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Palestinians Buoyed by ‘Birth Certificate’ for their Independent State

Libya After Gaddafi: Why 'How He Leaves' is as Important as 'When'

Tokyo Electric to achieve summer supply target

BRICS demands global monetary shake-up

SWAT Arrests Home School Mom for Refusing to Force-Medicate Her Child

Arizona Senate passes 'birther' bill

Wells Fargo Tests Embedded Microchips for Globetrotting Card Clients

Same-Sex Families Get A New Boost From Tax Rules

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


Libyan Rebels Make Desperate Plea for Stronger NATO Action

U.S., allies say they remain firm on Libya mission

EU Prepares Military Sea Corridor to Deliver Aid to Libya

Clinton in talks to end Qadhafi rule

Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy Agree: Future with Gadhafi in power is ‘impossible’

Gadhafi's Daughter Sends Defiant Message That Regime Will Not Be Defeated

Rebels call for protests as U.S., France and UK offer vision for Libya

Gaddafi forces attack outside Ajdabiyah

NATO Steps Up Bombing Campaign In Tripoli

Malawi Breaks Ties with Libya


'I'm not confident' Afghanistan operation will work: Senator Reid

Afghan Suicide Blast Kills Kandahar Police Chief

Human Rights Commission Critical of Pakistan

Yemen Tribal Leaders Back Protesters

Thousands Protest in Syria

Rights Watch: Syria Torturing Protesters

Supernation #8 Forming

Gunfire Heard at Burkina Faso Presidential Compound

Ghana’s Former First Lady Challenges President in Primaries

Uganda Opposition Leader Hit by Rubber Bullet

Ivory Coast Sees Hints of Normalcy

Ivory Coast generals pledge loyalty to new president

Suspected Suicide Bomber Attacks Indonesian Mosque

Joe Biden update: He's awake now and talking

Obama's ultimate deficit reduction speech: 5,187 words and not one of them was 'entitlements'

Obama: ‘We Would Not Be a Great Country’ Without Gov’t Entitlements

Senate passes budget deal

Budget cuts too small for many conservatives

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel will no longer be Egypt's 'pampered ally'

Is the Peace Treaty Between Israel and Egypt Finished?

Jewish groups mobilize against Palestinian unilateralism

Americans oppose unilateral Palestinian statehood

Mobilizing for September?

Pro-Palestinian Italian Activist Found Dead in Gaza: Following his abduction by radical Palestinian militants

True to scurvy form, UN Goldstone Commission members stand by their lies about Israel in Gaza


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Toyota To Continue To Run Production At Japan Plants At Half Volume

Japan Nuclear Plant Operator to Pay Damages

Japan takes step towards ordinary life as Disneyland reopens

Japan to Stabilize Yen if Volatile

Japan economic priority is supply chain: Bank Of Japan

Dollar Up Vs Yen As Japan Funds, Importers Buy


2012 Election News

Republican Party

Romney vs. Obama in 2012?

Mitt Romney’s 2012 Stirrings Begin on Site of Early Defeat

Will Mitt Romney’s Healthcare Law Hurt His 2012 Chances?

Romney, Santorum Move Toward US Presidential Bids

Florida Rep. Mack signs again with Team Romney

Trump running as independent guarantees Obama victory in 2012

Democrat Party

Obama Holds First 2012 Campaign Fundraising Events

President Obama kicks off his 2012 fundraising in Chicago

Debt, Jobs Could Hurt Obama in 2012 Campaign: Unemployment rates in key swing states are higher than the national average

Obama budget speech more about 2012 campaigning than addressing crisis

Substance and Style Needed to Defeat Obama in 2012

The Return of the Real Barack Obama: Change we can believe in. Again

Mexican Police Find 8 Tortured Bodies


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Clergy sex abuse survivor: No sainthood for Pope John Paul II

As John Paul beatification nears, criticism mounts

Belgium urges harsh punishment for sex abuse bishop

Donohue: Sex abuse in Catholic Churches not so bad, blames homosexuals

Why does the Catholic church allow Bill Donohue to speak for them?

The Catholic Abuse Blame Game

Lawsuit Claims Sex Abuse by Miami Nun



April 14, 2011

FBI Hijacks ‘Coreflood’ Botnet, Sends Kill Internet Signal

Legislation Would Let You Opt Out of Online Web Tracking

Justice Dept. Asks Congress: Don’t Saddle 4th Amendment on Us

Busted: TSA lied about promise not to grope children

BRICS Leaders Say Increasing Commodity Prices Pose Threat to Global Growth

Text of Obama Speech on the Deficit: President Calls For New Taxes

Deficit Hawks: Not too bad, Mr. President

After Obama’s speech, a test of Republican seriousness on debt

Geithner says Congress will pass debt limit increase

Goldman blasted for conflicts of interest: "A case study" of the recklessness and greed on Wall Street that set off the 2008 financial crisis

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Tunisia. Egypt. Yemen. Swaziland?

Supernation #7 Forming


Fierce fighting continues in besieged Libyan city, Misrata

Libyan rebels warn of 'massacre' in Misrata

NATO Ministers Discuss Role in Libya

Hospitals Struggle to Care for Wounded in Libya Fighting

Libya: fear of stalemate

Stunning: NATO Secretary General Admits There Is No Military Solution For Libyan Conflict


Yemen opposition spurns talks, sets deadline for President Saleh to leave

Yemen: 1 dead as rebels advance toward airport


Women, children join protests in Syria

'Secret Syria document' posted on Facebook details brutal tactics against protesters

Syria intensifies its crackdown

Syria's Central Bank Allows 3 State Banks to Sell Foreign Currency

Bahrain's Hotels Are Deserted, And Egypt's Are 79% Emptier Than Last Year

Gulf media find their red line in uprisings: Bahrain

Bahraini woman continues hunger strike even at the cost of her own life!

