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August 1-12, 2013        


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Obama Canceling Joint Exercise with Egypt's Army

Muslim Brotherhood pledges fightback as Egypt death toll climbs to 421

Million Muslim March Planned in DC on Anniversary of 9-11

White House rejects idea of 'gun-free zone' around Obama

Rubio Warns: Obama Could Legalize Millions Of Illegals by Executive Order

Another key Obamacare provision delayed until 2015

MIT: Future Smartphones Will ‘Listen to Everything All the Time’

Smartphones As Weather Surveillance Systems

Teenager denied heart transplant over history of 'non-compliance'

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Obama Canceling Joint Exercise with Egypt's Army

Bloody Wednesday: Official Death Toll Tops 500, May be in the thousands

'We will not cower': Muslim Brotherhood pledges fightback as Egypt death toll climbs to 421

Egypt’s Military Cracks Down on Muslim Brotherhood: Will Chaos Follow Killings?

Egypt's interim VP announces resignation amid deadly crackdown

US re-evaluating military ties with Egypt after violence

A curfew falls on an Egypt divided

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood suffered strong blow, anger beyond control

Rumsfeld: Obama's Botched Handling of Egyptian Crisis Threatens Region - Ignores his bungling of Iraq War

France summons ambassador Egyptian over violence

Egypt's Churches Aflame as Brotherhood Targets Christians: Brotherhood Is Running Amok


New Headline News Article

"Current Events Are Propelling Egypt Down The Abyss Into Her Final, End of Days, Prophetic Judgment"

You will be shocked at the accuracy of current events compared to Egypt's devastating final prophetic judgment. (Isaiah 19)

Jesus warned that once believers see End Times prophesies occurring, they were to look up, for the Redeemer was drawing nigh!



Syria, shattered

General Dempsey: US mission in Jordan could last years as Syria war rages

New Saudi-supplied missiles boost rebels in south Syria

Disappearance of Activist Jesuit Priest in Syria Stirs Fears He Is Dead

Syria accepts essential terms of chemical weapons probe

Jordan Asks US for Assistance in Securing Syrian Border

The controversial autonomy of Syria’s Kurds


Iraq car bombs kill 26, wound dozens in Baghdad

Iraq: Car Bomb Attacks Kill At Least 14: Relentless string of attacks

Zarqawism Lives: Iraq’s al Qaeda Nightmare Is Back

Iraq’s Kurdistan Region: Voiceless in Washington


Ex-NATO Chief: 15,000 Troops Should Stay In Afghanistan After 2014

U.S. General Joseph Dunford: Afghanistan's Future Will Depend On International Troops

Too soon to leave Afghanistan, Russia says


Russia not Supplying 'Replacement' Missile System to Iran

General Dempsey: 'More and Better' Options Are Now Available on Iran

Hamas, Iran Putting Aside their Differences to Fight Israel


Report: 9 killed in blast near Hezbollah complex in Beirut, Lebanon

US sends warship to Bahrain amid regime crackdown

How did Yemen become a hot spot for terrorism?

US encourages democracy in Yemen, then turns deaf ear

Israeli-Palestinian War

Who are the terrorists Israel's releasing for 'peace'?

Israel, Palestinian negotiators meet in Jerusalem in total secrecy

US House majority leader Cantor: Only Palestinian ‘mind-shift’ will bring peace

What can Israel do about Egypt? Descent into civil war could render 1979 peace treaty null

MK Shaked: Kerry is hypocritical, gambling with Israeli lives

Mideast Christians: an Endangered Species in their Ancestral Land - Israel a lone bright spot

Secret Israeli operation brings Yemenite Jews home

Temple Mount reopened to Jews: For first time since end of Ramadan

Request for gun permits in Newtown set to double last year's numbers

Woman opens fire on group of robbers at Denny's: Police say the group of suspects fled the scene with stolen jewelry - Woman was licenced to conceal carry

What the NSA’s Massive Org Chart (Probably) Looks Like




Smart Move: Russia’s Central Bank promotes plastic cards with chips to avert €100 mn in fraud

Egypt Bloodshed: At least 15 killed as troops clear pro-Morsi camps

Israel-Palestinian talks set to resume in Jerusalem

The Statistical Debate Behind the NYC Stop-and-Frisk Verdict

Civil Forfeiture Nightmare: Taken

SWAT Team Raided "Small Intentional Community Based on Sustainability"

‘Run and hide’ is Obama administration’s clever plan for next school shooting

Google: Gmail users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’

Obama’s Clapper Mistake: "Fox Guarding Henhouse"

White House denies DNI Clapper will head ‘independent’ NSA review group

Is Government Just Spying Like a Giant Peeping Tom … Or Is It Actively USING that Information in Mischievous Ways?

University of California Study: National Debt Is Really $70 Trillion

Archived Newsletter Paragraph IX: CAFR Funds Total Over $60 Trillion

Eurozone comes out of recession

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


'War Zone': Scores feared dead in Cairo crackdown, protests spreading

Police attacked pro-Morsi sit-ins amid Brotherhood refusal for talks

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says open to talks on crisis

Egypt committed to transitional road map: Interim President

Appointment of 19 Generals as Provincial Governors Raises Fears in Egypt

Morsi Threatened to Go on Hunger Strike

European outcry against violent Egypt crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's Islamist Rage Targets Christians: Pro-Morsi rioters set fire to Christian youth center, church


Joint Chief General Dempsey Again Warns Against Syria War

Departure of UN Chemical Experts to Syria Delayed

Syria's war has exposed the hypocrisy of western powers

Clashes kill 18 rebels in central Syria

Foreign militants killed in Western Syria

War in Syria stokes feuds between Lebanese clans


U.S. Sidelined as Iraq Becomes Bloodier: The 2003 invasion helped sow the seeds for an incipient civil war

