lead

Likud Party launches broadside against FM Livni

Palestinian Authority Adopts Islamic Criminal Code: Penalties include amputation and crucifixion

Politics In The News

America's first black president

Obama's election voted top news story of 2008

Barack Obama: Yes, He Could: Quite A Year, As Illinois Senator Claims Presidency

Obama inherits a big Bush mess

Obama election tops 2008 political stories

Barack Obama just added you as a friend on Facebook

Attorney for convicted fundraiser Tony Rezko 'owns' Obama mansion: Lawyer at firm where Democrat worked receives tax bill

Blagojevich Lawyer Seeks to Subpoena Obama Aides

Say no to 'war crimes' probe: Editorial

Obama's 'honeymoon' follows Bush's 'failed marriage'

Obama greets military troops, families on Christmas

Obama picks Bible for inauguration, but what verse? Will place his hand on the same Bible that Abraham Lincoln used during the inauguration of 1861

Geeks Claim Obama As Their Own: President-elect Once Flashed Vulcan "Live Long And Prosper" Sign

Global Response To Somali Pirate Attacks

German frigate stops pirate attack

China warships set sail on anti-pirate mission

Japan mulls sending ships to Somalia to halt pirates

7 prisoners, 6 officers killed in Iraqi jailbreak


Wednesday-Thursday, December 24-25, 2008


"Thinking Computer" Alert: Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics project - "SyNAPSE"

‘Nothing inappropriate’ in Obama-Blagojevich contacts: Report

Poll: Most support Obama's $800 billion stimulus plan

Hamas militants launch more rockets into Israel

Obama needs to be concerned about the shoe thrown at President Bush

Poland's Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates

Pope angers campaigners with speech seen as attack on homosexuality

Global Warming = Global Government

Obama administration gives high priority to science and technology

Obama's Cabinet Sends a Signal: Global Warming Will Be a Priority

Children's Book Depicts Santa Fighting Global Warming

Cracks in the global warming consensus..

No Matter What Happens, Someone Will Blame Global Warming

More scary than global warming

Global warming dissenters dash scientific 'consensus': Physicist fired by Gore adds name to Senate list of 650 anti-alarmists

Bush pardons 19, commutes sentence of meth dealer

Bush springs drug dealers, leaves border agents to rot: Ramos-Compean supporter asks: 'Why is the president dug in so deep?

Bush pardons man who aided Israel in '48

Politics In The News


Hillary Clinton moves to widen role of State Dept.: Obama administration wants diplomacy as 'critical tool in America's arsenal'

Obama, 2 aides met with Blagojevich investigators

Report Arrives on Obama-Blagojevich Staff Contacts

Prosecutor won't aid Governor Blagojevich impeachment panel

Obama aide talked with governor, passed on four names acceptable to Obama

Obama Interviewed In Blagojevich Probe

Caroline Kennedy: The $100M Woman

Democrat voices doubts on Kennedy

Is Kennedy qualified? Poll finds New Yorkers are split

Kennedy, Shmennedy: Cuomo will get NY Senate seat


Fascist Economy Forming

Madoff investor found dead in apparent suicide, police say

Madoff's alleged misdeeds spark feelings of betrayal, outrage in L.A.'s Jewish community

Claim Madoff acted alone meets skepticism

Obama economic team tries to allay worries about stimulus plan

Biden To Run Middle Class Task Force

Obama seeks lifeline for struggling families

Biden: We're still working out details of stimulus plan

Attempted coup in Guinea after dictator dies

India signals it will not act alone against Pakistani extremists


Israeli - Palestinian War

Security Cabinet Meets on Rocket Rain

Israel Prepares P.R. for Gaza Offensive

Egypt to warn Livni against Gaza military operation

Abbas: Egypt to push new Gaza truce

Israel Cancels Plan to Open Gaza Crossings Due to Hamas Attacks

6 'Non-Truce' Rockets Follow 3 'Truce Attacks'

Rocket hits house in Sdot Negev region; severe damage, none wounded

Palestinian terrorists bombard Ashkelon with Grad rockets

Poll: Politics Sway Security Policies, No Confidence in Barak As Defense Minister