US concerned by deaths of detainees in Bahrain

Supernation #8 Forming

Ugandan Police Block Opposition Protest

Swazi Police Fire Tear Gas at Protestors For 2nd Day: Seeking to remove Africa's last reigning Monarch

Ouattara Promises Stability, Justice for Ivory Coast

Nigeria Gets Set for Presidential Vote

South Pole Neutrino Detector Comes Up Empty


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Japan hit by more nuclear crisis: Risk for 400,000 people to develop cancer within the 200 kilometer radius of the plant

Japanese Plant Operators Brace for Continuing Aftershocks

Japan eyes possible damage to spent nuclear fuel

More Than 100 'Safe' Evacuation Centers Destroyed by Japan Tsunami

Business recovery 'too slow' in devastated Japan

Flights resume at Japan airport hit by tsunami

U.S. Companies See Large Domestic Impact from Japan Quake

Israeli - Palestinian War

A Palestinian state by September?

Israel fears Obama's wrath at UN

Corruption Indictment Threatens Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman

Israel may let new flotilla reach Gaza

Celebrating at 63: Revisiting the birth of Israel

Indiana General Assembly resolution recognizes Israel's value

Egypt to revise all foreign gas deals, including Israel's


2012 Election News

Republican Party

Romney Won’t Be a Good Nominee, But He’ll Likely Be the Nominee

Rating Mitt Romney's Quest to Be the Anti-Trump

Mitt Romney applies for the world's most powerful job

Obama and the left, Romney and the right

In Republican presidential nomination fight, Nevada can’t seem to get respect

The Road to Tampa: An Inside Look at the 2012 Republican Field

Democrat Party

First Thoughts: Stepping into the fray

Obama faces a problem on the left, not the right

Inside Intelligence: With Obama Running Again


April 13, 2011

Tony Blair to endorse Palestinian state

The Nakba Law: Israel’s catastrophic bill

Gaddafi's forces stay on offensive

President Obama Broke The Law For Reasons of World State

Ivory Coast PM says captured strongman is 'well'

63 percent of people killed in Iraq war were civilians

Stiglitz, Soros, Summers try to remake global economy

San Francisco considers requiring ID scans for most public events

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming

Reform in North Africa, Middle East a "sovereign issue": Cyprus


Rebels say NATO uses minimum power in Libyan operation

Key summit under way in Qatar

AU proposes Libya peace "roadmap" backed by Int'l community

Italy actively involved in talks on Libya: Deputy FM

Foreign Secretary Hague: No time limit on UK's Libya involvement


Egypt's Mubarak, two sons detained 15 days

Mubarak has heart attack during questioning

Hosni Mubarak: from detention to where?

Double suicide attacks kill 10 Afghan civilians, wounds 11

Afghanistan: Suicide Bomber kills pro-government Kunar elder

Iraqi soldier killed, 9 people injured in Baghdad violence

Supernation #8 Forming

Regional finance ministers voice support for Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

Gbagbo's fall captured in a snapshot: Joins gallery of the powerful captured in defeat – humiliated and shrunken

Gbagbo's army chief switches allegiance to new Cote d'Ivoire president

Int'l community calls for fair trials, stability in Cote d'Ivoire

Colombia, Venezuela on track to restore bilateral ties

Israeli - Palestinian War

Blair to endorse Palestinian state

Hamas' Powerful New Weapon Alters Strategic Calculations Along the Gaza Strip

A "lose-lose situation" for Israel, Hamas

Foreign investors fleeing Israel?

Israel reopens Gaza's only commercial crossing after week-long closure

The Nakba Law: Israel’s catastrophic bill - scarily similar to some of Britain's free-speech clampdowns



Japanese Combined Disasters News

To prevent disasters, nuclear safety official advocates for "very strong safety culture"

Is Fukushima as bad as Chernobyl?

China Says Fukushima Is No Chernobyl

TEPCO Chief apologizes again following nuke emergency's upgrading

Tokyo Electric wants to restart reactor amid nuclear crisis

Evacuees slam Japan nuclear plant operator

M5.8 quake jolts Ibaraki Prefecture, vicinity: No tsunami warning

Democratic senator wants Internet sales taxes


April 12, 2011

Libyan rebels reject African Union cease-fire proposal

With strongman's end, hope arises in Ivory Coast

Japan increases nuke crisis severity to match Chernobyl

Ruling against Arizona immigration law upheld

Obama 2012: Liberal voters increasingly disapproving

Romney opens White House quest for 2012

FMCSA to Publish Details of Mexico Trucking Pilot Program: North American Union

Thermal Cameras Show Too Much? Shows activity inside private homes

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


Libya Rebels Reject Cease-Fire That Doesn’t Oust Qaddafi

France Demands Stronger Action by NATO

Why a Cease-Fire Looms in Libya

NATO Reports Successful Hits, and the Destruction of 25 Pro-Government Tanks


Dozens Dead in Yemen, Egypt, Syria as Protests Shake Middle East

Two Killed as Clashes Erupt in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Yemen President Rejects Gulf States' Mediation Offer

Pakistan Tells U.S. to Halt Drones

Supernation #8 Forming

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Standoff Ends With President Gbagbo's Capture

Clinton Says Arrest of Gbagbo A 'Signal' to Dictators, Tyrants

Ivory Coast's new president still under challenge

UN Chief: Ivory Coast has “Historic Opportunity” for Reconciliation

New President: All fighters must dsarm


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Japan Raises Severity of Fukushima Accident to Highest Level

Q+A-How does Fukushima differ from Chernobyl?