PFC Manning Played Vital Role in Iraq Despite Erratic Behavior: Supervisor

Obama Administration Pushes for Apache Helicopter Sale to Iraq: Congress Opposed

Iraq Oil Pipeline Bombing Leaves At Least 13 Dead

Saudis key sponsor of terror campaign in Iraq, backed by US: ME Expert


US commander insists for significant post-2014 presence in Afghanistan

Washington has no plan to leave Afghanistan: Grossman

Female MP Fariba Ahmadi Kakar abducted in Ghazni

Insight: As Afghanistan endgame looms, India-Pakistan tensions rise


Doctors Without Borders Pulls Out Of Somalia: Attacks on Staff

Saudi prince in exile slams Riyadh crackdown, corruption

Violence 'inevitable' as Bahrain beefs up security ahead of protests

Bahrain bans protests in capital ahead of major anti-govt demonstration

After Grisly Mosque Attack, Nigeria’s Boko Haram Terrorist Group Calls Out Obama

Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry's sharp threat to Netanyahu ahead of peace talks

Israel frees 26 Palestinian prisoners

Ex-Minister Slams ‘Unprincipled’ Prisoner Release

U.S. Gen. Dempsey, IDF's Gantz Pledge Partnership

Defense Minister Ya'alon tells Dempsey: We must prevent 'axis of evil' from winning regional conflict

IAF Strikes Terror Targets in Gaza Again

Top Israeli Diplomat 'Missing'

Europe's holier than thou approach to Israel

Nurse Suspected of Killing Up to 46 Kids Set to Leave Prison

Obama’s Campaign to Glorify the War on Vietnam

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Is Using Obviously Faulty Models to Pretend Crumbling Nuclear Reactors Are Safe

Is North Carolina's Voter ID Law 'Common Sense' Policy or Discrimination?

RG3, Redskin's Quarterback: Gay players should come out

Russian government confirms gay protesters to be arrested at Olympics

California senators seek blocking investment in Russia over anti-gay propaganda law

Russian government anti-homosexuality position leads to NYC Russian vodka boycott

Catholic Democrats tell Chicago Cardinal George not to pull funding from immigration campaigners supporting same-sex marriage

House of Lords approve same-sex marriage bill at third reading

Secret Service monitored REDDIT co-founder Aaron Swartz before his suicide

Were RCMP involved in B.C. legislature pressure cooker bomb plot?

To stop file-sharing, one needs to intercept all internet traffic

Here Are All Of The Nations That Incarcerate More Of Their Population Than The U.S.

Former Ill. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. to be sentenced

Does Jailed Brotherhood leader have goods on Obama?

Economic News -- No Economic Collapse

Trader: Why Dow 20,000 is not far away

Falling Energy Prices Keep Lid on Wholesale Inflation

Summer Retail Is a Bust But Watch Out for a Strong Fall

China helps drive the Ford Focus to No. 1 spot

Union: GM Ohio plant will keep Cruzin'

Chrysler celebrates milestone with 5 millionth Jeep Grand Cherokee



Palestinian prisoner release on track after Israeli High Court ruling

Kerry says Israeli settlements should not disrupt Mideast talks

Fukushima now in state of emergency: Leaking 300 tons of radioactive water into the ocean daily

I Want Obamacare but You Go First

U.S. reviews increasing use of antipsychotic drugs on children in the Medicaid system

MSNBC host says newborn infants don't count as 'alive' unless parents decide they do: Infanticide is the new abortion

The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of the Pro-Abortion Movement: Must fight ObamaCare's pro-abortion provisions

Voters mad about NSA spying face uphill battle

1912 eighth grade exam: Could you make it to high school in 1912? Proof positive that the Elite has systematically dumbed down public schools

Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinian prisoner release on track after Israeli High Court ruling

Terror Victims Group: High Court is Backing Terrorists

Who are the Palestinian prisoners set for release by Israel?

Palestinian prisoners 'moved' before Israel release

Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs Dempsey Meeting PM Netanyahu

Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket Fired Towards Eilat

Salafist Terror Group: We Fired Rockets at Eilat

Israel advances plan to build 900 settlement homes

The World Social Forum is an Enabler of Anti-Israelism

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Syria opposition calls for unified rebel army

Assad Sending Reinforcements to Latakia

Syria rebels in weak position: SNC chief

Syria opposition urges world to save civilians in city of Homs


Morsi's Detention Extended by 15 Days

Mursi supporters stand firm, brace for Egypt crackdown

Egypt authorities delay Morsi protest camps crackdown

Turkey's President: Release Morsi to save Egypt

Yemeni Nobel winner says Egypt coup deadly for Arab democracy


Car Bombings in Iraq Kill 7 People

Deadly Iraq bomb attack hits Balad cafe: Killed at least 16 people and wounded another 35

Attacks kill 26 in central and western Iraq

How al Qaeda staged a comeback in Iraq

Iraq: Why violence and oil don't mix


Pentagon Reports: Afghanistan is the “Saudi Arabia of lithium”

High profile attacks on women in Afghanistan undermine rights campaign

Three U.S. soldiers killed in eastern Afghanistan

Caldwell soldier killed in Afghanistan

Cardiff nurse and father heading out to Afghanistan once more


India and Pakistan trade new accusations over 'Kashmir violations'

UN chief in Pakistan amid Kashmir tensions

Pakistan keeps LoC hot, opens fire for the 8th time in 4 days, blames India

As Afghanistan endgame looms, a deadly edge to India-Pakistan rivalry


RON PAUL: 'The US Government Is Clearly At War In Yemen'

Barrage of drone strikes in Yemen show flaws of US counter-terrorism strategy

Yemen drone strikes may revive war-powers battle between administration, Congress

Yemen: Convenient timing for a crisis

Embassies Open, but Yemen Stays on Terror Watch


Sudan becomes the newest player in Syria’s protracted conflict: Arms shipments flowing through Sudan to Syria

South Sudan parliament shall never be the same again

Nigeria Unrest: 'Boko Haram' gunmen kill 44 at mosque

Nigeria's army gunning for Boko Haram

North Africa: Maghreb Insecurity Threatens Niger

Arizona sheriff arming deputies with AR-15 style rifles to 'fight back' against criminals: 'My deputies will carry guns 24 hours a day, even off duty'

Man Says He Was Beaten, Left For Dead By OKCPD Officers On Illinois River

U.S. moves to curb long, mandatory drug sentences

August 11, 2013


Israel names Palestinian prisoners to be freed before peace talks begin

Top GOP lawmaker accuses Obama of not defending NSA surveillance program

Why Do IRS Agents Need AR-15 Assault Rifles?