Israel seeks to redefine financial rights in Mediterranean Sea

This Hanukkah: 82% of Israelis still believe in miracles

Arab League chief urges talks with Iran

Iraqi Christians urged to return to homeland: Estimated 500,000 now refugees in Jordan, Syria

U.S. oil use to hit record lows: Panicky OPEC slashes production, but crude prices remain flat

Campbell's Soup Offers No Concessions to AFA: Stands Firm on Ads in Gay Magazine Despite Criticism From Conservative Group


December 23, 2008


Obama and Blagojevich: 'A lot about nothing': Sources

Hamas says it may consider new truce with Israel

Guantanamo shutdown plan

Russia's Putin sends out warning

Assessing risks of India-Pakistan confrontation

Indian Leader: Nobody wants war

U.S. Military Buildup in Afghanistan Taking Form

All roads lead out of Afghanistan

Modern Miracle of Oil: $147 a Barrel in summer, $39 on Chanukah


Moral Collapse

Many beliefs, many paths to heaven?

My Christmas message? There's probably no God - Editorial

Abortion & Economics: More women turning to abortion - first increase in 20 years!

Politics In The News

Obama Takes Heat for Inaugural Speaker: Rick Warren

Rick Warren and Barack Obama's inaugural address

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Lays Down the Law to Obama

Obama names science team

Bill Clinton group raised $725m: Donors to former president's foundation include royals, govts, entertainers and tycoons

The media is showing signs of pro-Kennedy bias

Caroline Kennedy Declines to Make Financial Disclosure

Caroline Kennedy gives inadequate answers to policy questions

The Case Against Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy seeks support for Senate bid from labor leaders

Caroline Kennedy can lock in Senate seat by saying she'll run in 2010

Unions sue Schwarzenegger over mandatory days off

Euthanasia fight in Germany: Spate of deaths fuels row on assisted suicide

China prepping to send warships after pirates

Iranian warship to fight piracy

American commandos get UN go-ahead to hunt down Somali pirates

China sends panda peace offering to Taiwan: Self-governing island accepts Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan as goodwill gesture, but some see bear-faced menace behind gift

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas signals thaw; Israel sets up Gaza offensive

Scorpion Queen: Hamas ordered militants to hold their rocket fire for 24 hours

Hamas waiting for showdown: Hamas avoids Qassam fire to show it still wants lull, saves rockets for future clash

Gaza terrorists fire three rockets at w. Negev after brief hiatus

Southern cities simulate rocket attacks: Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kiryat Malachi and Kiryat Gat

IDF Warns: Drop in rocket fire won't stop operation against Gaza

Hamas Machine-Gun Fire at Israeli Air Force Helicopters

Egypt briefly opens borders with Gaza

Israeli FM Livni to discuss new truce with Egyptian president

PM Olmert in Ankara, Turkey: Seeks direct talks with Syria

Carter: Hamas putting eggs in Obama basket - Terrorist group has high expectations for incoming Democrat administration


Non-Integrating News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

UN recognizes end of mandate of multinational force in Iraq

Slowly does it with Iraq withdrawal

UN extends protection for Iraqi assets through 2009

US military deaths in Iraq war officially at 4,212

Iraq lawmaker says Sunni speaker offers to resign

Iraq: 2nd oil licensing round to open Dec. 31

Iran denies agreement with Russia over missile delivery

Russia giving Iran only defensive weapons

Russia keeps distance from OPEC


Immigration Activists Battle Harsh Laws Across U.S.

Both Sides Of Immigration Debate Retrench - In the wake of the Democrats' sweeping electoral victory

Ramos-Compean treatment has border agents quivering: Mexican drug smugglers spray bullets, but U.S. officers dare not return fire

Economy stirring illegal immigration tempest? Rising unemployment leaves both citizens, aliens battling for jobs

December 22, 2008


From Global Crisis to "Global Government"

Israel Cosiders Gaza Attack After More Palestinian Rockets Strike

Gaza Closer To Doomsday

India Will Take All Steps Needed to Combat Terrorism

Deadly US Missile Strike in Northwest Pakistan

Soldiers decapitated in new round of Mexico drug war

General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders: New Book claims


Israeli - Palestinian War

Israeli Defense Minister Barak : Ongoing rocket fire unacceptable

Barak slams ministers who voice support for Gaza military operation

Can the First Gaza War be stopped before it starts?