Machines clear rubble as Japan ranks crisis with Chernobyl

Japanese PM says Fukushima nuclear power plant stabilizing

Heroes and realists found among the brave "Fukushima 700"

First of Japan Disaster Survivors Get Temporary Houses

Nuclear Power Fears at New Heights Despite Safety, Viability

Germany: the closure of nuclear plants highlights urgent need for grid improvements

Death toll in Minsk metro increases to 12


2012 Election News

Republican Party

Mitt Romney opens White House quest for 2012

Poll: Romney, Huckabee lead Obama in Florida

Trump: Obama Is to Blame For High Oil Prices

Trump rides issue of Obama’s birth certificate

Where have all the Republicans gone?

Cocky Chris Matthews Slams 2012 GOP Nominees as a 'Dog Pound' and a 'Pig Pen'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel continues supplying material to Gaza, despite missile attacks

Palestinian Incitement Against Israel: Arab viewpoint

What exactly did Goldstone 'retract' from his report on Gaza?

Editorial: Israel exonerated in Gaza war

Critics who demonised Israel should say sorry

Gaza calm may be fragile and brief, Israeli defense officials warn

Israel’s military ordering more Iron Dome defense systems


April 11, 2011

Israel ruled out military option on Iran years ago

French Special Forces Detain Ivory Coast Dictator

Oil Falls From 32-Month High on Speculation of Libya Cease-Fire

Obama to Lay out Spending Plan

Gaddafi accepts peace plan

Libya Rebels Spurn African Cease-Fire Plan Without Qaddafi Exit

Arab League proposes no-fly zone over Gaza

Un-reserve Dollar? US thinkers up for world order reshape


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Flying drone peers into Japan's damaged reactors

Improvisation, frustration mark Japan's nuclear crisis at 4 week

Japan Rattled by Aftershock One Month After Massive Quake, Tsunami

Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming

Libya - Timeline of Events

Gaddafi Accepts Brokered Peace Deal?

Libya Rebels Spurn African Cease-Fire Plan Without Qaddafi Exit

Syrian army enters key city after deadly shooting

Gulf states push for Yemen's President Saleh to leave

Yemen protesters reject Saleh's exit bid

Bahraini forces raze 5 mosques

Bahrain Shia face sectarian cleansing

US soldier killed in Iraq

Egyptian Army "ready to use force" to clear Cairo square

Supernation #8 Forming

Ivory Coast’s Ouattara Asks UN to Neutralize Gbagbo Weapons

UN, French renew helicopter strikes in Ivory Coast

US Urges Ivory Coast's Gbagbo To Surrender

A Revolution by any other Name?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Israel's anti-rocket system "not full solution"

Israel says to cease air strikes if Hamas stops firing rockets

Hamas can't set terms of truce: Israel's FM Lieberman

Black September is coming to Jerusalem

Syrian unrest presents Israel with dangers & opportunities

Sudan has 'irrefutable proof' Israel behind air strike

Goldstone reopens Pandora's box

Milwaukee Country Sheriff Visiting Israel On Homeland Security Trip

Israel warns travellers of Passover attacks

Maybe the Right Middle East Term Is 'Peace For Land'

Israel the winner in the Arab revolts

Israel's Dilemma In Damascus: CFR Editorial



April 9-10, 2011

Glenn Beck dons Freemasonic patch during broadcast

Last-Minute Deal Averts Shutdown

America’s coming ground war in Libya

Israel pounds Hamas targets in Gaza for third day

Inside a nuclear ghost town

Gates Says U.S. Troops To Remian In Iraq After 2011

Future Expansion of Unmanned Drones Over The U.S.


The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming

Regional revolts to converge with Iran


African Union committee tries to help bring peace to Libya

Rebels make 'key gains' in Libya

Libyan rebels forgiving of NATO bombing error

Cold War neutrals now taking sides, timidly

Is West’s role in Libya justified?


Hundreds of thousands demonstrate in Yemen

Yemen resolution unlikely as president dismisses Gulf plan to end rule

Al-Qaeda making major gains amid political unrest in Yemen: Editorial


Iranian Cleric: Time up for Mideast dictators

'Blast hits Iran gas pipelines'

Afghanistan: A sure sign Karzai is in trouble

Gates: US prepared to stay in Iraq beyond 2011

Iraqis demonstrate against U.S. troop presence

Shiite cleric warns of new violence if U.S. troops stay in Iraq

Obama calls on Syria to stop violence

Two die from bullet wounds after Egypt protest

Egypt gears up for elections, amid political divisions, religious extremism and military power

Leading Bahrain activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja beaten and arrested

Supernation #8 Forming

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo forces regain ground

Ivory Coast’s new plan to end standoff at strongman’s bunker: Starve ‘em out

Ivory Coast: so who is the incumbent now?

Ivory Coast: More Ethnic Murders

President Gbagbo’s Last Stand


Nigeria: Polling under way in delayed election

Worries mount ahead of Sudan split

North Sudan army said to have deployed military hardware in Abyei

Sudan's proxy war may escalate

Israeli - Palestinian War

Gaza militants fire dozens of rockets into southern Israel

Hamas threatens to esclate if Israeli raids into Gaza persist

Time running out for Israel and peace talks: Editorial

Iran: Israel is the real nuclear menace to ME

WikiLeaks: Jewish settlers ready to move for money

WikiLeaks: Israel expects next war to bring 100 missiles per day on Tel Aviv: Will rain more than 500 per day upon Israel


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Japan tightens rules for nuclear plant backups

Is nuclear energy worth the risk?