Agent: IRS Still Targeting Tea Party Groups

IRS initiative now targeting small businesses

18 Little-Known Gun Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer

Scientist, FDA: Don't worry about radioactive fish

Zimbabwe: No Deal to Sell Iran Uranium, Period

Fraud becoming rampant in scientific research papers

Drive To Total Surveillance

NSA turning Internet into a total surveillance system

US senators push for special privacy advocate in overhauled FISA court

Obama touts NSA privacy safeguards: To launch NSA transparency website

Wi-Fi Trashcans Now Silently Tracking Your Smartphone Data

Michael Hayden, Former NSA Chief: After A Major Attack, U.S. Likely To Seize More Surveillance Powers

Snowden's Father to Visit Son in Russia: Claims his son will not receive a fair trial in the US

Senator Ted Cruz Continues Campaign Against Obamacare

Israeli-Palestinian War

Palestinian Authority: Stop Settlement Tenders or "Peace" Talks Are Off

Syria, Mideast Peace Talks, and "Land for War"

Sinai air strike shows hair-trigger Israel-Egypt security ties

Housing Minister Ariel: How does freeing murderers bring peace?

Terrorists Who Murdered Seniors with Axes to be Released

Rabbis Plead: Cancel Terrorists' Release

US military chief arrives in Israel to discuss regional security issues

Congressman: No one is thinking about US troops as part of peace accord

Jews From Muslim Lands: The Forgotten Refugees of 1948

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


On the Ground: The calm before the storm

Egyptian Protesters Braced for Further Clashes

Egypt May Start Taking Action Against Morsi Supporters

Egypt's Christians continue to be harassed by Islamists


Drone strike kills two in southern Yemen

Yemen: 7 Saudis among militants killed by drones

Gunmen kill five Yemeni troops guarding LNG plant


Caught in the middle: Christians suffer amid Syria's civil war

Smugglers drag Turkey into Syria's civil war

Rebels launch new offensive near Syria's border with Iraq

Syrian rebel commander visits front in Assad's home province

Syria Splits Shiite Clergy in Iraq, Iran

Even if Assad loses, Iran gains from its support of Shia militias


Al-Qaida claims responsibility for deadly attacks in Iraq during Muslim holiday

Zarqawism Lives: Iraq’s al Qaeda Nightmare Is Back

Wave Of Bombings At Ramadan's End Kills Dozens In Iraq

US condemns Iraq attackers as ‘enemies of Islam’


Afghanistan Taliban: Time to seize the moment

U.S. commander in Afghanistan says deal to allow foreign troops beyond 2014 is priority

US, Afghanistan sign deal allowing foreign troops post 2014

3 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Austalian Defence announces end to combat duties in Afghanistan

China well-placed to reap rewards in Afghanistan


Lebanese Army deploys to prevent escalation after Labweh ambush

Is Hamas Considering A Move to Beirut?

Zimbabwe's president says elections were free, no going back on his big victor

France confirms it will continue ban on GMO corn

Tyson Foods suspends purchases of growth supplement-fed cattle: Many animals that arrive at processing plants have difficulty walking, moving

CDC tries to rewrite history by burying facts about SV40 cancer viruses in polio vaccines

Los Angeles Catholic Church Sex Abuse Files Released Including Files On Ruben Martinez Who Abused 100 Boys

Former Grand Rapids Catholic schools assistant had sex with 16-year-old student

Nigerian bishops warn against legalization of same-sex marriage





Obama promises NSA reforms

Secure E-Mail Companies Say There’s No Such Thing Anymore

[WATCH] President Obama fails basic U.S. geography

Alleged Murderer Is an Illegal Alien: But Washington Post Won't Admit

Majority of adults would feel safer if their kids went to schools with armed guards

Obama Charges: Republicans' 'Unifying Principle' Is Denying Health Care To 30 Million People

Americans renouncing U.S. citizenship surged sixfold as Tougher Rules Loom

Obama: Inappropriate to Boycott Olympics over Russia’s Anti-Gay Law

Scientists: Keystone XL oil pipeline won’t cause more global warming

Study: Conservative media driving denial of global warming

Convicted killer of DEA's 'Kiki' Camarena freed from Mexican prison

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Egyptian prosecutors have evidence Morsi incited murder of protesters

Anti-U.S. Hostility Ramps Up in Egypt

New US envoy designate to Egypt facing criticism over running alleged death squads in Iraq

Nour Leader: Monopolising govt was Brotherhood's biggest mistake

Islamist militant group in Egypt says it was target of Israeli drone

Explosions in Northern Sinai, Egypt denies Israeli involvement

21 journalists assaulted, 2 killed in Egypt last month

Obama sends Eid greetings to Egyptian Interim President Adly Mansour


U.S., Russia agree to prepare for Syria peace talks

Kremlin says no deal reached with Saudi on changing Syria stance

As Foreign Fighters Flood Syria, Fears of a New Extremist Haven

Deaths reported in raids in Syria's Latakia

U.N. chemical weapons inspectors to begin 2-week probe in Syria next week


Decorated Iraq war veteran gets life for killing his wife: She was a Wisconsin cop - Vet had suffered traumatic brain injury

Not Obama's Problem: Iraq's Deadliest Month Since '08 Gets Scant Network Coverage

Al Qaeda Drives Iraq Toward Chaos

Signs of New Life in Northern Iraq: In Kurdistan

PetroChina to join Exxon to develop giant Iraq oilfield


3 Chinese citizens killed in Afghanistan

Roadside bomb kills 4 policemen in north Afghanistan

US drawdown from Afghanistan could intensify terrorist infiltration from Pakistan

US, Russia to work together on Afghanistan: Russian FM Lavrov


Obama: We Have ‘Sealed Indictment’ of Benghazi Terrorists

Two Turkish Pilots Kidnapped in Lebanon

Indian, Pakistan troops exchange fire in Kashmir

New Evidence: Jihadists Holding Training Camps in Libya

US Drones Blitz Al Qaeda in Yemen

Israeli-Palestinian War

Iran's Khamenei: Israel-PA Peace Talks Are Futile

Kerry Seeks Support for Peace Talks from U.S. Jews

Peace Talks: Run, Bibi, run!