Israeli minister considers new Gaza truce amid threats

'Hamas hasn't signaled desire to renew truce efforts'

Hamas threatens suicide attacks in Israel

Israeli Candidates for Prime Minister Vow to Topple Hamas

As Mideast Tensions Rise, Obama Urged to Be More Flexible About Hamas

Gaza near to collapse as Israel tightens grip, says bank

Non-Integrating News - Pakistan

India keeps open option of military strike on Pakistan

India can hit terrorists using Pakistan's soil: Congress Chairwomen Sonia

India demands further global pressure on Pakistan

Pakistan shifting blame on Mumbai attacks - India charges

Pakistan offers joint commission to probe Mumbai attacks

2 alleged U.S. spies killed in Pakistan's tribal region

Pakistani Jets kill four Taliban in Bajaur region

NATO fuel tanker crew killed in Pakistan

US to increase Pakistan’s military assistance by $300 million

“Free Trade Agreement will solve India-Pakistan problems”

After Mumbai terror attack, India's Hotels Brace for a Sharp Downturn


Non-Integrating News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Stampede for 'Bush shoe' creates 100 new jobs

Bush shoe-thrower 'will sue for police beating'

Iraqi shoe-thrower to go on trial Dec 31

Editorial - Thank You For Throwing Your Shoe

Politics In The News

What Obama promised Biden

Cheney, Biden Spar as Inauguration Day Draws Near

Editorial - "I'll be thrilled to see you go, Dick Cheney"

Obama's Labor pick has communist ties: Radical leaders hail Solis as 'outstanding,' 'terrific'

Pols give 'Palin-ized' 'celebrity' Caroline Kennedy a hard time

Editorial - Hardworking and smart, Caroline Kennedy embodies the spirit of JFK

Key Hillary friends oppose Caroline Kennedy for N.Y.'s Senate seat

Obama vacations in Hawaii: sun, sand, golf and work too

Fundraiser seeks immunity in Blagojevich probe

Schwarzenegger for president?

Schwarzenegger reveals tricks of the trade on '60 Minutes': Says that without his acting experience, his job in Sacramento would have been much more difficult

In multifaceted Michelle Obama, black women see a mirror

Pastor Rick Warren defends invite to inauguration: "You don't have to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand"

China to provide $19B to Taiwanese businesses


Fascist Economy Forming

Detroit's Fall Gives Power to Rival Dixie

Consumer confidence is key for Big 3: Hoping Obama's stimulus plan spurs economy, sales

Commentary: Don't let painful loan conditions kill Detroit's automakers

Oil rises slightly on U.S. auto bailout, Fed rate cut

Toyota forecasts first ever loss

Japan recession deepens, central bankers look beyond rates

Yen Weakens as Carmaker Loans Cut Demand for Currency as Haven

World Stocks Mostly Lower After Toyota Warning

Infineon shares soar after Qimonda gets bailed out: Spun-off computer chip maker gets 325 million-euro loan

U.S. property developers look for a bailout from government: As record amount of commercial real-estate debt comes due

Bank execs rewarded: Even in troubled institutions, leaders were given $1.6B in salaries, benefits

Where'd the bailout money go? Shhhh, it's a secret - $350 billion later, banks won't say how they're spending it

Moral Collapse

Why are women teachers so sexually hot for students?

Jordan High School teacher arrested on sexual assault charges

Ex-Teacher's Aide Now Pleads Guilty To Sex Charge

The big list: Female teachers with students: Most comprehensive account on Internet of women predators on campus

Full text: Bush's speech - A transcript of George Bush's war ultimatum of March 18, 2003

Will the Catholic Church Ever Have a Black Pope?

Charge: U.S. gave Saddam WMDs



Saturday-Sunday, December 20-21, 2008


Iran is facing "a sinister international conspiracy" designed to "replace religious rule with secularism" - Masonic secret society Bilderbergers responsible

Bilderberger Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs: ‘We need an international order’

Change? Obama Inner Circle Filled With Bilderbergers

S.C. Gov. Sanford Confronted on Bilderberg Attendance, Media Blackout

Kissinger: Obama’s crisis could yield ‘opportunities’ for New World Order


Can companies beam advertisements into my brain?