Japan: 'Ten years' to decommission stricken nuclear plant

Japan says it won't allow farmers to plant rice in contaminated soil amid radiation fears

China to ban imports of farm products from Japan

Japan's Big 3 Auto Makers to Resume Output

San Antonio Toyota plant will halt production: Plans for a 5-day shutdown to cope with shortage of parts

Poll: 83% Think Nuclear Crisis Like Japan Could Happen in U.S.


2012 Election News

Republican Party

Trump Raises Eyebrows as He Rises in Presidential Polls

Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich Strong for GOP 2012 Field

McCain's Advice To 2012 GOP Presidential Field: Attack Your Vulnerabilities Head On

2012 political scramble already is under way

Democrat Party

Barbershop Buzz: Will you support President Obama in 2012?

Will Al Sharpton help or harm Obama in 2012?

'We rise and fall together,' Obama tells Sharpton group

Broken promises loom large in 2012 election run-up

Obama really likes the states he visits, especially for 2012

Obama Hails Deal To Avert Government Shutdown

Deal curbs D.C. abortions, includes other social issues

Expert likens Mormon church's role in sex case to Catholic abuse scandal



April 8, 2011

Israeli army strikes Gaza after Hamas rocket strikes school bus

Hamas Announces Ceasefire

U.S. General: We May Consider Sending Troops Into Libya

Shale Gas's WOW! moment

New Earthquake Off Japanese Coast Accompanied By Strange Blue Light Show

Japan nuclear crisis ebbing: U.S. experts

SOROS CONVENES ‘BRETTON WOODS II’: "rearrange the entire financial order"

White House hopes last-minute heroics keep government running

Fox gives Glenn Beck's show the boot

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


U.S. General: We May Consider Sending Troops Into Libya

GOP lawyer drafts Obama impeachment: Over Libya

Civil war and mission creep in Libya

NATO officer has no apology for deadly airstrike on Libyan rebels

NATO Complains of Qaddafi's Human Shields

GlobalPost says four reporters from US held in Libya

Evacuation Crisis On Libyan Borders As Thousands Continue To Flee

UNICEF: Snipers continue to target children in Libyan city

Turkey proposes road map for peace in Libya


Persian Gulf Coalition Joins in Seeking Ouster of Yemeni President

Iraqi Forces Storm Iranian Exile Camp

Syria has reform option to stifle regime change

Anti-government rallies in Syria despite al-Assad's overtures

Is revolution knocking on door of the Syrian regime?

Bahrain Grows More Divided

Bahrain's secret Mossad ties revealed?

Bahrain hospitals used as 'bait' in crackdown

Supernation #8 Forming

Ivory Coast

As standoff continues, a bleaker outlook

UN's Ban: Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Must Go

Gbagbo's rule violently divided Ivory Coast


Thousands pour over Ivory Coast border with more on their way

Papal envoy unable to reach Ivory Coast


Liberia: Assistance for refugees from the Ivory Coast

Top US Diplomat to Observe Nigeria Poll

Zimbabwe: PM Tsvangirai tightens screws on President Mugabe - "situation has degenerated into a regional crisis"

Israeli - Palestinian War

'Hezbollah prepared to send 100 missiles daily at Tel Aviv'

12 mortar shells hit western Negev: Gaza fire renewed

Iron Dome Missile Defence System Successful Intercepts Rockets

'Gaza Has Become a Terrorist State'

Israel kills two Hamas militants hours after truce

Hamas Plans to Kidnap Israeli Civilians In Israel

Peres Scolds UN Ambassadors Over School Bus Terror Attack

Israel accused Turkey of aiding Iran's nuclear program

Germany urges Israel to resume stalled Middle East peace talks


2012 Election News

Republican Party

Mitt Romney fares well against Obama in New Hampshire

Romney keeps quiet on his schedule

For Romney, 2012 strategy runs through NH, Nevada

Romney joins chorus praising Ryan's 2012 budget

Democrat Party

The Obama 2012 message: No one’s perfect

White House fears gas prices could tank Obama

Winfrey and Obama Split for 2012 - No Fundraising or Support from Winfrey


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Catholic Charities employee charged with sex crime

Alleged sex abuse by Catholic chaperones calls into question German law

Tenn. Supreme Court hears case alleging sexual abuse by Memphis Catholic priest

Survivors, Clergy Come Together For Catholic Sex Abuse Conference

Showtime Reveals Historic Skeletons in the Catholic Church's Closet


Japanese Combined Disasters News

2 Killed, 100 Injured in Japan Aftershock

Insurers, Reinsurers wobble on latest Japan quake

Cars, Houses, Human Remains: Debris From Japan Is Headed Toward U.S.

China concerned at Japan's prolonged nuclear crisis

Toyota to Resume Output at All Japan Plants After Disruptions From Quake

South Korean tech companies pick up slack left by Japan

U.S. Companies Rush to Fill Japan's Supply Gap


April 7, 2011

World Bank: Palestinians on Track for Statehood

Riotous Muslims getting too many headlines

3 reasons there may not be a government shutdown

Japan May Enlarge Evacuation Zone

NRC says not clear that Japan reactor has melted vessel

Ouattara Forces Surround Gbagbo Home in Ivory Coast

Superbugs threaten to render antibiotics useless, warns WHO

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #8 Forming

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, Nigeria Among Top US Concerns

Ouattara Forces Surround Gbagbo Home in Ivory Coast

EU Adds New Sanctions on Ivory Coast’s Gbagbo

Israel asks France to extract diplomats in Ivory Coast

Supernation #7 Forming


US Dismisses Gadhafi Plea to Obama on Air Strikes

NATO Raises Libya Tempo as U.S. and Italy Discuss Arming Rebels

France says Libya contact group to meet in Doha, Qatar, on April 13

Canada sends more troops to NATO-led mission in Libya

FBI Questioning Libyans Living In U.S.