German Cartoon: Netanyahu 'Poisonous' to 'Peace'

EU Parliamentarian Calls for ‘Intifada’

Western media yawns as Hamas imposes Draconian restrictions on journalists

Cyprus, Greece and Israel Sign Energy Accord

Gas group in talks on pipeline to Turkey

Russian oil barons step up battle for Putin's favor

Snowden Is a Political Prisoner in Russia and Putin Won't Let Him Go

Obama: Snowden was not a patriot

US to reopen 18 of 19 foreign posts closed amid security concerns

Economic News -- No Economic Collapse

Release of August Jobs Report is D-Day for Tapering: September 6

Relax, interest rates are not too low

Million Dollar Home Sales Jump in U.S. as Wealthy Return

Aeropostale sounds warning on back-to-school: Another teen retailer's summer sales decline

Buffett of Canada' says he's a big bull on the US

Ford raises $1B with its first benchmark 10-year bond since Sept

Bill Ford Jr. hesitant to declare victory, despite company gains

Proposals sought to redevelop former GM stamping plant site in Indianapolis

GM cuts plug-in Volt's price by $5,000: Lower cost intended to entice buyers who are still wary of EVs

Chrysler to expand world class training academy in Warren


Iran/Iraq ‘Defectors’ and Disinformation

U.S. pulls diplomats from Lahore, Pakistan, amid terror threat

Al-Qaeda replacing Syria's Assad is the biggest threat to US security

Alarming satellite images from Aleppo, Syria: Mass destruction from the sky

Snowden’s Email Provider Shuts Down

NSA Head: Replace would-be Snowdens with computers to stop future leaks

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Syria's Bashar al-Assad escapes injury as rebels attack convoy

Syria dismisses Assad attack claims

Syria: there is worse to come

Syria: Foreign jihadists behind the rebel capture of Aleppo airport

In rural Homs, Sunni Syrians fear army offensive

Russia won’t supply outstanding S-300s to Syria until mid-2014

Moscow ‘rejects’ Saudi ‘offer’ to drop Assad for rich arms deal

CIA Official Calls Syria Top Threat to U.S. Security


Al Qaeda drives Iraq toward chaos; U.S. withdrawal left door open to sectarian battle for power

Regional enemies infiltrate workings inside Iraq

Car bombs kill 31 in Iraq, officials say

Iraq escapee leads militant raid

Desert trench dug in Iraq angers Arabs


Bomb Attacks Kill Dozens of Mourners in Pakistan and Afghanistan

'3 US soldiers killed, 2 wounded in W Afghanistan'

Last Australian commander takes over in Afghanistan


10 killed as gunmen shoot at people leaving Sunni mosque in Pakistan

India lodges 'strong protest' with Pakistan over Kashmir attack

US avoids blaming Pakistan for LoC flare-up


Egypt Captures Over 100 Terrorists in Sinai

Morsi’s Wife: He’ll be Back

Turkish president calls for Morsi's release, slams Egyptian 'coup'

Israeli-Palestinian War

Kerry Seeks Support for Peace Talks from U.S. Jews

Iran's Khamenei: Peace talks will force Palestinians to relinquish their rights

Chancellor Merkel Vows: Germany will never be neutral on Israel

IDF Orders Eilat Airport Shut Down

Eilat Airport Reopens, Flights Return to Normal

IDF 'Blundered into Hizbullah Ambush'

Elite Nahal battalion in surprise Golan Heights war drill

Israel refuses to sign any agreements with EU based on settlement guidelines

U.S.: 'Settlements' In Judea and Samaria Are Illegitimate

Donald Duck calls for Israel's destruction

"The Jewish People Cannot be Defeated"

Palestinians prepare for end of holy month of Ramadan

‘Growing hatred of US’: Yemeni testifies to Senate on drone program fallout

Drones out of everywhere! Washington march against US drone warfare

US combat drones to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014


Pentagon considers employees unhappy with US policies a security threat

Austin Bay: Al-Qaida exploit Obama’s credibility gap


Pentagon considers cancelling F-35 fighter program

Obama's behavior toward Putin not smart policy: Edward Lozansky

Toxic water leak in Taiwan nuclear plant

Nagasaki marks 68th anniversary of US nuclear bombing


Interior Minister Saar: 10,000 Israelis Sign Up, Can't Be Wrong About Biometric IDs

At Least Four Killed, Four Injured in Dallas, DeSoto Shooting Spree

Assad appears on Syria TV unharmed after rebels claim to attack his convoy

Saudi offers Russia a deal to scale back Assad support

Welcome to Post-Constitution America: The Weapons of War Come Home

Are Police in America Now a Military, Occupying Force?

Mainstream Media on Benghazi: It Was About Gun-running

Indiana School Gives Drug Testing Kits To Parents To Use On Their Kids

Israeli-Palestinian War

Lack of bombproof shelters leaves Israeli civilians exposed

Home Front Defense Minister Erdan: Rockets targeting civilian centers just a matter of time

Iran, Syria, Egypt likely to dominate talks between Generals Dempsey and Gantz

878 New Yesha Homes Approved: "Jews of Judea and Samaria have "rights and needs which can't be ignored"

Gaza Terrorists Fire Qassam Rocket at Southern Israel

Jews protest visitation restrictions at Temple Mount during Ramadan

Interior Minister Saar: 10,000 Israelis Sign Up, Can't Be Wrong About Biometric IDs


The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Iran launch site 'likely for testing ballistic missiles'

Netanyahu Warns: Iran Accelerating its Nuclear Quest

Archived Article Proves Iran Had Nuclear Weapons in 2002

Can Iran’s New U.S.-Educated Foreign Minister Mend Ties With Washington?