American commandos get UN go-ahead to hunt down Somali pirates

Presidential Politics

Obama's choice of Rick Warren to lead prayer dismays Hollywood liberals

Editorial - Rick Warren pick insults struggle for justice: Event calls for black pastor, not gay rights foe

Pastor Warren driven to expand his reach across world

Dial it down a notch, President-elect Barack Obama tells gays

Calif gay rights leader to boycott inauguration

Inaugural security: leave chairs, strollers home

Obama names Holdren, Lubchenco to science posts

Gonzales And Rice Lied To Congress About Vetting Bush’s Pre-War Uranium Claims

Olbermann refers to Bush 9/11 'lies' as 'Insult the Dead-gate'

Fascist Economy Forming

Bush OKs $17.4B auto bailout, with strings attached

Federal Loans give GM, Chrysler 3 months: Aid brings huge challenge, relief for Michigan

GM And Chrysler Covered By TARP

Media welcomes Bush's auto rescue

Obama backs auto rescue

Automakers grab loans, look to Obama White House

A Risk for Ford in Shunning Bailout, and Possibly a Reward

GM, Chrysler Confront To-Do List of Slashing Debt, Cutting Jobs

Automakers eye reforms after US gives $13.4bln lifeline

Detroit 3 can regain trust with great new vehicles: Must be fuel efficient

Union leader not entirely happy with auto deal

Japan stumps up more cash, Belgian govt falls

Treasury Has Spent $350 Billion of Bailout Fund

Congress Will Set CONDITIONS for $350 Billion in Homeowner Rescue Funds

Madoff Scheme Kept Rippling Outward, Across Borders

Madoff Can’t Leave Apartment, Prosecutors Fear ‘Harm or Flight’

Jerry Brown asks California Supreme Court to void gay-marriage ban

Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas ends ceasefire with Israel

Uneasy calm replaces ceasefire

Lull Ends: 3 Qassam terror rockets hit western Negev

Hamas on alert in Gaza after truce with Israel ends

Has the Gaza cease-fire really breathed its last?

Blair: Israel's options are difficult, but Gaza is not staying still

Eerie crossing into Gaza

Israeli air strike on Gaza kills Palestinian militant

Islamic Jihad Warns: Jihad, resistance the only way

Gulf Arabs rap closer EU-Israel ties amid trade spat

Israel prepares to flex muscles

World Bank to lend more to India


December 19, 2008


Breaking News

Bailout Approved: Automakers to get $17.4B

Today's News

Fascist Economy Forming

Obama Keen to Regulate Finance

Big 3 might file planned bankruptcy

Chrysler halts manufacturing as clock ticks on gov't bailout

GM and Chrysler seen near loan deal

Obama Team Is Seeking Stimulus Bill by New Year

Stimulus plan could shape course of Barack Obama's presidency

Credit card changes will give consumers a break

Panasonic Offers to Acquire Sanyo for $9 Billion

Central Bank of Japan Cuts Rate to 0.1%, Adds Funds to Ease Credit Woes

Schwarzenegger says he won't back Democratic budget plan

Former Israeli General: Israel can't defeat Iran nor destroy her nuclear facilities

US Defense Secretary Gates Warns: Don't Test Obama

Gay leaders angered by Obama's prayer pick

Choice of Pastor Warren Aims to Bridge Divide

Hamas armed wing: Lull with Israel is over

China cuts fuel prices earlier than expected

U.S. troops stage another controversial raid iin Afghanistan: Civilians killed

The Pentagon and the torture report

V.P. Cheney faces 'torture' criticism

Barack Obama's Internet agenda

Presidential Politics

Calif gay rights leader to boycott inauguration: To protest participation of the Rev. Rick Warren

Obama to name pro-union Rep. Hilda Solis to Labor post: Hispanic congresswoman known as a "coalition builder"

Organized labor 'thrilled' with Obama's pick for labor secretary

Obama’s Cabinet filling up quickly

Obama's chief of staff Emanuel Spoke Directly With Governor Blagojevich About Senate Seat

Obama plans week's 5th news conference for Friday

Bill Clinton's donor list spans the globe

Non-Integrating News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Women's rights activist beheaded in Iraq by gunmen invading her home

