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March 19, 2014                       

"What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Pastor Billy Crone

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This message might be the most compelling prophetic revelation of our time.


I. President Putin of Russia signs the treaty which adds Crimea to the map of Russia.

Ukrainian authorities are screaming loudly that a Russian invasion is imminent.

NEWS BRIEF: "Putin signs treaty to add Crimea to map of Russia", Miami Herald, 3/18/2014

"MOSCOW -- In a gilded Kremlin hall used by czars, Vladimir Putin redrew Russia's borders Tuesday by declaring the Crimean Peninsula part of the motherland, provoking a surge of emotion among Russians who lament the loss of empire and denunciations from Western leaders who called Putin a threat to the world."

Even though President Putin has declared that he has no intention whatsoever of invading Ukraine, Ukrainian leaders are warning that Russian troops massed on their border speak of a different set of plans within the Kremlin.

"While Putin's action was hailed by jubilant crowds in Moscow and cities across Russia, Ukraine's new government called the Russian president a threat to the 'civilized world and international security', and the U.S. and Europe threatened tougher sanctions against Moscow."

Vice President Joe Biden flew into Europe to reassure American allies that the Obama Administration would stand firm against any further Russian aggression. However, the weak sanctions imposed by the White House drew laughter of scorn from Russian authorities, and even from two prominent Republicans.

NEWS BRIEF: Obama's Ukraine Policy: Scream loudly, carry no stick", By Senator Lindsey Graham and Newt Gingrich, CNN News, 3/15/2014

"America's response to the most dangerous security crisis Europe has faced in decades has been all speeches and symbolism with no actions of substance ... On Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the U.S. will take 'very serious' steps if Russia does not back down by Monday from its attempt to annex Crimea."

"But while the White House was serving lunch and the State Department was issuing stern warnings, the President was also refusing to lift a finger to actually deter Putin's aggression. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration, 'wary of inflaming tensions with Russia', has refused to act on Ukraine's emergency request for military aid, including arms and ammunition, except to send military rations."

If the Obama Administration is refusing to send in real military assistance, and allowing only "military rations", then it is no wonder that Ukrainian authorities are speaking and acting very afraid.

"Theodore Roosevelt is famous for a foreign policy he summarized as 'speak softly and carry a big stick'. Obama's foreign policy is closer to 'scream loudly and carry no stick'."

Joe Biden even refused to consider reinstating the American plan to set up a missile defense shield over Poland, a move that would at least have some chance of impressing Putin.

When President Obama refused to actually carry through on his threat to Syria once she crossed his announced "red line", President Putin undoubtedly concluded that he had nothing to fear from a takeover in Ukraine. Certainly, he has suffered no real loss from his actions in the Crimean Peninsula.

II. Yesterday, snipers again struck in Crimea, killing one soldier, wounding two others. Immediately, Russia was blamed by Western press.

NEWS BRIEF: "More 'Mysterious Snipers' Responsible For Latest Ukraine Escalation? False Flag operation to justify war?", by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post, March 18, 2014

"Tensions are rising yet again in Crimea as the first Ukrainian military death has taken place on the Peninsula since the crisis began ... An eyewitness told the BBC that armed men arrived in two unmarked vehicles, storming the base in Simferopol and firing automatic weapons. The Ukrainian government said a junior officer who was on duty in a park inside the base had been killed and another officer injured. A third serviceman had leg and head injuries after being beaten with iron bars, it said. The government said the commander of the unit was captured by men wearing Russian uniforms. "

However, another news source reported the story somewhat differently.

"A slightly different description of the assailants comes from the Independent, which describes them as being 'dressed in Russian camouflage kits and balaclavas'. This description, of course, is not exactly the same as Russian uniforms."

"In addition, The Independent also acknowledges that 'there were indications that it was the separatist Crimean government’s recently created 'Self Defence Forces' who had actually carried out the fatal attack'.”

In an atmosphere as emotionally charged as the Ukraine situation is, a false flag attack could set the entire region into all-out war and suck in other governments. Such a scenario occurred in the days leading up to the beginning of World War I and people are drawing parallels to this Ukrainian situation.

Hot-headed local people on both the pro-Russian and the pro-Ukrainian sides might have carried out such an attack.

Other news sources indicated that Russian military authorities had the shooters in hand and were starting to interrogate them.

At this moment, we have to ask ourselves what the Russians want, and what they do not want, regarding Ukraine. The Russians want to draw together their allotted "Supernation #5 of the Club of Rome plan.

As you can see from examining this map, Ukraine is slated to be part of Supernation #5, "Eastern Europe, Including Russia".

What Russia does NOT want is all-out war.

The worldwide Illuminati also does not want war right now, as they are intent upon fulfilling this reorganization of all the nations of the world into the 10 supernations foretold in Daniel 7:7-8. This means that President Obama and all the leaders of the Western world want Russia to pull together the nations assigned her in Supernation #5.