Iran's Leader Reduces Posts of Military Elite

Iran ready to talk if US shows 'goodwill', says new president


Egypt's President: No Concessions to Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt says Sinai patrols kill 60 militants since Morsi ouster

Egypt a Battleground for Hamas, Fatah Feuding


Syria denies rebel claim of attack on Assad's motorcade

Shells Hit Damascus Area as Assad Attends Prayers

Killing of Kurds' in Syria: Not genocide, but a proxy war for power in the region

Obama pledges $195M more in Syria humanitarian aid

Britain to give its biggest ever single aid donation to help Syria's civil war victims: Pledges £175 million

Saudi Arabia dangles lucrative arms deal in front of Russia in exchange for dropping Assad


Attack on policemen's home kills 13 people in Iraq

Bombings kill 6 in Iraq

Iraq 13 Years Later: 'Controlled Instability'


7 women, 7 children killed in Afghan cemetery bombing

Bomb kills 14 as Afghan president calls for peace

Taliban wound Afghan female senator in ambush


Yemen: Al-Qaida targeted oil, gas facilities as well as eastern city

At least 30 dead in Pakistan funeral bombing

Rand Paul: Hold Obama Accountable for Benghazi Cover-up

Kremlin ‘disappointed’ Obama called off Putin talks: Decision is 'Snowden-related'

Obama ‘disappointed’ with Snowden asylum: Also says there is no domestic spying program in US

CFR's John Bolton: Obama-Putin Summit Would Have Embarrassed US

Economic News -- No Economic Collapse

Why the U.S. Economy Deserves a “B-” Grade

US consumer borrowing rose $13.8 billion in June

Fannie Mae posts $10.1B net income for 2Q

U.S. jobless claims edge up; still point to healing job market

S&P 1,900 possible in 12 months: JPMorgan's Lee

Ford Motor Company: The Greatest Untold Story Stock in the Market

GM China sales growth accelerates to 11.1% on demand for Buicks

GM could build midsize crossovers at Spring Hill Assembly Plant: Creating 1,800 jobs, will invest another $167 million into the facility

Ford's supply of the popular Escape in 40-day range: Ford already added 600,000 units of capacity in the U.S.

Chrysler expands engine production, adds 298 new jobs in Trenton

VW Tennessee plant in running to build new midsize SUV

Pension gains for Ford, GM free up cash for core business

Tesla Rises After Posting Surprising Quarterly Earnings


Fort Hood Shooter: ‘I’m an Imperfect Muslim’

Egypt: Diplomacy has failed to resolve standoff

US files charges against Benghazi attack suspects

Republicans open pre-emptive strikes on Clinton: Undecided, yet formidable, in 2016

Whoops, it turns out Tamerlan Tsarnaev wasn’t a Tea Partier after all

Conservatives slam Paul Ryan for fighting government shutdown plan

Cops Can Take Away Your Cash, Car, Or House — Even If You're Never Convicted Of A Crime

Sen. Rockefeller Continues His Quest To Regulate Free Speech With His 'Violent Content Research Act'

Tepco Plan Could Cause Fukushima Reactor Buildings to “Topple”

Radioactive water leaking into Pacific Ocean in new Fukushima 'emergency'

Fukushima leaking radioactive water for ‘2 years, 300 tons flowing into Pacific daily’

Fukushima shaken anew by 6.0 magnitude quake

Obama Cancels Meeting With Putin Amid Tension Over Snowden

Former NSA chief warns of cyber-terror attacks if Snowden apprehended

Greenwald claims up to 20,000 Snowden documents are in his possession

Mass Data: Transfers from Germany Aid US Surveillance

Snowden: Obama criticises Russia for granting asylum

Obama on Russia: 'They slip back into Cold War thinking'

Snowden's temporary asylum gets mixed reception among Russians

Members of Congress denied access to basic information about NSA

Lawmakers Issued License Plates That Make Them 'Invisible' To Traffic Cams And Parking Tickets: There are rules for the common people and other rules for their "leaders"

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


CIA's #2 Warns: Syrian Rebels are the Top Threat to U.S.

Syrian army kills 62 rebels east of Damascus

Car bomb kills 18 near Syria's capital; rebels say air base captured

Syria seeks to tap frozen bank accounts for food supplies

UNSC should condemn crimes committed against Kurds in Syria - Russian FM Lavrov


Egypt Presidency says diplomacy phase is over: Blames Muslim Brotherhood

US Senator McCain, in Cairo, says Egypt near 'all-out bloodshed'

In Orwellian Egypt, a state of denial rules

US senators urge release of Islamists: Egypt unhappy with 'foreign pressure'

Kudos to Egypt for Mending the Morsi Mistake

Egyptian govt rejects McCain's 'clumsy' statements on Morsi's ouster

Egypt denies Turkey's PM Erodgan's passage to Gaza


Pentagon Wants To Sell $2.7 Billion In Weapons To A Country On The Verge Of Collapse

Car bombs kill 36 people in Iraq

Blasts, shootings kill at least 17 in Iraq

Baghdad bombings boost toll from Ramadan violence in Iraq to 47

Iraq: Gunmen Clash With Troops During Security Raid


India-Pakistan Tensions Find Deadly Echo in Afghanistan

Why J&K attacks show India needs a strong Afghanistan policy

India pledges $100 million in fresh aid to Afghanistan


Attacks kill 28 people across Pakistan: Appeared to be targeting a provincial government minister

Teens playing soccer among 11 killed as bomb explodes in Pakistan market

Pakistan militants admit kidnapping former prime minister's son

13 bus passengers killed by militants in Pakistan

Three children among 7 killed in Pakistan blast

Insurgents Execute 14 in Pakistan


Overzealous Western banks pose new threat to war-ravaged Somalia

Militants shoot down helicopter in Yemen, 8 killed

Yemen: Huge Al Qaeda Plot Foiled

Massive Nairobi airport blaze forces closure

Tens of thousands of Tunisians rally against Islamist government

Israeli-Palestinian War

Lebanon: Wounded IDF Soldiers had Penetrated the Border

Israeli Navy undergoing ‘unprecedented’ upgrade in capabilities

PM: US Pressure the Only Thing Holding Iran Back from Bomb

Israel capable of striking Iran alone

38 Israelis wounded by Arab terror in July

Christian artist apologizes to Israel for President Obama

Poll: Israelis oppose surrender of land

Over 50% of Palestinians back peace talks, survey finds

TSA expands role beyond airports amid growing cases of misconduct

North Korea lifts ban on joint factory complex, proposes new talks


General Dempsey's Bombshell: No US Attack on Iran, Ever

NY Times Admits: Al-Qaeda Terror Threat Used to “Divert Attention” from NSA Uproar

US preparing ‘preemptive strikes’ on al-Qaeda

US raises alert for warships in Middle East: Possible terror attack by al-Qaeda

DHS Watchdog OKs ‘Suspicionless’ Seizure of Electronic Devices Along Border: "Constitution-Free Zones" place DHS above Constitution


Council on Foreign Relations pushes executive gun controls

Are college students losing their religion?