Double Bombings Kill At Least 6 in Baghdad

Iraqi Police Say Gunmen Kill 7, Bomber Kills 8

Top US general in Iraq gives first view of planned pullout

Iraq parliamentary troop debate ends in uproar

Bush shoe protester has been beaten: Iraqi judge

Shoe-thrower asks for leniency

Iraqi leaders deny coup attempts after arrests of 24 officers

Iraqi Officials Were Arrested for Working to Rebuild Saddam's Party

British PM Explains Planned Troop Withdrawal From Iraq

Defense Secretary Gates Holds Town Hall Meeting with US Troops in Iraq

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Israeli - Palestinian War

Bush, Rice host PA President Abbas in goodbye visit

U.N. Security Council endorses Quartet approach

Palestinian President Abbas to visit Russia

Task of forging peace in the Middle East falls to new players

Low turnout for Kadima primary: General Knesset elections are scheduled for Feb. 10

Kadima, Likud neck-and-neck ahead of Israel general elections

Israel urges Russia not to sell missiles to Iran

Zimbabwe 'is ruined' says US envoy


December 18, 2008


Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs: ‘We need an international order’

New Limits Imposed on Credit Card Companies

Russian air defence deal with Iran under way

Gay leaders furious with Obama: For asking Rick Warren to deliver inaugural invocation

Oil tumbles below $40 for first time since 2004

Whistleblower exposed NSA wiretapping because 'this is crazy'

Army 'Strategic Shock' Report Says Troops May Be Needed To Quell U.S. Civil Unrest

It's Senator Caroline Kenney: Like it or not

35 Iraqi officials arrested over coup plot

Iraq Parliament clashes over fate of man who threw shoes at Bush

Egyptian offers daughter to Iraqi shoe-thrower

Iraq may ban Blackwater Worldwide security contractor

American commandos get UN go-ahead to hunt down Somali pirates


Fascist Economy Forming

Fed Toys With Idea Of Relieving Your Credit Card Crisis

Dollar falls sharply in wake of Fed move

Homeowners rushing to refinance loans as rates drop

Obama team considers up to $850 billion economic jolt

Chrysler says to shut down all production for month

Federal spending soars 25% before bailout

Morgan Stanley Is One Bank That Cites a Loan From TARP Money: Other Financial Banks Including Goldman Sachs and CitiGroup Keep Mum on How They Are Using TARP Cash

On Wall Street, bonuses, not profits, were real

Toronto Stock Exchange to resume trading Thursday: Exchange says it has found the computer glitch that shut it down for a day

Citibank's computers down, blocking account info

Ukraine's Currency Drops 16% in 2 Days

Oil, ignoring record OPEC cut, hovers near $40

French leader says Madoff scandal justifies reform: Demonstrates absolute necessity of better regulation of financial sectors

Yen Declines as Finance Minister Nakagawa Says Japan May Take Currency Action


Bush says he didn't compromise his soul to be popular

Presidential Politics

Disgraced Governor Blagojevich strikes back

Vigorous Blagojevich Defense by Noted Lawyer: Edward Genson

Resign or be impeached, legislators tell Blagojevich

Obama Pick to Lead SEC Is Veteran Wall St. Regulator: Mary L. Schapiro is likely to push the SEC to become more aggressive in policing the financial industry

Obama stirs excitement in early childhood education circles

Yahoo to purge user data after 90 days

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Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel threatens Gaza incursion as Hamas violence flares

Israeli airplanes raid workshops, houses in Gaza: Day before ceasefire expires

Hamas Insists: Ceasefire to end as scheduled

U.N. agency says it suspends Gaza food distribution

Defense Minister Barak Tells Haaretz: Gaza truce was not a mistake

Hamas approves first Gaza bank under its authority

Israel's FM Livni gets Kadima Party vote boost

Israel issues new warning on Iranian nuclear arms

Iran President Ahmadinejad says his country never recognizes Israel

Archived Article: Iranian President Ahmadinejad Revealed To Be A Freemason! Another Reason That Iran Will NOT Be Invaded or Attacked!