The Bible foretells that, at the very End of the Age, the final 10 rulers of the world are going to be secretly cooperating with each other. Listen:

"Also the ten horns that you observed are ten rulers (kings) ... For God has put it into their hearts to carry out His own purpose by acting in harmony in surrendering their royal power and authority to the beast, until the prophetic words (intentions and promises) of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12, 17; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

In other words, while world leaders are fighting and threatening each other in public, under the surface, they are cooperating. In public, these leaders want every citizen on earth to be very afraid of war and chaos. They want to sow chaos so that, out of these unsettled times, people will allow their freedoms to be snatched away so that the planned New Order may be established!

Their motto is "Order Out of Chaos", as this DVD above clearly demonstrates. What you are seeing in Ukraine right now is the chaos; soon, the Illuminati will be bringing out their planned New Order.


III. Pro-Russian forces have just seized a Ukranian naval base in Crimea!

NEWS BRIEF: "Pro-Russian Forces Seize Ukrainian Naval Base", Time Magazine News, March 19, 2014

"Hundreds of pro-Russia forces in Sevastopol, Crimea ... swarmed into a square across from the Ukrainian Navy's headquarters and raised the Russian tricolor."

Russia seems to be using commando forces dressed in camoflauge uniforms that do not display the official Russian logo. In this manner, he can be invading Crimea/Ukraine while pretending that he is not. This tactic is called "Plausible Deniability".

As we have stated above, the situation in Crimea and Ukraine is very volatile right now.

"The fatal shooting of a Ukrainian officer in the Crimean capital of Simferopol on Tuesday threatened to draw Russian and Ukrainian troops into open battle. Ukraine’s new government claimed the attackers wore Russian uniforms, though the reports could not be independently verified. Kiev reacted to the news by authorizing soldiers to use live fire against attackers, according to Reuters, making standoffs outside of the Ukrainian bases all the more combustible."

Russia has used this tactic before, with great success.

NEWS BRIEF: "Russia's Special Ops Invasion of Ukraine Has Begun', The Daily Beast News, 3/15/2014

"Putin appears to be using elite commandos—Spetsnaz—to spearhead his stealth move into Crimea and, perhaps, beyond. Forget the military forces massed on the border and brief incursions into Ukrainian territory and airspace. Russia is invading Ukraine in the shadows ... The forces behind these operations, according to U.S. officials briefed on the updates in Ukraine, are likely the Spetsnaz, the Russian military’s highly trained saboteurs, spies and special operations forces who may change the face—and the borders—of Ukraine without once showing the Russian flag on their uniforms. Or, for that matter, without wearing any particular uniforms at all."

Therefore, when you hear Putin denying that the pro-Russian forces taking control of bases and solidifying Russian control over certain areas are really Russian army units, you will know that he is lying through his teeth; you will know that these "pro-Russian forces" are really "Spetsnaz".

Can Putin effect an overthrow of Ukraine with Spetsnaz? We are going to find out, I do believe!


IV. "Al-Qaeda" is suddenly urging its followers to set off car bombs within the United States.

A terror campaign of this type could be seen as "payback" for American atrocities in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries within the "Non-Integrating Gap" countries.

NEWS BRIEF: "Al Qaeda calls for car bombs in US cities, other 'crusader' countries", March 19, 2014

"Al Qaeda is calling on terrorist affiliates to detonate car bombs in major U.S. cities, including New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles, in the latest edition of its Inspire magazine ... The magazine’s Spring 2014 issue urges jihadists to target heavily populated events such as political rallies and sporting events, both in the United States and abroad -- including in Great Britain, France and other 'crusading' countries."

It is impossible to gauge whether these threats are real or are bogus. For three years following the attacks of 9/11/2001, we were bombarded constantly with terrorist threats and with government warnings of impending terror, none of which ever came true.

Finally, in Spring, 2004, we systematically chronicled all these false terror threats and government warnings, using our Daily News Updates section as our source. When we listed all threats, we realized we had created a document running 72 pages if you printed it out. (Read this article, NEWS1888 for full details).

We do know several things about all terror threats since 9/11:

* The Illuminati Card Game tells us that these terror threats are part of the Elite's plans to overthrow this Old Order so they can bring in the New World Order.

* Whether these attacks actually occur, or whether they just remain rhetorical threats, End Times prophecy is fulfilled. Listen:

"What shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world? Jesus answered ... ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... the intolerable anguish" [Matt 24:6, 8; Parallel Bible]

Mankind is truly living in the era of "the intolerable anguish"! Words simply fail to explain the total amount of both actual fighting and threats of fighting since 9/11.

One would have to go back to the early years of World War II -- September 1, 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland, and to December 7, 1941 when the Japanese thrust America into war because of their attack at Pearl Harbor -- to see a "Wars and Rumors of Wars" scenario similar to that we are now passing through! And, this is exactly the comparison we want you to make! You see, the "Wars and Rumors of Wars" of World War II "gave birth" to the nation of Israel, just as Jesus foretold in Matthew 24.