Time Magazine Promotes A Childless Lifestyle As The Path To The Good Life For U.S. Couples

Skynet factories to churn out test tube beef as 'Bloomburgernator' robots force humans to eat artificial protein patties

Global cooling, not warming, is Earth's coming threat

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Syria is controlled chaos

CIA was transferring Libya missiles to Syria rebels when deadly Benghazi occurred

Syria Bans Use of Foreign Currencies for Business Deals

Syria rebels overrun key Aleppo air base

Lebanon: Arsal residents ready to back Syria rebels

Militants kill 450 Kurdish civilians in northern Syria

Killers of senior Syrian imam al-Buti arrested: Syria PM Reports


The Crackdown in Egypt: Democracy and hypocrisy

Egypt Crisis: Talks gather pace as US senators arrive

Egypt's Brotherhood rejects appeal to 'swallow reality'

Bodies Are Surfacing Near Egypt Protests

Egypt claims jihadists fired US Hellfire missile at government office: In lawless Sinai Peninsula


US ‘playing both sides’ in Afghanistan

Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar vows no power grab: After Western powers leave


Iran: enter a pragmatist

New Iran leader offers glimmer of hope to moderates and the West

Rohani Taps U.S.-Educated Minister to End Iran Sanctions

Iran's 'Moderate' New President Still Supports Syria's Assad


India-Pakistan talks in jeopardy as five Indian soldiers killed on border

Timeline: Flashpoints and flare-ups in India-Pakistan ties

Without police help, jailbreak wouldn't have been possible: Pakistani Taliban

Men Disguised as Police Abduct, Kill 13: Pulled off of a convoy of buses

Indictment of Pakistan's Musharraf adjourned over security fear


Al-Qaeda messages sparked US embassy closures

How real is the threat posed by al-Qaeda? Recent prison breaks have released several hundred dangerous terrorists

US Drone strike kills al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen

U.S. Orders Citizens Out of Yemen after Drone Strike

Clashes between Nigerian army and Boko Haram kill 35

Hezbollah suspects in Nigeria terror plot claim abusive interrogation by Mossad agents

Israeli-Palestinian War

State funds groups that advocate building Third Temple

Poll: Majority of Israelis Oppose Concessions In Palestinian State Negotations

79% of Israeli Jews don't believe new peace talks will succeed

Abbas' Fatah Celebrates Murders of Jews on Facebook

Israel Waives US 'Iron Dome' Funding

Mayor Barkat: Jerusalem is of One the Safest Cities in the World

Palestinian leader in Canada: Shoot Israeli Jews if they don’t leave Jerusalem

PM Netanyahu publicly supports priest hounded for calling on Christians to join IDF

Christian clerics, Israel seek to ease difficulties: Catholics not foreigners here ... want to normalize Catholic presence

Fort Hood Shooting: Major Nidal Hasan to go on trial

'Moo Cluck Moo', Detroit-Area Fast Food Eatery, Pays Its Employees $12 An Hour, Still Profits

Asia Stocks Outside Japan Drop on Stimulus Cut Concern

Stock futures nearly flat with indexes near record levels

Quality helps Americans keep old cars longer

Economists favor Yellen for Fed chair

U.S. vehicle sales in July best in 7 years

GM, Ford report record July sales in China

U.S. may end truck tariff to open up global trade: Consumers paying thousands extra for pickup trucks because of lack of true market competition

Climate Change News

Scientists declare: 'Human activities are changing Earth's climate'

Obama Team's New Resolve Underlines That the Tide May Be Turning on Tackling Climate Change

Could stem cell burger help feed the world, fight climate change someday?

How Health Care Providers are Preparing for Climate Change

Climate change: moving from science to policy

US to extend some embassy closures over security concerns

Federal Officials Boosting Security Efforts Inside US Homeland

‘Terror Alert’ Is Fearmongering Theater

Benghazi Coverup Involved CIA Running Guns to Syrian rebels

Boston Bomber Had 'Right-Wing' Extremist Papers: Espousing white supremacy and government conspiracy theories

Why would the U.S. government need a mock U.S. town at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas?

FBI allowed informants to commit 5,600 crimes

Sicily’s first openly gay governor wins support with anti-mafia crusade

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Syrian rebels make new push on Assad’s Alawite heartland

Syria crisis can only be solved 'with iron fist': President Assad

Thirty killed in heavy fighting in Syrian mountains

Military Firing Ballistic Missiles Into Populated Areas, Killing Hundreds Of Civilians: ?Watchdog Propaganda?

New Iranian president vows support for Syria's Assad

International concern rises as Syria's neighbors limit refugee flow

Syria limits foreign currency use, threatens traders with jail


Top US official meets with powerful Muslim Brotherhood figure in detention

Egyptian anti-Obama video goes viral: Army chief blames him for siding with Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt pro-Mursi alliance signals flexibility in talks

Egypt says time is running out to peacefully end pro-Morsi protests

Egypt mediation gathers pace but Brotherhood leaders face trial

Morsy aides ordered held in Egypt

Bombs damage two shrines in Egypt's Sinai

Egyptian army source: Recent calm in north Sinai due to operations

Rare interview with Egyptian Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi

Al-Qaeda leader says Egypt coup proof that Islamic rule cannot come through democracy


Why the United States won’t need troops in Afghanistan after 2014

In Afghanistan, a second Guantanamo

Attack on Indian mission in Afghanistan raises specter of regional struggle

Prominent lawyer wounded in bombing in Afghanistan's east

Regimental Combat Team 7 Rolls Up Its Flag In Afghanistan


Iran's Currency Near Collapse as Rouhani Takes Power

What to expect from Iran’s new leader

Israel, US have vastly different takes on Iran's Rouhani inauguration

Israeli Jew arrested for spying on behalf of Iran


Lebanese Christian Leader: Hizbullah Fired on Palace, Says Hizbullah has declared war on Lebanon

Tracking dogs, high alert at Hezbollah stronghold

President Kiir appoints new cabinet in South Sudan

Gunmen Kill Intelligence Official in Yemen

Yemen oil pipeline hit for second time in 10 days

Israeli-Palestinian War

Jerusalem is on the negotiating table

Knesset Speaker MK Edelstein: 'Peace Talks' May Cause Violence

Netanyahu Offered, PA Rejected, Yesha Building Freeze

The real preconditions for peace

Barcelona's "Peace Tour" of Israel and the Palestinian territories ends 'Peace Tour' with TA display

July: 38 Israelis Wounded in Terrorist Attacks: At least 55 firebomb attacks on Israeli roads

US embassies in Israel to reopen; others remain closed

Surveillance News

Where Are X-Keyscore Servers?