Bush describes "war on terror" as "generational conflict"

Russia's armed forces to be equipped with new missile systems by 2020

Int'l talks on Caucasus situation resume in Geneva: Russia and Georgia participating


December 17, 2008


Desperate Double Speak: Global Cooling Is Part Of Global Warming

Economic crisis stalls NAFTA superhighway

Change? Obama Inner Circle Filled With Bilderbergers

'I think we've done pretty well' Cheney has no regrets about eight years in office

Shoe insult against Bush resounds in Arab world

Bush prepares crisis briefings to aid Obama

Wyoming lawmakers oppose Constitutional Convention

Creating the illusion of democracy in Russia's neighbors


Fascist Economy Forming

Fed effectively cuts benchmark rate to zero

How Fed's shock-and-awe move could affect you

America Will Soon Owe More Than Its Citizens Are Worth

European banks tally losses linked to Madoff

Hollywood figures snared in Bernard Madoff's alleged fraud

The mysteries that linger over Lehman's bankruptcy

When Should We Get Out of the Dollar?

Big Oil Projects Put in Jeopardy by Fall in Prices

IMF chief issues stark warning on economic crisis


Global Warming = Global Government

Obama Believes Global Warming Fairy Tale

Oil Executives: Oil Out, Renewables In

Carbon Price Essential if “Green” Stimulus to Have Desired Effect: Experts

Scientists Call AP Report on Global Warming 'Hysteria'

Global Warming’s Last Gasp

Archives: Globalists Push Climate-change Controls, Open Borders

Germany seeking US global warming cooperation

Politics In The News

This just in… Barack Obama is the next President - Electoral College votes

U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald renews interest in Rezko-Obama deal

Obama citizenship issue has merit: AOL poll

Another Kennedy in the United States Senate? Caroline Kennedy

Kennedy mystique flummoxes NY rivals for Senate

Nepotism Nation: Democrats embrace dynasty politics

Obama names basketball buddy and fellow Harvard alum as Education Secretary: Arne Duncan

Illinois Governor Blagojevich impeachment inquiry starts

Jesse Jackson Jr. ratted on Blagojevich

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Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas Threatens to End Truce Unless Israel Eases Restrictions

11 Qassam rockets hit Negev, 48 hours before truce set to end

Why Bitter Foes Israel and Hamas May Agree to Continue Their Fragile Truce

Israel shuts Gaza again as violence escalates

Livni sparks Arab 'transfer' uproar: By saying a Palestinian state would provide "anational solution" for Israel's Arabs

Jurists tell Defeense Minister Barak: Don't shell Gaza population centers

UN slams Israel for expelling UN rights envoy

Israel jails Hamas speaker Dweik

Indian govt regrets Pakistan envoy’s remarks

New Headline News Article

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December 16, 2008


U.S. May Give Car Czar Power to Force Bankruptcies

White House assures automakers help is on the way

Electoral College put Obama in office

Senator Feinstein gets nod to chair intelligence panel

NY Governor: Caroline Kennedy wants Hillary's Senate seat

Obama clears himself and staff in Blagojevich case

U.S. costs of Iraq, Afghan wars top $900 billion

India rules out Pakistan attack


Fascist Economy Forming

U.S. May Give Car Czar Power to Force Bankruptcies

Fed set to halve rates; Japan, China may act too

Global Markets Await Fed Decision

Euro eases vs dollar, Fed decision eyed

HSBC says it has $1 billion exposure to Madoff

Oil steady below $45

5 Reasons Why Deflation Is Good for Retirees

Non-Integrating News - Iraq (Ancient Babylon)

Suicide Bomb Kills 55 at Packed Iraq Restaurant

18 killed in Iraq attacks after Bush visit

IRAQ: Another day, another grave

Waning Violence In Iraq A Sign Of Political Stabilization

2009 will be Iraq's year of political change

Iraq's January elections: What's at stake?

Iran scaling back in Iraq: Secretary of State Rice

Iraq rebuilding woes due to poor planning

Arab world embraces Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush

Secret Service faces questions after Bush shoe incident

A Blackwater Hole: Five guards are accused of killing 17 innocent Iraqis

Japan begins withdrawing Iraq airlift mission

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Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians rejoice as Israel frees 224 prisoners

Rockets hit Israel as Gaza truce nears end date

Israel prepares to attack Gaza

Defense Secretary Barak: Golan drill instills confidence in IDF might

Annapolis has made peace impossible

Task of forging Mideast peace falls to new players

Quartet: Palestinian-Israeli agreement ‘irreversible’

Obama picks Colorado Senator Salazar as Interior secretary


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