These terrible "birth pangs" since 9/11 will give way to the actual "World War III" as we described in the top of this study, and the total severity of this "War and Rumors of War" will give birth to Antichrist!

But, the beginning of the World War III which produces Antichrist must wait until all the nations of the world are reorganized into precisely 10 Supernations (Read full details in NEWS2363, and keep track on our Daily News Updates section ).

Read also our expose' of this World War III -- NEWS2489, entitled, "World War III Will Be History's Greatest Lynchpin Event!" Once you understand how important this global war is to the Illuminati, you will understand that we need not worry so much about events like economic collapse, fighting amongst key nations, because you will understand the time frame for these events.

People are constantly asking, "How long" before the end will arise; our answer always is the fulfillment of 10 supernations found in Daniel 7:7-8. Watching these supernations form will provide all of us with the approximate time frame.

While the pace to forming these supernations has increased dramatically in the past year, the world still seems 8-10 years away from actually completing each of the ten nations. We alone tell this most important story, in our Daily News Updates. Watch this most important prophecy unfold, daily.

NOTE: Newsletter is continued below our advertisement, below.

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Missing Malaysian Airliner

V. Israel believes Iran's fingerprints are all over the missing Malaysian airliner!

Israeli authorities are preparing for this plane to be used against them as a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

NEWS BRIEF: "Why Israel sees Iran's fingerprints all over the missing Malaysia Airlines plane", Fox News, 'On The Record' by Greta van Susteren, interview with Joel Rosenberg, Former Advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, March 18, 2014

"GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Still another unusual twist. Israel taking immediate action to protect its airspace following the disappearance of Flight 370. Israel quickly putting in place new security measures as some fear the missing plane might become a weapon of mass destruction. A former advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu says Israeli officials see Iranian fingerprints on this whole thing."

Israel believes that Iranian agents commandered this airliner in such a sophisticated manner to that the plane's disappearance remains an unsolved mystery until the moment it appears out of nowhere, heading for Israel with a huge Weapon of Mass Destruction within it.

Might Israel not shoot this "civilian airliner" down right away?

Might they delay shooting it down until it is too late to prevent a massive loss of Jewish lives?

This scenario is plausible, and certainly will keep Jewish leaders up at night, worrying about how creative their deadly enemies might become.

This next news story tells how Israel is already beefing up her air defense system to account fo the possibility that this Boeing 777 civilian airliner might be detected heading directly for the tiny Jewish state.

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel boosts defence against potential MH370 terrorism attack", Yahoo News, Australia, March 18, 2014

"Israel has taken a proactive stance to defend itself against potential terrorism, putting the country's air control on high alert ... the measure is to safeguard Israel against the missing plane being deployed against the country as a weapon ... Israel will tighten security standards for all flights that enter its aerial territory by requiring pilots to identify at earlier points. The officials also decided on a long list of other security regulations that will remain classified."

Several movies have depicted a WMD being loaded on to a civilian jetliner and then commandered as the terrorists aim the plane toward the intended target. Have terrorists watched one of those movies? I have always been astounded at how close to reality some of these movie plots turn out to be.

Now, more than ever, we need to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem"!

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Satanists make extensive use of special inserts in a person's body who is in witchcraft, or a person they wish to control. The Biblical Mark of the Beast would be a natural "insert" for the most powerful Satanist witch in world history to use to control the entire population of the world. Stand by for startling insights!



Technology to "buy and sell" with the M.M.E.A. chip is both simple and in use right now! Too many people believe the technology to "buy and sell" with an implantable chip is complicated and that the chip must be updatable -- not true, as you shall soon see!


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Was Ronald Reagan A Secret Member of the Luciferian Secret Society, The Rosicrucians?



Pope Francis I Preparing To Be The False Prophet Revelation 13:11-18

Your hair will stand on end when you read of the doctrinal heresies and doctrinal reversals initiated by Pope Francis !

"At the proper moment in history, the Pope will visit the combined Jewish/Christian/Moslem sector of Jerusalem to announce that all religions should be combined into one." (Illuminati Plan)

This is the Plan and Pope Francis I is the Man.

BREAKING NEWS JUST IN! Pope Francis has just announced he will visit Jerusalem in May! See details in this article, above.



Abruptly, Significant Progress Occurs In Prophetically Reorganizing All Nations Into 10 Supernations

Prophetic Supernation #9 is forming, with a deadline of December, 2015

South and Southeast Asia (ASEAN) is now coalescing into a single giant nation. When this nation is formed, it will be part of the fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8

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We will pry your gun from your dead, cold fingers" (Lt. Col. Bateman, Homeland Security)".

Shocking Prophetic News: Revelation 18 Prophecy Reveals That America Will NOT Suffer Economic Collapse Until Antichrist Is Here

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