Ex-Libyan energy minister defects to Malta


U.S. defense secretary arrives in Baghdad for talks

Gates: Some US troops may stay if Iraq wants

Suicide bombers strike police HQ in Kandahar, 6 security forces killed

Pakistan dismisses White House report on militants

Yemen: Strategic and in Chaos

Gulf Council to Ask Yemen President to Resign

Bahrain, Syria and Yemen 'playing with fire'

Gates to meet with Saudi king to discuss Yemen, Iran

Syria’s Assad is no reformer

Israeli - Palestinian War

Arab unrest makes Israeli-Palestinian peace harder: Netanyahu

Israel's 'long arm' reportedly behind Sudan strike

Netanyahu, Merkel meet in Germany on Mideast

Poll: Majority of Egyptians support maintaining Israel peace

Iran: Israel's nuclear program is destabilizing entire Mideast

Shin Bet Security Service nabs Hamas terror cell in east Jerusalem


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Nitrogen Operation Called Successful at Japanese Nuclear Plant

Japan: Risking generations of radiation

Japan's Contaminated Air Won't Reach Korea: South Korea's Goverment

Japan races to find tsunami dead despite radiation

Indian Foreign Secretary Rao trip to Japan to gauge nuclear mood

Bank of Japan Pledges Aid for Rebuilding From Quake

Japan shows need for spent fuel storage

Indian General Concerned Over China’s Military Presence in Kashmir

Obama, Congressional Leaders Narrow Differences, Still No Agreement

Mass grave discovered in Mexico

Drug cartel murders hurting Acapulco's tourist industry


2012 Election News

Republican Party

Romney, Trump, Huckabee Top 2012 Poll

Romney tops New Hampshire poll but Trump, Paul remain popular among Tea Party

Romney counts on massive warchest, circle of giving

Romney Still Defends His State's Health Care Law

Romney’s Missed Opportunity Could Cost Nomination

John McCain Says He's Sitting Out 2012 Primaries

Democrat Party

Obama begins 2012 re-election campaign

Democratic Leaders Attempt To Reshape Massachusetts' Primary Schedule In Obama’s Favor

Obama’s 2012 campaign lacks an Obama presence

Obama banking on NYC for 2012 re-election


April 6, 2011

Federal Government Shutdown Looms

Republican Budget Plan to Eliminate National Debt: Rep. Ryan

Japanese Plug Nuclear Plant Leak: Now Face Hydrogen Build-up

Australian FM Calls for Global Disaster Force

Obama: Israeli-Palestinian Solution 'More Urgent than Ever'

Pentagon rules out sending ground troops to Libya

Manipulating Morals: scientists target drugs that improve behaviour

Koran-burning pastor Jones defends himself against Bill O'Reilly who called him 'insane'

Hawaii senator wonders what Obama's concealing


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Highly radioactive water from power plant no longer gushing into sea

Japan Nuclear Plant Operator Prepares to Inject Nitrogen

India bans Japan food imports, says radiation spreading

Japan may order Tokyo-area industry to conserve power

Death toll reaches 12,468 from great quake-tsunami in Japan

Disaster Puts Toyota’s Credit Rating at Risk

Toyota to restart output at one more Japan plant

Hitachi President: Japan Can't Abandon Nuclear Power

Japan To Draw Up $35 Billion Quake Reconstruction Budget

Japan's Nuclear Crisis Stokes Fears In India

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

France displays tougher policies in foreign conflicts in Libya and Ivory Coast

Supernation #8 Forming

Ivory Coast

Gbagbo's representative says French forces firing on embatteled leader's residence

Gbagbo Surrender Stalls Over Refusal to Admit Electoral Defeat

African Union: Gbagbo Ready to Step Down

International court prosecutor wants to open Ivory Coast investigation as soon as possible

Cocoa Drops on Signs Ivory Coast Conflict Is Ending


Sudan FM says Israel behind mystery strike on car

UN Refugee Chief Warns Ivory Coast Conflict Could Spillover to Liberia

Nigeria Should Multiply By 10 Or 20 The Devastation Currently Facing Ivorycoast, Libya And Yemen

Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe Plays Down Spat With Regional Bloc

Zimbabwe: Why Deny That Sanctions Are Biting?

Supernation #7 Forming

Poverty? What, Poverty?

International Criminal Court says Libya planned civilian killings

Libyan Opposition Rejects Gadhafi Family Role in Political Compromise

Former U.S. rep to visit Gadhafi as rebels lose ground in Libyan war

Libyan Rebels Accuse NATO of Failing to Carry out Airstrikes

Gaddafi sends message to Obama


Yemeni President Agrees to Meet Opposition in Saudi Arabia

Tens Of Thousands Rally In Yemen

Moment of truth for Yemen

Shi’ite Muslim Uprisings Light Up a Fuse in Iraq

Iranian MPs Deplore Saudi Occupation of Bahrain

Bahrain’s new normal: looking bleak

Bahrain: Between the United States and Saudi Arabia: Editorial by Carnegie Endowment For International Peace

Will this be next Middle East war?

Auto leasing roars back to highest rate since '05

Hybrid, electric car sales up 37 percent

Asian economic recovery solid

Government Shutdown: How might this time be different from 1995?

Obama Dials Up Supporters as He Starts 2012 Re-election Bid

Jesse Ventura: considering a run in 2012?