Intercepted Al Qaeda Communications Indicate Planned Attack ‘Big,’ ‘Strategically Significant’

State Department Global Alert Shows ‘New Normal’ of Terrorism

Rep. King Warns: Terror threat a ‘wake-up call’

Glenn Greenwald Mocks 'Robust Oversight' Of NSA Spying

Berlin cancels Cold War-era spying accords with US, Britain

Family Pleads For Answers Why Police Gunned Down Daughter In SE OKC

UCLA Study Shows Radiation Treatment Makes Breast Cancer Worse, Natural Therapies Do Not

Study: Mexican Migrants Aren't Deterred by Border Fences

McCain: We Might Drop Those 20,000 New Border Patrol Agents We Promised

$1.1 million worth of marijuana seized by Del Rio Sector Border Patrol



Global terror alert issued by U.S. State Department

Oakland’s creepy new surveillance program

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Snowden 'Probably' Got People Killed

Israeli-Palestinian talks get under way: Optimists keep up drumbeat

NSA paid British spy agency $150 mln in secret funds – new leak

Mystery virus now in 11 states

West Nile Virus Detected Near Obama Vacation Home: On Martha's Vineyard

Editor fired over 'shove it' Obama headline

Kerry: Same-sex spouses' visas will get equal treatment

Israeli-Palestinian War

Hizbullah's Nasrallah: Destroying Israel is the Interest of All Arabs

The Five Flaws of Kerry's Mideast Peace Process

Livni: Much Worse to Free Terrorists With a Gun to Your Head

PA minister: New peace talks will help us conquer Israel later

Netanyahu in stormy last Knesset meeting before holidays

ElBaradei Tells Washington Post: Israel has chance for 'real peace' with Egypt

Israelis called to mass Temple Mount protest

'Gay Pride' on the streets of Jerusalem

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


After 8 defiant years, Ahmadinejad leaves Iran isolated and cash-strapped

Iran: Rouhani's Remarks on Israel Were 'Distorted'

US watches Iran's president-elect for moderation ahead of nuclear 'breakout'

Does Rouhani's British link bode well for reform in Iran?


Kerry Tries to Clarify Comments on Egypt

International envoys meet minister in Cairo to ease Egypt crisis

Another night of unrest in Egypt: Protesters, security forces clash

Al-Qaeda leader says Egypt's Morsi abandoned jihad


U.N. probes allegations of rebel atrocities in Syria

Syria rebels seize arms dump near Damascus

Deadly explosions hit Syria's Homs City: Forty killed in blasts in weapons cache

No hope for peace with Syria’s ‘mini-state’ divisions

Fleeing Syria, Palestinians find little support from their brethren in Lebanon

War in Syria inspires Kurdish unity


Iraq violence kills 14

Casualties mount at alarming rate in Iraq

US provides sanctuary for al-Qaeda in Iraq: MP has heaped scorn on the United States for having turned Iraq into a safe haven for terrorist al-Qaeda operatives


Deadly bombing hits Afghanistan's Jalalabad: Suicide bomber launches attack near Indian consulate

Deadly battle erupts in Afghanistan: Officials say more than 20 policemen and dozens of Taliban fighters have been killed

From classrooms to suicide bombs: children's lives in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Back peddling on women's rights?


Britain to close Yemen embassy over security concerns

Violence leaves eight people dead in southern Pakistan

South Sudan: Rep. Wolf Renews Call to President Obama to Immediately Fill Sudan Special Envoy Position

We Will Not Let Sudan Attack Us - South Sudan's Juba

South Sudan: From Supermarkets to Refugee Camps, Bar-Codes Speed Up the Process of Distributing Food

Sudan: Tensions remain high in Rashad after tribal revenge killings

Snowden Granted Asylum in Russia

‘Russia is not a colony, US has no legal basis to claim Snowden’ – lawyer

Over half Russians approve of Snowden’s activities - poll

‘Battle won, war continues’: Snowden asylum victory is just the beginning – WikiLeaks

Manning's Afghan massacre video that WikiLeaks never released

Germany cancelled privacy pact with US, UK over Snowden revelations

China, Russia to begin anti-terrorism military exercise

Pope Francis I News

Impact of The Pope's comments on homosexuality: Comments by Brian Finnerty of Opus Dei

Pope Francis: The end of traditional ‘fortress Catholicism’?

Pope Francis calls for mutual respect in Ramadan message to Muslims

People's Pope brings winds of change

Brazil Researchers: Church inflated size of crowd celebrating Mass with Pope Francis in Rio

Can Brazil fix security mistakes from Pope Francis visit in time for World Cup?

Los Angeles Catholic church files show decades of sexual abuse: Reveal what Catholic orders knew of sexual abuse by priests, brothers and nuns

Catholic School Teacher in Glendora Fired After Same-Sex Marriage

Analysis: why the Catholic Church is mired in more child sex abuse claims - "... it must appear there are endlessly-unfolding paedophile scandals in the Catholic Church"

Federal Judge: Catholic Church Has A Constitutional Right Not To Compensate Victims Of Sex Abuse

Texas running out of execution drug

Climate Change Propaganda

New EPA Chief McCarthy: Climate Change Is “Opportunity of a Lifetime”

Two studies use phrase “10 times faster” to describe climate changes: Propaganda

A Climate Change Op-Ed That Makes Sense. Finally

Australia faces increased risk of disease from climate change

Will climate change trigger endless war?