Israeli - Palestinian War

September deadlines loom for Israel as Peres and Obama will meet

One-Third of PA Arabs Support Massacre of Fogel Family

EU Challenges Israel's Claim to Jerusalem

IAF targets Gaza terror tunnels; 4 injured

Goldstone's Israel epiphany comes too late

Israel to launch quiet diplomatic campaign in wake of Goldstone retraction

Richard Goldstone rightly disavowed his infamous report defaming Israel and must make UN do the same

'Israel to Become a Religious State in 19 Years'


April 5, 2011

Foreign Intervention In Ivory Coast! U.N., France strike at Ivory Coast leader’s forces

Ivory Coast: UN air strikes show West's new appetite for military action

Iran & The UN Hint Bahrain, Yemen Next Targets for Air Strikes

Qaddafi Ready to Discuss Gov't Changes as Rebels Advance

Yemen toll rises as U.S. seen pressing Saleh to leave

Koran burning prompts third day of rage

Japan sets new radiation safety level for seafood

Boehner tells US Republicans to gird for shutdown

Obama Announces Reelection Bid

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #8 Forming

Final battle rages in Ivory Coast

UN urges Laurent Gbagbo to concede defeat in Ivory Coast: UN attack helicopters target heavy weapons

Ivory Coast bond rises on attack on presidential palace

Ivory Coast: President Gbagbo 'negotiating surrender'

Ouattara forces hope to capture embattled Ivory Coast leader

Supernation #7 Forming


Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal

Italy recognises Libya's rebel National Council

Gadhafi's Sons Propose To Take Reigns In Libya

Libyan rebels scoff at idea of Gadhafi's son taking over

Libyan rebels on the run at bogged-down Brega

Airstrike hits Libyan military convoy near Brega

Libya air strikes aid rebels as diplomacy stalls


Armed men, police fire on Yemen protesters

Gulf states launch bid to mediate in Yemen crisis

Yemen's Government Is About To Collapse -- Here's What You Need To


Iran, Turkey Urge Regional States to Help Resolve Crisis in Bahrain

Iran wants Saudi troops out of Bahrain

Why the protest movement in Bahrain failed

Oman's battered protesters say they'll be back


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Fears hit all things Japanese

Radiation Evacuees Left in Dark About Life After Shelters

Radiation tests in Fukushima schools

Fukushima radioactivity hit 7.5m times legal limit

Radiation fallout from Fukushima plant will take "months" to stop

South Korea concerned about radioactive water from Japan

Russia to keep building nuclear plants despite Fukushima

U.K. Says Nuclear Plants Will Move Ahead During Study on Safety

Japan May Re-Examine Carbon-Reduction Pledge After Atomic Crisis

Biggest Profit Gain Since 1900 Sustains S&P 500 After Rally

Fed Exit Means No Pain for Obama as Foreigners Take Up Slack

Dollar Strengthens Against Euro on Bernanke Inflation Comments

Chinese funds key to unlocking Russia's mining riches

Massachusetts: Another unprecedented SJC pick - Gov. Patrick nominee Lenk would be first openly gay justice

Israeli - Palestinian War

Ahmadinejad: U.S. seeking to divide Jordan to form Palestinian state

Arab revolts strengthens Hezbollah

Peres tells Clinton: Mideast 'storm' must bring peace and democracy

Israel approves 942 Jewish homes in Gilo settlement

Israel facing confrontation with third Palestinian intifada

Egypt’s foreign minister talks tough on Israel

Israel: Who Did Mossad really Catch – Terrorist Or Engineer?


2012 Election News

President Obama officially launches 2012 reelection campaign without a remark

Where are the Republicans who can beat Obama in 2012?

Obama 2012: It’s not just about the money

April 4, 2011

A Palestinian State alongside Israel?

Senator Lindsey Graham Advocates Killing First Amendment

Japan's troubled plant to discharge contaminated water into the Pacific

Libya: Saif Gaddafi offers to lead 'transition to democracy'

U.S. Quietly Shifts to Seek Removal of Yemen’s Leader, an Ally


The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


Libyan envoy indicates Khadafy seeking solution

RAF stretched to the limit, says chief in plea for funds

U.S. Role In Libya Airstrikes Extended 'Short-Term'

Col Gaddafi sends trusted envoy to the West

Libyan Rebels Recapture Strategic Oil Town

Rep. Mike Rogers: Gadhafi must be forced out


In shift, US now seeks negotiated exit of Yemen’s president

Gulf mediation to end crisis in Yemen announced

"Al-Qaeda" Seizes Town in Teetering Yemen

Security official, 3 soldiers injured in ambush in south Yemen


Afghan Stone Throwing Erupts Over Quran Burning

US Legislators Condemn Quran Burning, Violent Reaction

Supernation #8 Forming

France sends troops to Ivory Coast: Took control of the airport in the main city of Abidjan

Ivory Coast Incumbent Government Condemns French Takeover of Airport

Ivory Coast: aid workers find 1,000 bodies in Duekoue

Ouattara denies UN accusations of civilian massacres

Sporadic gunfire, explosions still heard in Abidjan

Armed and ready, Ouattara forces await Ivory Coast end game

UN Evacuates Staff After Attacks


UN Concerned About Refugee Camp in Eastern Kenya

Nigeria Delays Nationwide Polls

Rwandan War Crimes Suspect Arrested in France

Obama to announce reelection plans


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Other nations can learn from Fukushima incident: Specter of three reactors simultaneously running amok and melting down

Race at plant to identify path of radiation leak

Japan considers releasing radioactive water into the sea

Missing workers found dead at Japan nuke plant

IAEA: Japan crisis is a major challenge with enormous implications for nuclear power

CNN Panel - Is nuclear energy worth the risk?

Israeli - Palestinian War

Egypt will not remain 'strategic treasure' to Israel: New Egyptian Foreign Minister

Egypt: Israel must pay us back for gas

Facebook sued for $1 billion over Third Intifada page

Israel government unveils counter-cyberterrorism unit

If Obama's Libyan Intervention 'Succeeds', Will Palestine Be Next?

Israel pressing UN to halt new Gaza aid flotilla

Israel Hits Hamas Squad Allegedly Planning Kidnap

Israel Calls on UN to Retract Gaza War Crimes Report: 1,400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis were killed in a 22-day war that ended in January, 2009

Kazakh Leader Wins Landslide Election

April 2-3, 2011

US using Depleted Uranium in 'Humanitarian Intervention' in Libya

Palestine Leader Tilts at Declaring Statehood In September

Libyan opposition lays out conditions for cease-fire

Red Cross: 800 dead in Ivory Coast town

Radioactive water leaked into sea: Japanese officials

Reporting Suspicious Activity? There’s a Homeland Security app for that

Canadian officials ‘secretive’ on North American perimeter security agreement

Possible cover up in priest sex abuse case: New evidence points to a 50-year cover up

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


Libyan rebels in full, chaotic retreat: Second Libyan rebel advance didn’t last very long

Coalition Air Strikes: Body Bags Begin Piling Up

Only 15 nations contributing to military action in Libya

Libyan gov't turns down ceasefire offer by rebels

Gates against presence of US ground forces in Libya


US orders media silence over Bahrain

Poll: Saudi Kingdom will collapse

Police shoot protester dead in Oman

Jordanians continue anti-govt. protests

Protests for reforms continue in Syria

Koran burning sparks more violence in Afghanistan

Seven killed in "coward" attack on UN compound in N Afghanistan

Three dead in bombing near Iraq mosque, monthly attacks toll up

Supernation #8 Forming

800 dead in Ivory Coast violence around Duekoue city

Ivory Coast president battles on as rival's forces close in

UN chief urges Cote d'Ivoire's Gbagbo to step down

Fighting Reported In Ivory Coast's Commercial Capital

Clock is ticking for refugees fleeing Ivory Coast

Ghana Influx Grows As Fighting Flares Across Ivoery Coast

Lebanese abandoned in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast’s Troubles Bleed Into Neighboring Liberia

UN chief calls for violence-free elections in Nigeria

Latin America should strengthen cooperation, says UN official -- NOTE: This is Nation #6 of Club of Rome Plan


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Crack leaking at nuke plant

Japan nuclear crisis not yet over: IAEA chief

PM Kan Visits Quake Zone

Japanese, US Military Search for Tsunami Victims

Death toll reaches 11,620 from great quake-tsunami in Japan

Japanese gov't set to begin reconstruction

Japan continues efforts to overcome worst crisis since World War II

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestine Leader Tilts at Declaring Statehood In September

Palestinian Authority President thanks Uruguay for sovereign recognition

'Israel must prepare for Palestinian fury'

Hezbollah terrorists are hiding weapons on Israel's border in violation of ceasefire

Arabs prefer life in Israel

Three Palestinians killed in Gaza airstrike

Goldstone: Claims of Israel's Gaza war crimes should be reconsidered

Israel asks U.N. to block Gaza flotilla

Magnitude six earthquake in Crete felt across Israel

Noble Energy stops drilling at Israel's Leviathan well: Work suspended because of wear on wellbore casing


2012 Election News

Shadows of 2012: Gimme Mitt!

It's Not Easy Being Mitt

In Romney, Look Past Old Assumptions

Romney, Huckabee running close to Obama for 2012 poll

Rep. Michele Bachmann raises more than Mitt Romney

Fred Karger Beats Mitt Romney In 2012 NH Straw Poll

South Carolina prepares for 2012 spotlight

Jobs Up, Unemployment Down as Economy Continues Slow Recovery


Catholic Sex Abuse News

Survivors: Catholic Church Enabled Sex Abuse by Priests

Possible cover up in priest sex abuse case: New evidence points to a 50-year cover up

New Sex Abuse Scandals Plague Catholic Institutions -- Will the Church Ever Change?

Prosecute the Catholic sex-abuse scandals

Australia: Ex-Catholic brother guilty of sex assault

Priest, Nun Join Catholic Protestors: Groups Rally Against Priest Abuse, Cover-Ups

33 archdiocesan priests accused of sex abuse but not named

April 1, 2011

In Your Face: CNN Segment on Libya Entitled “New World Order”

“Libyan Rebels” Create Central Bank, Oil Company

Israel should endorse UN recognition of a Palestinian state: CFR

Japan Says Nuclear Evacuation Will Be 'Long-Term'

Ivory Coast: Fighting in Abidjan Surrounds Home of Incumbent President

North American Union News

Non-Criminal Illegal Aliens: We Don’t Want to Deport Them; 'We Want Them To Succeed’ - Obama

America's Third War: American Teens Recruited by Mexican Drug Cartels

Chilean President calls for EU-like union of Americas during Obama visit

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


“Libyan Rebels” Create Central Bank, Oil Company

US Ending Its Air Combat Role in Libya: Gates says US ending its air combat role in Libya, leaving the heavy lifting to allies

Defense Secretary Gates' goal for Libya: No American troops on the ground

Gaddafi's envoy 'visited London'

Forces Fight to Control Libyan Oil Town

Libyan Defections Raise Hopes as Rebels Struggle

U.S. Does Not Trust Libyan Rebels to Arm Them--So Who Are We Fighting For?