Why milder temperatures dragged down natural gas prices

Strengthening Economy Trumps Weak Payroll Data

Detroit Goes Begging as Obama Sends Money Overseas

Stocks Hit New Highs Ahead of Jobs Report

Paul Ryan’s claim that $15 trillion has been spent on the war on poverty



US jobless figure drops to lowest rate in four years: Over 160,000 new jobs created

IRS targeting of pro-life groups continues

US embassies shut Sunday over 'security threat'

Obma in calls commends Netanyahu, Abbas for renewed "peace" talks

Translating 10 anti-gun propaganda phrases into English

Vermont Gunowner Handcuffed, Detained by Police for Legal Open Carry

Russia Grants Snowden a Year's Asylum: Summit in Doubt

New Snowden leak upstages U.S. move to declassify documents

Google 'Pressure Cookers' and 'Backpacks': Get a Visit from the Feds

Manufacturing in U.S. Accelerates More Than Forecast

Israeli-Palestinian War

Jewish Ambassador Oren Gushes: Obama is ‘true friend’ of Israel

Lots of unknowns as Kerry lures both sides back to peace negotiations

Peace negotiators meet with Obama

Releasing Terrorists Contrary to All Values

Israeli Police Brace for Rioting in Lower Galilee

Iran's New President Rouhani: Israel an 'Old Wound' to be Removed

Gunfire from Syria Hits Close to IDF Soldiers Patrolling Golan Heights


The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Syria's Assad says he certain to defeat rebels

Rebels Strike Syria Arms Depot, Dozens Die

EU lawmakers urged to back data list to track fighters to Syria

Kurdish Struggle Blurs Syria’s Battle Lines

Iran grants Syria $3.6 billion credit to buy oil products


Egypt government's resolve is met with protesters' defiance

Egypt is back to square one

Egypt army 'restoring democracy', says John Kerry

How Egypt Will Shake the World


John Kerry pledges early end to Pakistan drone strikes

What Pakistan Needs Most From the U.S.


Iraq Attacks Continue: 21 Killed

Iraq suffers its deadliest month in five years

Iraq war logs in Manning Wikileaks case 'hit us in the face': U.S. officer


Kerry: US Not Withdrawing From Afghanistan - US Committed to Stay Beyond 2014

Coming Home From Afghanistan: The Billion-Dollar Moving Bill

Children, women casualties on rise in Afghanistan

Surprise! You’ve Been XKeyscored! Raised the red flag when officials saw our Internet search history, prompting a visit from "joint terrorism task force"



Russia Grants Snowden a Year's Asylum: Summit in Doubt

Google 'Pressure Cookers' and 'Backpacks': Get a Visit from the Feds

Manufacturing in U.S. Accelerates More Than Forecast

Automakers report big July sales; trucks lead way

S&P 500 Climbs Above 1,700 on Stimulus Bets, Economy

Obama picks restructuring expert to take over IRS

Napolitano: Obama's 'Nudge Squad' Goes Too Far: "Behavioral Insights Team"


Feds Say It's Classified Info To Say Who We're At War With

Thousands of People Will Die Every Year’ Under Obamacare

Hackers Shout To NSA Chief: Read the Constitution

U.S. private sector adds 200,000 jobs in July

Future Commerce Will Combine Your Social Network and Mobile Device

On Eve Of Gay Marriage, Not All Of Minnesota Is Ready

Israeli-Palestinian talks won’t fix the Middle East’s problems

Kenyan lawyer takes State of Israel, Jews to Hague - International Court of Justice - over Jesus' death

Israeli-Palestinian War

MK Feiglin Declares 'It's Time to Flood the Temple Mount'

Arab Israeli MK Tells Knesset Jews Are Enemies of Peace’

Peace Talks: Obama leading from the rear

Kerry: Time has come for lasting peace

US general already working on security aspects of future Israeli-Palestinian accord

Israel to Lose 15% of Settlement Blocs in Future Deal

Right Wing divided over peace talks tactics

MK Lieberman: Controversial Bill Will Save Israeli Democracy

European 'Circumcision Union 'announced

The World Is On Fire In The "Non-Integrating Gap"!

Flames of War Now Engulfing The African Nations Comprising Prophetic Supernations #7 and #8


Syrian Religious group bans croissants for symbolizing 'oppression'

Syria Moved Missiles Before Israeli Airstrike: Russian-made anti-ship cruise missiles

No-fly zone over Syria violates international law: Iran MP

Syrian rebels say they documented downing of army chopper

Syrian army turns focus to regaining full control of Homs

Assad: We wouldn't have kept fighting for more than 2 years if we weren't sure of victory


Kerry: U.S., Pakistan agree to re-establish full partnership - Drone strikes continue to damage relationship (Presidential Adviser)

Al Qaeda militants killed in drone strike in Pakistan

Taliban jailbreak prompts fears of more attacks on Pakistan prisons


Egypt's rulers want to break up Brotherhood vigils

Egypt plan to stop pro-Morsy protests 'recipe for bloodshed'

Egypt's secularists repeating Islamists' mistakes

Egypt's Military Keeps Morsi's Whereabouts Secret

African Union delegation meets Morsi


July deadliest month in Iraq since 2008: 1,057 Iraqis killed and 2,326 wounded

Deadly blasts strike near Baghdad Shia mosques: 7 Killed

30 percent of Iraq, Afghanistan veterans have considered suicide


US sends tough sanctions message to new Iranian President, Rouhani

More anti-Iran sanctions ineffective in ending nuclear dispute: Russia

Turkish foreign minister to attend Rohani's swearing-in ceremony

Iran urges massive turnout in World Quds Day rallies: To vent their opposition to the Israeli regime

Indian refinery MRPL aims to resume Iran oil imports: Because it has found no other alternative


US assassination drone strikes Yemen – Four killed

Robert Mugabe wins Zimbabwe election

Roadside bomb explodes near national guard patrol in Tunis

Hawaii Offers To Buy Homeless Population One-Way Ticket To Leave Aloha State

U.S. Willing To Invest In A New Nicaragua Canal To Rival The Panama Canal


Supporters and opponents of GMO labeling laws prepare to campaign in Washington state

Supreme Court: Generic drug companies are legally immune from lawsuits

828 scientists from around the world sign letter to all governments, urging ban on GMOs

Coming soon to a restaurant near you: Lab-grown synthetic hamburgers

New York doctor says we will soon be able to resurrect cadavers 24 hours after death

New York EMTs forced to wait for hours with dead bodies before police arrive


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