At least 40 civilians dead in Tripoli strikes: Vatican official


Coming Apart

Yemen braced for mass rival demonstrations

Britons urged to leave Yemen immediately

Al Qaeda Declares Southern Yemeni Province An "Islamic Emirate"


Jordan's stubborn regime hangs in the balance: CFR editorial

Activists call for more protests in Syria

Journalists protest Syria's detention of Jordanian journalist

Bahrain steps up detentions

Bahrain Is Still a Miserable, Vicious Dictatorship

Iran calls on Saudi Arabia to pull forces out of Bahrain

Suicide bomber kills 3 Iraqi soldiers

"Al-Qaeda" Attack Kills 56 in Iraq: Further sign of what America’s “victory” in Iraq truly means

Six US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Three guards beheaded at NATO terminal in Pakistan

State Dep’t and U.N. Silent About Latest Anti-Christian Violence in Ethiopia

Supernation #8 Forming

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast strongman losing grip on power

Fighting in Abidjan Surrounds Home of Incumbent President

Ivory Coast Rebels Seize State TV

Ivory Coast hotel a seat of government and prison too

Gbagbo militias kill 37 non-Ivorians in village


India's population grows to 1.2 billion: To surpass China as the world's most populous nation sometime after 2030


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Radioactivity surges again at Japan nuclear plant

Japan PM vows funding to tackle long nuclear crisis

Japan plans to bail out stricken nuclear plant

Video of smashed interior at Fukushima nuclear plant

Tepco: No Problem In Data For Iodine, Cesium Measurements

In Pictures: Japan's search for the dead

Asian stocks erase losses since Japan earthquake

Toyota: earnings hit but priority is Japan recovery

Israeli - Palestinian War

We in Israel welcome the Arab spring: President Peres

New Tensions Along Israel Gaza Border

Israel asks Russia to thwart Palestinian statehood bid

Facebook shuts down page calling for intifada

World Jewish Congress hails Colombia over opposition to Palestinian statehood

Obama to host Israeli President Peres At White House

Israel says Hezbollah has 1,000 bunkers in Lebanon

Hezbollah refuses to comment on Israeli maps allegedly detailing its military sites

March 31, 2011

Radiation slows recovery of tsunami dead near Japan plant

In Japan, Sarkozy calls for new global nuclear standards

CIA operatives on ground in Libya

Libya Conflict: revelations emerge that Obama has authorised undercover help

"Al-Qaeda" Is 100% Pentagon Controlled

OPEC Could Reap $1 Trillion This Year

Tea Party unpopularity on the rise

Montana RadioShack Gives Away Guns With New Dish Network Subscriptions

The World Is On Fire In The 'Non-Integrating Gap'

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8

Map of Africa and Middle East

Supernation #7 Forming


The Road to Hell: Have liberal intellectuals learned nothing from Iraq?

Libyan Foreign Minister, once a Gaddafi confidant, defects

Britain Says Defecting Libyan Has No Promise of Immunity

Undisciplined Libyan rebels no match for Gaddafi's forces

Debate Over Arming the Rebels and Concerns About Unintended Consequences

Gadhafi Push Tests Allies: Rebel Retreat From Oil Town Fuels Debate on Wider Military Aid to Opposition

NATO takes command of Libya mission

Are US Soldiers Using Rape, Murder, And Bombing Of Children As War Strategy?

Constitutional Problems with the Libyan War: Ron Paul


Yemeni protesters vow to storm Presidential Palace

President Saleh Urged To Leave Country

U.S. urges "swift solution" in Yemen

Islamists Are Elated by Revolts: Yemeni-American Cleric

Yemen: Al Qaeda Declares South province As “Islamic Emirate”

Iraq / Afghanistan

65 killed in hostage-taking in Iraq: Took place at a provincial council building Tuesday

Chalabi calls to reconsider Iraq security policies: Enemies are capable of overcoming security measures taken

Iraq blames al-Qaeda for attack

Western aid lines Taliban pockets in Afghanistan

2 more NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan


Syrian President Blames ‘Conspirators’ for Unrest

Syrian President Refuses to Lift Decades-Old State of Emergency

Bahrain: A very dangerous stage

Iran Warns: Bahrain invaders playing with fire

Hezbollah denies training Bahraini protesters

Pakistani Politician Unharmed After Second Attack

Egypt starts national dialogue

Iran welcomes closer ties with Egypt


Supernation #8 Forming

Ivory Coast rebels seize capital and march on Abidjan: Time running out for President Gbagbo

UN Security Council imposes "targeted sanctions" against incumbent leader in Ivory Coast

Pope sends envoy to Ivory Coast in hopes of restoring peace

China Welcomes New Burmese Government as US Rejects It


Japanese Combined Disasters News

Japan Considers Entombing Nuclear Plant as Workers Fight to Stop Radiation

TEPCO testing new ways to stop radioactive pollution from Fukushima

World’s Biggest Shipping Lines Still Sailing to Tokyo Bay Ports

Seafood Sales Sink in S. Korea Due to Radiation Fears

Japan Ignores UN On Nuclear Exclusion Zone

Traces of Radioactive iodine from Japan detected in Israel

China white paper highlights US military 'competition'

Israeli - Palestinian War

Former head of IDF intelligence doesn’t see conflict between Israel, Syria

Israel fears the alternative if Syria's Assad falls

Israel releases map of Hezbollah bunkers in south Lebanon: 950 underground bunkers

Israel deploys Iron Dome missile defense

Poll: Young Israelis moving much farther to the right politically

Palestinian President Abbas says he may resign

Hamas Official: Reasons holding off Israeli attack on Gaza

Israel to indict abducted Gaza engineer

Israel imposes new taxes on gas finds

US-Israel Open Skies Agreement Comes Into Force


2012 Election News

Republican Party

Brave New Race: Why old assumptions about Mitt Romney are wrong

GOP Insiders Say Romney’s Still Number One

Mormon Religion biggest hurdle to Romney nomination

Poll: New Jersey Governor Christie runs stronger against Obama than most of rumored GOP field

Strategists: 2012 White House hopefuls will bash any bipartisan budget accord

Democrat Party

Obama Finalizes Reelection Plans For 2012

Stirrings toward Obama 2012

2012 hopefuls take aim at Obama's Libya speech


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